WR – Chapter 207-209: Slime


That single word changed the situation completely.

In this Wind capital where the current heroes and previous heroes match is being held, there’s apparently a single monster that has been confirmed heading to where we are.

“This is something that has been taken by the far-sighted camera that is set up at the outer edges of the city.” (Shiba)

Gathering after receiving the report, we were shown a photo by the Wind Founder Shiva.

As a matter of course, a monster was pictured in it.

“……What’s this?”

If I had to put it in words, it would be a water steam bun.

It is transparent and round. Even when I am only looking at the photo, I could feel that mushy body.

“This is the monster that’s currently heading here.” (Shiva)

Shiva says.

He is the person that holds the highest of responsibilities in the safety of the city we are currently in.

“Don’t get deceived by the peaceful-like appearance of it. It is hard to tell from the photo, but this thing is crazy big. It may not be as big as a Mother Monster, but it is comparable to the data of the Fire Cow and Great Sea Dragon we have.” (Shiva)

“Meaning that it is super-sized class?!”

This round steam bun?

It has a completely soothing appearance that just doesn’t give me a sense of danger at all.

“But it is an opponent that’s a lot more dangerous than its appearance lets out to be. Look here.” (Shiva)

Shiva points at another photo. In there, there’s the same water steam bun monster, but…

“Look closely below its feet!” (Shiva)

You say below its feet, but there’s no feet…

Hm? What’s that?!

I don’t know if this thing actually has a liquid body, but at any rate, its semi-transparent body had trees assimilated inside it, and they were dissolving!

The camera had clearly caught the objects that had been engulfed and were being melted into nothingness.

“?! Scary-dasu!” (Sasae)

“If such a thing were to enter the city, it would turn terrible. Moreover, the worst thing is that this monster is heading straight here. There’s no doubt that its objective is here!” (Mirack)

Monsters heading to human settlements to attack them is a thing that happens often, but it is coming from quite the faraway place.

“But we are at the giant moving city, right? Can’t we run away from it?” (Haine)

“We are already doing that, but this water steam bun is chasing after us even with that. Right now, we are in a state where we are moving, but we can’t separate from it. To tell you the truth… this place doesn’t have that much mobility. Places like mountains and palacides, there’s a lot of locations that it can’t move to due to the terrain, and the time it can move continuously isn’t that long either. Once it moves for a certain amount, there’s the need to recharge and give it maintenance.” (Shiva)

“Meaning that we won’t be able to escape for long.” (Haine)

“We are planning on doing many improvements to it, but at present, there’s no other way for this city to survive but to defeat that thing!” (Shiva)

Shiva hits the photo of the monster with his fist.

“As of now, this monster will be named Slime, and the Wind Church will do its all to subjugate it!” (Shiva)

“Yes, Aniue-sama.” (Hyue)

His sister Hyue who was at his side answers.

“I will be giving you full command of the Slime subjugation, wind hero! Lead the Kazama Shinobis and intercept it at once!” (Shiva)

“No.” (Hyue)

“Oi~~~~!!” (Shiva)

Shiva immediately acts like a fool.

Well, he was suddenly answered by the hero in a way that’s not fitting of a hero after all.

“No Hyue, what are you saying?! You are already the wind hero!” (Shiva)

“Aniue-sama, I understand that this is an emergency, but we were also right in the middle of a fight with our existence and pride in line.” (Hyue)

Is she talking about the past and new heroes match?

But that had reached a conclusion with the victory of Sasae-chan, right?

Due to the appearance of the monster, the victory has been postponed though.

“But you see, Hyue, with this problem that entails the whole city, it would be better to concentrate on this matter!” (Shiva)

“That’s right. Also, I already announced ‘it is the victory of the current heroes!’ before the monster came, so it has already been settled. I won’t let them make it unsettled like the time with the team match!” (Haine)

Shiva and I were admonishing her, but for some reason, Hyue was stubborn.

