WR – Chapter 157-160: Sniper


I -Kourin Karen- was shocked mindless while looking at the sky.

Shocked by the craziness of what Haine-san was doing.

I thought for certain that he would be running around looking for the Wind Founder Shiva-san at the Rudras Metropolis.

But to think he would fly up!

“He must be trying to lure him out.” (Yorishiro)

My Founder and friend, Yorishiro-sama, was at my side looking at the sky.

It was as if a black dragon was piercing through a black cloud.

It was such an out-of-the-world sight that you would think there won’t be a second time seeing something like this.

“Lure out…” (Karen)

“That Mother Monster must be important for Shiva as well. If it were to be on the verge of being wiped out, he might come out. It would be wrapped up faster than straightforwardly searching inside the Wind capital.” (Yorishiro)

You might say that’s the faster way, but even if we were to search the whole world, I am pretty sure the only one who would be able to do something like this is Haine-san. And before all that, I think that the only one who can defeat that army of small-sized monsters is Haine-san.

If I am not careful, my mind might go completely blank.

“But there’s one other reason why Haine-san is going wild like that in the sky.” (Yorishiro)


“It is something simple. If he goes that wild at the main body of the flies and decreases their numbers, the flies that go down will also decrease equally in numbers. As proof, there’s not that many around us, right?” (Yorishiro)

Now that she mentions it…

Mirack-chan is still doing her best with her fire, but contrary to that, there’s no presence of the black smoke in the surroundings.

“Haine-san is trying to reduce the encroachment of the flies towards the humans as much as possible, that’s why he plunged in there…… Now, let’s not waste the consideration of Haine-san. Let’s escape the city fast, and regroup with the light knights outside.” (Yorishiro)

The knights from the Aurora Knight corps that had accompanied us should be under attack as well. The Ignis Militant corps, the Stream Marine corps, and the Scorched Earth Annihilation corps too.

We should return to where they are and fulfill our duties as heroes!

“Let’s hurry everyone! —Wait.” (Karen)

Just as I was hyped up, I noticed that everyone was acting strange.

We have to hurry and return, and yet, no one was moving.

“What’s wrong? Let’s move everyone! Every grain in the hourglass is precious, you know?” (Karen)

“Don’t move!!” (Celestis)

I was suddenly shouted at by Celestis-chan.

There’s no need to raise your voice that much!

“…I understand. Because you were entranced by your beloved prince, you didn’t notice, right?” (Celestis)


Beloved?! Beloved, she said!

“Sasae-chi, lend me that for a moment.” (Celestis)

“Ahn, mah snacks!” (Sasae)

Celestis-chan sticks her hand in Sasae-chan’s pocket without permission and takes it out. And from there, Celestis-chan was holding a snack bag that is widely sold in Apollon City.

Celestis-chan throws that to the front.

And when she did…

*Bang!! Bang Bang!*

A sound that felt as if it could pierce my eardrums rang as the snack bag was torn asunder in mid-air.


“Gyaaa~su!! Mah snack~~!!” (Sasae)

Sasae-chan wails.

After being torn to that many pieces, there’s no way anyone can eat them anymore.

“It can’t be helped. We can’t show it with a person, right? Someone is aiming at us from somewhere. And it is trying to prevent us from leaving here.” (Celestis)

“Aiming? Preventing?!” (Karen)

“You, you don’t know why Mirack-chi is still spreading her fire, right? You really are just looking at the person you like! Oi, Mirack-chi, as expected, this girl doesn’t even see you~.” (Celestis)

“Stop it! I will get so sad that my support will weaken, damn it!!” (Mirack)

Mirack-chan shouted in sadness.

“Could it be…the reason why Mirack-chan is releasing fire even when there’s no flies is because…!” (Karen)

“To conceal us. Against the sniper that we don’t know where it is aiming at us from.” (Celestis)


The reason why the snacks of Sasae-chan were torn to pieces was because someone shot them from somewhere?

Like the air bullets the Wind Founder and hero Shiva was using in the fight with Haine-san not that long ago?!

“Could it be…Shiva-san himself is attacking us?!” (Karen)

“Who knows. If Haine-chi’s words are correct, that thin man should have hidden himself to protect his win, so I don’t think he would just so readily come out. And I also feel like this is slightly different from his style.” (Celestis)

“Style?” (Karen)

“That good-looking bastard used a projectile weapon, but he clashed from the front, and while mixing martial arts, he fought at close to middle range. But the person that is aiming at us from who-knows-where is probably sniping us at quite the long range.” (Celestis)

I see.

It is also possible that Shiva-san has changed his style, but the possibility is low.

I try looking at the surroundings.

In this training space, there’s not much obstructions, moreover, there’s a number of spires around.

