WR – Chapter 210-211: Reinforcements Arrive

“What are you doing, Mirack?!”

“Eh?” (Mirack)

Mirack-chan gets a chill after hearing the voice that came from behind.

“Is faltering against an enemy of this level something a fire hero would do?! A hero only moves forward!”

“Sis Kyouka?!” (Mirack)

The previous fire hero Abi Kyouka-san has appeared in the battlefield?!

No, wait… I can see other people as well.

“Seeing a monster, mah old blood be boiling~. I can’t just stay put anymore.” (Yoneko)

“By contributing in this monster subjugation, I can at least cleanse a bit of the shame I have faced today.” (Sarasa)

The previous earth hero, Yoneko-san, and the previous water hero, Sarasa-san.

“Yoneko-neechan, why ya came here-dasu?! Did ya leave the baby ta Sobo-chan again-dasu ka?!” (Sasae)

“We were also heroes and we been given back our divine tools for today, so not doing anything ain’t gonna look good~.” (Yoneko)

“And so, we will be joining in on this fight as well. Let’s go! May the Fire God Nova bestow us victory!” (Kyouka)

“Mother Earth Mantle-sama, bless us with bountiful strength~!” (Yoneko)

They rush towards the Slime.

Seeing this, their juniors get incredibly flustered.

“Uwaaaaa!! Sis, wait! Seriously, wait!!” (Mirack)

“That Slime melts all that it gulps down-dasu yo! If ya challenge it in close combat, ya all gonna be left without even bones-dasu!” (Sasae)

Each one of them jumps at their respective Senpai to stop them.

“…Why do the former heroes only know of charging forward?” (Hyue)

Hyue-chan and I were looking at this from the flying machine.

“Fufufu… As expected of the heroes of other churches. They are all lacking neurons.” (Sarasa)

The previous water hero, Sarasa-san.

She walks forward triumphantly with her folding fan.

“The water folding fan has been fixed and is right back in action. If we can’t get close, then it is all about long-ranged attacks. My ‘Water Blade’ is right in that alley!” (Sarasa)

A high water pressure blade was released from the folding fan. This hit the giant Slime as if it were natural, and it disappeared as if natural.


“Just saying but, that water steam bun is earth element. You and I are completely useless against it.” (Celestis)

“That’s just way too harsh!!” (Sarasa)

Being informed of this by Celestis, Sarasa weeps.

The ‘Water Blade’ that was blocked, broke into several droplets, and fell onto the lava moat, making *fsst* fsst* sounds.

Those were the sounds of the water being instantly evaporated by the lava. And that evaporation made the lava fly around here and there.

“Uwa! Dangerous! Seriously, why did you people even come here for?! …Wait!” (Celestis)


What’s the matter? It looks like Celestis-chan noticed something.

“…This might actually work. [Big Water Blade]!” (Celestis)

It was sudden.

Celestis-chan released a big amount of water into the lava moat, and just like the time with the ‘Water Blade’, it made an ear-piercing sound and lava flew around.

“Uwa?! What’s wrong, Celestis?! What are you trying to pull?!” (Mirack)

“The lava we went through the trouble of creating gonna get cooled and return to being stone-dasu yo! Celestis-neechan, just because yer useless, yer lashing out of jealousy-dasu ka?!” (Sasae)

There’s no way that’s the case. Celestis is a smart girl. There’s definitely a reason behind this!

“That’s not it! When lava gets colder, it doesn’t return to being stone! It turns into glass!” (Celestis)

“Wa?!” “Na-dasu?!”

The words of Celestis-chan made Mirack-chan and Sasae-chan wide eyed.

“The soil around here apparently has a lot of quartz that serves as a material to make glass. By making it into muddy lava and cooling it, it turns into glass!” (Celestis)

Well, it is natural glass, so in more exact terms, it would be obsidian though.

“When the idiot Sarasa threw water into the lava, I noticed it! Even when glass is soaked in acid, it won’t melt. It might be the same for that Slime!” (Celestis)

“I see!” “Dasu!”

“You two, create more lava! I will cool it down and make glass! We will create a gigantic glass wall with that and stand in its way!” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan is smart!

But will it really go so smoothly?

“Sasae-chi, use your earth element to ‘Transmute’ the earth and make it easier to turn into glass! It will make the burden on you bigger, but I can count on you, right?!” (Celestis)

“Yes-dasu!” (Sasae)

“But Celestis, even with us three, no matter how much we do our best, there’s no way we will be able to create glass big enough to stop the path of that giant Slime! There’s no time to manage it!” (Mirack)

“Won’t it be possible? Because you know, there’s one more set of fire, water, and earth heroes after all.” (Celestis)


Kyouka-san, Sarasa-san, and Yoneko-san were confused.

Looks like they took some time to notice that it referred to them.

“D-Don’t joke around! Doesn’t that mean we would have to match our divine power like you people in order to utilize that technique?!” (Kyouka)

“I don’t wanna do that~. Holding hands with this person!” (Yoneko)

In order to create lava, there’s the need to combine fire and earth divine power.

It is necessary for Kyouka-san and Yoneko-san to cooperate.

