Chapter 129-130: Rebirth of the Earth capital

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“Thanks for saving the Earth capital from its crisis.”

The Earth Founder was giving its thanks to the heroes that were lined up.

In place of the destroyed Grand Crimson Palace, they were at the temporary Earth Church headquarters that was build impromptu. And the first thing that was done there was to sing praises to the heroes’ achievements.

“Your presence in this time of need was an incredible blessing for us the Earth Church. The Light Church, Fire Church, and Water Church; you who have been fighting each other for a long time, have extended a helping hand to us without hesitation. This kindness of yours, as the Earth Founder of the Earth Church, I want to convey my thanks to…”


“….Let’s just stop it there.”

“Baa-chan?!” (Sasae)

The Earth Founder…or more like, the new person that has assumed the post of Earth Founder, Sasae-chan’s grandma, couldn’t endure the stiff talk for even a moment.

The former Earth Founder, who was the first to be assimilated by Grandma Wood, was safely rescued, but because of the mental damage he received from the shock, he has fallen into stupefaction, and was deemed as impossible for him to continue in his post as an Earth Founder.

Well, I was in the place when it all happened. He was face to face with the Mother Earth God that he has been worshipping his whole life and was about to be killed by her, so I can imagine that the shock he received was something that surpasses imagination.

And so, the one who took his place as the new Founder was the one who made great achievements as a hero a long time ago, and is considered the legendary strongest, known as ‘Taker by the roots’; the Obaa-san of Sasae-chan.

“That’s no good. As I thought, I shouldn’t be doing things I am not used to doing at this age. Mah stiff shoulders are gettin’ even rougher-sa ne.”

“But Baa-chan! Ya need to have dignity as a Founder-dasu yo! Especially today where yer officially face to face with the people of the other churches-dasu! If ya don’t act properly, it will be a shame-dasu yo!!” (Sasae)

“Those be the words of the girl that made an embarrassment of herself?”

“Aw?!” (Sasae)

The hero that is dressed up today, Sasae-chan, has been shot down.

“Well, it be hard to convey feelings with decorated words after all. I’ll be straight. Ya have my deepest gratitude.”

It is true that those words reached our hearts deeper than any ornamented words.

Karen-san, Mirack, Celestis, who were participating in this, were also showing embarrassment.

“Ishtar Blaze may have ended up all beaten up, but well, let’s think about it as the price we gotta pay for relyin’ on something we didn’t understand and just start from zero. Luckily, the agricultural land at the surroundings of the city don’t have a single scratch. In my eyes, that can be called the core of this city, so things should work out. And most importantly, there be no deaths.”

“Then, the Golems are…” (Haine)

I, who was standing humbly at a corner, slipped in a question.

Karen-san pushed me heavily into participating in the ceremony as well, but since I am not a hero, I also heavily refused.

…The Golems were…fearsome enemies this time around.

And their parent Grandma Wood -which is revered as Great Pillar-sama by the humans- was a fearsome enemy as well.

Until now, the Golems have been helping humans in their daily life, plowed the fields, transported goods, and even became houses using their own bodies, and yet, they suddenly changed; they captured humans, and were presenting them to the giant tree as food.

The people of Ishtar Blaze saw Great Pillar-sama as the blessing of the Mother Earth God, but its betrayal and the betrayal of its Golem children was shocking enough to not want to accept it.

A heated discussion was made regarding this matter at the Earth Church, and there were even extreme arguments like: ‘Great Pillar-sama was dispatched by the Mother Earth God to eradicate humans’.

It was a radical statement that might even invite the fall of the Earth Church, but because of the words of the heroes that came from the outside, the fact that monsters are originally enemies of humans was pointed out, and chaos was withheld.

In the end, the decision that was made was that ‘Great Pillar-sama has no connections with the Mother Earth God’, and ‘Great Pillar-sama was planning on making the humans fall into its trap as a monster, and grew closer to humans for that sake’.

Of course, the truth was different. The real reason for this turmoil was the goodwill the Mother Earth God had towards humans, and her helpless difference of values she held.

But rather than exposing those, it was better to keep those secret in order for the humans to stand up as fast as possible.

In order to have them lean onto something, I thought that this was a convenient thing to use.

But even so, there’s still a problem I can’t allow for it to stay as it is.

The Golems.

Even if Grandma Wood has fallen, there’s still a good amount of Golems that are still remaining.

In the battle, Sasae-chan and the others managed to steal back the control and once again turned to being allies of the humans, but…

“About that… Sasae.”

“Yes-dasu?” (Sasae)

“Ya say it.”

Being prompted by the Obaa-san, Sasae-chan speaks.

“…Right now in Ishtar Blaze…around 4,300 Life Blocks have been confirmed-dasu. With Great Pillar-sama gone, they ain’t gonna increase more-dasu, but with the incident this time, the doubts towards Golems has increased, there been opinions of disposing of all of them-dasu.” (Sasae)

That’s the natural mentality of humans –or more like, the natural mentality of living beings.

