Chapter 283: The Beast Knight and The Devil

I felt like the previous chapter was insufficient on its own, so here it is, a second chapter 😀

‘Hoh~’, is what Tomoe let out with plain emotion.

She was looking at her surroundings.

No matter where she looked, there was the sight of the battle they had not that long ago.

Right when Aznoval swung his giant japanese sword, Takane and Rokuya nodded to each other and advised both camps to move from the place.

There were no objections from the Adventurers of Origin and Picnic Rosegarden; in the Kuzunoha Company side, Tomoe and Mio looked at each other, and after a few second later, they nod.

They judged that they are not the type of fellows that would do an inane plan like taking hostages in the middle of the fight between Makoto and Aznoval.

At the same time, now that the weakening spell was gone and the strength of Tomoe and Mio had returned, they had the confidence that even if all of them were to turn hostile, they would be able to have everyone return to Asora in the worst case scenario.

“I see. So being called the Dungeon Master here is not just for show or a bluff huh.” (Tomoe)

“…You can tell?” (Takane)

“In regards to the management of the environment, you are doing something similar to us after all. I can imagine what kind of place this is and how it functions.” (Tomoe)

“…And?” (Mio)


Mio follows the words of Tomoe.

Takane looked surprised at Mio who cut into the conversation.

“I can also understand that the reason you led us to this place was to show your will of an armistice. This place is a part of the labyrinth’s heart, isn’t it? If we were to rampage here, it would create fatal damage.” (Tomoe)

“…As you have discerned. You guys accepted our condition for a 1 vs 1, so this much is a given. Honestly speaking, we are the ones at a disadvantage here anyways. Even now, I still find it hard to believe that you guys seriously pulled through settling this matter without killing anyone, but…well, I would be grateful if you were to take this as a show of good faith that I believe you are truly aiming to do that.” (Takane)


After the words of Takane, the mercenary group showed their agreement to it with their eyes and sighs.

Within the group, there were also some that were sending hostility towards the Makoto that was projected in the monitor.

The primary cause of this battle, Pione, was simply looking up and trembling.

If the words of Makoto were true, she experienced an unending illusion of her comrades dying until she threw away her hatred, so it is no surprise.

“It is true that instead of calling it a bout, it is more of a one on one till death-ja na. But that man is good. To think he would be able to fight against Waka to such an extent even when his body is that of a human.” (Tomoe)

At the direction of Tomoe’s gaze, there’s a grand battle taking place between a big framed knight and Makoto, who has his body wrapped in a mass of magic power.

The Adventurers of Origin and the mercenary group were directing eyes of surprise at Makoto, and the Kuzunoha Company was directing those same eyes at Aznoval.

With Aznoval’s literal big move, Moonlight Slash, Makoto was smashed onto a wall, and because of it, a rain of boulders poured down onto Makoto, which he used as footholds to fix his posture, and shot a barrage of Bridds like a machine gun.

Before confirming Makoto’s figure, Aznoval had already mounted a giant gold shining wild boar and soared through the sky to pursue him.

The small concentrated barrage of Bridds against the golden wild boar and the knight mounted on it; the wild boar received all of the Bridds, and Aznoval jumped from its back and plunges onto the point where the Bridds were shot.

But before he arrived, a red shadow jumps out from the cluster of boulders –it is Makoto.

While he continued shooting Bridds, he took a stance with his bow, and instead of the wild boar, he shot straight at Aznoval.

He is also firmly cladded back into his Magic Armor that was small just a few moments ago.

Stopping the charge of the wild boar with the barrage of Bridds, he poured Aznoval with a barrage as well, and at the same time, he also shot several arrows with Azusa.

–But the knight didn’t stop.

Plunging towards the red shadow without caring about being showered by a barrage of attacks, he swings the sword that had already returned to its previous size as if nothing.

The Magic Armor stops it for a few seconds…before being sliced.

Makoto receives the approaching blade with the sleeve of his red coat to deviate it, and punches Aznoval who surprisingly had a face as if he was having fun.

After that, the sword of Aznoval changed shape and ability again, and Makoto was taking it on clad in his red coat.

“…Even if he fights as a mage or an archer, his compatibility with Azu-san should be the worst, and yet, how is he able to fight to such an extent?”

The words leaking out from the mercenary group make Tomoe let out a sigh.

“That’s what I should be saying-ja na. That knight has several illusory beasts under his command, and that sword is also incredibly weird.” (Tomoe)

“This is the first time I have seen a type like this-desu wa ne. But it looks like my compatibility against him would be quite good though.” (Mio)

“If it’s you, you would just devour all the illusory beasts…along with that sword, right?” (Tomoe)

“Yeah, I think I will be able to enjoy quite the variety of flavours. If it’s Tomoe-san… ‘Pure Illusion Substance’ might get repelled, but won’t ‘Fifth Hamlet’ finish it?” (Mio)

“Something like that-ja no. He is an opponent I would like to enjoy a sword battle with if the situation allowed though…” (Tomoe)

Tomoe and Mio were having such a conversation.

They didn’t have a single trace of worry towards their master.

And about the other members of the Kuzunoha Company; Beren, Shii, and Hokuto simply had their eyes wide opened at the opponent from the outside world that was stronger than themselves.

“Takane-kun, this is the place where you set up as your base, isn’t it. That means you should be able to double the power of Azu-san like you did with us, right? Why did you obediently cut that off?” (Hitsuna)

Hitsuna asks Takane with the complexion of her face still not recovering.

“… I didn’t.” (Takane)


“Azu-san is being buffed just like everyone else. Locational advantage is also part of the battle; seems to be a rule of Azu-san.” (Takane)

“That means…Raidou-kun is still in his weakened state?” (Hitsuna)

“Yeah. That’s why Azu-san is able to summon his illusory beasts one after the other without problems, and his recovery speed and defensive power are stronger. And, that Raidou person has unbelievable resistance, but around 30% of his power all around should have been reduced…” (Takane)

“Ueee. A fight between a physical strength monster and a magic power monster huh. It is already about to lose all of its seasoning, and yet, it is frightening how it is still worth watching~.” (Hitsuna)

Because of the exhaustion of running out of magic power, Hitsuna mutters this with a tired face.

“For some reason, that idiot wants to make Raidou-kun go serious though. I don’t know what he is trying to probe, but as always, he is a guy I don’t understand just what he is thinking. Though, it seems he was able to notice that he wouldn’t be able to bring that out of Raidou-kun if he didn’t use the locational advantage.” (Rokuya)

Rokuya spits these words out with an expression as if saying ‘Good grief’.