“Please!” (Karen)

With Hyue-chan still riding at my back on the flying machine, I requested this of them.

“People are in danger here! It has nothing to do with the Church or the matter of current and previous heroes, this is for the sake of saving people! Please lend us your strength!!” (Karen)


Kyouka-san and Yoneko-san, the two of them were looking at each other displeased, but…

“Hm! We lost today! That’s why, for today only, we will stand by your ideals!” (Kyouka)

“…Since I became a mother, mah spirit has become brittle~. That city has lotsa parents and children in it too!” (Yoneko)

Both hands were linked.

At the same time as Mirack-chan and Sasae-chan who are in the same position…

“Damn it! Don’t get so close to me, it is just fine to hold hands, right?! Why is there the need to stick our body together?!” (Kyouka)

“That’s cause yer boobs are gigantic~! With things that big, they will definitely hit somewhere! If ya have such splendid things here, ya should just have babies and give ‘em their proper use~!” (Yoneko)

“If we are talking about big, that goes for both of us! …Damn it, earth divine power is seriously pouring inside my body. What’s with this strange sensation?!” (Kyouka)

“It ain’t just divine power, yer heart be also pouring into me~! Fer someone that only spits poison from that mouth, yer crazy worried about yer junior fire hero all the time!” (Yoneko)

“Don’t let it out from your mouth! You as well, aren’t you thinking of that shrimp earth hero as if she were your actual little sister! You are thinking at the bottom of your heart about knitting new clothes for her!!” (Kyouka)


The two of them are mixing their divine power while fighting!

They were heroes in the past and quite the excelling ones at that. Their control in divine power might even be better than our current selves.

But that’s not the only thing at play here.

In today’s match, it wasn’t only the bonds between the current and previous heroes that grew stronger, the bonds within the group of previous heroes has also grown stronger —even if their mouths don’t say the same…

““[Magma Ocean]!!””

A torrent of lava gushes forth from two locations.

One side was letting out more lava than the other, but even so, it was plenty enough!

It all spreads around as if surrounding the giant Slime.

“Senpai, this time it is our turn! The earth heroes have ‘Transmuted’ it to make it easier to turn it into glass, so it is fine for us to just cool it real good!” (Celestis)

“Don’t go ordering me! This time for sure, I will restore my honor! Full power [Big Waterfall]!” (Sarasa)

The large amounts of water that Celestis-chan and Sarasa-san released were cooling the lava.

Water steam was raising densely.

As that happened, the Slime was slowly approaching.

If it passes before they are finished, it will be too late. Please, make it in time!!

“Mother, I be leaving it ta ya-dasu!!” (Sasae)

At the next instant, at Sasae-chan’s feet, the Goddess Golem appears.

It is the same one that she showed at her match with Yoneko-san.

The Goddess Golem, as if following the will of Sasae-chan, digs its hand onto the ground and lifts up the volcanic glass that has been cooled down and hardened.

How to say it, it was like a puddle of water that had been frozen in winter.

That giant glass wall hit the Slime just like that.

“We did it! It doesn’t melt!” (Karen)

Just as Celestis-chan thought, the Slime gulped down the giant glass and tried to melt it, but it looks like it isn’t working as it wants.

Due to the fruitless efforts it was making, its advance stops.

We finally managed to stop the movements of the Slime.

“This is a chance, Hyue-chan! Let’s go!” (Karen)

“Understood!” (Hyue)

This time it is our turn to move.

  • 211: One Stroke Bisection



A ghost from behind us!

Is what I thought, but it is the proxy wind hero, Brastor Juo-san, who was at some point in time standing behind us…in midair?!!

Her exclusive weapon, that wind gun rebellion of hers, had several of its spheres with ropes hanging down from them, and these ropes were tied like a swing, which Juo is sitting on. What a cute way of flying, but combined with those looks, it is still terrifying!

“You, what did you come here for?! We are in a fight with the safety of the Wind at stake!” (Hyue)

As always, Hyue-chan was incredibly aggressive towards her senior.

That reason had been established not that long ago, but because of it, our suspicions of you being a bro-con are growing dangerous, Hyue-chan!

“I can understand the gist of what you people are trying to do.” (Juo)


“But using your wind gun to pour ultrasound to the target’s whole body…would take time. It is inefficient.” (Juo)

“What about it?! Even if that’s the case, we have no choice but to do it!” (Hyue)

“I have already positioned several of my wind spheres…around the Slime. If I have them all release ultrasound at the same time…it will reach all the way to the Slimes very center.” (Juo)


It is true that there’s several spheres of that wing gun rebellion, and if they were to all release ultrasound at the same time, it would be a lot faster than Hyue-chan who only has one wind gun.

“Hyue, you concentrate on picking up the echoes of the ultrasound that come back. You who use the wind long gun are better at looking and listening.” (Juo)

“Guh…But why is a work hater like you doing this?” (Hyue)

“I am also a resident of the Wind. I can’t just not do anything when the Wind capital is in danger. The people of that city that Shiva-sama loves…I also love them.” (Juo)

“This woman…” (Hyue)

“…Call me Sister-in-law.” (Juo)

“Like hell I will, damn woman!!” (Hyue)

Why are these two in such a bad relationship?!

