WR – Chapter 167-169: Unyielding

Haine-san has jumped away.

I understand.

I -Kourin Karen- understand.

The reason why Haine-san has left this place is to protect Rudras Metropolis from the tornadoes.

The only one who I know that can do something about those natural disaster-level attacks is Haine-san.

But if Haine-san leaves this place…the ones left here would be…

“And you are not going to run away as well, humans?” (Raphael)

The child that is floating in the sky with his butterfly wings, the Demon Lord Raphael.

From every quiet word of his, there’s a pressure that would make you want to cry.

“No matter the case, it is pointless. All the humans here will be destroyed by this Wind Demon Lord Raphael today. Your cries of agony will become the first baby cries for the birth of the monster’s new era.” (Raphael)

“Don’t let it get to your head.”

The one who faced that demon lord face on was the hero –the wind hero.

“You are a shitty brat that hasn’t even experienced one day since being born. You are already getting your facts wrong. The reason why Haine has left here was because we are dividing the work. He will protect this city, and I will defeat you. Write it down.” (Shiva)

“You as well, your misunderstanding is laughable.” (Raphael)

From the childish face of Raphael, a scorning smile surfaces.

“A mere human is going to defeat me? Keep that conceitedness in check. This Demon Lord Raphael was given the very life essence of my mother in order to become the leader that will lead all monsters. There’s no way a mere human can stand against it.” (Raphael)

That’s right.

I can tell because I have fought many monsters as the light hero.

That small boy, his power as a monster is out of the bounds of understanding. He is the strongest monster from all the monsters I have fought until now.

Stronger than the Fire Cow Phalaris, Great Sea Serpent, and Grandma Wood.

The four tornadoes that Raphael released nonchalantly as if waving his hand, with just a single one of those, it possessed power that surpasses that of the high-heat flash of the Fire Cow and the tsunami of the Great Sea Serpent.

And more than that, he is simply floating in mid-air, and yet, the pressure it is releasing from his small body is overwhelming to the extreme.

Because of this, I can’t move my body and can’t stand.

It looks like Hyue-san is in the same state as me. Since the moment Raphael appeared, we haven’t spoken a single word, not because we are speechless, but because we can’t speak.

Even a hero like me felt as if I was a frog being glared by a snake.

“Light hero…you said your name is Karen, right?” (Shiva)

And the one who is a hero just like me, and the Wind Founder at the same time, Shiva-san.

“From how it looks, it seems you won’t be able to move for a while. It is okay to take your time. Place strength in your legs, and when it is time to run away, please do so bringing Hyue together with you.” (Shiva)


Even though he is a hero too, he chose escaping as if it was a given.

Haine-san is the same but, why is it that this person can move normally within this pressure?

“Aniue-samaaa! Aniue-samaaa!” (Hyue)

“Don’t let out such shameful voice, Hyue. You and all the people in Rudras Metropolis; I will protect them all.” (Shiva)

At the same time as he said this, he takes out his wind twin guns.

“Wind Twin Gun technique, [Crumble]!” (Shiva)

That is the wind attack that explodes at an area with zero time lag that he showed in the fight with Haine-san.

The time it takes to reach the target once the technique is released is zero, so, in theory, it should be impossible to deal with it.



The one who was blown away was Shiva-san?!

“To think that you would confront the Wind Demon Lord with wind divine power; the very definition of a fool.” (Raphael)

Without even moving a single finger, the Demon Lord Raphael was overwhelming Shiva-san.

“Since the moment I appeared here, the air in the surroundings has been under my control. Trying to attack me with that air is laughable. Actually, let me tell you that the only reason why you are even breathing right now is because I am allowing it.” (Raphael)

It was at that moment.

…It hurts.

I opened my mouth to try to suck in air, and yet, air is not entering my mouth.



It looks like Shiva-san and Hyue-san are in the same state.

Could it be that he is really controlling the air and has sealed our ability to breath?!