“Azu-san is the type that has muscles for brain after all. But because of this, when he is interested in something, he gets scary.” (Ginebia)

“Bia, when you get serious, your fighting style becomes more brawny than that of Azu-san, but your way of thinking still stays the same. How to say it, cunning, or composed.” (Haku)

“I just use my fists when I have no choice but to teach someone a lesson~ It is how I show my affection~.” (Ginebia)

“Well, he did arrive late. It would trouble us if he didn’t fight at least this much. That man is the one that has been involved with the world for the longest within our group after all.”

“…Right. It seems like he has been leaving Lorel from time to time.”

“Quite the troublesome guy, even though he is the Guild Master.”

“Only showing growth in his fighting ability is also something to grieve about, seriously.”

After the words Rokuya said while holding his forehead tiredly, all the Adventurers of Origin throw their own balls regarding Aznoval.

At times, they will mix in words of compliment and surprise towards Makoto as their conversation grew livelier.

“…So something like that is still playing an active role in the outside world huh.”

“Unbelievable. Or more like, he has that much power himself and his subordinates are not lacking at all, and yet, why did they need to come here at all?”

“I am…interested.”

“Aniki <bro>, what did you say?”

“I said I am interested, Yamato. Just what do those guys want from us? What do they want Picnic Rosegarden to do after they drag us out of here?”

A taciturn man that was being called as Aniki by others, spoke out his interest in the Kuzunoha Company, and from there, the assassin team of Picnic Rosegarden began conversing.

“Vivi, what do we do? When that fight ends, no matter who wins or losses, I think it will end up with us having a discussion with the Kuzunoha Company.” (Ageha)

“It seems Rokuya-san will be taking their side as well. Honestly, what they did was unforgivable, but…we can’t just forget it, don’t you think?” (Kremyu)

“Ageha, Kremyu…yeah, you are right. Azu-san is most likely…interested in the reason why that boy called Raidou did all this.” (Vivi)

Vivi, who is the leader of the mercenary group, is watching the state of the fight with a meek expression.

The one nodding at her side while watching the battle is Nomad, or also known as Noma; the one in charge of the foreign affairs in the mercenary group.

With the one in charge of leading the priest team, Kremyu, and the one in charge of leading the martial artist and frontline team, Ageha, at her side, Vivi was beginning to think about the negotiations that will be taking place after this. They can be said to be the brains of Picnic Rosegarden.

“Reason huh. Isn’t it because he is a guy that’s super messed up in the head?” (Ageha)

The unfiltered words of Ageha. It is true that the bad treatment of Pione would lead to such an answer.

“If we think about it normally, that is. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. If he is truly just as Ageha sees -an incredibly cruel person that would accomplish his objectives by any means- several of us would be dead already. What he did was nasty, and yet, what he is saying is actually kind. Azu-san is probably trying to press onto the mysteries of this fearsome person.”

“With such a fighting style that looks as if he didn’t care about anything and was just aiming to kill him?”

“It is because of that that this can be considered a battle. He probably thinks that if he doesn’t strike with his all coupled with the advantages he already has, he won’t be able to catch a glimpse of that boy’s serious side. That’s most definitely the case.”

“…Hah… And so, we have to watch over this fight that just shaves away all of our self-confidence?”

Noma makes a wry smile. It was as if they were watching an army of one fighting against an army of one.

“Yes, that’s exactly right. Let’s watch over it without missing anything.” (Vivi)

The words of Vivi sounded a bit as if she had given up.

“…By the way, about the costs for repairing our base…”

The one who poked ‘his’ head out from the side of Noma and asked this was the finance manager, Dorasena. <From now on, when the gender is not specified, I will use ‘he’ and ‘his’.>

‘He’ also participated in the frontline team, but ‘his’ main profession is using the abacus.

“…Let’s hope for the assets of the Kuzunoha Company.” (Vivi)

Vivi made a small pause to think, and decided to stop thinking.

That’s how much power unexpected expenses have, and that’s just how fearsome columns of red numbers are.



“I have already received that too many times! Come, Silver Arms!!” (Makoto)

If it’s the red armor, I can keep up with him in defense and speed.

And, I have already grasped the fighting style Aznoval-san calls Squire where he uses illusory beasts via a special summoning method.

Even if I try to shoot through them right after they are summoned, they instantly enter into the sword, and I can’t even target any other beasts aside from the wild boar and the white crow.

Fighting with illusory beasts possessing his sword.

That’s an incredible concept, and most of all, that sword that makes it possible is incredible.

Its looks might be a complete joke, but its capabilities are top notch.

Beren will definitely ask Aznoval-san later to let him touch it.

…If the sword is okay by that time, that is.

“Summoning armour?!” (Aznoval)

“Big is great!! Wasn’t it?!” (Makoto)

The stupid size and speed of the sword is already weaved into me.

With the two silver arms…I grab the giant blade. And just like that, I activate the destructive power that lies within the arms without holding back.

The presence of the two types of beasts inside the sword…are crushed!!

“T-This is—! Tch!!” (Aznoval)

“You can pull out from that?!” (Makoto)

Aznoval-san jumps to the back with his creaking sword still in hand.

With his sword still in hand!!

The blade that the silver arms had caught was forcefully pulled out.

What a guy.

“Golden Wild Boar, Green Blue; Death Bringer Crow, Reibun!” (Aznoval)

He is absorbing that wild boar into his sword!

With that endurance and charging power, just what kind of sword will it turn into?!


“[Unveil, Nameless one who must not be spoken of]!!” (Aznoval)

Aznoval-san proclaims the name of his technique and takes a stance.

A thrust huh.

The size of his sword has not changed though…


Aznoval-san lunges at me with speed faster than that of me in my red coat.

A man of large build and incredible muscles holding a giant sword is a lot faster than me.


A scream filled with fighting spirit.

If I didn’t have my Silver Arms, I would have had no choice but to take a direct hit -with the resolve of receiving damage from it.

But, I now understand that it is okay even if I use the Silver Arms.

Then, I will face his attack straight on.

“I will have you do some work, Silver Arms!” (Makoto)

That person’s personality is easy to understand.

He will definitely come straight at me.

All other movements are feints.

I take a stance with Azusa.

Concentrating deeper than before.

…I aim…between the brows of Azu-san.

It is doubtful if he will be stopped with this or if he will surrender.

He is supposedly immortal, but I wonder if he doesn’t feel fear of death or feel any pain.

No, don’t think unnecessary things.


“Now then, how will you take it?! Is it going to be with those ominous arms there?!” (Aznoval)

Straight in front of me, there’s Aznoval-san.

I will show you right now.

I stop the thrust by holding it in between the palms of the Silver Arms.

