Chapter 135-137: At the direction where the wind blows

“Wind…” (Mirack)

“…Mother Monster?” (Celestis)

“Dasu?” (Sasae)

Mirack, Celestis, and Sasae-chan were staring dumbfounded at what Karen-san said. I of course did the same.

“…It is true that now that both the fire and water have been determined as being difficult to find, it is natural to concentrate on the remaining one, but…” (Mirack)

“Even so, to search for the last choice, the Wind Mother Monster? It is practically the same as having no info at all, you know? Or more like, the information we have on it is even less than all the others. That’s why it didn’t come into the conversation, and even if we were to blindly search for it—” (Celestis)

In the middle of Celestis’ refutal, Karen-san interrupts.

“No, we do have a method to obtain information of the Wind Mother Monster, Celestis-chan. To be more precise, to an extent that we might have a chance though…” (Karen)

“Chance?” (Celestis)

“We are going to go meet the wind hero, and then, we will have the wind hero become our comrade as well!” (Karen)

W-What is Karen saying?!

We are talking about the Mother Monsters until now, and yet, why did it suddenly turn into talk about a hero?

“…Eh? Could it be…” (Celestis)

“…The talk about the hero alliance huh!” (Mirack)

“Eh? What-dasu? What is it-dasu?” (Sasae)

Why are Mirack and Celestis making a face as if they understand?

I don’t see what they are talking about at all here. Leaving aside Sasae-chan who is new here, I should be the one here who has been the first to second longest with her in this group. I feel like I have been alienated!

“In the time Haine-san had gone to Ishtar Blaze, we talked about this together. In the time – Haine-san- had gone- alone.” (Karen)

Ah, she is still stuck on that.

“The light, fire, and water hero have become friends, so we were thinking about having the remaining two heroes join us and make a cooperative relationship with all five representatives!” (Karen)

“You made a plan like that?” (Haine)

“And so, we unexpectedly ended up befriending the earth hero, Sasae-chan. The remaining one is the Wind Church, the wind hero. If we can have her join us as well, the hero alliance will be completed!” (Karen)

“Waai, I love Karen-neechan too-dasu~” (Sasae)

“…This girl, can’t I make her crispy on the outside and soft on the inside?” (Mirack)

“Give it a break, fire hero.” (Celestis)

I feel like these four have already solidified a comedy troupe.

“…Well, what Karen-chi is saying is slightly idealistic though.” (Celestis)

Celestis says this as if advocating for Karen-san.

“It is true that in the current state of affairs where we have absolutely no information, trying to dig out new information from a new place is not a bad idea. Mirack-chi and I have been able to provide information or speculate information regarding the Mother Monsters of our elements after all.” (Celestis)

“What you are saying is that if we were to ask the Wind Church or the wind hero, the probabilities of being able to hear about information regarding the Wind Mother Monster are high, right?” (Mirack)

“They might even have critical information that might help us break through this stalemate. All of this currently hasn’t left the territory of speculation though. If we don’t have any other things to do, there might be worth in trying.” (Haine)

“…Uhm uhm-dasu!” (Sasae)

Sasae-chan raised a hand with a jerk.

“Can I speak too-dasu ka?!” (Sasae)

I stay silent in contemplation.

And then, I look at the eyes of Celestis and Mirack…

“……Go ahead.” (Haine)

“Hiih?! Yer tone of voice doesn’t have a single ounce of trust in it-dasu! But I be saying it-dasu! I be getting back mah lost honor from this opinion-dasu!” (Sasae)

I won’t retort anymore.

“Our objective is not to find the Mother Monsters, it be to defeat the Mother Monsters-dasu! So, even if we safely find ‘em, it be natural that we will enter a violent fight-dasu!” (Sasae)

“Well, yeah…” (Celestis)

“She hasn’t said anything wrong for now.” (Mirack)

Celestis and Mirack were cautiously listening to her.

“That’s why, obtaining more fighting power ain’t gonna be bad by no means-dasu! By having the wind hero as our comrade, our fights will turn more in our favor! Many on the same objective-dasu!” (Sasae)

Uwa, this is troublesome.

I can’t deny what Sasae-chan said.

It is true that having more allies in this fight against Mother Monsters would be beneficial.

Of course, if it is just defeating them, I as the Dark God incarnation can do something about it, but in the Grandma Wood fight, without the help of Karen-san and the others, I wonder how many casualties it would have appeared on the citizens if they hadn’t been there.

And also, having Sasae-chan say something decent for once is shocking.

