Chapter 284: The Grand Battle between Monsters

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One of the clear weak points of the body, the head.

Moreover, he was pierced right in between his brows, and yet, he counterattacked in a matter of seconds.

This is already an enemy that I can’t consider a human as I fight him.

Seeing Aznoval taking out the arrow from his head, I was convinced of this.

“Because this is the first time I have been pierced here by someone who aimed at that location, I can tell that your aim is frightening. It hurts, and it is scary.” (Aznoval)

…Pain and fear.

Is that what someone feels when they get an arrow pierced into their brain?

That’s something a person would normally only experience once before dying right after.

Right now, I am not even minding my burned skin and the pain I was feeling from the pieces of metal that were pierced in me.

I have already healed from those after all.

I could only laugh.

About a lot of things.


Unless he is using some sort of skill, I have the upperhand in speed; and with that speed, I move around him as I rain arrows at him.

And at times, I would jump on footholds I create in midair and make the pattern more difficult to read.

He showed no movement. But I won’t feel relieved.

In the time he is not moving, I think of a way incapacitate him.

Tomoe and Mio are here.

My cards are limited.

I could emergency summon the two of them as a last resort, but it is not necessary yet.

Now then, a way to increase the power even more.

The field of vision has been bad all this time, so I left Sakai in perception to catch the movements of my opponent. On top of that, when I increase the power, the rapid-fire speed decreases without fail.

Even if I create space between us with Bridd, the power increase limit is around 55% only.

It would be fine if that was enough power to create damage on the level of shaving off his flesh. If that’s not the case, I have to go for the next move.

I can’t kill him, he is tough, and his heart won’t break.

He does regenerate, but the damage is still going through.

In other words, I can spread his pieces of flesh all around and have the gallery decide the end of the battle.

He can regenerate in time, but he shouldn’t be able to regenerate instantly.

And that greatsword, even though it exploded, the moment I took my distance, it had already regenerated as well.

So the weapon takes after his master huh.

I really have met the worst weapon and user, seriously.

“Then, let’s do it.” (Makoto)

A mutter of confirmation leaked out from my mouth.

I reduced the amount of arrows I shot, and in exchange, I increased the strength of each shot.

Head, chest, waist, arms, legs; while confirming every difference between the reactions and his way of dealing with it, I readjust the power as I go.

The instances are: moving, defending, receiving it, and evading.

I prioritize the places where he chose to evade -mainly on the vitals- and concentrated on the aim of it, but the moment the arrow comes in contact with his skin, he grabbed it or deftly broke it with his greatsword.

It looks like he hated when his movements are stopped, even if it is only for a few seconds.

Even if it reaches the point of making contact, if he goes blocking them in such a way, I can’t do anything about it.

The time I need to make my arrows do further than that, the opening it would create, that in itself is a luxury I can’t obtain unless I make a direct hit to his vitals.

The wounds I have that are still hurting even now are because of that Overdrive skill; maybe I should mimic that and have my arrows explode?

There’s the demerit that it would take more time to shoot, and the number of arrows will decrease once again.

…No problem.

Waiting-and-seeing without hitting the target is a poor move.

If I manage to hit him, I might be able to get time to aim and shoot his vitals. Once that hits as well, I can connect it with exploding arrows and sniping.

The return is big and the increased risk is low.

It has been decided.

“It looks like you have gotten serious after the ‘Sword Spirit, Rampaging Overdrive’, but you have become incredibly difficult to deal with now. Well then, this is quite troubling.” (Aznoval)

I wonder. It doesn’t sound like you think that way though.

No matter if he was actually honest about that, his tone of voice made one think he was telling the truth there.

Even when his movements have been sealed, there were no words of surrender from him.

The attacks that are not hitting directly deal practically no damage to him, and even with a direct hit of the arrows and Bridds, that damage regenerates after only a few seconds.

That’s not the recovery speed of a normal person.

Maybe it is the benefit of his job called Squire, or it might be the effect of a special equipment.