If someone were to be hidden in one of them and aiming at us…

“Mirack-chan is spreading her fire here and there because she is concealing us and using it as a shield. If what’s being shot is air bullets, due to the affinities, the fire has an advantage.” (Karen)

“We finally have the chance to utilize the element advantage. But looking at the situation as a whole, things are still going pretty bad though.” (Celestis)

Even if Mirack-chan is creating a firewall, if we were to take one step out, we will get sniped.

If the other party’s objective is to prevent us from regrouping with the people outside…no, to prevent us from escaping from here…

“Whichever it is, just who in the world has set this up?” (Karen)

“Well, there’s only one thing that comes to mind, don’t you think?” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan makes a vulgar smile that she doesn’t do in her times as an idol but frequently appears when she is in hero mode.

“This is the Wind capital, Rudras Metropolis. It is the military force of the Wind Church, the Whirlwind Raid corps.” (Celestis)

  • 158: Children of Shiva

Whirlwind Raid corps.

The Wind Church’s military power that is worthy of standing in the same position as the Light Church’s Aurora Knight corps, and the Fire Church’s Ignis Militant corps.

Only that name has been passed to the other churches, but in terms of the details about it, they are shrouded in mystery, just like their church.

Since stepping into this Rudras Metropolis as a special case, we haven’t seen almost anyone aside from Shiva.

A notification was probably send to all the city and they were hidden in a way that we wouldn’t catch sight of them.

“…Ah, now that I think about it, the people that had guided us…” (Karen)

There were several other people aside from the Founder that served as the guides or surveillance…but before I noticed, they were already gone.

On the other hand, Celestis-chan was still throwing a number of snack bags, and was having the sniper -who we still don’t know where it is- shoot them.

“What are ya doing-dasu ka, Celestis-neechan! Please don’t sacrifice more of mah snack-dasu~~!!” (Sasae)

“Shat ap! Once we return alive, I will buy you twice as many! But…damn it. I wanted to locate the sniper’s position with this, but I can’t tell at all!” (Celestis)

What’s being shot is an air bullet, so there’s no color and form after all.

More importantly…

“Let’s prioritize a way to escape. Mirack-chan…” (Karen)

“What is it, Karen?!” (Mirack)

Mirack-chan continues protecting us with a wall of fire.

It feels like she is incredibly happy that I called her name.

“Can you move while still forming the wall of fire? If possible, I want us to reach a cover where we can block the sniper.” (Karen)

“Easy peasy! If it’s for you, I can go all the way to the horizon!” (Mirack)

Aren’t you getting a bit over-exhilarated?

Well, it is better than not having energy, so let’s move slowly while being protected by Mirack-chan—

“…It doesn’t look like it will go so smoothly.” (Celestis)

“The surroundings be turning bad-dasu!” (Sasae)

It looks like Celestis-chan and Sasae-chan have noticed something.

“What? What happened?” (Karen)

Being pointed out this, I look at the surroundings.

We were already surrounded.

By several tens of people that looked pretty brawny. They all wore the same garments, and that’s exactly why I could tell at a glance that they are a coordinated team.

They don’t have any metallic-like armor on their bodies, but from their head to the toes, they were covered completely in cloth; clothing that screams stealth.

This is probably the Whirlwind Raid corp.

Beasts that had erased their presence, had now appeared with their fangs showing.

“This is bad. We are completely surrounded. The sniping until now must have been to buy time for this encirclement to be completed.” (Celestis)

“These numbers…it doesn’t feel like they are trying to keep us in place, it feels as if they are going to try killing us just like that. I can only think that the Wind Church has finally gone crazy.” (Mirack)

At our side, there’s the Founders and heroes, 4 of each -if we count Doraha, there’s 9 in total.

On the other side, there’s brawny people that can be called experienced fighters.

“…Mirack-chan, at my signal, undo the wall of fire.” (Karen)

“Got it. Leave the vanguard to me. I have good affinity against them after all.” (Mirack)

“With us being encircled like this, melee combat is unavoidable, so there’s no shit like vanguard here. Even so, Sasae-chi, take care while fighting, got it? Wind is the natural enemy of earth after all.” (Celestis)

“Gotcha-dasu! After the fight with Great Pillar-sama, I got trained by Sobo-chan. Now be the time to show demn results-dasu! It be my chance to raise a name for mahself in Rudras Metropolis-dasu yo!” (Sasae)

Could it be that the reason why the darkness of Sasae-chan has been thicker lately is because of the training with her Obaa-san?

“Celestis-chan also said this but, in this situation, melee combat is unavoidable. So there should be no worries about any sniping due to fear of friendly fire. Let’s not get distracted with defeating the enemies, and just as we planned at first, let’s aim to escape the Wind capital. Doraha-san.” (Karen)

“Yes?” (Doraha)

The dark skin girl here, Doraha-san.