“Aniue-sama, Haine-dono; it is true that we have won the match. I do think that that fact cannot be warped and negated by anyone, however…!!” (Hyue)

“However?” (Shiva)

“My personal battle is different! I still haven’t fought that one!” (Hyue)

There was a ghost at the place where Hyue points at.


No matter how many times I see her, she still makes my spine shiver.

It wasn’t a ghost, but the proxy wind hero, Brastor Juo.

She was here too?!

“Mirack-dono, Celestis-dono, and Sasae-dono got three straight wins, so my turn didn’t come, but I had the resolution of finishing things with her today! Aniue-sama, please give the permission to square against her!!” (Hyue)

“No.” (Shiva)

Shiva denies her fervent request.

“It won’t take long! 5 seconds! 5 seconds is fine! In 5 seconds, I will shoot her right between her eyebrows, and after that, I will show you that I can slaughter a hundred –no, two hundred monsters!!” (Hyue)

Why is Hyue-san getting so bloodthirsty?

Even though she is normally one of the most composed ones within the heroes.

Moreover, for a while now, Juo has been watching that state of hers and laughing ‘kusukusu’.

“…Interesting. In that case, I will make you into a beehive in one second.” (Juo)

“Oh, you are on!!” (Hyue)

Picking fights back and forth!

They are both at the neck of each other!

“…Good grief. These two are like this since long ago.” (Shiva)

“What’s with that sage look you have?” (Haine)

While looking at the two that are scattering sparks as they glare at each other, Shiva lets out a sigh.

“Our Toreido household and Juo’s Brastor household are prominent families of the Wind Church. Due to that connection, we have been acquainted since we were children.” (Shiva)


“But the two didn’t get along since long ago. Every time they saw each other, they would end up fighting. Do you know how much pain I have passed being a mediator? When they grew up, Juo became a scientist and Hyue joined the Kazama Shinobis. However, this created a sense of territory in their jobs, so their relationship got progressively worse.” (Shiva)

“Aniue-sama, that’s because…!” (Hyue)

While in the quarrel that had already escalated into a fist fight, Hyue raises her voice.

“It is this woman’s fault. Even though she is a scientist, she postulated for hero, and actually became one! Who knows how much it hurt the pride of the Kazama Shinobis who are the military force of this nation! And yet, this woman, the moment she became a hero, she shut herself in her laboratory! She didn’t do her job as a hero at all!” (Hyue)


“The higher-ups of the Church all settled in the decision of ‘discharging her’, and yet, only Aniue-sama protected her! Isn’t it the fault of this woman that Aniue-sama had to temporarily take the post of Founder and hero?! Saying that once she returns to society, you would be able to give that title back to her anytime!” (Hyue)

“Ugh…but…but…!” (Juo)

Juo raised her voice as if cursing.

“But Shiva-sama abandoned me and made a person like this the hero…!!” (Juo)

“Shut up! You should have been abandoned a lot sooner!” (Hyue)

The fight implodes.

Seeing this, Shiva once again lets out a big sigh.

“Juo.” (Shiva)

“Y-Yes?!” (Juo)

Shiva places a hand on her shoulder.

“In the past, there were times when I didn’t understand what you were thinking. You surprised me when you said ‘I will become the hero’ when I was appointed as the Founder, and when you became one, you shut yourself in and abandoned your professional duties.” (Shiva)

“T-That’s because…” (Juo)

“That’s why I was against it. It is true that you are a genius and are good at both researching and fighting. You most definitely had the fighting ability to be a hero. But your personality wasn’t fit for being a hero. You are scared of being in public, right?” (Shiva)

“Uuh…” (Juo)

Juo looked up depressed.

She still had that ghost look of hers, but it was kind of cute.

“Even with that, I took on the role of hero so that you could return to that position whenever you wanted. But because of the previous incident, I couldn’t afford to do that anymore. So I decided on passing on the title of hero to Hyue. But it was by no means something I did because I had no choice.” (Shiva)

“Aniue-sama!” (Hyue)

Being spoken about, I felt like I heard Hyue’s heart skip a beat.

