WR – Chapter 155-156: The way to carry out one’s duty

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Wind God Quasar.

There’s no God that prides in being a God as much as him, and is as enthusiastic as him.

As he was a God, he aimed to become the ultimate God, and due to that, he challenged the currently strongest God that is me, Entropy.

And then, he lost.

The plans he took 1,600 years to have them take form, had all been turned to nothing. On the very limits of despair, he fell onto the reckless action of destroying all of humanity.

Is he the kind of guy that just goes in a straight line when cornered?

But, being forced into dying with him? No way!

“Why is the Wind Founder doing this?!”

And the Founders and heroes, who have no way of knowing of all this underlying circumstances, were drawing loops here.

The Wind Founder and wind hero that should have been originally a human like them, moreover, one that is on the same standing as them, aiming for the same objective. And yet, he is now causing such violent conduct.

“This is not the time to be worrying about that!” (Yorishiro)

The one who roared out was the Light Founder, Yorishiro.

“Right now, the priority is to overcome the tribulation in front of us! We can worry about the intentions of the Wind once we have safely come out of this alive!” (Yorishiro)

As expected of Yorishiro.

Her current position as Light Founder, her being the incarnation of the Light Goddess, and being the queen of the strongest nation of the world, are not just for show. Her ability to cope with danger is not to be looked down at.

“What we have to deal with urgently is the people that have been controlled by Beelzebub; how we are going to save them. The only one who we know about is the Water Church that told us about the situation via the communication device, but the units of the other churches must be under the same situation.” (Yorishiro)

That’s true.

Many people are in confusion because of the comrades that are suddenly attacking them due to being controlled by the flies. And this is making the opening for the flies to exploit even bigger.

While we are here, they are all being turned into puppets.

“Haine-san.” (Yorishiro)

“Yes!” (Haine)

“With Haine-san’s dark matter, do you think you can erase the flies that have invaded their body-desu ka?” (Yorishiro)


Without stopping the release of dark matter that is protecting us, I ponder.

“…It is not possible. The prospect of erasing them is indeed possible, but…” (Haine)

The fly army Beelzebub is the Wind Mother Monster. Since they are monsters, their bodies are formed with only divine power, so I can completely erase them with dark matter.

That’s why I am able to stop them right now by making a barrier of dark matter, but…if that were to enter the body of a human, the circumstances change.

“…Divine power is a life energy that is important for humans in order to maintain their bodily functions. If a living body were to touch dark matter, it will erase the divine power no questions asked, and in the worst case, it might even kill the host due to a shortage of divine power.” (Haine)

“How about aiming directly only at the parts where the flies are parasitizing?” (Yorishiro)

“Even I am not omnipotent, you know. It is impossible to have the dark matter make such precise movements. In just that one point, even when dark matter is also minuscule, Beelzebub which possesses decision making as a pseudo-lifeform is superior in that aspect.” (Haine)

Even so, there’s no other option but to pickle a large amount of dark matter to forcefully erase the monsters inside the body.

But if I were to do that, I would also be erasing all the divine power of that person, and that would certainly lead to death.

There’s no doubt that the flies are hiding deep inside the body.

It definitely won’t be enough to just pour dark matter on the outside of the body like the time with Shiva.

“Then, as expected…” (Yorishiro)

“Yeah. The only way to make a breakthrough is to find Shiva.” (Haine)

If it’s Shiva who holds the soul of the Wind God, he should be able to freely control the flies.

That’s exactly why it has fallen into this situation after all…

“We will find Shiva, and convince or beat him down; whichever the case, we will have him stop the flies. As I have said before, the flies are monsters. They are purely masses of divine power. Even if they were to die inside the body, they will die without leaving a trace behind, and should not leave any remaining effects in the body.” (Haine)

“But he did speak about laying eggs inside the whole body-desu wa ne? We should do something before that happens!” (Yorishiro)

It means that we don’t have the leisure of time.

In that case, we should find Shiva as soon as possible—but when I was about to run off, I noticed. If I were to leave here, who will protect everyone?

These repulsive flies were raiding our very vision, and are tenaciously struggling even when blocked by my dark matter.

If I leave this place to find Shiva, who will protect them?

Karen-san, Mirack, Celestis, Sasae-chan, Yorishiro, Doraha, and the Founders of every church…If even they were to fall victim to the flies…!!

“Let there be hot-bloodedness!!” (Enou)

It was at that moment.

At my back, an overwhelming fire divine power swirled, and was released to all directions.

This swirling of fire that was mysteriously not affecting us humans was properly burning away the flies.

“This is…!!” (Haine)

I look back.

What I saw there was the Fire Founder with his fist lifted up, wrapped in a Divine tool band. It was the figure of Saruo Enou.

As I thought, this fire storm came from him!

I knew about his past history of being the General of the Ignis Militant corps, but to think he would possess such powerful divine power…

Its power is close to that of the hero Mirack.