The moment it shows to be a danger to their life once, leaving them close normally doesn’t occur.

“And the one who stopped that from happening was this one person alone.”

Telling Sasae-chan to explain, and yet, the Obaa-san cuts into it and says her piece.

“It be true that we have been betrayed. But the reason why we were able to develop this much was without doubt thanks to the Golems. To forget that and just say: ‘can’t believe in them, let’s trash them’, that would be way too ungrateful, or so she said.”

“I understand. Sasae-chan really loves Golems after all.” (Karen)

Karen-san says.

“When we combined the light and earth divine power, I also heard the voice of Sasae-chan that was calling out to the Golems. Even if they have no souls, even if they don’t have a will, as long as humans love them as much as she does, Golems won’t betray you ever again.” (Karen)

“Karen-neechan!! I…I also love Karen-neechan-dasu!!” (Sasae)

Sasae-chan hugged Karen-san.

Two girls were firmly hugging each other.

“…That girl, I wonder if I can slowly bake her up.” (Mirack)

“Like I said, don’t get jealous, fire hero.” (Celestis)

As if saying ‘what a hopeless girl’, the Obaa-san lets out a sigh.

“At any rate, we have been relying on the Golems for several decades, it be impossible for us to stand back up without the Golems. At that time, the one who gave out an evil order to the Golems was Great Pillar-sama. Now that Great Pillar-sama ain’t here anymore, the Golems shouldn’t go doing anymore evils.”

It looks like that is the conclusion they arrived at.

“Don’t know if to call it a blessing but, now that Great Pillar-sama ain’t here anymore, no more Golems will be born. It will probably take around 10 to 20 years until the Golems we currently have to break or decay.”

“So in that long time, you are planning on changing slowly into ethereal machines huh.” (Haine)

That sounds good.

From what I have seen, even now when I have erased Mother Earth Mantle into darkness, I can’t throw away the believe that what she has formed in this land was an utopia.

The humans and monsters that were originally mutual enemies were able to hold hands this much. That is something splendid, and I don’t want to think that was a mistake.

The time a God lives is long.

After several millenniums, several epochs, will I be able to meet Mantle who has gone through the opposite side of space-time?

“That’s right-dasu! That’s why, for a while more, Golems will be the friends of humans-dasu!!” (Sasae)

Sasae-chan says filled with energy.

This destroyed Ishtar Blaze will most likely return to its former glory soon with the help of the Golems.

The human world, the nature world; today as well, it continues to move forward.

  • 130: Hot Spring

“Aah~, I am being revived.”

After finishing the ceremony in the temporary Earth Church headquarter, we were allowed to relax.

There was only me in this open air bath.

Sinking my body in the warm water, I washed the exhaustion that has been accumulated in these last few days.

“But to think there would be warm water coming out from the ground. I didn’t know about that at all.” (Haine)

It is apparently called hot springs.

It is a specialty of Ishtar Blaze, warm water of moderate temperature that comes out from the ground. Inside the country, there’s several tens of facilities that have dug them out.

So this is also a blessing of the earth huh.

There was fear that the underground construction would change because of the rampage of Grandma Wood, but because there were no changes in the amount coming out, they deemed it as not having any problems in its utilization.

In order to give a warm reception to the heroes that saved the city, they have reserved the whole facility for us. I kind of feel bad for that, but…

“Even those kind of feelings melt away here~~, hot springs are the best~.” (Haine)

“It truly does feel good. It would have been nice if Yorishiro-sama were to have come as well.”

“If she were here, there would be no relaxing. It would turn into a battle for my chastity—–hm?” (Haine)

By the time I noticed, there was Karen-san using the hot springs at my side.

“Ueeee?!” (Haine)

Why is Karen-san here?! Isn’t this the male side, for male use ONLY?!

“Why?! Why are you here, Karen-san?! This is bad! If you are in the bath, it must mean that you are naked, right?! Is this another plan of yours to destroy my self-control?!” (Haine)

“Don’t worry, Haine-san.” (Karen)

Karen-san makes a small splashing sound…and stands up.

Of course, most of the body that was hidden inside the water had come out, and I thought her naked body would be exposed to me but…


“It is apparently called yukatabira <single-layer absorbent bathrobe (don’t know the english equivalent)>. When men and women want to enter the hot spring together, they apparently give you this so you can enter the hot spring while wearing it.” (Karen)

It is true that the current Karen-san is wearing something I haven’t seen before, and an event that surpassed morals was avoided.

But this in itself…the white cloth wet in the water is sticking to her skin, moreover, it is semi-transparent… It is safe, and yet, I gives out an unspeakable immoral sensation.

