WR – Chapter 170: Conflicting sides

“[Dark Matter, Set]!!”

I shout out a counteroffensive in my return.

A massive amount of dark matter hits that damn butterfly brat.


Being showered by dark matter, even he had his face distort in pain.

“You…aren’t you the human that ran away?! Why did you return now?!” (Raphael)

Is what the evil butterfly brat says as he glared at me -Kuromiya Haine.

“So you thought that huh. I literally ran everywhere to deal with the prank you pulled and finally came back, you know!!” (Haine)

“What?!” (Raphael)

Raphael looks at the sides while his body was covered in dark matter. He is looking for something.

“Impossible! The four Disaster Swirls are gone?! Not a single one remains?!” (Raphael)

He is probably referring to the four tornadoes he released.

Every single one of them was calamity class. Every one of them had the power to turn into a wasteland the places it passes through, and it was about to destroy Rudras Metropolis, so I chased towards one after the other. Do you know how much of a pain it was to erase them with dark matter?

“Are you saying you were the one who erased them? There’s no way a mere human can do something like that! The four Disaster Swirls that I placed all my might into!” (Raphael)

“Hoh~, so that was all your might? Then, you should be satisfied now after doing all you could, right? Disappear already then!!” (Haine)

Demon Lord Raphael.

Your mistake was to underestimate humans to the very end.

You must have thought ‘I can kill them anytime I want’. You must have thought that you could take your time and enjoy killing them.

This folly has killed you.

You should have escaped from here immediately.

But because you got self-conceited, you failed to see the whole picture, met with unexpected difficulties in the desperate resistance of Karen-san, Hyue-san, and Shiva, and have ended up utilizing all the time you had remaining.

The important time till your Death God returned, that is!

“What?! What is this power?! I am being erased? My invincible divine power is being erased?!” (Raphael)

“You really thought of yourself as invincible when you are only at this level. The very definition of a brat!” (Haine)

The dark matter is covering Raphael more and more.

The resistance the wind divine power is giving is still furious, but I will have you be crushed just like this in a clash of powers!

“Don’t let your guard down, Haine!” (Shiva)

Shiva’s warning flies at me!

“That guy has inherited the ability of Beelzebub! He can change his body into small insects, and disperse in order to evade! If you let even one of them escape, it won’t really be the end of him!!” (Shiva)


He had such an ability?!

I see. Then I will have to cover him with even more dark matter, making sure to not leave a single gap.

While I was thinking that, I felt a divine power from a source that was not mine enveloping the surroundings.

“…Shiva?!” (Haine)

To my surprise, Shiva had wrapped the area where Raphael is covered by dark matter with a layer of wind divine power.

As if to not let a single drop of water leak; a double encirclement.

But now that I take a closer look at the body of Shiva, I could tell that his body was even more battered than before, and I could tell that his limit has long been crossed.

If you release more divine power with that body—!

“This is my way of settling things! We four Base Elements were the ones who irresponsibly created monsters. If I were to let you alone get rid of the result of our idiocy, it would affect my pride as a God!” (Shiva)

“You—!” (Haine)

“Don’t let down your guard down no matter what! Thinking about the traits of his mother, Beelzebub, if we let even one piece of his meat remain, it won’t be his end. He is also desperate right now. No matter what small of a gap it is, he will try to create a double through it and run, so we have to seal it perfectly!!” (Shiva)

“…Understood.” (Haine)

The trait of the dark matter is to erase without leaving a single trace behind.

By manifesting this trait to its very best, I will abide by request, and will proceed to literally erase Raphael from existence.

“What’s with this black substance? Even I as a Demon Lord don’t know of this. Are you telling me something like this actually exists?!” (Raphael)

Raphael still had practically all of his body covered in dark matter, and the only things that can be seen from the outside are his face and his struggling arms and legs, and the ends of his butterfly wings.

He is trying to escape from the exposed areas, but he was blocked by the wind that Shiva has created at the outside of it, and it was impossible for him to escape. On the contrary, them becoming small flies, made it easier for the dark matter to sink and erase them.

“…Stop it! Stop it! Do you understand just how sinful of an action you are perpetrating here?!” (Raphael)


Raphael shouts while struggling.

“I am the Lord of all demons! The Demon Lord! As the leader that will be leading the monsters to a new era, I am absolutely necessary! Do you understand how much of a lost it is for me to be erased?!” (Raphael)

“This bastard!!” (Haine)

“Why can’t you understand that the era of humans is over?! The old ones should disappear obediently! You are the ones who should disappear, not us! From today on, we will be walking the path of glory!!” (Raphael)

“Don’t go saying things that only fit your convenience!” (Haine)

The attack of the dark matter had  covered the face and both arms of Raphael and is now completely covering him.

The encirclement of compressed air from Shiva didn’t let a single small fly escape and pushed them back to where the clump of dark matter is.  

The Demon Lord Raphael already had no path but death.

The sensations that were being sent by the dark matter to me were notifying me that what’s inside of it is being slowly crushed.

The inside was steadily becoming smaller, lost human shape, became a small spec, but even so, they were still mercilessly erasing it.

“If we can’t coexist, we have no choice but to fight until one side disappears. There’s also cases when it ends up being your side that losses and disappears.” (Haine)

The Demon Lord Raphael has been erased. Without leaving a single piece of flesh remaining.

And so, the dark matter that has finished its duty, followed my will and disappears to nothingness.

Everything disappears, and we stand on top of the floor that has lost everything in its surroundings.

Shiva and I face each other.

Karen-san and Hyue were watching from afar though.

I don’t know who was the one who moved first, but in order to inform that everything is now over, Shiva and I lift our right hands, and just like that, we slapped them high in the air.

TLN: I had conflicting feelings about how to release this chapter. In the end, I decided on doing it this way. As stated before, when I release a single chapter, many reasons are involved.

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