“I want to request of you to be the bodyguard of the Founders. We will be opening the way.” (Karen)

“Understood.” (Doraha)

Haine-san is desperately fighting in the sky. We can’t just stay dilly-dallying here.

“Let’s go!” “Ou!” “Yes,ma’am!” “Dasu yo!”

Mirack-chan undid the wall of fire.

Using that as the signal, we instantly go on the offensive. Even if the Whirlwind Raid corps are the Wind Church’s military power, there’s no way normal soldiers would be able to defeat heroes.

Sorry but, I will be pushing you away!


It was at that moment…

That voice just now was Mirack-chan?!

“Are you okay, Mirack-chi?!” (Celestis)

“Yeah, I blocked it with fire divine power…but there’s still sniping?! Do they not fear hitting their allies?!” (Mirack)

The sniping doesn’t stop?

It was incorrect to change our strategy to match the melee combat.

But the Raid corps that were encircling us had come rushing at us as if it was a matter of course, and the melee combat begins just as we thought.

This is also just as we thought, but the members of the Raid corps are using wind divine power, even so, they are not that strong. In our eyes, they are not troublesome opponents, but…

“Hiaaaaa!! Dangerous-dasu!” (Sasae)

An air bullet scraped close to where Sasae-chan was standing. She was moving around, so it must have fortunately missed in the timing.

The sniping is really not stopping. Even when we are in melee combat, they have the confidence of hitting us without hitting their allies?!

Moreover, the bullets that are being shot are scarily accurate, and there have been practically no misses until now.

“Let there be hot-bloodedness!” (Enou)

“Master?! Are you okay?!” (Mirack)

“Let there be hot-bloodedness.” (Enou)

“I’m relieved! It hit the muscles in your chest so you were okay huh!” (Mirack)

The only ones who are okay being hit are the fire hero, Mirack-chan, and the Fire Founder-sama.

Those two that hold an elemental advantage against wind can simply clad a thin film of fire divine power and mitigate the air bullets.

But the others don’t stand in the same advantage.

On the contrary, Sasae-chan and the Earth Founder-sama, that are weak against the wind element, can die instantly depending on where they are shot.

…Is what I thought when the Earth Founder Obaba-sama…


Slapped away the air bullet with the cane in her hand?!

“It be certainly a precise aim. But that’s exactly why the line of the shot be way too honest.”


The amazingness of this person is at a place that has nothing to do with divine power.

“Celestis-chan!!” (Karen)

I stand back-to-back with her who is fighting around with her Miki-Moses.

“The longer we fight, the more of a disadvantage we will be in!! We have to finish it in one go!” (Karen)

“Okay. We have grasped the situation plenty enough, right?! From here on, we are going to be steaming through!!” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan and I spoke in sync.

“”[Mirage]!!”” (Karen+Celestis)

  • 159: Counterattack

From the spreading mist, several of us appear inside of it.

Light and water’s combined element ‘Mirage’.

Using the light to refract the small beads of water scattered in the air, mirror images are created -the power of illusions.

The illusions created inside the mist were not only those of Celestis-chan and I, there were also several of Mirack-chan, Sasae-chan, the Founder-samas as well.

“?!!” “?!!” “?!!”

The people of the Wind Raid corps didn’t raise a single voice at all. It looks like even their silence and coordination between comrades was thorough. Do they have such strict laws?

Because of their garments that were covering their whole face, I can’t tell their expressions, but I can tell plenty enough that they are agitated.


One of the Raid corps swung its knife at us, but…it was a miss.

Too bad. That was a mirror image.

The disturbance created by ‘Mirage’ is the most effective when in great numbers. Now that the attacks have stopped because of the confusion, this is our chance.

“Are you ready, Sasae?! Thanks to Karen and the extra, we have obtained time to concentrate!” (Mirack)

“Yes-dasu!! I be very sorry that I take more time to mix elements compared to the others-dasu!” (Sasae)

Further at the back, there’s Mirack-chan and Sasae-chan sticking to each other, mixing their fire and earth elements.

With four heroes, we can support each other by using a combined element to assist a combined element.

“”[Magma Ocean]!!-dasu!!”” (Mirack+Sasae)

The floor that the two were standing on began to shine red. It then melted and turned into a muddy liquid as it undulates.

The lava attack that comes from the combined elements of fire and earth element ‘Magma’.

The material for this training space floor was probably brought from a mountain somewhere. By the time it turns liquid, it has already reached over the thousand degrees in temperature. A natural weapon of dangerous degree.

“The earth element loses against the wind element, but I wonder what would happen when it is combined with the fire element that the wind element loses against?!” (Mirack)

“The element affinities be convenient-dasu!! With this, we can negate the wind element, and a barrier with plenty heat and wideness be completed-dasu!” (Sasae)

In the first place, the earth element that rules over the solids possesses defensive capabilities that surpasses that of the others.