He evades, defends, and when there’s no choice to, he receives the attacks.

The concentration he has to be able to decide all of those in an instant is also a threat.

All of those points lumped together make up his unbelievable defensive power.

It is so unbelievable that I can even believe the stories about him plunging into magma to stop an eruption.

It is funny how I can easily picture him plunging into fire or lava.

And…this is not the behaviour of someone that has lost all cards he can play.

In other words…he still has something up his sleeve.

A slight risk has been born.

Should I not hurry the fight and wait until he has shown all his cards before making my move?

No…time is currently in Aznoval’s favor.

My wounds don’t heal completely, and his wounds do.

If I could cut off all his attacks with my Magic Armor, I would have been able to push this into a battle of attrition, but this opponent can easily destroy my Magic Armor with that weapon of his.

I have now understood that this kind of opponents exist, so I should train my defensive power more.

Right now, his anti-magic specialized equipment and abilities are making him the worst kind of opponent I can have.

It is a pretty rare case, but I should come up with countermeasures so that it doesn’t turn into something as troublesome as now.

I can eliminate the pain I feel by utilizing the anesthesia I used on Rokuya-san.

Right now I can still endure it, so I haven’t used it though.

The problem is the bleeding.

They were severe enough that I can’t completely stop it, and on top of that, I can’t feel signs of it stopping naturally.

I can’t tell well how the bleeding in my neck is doing. A part of my coat is torn off and the inner part that was apparently knit with the hair of the Gorgons was exposed around the waist; I think somewhere around there is bleeding internally.

It must have been because of the explosion.

It can’t be helped huh.

Let’s go with no changes in my decision.

“…So you are finally making your move huh.” (Aznoval)

I feel I heard such mutter from the knight that was hardening his defenses like a turtle.


“No way, is Azu planning on continuing the fight? After using ‘the Nameless one that must not be spoken of’, he shouldn’t have any other cards left.” (Rokuya)

“…Right. I totally thought he would call off the fight after that.” (Haku)

“Even using the ‘Sword Spirit, Rampaging’ that he rarely uses to continue fighting, it is not like him to do that.” (Ginebia)

“He normally treasures that child quite a lot after all.” (Hitsuna)

Rokuya, Haku, Ginebia, and Hitsuna; all of them saw that moment and had their eyes wide open.

And then, they were bewildered by how the fight resumed with Makoto’s atmosphere changing.

By the way, what Hitsuna-san said about ‘that child’ referred to Aznoval’s sword.

“The last time I saw the ‘Sword Spirit, Rampaging’ was…ah, at the time with Doma.” (Rokuya)

“I wasn’t there at that time, so this would be…my second time seeing it?” (Haku)

“In my case, it was also at the time with Doma.” (Ginebia)

“Same.” (Hitsuna)

Rokuya, Ginebia, and Hitsuna let out a heavy sigh as they mention their memory about Doma.


A laugh of Tomoe mixed in when Hitsuna ended talking, probably because she took a peek at that memory of theirs.

“He injured Waka-sama….. I see, so these men that are supposedly the ancestors of the adventurers are all… seriously… ufufufu. I see, I see…” (Mio)

“Calm down. In the first place, Waka was aware that he would be getting injured when he accepted. If he by some chance calls us, we will crush them without mercy, but if he hasn’t, keep your mouth zipped. This is a battle that Waka has acknowledged.” (Tomoe)

“…Hmph, I know. Leaving aside the acknowledging and all that stuff, seeing it actually occurring before my eyes still stings my heart, so I can’t help it.” (Mio)

“That’s fine then. I am saying this just in case but, just because Waka is not watching doesn’t mean you can do something to Rokuya, okay?” (Tomoe)

“Whatever might you be talking about?” (Mio)

“…I have been asked this of Waka-ja.” (Tomoe)

“Ugh…r-really?” (Mio)

“Really-ja. If you really want to do it, you will have to ask Waka-ja na.” (Tomoe)

“Uuuh, then I will endure it. I will properly ask him-desu wa.” (Mio)

“…So you are actually going to ask him. You are not going to give up? Good grief.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe holds her head after those words of Mio, and then looks at Rokuya.