And then, crush…and shoot at him!!

“Stretch!!” (Aznoval)


The sword stretches.

The blade stretched in an explosive manner.

…And my back is close to a rock wall.

Hahaha, I have already grown tired of being surprised.

This must be what they call ‘no words for it’.

It is going to reach me.

But the Silver Arms are also doing their best.

The edge of the blade is slowly being destroyed, and the blade itself is thinning.

It doesn’t matter who wins; that won’t decide the match.

As long as I have the time…..I can shoot!!

“Cold resolute eyes. So you have finally gotten serious?!” (Aznoval)

The speed of Aznoval-san himself increases and the size of the blade also increases without stopping.

If I lower my guard, I will be swept instantly.

Ah, that has always been the case.

I just don’t have to lower my guard.

No matter if he is immortal, if I pierce his head, it should show some effectiveness.

If he was a human, that’s for certain.


The sword and the arms struggle with each other.

And in that gap, I shoot my arrow.

The arrow flies to the target with conviction and without pause.

I watch over it.

Aznoval-san tries to move his head slightly away from it, but as if reading that…the arrow moves as if being absorbed by his forehead.

Right in target.

At the same time, his force, his blade, and his energy weakened radically, and then, stopped.

The sword that had increased in size by who-knows-how-much was destroyed, and returned to its previous Masamune form.

My back hit the wall.

Aznoval-san silently fell onto his knees.

I unconsciously gulp the saliva accumulated in my mouth.

Silence came back to the place.

After being pressured for so long, relief was slightly born inside of me.

“Didn’t you hear from Rokuya and the others that I am immortal, Raidou-kun?!” (Aznoval)


With an arrow still in his forehead, the hung down head of Aznoval-san was lifted up with force, and made an upward slash with his sword.

A-Are you a zombie?!

Immortal as in, seriously immortal?!

Even I don’t know what I am saying anymore!

“[Sword Spirit, Over…” (Aznoval)

I was totally caught off-guard.

It is a development I wasn’t expecting much.

“Rampaging Drive]!!” (Aznoval)

The blade of the kitchen knife Masamune that was…being driven into my red coat…exploded with the yell of Aznoval-san.

The intense ‘pain’ I haven’t felt for a long time…attacked my body.

Ah…this person…

This person is…dangerous.

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            I have never really into philosophy all that much (Though I do ate my fair share of philosophy books in the past. It is way too much for my little mind back then… but strangely I remember some from time to time). I just really like how true to life they are.

            One thing for sure though… this WN is going to be one heck of a ride! (I realized this ever since Makoto got his hands sliced off by Sophia that one time.}

          5. I enjoy philosophy insofar as using it to digest certain themes and ways of thinking. It’s fun, but I don’t try to break everything down into it or anything because that becomes exhausting.

            Hmm…Yeah, I suppose the first encounter with Sophia is when things really went down in terms of story progression.

          6. I’ve recently found that the most human and mortal characters are the ones filled with contradictions and paradoxes.

            If it’s well-done, then it can be a very interesting conflict of self-interest. Makoto…probably isn’t one of the best written examples of it, but it still makes him feel alive.

            To be alive is to be hypocritical. To completely avoid hypocrisy is to be either suicidally self-destructive or a depraved evil.

          7. Don’t forget Completely Selfless. Which means that human is not even human at all since it doesn’t have any care about preserving his own survival. Well it can also fall under the “Suicidal self-destructive” category you just said.

      2. @Dragons33

        Well, I get the feeling that the only reason why people think Makoto’s actions were wrong is because he didn’t hesitate in killing the assassins, even though what he did was out of kindness (yes, kindness, otherwise he wouldn’t have chosen to kill them out of concern for their mental health). If it was someone else that defended themselves from an assassination attack, people wouldn’t have blamed that person.

        The only thing that makes people think that Makoto is a monster that’s messed up in the head is because of his ability (talent) to instantly switch off his ability to feel empathy. But the fact is that Makoto can still feel it and that’s why he cherishes his family and friends so much. He decided to kill the assassins because he felt empathy after learning about their past.

        Yes, he went too far with Pione. That’s because Makoto probably still wouldn’t hesitate in doing such things when it comes to hyumans, especially the ones that become his enemies, since he already dislikes the hyumans.

    2. They were the victims? Attempted murder must not be a crime for you, so now people around you can almost kill you every day without being held responsible and if you try to defend yourself be prepared for the public scorn…
      Makoto’s mind attack is cruel but I can’t see any other way to finish this fight without further deaths.

      1. So you’re completely neglecting that fact that Tomoki basically hijacked Picnic Rosegarden’s members by using his Charm to brainwash them and then sent them out on a suicide mission. Yeah, sounds like Picnic Rosegarden weren’t victims in any way shape or form. How about you look up the definition of perspective before calling someone out on being morally and ethically warped.

        As I’ve said before, Makoto is totally 100% capable of restraining his enemies as he currently is. Doesn’t matter how he WAS, but how capable he IS now. The dude nonchalantly killed his enemies without thought or question as to who they were. And thus the consequences are the current debacle. That is fact.

      2. @Dragons33
        Tomoki doesn’t matter between the adventurers and Makoto, that’s their problem.
        Those 3 tried to kill Makoto and he killed them, even if he did it because it was troublesome or whatever reason. the responsibility lies on those who let those girls escape, the adventurers recognized that but still wanted to kill Makoto, he won against them without killing anyone (unlike the adventurers who were aiming for the kill) and now Aznoval is fighting because they have to “vent”, their actions are beyond childish and are closer to Tomoki’s territory.

        1. I don’t think it’s wrong to fault Azunoval for this “venting” fight though.
          The way I see it, he only said the word “vent” as an excuse. He had 3 real motives(excluding trying to avoid getting nagged for not participating):

          1. To show Makoto to Picnic Rose Garden from a sidelined point of view. Even if they technically surrendered, everyone was pointing out how the illusion trick would leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. This lets them transition from grudge to curiosity and a willingness to negotiate more smoothly.

          2. To properly crush everyone’s self-confidence/arrogance by showing them a battle worlds above their ability. Pione saw the destruction, but nobody else did so it would be hard to just accept it otherwise.

          3. To probe Makoto for his true nature.

          Really, I see it as Azunoval doing a follow-up on Makoto’s illusion plan, which was rough around the edges at best, to give the conflict some closure.
          …Huh. Actually, yeah. Closure…That’s basically “necessary venting”.

      3. @DB AV
        Um… DB AV I wasn’t really referring to the just simply the issue between Makoto and PRG. As an aside I was just mentioning how at this point I felt bad for PRG for getting caught up in this mess, for if we trace it back all the way to its origins we arrive at Tomoki doing his thing and brainwashing every girl he comes into contact with.

