Chapter 131: Interlude – Know your place

TLN: This one is better to release as its own chapter, so I kept it that way.

At the time when Haine-san and the others had probably finished their objective, I -Yorishiro- received a visitor.

“Doraha.” (Yorishiro)

“Yes, Yorishiro-sama.” (Doraha)

I spoke to Doraha, who has been at my side at all times lately.

Thanks to her being at my side, I haven’t felt lonely lately.

I felt as if I had returned to the time before I was reborn, the time when I was Izanami, but having her at my side right now would trouble me.

“Please leave me alone for a while. Until I say it is okay, don’t let anyone enter the room.” (Yorishiro)

“Understood.” (Doraha)

The obedient Doraha left my room immediately. The sound of the closing door was the last sound to be made before my surroundings were enveloped in silence.

“…How long are you planning on staying hidden? You crept your way here because you had business with me, right?” (Yorishiro)

When I said this, at the wall of the room, I saw something small crawling.

With 4 legs and a long tail, it looked like a lizard. But if I had to give an image in that type of animal, it would be more accurate to call it a newt.

Its skin was viscous, and it looked like it had plenty of moisture.

In other words, it was quite similar to that of a newt, a small sized water element monster.

“Water God, Coacervate.” (Yorishiro)

I could tell at a glance.

A corner of the four Base Elements. Within that group, the one who is self-proclaimed the most shrewd, a treacherous and scheming God.

It is exactly because I am a God that I can sense that this small newt holds the soul of a God inside of it.

“You have appeared in quite the minuscule being this time around. After having your former body destroyed by Haine-san, the creation of a new body didn’t make it in time huh.” (Yorishiro)

“Light Goddess, Inflation-sama. It has been centuries since we last met.” (Coacervate)

The newt –more accurately speaking, the Water God Coacervate that had incarnated in the newt-shaped monster was speaking to me in a repulsive manner.

“To think you had once again incarnated as a human, moreover, as the Light Founder that is under your religion. If you had told me, I would have immediately ordered my Water Church to provide you a variety of pleasantries.” (Coacervate)

“Did you appear before me just to say that? Even going through the trouble of appearing as a weak and unsightly lizard?” (Yorishiro)

“How harsh! Well then, let’s enter straight into the reason.” (Coacervate)

The newt changed its tone of voice.

“The Mother Earth God Mantle has been erased.” (Coacervate)

It wasn’t in a loud voice, but his tone was firm, and it gave out an aura that properly told of how important those words were.

“…Must have. The Micro Black Hole that Haine-san released, its gravity wave reached all the way here. If he used that, it would be strange if at least one God hasn’t been erased.” (Yorishiro)

“This is not the time to be so carefree! A God! A God has disappeared! One of the five Creation Gods that are supposed to be immortal since the Genesis era!!” (Coacervate)

The small newt was speaking to me in the thought frequency that only Gods can share.

This God’s voice, whether it is through the air or through the mind, is quite the pain in the ears.

“To think that the Dark God Entropy would resort to such violent actions! As I thought, that God is outside our understanding! The things he does will—!” (Coacervate)

“Destroy the balance of the world, and in the end, he might even make it collapse. A dangerous and evil God that can’t be controlled—is what you want to say, right?” (Yorishiro)

“Wa?! Hah?!” (Coacervate)

“Now that it has come to this, we should gather the remaining five Gods at once, fight together just like in the Genesis era, defeat Entropy, and seal him once again. That is what you want to say, right? Water God, Coacervate.” (Yorishiro)

“Yes, yes! That’s exactly right! As expected of the Light Goddess! You already hold the same idea as me—!” (Coacervate)

“And what about it?” (Yorishiro)

My decisive words made Coacervate gulp down his breath.

And then, an aura drifted about.

“It is true that the Dark God Entropy–right, he is currently the human Kuromiya Haine-san, it is true that he brought an end to one of the corners of the five Gods of Creation, Mother Earth God Mantle. And? What about it?” (Yorishiro)

“Hah?! Uhm…!” (Coacervate)

“You must have thought this was your chance, right Coacervate? After the troublesome Entropy was unsealed, you wanted to somehow deal with him, but you alone can’t do anything against him. You needed the Light Goddess, who possesses an absolute advantage towards the dark element, into your side or you won’t be able to do anything.” (Yorishiro)

But the four Base Elements and me have practically cut off all relations since several centuries ago with the matter of the Dark Underworld Country.

Our relationship has completely stopped being the kind that they can just nonchalantly ask me for cooperation.

Even so, if Mantle has been erased, this is an important matter that can shake all the Gods. He must have thought that I as the Light Goddess Inflation would see this matter as grave and would forget about the past incidents to take hands once again to defeat Entropy.

For you, the erasure of Mantle must have been a perfect chance to change the current state of affairs.

“I will say it again. Even if a God has been erased, what about it?” (Yorishiro)


Coacervate was still unable to speak. That’s why I hammered it down myself.