“Brittle, weak. To think we were allowing these weak living beings to act freely as rulers. But the era will change. From now on, monsters will be the ones leading the world.” (Raphael)

“Don’t joke around!!” (Shiva)

Shiva-san shouts.

Unable to breathe, he had his body curled up, and yet, even with that, the fire in his eyes had not extinguished.

“With just a hundred years, you call yourselves the world’s standard-bearers? How absurd! Humans have devoted themselves in their studies for ten times longer than that! Don’t think you will win so easily!!” (Shiva)

Shiva-san coiled around wind in the surroundings?!    

“Aaah!!” (Hyue)

“I can…breathe…?!” (Karen)

Shiva-san released wind divine power and stole the control rights of the air around.

“So you will entertain me a bit huh. In that case…” (Raphael)

For the first time, Raphael moved his body in order to attack us. Even so, he simply held his hand up towards Shiva-san, it was only that, and yet…!!

“Gaaaaaah!!” (Shiva)

Shiva-san is being crushed by air!

“Like hell I will…lose to something of this degree!!” (Shiva)

Shiva-san breaks free from the compressed air.

Holding up both wind twin guns, he fought a battle for the rights of the air against the Demon Lord, while shooting bullet airs nonstop.

But all of them disappear into nothingnesd before they even reach the body of Raphael.

“How stupid humans are. Ending up all battered up, and knowing that you will not be able to defeat me, why is it that you still try to face me? Obediently accepting defeat, even if it will lead to death all the same, the amount of pain would be less.” (Raphael)

“Sadly to say, I am already used to challenging fights I know I can’t win.” (Shiva)

*Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!*

Several tens of air bullets were shot from the muzzle of the twin guns.

Even if they are bullets made of air, shooting them so repeatedly like that in that amount would definitely affect the body in some way.

*Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!*

Cracks begin to appear in the gun barrel.

“…Humans are quite the unsightly living beings. Self-interested, stubborn, greedy…and they don’t listen to what others say. All of those things end up troubling many people!” (Shiva)


“That’s why, even if I end up being obedient in the end, it wouldn’t be cool at all. Lord of monsters, let me tell you this. Don’t look down on humaaaaaans!!!” (Shiva)

“Wa?! This is?!” (Raphael)

From the body of Shiva-san, wind divine power that can’t be compared to anytime before was gushing out from him.

It is several tens of times more than the time when he was fighting Haine-san. To think he had such an amount of divine power in him.

But if he were to release this much divine power at once, the recoil it would create would also be—!!

“Impossible! A mere human possessing this amount of divine power!” (Raphael)

“Didn’t I tell you not to look down on humans?! Even when helplessly cornered, they will not choose the intelligent option. That is the stubbornness of humans!!” (Shiva)

This is not good. If he continues releasing that much divine power, Shiva’s body won’t hold on.

The twin guns have already crumbled to pieces, and in time, Shiva’s body will face the same fate…

Even so, with this, it feels like Shiva-san’s offensive that sacrifices his very body will finally open a path in this fight against Raphael.

Raphael still has leeway. At this rate, the curtains will fall with Shiva-san’s self-destruction.

Shiva-san won’t be able to defeat that Demon Lord on his own.

On his own, that is!!

  • 168: Shining Wind

My feet won’t move. Even though I am not injured.

I know. The reason why my feet won’t move is because of fear.

“Get a grip on yourself! You are a hero right?! Move, me!!” (Karen)

As I sweat cold sweat from all the pores in my body, I somehow manage to stand up.

The place I am headed to is only one.

“Hyue-san! Hyue-san! Are you okay?!” (Karen)

Toreido Hyue-san.

The sister of the Wind Founder Shiva-san, and she herself is an excelling user of wind divine power.

The reason why Shiva-san opened up his heart in the end was because she was there with us.

And right now, that girl has been hit by the pressure of the Demon Lord Raphael, and is unable to move her body freely.


I glance at the other side.