As a pitiful sacrifice that will be receiving the same torture as her colleagues.

Tomoe also doesn’t hold a good impression towards the knight called Aznoval that has injured Makoto, but she was greatly interested in the weapon and techniques he uses.

But right now he is currently at the other side of the monitor, in that case, Tomoe was thinking about having a talk with his comrades instead.

“Now then, Rokuya, it seems like your comrade has quite the reckless fighting style.” (Tomoe)

“In my opinion, I think he should have stopped the fight after the Moonlight Slash though. He is not the type of man who would do such reckless things.” (Rokuya)

“From what I see, he still has an ace up his sleeve-ja na.” (Tomoe)

“The special move of Azu is without doubt the ‘Nameless’ attack he showed just now. And all the attacks that came before that were all the previous versions of his special moves, Tomoe-dono. Seeing Raidou-kun receive all of those makes me want to die.” (Rokuya)

“You can just call me Tomoe. From what I have heard, you are quite the old one despite those looks, right?” (Tomoe)

“Kukuku, it is true that I am old.” (Rokuya)

“But that ‘Nameless one that must not be spoken of’ is quite the nice name. And the Moonlight Slash that came before that was also to my liking. It really stirs me up.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe speaks in good mood.

“…You go to the extent of acting like a samurai after all. You probably like those kind of things. But the ‘Moonlight Slash’ <Ame Tsuki Ichi Moji> may sound like Kiku-Ichimonji, but they are different type of techniques; and the ‘Nameless one that must not be spoken of’ was simply the name of a Sake that Azu liked the most. Those names are not that big of a deal.” (Rokuya)

Rokuya reveals the origins of the techniques’ names.

But, even when he said that those names were not a big deal, he also felt that the strongest technique of Aznoval being named after his favorite Sake is really like him.

“”As I thought, you also do know about Kiku-Ichimonji huh. Umu umu, good good.” (Tomoe)

“Whatever the case, this fight will be over soon. When that happens, we will be able to begin the negotiations.” (Rokuya)

“…So, in you guys eyes, has Waka gotten a passing mark?” (Tomoe)

“…This may be an unfair way of putting it but, it depends on the viewpoint. If he manages to make Azu surrender, he would get a passing mark, but if the original basis is applied, he has already failed.” (Rokuya)

“Why?” (Tomoe)

“In the first place, the reason why it turned into a 1 on 1 was because Vivi and her group were unable to vent, and the cruel treatment of their comrade.” (Rokuya)


“With those in consideration, Raidou-kun should have fought Azu decently, gotten injured decently, and then, to be concrete, he should have received that ‘Nameless’ attack and announced his surrender. That would have been the best result.” (Rokuya)


“If we are talking about the merchant Raidou-kun, that is. It is the so called ‘cost for gain’. In this case, the only cost it would take Raidou-kun would be him feeling a sense of defeat, but it is the best result that he shouldn’t hesitate to take. I repeat, this is the decision as a merchant.” (Rokuya)

Rokuya emphasizes the position of merchant as he spoke to Tomoe.

It was not that different from the scenario Tomoe was internally thinking of.

It can be considered a pretty effective method in order to bring the negotiation that will be following into a better position.

No matter if the knight belligerently wants a fight at full-power; no matter if it didn’t result in the conclusion Makoto thought of when bringing out Azusa and piercing him with its arrows.