“Karen-neechan, was that just now okay-dasu ka?” (Sasae)

“Yeah. Good job remembering all that, Sasae-chan.” (Karen)

Ah, so Karen-san was the one who suggested it.

I see, that’s more relaxing.

“But…what Karen-san said via Sasae-chan has a point. We have no other options, and with small expectations of finding information of the Wind Mother Monster, we will aim for the completion of the hero alliance. That might be nice.” (Haine)

“As expected of Haine-san! As I thought, I really do love Haine-san!!” (Karen)

Is what Karen-san said in elation.

…But saying that so publicly is a bit embarrassing.

Especially in a place where that fire hero is listening. I feel like she would be getting jealous in an instant.

“Haine, I will bake you.” (Mirack)

“Can’t you make it more indirect like the times with Sasae-chan?!” (Haine)

Mirack is scary.

Anyways, looks like our plan has been decided. We will head to the Wind Church’s headquarters, and make contact with the Church or the hero.

The city where the Wind Church is located at…wait, I feel like I have a recollection of hearing about it a long time ago. The Wind capital, Rudra Metropolis, was it?

“So, where is the Wind capital, Rudra Metropolis?” (Haine)

“…” “…” “…” “…Dasu.”


““Don’t know”” “Dasu” (All)

And back to square one.

  • 136: Like air

Oi, what is the meaning of this? Why do they not know where the Wind capital is?

At first, we were thinking about searching for the Mother Monsters. There’s 3 remaining, but we don’t know where they are. That’s why, we decided on taking a temporal detour to meet the wind hero, and bet our hopes on finding a clue there.

We were planning on going to the place where the wind hero is.

And yet, we don’t know where that place is.

“In the end, we still don’t know anything!!” (Haine)

Even I couldn’t stay composed anymore.

I slam the table several times to alleviate my frustration slightly.

“Please don’t get agitated, Haine-san! Ah, right. How about I hug you to calm you down?” (Karen)

“I won’t be able to stay composed in a different sense!” (Haine)

Could it be Karen-san is still drunk?

Looking at this situation, Celestis grumbles with a disappointed tone.

“Geez, it can’t be helped, right? The Wind Church is a secretive place after all.” (Celestis)

“Secretive?” (Haine)

“You see, the Wind Church has a completely secretive creed. Thus, a secret church. And so, as time went on, it worsened, and at present, we don’t know the location of their headquarters, don’t know the face or name of the Founder, the characteristic color of the Church, scale; everything is all secret. It has become a mysterious organization that we don’t even know if it even exists.” (Celestis)

“I see.” (Haine)

I feel like it really does make sense.

The reason why is because that explanation of Celestis just now overlapped perfectly well with that one in my memories.

It is not memories of me as human, but the time when I was a God.

Wind God, Quasar.

One of the four Basic Element Gods.

Also, it goes without saying but, it is the God of the Wind Church we are currently talking about.

He is a fellow God that cooperated with creating this world, and also someone that had become my enemy in the battle of the Gods.

There was the Fire God Nova, the Water God Coacervate, and the Mother Earth God Mantle; but within those, the Wind God Quasar was a cut from the rest and had a low presence.

Honestly speaking, I can’t remember what kind of person it was.

Well, it is also because I was sealed right after creating the world, but even so, the other Gods had a trait that left an impression in my mind, and yet, I don’t remember anything regarding Quasar only.

It really is a God akin to air.

The Wind Church that worships this God being a secretive one is incredibly fitting.

Did Quasar itself purposely make it so that I wouldn’t know?

…No good. I really can’t remember.

“…Then, about the wind hero as well?” (Haine)

“People that have met the wind hero in this group~.” (Celestis)

Celestis sings like a sergeant, but no one raises their hand.

The Wind Church…

Not only the God, even its Church, hero, and everything related is like air.

“No, this is not the time to be impressed. In that case, it would be completely impossible to make contact with the Wind Church. This or searching for the Mother Monster; it is on a level where we have to wonder which one is more impossible.” (Haine)

“Right. Honestly speaking, I can’t think of any good idea. Karen-chi, Sasae-chi, lesbo, think of something as well.” (Celestis)

“You insulted me casually again.” (Mirack)

Mirack protested naturally, but it looks like she has no good ideas either.

“Hmmm~, ah, what about this?” (Karen)

Karen-san’s lightbulb flashed.