        Those few words were to nitpick on Tomoki being so driven by his sexual desire, while the main part was criticism aimed at Makoto.

        It’s true that PRG isn’t entirely faultless in this matter as all concerned parties share some blame for one reason or another. But at this moment, I personally feel some pity for PRG for having gotten caught up in this mess. ( I also felt it was necessary to give them some pity considering they actually went and tried to confront the OP Makoto).

        P.S. Maybe it’s my turn to question your own code of ethics for thinking that it’s “childish” to want to avenge the death of someone close to you. (Yes, I’m holding a grudge over that sarcastic comment and will hold it over you pal)

    3. (I knew I was going to regret ever making that first comment, I should have just stuck to the passive ‘Thanks for the chapter!’ and get out of here… -_-)

      1. I don’t think you’re wrong if it makes you feel better, maybe not 100% what I think but hey opinions are opinions.
        Though I think that Makoto does still have issues, he didn’t have some of them at the start and got them during the story.

        The way he handled killing the member’s friend (not guild member) was kinda wrong, even if it made sense (he did think about not killing them but realized they couldn’t cope with the things the one dude did to them/had them do and gave them a “mercy kill”).

        Then again it seems like this part of the story is about teaching our main guy about how sometimes what you think is logical is not best (being too logical or too empathetic can bring issues), I mean characters keep throwing that out there.

        1. Ah! You’re right, I also forgot that little detail about him reasoning why he killed them even though I alluded to it. Guess I went too far in saying he didn’t hesitate even for a moment then.

          1. Yes please at gibe yourself a time to understand slowly which is why making presumption is a bit to harsh as well both community and the person himself…..

          2. Yes its ok, I did feel while reading your comment
            (For some reason I can detect negative thought about other through internet)lol
            Nah thats something to do with psychologies

          3. One of the great miracles of language is the ability to convey our thoughts, and if were lucky enough our emotions as well, through our writing.

          4. “Venting”, so to speak.

            I don’t think it’s a bad thing to get it out there though. Even if you forget old details, bringing it up and rekindling the conversation/analysis stimulates the community.

            I admit. Since we caught up and World Reform has been probing around in my mind lately, I’m starting to blur the details from TsukiMichi, like who is who in PRG/Adventurers of Origin.

          5. Thanks for the sympathy Psychronia. I get what you mean too, I’ve been so caught up reading other novels that it’s hard to keep the details together. Right now I think I’m reading somewhere around 35 Web Novels, 6 Light Novels, and 5 other books on 17th century literature. (To be honest I’ve lost count long ago, this is just a rough guess based on the size of my reading list on my computer and the pile of books in the corner of my room).

          6. Really? I don’t really consider that to be a large amount though? Rather isn’t natural to be able to recall most of the details from several tens to hundreds of books you’ve read; even if you gradually continue picking up more books to read every day?
            Though of course it’s hard to remember every single detail clearly; some you forget, others you mix up.
            I can’t imagine that I’d be considered to among a rare few who read more than 30 web novels at a time and then pick up more to read once you’ve either caught up to the translation or have read all the way to the end. (Somehow I feel like my friend is telling me I’m a major bookworm/nerd in my head all of a sudden… I’ll just ignore that, I’m perfectly normal… damnit).