In this instance, it was rendered powerless because of the affinity problem, but by mixing with the fire element, it came back in a more fearsome state.

“Hahaha! Anyone that wants to be covered in lava from the head down, come get us!!” (Mirack)

“Hiiih! Mirack-neechan! There be any need to turn in circles while holding me-dasu ka?!” (Sasae)

Mirack-chan had her arms around Sasae-chan’s armpit, and with her left and right hands tightly held, she made big turns.

Matching those movements, the lava was whirling and waving.

“No matter what she says, Mirack-chan really does love Sasae-chan.” (Karen)

“Are you saying small girls are her favorite treat?” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan says that with an amazed face.

I want to believe that the wide smile of Mirack-chan comes from her desire to protect Sasae-chan. That must be it.

Anyways, the lava attack of Mirack-chan and Sasae-chan has turned the tides of this situation to our side.

Because of the high temperature, the Whirlwind Raid corps people can’t even get close. And the Founders are all surrounded at the inner part of the lava.

With that, there’s no way they will be facing any harm.

The air bullets that are being shot from who-knows-where for a while now as well. Once it hits the wave of lava, it just turns to nothing.

“But…the most problematic one is still the sniper. Seriously, where is it shooting from?” (Celestis)

It is true that we don’t know from where it is being shot at, and on top of that, it is quite precise. If it weren’t for the fact that we used the advantage of Mirack-chan to the fullest, there would have been the chance that we would have been wiped out with just the sniping alone.

Even us who are outside of the lava bulwark have not been able to narrow down the location with ‘Mirage’ after all. We are simply somehow okay.

“That problem has also been solved already though. [Holy Light Blade]!!” (Karen)

A line of light is shot from the holy sword, Saint-George. That travelled, further, further, and further away… and hits a space where there’s nothing, and makes a *Pam* sound of an explosion.


And then, it appears, a person wearing the stealth costume of the Whirlwind Raid corps. Moreover, at its hand, it is holding a cylindrical instrument that seems to be similar to the one the Founder Shiva-san held.

“Uo?! Eh, what?! A person came out of nowhere!” (Celestis)

“It is the same as our ‘Mirage’, Celestis-chan. They probably poured wind divine power in the air and distorted the light in the place, in order to deceive us that there’s nothing there.” (Karen)

“And so, they sniped at us while hidden huh. I’m surprised you noticed, Karen-chi.” (Celestis)

“Even if I look like this, I am the light hero, you know? I can notice when a place has light that is unnaturally warped.” (Karen)

Let’s not say that I just found it by coincidence while we were channeling ‘Mirage’.

But even so, the sniper was at quite the faraway place from us. In order to reach all the way there, it would take us as much as us counting to 10 while running at full speed.

The air camouflage would have probably not worked unless it was from that faraway.

Even so, their precision from that faraway was a threat.

“I see. That nasty sniping was done by this person huh…… What, this person is the guide that was accompanying us from the very beginning.” (Celestis)

When the Founder Shiva-san went mad, the other guides had also disappeared, but to think we would find one hiding here.

“Karen.” (Mirack)

“Hiaa!! Mirack-chan?! What is it so suddenly?! You scared me!” (Karen)

Mirack-chan was suddenly right at my back.

“No well, you see, the bunch is suddenly surrendering. We can’t just slaughter them all, so right now, Sasae is tying them up.” (Mirack)

Eh? Why so suddenly?

It is true that the fight would turn one-sided now, but aren’t they surrendering way too fast?

“Well, isn’t that fine? With this, you could say the situation has changed once more. If things go well, we might be able to bring it all the way to a win!” (Celestis)

“What do you mean by that, Celestis-chan?” (Karen)

“We can have these guys tell us where the Founder hero is hidden in! In this fight, as long as we capture the Founder Shiva, it will be our win! In the time Haine-chi is doing his best in the sky, we will bring down the inner citadel!” (Celestis)

Saying this, Celestis-chan grabs the collar of one of the Whirlwind Raid corps and pulls it up.

It is the person that used the distortion of wind to hide and snipe us.

Because of the ‘Holy Light Blade’, its eyes are going in circles. I held back, so there should be no injuries though.

“Wow there, I will be confiscating your weapon. Karen-chi, hold it.” (Celestis)

“Wa?! Yes!” (Karen)

Celestis-chan throws the metallic cylinder at me.

They shot compressed air balls from here, but the one the Wind Founder Shiva-san used was the same type, yet the shape was quite different.

This gun is pretty long all around. It is longer than the blade of my holy sword, and it feels like an iron rod.

This person was using this gun to snipe from quite a distance away.

By making the cylinder longer, it makes it easier to aim at long range?

“Well then, I will have you spill it. Where’s your boss?” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan was threatening her, but the sniper-san was not speaking a single word.