“This world already has no need for Gods. That’s why, even if Gods die or live, those kind of things don’t matter anymore. No, if there’s Gods that bring harm to the humans and the world, destroying them would actually be considered a good action. Entropy has…” (Yorishiro)

Entropy has…

“Done the right thing.” (Yorishiro)

“Impossible! There’s no way that’s true! Killing a God! Is there anything more evil than that?!” (Coacervate)

“Foolish Coacervate. Calling yourself a tactician, you must think you know everything in the world, but it looks like you don’t know one important thing.” (Yorishiro)

“?! And what is that?!” (Coacervate)

“The Dark God Entropy…is the one who stands at the top of the six Gods. Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and even Light was born from the abyss of darkness. That’s why he has the right to erase what he has created himself if he doesn’t like it. And the embodiment of that authority is his Black Hole.” (Yorishiro)

A hole of darkness that destroys everything.

From what I have seen, even the light divine power that is supposed to hold an absolute advantage over the dark element is no enemy of the Black Hole.

Before the light’s power reaches the super compressed dark matter core of the Black Hole, the gravity that originates from it would catch the light, it would be forever caught inside its schwarzschild radius.  

There’s no one who can stop an Entropy that seriously decides to destroy the world.

“But he is kind. He wouldn’t just immediately decide to erase someone just because they don’t meet his likes, he wouldn’t do something narrow-minded…… Coacervate, you are an idiot, so you misunderstood Entropy’s kindness for stupidity.” (Yorishiro)

Rampaging as much as he wanted around a kind person like that, he stepped on the humans Entropy treasured most, and then, laughed at him, and not only did he held him in contempt, he has also learned now that he can erase Gods as well.

At this late in time, I can’t even laugh at how stupid you are.

“Coacervate, along with that wild joy of yours, you are also feeling fear, right? Without even knowing that Entropy can erase you, you have acted violently towards him many times. His bottle of patience might be breaking already.” (Yorishiro)

That’s why even his annoying way of speaking where he mixes in questions all the time has disappeared as well.

That’s how much composure he is lacking right now.

“And in truth, even Mantle who is the most forgivable one of them all, wasn’t shown any mercy.” (Yorishiro)

“Inflation! Light Goddess, Inflation-sama!!” (Coacervate)

“Coacervate, you self-proclaimed tactician that misguided humans and had them killed pointlessly, the reason why you are playing around with humans even in this era where prayer energy is drying up is because you have already created a system similar to Mantle that would forcefully extract the spirit energy from humans, right?” (Yorishiro)

‘When the prayer energy is finally at a state where it is not enough, I can just use that system to wring out those prayers’, is what he must have been thinking.

The monsters and the people of the Church must have been things he did to entertain himself in the time he was creating this system.

Water God, Coacervate.

“…However, Mantle, who had executed that system, was erased by Entropy. Coacervate, if you want to walk the same end as her, do what she did.” (Yorishiro)

In time, the prayers will dry up and they won’t be enough.

The last means that the Water God must have prepared, there’s no doubt that it would ignite the wrath of the Dark God.

In other words, the fate that is waiting the Water God are two: to be silently forgotten by the humans and disappears, or to be crushed by the anger of a God and be destroyed.

“Light Goddess! Inflation-sama! Please!!” (Coacervate)

A pathetic cry came out from the small newt.

“Please save me! I have angered Entropy many times! That’s why he won’t forgive me! But I don’t want to disappear, I don’t want to disappear!! Please, Light Goddess, Mother of all Gods!! Please save me! Please protect me from the fiendish Dark God!!” (Coacervate)

“A God is praying to a God?” (Yorishiro)

Even though you have been playing around with the people that have offered you prayers?

“Shameless was a word that was created to describe you, Water God Coacervate. There’s no one as stupid as you at misunderstanding their own intelligence. The stupid you probably couldn’t notice. The person that you have angered with your follies, did you think that it was only Entropy?!” (Yorishiro)

“Please save me, Inflation! Please!” (Coacervate)

“Get lost. Just listening to your voice is already becoming a nuisance. I will give you one last advice. If you hate disappearing that much, go hide in the depths of the sea or something. Throw away your pride as a God, and if you cling onto the small prayers that humans pour onto you, you should be able to exist minutely as a small being.” (Yorishiro)

“Inflation-sama! Our mother—” (Coacervate)

A surge of light divine power made a *splat* noise and blew into pieces the small monster.

The unpleasant noise disappeared and silence returned to the room.

Coacervate shouldn’t be able to do anything anymore.

No matter what kind of tricks he makes up, the courage to win against the fear of being erased by the Dark God Entropy -by Haine-san- is already gone from that fool.

I feel like a weight on my shoulders has decreased by one more.

After that, I called back Doraha who was outside the room, and for a while, I passed my time holding her between my arms.

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