      2. Don’t worry man, nobody is going to throw hate at you for stating your opinion (but then again this is the internet and trolls do exist lol), but you must have expected to receive comments that go against your way of viewing things.
        I’ll give you my two cents on the matter. I get your point, Makotos’ actions might seem extreme, after all what normal “modern” human being can kill as if swatting a fly wihout any remorse whatsoever (although there are people like that too that murder,rape, etc). But let’s examine his actions throughout the story.
        At the beginning Makoto was just like any Japanese MC that you can find in any isekai story, he accidentally kills the monster when he saved Ema (which I thought was going to be a heroine for a moment lol). He regretted it somewhat but not enough to feel remorse. Then he again accidentally injured and killed a few of the demons that hid in Tomoes’ house (or altar). Mainly it was Tomoe the one to finish them off, still he reflected for a while, by no true shock yet.
        He actually actively avoids killing people with the incident with Toa and her sister. When the town was erased it was Tomoe and Mio again. He went out of his way to save the Rembrandt sisters and mother. Like any normal MC trying not to show his powers and all. We do not see any significant change in his modus operandi up until the stupid adventurers who thought Asora was a dangerous place and the girl (who tried to use Makoto as a steping stone btw) used one of the overcharged rings of Makoto to kill Mini Tomoe 1 and an orc. That’s when we see for the first time Makotos ire.
        We could say that for the first time he completely disregarded hyuman life and he wanted her dead. He was pretty brutal too, making her think she had escaped only to trap her again and just turn her to dust.
        Now before you say “he shouldn’t have killed her, because killing is wrong”. Let me tell you that, he knew she was following him, he considered getting rid of them but decided against it and tried to make amicable relations (although they went into Asora by accident). Due to his lenient decision, two of his followers died, and let me clarify that I do not blame Makoto for that. He didn’t knew enough about hyuman nature, how being favored by the Bug warped their way of thinking. He assumed they where just like any other human from Japan. And although he had seen other cases of their actions, it probably never sunk in until that moment. We could argue the same as you said “he had enough strength to subdue the girl without killing her”, he was obviously stronger than her but why didn’t he? You’ll probably say “we’ll he killed Mini Tomoe and Orc-kun”. His emotions got the best him and he did it, so there’s no way he would have just subdue her.
        Now I’m of the belief that no human being has the right to take the live of another, that’s just how I was raised, but until where does line extend? Bugs? Ants? Frogs? Dogs? Other humans? The thing is, you have already answered yourself before. Perspective.
        My morals dictate that I should resent Makoto for killing any character in this novel, but I do not, I didn’t even resent the general when he killed Hibikis’ friend. Not because I didn’t like her character but because I see it from their perspective. And by that I mean their world, not just killing each other, but their actions in general.
        In that world, either you adapt or you die. Survival of the fittest or so they say. Makoto slowly but surely understood that in order to live in their world he had to adapt to their “rules”. The mistake we make is assume that our morals and point of view is the correct one. I would like to believe that I’m a civilized and socially acceptable person. However if I was thrown in a similar situation, I cannot guarantee that I will not strike back if hit on. We impose our morals and ethics into Makoto and we hope he can be a “decent human” to a certain extent even though he is thrown in a really ruthless world. Why? Because his from the modern era. He should follow the principles he was raised in, follow the code of ethics, noblesse oblige, and the responsibility of power right?
        I think that way of viewing things is incorrect. Not because I disapprove of the idea itself, but because our laws don’t necessarily apply to him.
        (I just noticed I did a four page essay but bear with me I’m almost done lol)
        Makoto is not a hero of justice, nor a superhero or anything of the like, if anything the normal reaction from a teenager getting powers (from our world) should be like Trashmoki. Getting drunk on power and misunderstand the world revolves around you. (I’m not generalizing, it’s just how teenager hormones work, any parent knows what I mean).
        So it should be easy for Makoto to kill everything in sight that displeased him. He had to adapt in order to survive. As the story progressed, we see that he becomes desensitized to lives in general. Just like with all the movies with guns and violence these days that reduce the impact of these activities. So did Makoto, he became apathetic due to all the killing around him, if you ever have been in the military you would understand. You get used to combat, but it takes your sanity bit by bit… And if left alone it can break a person. Either you replay them in your head again and again, reliving all those painful memories or you simply stop caring altogether. I’ve seen good people fall apart due to that.
        Sure we can play the blame game. It was Trashmokis’ fault because he charmed those 3 girls and then offered them to Makoto in exchange of Tomoe. We can blame Picnic Rose garden leader because they let them escape their custody (those three are not related to PRG btw, the leader was their friend), and then try to kill Makoto because of their feeling of revenge. We can even blame the girls from trying to kill Makoto. But that’s just barking at the wrong tree (was that how the saying went?). Due to all the fights Makoto had in the novel, be it Sofia, Root, Tomoe, Mio, or anyone else. If you notice he doesn’t proactively search for bloodshed, he just gets thrown into situations and adapts to the best of his abilities. He isn’t by any means perfect and he made mistakes, like every other human but he moved forward more or less.
        You could argue that he could subdue the girls, and tell Tomoe and Mio to erase their memories, and get rid of the charm, or simply capture them until PRG pick them up, feasible yes? Well like any other time, he was not aware that they escaped from PRG, or that it wasn’t Trashmokis idea to do it (maybe? We don’t know yet). He simply chose the easiest way to get rid of a potential trouble, since in his eyes they where at the point of no return, he couldn’t figure out a way to save them, so he did the next most logical thing, get rid of the problem before it comes bite him back later. There may have been many other options, and he may have found a better solution if he sought for advice but by that point he saw no worth in helping with the information at hand and also since they where aiming for his life.
        Just like PRG didn’t bother to ask the reason of “why did he kill them”. In that world it’s the norm. Kill or be killed. Self-preservation. It may sound silly to us but it’s literally life and death for them. And if you still want to say “Makoto had enough power to subdue them without killing them”, you fail to see it from his perspective. He’s under no obligation whatsoever to save anyone else, just because he has the power to do so doesn’t automatically mean that he has the responsibility to use them a certain way. As I said before we shouldn’t push our moral code unto him. Sure the way he handled the girl by making her see her comrades deaths again and again might seem excessive. Its difficult to get your point across when the other person refuses to listen to words. It gets the point across and nobody dies. He could have such as easily murder everyone except the adventurers of origin. Gets rid of the problem right?
        However that way he won’t accomplish his other objective. I won’t say it was the best approach he could have taken but it’s reasonable enough to make her listen. And before someone throws the word “tyrant” let me remind you that in that world “might is right”.
        Alright this is really long (sorry about that). But that should be enough to get my point across I guess?
        I’m open to any thoughts and insights you may have to what I said, and anyone else to for that matter. (Who knows, my perspective might also be wrong eh).
        No potato.

        1. Thank you for your in depth comment. To be honest I did expect some negative replies to my comments, after all if I don’t agree with someone’s opinion it’s a guarantee that they won’t agree with mine either. Though I admit that I’m not all that experienced in arguing for my opinion so I can get carried away sometimes.

          In regards to Makoto’s developments and my opinion of his growth. My opinion of Makoto probably started to fall from the time he engaged Sophia and Lancer for the first time. More specifically right at the end when he annihilated both armies with his last shot. At first I simply thought ‘wow, incredible, he really did something absurd this time :)’ But after that, it’s hard to explain. The flaws in his thinking became more apparent, he started acting contrary to what he hated or believed, and became much more ruthless in an insensitive and cold fashion to others (Total isolationist way of thinking). I didn’t like how he started to act more and more like the Goddess whom he hates so much for all of the trouble she’s put him through. That is essentially the core, or main reason for my current dislike of him, but I still look forward to his eventual confrontation with the Goddess because that will likely be the conclusion to how Makoto will turn out as a human and how he will continue to live his life.

      3. Sorry for the long comment.
        And man, seeing all those grammar mistakes (from my long comment) makes me cringe. This is the last time I use my phone with autocorrect on.
        Ah yes, when Makoto killed the soldiers. Well… We can probably say that it was force majeure, an unavoidable accident if you may (it’s mainly used for contract liability but meh). Maybe collateral effect is more fitting?
        Indeed from that point on he started to betray his own ideals. I can’t count the number of times I saw in the comment section calling him a “hypocrite” (or hyppogriff lol you know who you are) and although it is true, it’s not necessarily him lying to himself. Sometimes when a person is exposed to a different environment for longs periods of time he tends to adapt, in this case is his mentality and actions. It also usually takes a very traumatic event for someone to change their personality traits, but at this point we can’t be sure as to what is the reason for that change.
        I’m also awaiting the result of his fight with the Bug, and if she is the goddess that I think she is… Makoto is in for a hard fight.

        1. I’m glad that there were so many responses to my comments over this discussion. It’s helped to remind me of some important details and has given me new insight on Makoto’s character. After all of this I feel that I have been making hasty judgements to an extent regarding Makoto’s mentality and overall character. I’ll try to keep in mind the things everyone has shared with me as I continue to read, so thank you.

          On a side note, you have an idea about the Goddesses identity!? I haven’t tried to put much thought into it, but the only Goddess that I’m familiar with who places importance on Beauty is the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. Honestly I feel that my guess is incorrect though. Which Goddess do you think it is?

      4. You’re not wrong, it’s just people having their own opinions. I may not agree with you, but I can see your points. Besides, these arguments are what makes these comment sections great, as long as we don’t cross the line. So don’t regret it! Your comment spark an argument that makes this story more interesting.

    4. they weren’t members of rose garden, they were just friends of one of the members and that member got really pissed. and because of that the entire mercenary band wanted to murder this one guy who defended himself against 3 deranged assassins….