“We will spread around pamphlets in all major cities except Rudras Metropolis. With contents like: ‘Wind hero, please contact us’. Even if the Wind capital is a secret place, its residents should be here and there, so if they pick up those pamphlets and take it to Rudras Metropolis…” (Karen)

“Just how many thousands would we need for that? Just the act of spreading it is not free, you know?” (Celestis)

Also, the matter with the Mother Monsters is something that I would like to be kept as secret as possible, so publicizing it would be a bit…

“This unworthy Gonbee Sasae! Has a good idea-dasu!” (Sasae)

Sasae-chan raised her hand with energy.

“We kidnap people walking around and interrogate them-dasu! They might be people of the Wind Church, and they might spit out the information they hiding-dasu! We continue that several times-dasu yo!” (Sasae)

“Just how random can that be?! There’s a limit to controlling with fear! You, since the time you officially became a part of us, hasn’t that dark part of yours been growing more prominent?!” (Celestis)

I also thought that.

Also, Celestis has been the straight-man for a while now, and that gives me peace of mind.

“…But, you know, we have run into a wall huh.” (Haine)

“True. Or more like, Haine-chi, haven’t you been enjoying it watching me retort on my own for a while now?” (Celestis)

This is a lot more of a difficult voyage than I thought.

We ran onto a wall right at the start trying to find a way to search for the Mother Monsters, and so, we decided to leave it aside for now, and we have ran onto a wall searching for the wind hero as well.

We are in the middle of holding our heads brooding on what to do now.

“Looks like you are troubled.”

“Yorishiro-sama?!” (Karen)

“Light Founder?!” (Mirack)

“Light Founder-sama?!” (Celestis)

“Hiiih?! She be together with the scary person too-dasu!” (Sasae)

Another troublesome one has come!

The Light Church’s Founder, Yorishiro.

Just by appearing, the heroes here were all trembling.

By the way, Doraha who has been sticking to Yorishiro like her shadow lately is also with her.

Sasae-chan was trembling because of her. Did something happen?

“Looks like you are searching for the Wind Church.” (Yorishiro)

“As expected of you, you catch on quick. Were you eavesdropping?” (Haine)

Is what I said teasingly, but Yorishiro didn’t answer with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and simply giggled.

Truly like her.

“By the way, Haine-san, what’s with those kiss marks that are filling up your face? That’s quite the lovely make-up you have there-desu wa ne.” (Yorishiro)

“Hiiih?!” (Haine)

“I will have you explain that properly later.” (Yorishiro)

‘Anyways’, is what Yorishiro says as she changes the topic.

Since the moment she appeared, the control of the conversation has been grasped completely by her. Seriously, what a woman.

“The Wind Church. They truly are shrouded in mystery, and are a troublesome party.” (Yorishiro)

“Troublesome…” (Haine)

“Without showing their figures, they display their power behind the scenes while hiding their cards, and keep in check the other Churches. As the one who manages the Light Church, their difficulty in handling is quite troubling. Once you let your guard down, they draw near you without making a sound. There have been several instances where a dagger has been thrust to my neck.” (Yorishiro)

Of course, thrusting a dagger to her neck is simply a metaphor, but to have Yorishiro say so much of them.

The strangeness of the Wind Church has increased by a lot.

“Making contact with such a Wind Church shouldn’t be a good thing. They repudiate the thought of trying to catch wind of them. If you thread poorly, you might even be erased secretly.” (Yorishiro)

“Scary-dasu!” (Sasae)

“But be at ease. The Light Church I manage is one of the five Great Churches just like the Wind Church. And I am its Founder.” (Yorishiro)

Hm? What is it?

“I know the way to contact the Wind Church.” (Yorishiro)

  • 137: Appointment

After that, around 1 month passed.

I don’t know if the statement of Yorishiro was correct or not, but the time to prove it has arrived.

“But…why are we here?” (Haine)

The place we are standing at right now is not the Apollon City we are familiar with. We went outside of it, to a field that is far away.

In terms of location, I would say it is in the space between Apollon City and Ishtar Blaze.

In the first place, Ishtar Blaze is the furthest city in terms of distance between Apollon City, so the space between it is quite a distance.

Moreover, it is not like there’s anything in that place. Arriving at the actual place, we looked around, but the only thing that was there was short grass.

Maybe because it is in a dry area, there’s no big trees growing here, and in terms of terrain, the ground is completely flat, allowing you to see all the way to the horizon.

For now, Karen-san, Yorishiro, and I were there. And counting Doraha who is accompanying Yorishiro, we total four.

At a slightly further away place, there’s around a hundred Aurora Knight corps. It can probably be called accompanying the Founder, or more like, bodyguards.