These people have been silent from the very beginning after all.

It feels as if just trying to make them part their lips would be difficult, and in this situation where time is of essence, it might be harsh.

“Oh, you think you can keep silent in the face of this water hero, Celestis-chan? You’ve got quite the positive outlook there. Well, we don’t have much time but, let’s have a nice talk, okay?” (Celestis)

“U-Uhm, Celestis-chan? Don’t be too rough—” (Karen)

“First of all, let’s talk properly while looking at each other’s faces. Let’s take off that mask and…” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan places her hand on the mask of the person, and takes it off all at once.

From inside the mask, long black hair flows down. Her bangs swung, and her thin eyebrows and long eyelashes were out in the open.



The sniper was a beauty that left us with our eyes wide open.

  • 160: Sylph

“Eh?” “Eh?” “C-Cute!!”

I, Celestis-chan, and Mirack-chan had our own reactions.

After defeating the military power of the Wind Church, the Whirlwind Raid corps, we tried taking off the mask of the most troublesome one in the group, the sniper, and what we saw was a girl –a pretty beautiful one.

The bridge of her nose drew a delicate arc, and her contours were thin and smooth.

Her black hair overlaps with that of Yorishiro-sama, but the one here has her hair tied up in a bundle and gives out a stoic impression.

“…Tch.” (Celestis)

“Celestis-chan, why are you clicking your tongue?!” (Karen)

“It is a trait of us idols. When we see a girl that is cuter than us, we end up wanting to click our tongues.” (Celestis)

“I don’t think that’s the case, you know?! You and her have their different kind of beauties, but you two are beauties nonetheless!” (Karen)

Celestis-chan is the shining type of beauty, and the person here is the refined type of beauty…maybe?

“…Umu, okay!” (Mirack)

Let’s not talk to Mirack-chan.

I can tell that things would turn complicated.

More importantly, I want to hear what this person has to say.

“Uhm, is it okay? There’s a few things I want to ask about—” (Karen)

“Kill me!!”


This woman spoke her first words to us.

“I don’t have anything to say. Just kill me already.”

“No no no no no, we won’t kill you. We won’t do something that disturbing, and there’s something that we would want you to tell us!!” (Karen)

I want to hear about the hiding place of the Wind Founder Shiva.

We wanted to know no matter what.

“Fuh~, I finished tying ‘em all up-dasu yo~. I didn’t think mah skills of tying up straw hemps would be coming in handy here-dasu~.” (Sasae)

Oh, Sasae-chan came back.

It looks like she finished restraining the Whirlwind Raid corps.

And then, she saw our dispute with this woman and…

“Oya? What be going on? Torture-dasu ka? Want me to tear off her fingernails-dasu ka?” (Sasae)

“We won’t be tearing anything off!” (Karen)

Sasae-chan return please!

“Hmph! So you won’t be letting me die that easily huh. Fine. Give me any kind of tortures you wish. But *I* won’t be saying anything unfavorable towards my brother.” <TL: she says ‘sessha’ which is ‘I’ in a samurai-like way>

“No no! Please don’t accept the situation so easily!” (Karen)

We won’t be doing any abuse here!

“…Hey, this girl just now…” (Celestis)

“Yeah, she acts tough, but she is a careless one.” (Mirack)

It looks like Celestis-chan and Mirack-chan are muttering something, but you two, please help me calm down this situation!

I can’t retort to all this on my own!

“Karen-san, Karen-san.” (Yorishiro)

“Wa?! Yorishiro-sama?!” (Karen)

Now that I think about it, I totally left them outside my peripheric, but the Founders are all okay.

Mirack-chan and Sasae-chan were protecting them with lava after all.

“It looks like the Wind believer here has something to say.” (Yorishiro)


I noticed that there’s one Raid corp member walking to where we are while still tied up.

In order to make it easier to speak to, that person also has his mask off, but it looks like this one is a normal man.

“I ask of you people. I will speak about what you want to know. That’s why, please don’t bring harm to this personage.”

“You bastard, have you lost it?!”

The woman bites heavily at the words of her comrade, but she can’t change the situation.

“Please forgive me. If something were to happen to you, that in itself would be something that wouldn’t allow me to face Shiva-sama!”

The Raid corp man was obedient.

In the time I was suffering with these comedy troupe here, how did Yorishiro-sama manage to make this man open up?

“Then, tell me this first.” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan asks first.

“This girl that you are going so far to protect, just who is she?” (Celestis)

The man, that had promised to say anything, left a space of silence before speaking.

“This personage is Toreido Hyue-sama. She is Founder Shiva-sama’s little sister, and is a gunner that would compete for first and second place in the Kazama Shinobis.”