      1. I did forget that one detail about Makoto’s assailants not being from Picnic Rose Garden. But it doesn’t change how this is till one hell of a messed up, complicated situation does it…

    5. But pione’s friend aren’t member of picnic rose garden though. Only pione is.

      Makoto did what he did because he thought that it was already hopeless for those 3. With one look on their eyes he decided that they can’t be healed anymore.

      1. For whatever reason I had it in my head that Pione’s friend was in Picnic Rose Garden.

        Still don’t personally feel like I agree with Makoto, who can leisurely take things at his own pace even when Root shoots a blast of combined elements that could erase part of a continent, resorting to killing without putting more consideration into maybe helping the innocent victims of Tomoki’s lust.

      2. It wasn’t a single glance tho. He knew they were hopeless way before that, and his fight with Sofia made it clearer.
        Iirc the girls he killed were the same Tomoki offered him in exchange with Tomoe, and when he fought them he thought that even if he dispelled the spell on them, it was a mind breaking one that after that much time they’ll still be broken with or without the charm spell. (If you spent too much with the charm spell your very psyche becomes something totally different).

        After considering all of that Makoto decided give them a ”mercy kill”… His logic IMO isn’t bad, but maybe choosing logic isn’t the best course of action, since who knows? If you can break the mind of someone you can do it again to make them ”normal” again.

        You also have to take account of the context: he was attacked while being in another country, and he was quite pissed at Tomoki, and didn’t see any reason not to kill them (He could regret if he just contain them, what would happened if they escaped and make thing even worse? They are Tomoki’s minions after all). Other little detail: he had no way to know one of those girls had a connection with PRG.

        Anyways, aside all of this, Thanks for the chapter! The cliffhanger was real tho D:

    6. I don’t really see it myself. Rather, I don’t see anything new. Makoto was always portrayed as a bit…more and less than humane.

      Firstly, this whole endless nightmare thing…Is it really fair to call it “seriously fucked up” and “unforgivable”? Makoto wanted to stop a conflict with a group that were very determined to kill him with extreme prejudice without taking any of their lives at the same time. Setting aside the possibility of a different illusion somehow accomplishing the same thing, this was probably one of the cleanest and safest way to get the job done.
      Again, I’m not going to defend it ethically, but it strikes me as the equivalent to a bunch of wild-but-fragile animals rushing at a man intent on violently mauling him and the man shooting one of them in the leg to get them all to back off. It’s definitely not pleasant or anything, but there aren’t really many other options that doesn’t involve getting some of them killed.

      His killing of the assassin is a separate matter. While it’s a callous treatment of life, that’s…really old news when it comes to Makoto. He didn’t know that woman was connected to Picnic Rose Garden. All he knew was: A, it was a puppet brainwashed beyond repair, and B, it was a group of “enemies” intent on killing him-and would have succeeded if they targeted anybody else.

      Should we blame him because he was strong enough to nonlethally subdue them and chose not to? Is that a fair double standard to impose on him? That sorta depends on an individual’s personal philosophy. I myself feel that he really doesn’t owe anybody anything at this point. Sure, he might have had the power to contain, cure, and mentally treat these complete strangers that want to kill him, but why risk anything and spend all that effort and resource?
      This world has been nothing but hostile and opportunistic towards him and his “eggshell” has been cracking under all of that already.

      1. Yeah, I didn’t want to bring up that topic on the assailants again which is why I very much regret putting in that comment.

        Aside from that, I wanted to vent a bit because I couldn’t help thinking it was unbelievably cruel to subject someone to so much torment. I know that if I were subjected to an illusion that made me feel responsible for the deaths of all of my loved ones on endless repeat I would go absolutely insane.

        To a great extent I believe Makoto’s actions are logically and rationally justified. But on an emotional and personal perspective I can’t come to respect Makoto’s decisions.

        And yes, I acknowledge that it’s just my own selfish wish that Makoto could have taken a different path rather than resort to killing. I personally want him to turn out to be a bit more empathetic towards those he fights, but I know by now that Makoto is not that kind of character. He is without a doubt human, which to no end enrages and delights me to have in this novel.

        I mean, what good is a novel that you are simply only satisfied with? Wouldn’t you agree it’s great to have read a novel that makes you sad, angry, happy, and more? I think so 🙂 I just wanted to make it clear that I don’t hate this novel. In fact I love it all the more for all of the things this story makes me feel and that’s why I think this story is truly worth reading.

        1. Oh yeah. Logic and emotion are rarely in agreement when it comes to things Makoto does.

          It gives him life as a character though, and I appreciate it. Emotional gut reactions just means that the story is properly doing its job.

          It does leave me wondering though…Is the end goal of Makoto’s journey to become more human, or less human?

          1. That is actually a very good question. From the developments so far don’t you think that the further away Makoto gets from human beings in terms of power and ability he inversely becomes more human in certain aspects?

            Recently I’ve skimmed over the Epic of Gilgamesh: a man who was 2/3 divine and 1/3 mortal, who started out as tyrannical, selfish, and cruel. But after his quest for immortality came to an end, Gilgamesh became a wise and compassionate king.

            It’s a stretch of a comparison, but I think that the way Makoto is now, being a human with God-like powers, could possibly lead into him developing similarly to becoming more human and gaining wisdom over his journey.

            My overall guess is that Makoto will become more human, as for whether or not that guess is right I’ll just have to keep reading to find out.

    7. since for some reason I can’t reply to your other comments on this thread I’ll reply here. He didn’t kill them because they were a threat or just because they attacked him. he did it because they would remember all of the horrible things that trashmoki made them doing. he would have to kill them or remove a large amount of their memories which could have huge side effects later on. if he had just healed them without removing the memories they would have been destroyed from remembering all the atrocities they had done because they were good people at their core. He read their minds as they were attacking so he knew.

      1. Not everyone believes that death should be the best answer. No matter how some would try to justify it there will always be someone who can’t support that notion. Which is what led to the current issue with PRG.
        But personally, I’m feeling tired of brining up the topic on the assailants. I will accept that the matter with them is already a closed case. I just used it as reference to support my argument. (I never really even wanted to start that again, I will absolutely learn from this and never make such a comment again… -_-)

      2. Not that I think it’s a realistic course of action, but just to play the devil’s advocate, why not just erase those memories and accept the side effects?

        Considering the alternative is death, plain and simple, isn’t it fine to just treat it as if a crazed hero inflicted a disease on those girls that caused all that?