Can’t they get along like Yorishiro-sama and I who are in a triangle relationship like them?!

“Right now we are in an emergency! Let’s ride on that plan of yours!!” (Hyue)

“Prepare quick. I am already ready to activate them at any time.” (Juo)

Being urged by Juo-san, Hyue-chan presses her wind gun Koumei onto her ear.

“Here it goes… Wind Gun Rebellion technique, [Tengu Cry]!” (Juo)

I couldn’t hear anything.

Ultrasounds are high wind waves that the human eardrums can’t pick up, and those travel through the wind to the body of the Slime, reverberate inside it, and then the sound bounces back out of the Slime’s body and passes to where we are.

Of course, the bounced back sound isn’t something that a human would be able to hear either, so I can’t tell.

But if it’s the wind hero Hyue-chan, by controlling the wind divine power, she can feel the vibrations of the wind that would normally be impossible to feel, and can manage to sense the slight differences in the waves that came from the insides of the Slime.

“—I have heard it!!” (Hyue)

Hyue-chan took a stance with her wind gun…and shoots.

*Bang!* *Bang!*

Due to the elemental advantage, the wind bullet opened two big holes into the Slime’s surface.

Two holes that line up vertically.

“Those holes are a mark! If you cut those two holes as if you were to tie them together, you can cut down the core inside the Slime in two!!” (Hyue)

“Thanks, Hyue-chan!!” (Karen)

Jumping off my flying machine at the same time as I give her my thanks, I land on the ground. And just like that, I brandish my holy sword, Saint-George.

“Wait a moment…cut it, how? The ‘Holy Light Blade’ of the light hero would take its all just trying to cut its surface…..” (Juo)

Juo-san points this out in worry.

Her worry is logical but…

“Shut up and watch, Juo. Karen-dono has an ace up her sleeve!” (Hyue)

Everyone did their best to make the preparations.

From the very beginning, my job was to deal the finishing blow.

Even I have been growing as a hero as time went on. Just like how Mirack-chan gave birth to that ‘Fire Blade’ technique.

I also have a technique that I came up with after training with everyone.

“Holy sword that holds the title of Dragon Slayer!! Utilize my light divine power and become a sword column!!” (Karen)

The holy sword Saint-George, that I held up as if piercing the heavens, had begun to shine, and light divine power was released at the same direction the sword was pointing.

It was as if the blade had stretched several tens of times longer.

“Is that the…light hero’s ‘Holy Light Line’?!” (Kyouka)

“But why is she releasing it up?!” (Sarasa)

Seeing the light I released, Kyouka-san and Sarasa-san were flustered.

But that’s not it. This is not ‘Holy Light Line’.

“‘Holy Light Line’ is a shooting technique that is released at the enemy. Due to the trail running from the blade, it looks as if the blade had extended, but in reality, it is not as if it actually did.” (Mirack)

“But what Karen-chi is doing is different. She has shot a more dense and stable light divine power, and is actually making a giant ‘Light Sword’!” (Celestis)

It is just as Mirack-chan and Celestis-chan explained.

The current holy sword that has been made a giant light sword has truly become that and is maintaining its form as a giant blade.

This is my new technique that I created with the help and training with everyone.

If it is with this giant light sword, I can slice this giant Slime in two.

“[Holy Light Bisection]!!” (Karen)

The light giant sword is swung down.

At an angle that properly aligns to the two holes that Hyue-chan opened, it enters the body of the Slime as it slices it.

“Oi oi, with that…!” (Mirack)

“It will be slicing that giant water steam bun in two!!” (Celestis)

Just slicing it in two is not enough.

Even if the liquid body of the Slime were to be cleanly cut in two, it would soon stick back together and return to how it was before.

That’s why I have to aim for the core that Hyue-chan and Juo-san have sounded out and cut it with pinpoint accuracy.

This is a single stroke that was created in order to reach all the way in its insides. But…


No good. I can’t stop the ‘Holy Light Bisection’ from dispersing.

In order to create a giant blade, there’s the need of a massive amount of divine power, and the stronger the release, the more violent is the dispersion of it.

I have to fix that problem or I won’t be able to call this ‘Holy Light Bisection’ as a perfected technique. I still haven’t mastered my control in divine power to that point yet.

“As I thought, it really wasn’t mastered yet?!” (Mirack)

At this rate, the blade will disappear before it arrives at the core! What should I do…!

“Good grief. What a flashy girl you are.”


The convergence strength of the ‘Holy Light Bisection’ has suddenly increased?!


When I glance at my back for a moment, there’s the previous light hero, Sunnysol Ates-sama there?!

She is holding the handle of the holy sword.

“I will take the job of maintaining the form of the light sword. You concentrate on increasing the output.” (Ates)

With the help of Ates-sama, the light sword has become stable!


No, this is everyone’s fight.

Right now, I have to throw away personal issues.

“Haaaaaaaaah!!” (Karen+Ates)

The light sword was swung all the way down.

…But it was suddenly stopped.

The Slime was sliced in two, and yet, it feels as if something or someone is grabbing ahold of the giant light sword!!

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