Chapter 283: The Beast Knight and The Devil

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‘Hoh~’, is what Tomoe let out with plain emotion.

She was looking at her surroundings.

No matter where she looked, there was the sight of the battle they had not that long ago.

Right when Aznoval swung his giant japanese sword, Takane and Rokuya nodded to each other and advised both camps to move from the place.

There were no objections from the Adventurers of Origin and Picnic Rosegarden; in the Kuzunoha Company side, Tomoe and Mio looked at each other, and after a few second later, they nod.

They judged that they are not the type of fellows that would do an inane plan like taking hostages in the middle of the fight between Makoto and Aznoval.

At the same time, now that the weakening spell was gone and the strength of Tomoe and Mio had returned, they had the confidence that even if all of them were to turn hostile, they would be able to have everyone return to Asora in the worst case scenario.

“I see. So being called the Dungeon Master here is not just for show or a bluff huh.” (Tomoe)

“…You can tell?” (Takane)

“In regards to the management of the environment, you are doing something similar to us after all. I can imagine what kind of place this is and how it functions.” (Tomoe)

“…And?” (Mio)


Mio follows the words of Tomoe.

Takane looked surprised at Mio who cut into the conversation.

“I can also understand that the reason you led us to this place was to show your will of an armistice. This place is a part of the labyrinth’s heart, isn’t it? If we were to rampage here, it would create fatal damage.” (Tomoe)

“…As you have discerned. You guys accepted our condition for a 1 vs 1, so this much is a given. Honestly speaking, we are the ones at a disadvantage here anyways. Even now, I still find it hard to believe that you guys seriously pulled through settling this matter without killing anyone, but…well, I would be grateful if you were to take this as a show of good faith that I believe you are truly aiming to do that.” (Takane)


After the words of Takane, the mercenary group showed their agreement to it with their eyes and sighs.

Within the group, there were also some that were sending hostility towards the Makoto that was projected in the monitor.

The primary cause of this battle, Pione, was simply looking up and trembling.

If the words of Makoto were true, she experienced an unending illusion of her comrades dying until she threw away her hatred, so it is no surprise.

“It is true that instead of calling it a bout, it is more of a one on one till death-ja na. But that man is good. To think he would be able to fight against Waka to such an extent even when his body is that of a human.” (Tomoe)

At the direction of Tomoe’s gaze, there’s a grand battle taking place between a big framed knight and Makoto, who has his body wrapped in a mass of magic power.

The Adventurers of Origin and the mercenary group were directing eyes of surprise at Makoto, and the Kuzunoha Company was directing those same eyes at Aznoval.

With Aznoval’s literal big move, Moonlight Slash, Makoto was smashed onto a wall, and because of it, a rain of boulders poured down onto Makoto, which he used as footholds to fix his posture, and shot a barrage of Bridds like a machine gun.

Before confirming Makoto’s figure, Aznoval had already mounted a giant gold shining wild boar and soared through the sky to pursue him.

The small concentrated barrage of Bridds against the golden wild boar and the knight mounted on it; the wild boar received all of the Bridds, and Aznoval jumped from its back and plunges onto the point where the Bridds were shot.

But before he arrived, a red shadow jumps out from the cluster of boulders –it is Makoto.

While he continued shooting Bridds, he took a stance with his bow, and instead of the wild boar, he shot straight at Aznoval.

He is also firmly cladded back into his Magic Armor that was small just a few moments ago.

Stopping the charge of the wild boar with the barrage of Bridds, he poured Aznoval with a barrage as well, and at the same time, he also shot several arrows with Azusa.

–But the knight didn’t stop.

Plunging towards the red shadow without caring about being showered by a barrage of attacks, he swings the sword that had already returned to its previous size as if nothing.

The Magic Armor stops it for a few seconds…before being sliced.

Makoto receives the approaching blade with the sleeve of his red coat to deviate it, and punches Aznoval who surprisingly had a face as if he was having fun.

After that, the sword of Aznoval changed shape and ability again, and Makoto was taking it on clad in his red coat.

“…Even if he fights as a mage or an archer, his compatibility with Azu-san should be the worst, and yet, how is he able to fight to such an extent?”

The words leaking out from the mercenary group make Tomoe let out a sigh.