“Then, what did you mean when you said it would be a passing mark if he wins?” (Tomoe)

“Azu is also mental for not surrendering there, but that probably means he is planning on doing something. If with all this, Raidou-kun still manages to make that muscle-headed idiotic stubborn knight to say that he has lost, that would mean he is an eccentric that surpasses him.” (Rokuya)


“The negotiations will still take place, and the weight of his words will be heavier -in a different meaning. ‘Live for the future’, this goes against my style, but well, it would be like a big reversal from his fail.” (Rokuya)

“…I see.” (Tomoe)

“That said, it has currently developed into violent fight where it looks as if he is trying to turn Azu into pieces of meat. Honestly, it has been a long time I have seen Azu being so one-sidedly cornered. If he is thinking about driving Azu into a state where he can’t even declare his defeat to force us into declaring the end of the fight ourselves, it would reverse his passing mark into a fail once again though.” (Rokuya)


(It is possible-ja na. It is incredibly possible that that’s what Waka is thinking-ja na…) (Tomoe)

Tomoe kept silent at the contents of what Rokuya said while he was watching the fight and narrowing his eyes.

Because she thought that what he guessed of the bad future was actually pretty close to the truth.

“This is not just violent, Rokuya-san. That boy, Makoto-kun -or was it Raidou-kun?- whichever it is, he has definitely learned to use the bow in our former world.” (Ginebia)

“Must be. Having that much magic power and possessing this much skill with the bow, I can only think that he had already been practicing archery from way back.” (Rokuya)

Rokuya answers Ginebia who joined the conversation.

He has that much magic power. There’s no doubt he would have become a mage after arriving to this world.

But Makoto is able to utilize the bow to this extent.

Inferring that this is because he had experience before coming to this world is not that hard.

“…No, this is not archery. This is a more combat-specialized bow technique. I am not that detailed about it either, but those are the movements of someone that has learned a bow art oriented to real combat.” (Ginebia)

“Bow…art? Uhm…is it like a martial art kind of thing?” (Rokuya)

Not understanding it much, Rokuya tilts his head.

“I don’t know if it’s an old art. But he is able to show that much accuracy without relying on skills and only on his own ability. It is unbelievable.” (Ginebia)

“Now that you mention it…you had a stance with the bow that was similar to Waka’s. I see, Ginebia, you have experience in archery huh.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe seems to have been convinced of something and nods several times.

“Shooting with a bow at that speed without using any skills…is that even possible? No, it is indeed possible. We are being shown that right in front of us after all.” (Rokuya)

“In modern Japan, there’s by no means many places where one can learn combat-oriented bow arts. And yet, the one that boy is showing right now looks like a bow art used in the battlefield. Those are definitely not the movements one can do with normal archery. Maintaining that precision, power, and that crazy rapid-fire. Archery wouldn’t ask for those kind of movements, and you wouldn’t be able to learn them there.” (Ginebia)

On top of that, his ability to snipe the vitals to the point that it is nasty.

Ginebia didn’t say it out loud, but they are probably witnessing a bow technique to murder people that had silently survived in her own homeland.

But there was no happiness in seeing the inheritance of an art. Rather, she was feeling the ugliness of humanity and how scary it is; she was enveloped in a hard to get used to sensation, as if she had bitten something bitter.

‘I wonder just how Makoto, who has learned both archery and bow arts, sees the practice of archery as’, this question was born inside of Ginebia.

That’s probably why she felt like joining the conversation of Tomoe and Rokuya.

“Oh, Waka is going to make a move.” (Tomoe)

Just as Tomoe said, the shot Makoto made exploded grandly around the face of Aznoval.

His vision was blocked by the smoke that was created.

“That idiot, he even took off his armor?!” (Rokuya)

Unknown if it was right after or right before, Aznoval appeared behind Makoto.

But his appearance was strange.   

Aznoval’s upper half was practically naked. The only things that could be seen were the remains of his ragged clothes, and in his hand, there’s a shield big enough to cover his whole body.

“That shield was his armor?!” (Ginebia)

“Eh, what is he thinking taking off his clothes this late in the game!!” (Rokuya)

Ginebia and Rokuya realized the reality of things and yelled.

It seems like they have seen the shield before.

Aznoval goes for a ram with his big shield as he shouts something.

Makoto immediately shoots several arrows and prepares his Magic Armor.

The arrows pierce into the shield, and stop.

The arrows had enough power that it would have destroyed the shield if he had shot a few more.

