WR – Chapter 138-139: Wandering City

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“This is the…Wind capital, Rudras Metropolis?!”

Once the black cloud cleared up and the thing inside it had been exposed to the broad daylight, my vision was still covered completely by something humongous.

If I had to put it in words, it would be a city on tires.

Of course, even if I say tires, it is not like those normal ones that are used on ethereal cars, the ones here were several times bigger.

Moreover, there’s six at one side and there’s a base that is putting them all together, and over that base, the city is on top of it.

In other words…this is…

“Is this the Wind capital, Rudras Metropolis?” (Haine)

It was so shocking, I asked twice.

The one who honestly answered my question that was akin to incoherent muttering was the Founder, Yorishiro.

“That’s right. It was constructed by refining ethereal engineering; a supergiant method of transportation. This city that is on top of this is exactly the Wind capital, Rudras Metropolis, that worships the Wind God Quasar.” (Yorishiro)

How overwhelming!

Just how much time, resources, and labour force would be required to make something like that?

Truly a compilation of human civilization.

“Uhm, I…! Different from Haine-san, I received all information beforehand, and yet…! I still can’t hold down my surprise!” (Karen)

Karen-san says this at my side.

Even she was like that, so I who was not told anything about this was already at the farthest land of agitation.

In a sense, their plan was a big success.

“U-Ufufufufu! D-D-Did you g-g-get surprised, Haine-s-s-s-san?!” (Yorishiro)

“Aren’t you surprised as well?!” (Haine)

What’s wrong, Yorishiro-san?!

“*Cough*, it can’t be helped. This is also my first time seeing this moving land after all.” (Yorishiro)

Oh, so Yorishiro also has cute parts in her like getting scared huh. Making me think that might also be a trap though.

But yeah, a moving city.

That’s how Yorishiro described it, but it truly must be that.

This city being on top of these tires has made this Wind capital, Rudra Metropolis, unknown of its details for a long time.

And the reason has now been cleared.

Being in constant movement, it doesn’t stay in one place. There’s no way it would be possible to pinpoint the location of a city like that.

But I still don’t understand why they would go to such lengths to hide the details of their city.

“Secretive to the point that they would make a whole city move. In my opinion, this surpasses my understanding-desu wa.” (Yorishiro)

Is what Yorishiro said with a tiresome voice.

Really, what are the people of the Wind Church trying to do?

“Well, since we have the chance, we can just ask the people themself.” (Yorishiro)

“Yeah.” (Haine)

“They are coming out.” (Yorishiro)

Yorishiro raised her head and it seems she had her attention at something, so I also follow her gaze.

What I saw at that place was what could be called the extension part of the giant moving city.

At that place, there’s something similar to a gondola lift, and it was making *gashan!* sounds that reached even our ears as the gondola lowered. It was hung by wires, so it looks like there’s no need to worry about it suddenly falling down.

It lowers to the ground at an appropriate speed, and the door of the gondola opens.

And then, from inside it, around six people with the same clothing –probably soldiers– move out and line up to the sides. After that, the one who appeared at the center of it was…a young man with firm features.

“Were you the ones who stopped the ungraspable wind?”

The man speaks with a bitter attitude.

“It is a pleasure to meet you. I am the Light Church’s Founder, name’s Yorishiro.” (Yorishiro)

In response to that, the young man makes a greeting with polished courtesy.

“Wind Church’s Founder, Toreido Shiva.” (Shiva)

The man called himself Shiva, and revealed his title as the Wind Founder.

In other words, he is the head of this moving city.

“I am honored to be in your presence-desu wa. Since the time I entered the position of Light Founder, at this moment, I have finally met with all the other Founders.” (Yorishiro)


Karen-san at my side was also making an ‘eh?’ face.

Just how much lack of relations does this Wind Church have?

“Due to our Wind Creed, we don’t find it pleasant to make contact with pagans. Unless there’s a big reason for it, it would be impossible to undo the Velz Bull and stop Rudras Metropolis.” (Shiva)


“Slaves of the Light Goddess Inflation, we have complied with a promise from ancient times and have stopped the wind that would originally not stop. Let’s hear what you have to say. If it’s something stupid, our anger will change the wind into storm, and will make you bastards pay.” (Shiva)

What a coercive attitude.

But without being coerced by that firmness of his, Yorishiro doesn’t break her elegant pace.