      3. No he can’t heal them,there was a point where those girls can’t back , thats why he killed them, the only way todo fix them was erase all memories and that means let those girls like vegetables

      4. @ Dragons33
        “I will absolutely learn from this and never make such a comment again…”
        That’s kind of unfortunate, but I understand where you’re coming from. I got shouted down for expressing a similar opinion and similarly decided it wasn’t worth arguing. If it helps – there are people who agree with you or merely acknowledge your interpretation of Makoto’s actions as a valid perspective. Some people just invest themselves to heavily in a character to be fully objective. When people start treating the unverified impressions or internal reasoning of a character as word of God on how something is, then don’t argue. Just leave your initial argument or opinion to stand on it’s own merits.

    8. Didn’t sound like those three were members, they were just childhood friends and acquaintances of a member, and were allowed to train their assassin skills there.

    9. Makoto never killed any member of Picnic Garden. He killed a close friend of Pione who was so deeply under Trashmoki charm that there’s no way of saving who she was. That friend was killed while trying to kill Makoto, so technically it was self defense in Makoto’s part. Even if he is strong enough to disable the girl without killing her. If it was me being brainwashed like that I would rather be dead, so I looked at Makoto’s action at that time as an act of mercy even if he didn’t mean it that way.
      And that nightmare wasn’t endless. It ended when Pione gave up her UNREASONABLE vendetta. Was it over the top? Sure. But I can’t blame Makoto for doing that. He wanted to avoid killing members of Picnic Garden, then there is also the Adventurers of Origin. Them siding with Pione would also mean that to them (the way I see it) Makoto should have just died when he was attacked by Pione’s friend, that he has no right to defend his life. Pione wanted him dead for killing someone who tried to kill him.

      1. As you would have seen from my other comments in the thread I’ve apologised for making a minor mistake in the details. And at this point I’m kinda done with the argument already. I’ve already laid down my perspective (and especially how much I regret that one comment even now).

    10. As much as I want to deny it…. everything you say is correct.

      Well, I’ll have to admit that Makoto have something wrong in his mind. Once he got to fighting, he switch off his emotions, except for anger that sometimes surfaced during his fight. He becomes a killing machine.
      Athena has mentioned this before.

      I think Makoto is like a psycopath.

      Realistically speaking that is a good criteria for a soldier (to shut down your emotion in a battle/war. Set your priorities straight).
      But Makoto tends to take this to the extreme.

      He’s a good candidate for a God of Destruction.

      Go and replace Beerus, Makoto.

      1. His moniker of Devil is fitting for him. And lets not forget that it’s the people who live naturally in this world that call him that. That’s gotta mean something.

        1. I’ve never seen any hint of the Devil in this novel before. We have fairies, dragons, demons, gods, etc. but never seen a real Devil in this novel. I don’t think anyone in the hyuman world ever see a real Devil/Satan. When they started calling Makoto the Devil, what does that mean then?

          To us readers, Makoto IS the Devil because he fell from the heavens and is psychotic but does the people from that world know about Devil?

          1. Probably the implied meaning is that the Hyumans thought that he is like a demon, except more terrifying than what you could ever imagine. Thus we’ve got Makoto acquiring the moniker/title of Devil to show that he is a demon whose absurdity goes beyond demonic. At least that’s how I would think of it.

          2. Eh? Isn’t it because of the goddess’s golden light?

            Onlookers saw her light when she dropped him into the battlefield and logically assumed that he was a divine being.

            After that, they saw him radiate insane amounts of power, look slightly ugly, and ruthlessly wipe out hyumans and demons alike.

            So a divine being that’s a ruthless punisher and executioner…isn’t that a Devil?

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          why is he the only one who can do it? not like he has the monopoly of meditation.
          why is it so ‘limitless’?
          he only did it in asora, asora is part of his power and double of volume each ‘ritual’. that mean in his ritual he absorb a very small part of asora (let’s say less than 1% since people doesn’t notice the difference) and then asora’s volume double. How?

          I think it can be explained if it’s linked with tsukuyomi’s blessing that was used for asora. but I have absolutely no proof of anything, just a random guess.

          He was supposed to grow stronger while aging as his body would adapt more to ‘earth’ (past the 5 year old mark when he was supposed to die).
          I don’t think it’s linked to his ritual because it would mean he already had that power when he started archery and didn’t develop it by years of training.

          1. You really can’t give any credit to Makoto can you?

            Meditation in itself is “reaching the peak of concentration” and Makoto has mastered it to a degree where he can instantly go into that state, that’s why he never misses with his bow.

            The reason why only he can do it is because only he can instantly access that state and he achieved it through his training. Do you know how long it takes to perfect meditation? It can take someone his entire lifetime to perfectly reach that point. It’s simply talent.

            Why is it limitless? How should I know? We never got an explanation about where mana comes from and why it exists now did we? …and are you trying to imply that the mana is supplied by Tsukyomi through his blessing? That would be absurd since Tsukyomi is currently out of mana, which means he can’t supply anymore and that’s why it is illogical to assume that the increase in mana in Asora is due to Tsukyomi’s power.

            Who is to say that Tsukyomi has anything to do with Asora? It could be a manifestation of Tomoe’s power through her link with Makoto, that’s why it grows whenever his mana pool increases and Asora was originally Tomoe’s ability. So far we can’t just assume anything until it’s explained, though.

            Tsukyomi already said that he only gave Makoto power. Sakai manifested by itself from that power, but as we have seen that it only becomes active if Makoto gives it a “command”.

            Seriously, it’s not a “power”, it’s a skill he obtained through training and yes, it’s when he started his archery training when he started to become physically stronger. It was mentioned in his sister’s pov.

            If you think that’s the case, then why isn’t his sisters the same? His older sister does Judo, a way more physical sport than archery. If we go with that logic, then his sister should be stronger than him, but she already mentioned that Makoto became physically stronger than her in her POV. That just doesn’t make sense.

          2. Actually, Tsukuyomi mentioned that his power was unwittingly sucked out by Makoto when he bestowed his blessing.

            Now that you mention it, could it simply be that Makoto is just expanding himself as a vessel with the “nothingness” of his meditation, and the overflowing power from Moon-bro fills that gap in every time?

            Nobody else could detect that power because Tsukuyomi’s power was vague even among gods to begin with, but it takes the form of magic power inside the mortal Makoto.

            If we go the route where Makoto chooses to stay mortal, it would be cool if he simply passes all his accumulated divine power over to Tsukuyomi, who suddenly inherits the ability for Creation because of that. Not to mention, since he seems to be a god that’s skilled at maintaining the relationships of nature, so he could feasibly come in to take over for a dethroned Bug.

      3. @Psychronia.

        Well, whatever the reason, I can’t just agree with it being just a “plot device” or a “miracle”. The way @redconolel puts things it sounds like Makoto’s strength only comes from his strong “magical power” and blessings he received from Tsukyomi. I bet he doesn’t see any strong points about Makoto. Can you list some @redcolonel?