Makoto was bashed at full-force in mid-air along with his Magic Armor and was blown away in the direction where Aznoval was previously.

The knight who had bashed with his giant shield showed his figure with his posture still broken, and that figure of his was slightly strange.


Tomoe voices out exactly how she felt.

Aznoval had four tufty tails at his back.

“A-Azu-san’s four-tailed fox.”

“So he had the illusory beast hold the shield!!”

“So that man…should still be there!” (Tomoe)

The guess of Tomoe was correct.

She could feel a great power that made chills run down her spine.

“Eeh, that kitchen knife’s…scabbard?!” (Haku)

Haku raised a voice with a 100% surprise.

What came out in that instant the smoke screen dispersed was… was a half-naked Aznoval with no tails at his back, and in its stead, he was taking a peculiar stance with his kitchen knife Masamune.

But, this also had a strange point.

The kitchen knife Masamune that was usually laid bare –was now sheathed inside a scabbard.

His stance…and the existence of the scabbard.

““An Iai?!””

Tomoe and Rokuya shout at the same time.

They didn’t hide their emotions of disbelief and voiced it out.

Aznoval, who was lying in wait for Makoto’s approach, had his kitchen knife Masamune in his hand disappear practically at the same time the sword left the scabbard.

The greatsword, that anyone who saw it would describe it as imposing and peculiar shaped, looked as if it had literally disappeared in an instant.



After that instant…..the kitchen knife Masamune stopped slightly past Makoto.

And the face of Makoto was dyed bright red.

The Magic Armor that protected his body is not there anymore.

But Makoto also had a stance with his bow that had an unnatural posture.

The arrowhead pointing at Aznoval.

“I give up! It is my lost.”

Aznoval, who had done an Iai, had also stiffened into a strange posture.

The words of surrender had come from him.


With none of the spectators understanding the reason of it, the immortal knight Aznoval admitted defeat.

Thus, the curtains closed to the 1 on 1 that stories will be told for a long time to come in Asora and the people of the 20th underground floor; the fight that they would be calling the Grand Battle between Monsters.

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    1. You’ve got MC favoritism syndrome. Yes, the new guys are jerks, but that’s a moot point, since as you may have noticed, the MC is just a big of a jerk as they are. I’m not saying that your opinion is not valid; it just really irks me when I see MC favoritism involved in keyboard warrior behavior.

      1. What’s “MC favoritism”? New term you created?
        You mean, he’s just a normal fan enjoying the story in a normal way?

        Pretty sure he already knows Makoto’s agreeable and disagreeable points.
        If Makoto was as bad as you make it out to be, we wouldn’t be reading up till this point.

        What irks me is when people tries to attack other just because their opinion doesn’t agree with them and calls them names. “MC favoritism syndrome”.

        You make it sound like it’s such a bad thing. So anyone who’s read naruto, one piece and a billion other series has a “MC favoritism syndrome”? “Syndrome”? So it’s a disease?
        And you think because other fans has this “MC Favoritism syndrome”, it makes you feel superior now?
        I don’t see other reason why would call other people names if not because you have a superiority complex.

        TLDR: You don’t like Makoto as much as he does. What gives you the right to attack him and brand other fans “MC favoritism syndrome”.

        1. Calm down.
          I think that was a very fair comment to make and there’s no need to treat it like a personal attack at all.
          “MC Favoritsm Syndrome” is just a random coined phrase to get the point across. It’s not exactly the same, strictly speaking, but a more broadly used term would be “Protagonist-Centered Morality”.

          The point is that readers often have a tendency to side with a story’s MC, whether it’s justifying what they’re doing or unfairly hating an “enemy”. It happens in a bunch of stories-more often than not, I would even say.

          Case in point, if Makoto wasn’t part of the picture and we followed her since the start of the story, chances are that Hibiki wouldn’t be hated on remotely as much compared to how things are in the story we have, where her character is divisive at best and the narrative plays up her arrogance, control freak tendencies, and racism.