“The emergency call for a conference between the five Churches. This is also my first time utilizing it, so I was worried if it would actually work. But I am glad that it went as planned. Regarding the business…right right, Karen-san.” (Yorishiro)

“Yes?” (Karen)

“Wind Founder-sama, the one here is the hero of the Light Church, name’s Karen-san. She is strong, cute, and the pride of our Church, you know? This is a good opportunity, so I will be introducing her.” (Yorishiro)

“U-Uhm, please to meet you!” (Karen)

Being suddenly thrown into the conversation, it took Karen-san her everything to just greet.

On the other hand, the Wind Founder, Shiva…


Is getting annoyed!

The matter was dodged and he is getting annoyed by it!

As expected of Yorishiro. There’s no one as good as her in elegantly pushing the buttons of the other party.

“If possible, I would like to introduce her to your wind hero as well.” (Yorishiro)

“Pointlessly revealing information is not in our wind creed. There’s no need for the hero in this time’s conference.” (Shiva)

“Ara ara, so the Wind God is a stingy one.” (Yorihshiro)

“What did you say?!” (Shiva)

Yorishiro-san, Yorishiro-san, you are provoking the other party too much.

Even when this Founder has a face that says jokes don’t work on him.

“Wait! Wait wait!” (Haine)

Unable to endure it, I try to calm down the two.

Thanks to that, the surroundings of the Wind Founder step in.

“What’s with you?!” (Shiva)

“Uhm, I am sorry. I am merely an attendant.” (Haine)

And there, Yorishiro speaks even more unnecessary things.

“That person there is Kuromiya Haine-san. A person that is far stronger than you or your hero.” (Yorishiro)

“Yorishiroooo!!” (Haine)

Why are you provoking them?!

Why are you doing such unnecessary provocations?!

“Isn’t it fine? About the matter at hand, it can’t be spoken right now anyways.” (Yorishiro)


“The five Founders Conference can’t begin unless all five Founders are gathered after all.” (Yorishiro)

  • 139: Summit

It looks like things have turned hectic.

The five Churches that lead this world: Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, and Light; their leaders are going to be congregating in one place?

“That is the Five Founders Conference.” (Yorishiro)

Is what Yorishiro gives me a lecture about, but if possible, I would like it if you had told me all beforehand.

“The five Churches are the existences that rule over all the people in this world. For the sake of that responsibility, we have shouldered a variety of duties and authorities. If need be, we create laws, or at times, take on arms and fight. One of the authorities that have been given to us is to open a Five Founders Conference.” (Yorishiro)

In the occasion an unknown chaos occurs in this world that a Church can’t cope on its own, there’s the need for all churches to align their wills and blades.

What’s opened for that sake is the Five Founders Conference.

All tops of the Churches gather in one place and discuss directly.

“…Is what it means.” (Yorishiro)

That’s all the explanation of Yorishiro.

“The prohibition the five Churches have regarding the utilization of ethereal weaponry, and the prohibition of proselytizing in other Churches’ base were also established in the Five Founders Conference. The general rule is that all five Founders have to be present, so it would trouble us if only at this moment the Wind Church were to not appear.” (Yorishiro)

“That’s why we stopped the blowing wind. We are fulfilling our duty as one of the five Churches.” (Shiva)

The Wind Founder Shiva said this curtly.

“This is the sole precedent where the location-unknown Wind Church would answer to our calls. The Founders of each church possess a secret divine power signal for the times when a Five Founder Conference takes place. As long as there’s that, the notice will arrive at the Wind Church even when we don’t know where it is.” (Yorishiro)

“And then, once we receive that signal, the agreement is that we would be coming to this location. The one who will be receiving us is the very person that has send the signal. In other words, Light Founder, that means the one who sent out the signal for the conference was you this time, right?” (Shiva)

“That’s right-desu wa, Wind Founder.” (Yorishiro)

“Then, I will have you tell me the topic of discussion for this conference. The business that I have been questioning you many times for a while now.” (Shiva)

The tone of voice of the Founder Shiva increased in sharpness. I could feel the coldness of a blade from the air.

“If the topic of discussion is not approved as something important enough to have all five Founders gathered to discuss, we will simply return to flowing with the wind. This is also a special privilege given to us Wind Church in the time we created this Five Founder Conference system. Light Founder, Yorishiro, let’s have you answer already. Just what business did you have that you called us, drifters of the wind?” (Shiva)

In that tone of voice and pressure, it was as if he was saying: ‘if this is something stupid, I will be cutting you down as payment’.