“Let there be hot-bloodedness.” (Enou)

“It is just as the Fire Founder says.” (Yorishiro)

Yorishiro, even you have become able to understand what the Fire Founder says?

“We Founders will leave Rudras Metropolis and return to where the troops are.” (Yorishiro)


“We will bring back the information we obtained here, and we will fix the command order of our confused allies. With that, the outside should be able to hold on for quite a while more.” (Yorishiro)

“Don’t say such stupidness! This place was safe because there was my dark matter! If you were to go out, you guys will—!” (Haine)

“We didn’t become Founders just to be decorations.” (Yorishiro)

Yorishiro says this.

“Shouldering the church also means that we have to shoulder the thousands of lives that belong to it. Faced with that crisis right in front of us, if we were to run away because of fear of our lives, we would be failures as Founders.” (Yorishiro)

“Being told that by a youngster, there’s already no running away for the elderly.” (Azul)

Even the Water Founder steps forward.

“This one is a weakling, so this one is honestly scared witless…but even so, they have entrusted me with being the Founder; this one has to answer that sincerity. Merchants have no courage, but this one has to show that this one at least has the guts.” (Azul)  

“Also, if we can stand ground outside, we can buy time-sa ne.”

The Earth Founder too.

“In that time, grab that Wind idiot and give him a good beating. If ya manage to have him do as ya say, even if we all end up being controlled, we can still fix it-sa ne. Lad, I be relying on ya again.”

“Let there be hot-bloodedness!” (Enou)

These people…!

They unexpectedly have plenty enough sense of duty to stand over others!

“Understood! I will find Shiva and beat him up! Everyone as well, be careful!!” (Haine)

  • 156: Black Dragon vs Black Army

“Haine-san, we will also go together with the Founders.” (Karen)

Karen-san speaks to me.

“Yorishiro-sama and the others will need guarding until they leave Rudras Metropolis after all. And in order to save the troops that are currently in danger, the power of us heroes will be necessary.” (Karen)

“Understood. I leave that side to you, Karen-san.” (Haine)

“Sorry, Haine-san! This time again, I will be leaving Haine-san all alone with the important part.” (Karen)

“That’s not true. It is because Karen-san and the others are protecting the back, that I am able to push forward all the time without the need of looking back.” (Haine)

And then, I stop the release of the dark matter barrier that I had placed all this time, and at the same time, I create repulsion force at my feet to jump away. On top of that, I scatter dark matter in all directions, and erase several thousands of flies in one go.

…In actuality, it will most likely be the very definition of difficult to try finding Shiva who has hidden himself.

Even he himself knew that the fight would be decided if he were captured, so he disappeared from our sight.

He must have hidden himself with the preparedness of saying ‘no way I will let you find me’.

If I were to blindly look for him, that in itself will be a waste of time, and by that time, our side might have fallen in control of the demonic flies.

That’s why, there’s the need to add an extra something in my way of searching.

“Gotta add something!!” (Haine)

I utilize the repulsion force of the dark matter, and fly into the sky.

High up.

At that place, there’s the black cloud that can be said to be the main body of Beelzebub.

I jump inside it.

And then…

“[Dark Matter, Set]!!” (Haine)

The dark matter coming out from both of my hands gushed out like the violent rushing stream of a large river, and spreads to both sides.

The black wave mixes with the black cloud, but without merging into one, one side devoured the other and continued spreading.

“Again, [Dark Matter, Set]!” (Haine)

I once again roused myself into releasing more dark matter.

The dark matter is just small particles, but with several millions, it becomes a mass of incredible size, and undulates wildly in the sky.

Jumping into Beelzebub, that sight of devouring everything looked as if a black dragon was swimming inside the black cloud.  

And the black cloud couldn’t do anything but be devoured by this black dragon.

The black cloud had soon lost 1/10 of its original numbers.

“You are still underestimating me, Quasar.” (Haine)

No matter if it’s a Mother Monster, if we were to fight face to face, I would win.

Beelzebub can stop if we defeat Shiva who serves as the control tower, but if we wipe out the several billions of flies, it will also stop.

But well, there’s nothing I can do about the ones that have already invaded the body though…

That’s why it would trouble me if Shiva doesn’t come out.

I have to make him come out to try and stop me from wiping out his cute Mother Monster.

“Don’t look down on me, Quasar!! I am the ultimate God that you used 1,600 years to train in order to defeat and still didn’t manage to!! The longer you hide, the easier it will be for me to erase the monster you created!” (Haine)

Now, come out Shiva! Get taunted!

I once again increase the output of dark matter.

The sky that was dyed with the color of the black cloud seemed as if it would be dyed away at any time soon.

“Quasar, you underestimated me. Even if you Base Elements were to do those 1,600 years 1,600 times more, you would still not be able to defeat me!!” (Haine)

Black was being repainted by black.

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