          The point FuriousGeorge was trying to make is that people seem to be understating Makoto’s own flaws and mistakes here(his dismissive killing of the assassins, his insistence on a path that would guarantee conflict) compared to that of the Adventurers of Origin. I personally think both sides failed at basic diplomacy here and neither side can really claim to have a moral high ground.

      2. Psychronia, you’re a smart cookie. On a related note, it’s so hard to stay level-headed when fanb0is start doing their defensive chicken dance.

      3. Hi there Buddy …..
        @ FuriousGeorge
        I wouldn’t have had said a thing , if you just said a thing or two about my opinion , that’s because that is your opinion and your point of view ….. And point of view or opinion of a person matters a lot in a conversation , whether it is offline OR online …..
        But you have made a great mistake by saying the below lines , My Friend …..
        (These lines just crossed the Line of Conversation)
        ” Psychronia, you’re a smart cookie. On a related note, it’s so hard to stay level-headed when fanb0is start doing their defensive chicken dance. ”

        Firstly , forget about whether I am a big Fan of Makoto OR this story .. OR your are a more smart as**ole cookie than anybody else out there.

        Listen … everybody opinion matters , yours as well as others AND
        IT is not someone who is a “fanbOis” OR doing some random “defensive chicken dance” OR who is a not some “smart cookie” …..
        Well staying “level headed” means expressing your own opinion under the consideration of others opinions

        So you think I have a “M.C favoritism syndrome” Lol
        well it is not what you think , but rather they are my own thoughts about the people of the dungeon(P.R.G & A.Of.O) and Makoto & his Family based on the story till now …
        well in this free world thoughts are not restricted or are they ?? hmmm ….. Lol

        Let me say a few things …..
        1. why do I think that the dungeon party(P.R.G & A.Of.O) are As**oles & bi*ches ???