“Hyue had grown plenty enough as a wind gun user to leave the job of hero to her. In regards to the coordination with the other heroes as well, she possesses the most valuable trait that the heroes require from now on. Juo, this is something that you are the most bad at dealing with.” (Shiva)

“Uuhh…!” (Juo)

“But I don’t remember ever abandoning you. It is true that it was my bad for passing on the hero position without talking to you about it, but I do think that I need your help in the future, and the people of Rudras Metropolis as well.” (Shiva)

“Shiva-sama!” (Juo)

“Wasn’t it you who created practically all the foundations regarding the moving city! Your will for research and those novel ideas of yours, they will be necessary for us now and in the future. That’s why, please stay by my side and help us out. The title of hero doesn’t matter!!” (Shiva)

“Shiva-sama…! I love you…!” (Juo)

“Hm? Did you say something?” (Shiva) <Hahahahahahaha!>

“…It is nothing.” (Juo)

My god.

Could this be…<the legendary ‘Eh? Nandatte?’>

Juo had told me something in person between the match. ‘There’s something I can’t give up on’, ‘I will have Shiva resign from his Founder position’. She said that because she had feelings for him as a childhood friend and wanted to be together with him forever?

She thought that she had been abandoned after Hyue had become a hero, and using this, Ates or someone in that faction fanned her on to participate in this.

And there’s no way Hyue, who shows signs of being a bro-con, would see this in a good wind.

“This matter has been wrapped up then. Hyue, I will be counting on you on the hero job.” (Shiva)

“Aniue-sama, move away. I can’t shoot her to death with you in the way.” (Hyue)

“Don’t shoot.” (Shiva)

I feel like I understand now. The reason for the confrontation between the new and old wind heroes.

That’s why, I told Shiva this.

“You should just explode.” (Haine)

“I was suddenly insulted?!” (Shiva)  

The Wind Founder is someone you just want to insult.

And Yorishiro who was actually here from the very beginning and was watching over this…

“This is a development that makes me want to puke-desu wa.” (Yorishiro)

She was angered by Shiva’s dense headed attitude.

Shiva was bewildered by the atmosphere of irritation coming from his surroundings.

“What’s with everyone?! Did I do something wrong?! —Wait, ouch! Something hit me on my back! What’s with this cow?! Why did it suddenly tackle me?! What’s with that threatening pose?! Don’t go doing preparations to tackle me again!!” (Shiva)

  • 208: The stage of heroes

“Please let us fight as well.” (Karen)

The heroes of other churches were all inside the same meeting room as well, and Karen-san was representing them.

“The dangers of this world already have no distinction between churches. If they are in that place and have the strength to fight, we have to face the enemy together.” (Karen)

The head Shiva looks at the surroundings after that proposal. Earth, Water, Fire, and Light; all the other Founders nodded together.

“Then, I will be counting on you. As the Wind Founder, we are deeply grateful for the gracious deeds of you heroes.” (Shiva)

But…I was so worried. I couldn’t just not ask.

“Are you okay, Karen-san? What about your injuries in that explosion…” (Haine)

“It is okay! The burns have all been healed by Celestis-chan, and after the examination of the Wind Church, they told me that my insides are fine!” (Karen)

Karen-san pumps her fists to appeal her energy, but even with that, I was worried.

Karen-san is the type that would a hundred percent act strong in the cases when she is not okay.

Not only Karen-san; Mirack, Celestis, and Sasae-chan should still be fatigued by their matches.

The only one in the current heroes alliance that I can say is in perfect condition is Hyue.

“As I thought, I will be the one to!” (Haine)

In this occasion, I didn’t do much and still have plenty surplus of energy anyways.

There’s no need for Karen-san and the others that are injured to face danger. I can erase that thing in an instant with my dark matter and—

“Wait there.”


The Light and Earth Founders grabbed my shoulders.