“That’s what I should be saying-ja na. That knight has several illusory beasts under his command, and that sword is also incredibly weird.” (Tomoe)

“This is the first time I have seen a type like this-desu wa ne. But it looks like my compatibility against him would be quite good though.” (Mio)

“If it’s you, you would just devour all the illusory beasts…along with that sword, right?” (Tomoe)

“Yeah, I think I will be able to enjoy quite the variety of flavours. If it’s Tomoe-san… ‘Pure Illusion Substance’ might get repelled, but won’t ‘Fifth Hamlet’ finish it?” (Mio)

“Something like that-ja no. He is an opponent I would like to enjoy a sword battle with if the situation allowed though…” (Tomoe)

Tomoe and Mio were having such a conversation.

They didn’t have a single trace of worry towards their master.

And about the other members of the Kuzunoha Company; Beren, Shii, and Hokuto simply had their eyes wide opened at the opponent from the outside world that was stronger than themselves.

“Takane-kun, this is the place where you set up as your base, isn’t it. That means you should be able to double the power of Azu-san like you did with us, right? Why did you obediently cut that off?” (Hitsuna)

Hitsuna asks Takane with the complexion of her face still not recovering.

“… I didn’t.” (Takane)


“Azu-san is being buffed just like everyone else. Locational advantage is also part of the battle; seems to be a rule of Azu-san.” (Takane)

“That means…Raidou-kun is still in his weakened state?” (Hitsuna)

“Yeah. That’s why Azu-san is able to summon his illusory beasts one after the other without problems, and his recovery speed and defensive power are stronger. And, that Raidou person has unbelievable resistance, but around 30% of his power all around should have been reduced…” (Takane)

“Ueee. A fight between a physical strength monster and a magic power monster huh. It is already about to lose all of its seasoning, and yet, it is frightening how it is still worth watching~.” (Hitsuna)

Because of the exhaustion of running out of magic power, Hitsuna mutters this with a tired face.

“For some reason, that idiot wants to make Raidou-kun go serious though. I don’t know what he is trying to probe, but as always, he is a guy I don’t understand just what he is thinking. Though, it seems he was able to notice that he wouldn’t be able to bring that out of Raidou-kun if he didn’t use the locational advantage.” (Rokuya)

Rokuya spits these words out with an expression as if saying ‘Good grief’.

“Azu-san is the type that has muscles for brain after all. But because of this, when he is interested in something, he gets scary.” (Ginebia)

“Bia, when you get serious, your fighting style becomes more brawny than that of Azu-san, but your way of thinking still stays the same. How to say it, cunning, or composed.” (Haku)

“I just use my fists when I have no choice but to teach someone a lesson~ It is how I show my affection~.” (Ginebia)

“Well, he did arrive late. It would trouble us if he didn’t fight at least this much. That man is the one that has been involved with the world for the longest within our group after all.”

“…Right. It seems like he has been leaving Lorel from time to time.”

“Quite the troublesome guy, even though he is the Guild Master.”

“Only showing growth in his fighting ability is also something to grieve about, seriously.”

After the words Rokuya said while holding his forehead tiredly, all the Adventurers of Origin throw their own balls regarding Aznoval.

At times, they will mix in words of compliment and surprise towards Makoto as their conversation grew livelier.

“…So something like that is still playing an active role in the outside world huh.”

“Unbelievable. Or more like, he has that much power himself and his subordinates are not lacking at all, and yet, why did they need to come here at all?”

“I am…interested.”

“Aniki <bro>, what did you say?”

“I said I am interested, Yamato. Just what do those guys want from us? What do they want Picnic Rosegarden to do after they drag us out of here?”

A taciturn man that was being called as Aniki by others, spoke out his interest in the Kuzunoha Company, and from there, the assassin team of Picnic Rosegarden began conversing.

“Vivi, what do we do? When that fight ends, no matter who wins or losses, I think it will end up with us having a discussion with the Kuzunoha Company.” (Ageha)

“It seems Rokuya-san will be taking their side as well. Honestly, what they did was unforgivable, but…we can’t just forget it, don’t you think?” (Kremyu)

“Ageha, Kremyu…yeah, you are right. Azu-san is most likely…interested in the reason why that boy called Raidou did all this.” (Vivi)

Vivi, who is the leader of the mercenary group, is watching the state of the fight with a meek expression.

The one nodding at her side while watching the battle is Nomad, or also known as Noma; the one in charge of the foreign affairs in the mercenary group.