        Ans. First of all , the anger of “Pione” to the degree that she wants to murder someone and kill there whole party(Family~in Makoto’s mind) is totally wrong, because who is the root cause of all of this shitty situation is not Makoto but Trashmoki.
        Trashmoki charmed the 3 assassin girls ; Ra*ed, assaulted, exploited , treated less than a slave, ETC them for his own selfish needs & ambitions for a very very long time(don’t forget that the 3 girls are assassin’s of very high level and has a job “Shadowless” , so this is not the first time they had attempted to murder someone for first time, they are doing this for very long time on the request of Trashmoki ; So , what about all the people the 3 assassin girl’s had murderred for all this time until now ? where is the justice ? where is the revenge ?).
        They are thoroughly brainwashed enough to do every bidding of Trashmoki.
        This time If they had been succeeded in murdering Makoto , then who that bi*tch “Pione” will blame huh .. for letting them escape , Is she going to get revenge for her friend’s condition by departing to the empire and confronting Trashmoki , I don’t think she is doing that right now or she will ever do it or she ever did considered the reasons for her friend’s states(I think she will say some fuc*king line like let bygones be bygones and leave my friends alone and forgive them to MIO & TOMOE)
        I don’t think she even realizes that her whole country & her family is in danger besides her friends if she had belonged to the Gritonia empire in the past before joining P.R.G due to Trashmoki.(Include the situation on the surface in kannaoi in Lorel too).
        “Pione” is just thinking very selfishly.
        The whole P.R.G are As**oles because they supported this idiot “pione” without any discussion,conversation,meeting,consultation, nothing at all within their party or with the adventures of origin or with Aznoval or with Makoto and party.(well I can understand them and their anger because pione is a member of P.R.G and is in sadness, BUT still not that justifiable, their action).
        And just started attacking and attempting to murder Makoto & party at their best without any restrain.(they are also talking about money and compensation & what not should be given to them by Makoto & he should apologize and beg to them literally … Lol fuc*king Bit*ching
        Lets talk about the mo**erfu**ing as*oles A.K.A Adventures of origin , these joke of characters have a lot of screw looses in their head and are the first rate Bi*ches …..
        Firstly , they let Trashmoki escape from the dungeon , when that trash visited that dungeon before even though they fully had known the charm ability of trash and what he had done to the 3 assassin girls & many others after capturing the 3 assassin girls(I think they could have known or aware or can guess the ability of trash and current situation from their vast knowledge , experience , skills , power ; which had been accumulated over their life time , because they lived for very long and are immortal).
        If anybody is going to argue that Makoto has the power , so he should have had captured those assassin’s without killing them then my argument is why did not the adventures of origin did not capture Trashmoki , because they are immortals & have a lot of skills , have the system manager(Takane) and the whole dungeon and its management on their palm , heck they even have so many Marikosan’s and there is someone like Aznoval with them who has the capability to injure Makoto , even though Trashmoki is just a trash in every aspect , so why not ???
        These A.Of.O even let the 3 assassin girls escape from their grasp only to get killed by Makoto , Lol. why did they did that ??? why could they not stop them from escaping ??? why ? why ?
        You can argue that the 3 assassin girls were escaped from the dungeon , when P.R.G & A.Of.O are sleeping or these guys are doing some errands when the 3 escaped …..
        what the f*ck … even though they have someone like Takane (dungeon system manager) , who can manage the dungeon on his palm or according to his rules the dungeon works and can be sealed (that 20th floor,when they sleep), if he wanted to , so that the 3 could not escape , so why did not he did something to stop them ?? why ?? .They also have someone like Hitsuna , who can seal someone in a closed space(even Makoto had to stay with her for sometime) , I think Makoto could only be able to escape from her because of his huge pool of mana and magic armor and other skills , I don’t think the 3 assassins could have had escaped from Hitsuna . so why did she not constraint them ?? why ?? . They even have some very skilled member’s like Haku and Ginebia, who had given Tomoe a hard fight , why did they not stop them ?? . They even had someone very skillful , a top tier high level assassin with them , who have sneak and hide skills so amazing , that even Makoto , Tomoe , Mio could not get his presence when he visited them in the hotel ; so why did not Rokuya stop the 3 assassins. They even have so many Marikosans with them to help them stay guard and keep a eye on the assassins (take turns ofcourse , if marikosans are some living species ; if they are not and are just created by A.Of.O then the Marikosans can keep watch 24/7 without any problems , right ?) , when A.Of.O Members sleep or doing some errands & if something went wrong with the 3 assassins then these Mascots can alert A.Of.O , SO why did they did it ??
        Takane could have had transferred the 3 assassins to some random ALT floor for time being , so that they could not escape , I think he could , could HE not ?? so why he did not do that ??
        Lastly , don’t forget the knight Aznoval .
        With these many options they could have easily constrained the 3 assassins way better than Makoto , so why did not they did it ?? LOL
        Okay , lets assume that the 3 assassins tricked all of them and somehow escaped , so why did they not pursue them after that before they were killed by Makoto and recaptured them & bring them back(I think Rokuya could have done that job splendidly without any problems within fractions of minutes too, because escaping could have taken a few hours if not days, remember they are at 20th floor and even Makoto could not clear it in one day with all that power and war potential with him & his party) ….. so why did they let the 3 escaped , even though they know that the 3 are assassins and they came to that city to assassinate someone , someones life is at stake and some are in danger , so why did they not stop the 3 desperately …..
        This leaves with only conclusions that , they don’t care who the 3 will kill or they know that the 3 assassins had came for Makoto .I think they let the 3 be killed by Makoto , so that they can fight with Makoto and his party(who knows for what reason, maybe due to boredom or excitement of fighting a strong foe or some random reason) AND extort him and take advantage of his kindness in someway or other (I think the A.Of.O could have known Makotos motive for coming there because of there connection with Lorel and maybe their information network?).

        I totally think that P.R.G & A.Of.O could have captured the 3 assassins with ease after the 3 escaped , because the assassin must have observed Makoto for sometime before attacking him and this time is enough for the dungeon party to capture the 3 BUT they did nothing , why ??