“Haine-san, I understand your feelings of caring for the well-being of the girls, but please spectate for a bit more.” (Yorishiro)

“This be the chance to push-sa ne. The biggest objective of the Hero Alliance be to have the heroes cooperate and face the monsters. We will be having ‘em witness this in the flesh.” (Oba-san)

Right now in this Rudras Metropolis, there’s many people from the five nations who came here to spectate the new and old heroes match.

If five heroes were to cooperate and defeat the monsters and this were to be witnessed by those people, this will increase the authenticity of the Hero Alliance and the Contra-Reconciliation side won’t even be able to breathe.


“Just give it a break already.” (Haine)

I had to speak out strictly.

Just how much have Karen-san and the others pushed themselves today. They have endured underhanded tricks and strong enemies, and they are already injured all over.

It was all in order to push the political fight to the best of conditions for Yorishiro and the others.

But to make those girls fight even more for those same reasons, that would be pushing all of the burden onto them.

“Karen-san and the others have fought plenty enough! I will deal with the rest!” (Haine)

It was in the moment when I was about to leave the meeting room in anger, the girls stopped me who was plenty ready to head to battle.

“That’s unnecessary consideration, Haine. We are still in perfect form.” (Mirack)

“For this full day, this place is our stage. Refusing an encore would be a disgrace as an idol.” (Celestis)

“Having something to cut be happiness-dasu! As an earth hero, anything that can be cut will be cut-dasu!!” (Sasae)

Mirack, Celestis, Sasae-chan…

The three of them have by no means easily won the fights against the previous heroes that were their seniors.

Rather, they won with their bodies filled with injuries, and yet…

“Haine-dono, we want to test ourselves. Just how far we can go with our combined strengths.” (Hyue)

Hyue joins the row with her wind gun in hand.

“We all know that Haine-san is the strongest. But please, watch over us just for a bit more. I want everyone to see that the five of us together are also the strongest.” (Karen)


I am by no means the strongest.

I am this weak against the straightforward light in the eyes of these girls after all.


…And then, just a bit after, we five were standing at the wasteland.

I -Kourin Karen- and my companions, totalling a number of five.

“Everyone, I will ask just in case but, are your bodies okay? There’s no need to push yourselves, you know?” (Karen)

“That’s what I would like to ask you, Karen. Is there really no problem with the damage you received from the explosion?” (Mirack)

“What about you, Mirack-chi? You were cooked by your Senpai, weren’t you. Even now, I can still smell a slightly tasty scent, you know?” (Celestis)

“Celestis-neechan, it looked like ya won easily, but the exhaustion of divine power wasn’t anything ta sneeze at-dasu. The previous water hero be also a strong opponent-dasu!” (Sasae)

“Sasae-dono as well. The bandages around your body make you look like a mummy. As I thought, the unwounded me should hit that monster with the resentment I couldn’t hit Juo with!” (Hyue)

In the end, it means that we all are wounded.

But it is mysterious. Our condition is at the worst, and yet, I don’t feel like we will lose with all five of us here.

A half-transparent round mountain was approaching us from the front.

“O~h O~h, it is getting closer, it is getting closer, the Slime-chan. Just like the information stated, the trees and stones that it swallowed have been melted in an instant. Looks like the moment you get caught, there’s only death awaiting.” (Celestis)

“Looks like it is the basic to take distance and attack from afar. But before that…” (Hyue)

“[Holy Light Sword]!” “Fly, [Flame Knuckle]!” “[Water Rage]!” “[Transmute] a rock around here and…[All In, One Shot]-dasu!” “Wind long gun technique, [Bell Bang]!”

From each divine tool, different elements were shot at long-distance.

Those hit directly at the surface of the slime…but the problem comes from now on.

My ‘Holy Light Blade’ cut through the surface of the slime and did some damage to it as it dissipated, but it soon regenerated and there was no wound remaining.

Leaving that aside for now, the fire of Mirack-chan and the earth attack of Sasae-chan opened a hole in the semi-liquid body and soon regenerated, but…Celestis-chan’s water bullet hit the surface and didn’t leave a single wound behind. On the other hand, the wind bullet of Hyue-chan was the one that worked the most. It opened the deepest hole within the attacks of us five.