“I see. So the ‘brother’ meant exactly that huh.” (Mirack)

“Looks like we have reeled a bigger fish than we expected.” (Celestis)

This is bad. Celestis-chan is making a face that’s unfitting of an idol.

But Celestis-chan is not the only bad person here.

“…If push comes to shove, let’s use this girl as bait to lure out the Wind Founder-sama.” (Yorishiro)

“Yorishiro-sama?!” (Karen)

Yorishiro-sama nonchalantly says things that everyone would have a hard time saying!  

I don’t feel numb or admire that part of hers, okay?!

“For emergency situations, there be the need for emergency measures-dasu na?! Cool-dasu!!” (Sasae)

“And Sasae-chan, don’t go getting influenced by this person! It definitely won’t be good for your education!!” (Karen)

This is not good. Everyone is going crazy here!

My retorts won’t be enough. Please return quickly, Haine-san!


And while we were making a racket, the woman in question -Hyue-san- let out a desperate voice.

“Please! Only a small amount of time is fine. Please don’t get in the way of Aniue-sama <brother>! Please let him achieve his objective!!” (Hyue)


We felt bewilderment at the supplication of Hyue-san.

“What’s with that way of saying it? It is as if we are being made the bad guys here.” (Celestis)

“The objective of the Wind Founder Shiva is to use the Mother Monster, control the the envoys of the five Churches, and bring calamity to the whole world. Do you think we would keep silent and let him achieve it?!” (Mirack)

I heard the sound of grinding teeth.

It was a loud sound that would make me wonder if the teeth would break with that.

“You are wrong. Aniue-sama doesn’t intend to do that! He is actually an incredibly kind person. But that notice suddenly made Aniue-sama strange <the call for the conference>! In order to have Aniue-sama return to his former kind self, we have to defeat that man, and have Aniue-sama achieve his objective!!” (Hyue)

“That man?!” (Karen)

I wanted to hear in more detail, but when I tried to, someone interjected -it was Yorishiro-sama.

“…You really do love your brother dearly.” (Yorishiro)


Hyue-san must have felt a ghastly sensation from the casual tone of Yorishiro-sama. She falls silent.

“In that case, can you please tell us? Who is the one that Shiva-san is trying to defeat? What is it that the Wind Mother Monster mayhem is actually trying to achieve? Just what kind of human he truly is. Can you tell us?” (Yorishiro)

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    Well… the author was trying to prove Mirack’s sexuality this chapter. No… he succeeded. Anywho, I think sniper girl was supposed to be the Wind Hero, but her brother (Quasar) took that from her.

    1. I’m genuinely curious how the author is going to deal with Mirack in the epilogue.

      Like…does she join the harem for Karen’s sake? Does she join Karen’s harem? What about the other girls?

      I wouldn’t mind some more young man characters just to even things out a bit. Poor Haine, like most harem MCs, is drowning in a sea of estrogen and he’s powerless to resist the ebb and flow.

  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    “…You really do love your brother dearly.” (Yorishiro) “—!!”
    Hyue-san must have felt a ghastly sensation from the casual tone of Yorishiro-sama. She falls silent.
    – Yandere Mode Activated. Demise imminent. Prepare your soul.

    1. Technically, Frost could probably use them if he had enough training.
      Yeah, remember Frost? Vaguely? Me too…

      That actually brings up something that’s been kinda bugging me. The way everyone talks about elemental affinity recently almost assumes that everyone is born with just a single element. As if they’re pokemon with inbred “types” that have strengths and weaknesses.

      But the truth of the matter is that humans should, for the most part, be able to control all elements, shouldn’t they? It was discussed back during Haine’s initial examinations, but this sort of mentality…doesn’t it severely cripple human productivity and efficiency? You’d think that there would be at least a little base-coverage going on.

      For example, Mirack, who’s weak against Water, should have some minor mastery over her Earth divine power to compensate. Heck, she seems to be from a wrestling-like culture, so having the bulky power of Earth can’t be bad anyway.

      And Celestis, who’s weak to Earth, should also develop some Wind power mastery. Can you imagine how useful being able to manipulate air would be for an idol?

      And I’m still waiting for someone to ask Haine to teach them how to use their Darkness. It’s an incredibly useful defensive power so having it as an option, no matter how weak, can only be a good thing.

      1. The reason for the single element affinity thing is all down to one thing: believers.

        The higher ups have a device that let them measure the elemental affinity of a person, and base the worth of the person on how much affinity they have to their respective religion.

        Say that one person was being tested in the fire church, but it was found out that he has an affinity for earth.

        Logically, he should pack up and go to the earth church, right?

        But that would mean that the fire church would lose out on a potential believer, hence say to the man that he has quite a low affinity with fire, but abysmal in everything else, and his job will just be a menial one.

        The same thing happened to Haine in his test in the Light Church. He got zero on all affinities due to there being no test for dark, but he was sill roped into staying there but got a job as a kitchen helper or something.