I don’t know if to call it fortunate, but thanks to Shiva-san’s desperate effort, Demon Lord Raphael’s attention is concentrated on him, and he is not paying attention to us at all.

It can also be said that he didn’t consider us worthy of attention from the very beginning though.

Anyways, I have to utilize this situation to its best!

“Sorry, Hyue-san. Can you move? Can you stand up?” (Karen)

“I-I can’t! It feels as if my body is not my own! At this rate, running away is impossible!” (Hyue)

It was as expected but, Hyue-san’s heart has completely broken.

This is not good.

“Hyue-san, listen here. We are not running away. On the contrary, we are going to fight.” (Karen)


“We are going to defeat that butterfly child. But that’s something that by no means I would be able to do on my own. That’s why, Hyue-san, I want you to lend me your power.” (Karen)

The moment she was told this, Hyue-san’s complexion became whiter than paper.

Unless you are someone that’s being exposed to the pressure of the Demon Lord, you wouldn’t be able to understand her feelings right now.

Even so, I still say it.

“Please Hyue-san, lend me your strength. Let’s defeat Raphael together.” (Karen)

“Impossible! There’s no way we can do that!! There’s no way we can defeat such a monster!” (Hyue)

Hyue-san says this as if crying it out.

In truth, I would like to concur with that opinion myself.

“Not even Aniue-sama is able to lift a finger against him, and yet, what can I -who’s not even a hero- do?! I am not strong! What can I do that Aniue-sama can’t?!” (Hyue)

“I am also not strong. There’s a lot of other people stronger than me.” (Karen)

Haine-san, Yorishiro-sama, Doraha-san; just by thinking about it for a bit, I was able to bring out these many names. As the light hero, this is pretty pathetic. But none of these people are here right now.

“The ones here right now are only you and me. That’s why there’s no choice but for us to do something about it.” (Karen)

“But, But—!!” (Hyue)

“I understand that it is scary. But if we don’t do anything here and now, the efforts of your brother will end up being pointless!!” (Karen)

At those words, I felt like the eyes of Hyue-san that were dyed completely in fear until now had begun showing something different for a moment there.

“Shiva-san is –your brother is fighting Raphael with enough drive to exhaust his very life. But that’s probably the most he can do. The body of Shiva-san will not be able to endure the divine power he himself is releasing, and will collapse!!” (Karen)

Shiva-san himself knows that this is what’s going to happen and still decided to do it.

What that person is aiming for is the very definition buying time.

If the fight continues like this, Haine-san who has gone to erase the four tornadoes will return. And then, he is waiting for Haine-san to defeat Raphael.

But by that time, Shiva-san would have already destroyed himself.

That person is exchanging his very life for time.

“In order to avoid that, we have to move now!” (Karen)


Different emotions were welling up from the eyes of Hyue-san, and it was driving off the color of fear.

“What…should I do?” (Hyue)


“Even if you say all that, I can’t find a single way to stop that monster in my techniques. What should I do to save Aniue-sama?” (Hyue)

Accurately speaking, it is not the power of just Hyue-san and I. And in reality, Shiva-san is the one that is keeping Raphael in place right now.

We have to defeat Raphael by utilizing that situation to the fullest.

But how?

Raphael nullified all the shots of the wind twin guns of Shiva-san, and there’s not a single wound on him.

There’s a wind barrier around that child’s surroundings, and it automatically protects him.

Even if Hyue-san were to use the gun that has a long gun barrel, it would most likely be the same result. I think it would be hard to defeat him in one hit with my ‘Light Divine Blade’ and ‘Light Divine Line’.

And if we don’t defeat him in one hit, it will definitely turn into something bad.

That Raphael definitely has the power to wipe both of us out in the spare time he is fighting with Shiva-san after all.

“That’s why…can you do this?” (Karen)

Hyue-san and I will combine our powers.

I will condense my light divine power to its very limits. I will create a super-compressed light divine power that is stronger than the ‘Holy Light Line’ that works with the same principle.