“Please don’t misjudge me. I have decided that the moment I give my chastity to Haine-san, it will be together with my friend, Yorishiro-sama. I am not the type of woman that would steal the march after all.” (Karen)

“I-Is that so?!” (Haine)

“And, Haine-san…” (Karen)

The hot spring made a splashing sound again, and Karen-san approached me.

Different from her, I was thinking of entering the hot springs alone, so I am not wearing this so called yukatabira.

That’s why I can’t escape. Even if I try to escape, the moment I step out of the water, I will be showing a lot of unsightly things to Karen-san.

“I have finally gotten time to ask you about it. Why did you leave me and went on your own?” (Karen)

“Uhm…!” (Haine)

Now that she says it, Karen-san was really angry that I decided on going alone this time around.

But there’s no helping it. Karen-san has her own duties as a hero, and I can’t openly talk about defeating the Mother Monsters, so I didn’t want to involve the hero, who is the representative of the church, as much as possible.

It is true that Karen-san and the others appearing at the last moment saved me, but the trigger to that was Karen-san being in Apollon City and meeting with Sasae-chan. That’s why, in terms of result, it was probably the right decision to have her stay.



For some reason, the silence was heavy and painful.

“…I was worried, you know.” (Karen)


“Haine-san was not there, and just imagining Haine-san fighting alone somewhere I don’t know of made me unable to sleep at night. What if Haine-san had gotten in trouble, I could save you if I were there -but what if I am not there? Just by thinking that, my heart was in so much pain.” (Karen)

“Y-You see—!” (Haine)

“Do you think I am being too conceited for thinking that someone like me can save Haine-san?!” (Karen)

I was being pushed back by the spirit of Karen-san!

Not only can’t I refute her, I can’t even justify myself.

“There’s three Mother Monsters remaining. Of course, you plan on defeating them all, right Haine-san? At that time, I will go with you. Even if you tell me I can’t, I will. Got it?” (Karen)

“Y-Yes!” (Haine)

Is the only thing I could say.

I was not allowed any other answer.

This is already not the pressure of a hero, it was the pressure of a woman. I have been told this before, but to think Karen-san had such an intense side to her.

“Good.” (Karen)

Maybe she was satisfied with my answer, Karen-san smiles.

“Now then, the complicated talk is over now. From now on, let’s have a fun talk…… Everyone, you can come in now!” (Karen)


Without giving me time to understand, an emergency pushed my way.

To my surprise, Mirack, Celestis, and even Sasae-chan invaded the male side.

“So you are finally done, Karen.” (Mirack)

“You made us wait too long. It is fine since we were dressed, but if we had been waiting while naked, it would have been so cold that we would definitely be freezing by now.” (Celestis)

“It’s been long since I be in a hot spring-dasu~.” (Sasae)

Everyone is wearing the yukatabira, so it is still fine since they are hiding their skin though.

…Wait, is it really fine?!

Is it really okay for this many girls to intrude while a man is bathing?!

You are heroes, right?! Is this okay in terms of public appearance?!

“Isn’t it fine for these beauties to reward the man that has contributed plenty this time? Or more like, what was with that super ultimate technique? If you had used something like that with the Great Sea Dragon, wouldn’t it have ended in one hit?” (Celestis)

“Just think of me as an observer. Leaving aside the idol slut, if you send an indecent look to Karen, I will immediately break ‘it’, okay?” (Mirack)

Celestis and Mirack are going way overboard!

And the last one, the new member Sasae-chan…

“I be truly sorry-dasu!” (Sasae)

She suddenly prostrated in the bathtub?!

Is that okay?! Your head is completely inside the water, are your lungs going to be alright?!

And more importantly, what is she apologizing for?

“Ya ain’t an evil Dark God-dasu! Even though ya put yer life at stake to save mah homeland, I didn’t understand that and attacked you. I be truly sorry-dasu!” (Sasae)

Sasae-chan let her head out of the water and speaks.

“Ah, so that’s what you mean.” (Haine)

“That oracle mustta been a mistake too-dasu! I be thinking about doing my best with everyone from now on-dasu!” (Sasae)

Is what she says as she once again plunges her head into the water and prostrates.

But, as I thought, this girl gets really passionate once she is onto one thing.

“Now then, let’s leave the stiff talk there. And so, what do you want to do? What kind of service should we provide this heroic man?” (Celestis)

“How about we all wash his body? This is something that’s fitting for a bath, and Haine-san would feel like a king.” (Karen)

“Understood-dasu! I be doing my best, I be scrubbin’ so hard, skin will peel off-dasu!” (Sasae)

“You understand what will happen if you react, right? I will break it.” (Mirack)

Wait a moment!

What are you doing trying to drag me down into such a perverse pleasure?!

As I have been saying, I am not wearing a yukatabira like you girls, so when I get out from the water, a lot of unsightly things can be seen!

Don’t pull me! All four of you, stop pulling!

Why do I have to taste the sensation of being fished out of the water when all I came to do was relax in the bath?!


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