        Was gonna add a bit more, but need to cook dinner, so I’ll just reply the rest if able.

        1. That’s an accurate assessment of reality, I think.

          However, that’s also a problem. S

          It’s something that Haine should really start working at after this whole god business is over, really. It does nothing but hinder humanity’s potential.
          Well, unless there’s some super secret village somewhere that actually coexists and mastered most forms of combined elements.

          I’m still waiting for a triple or quadruple combined element to appear.

      2. I think it goes like this:

        All human have multiple elements in their body. The elements in balance combine to form a divine power that in turns becomes a life line for their body and soul.

        They can use all of them if they really try to. But the quality differs according to the affinity value. Only one element that stands out as the most influental among others (in their body) can be used to max and training to specialize in it is the most effective method. “Specialization”.

        You suggest that one person tries to learn and use all elements and he/she should become more powerful. Nice idea. Well… the thing is, contradicting elements will cancel out each other so one person cannot use more than two elements simultaneously. Still, two usable elements should balance each other out so it will be just a little bit more powerful (not counting the qualitu vs. quantity argument).

        1. I didn’t even mean using the elements concurrently, though that’s also a thing.

          Surely even Mirack could use Water divine power to some degree? Even her affinity with it is extra weak, it’s still something that’s bound to come in handy and small mundane points.

          Heck, the implication I got so far is that everyone (except maybe a god) has a finite energy pool. What if each affinity is a separate pool and being able to tap into your other elements means you suddenly increase the total amount of energy you’re able to exert?

      3. that’s bothering me since the begining. I expected something like a baptism to be able to use the divine power (something that would “taint” then and permit them to use an element under a god’s authority).
        since haine was surprised the first time he saw it, it shouldn’t be something that human are supposed to do by themselves.
        but there was never mention of something like that, and nothing showing them trying to master other element even thought it was shown they can combine element to creates new elements.
        still waiting…

        1. In theory, almost anyone should be able to use combined elements on their own if they train for it right.

          In fact, it’s weaker, but easier to do than joining with someone else’s element because no amount of synchronization of hearts will be able to match outright being the same person.

          1. No, not stated anywhere. It’s just my assumption.

            I mean, the idea seems to be that anyone can use their latent divine power, and everyone has a little of every element within them.

            If that’s the case, then why not use two elements at once to create a one-person combined element?

  3. Thanks for the chapter.

    With the revelation made by the Wind Founder’s sister (who seems to be a potential Bro-con) it feels like there is still a possibility for this to end with the scene of a tsundere Shiva, a confused Haine, and a jealous sister on the side. Well, that’s assuming that things will end peacefully and on a good note; however, if this serious situation continues it may lead an ending where things end on a low note. Honestly though I think things will end off on a high note; after all, we just got another girl introduced into the story (what’s more, it’s a cute girl) and named characters usually stick around for a while.

  4. As always, the presence of magic makes it hard to judge just what sort of era a fantasy novel’s setting should be compared to.
    Flying cars? Okay.
    Long-distance communicators? Okay.
    Theory of the Density of the Fundamental States of Matter? Well, obviously.
    Idol stages? Wait, what?
    Guns? What are those?
    Snipers! Good thing we noticed. Wait, what are those?!

    And now on the topic of gunmen…Umu…Unfortunately, I’ll have to give the Hero and Founder party a failing grade in tactics. Most of their moves here were wrong.
    First of all, the founders were pretty much dead weight here and that’s just strange considering they’re supposed to be the leaders (Sobo-chan and Enou were still pretty boss though, so I’ll let it slide for the sake of the image of a bullet smacking granny and bulletproof pecs alone).
    Next, the sniper was obviously the priority, so their first step would’ve been to use Karen and Yorishiro’s Light affinity to sharpen their vision and scout the sniper out directly.
    When the melee fighters came in, they were obviously base soldiers, so if they wanted to actively engage, they should’ve just expanded the fire barrier to let them slip in for a fight that remained under cover.
    Combined elements was a good move and Magma finally got a chance to shine, but if they were going to go with that, they should’ve just used that as a barrier to escape under to begin with.
    So yeah. F. You should theoretically get a passing grade for surviving, but that only happened because the enemy failed at properly taking advantage of these weaknesses too.

  5. Ah i just want to have the next chapter or two. The anticipation of what could happen next. Will Quasar turn out to be a sis-con?! Will Quasar turn out to be acceptable to a certain degree?

  6. This is what happen when the tsukkomi master not around and his assistant just join the fray…. The usual get tsukkomi on become the one who do the tsukkomi…….

  7. Ooooh! The substitute Wind Hero Idol candidate makes her appearance!? Even better, she’s going to fit in nicely as the comedically serious one, just as we predicted.