“You are telling me to use that as a bullet, and shoot it?!” (Hyue)

“Can you do it?” (Karen)

“I…think I can. This divine tool -the wind head gun, Enoozuno- is a gun that can shoot the formless divine power. If it’s just changing wind divine power for light divine power, there’s probably no problem.” (Hyue)


I fought Hyue-san not that long ago. And at that fight, she showed incredible accuracy in her sniping, and even now, it still makes me shiver.

The light divine power is slightly advantageous to all elements.

If it’s a super-compressed bullet of that, it should be able to penetrate the air barrier that is protecting Raphael. And with the accuracy of Hyue-san, we will shoot the head of Raphael.

With this, I can see hope in defeating him.

“But…If it were to miss…” (Hyue)

“What are you saying? When you fought us, you practically didn’t miss at all, right?” (Karen)

Honestly speaking, if Mirack-chan who had an advantage in elements wasn’t there, we would have lost for sure.

“I believe in Hyue-san’s sniping skill. I believe that you will hit for sure. If we don’t believe, we won’t get anywhere. Hesitating to believe is pointless.” (Karen)

It might be strange to believe in someone I just met today. However, I will follow my instinct that has been honed in the many hardships I have faced.

It is telling me that I can believe in this person.

“…By throwing away the thought of whether to believe, the true way to believe is born. That’s what you said too right, Aniue-sama?” (Hyue)


“Please lend me a shoulder.” (Hyue)

“Ah, like this?” (Karen)

Hyue-san places the gun barrel at my shoulder and fixes it in place.

It must be a technique to avoid the shaking in the moment of the shot and have the aim slip.

“…It is the same as a sniper. If I don’t throw away the wish of hitting the target, I won’t be able to hit the target that is the Demon Lord. Resolve myself, and leave it all to my body. Just as I have been training everyday. Clean the mind. Forget your very breathing…and as if a snowflake is falling, pull the trigger.” (Hyue)

I couldn’t tell when it happened.

It must have been because it was a way too natural of a movement. It should have been something incredible, and yet, even I felt as if the sound of the wind that rang was a natural one.

By the time I noticed…the head of the Demon Lord Raphael had bursted to pieces.

  • 169: At the place the wind leads

The sound of a *Bang!!* resounded in the place.

What was shot as a bullet was the light divine power I imbued for Hyue-san.

The light divine power that holds a slight advantage on all elements pierced through the wind barrier of Raphael as we wanted, and slipped into the vital area that is the cranium, and blew up the head itself.

Aside from the remaining parts of his head, he is still floating as he has been until now, but the overwhelming pressure, and the wind barrier has disappeared, and the compressed air that was attacking Shiva-san has disappeared as well.

“…We did it? Did we do it?!” (Karen)

It took us a while for Hyue-san and I to understand this.

In time, the sense of accomplishment, or more like, the feeling of victory had permeated in our whole body.

“We did it! We defeated him!”

“We did it! We did it! We did it!” <And now, I take out this flag, and plant it, plant it, PLANT IT!>

Hyue-san and I hugged each other as we celebrated, but Hyue-san soon remembered that there’s something she should be more worried about.

“Aniue-sama! Are you okay?!” (Hyue)

Hyue-san runs to her brother Shiva-san.

Shiva-san, who had no need of releasing a great deal of divine power anymore, had now lost strength and was simply staring blankly into space.

“You…!!” (Shiva)

“Aniue-sama!” (Hyue)

As Hyue-san ran towards him, Shiva-san falls without any strength to that direction. Hyue-san hurriedly supported her brother, and I also hurriedly run there to help out.

…Shiva-san’s whole body had dried out here and there, and it felt as if it might crumble at any moment.

To think releasing more divine power than the body can handle would lead to this much damage to the body!

In reality, to be able to release this much divine power without the assistance of an amplifier like a divine tool should be impossible in theory.