        He has already shown us with his first encounter with Sofia and Lancer, that “just having power” doesn’t make you strong, you have to be able to use it. That’s why he trained and developed the magical armour.

        1. why I call it absurd is because of how out of proportion it is (double each time, that easily)
          I can understand that will training hard you become the best at farting, but it sound like a miracle if you become able to fly with your farts.
          that’s pretty much how I see it.

          I understand that because of his hard work, he became stronger than a other human,
          and even without talent (apart from the mystery talent he doesn’t seem to use) he was the strongest of the 3 summoned. zef said he was probably stronger than himself the day he fall in the wastelands IIRC

          asora was created by using tsukuyomi’s divin power. it was said by Athena, Susanoo and Shiva. it’s said to be triggered by the contract with tomoe, and was a result brough by an interaction between gods and people.
          it’s said to be linked to makoto.
          and remember that mokoto sucked enough of tsukuyomi’s power while receiving the blessing that it knocked him out for a century.

          my point was how when taking less than 1% of asora, he transform it in 100%? I can’t find a logical explanation apart that it’s somehow linked to the blessing that was consumed to make asora.

          “power” and “skill”, you’re are nitpicking.

          “it’s when he started his archery training when he started to become physically stronger. It was mentioned in his sister’s pov.”
          it’s subject to interpretation though
          he could be better because:
          -he passed the dangerous mark for his adaptation
          -he stopped doing close combat training that hurt him. and did sport without physical contact with others.
          -he started something that passion him, it played a role on his complexion
          -he started to train harde than before, making him adapt better
          maybe other reason, but if we take your explanation, that mean while showing result from when he started, he would have already gained that skill before starting. but I think it was said he gained this skill through harsh training for archery, that would mean when he started archery, he already had the skill he gained through archery.
          well that’s just how I see it.

          many plausible reasons for makoto being physically stronger
          -his sisters aren’t as dedicated as him to their training, since it’s not their vocation, but does it because their parents made them to. makoto was said to be very hard working about archery.
          -they didn’t had that big of an advantage to begin with, his big sister said she was weakest than average will being a kid.
          -makoto is a BOY, his sister are GIRLS. *triggered internally*

          I don’t think his strength come only from his magical power, it’s just in the eye of DiscoManiak, that ultra power-up should be seen as unfair.

          want some strong point from makoto?
          he is strong, king and hardworking.

          but I admit I am biased against him

          1. ……Oooh…

            Something’s just occurred to me. Do we have confirmation that Makoto’s mana pool doubles every time he uses that meditation?

            What if it’s more of a flat quantity and it only seemed like it doubled that one specific time because that’s how strong Makoto was relative to the increase? Or what if it stopped doubling and started increasing at a smaller and smaller proportion?

          2. in the beginning I think it was said to double each time but I don’t remember it being corrected later on

          3. @Redcolonel it was stated by the author that Makoto is pretty mutch out of the norm the reason he does things that aren’t supposed to happen is because of his origin, a normal Hyuman wouldn’t have been able to survive on earth without a strong blessing like his parents recieved or inhereting adaptation from his parents, that only happened with his little sister. In his older sister point of view it shows how weak she was compared to other children but it also mentions that Makoto was in an even worse state that her, so one can understand how harsh that was for him. The fact that he survived that and managed to completely adapt to that enviroment is as miraculous as he doubling his mana. So if you acept his surviving in earth as his own effort then the double mana when training should be considered the same. Also Tsuki bro didn’t passed out only because he gave Makoto a blessing, it was the strain it put on him making the connection to the world of the Goddes, mantaining the connection far longuer that schaduled, and forcing his incarnation in that world to apologize to Makoto for the Goddes behaviour and the blessing, even more when he himself is not that strong of a diety so he wasn’t supposed to taxing himself that mutch. Now it doesn’t mean that the stregnh of the adventures of Origin is only plot deviece, they have also had time to properly train their skill to that level and have had a lot of life expierence as well.

          4. I didn’t mentioned it, but actually yes I consider makoto surviving a ‘miracle’.
            He was fated to die after his sister’s birth, but was healed by a healer, it bend fate, and it’s said was worth the luck of 5 lifetimes.
            probably the reason why he has an unconventional bad luck now.

  47. One of Makoto’s main weaknesses in a fight, and the reason he’s so heavily invested in defense, is his poor ability to heal damage. He’s sort of the polar opposite of Mio in combat. In a fight of attrition where Makoto’s raw volume of manifest magic doesn’t block out all damage and the enemy can’t be put down directly he’ll need to work to disable. The silver arms would be the easy way to restrain Aznoval. They could probably kill him as well.

    A serious weakness of Makoto’s defense this fight exposed is his lack of mid-air maneuverability. If I was building a defense using Makoto’s armor as a base I’d go with reactive armor spells and MKV-L maneuvering.

    Hm, was Makoto even able to retain any of the Tomoe’s aptitude for healing from when she and Emma were healing him after the fight with Mio? I don’t recall.

    1. Makoto does seem to have a problem where his body resists healing magic for some reason.
      I’m hoping he’ll eventually just tap into Mio’s regeneration power after a while.

      Regarding the air maneuverability, though…didn’t he have ability to turn mana into platforms he could jump off of?

      1. Maybe, but it’s Super Metroid vs. Descent II control. If you can’t accelerate freely in any direction then inertia will ruin your day.
        Then again, enough inertia applied correctly will still ruin your day regardless.

        1. I’m not quite sure I understand.

          With Makoto’s natural strength combined with the ability to essentially kick off the air, doesn’t he essentially have a fairly omnidirectional air dash? I guess turning might be a bit difficult, but that can probably be resolved with some clever angling.

      2. “doesn’t he essentially have a fairly omnidirectional air dash?”

        You nailed the problem in your description. It’s a dash which however fast a dash relies on Makoto’s awareness and reflexes. He also has to build a platform out of magic, reorient himself in space and then use his primitive ape legs to propel himself forward along a determined ballistic trajectory.

        Or to put it another way –

        Also, someone who already has to concentrate a lot for their offensive benefits considerably from having automagic damage avoidance. Give the armor reactive thrust vectoring to move Makoto out of the path of powerful direct attacks and he won’t get stabbed like he was here, or caught out and carried by the momentum of an attack like the moonlight slash. Also also, being able to move omnidirectionally without changing your facing makes you generally harder to predict and hit.

        Hm. You know, I bet if Tomoe or Mio convinced Makoto that sleeping with them would empower them somehow he’d do it. He bit pretty hard on the naming-gives-power thing. But then Shiki might have to take one for the team.

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