“It resisted the water attack and is weak against the wind element?!” (Celestis)

“In that case, it is earth element?!” (Mirack)

The slime is an earth element monster?

But wait. From what I heard, the earth element monsters should have only been the Golems that were born from Grandma Wood. Moreover, Grandma Wood -the Mother Monster that is their very source- is gone and shouldn’t be born anymore!

“The mystery solving sounds fun, but we should leave that for later.” (Celestis)

That’s right. At our back, there’s the Wind capital Rudras Metropolis and the millions of people living there.

As a moving city, they can run away from the slime, but they have stopped that now and are a few ways back from us in standby.

In order to watch over our battle.

Everyone is believing that us heroes will definitely win.

That expectation, that trust; in order to not betray it, we will defeat that giant jelly!

“I had the Kazama Shinobis do the protection of the city. It is a true to the word fight between us five and that water steamed bun.” (Hyue)

“Just what I wanted. That is exactly the stage where the heroes shine!” (Celestis)

The fight begins.

A flashy fight that will serve as the decoration to end this battle.

  • 209: Persecution

“So, how are we going to defeat that giant steam bun? I think you already know, but we cannot make it into tea and drink it, you know!” (Mirack)

“It is that big after all. In the test shots before, there was a difference in effectivity, but in the end, the opened holes have all closed.” (Celestis)

That transparent liquid body, even if we were to injure it, the body begins to regenerate soon after and return to its previous state.

Even so, if we were to do a big attack that blows away a huge part of its body, it might be possible to inflict fatal damage, but every time we fight, they are always in that level of size. In terms of raw strength, we wouldn’t be able to win at all.

Even if it is with the wind element that is advantageous against it.

“But, even when it is that water-looking, it is earth element. How to I say it, it is like unexpected…” (Celestis)

“This is no time to be leisurely observing. That Slime might be slow, but it is steadily heading towards Rudras Metropolis. We have to defeat it somehow before it arrives here!” (Mirack)

It is just as Mirack-chan says.

And in order to defeat the Slime, we can’t just push with brute strength. We have to use wits as well.

What do we do…


“Hey everyone. Doesn’t that Slime resemble a Golem?” (Karen)

“Hah?” “Eh?” “Dasu?” “What?”

The approaching speed of the Slime is slow.

We still had the leeway to continue our planning.

“What are you saying, Karen-chi? That rough Golem and this round water Slime, there’s no similarities at all.” (Celestis)

“That be right, Karen-neechan! Just because they be the same earth element, ya grouping ‘em up be way too far fetched-dasu!” (Sasae)

It was a storm of complains from everyone but…

“Hm, as I thought, they really do resemble each other. The part about them regenerating as soon as their body is damaged!” (Karen)

The Slime we are fighting now would pour its liquid body to the damaged area and it would soon fix itself; the Golems would use the stones and earth of its surroundings to make their body again.

“Both of them use two different things to fix up their body. That regenerating trait they have, I don’t know if it is because they are both earth element monsters, but it is incredibly similar!” (Karen)

“That may be true, but what are you trying to get at with this?” (Hyue)

Hyue-chan has asked a good question, so I answered.

“Then, don’t you think there’s other things that are similar? Golems will regenerate as many times as they want as long as the Life Block that serves as its core is okay. In that case, maybe the Slime as well…” (Karen)


Looks like everyone has understood now.

“That Slime might have a core as well, is what you are trying to say huh! I see. If that were to be destroyed, it would be leaps and bounds more efficient than just blowing it up without leaving any trace of it!” (Mirack)

“But how are we going to find the core inside such a big thing like that? Do we jump inside it and swim until we find it? We would be melted to the bones before we find it, you know?” (Celestis)

What Celestis-chan says is correct.

But I also had an idea regarding that.

“Everyone, hear me out.” (Karen)


The plan meeting has finished.

Now all that’s left is to move to action.