“Hey Yorishiro, can you tell us already?” (Haine)

‘Is an envoy of the Wind Church really going to come waiting at a place like this?’, is what I continued saying in my question.

“Ara, I didn’t say a single thing about that, you know?” (Yorishiro)

“Eeeh?” (Haine)

Then why did you bring us all the way to a place like this?

“I am sorry, Haine-sama.” (Doraha)

Is what Doraha suddenly said and went down on her knees.

“I was strictly ordered by Yorishiro-sama to not disclose today’s plans to Haine-sama.” (Doraha)

“Eh?! Why?!” (Haine)

“She apparently wants to surprise you.” (Doraha)

Oi, this Founder.

When I stare daggers at her, Yorishiro simply took them on with a fresh expression.

“…What about Karen-san?” (Haine)

“Sorry… I have already been told what will be happening now.” (Karen)

So I am the only one who doesn’t know anything?!

“As a hero, I have to get involved with the diplomatic area of other Churches after all. Also…isn’t that right, Yorishiro-sama?” (Karen)

“Yeah, Karen-san.” (Yorishiro)

“Wouldn’t you want to surprise the person you like?!” (Karen)

How soothing.

Since the time these two hit it off, they have been playing around with me.

When there’s a third party, they restrain themselves, but when there’s only the three of us, they truly go berserk.

How many times have I already been crushed by that.

…Eh? But right now, it is not really only us three, there’s one more.

I direct my gaze at the one other member, the dark skin girl.

The shadow hero that has returned from the Underworld Country after a thousand years, Doraha. Being amnesiac, even when she possesses the prestige of being the strongest hero, she stays simplistic like a young girl, but…

“I am truly sorry, Haine-sama. Just like I said before, I have been strictly ordered to not speak about it.” (Doraha)

“Ah, it is fine. Don’t worry about it. I will get to know if we keep waiting here anyways, right?” (Haine)

But why is she so formal with me?

She is really courteous to a point that it makes it hard to think she is amnesic. She is so courteous, I would like it if the heroes of this generation were to learn from her.

She is way too courteous to a hero assistant like me.

“It would be okay for you to be revered at least once, right?” (Yorishiro)

Yorishiro whispered to my ear from behind.

Could it be that this woman took advantage of Doraha’s lack of memories and educated her with weird memories?

“Uhm, Haine-sama!” (Doraha)

Doraha wants to say something.

“If you are dissatisfied, please fondle my boobs to calm down!” (Doraha)

“Oi, caretaker!!” (Haine)

I instantly felt uneasy in leaving Doraha in the care of Yorishiro!

I am in the presence of the hero and her aide, so I can’t just go grabbing the collar of the Founder.

“What the hell did you put into the brain of this girl?! What are you tainting the pure heart of this girl with?!” (Haine)

“Ufufu, because you know, Doraha asked me what would make you feel happy after all~~.” (Yorishiro)

“In that case, the more the reason you shouldn’t tell her lies like that!” (Haine)

No, it is not like I wouldn’t feel happy touching boobs though.

But the action itself and a lot of other miscellaneous issues are involved.

“Haine-sama, Yorishiro-sama.” (Doraha)

While we were bickering in that way, Doraha alone calmly notified us.

“It has come.” (Doraha)

Eh? What has come?

The envoy of the Wind Church?

“An envoy won’t be coming. The Wind Church won’t be giving us a single one of their members.” (Yorishiro)

At the direction where Doraha is pointing at and where Yorishiro is looking at; at that place, a big cloud of dust rose.

…No, that’s not it. For a second, I thought it was a cloud of dust, but that’s not it.

That’s a cloud.

“Is that…the ‘Wind Barrier’, Yorishiro-sama?” (Karen)

Karen-san asks Yorishiro with doubt mixed in it.

‘Wind Barrier’?

“That’s right. In order for the Wind Church to hide their headquarters, they use this barrier that has been created with the power of the Wind God. Not only does it obstruct view, it also wards off intruders. The very symbol of those isolated people-desu wa.” (Yorishiro)

“Eh? Wait a moment. The reason why such a thing is spreading right in front of our eyes is because…” (Haine)

“The Wind Church has not send an envoy. They won’t give us anyone… Their very city is coming to us.” (Yorishiro)

And so, that mass of dark clouds was steadily approaching us.

The dark clouds that were like walls were closing in on us, and by the time our vision was dyed in black and gray, its approach stopped.

And then, suddenly…the ‘Wind Barrier’ cleared up.

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