Even in my memories, the only ones who can utilize enough divine power to be useable in battle without the need of an amplifier are Haine-san, Yorishiro-sama, and Doraha-san.

Shiva-san is without doubt someone who has stepped into that realm.

And that reality made the fearsomeness of Raphael, who pushed Shiva-san this far, even deeper.

“…To think I would be saved by you girls. Looks like I am long overdue.” (Shiva)

“Aniue-sama… It was thanks to this person. Thanks to this person supporting me, I was able to stabilize my heart and shoot.” (Hyue)

Hyue-san faces my way.


“Humans supporting each other huh…” (Shiva)

No, I didn’t really do much. It was more like, the high accuracy of Hyue-san made it all possible.

“Hyue had already reached the perfection of her technique, but her heart was still brittle. In the important times, she would always think of unnecessary things, have her heart waver, have her fingers tremble, and would miss her target. However, at this time, it looks like you have managed to conquer that.” (Shiva)

“Aniue-sama…” (Hyue)

“Humans are always growing even in places I don’t know of. They are writing their own story. That’s why humans are interesting.” (Shiva)

Shiva-san, who is snuggled up to Hyue-san, was showing a gentleness that was completely different from previous instances, and it felt as the perfect picture of a Founder.

But this is probably the real Wind Founder, Toreido Shiva.

“That’s as far as the farce goes, humans.”



I turn my back to the chill, and in that place, there was Raphael who still had no head floating in the air.

He is dead…right?

He doesn’t have a head anymore. If it were a human, that would totally be fatal. If it were human…

But that guy is not a human, he is a monster.

“…That was a learning experience. Even if humans are insects unworthy of attention, if they are ignored, you won’t know what they will pull. No matter what trash it is, I have to use this mighty power to eliminate them all. In order to build up the new era for us monsters.” (Raphael)

“Are you immortal, you bastard?!” (Shiva)

Looks like Shiva-san was shivering at the sight of Raphael that had his head blown up and was still alive.

As we were thinking about how baffling this was, at the neck of Raphael, a black mist looked like it was released, and when that mist gathered, something was taking form?!

When it finished, the head of Raphael that was blown up had returned as if it never happened.

It regenerated perfectly?!

“You bastard…! That power is…!” (Shiva)

“It is just as you guessed. It is one of the abilities I inherited from my mother. I am able to transform every single one of the cells that compose my body into insects. Even if all this body were to be blown up, I can transform the scattered cells into flies or whatever, and gather them to regenerate.” (Raphael)

“In other words, in order to truly kill you, we would have to destroy every single cell of yours?! You damn monster!!” (Shiva)

No way!

That is the same power as the Mother Monster, Beelzebub –no, it is a power that surpasses it!

“The snipe just now made several of my cells unusable though. However, that is your limit. You weak humans can injure me, but can’t kill me. That is a difference that shows the absolute boundary you and me.” (Raphael)

Raphael lifts a hand up.

Right now, we are gathered up supporting Shiva-san, so he can crush us all at the same time.

Thinking about the difference in power between us, that surprise attack just now was our one and only chance.

There’s already no way for us to defeat the Raphael that won’t lower his guard anymore.

For us, that is.

“But you don’t understand one important thing.” (Karen)

“What?” (Raphael)

I speak.

“You don’t understand who is the one you should really be fearing. You are in a critical moment where you are hanging between living or dying. Without understanding that, you leisurely took your time in regenerating, looked down on us as much as you wanted, and provided us with important time. Your destiny was decided with that.” (Karen)

“Hmph, I don’t understand what you are trying to say.” (Raphael)

I could feel that power was gathering in the hand of Raphael.

He is most likely going to crush us with a space of compressed air.


“The reason you don’t understand is because you were born not that long ago and don’t know anything.”


“That’s why, I will teach it to you. The fear of being crushed by absolute power. I will teach you that the people that pride on their power are all just weaklings that lose to the stronger ones and disappear.”


“[Dark Matter, Set]”

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