    Already, she’s drawing out some great moments from our favorite Heroes.

    We have Best (Mortal) Girl Celestis showing off her sleazy Idol Manager side and Sasae reminding us that she actually has…quite the darkness inside her…which makes her adorable.
    Really, Sasae has just been proving her adorability this whole chapter. From “Nuuu! Not mah snacks!” to casually anticipating brutal torture, to learning from Inflation the Bad influence.

    Karen is on tsukkomi duty today and, sadly, she just doesn’t cut it. She worked hard, but just doesn’t have the cut to her retorts needed to make it in this role.

    And finally, there’s Mirack. …Anyone else feel she’s being a bit excessively neglected here? To the point that I genuinely felt pain from Celestis’s usual biting jab at her. Her sheer happiness at being mentioned by Karen by name felt a little…sad.

    I know I gave them a hard time for their tactical decisions, but this chapter was just filled to the brim with little bits that made me love them all the more.

  8. 5th member of the harem *cough cough* hero alliance confirmed. So is quasar possiblty trying to force Haine into going after him seriously by dangling the threat of Beezlebub?

      1. In case you didn’t read the post above, the girl is Reigokai (from another universe where characters get gender bended).
        We were having a stroll with friends and family when our universe’s Reigokai posted the new chaps so I came back here.

        There’s nothing lew…

    1. So, that’s why you changed into a flying orca. Who’s the girl?

      You didn’t abduct her did you?
      We might need to call the cops, or maybe animal control.
      *taking out phone*

  9. Ahh… now that she mentioned it… Quasar never did say that he was reincarnating into human… he POSSESSED a human. I’m guessing he actually reincarnated into the mother monster itself… then he possessed the real Shiva.

  10. wow that’s a lot of chapters! thank you very much! i hope you’re not catching up on the raws considering the pace you translate, i’m starting to love this novel, once again thank you very much!

  11. My retorts won’t be enough. Please return quickly, Haine-san!

    Haine’s most important role in this story…. I mean Inflation is doing better as the god that administers humans than the human-loving god himself.

  12. “Let there be hot-bloodedness.” (Enou)
    “I’m relieved! It hit the muscles in your chest so you were okay huh!” (Mirack)
    The fire founder never fails to amaze me, the man is a true tank; thanks for the chapter and Let there be hot-bloodedness.

  13. > Had to stay alone at home tonight.
    > Heard some noise outside the room.
    > Gets worried, checks the house.
    > All doors locked. Tried to sleep.
    > 2.00 a.m. Heard the noise again.
    > Somehow… heard this screeching sound in my room.

    1. > I got surprised.
      > Turned on the light. Checked the room.
      > Nothing.
      > Tries to sleep again.
      > Suddenly heard a noise like something hitting my closet two feet from me.
      > What the hell.

      1. > Wakes up in rage.
        > Turns on light and searched the whole room.
        > Nothing !
        > Thanks for ruining my sleep. I got to work early morning tomorrow. Not that I need the sleep anyway.

      2. > There !!! It came out !!!
        > A damn disgusting cockroach came out of nowhere.
        > It was like 1 feet from my face.
        > I backed away. Shamelessly tries avoid it.
        > That abominable flies towards me!!! Disgusting !

        > Why is it chasing me !? WTF

      3. > Zorro ! My one-eyed cat Zorro came to catch the culprit ! lol
        > Boy, am I glad that I have you here. You are my saviour (he’s playing with that thing though).
        > I throw that menace away after letting Zorro torture it some.
        > Now he’s just standing in front of my room, almost as if guarding me.
        > I’m gonna treat you like a king tomorrow. You bet.

        1. Other than cuteness, this is why we keep cats around.

          Look on the bright side. You could’ve been playing Prey recently. The game is filled with paranoia-inducing creatures that mimic any random prop they find.

  14. Let me just assume that 10% is close to happening from the last comment of plotwisting theories I listed and I can’t help myself from grinning all over again and as Karen-san says that Sae-chan’s darkness is increasing was also the last part I mention of “my darkness is….”


    And yeah the candidate wind hero shows up, what you do you know it is happening and so I did mention the mother monster about the matter of floating wind capital after all..

    “It is not that I feel evil
    I just might accidently turn into a
    Psychic psychiatric psychopath

  15. Thanks for the chapter. Haine and Hyue is going to a real difficult after this fight is over. If Shiva dies or lives. If he dies Hyue might in some chapter try to take Haines life or Shiva will have to sooner or later start calling Haine brother in law. I kind of figure the Wind Hero would appear sooner than later. I was surprise that Shiva and Hyue are siblings. Good development in the story author.

  16. Thx for the Chappy, Reigokai-sama ~! 😄

    The comments here are getting small in amount recently…
    That Fire Founder is one of my Side Character Fav; like the Captain of Light Trooper.

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