        These are my thoughts , so read it thoroughly and shed some light on your your brain …..
        I Welcome your opinions, thoughts and point of view on them …..
        If you say anything arrogantly and derogatory words next time , then I will show you
        My Dark side …..
        let this be a friendly discussion and debate ….. “Every opinion matters”

        1. To be honest, your comment was more than a little hard to read so I might have just missed a point or two, but there was one thing I noticed that I want to correct.

          It was Pione that brought the nearly entire doll-ified assassins to the dungeon because she was friends with one of them and planned to develop a cure for the charm. It was to the point of them nearly being comatose, and they were really unresponsive, so Picnic Rose Garden screwed up and let their guards down with the security.

          It was only when Makoto came near that they suddenly reacted to their owner’s ingrained hostility and escaped in a very last-second assassination attempt.

          We weren’t told much of the incident beyond that, but I personally inferred that it was so sudden that nobody could get to the assassins before they reached Makoto, who promptly killed them. Escaping the dungeon is different from invading it, since there’s shortcuts out and not in(unless I’m misremembering the “unlocked a teleportation circle when you clear a floor” feature from another story).
          Moreover, Makoto dwarfed them but these assassins are among the strongest in the world, so it might not be as easy to catch/pursue them as you might think.

          I think a good comparison would be if you escort a dumb NPC that’s acted docile the whole time, but suddenly picked a fight with a roaming boss when you were least expecting it. The escape is still on PRG, but I’m willing to give them a bit more of a benefit of the doubt in that matter.

          1. I think you might be right Buddy …
            Your opinion is very good , But I still think that A.Of.O members could have stopped the 3 assassins from escaping(even though P.R.G could not) , especially “Takane”(He is the administrator of the dungeon right)
            Hmmm … yes the assassins are top class but I think “Rokuya” could have done something about them before they reached Makoto and got killed … because he is top class-top tier assassin with many skills , so he is leagues ahead of them.
            And yes , “the transportation circle” , they may had used them to get to the surface , but I thought that they might not use them , because they could have been caught easily by “Takane”, if they use them(so they might had played hide and seek , I thought to get out)
            But I might be wrong all together …..

            Hey , Psychronia I really like your posts and conversations especially with Truck-kun (who is now Orca-san ~ the flying Orca)
            You are one the very important Mascots(Persons) in this novel , along some notable others(after omario) …..

            well thanks for replying …

            I did not wanted or thought about writing that long comment but I just got a little irritated and you know what happened …..
            It is very very tiring to write that comment , especially at night …..
            It is middle of night here …..
            what is the time there right now ??

    2. I like #1 and the most viable is #2. But #3 and #4 are not possible. Aznoval would need to know what all beings know. In this case, read Makoto’s mind.

      1. On second thought, #4 is the most possible. Aznoval didn’t gave up after the finishing move because he saw the crack of feeled it. And with that Iai on his head, he thought he could check things before ending it. Trully something to think about.

        … He might just be another idiot thought.

    3. I think “Rokuya” should get Rekt & get a very good and harsh beating …..
      Because , how dare he , I say it again how dare he insult , humiliate , touch … smell , blakmail(the last attack of him on her-Gears of fantasy, [Grim Tale Gear]) , inflicting pain on OUR
      Goddess MIO …..

      go to hell and burn for eternity (because he is immortal), you jerk Rokuya …..

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  36. Calm down everyone, I’ve read the raws. This is what happened. Azno can’t drag this fight any longer because he needs to go to the toilet.

    1. HAHAH ….. very funny Buddy ….. who knows maybe that might be true in a different dimension or a different possibility …..
      If that is true then Makoto should shoot a highly concentrated , explosive arrow at Aznovals little brother(in Az’s lower half~p**is or at his back a*us) ….. (o o)!

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    Also, if those dudes are immortal and just need some time to regenerate any injury, why were the girls fighting Tomoe using healing magic? xDDD

    1. Makoto probably meant about the times he had burns and wounds as a child. He was probably talking about the pain he was feeling from Aznoval’s attacks which reminded him of his childhood.

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