“Let’s do this, everyone!” (Mirack)

“Yes-dasu!” (Sasae)

“Hindrance team, move out!” (Celestis)

Dividing the team in two, Mirack-chan, Sasae-chan, and Celestis-chan run towards the Slime.

Paying plenty enough attention to their surroundings as they approach, they stop at a place where they can still maintain their safety.

“Around here should be fine. Let’s do this, Sasae!” (Mirack)

“Got it-dasu! [Magma Ocean]-dasu!” (Sasae)

The fire of Mirack-chan and the earth of Sasae-chan cooperate to create the combined element ‘Magma’.

The ground in front of them became redder, and becomes accumulated lava.

“It is a lava moat! It is crazy hot. If you can move through it, try it!” (Mirack)

“With this, the Slime should stop moving its feet-dasu! That water steam bun ain’t got any feet though, it just be a metaphor-dasu!” (Sasae)

What I asked of Mirack-chan and the others was to hold the Slime back.

While its movements have stopped by the lava moat, we continue our sure-kill plan.

“We did it! It is going smoothly! Everyone, do your best!” (Celestis)

And Celestis-chan who is at the back of Mirack-chan and Sasae-chan providing support.

“Celestis-nechan, ya be an extra-dasu! Putting it bluntly, there be no point in ya being here-dasu!” (Sasae)

“It truly is painful to get an enemy that your element can’t handle, right? I am truly glad I am not a water element that would make me spectate because it doesn’t work on the Slime~~!” (Mirack)

Leaving the defense to those three, Hyue-chan and I aim for the offensive.

“Hyue-chan, I am counting on you.” (Karen)

“Understood. Wind Gun Technique, [Echo]!” (Hyue)

Hyue-chan snipes the Slime at a slightly faraway location. However, what’s being shot is not the usual wind bullet.

“What the Wind Gun, En no Ozuno, is shooting is an ultrasound bullet that surpasses the hearing capabilities of a human. This resonates inside the Slime’s insides, and the echo that returns from it is caught by my ears.” (Hyue)

When I was hurt in the new and past heroes match, the proxy wind hero Juo-san utilized the ultrasound diagnosis device.

By pouring a special sound into the body of a human, you pick up the echoes of it to make it possible to confirm the state of the insides without cutting open the body. A mysterious machine.

I thought that maybe we could find the core of the slime with that same principle.

“But Karen-dono really does impress me. To think that you would immediately put to practical use something that happened just today.”  (Hyue)

“I also didn’t think I would be utilizing it.” (Karen)

It really is useful to experience all you can.

“But there’s a problem.” (Hyue)

“What?” (Karen)

“The structure of the Slime is a lot more simple than that of a human, so it is possible to locate the core without the use of a machine. But it is still that size. It is impossible to cover its whole body with ultrasound with just one shot.” (Hyue)

“Then, what should we do?” (Karen)

“There’s no choice but to shoot several shots at different locations to cover the whole body as we search. It would take time though.” (Hyue)

It is okay.

That’s the reason why I have brought my usual flying machine and have Hyue-chan riding behind me.

In the time Mirack-chan and the others are holding it back, we will fly all around the Slime and shoot it all up!

But just as I was thinking that…

“Karen! Karen, this is terrible!” (Mirack)

Mirack-chan calls out to me.

“That water steam bun ain’t fazed at all from the lava-dasu! It be crossing it normally-dasu yo!” (Sasae)

No way!

The lava moat that Mirack-chan and Sasae-chan made was crossed by the Slime as if it were a wasteland with nothing in it.

It is not that it isn’t working. The liquid that touches the lava is making *fsst* sounds as it boils, but it didn’t look like the Slime was suffering at all.

It is going straight at it without losing any speed at all!

“Geez, what are you doing?! You people are really useless.” (Celestis)

“I don’t want to be told that by you!” “-Dasu!”  

This is not the time to get soothed by the retort of Celestis-chan!

Can we even manage to locate the core by the time the Slime reaches Rudras Metropolis?!

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