It is already to a level that can be called killing intent.

Being directed that killing intent, is our Yorishiro okay?

Karen-san was watching over this in nervousness, but the Yorishiro in question was showing calmness.

“Then, I will be direct. Our Light Church will be erasing all monsters from this world without leaving a single one remaining.” (Yorishiro)


That declaration changed even the face color of the Wind Founder.

“We want to ask the cooperation for that to the Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind people. That’s the reason for this Five Founders Conference. What we five Founders will be discussing in this conference will be in how to bring demise to the monsters that have been troubling the humans for close to a century.” (Yorishiro)

“Impossible… Impossible!” (Shiva)

The expression of the Founder Shiva was already dyed in shock.

Eradicating monsters must be that hard to believe for the people in this world.

…But even so…

“Yorishiro-san, Yorishiro-san!” (Haine)

I hurriedly approached Yorishiro.

“What are you saying so suddenly? Eradicating monsters, you say. Could it be you are going to…!” (Haine)

“That’s exactly what I will be doing, Haine-san. I plan on using all the resources from the five Churches in order to search for the Mother Monsters.” (Yorishiro)


“Haine-san, it looks like you plan on dealing with the Mother Monster subjugation alone, but I hold a different opinion. The monsters are a problem that all humans shoulder. That’s exactly why all humans should cooperate and overcome this, and with that, humans will obtain new power from this.” (Yorishiro)

As expected of one of the persons that rules over one of the churches. In her past life, she was even the queen that created and raised the strongest nation of the world.

At times, I even wonder if she is actually the one within the Gods that believes and treasures humans the most. I am losing confidence.

“Mother Monsters, you say? Could it be…” (Shiva)

On the other hand, the Wind Founder, Shiva, was still trembling in agitation.

“How about it, Shiva-san? Have you accepted the holding of this Five Founders Conference?” (Yorishiro)

Yorishiro asks for Shiva’s consent.

At that moment…

“There’s no need for that.”

The voice of a hoarse old woman reverberated.

That voice is…!

“You are—!”

At some point in time, an old woman wearing the Earth Founder’s garment was standing right close to us.

With several acolytes along with her, and one of them was the earth hero, Sasae-chan.

“Haine-niichan! Karen-neechan! It been a short while-dasu!” (Sasae)

Sasae-chan waves her hand energetically at the side of the old woman.

That’s right, that Obaa-san is the new Founder that was appointed after the Grandma Wood battle, the grandmother of the earth hero, Sasae-chan.

She herself was an earth hero a few generations before, moreover, she had enough skills and achievements to even be called with an alias like ‘Taker by the roots’.

“The new Earth Founder-sama, right? I am honored to meet you.” (Yorishiro)

“Don’t mind it. I was just about to make ma rounds to the Founders due to being newly appointed, but now ya have saved me the trouble for that-sa ne. Oh~, the Light Church’s Founder and hero are both beautiful flowers.”

Exchanging their first greetings, the Light and Earth Founder shake hands.

Seeing this, the Wind Founder recovers his color.

“You are the Earth Founder? What is the meaning of this?! In the agreements of the Five Founders Conference, it is stated that the other Founders cannot step in until the Wind Church has given its consent!” (Shiva)

“The Five Founders Conference will take place.”

The Obaa-san clearly states this.

“It is true that the holding of the Five Founders Conference is decided by Wind, but if all other Churches accept it aside from ya, it shouldn’t matter. The majority rule is the foremost of all principles-sa ne.”

By the time I noticed, there were two other groups that were approaching from two different directions.

“Good grief. There’s quite a lot of hot-blooded ones in the other Church Founders huh. Looks like this will be a tiring conference.”

The Founder of the Water Church, Ru Azul.

He is an unique Founder that was originally the supreme ruler of the maritime business in Hydra Ville and was welcomed by the Water Church.

With his past history of being a merchant, he possesses a self-interested thought pattern, so even from his position as a Founder, he is a ferocious one.

“Let there be hot-bloodedness.”

Fire Church’s Founder, *Saruo Enou*. <Monkey King Fire King>

Rising from General of the Fire Militant corps to Founder, a pure warrior at work. Training many a fighter with those hands of his, the fire hero, Mirack, is also a direct disciple of his.

Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Light; the five Founders have gathered.

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