With the one in charge of leading the priest team, Kremyu, and the one in charge of leading the martial artist and frontline team, Ageha, at her side, Vivi was beginning to think about the negotiations that will be taking place after this. They can be said to be the brains of Picnic Rosegarden.

“Reason huh. Isn’t it because he is a guy that’s super messed up in the head?” (Ageha)

The unfiltered words of Ageha. It is true that the bad treatment of Pione would lead to such an answer.

“If we think about it normally, that is. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. If he is truly just as Ageha sees -an incredibly cruel person that would accomplish his objectives by any means- several of us would be dead already. What he did was nasty, and yet, what he is saying is actually kind. Azu-san is probably trying to press onto the mysteries of this fearsome person.”

“With such a fighting style that looks as if he didn’t care about anything and was just aiming to kill him?”

“It is because of that that this can be considered a battle. He probably thinks that if he doesn’t strike with his all coupled with the advantages he already has, he won’t be able to catch a glimpse of that boy’s serious side. That’s most definitely the case.”

“…Hah… And so, we have to watch over this fight that just shaves away all of our self-confidence?”

Noma makes a wry smile. It was as if they were watching an army of one fighting against an army of one.

“Yes, that’s exactly right. Let’s watch over it without missing anything.” (Vivi)

The words of Vivi sounded a bit as if she had given up.

“…By the way, about the costs for repairing our base…”

The one who poked ‘his’ head out from the side of Noma and asked this was the finance manager, Dorasena. <From now on, when the gender is not specified, I will use ‘he’ and ‘his’.>

‘He’ also participated in the frontline team, but ‘his’ main profession is using the abacus.

“…Let’s hope for the assets of the Kuzunoha Company.” (Vivi)

Vivi made a small pause to think, and decided to stop thinking.

That’s how much power unexpected expenses have, and that’s just how fearsome columns of red numbers are.



“I have already received that too many times! Come, Silver Arms!!” (Makoto)

If it’s the red armor, I can keep up with him in defense and speed.

And, I have already grasped the fighting style Aznoval-san calls Squire where he uses illusory beasts via a special summoning method.

Even if I try to shoot through them right after they are summoned, they instantly enter into the sword, and I can’t even target any other beasts aside from the wild boar and the white crow.

Fighting with illusory beasts possessing his sword.

That’s an incredible concept, and most of all, that sword that makes it possible is incredible.

Its looks might be a complete joke, but its capabilities are top notch.

Beren will definitely ask Aznoval-san later to let him touch it.

…If the sword is okay by that time, that is.

“Summoning armour?!” (Aznoval)

“Big is great!! Wasn’t it?!” (Makoto)

The stupid size and speed of the sword is already weaved into me.

With the two silver arms…I grab the giant blade. And just like that, I activate the destructive power that lies within the arms without holding back.

The presence of the two types of beasts inside the sword…are crushed!!

“T-This is—! Tch!!” (Aznoval)

“You can pull out from that?!” (Makoto)

Aznoval-san jumps to the back with his creaking sword still in hand.

With his sword still in hand!!

The blade that the silver arms had caught was forcefully pulled out.

What a guy.

“Golden Wild Boar, Green Blue; Death Bringer Crow, Reibun!” (Aznoval)

He is absorbing that wild boar into his sword!

With that endurance and charging power, just what kind of sword will it turn into?!


“[Unveil, Nameless one who must not be spoken of]!!” (Aznoval)

Aznoval-san proclaims the name of his technique and takes a stance.

A thrust huh.

The size of his sword has not changed though…


Aznoval-san lunges at me with speed faster than that of me in my red coat.

A man of large build and incredible muscles holding a giant sword is a lot faster than me.


A scream filled with fighting spirit.

If I didn’t have my Silver Arms, I would have had no choice but to take a direct hit -with the resolve of receiving damage from it.

But, I now understand that it is okay even if I use the Silver Arms.

Then, I will face his attack straight on.

“I will have you do some work, Silver Arms!” (Makoto)

That person’s personality is easy to understand.

He will definitely come straight at me.

All other movements are feints.

I take a stance with Azusa.

Concentrating deeper than before.

…I aim…between the brows of Azu-san.

It is doubtful if he will be stopped with this or if he will surrender.

He is supposedly immortal, but I wonder if he doesn’t feel fear of death or feel any pain.

No, don’t think unnecessary things.


“Now then, how will you take it?! Is it going to be with those ominous arms there?!” (Aznoval)

Straight in front of me, there’s Aznoval-san.

I will show you right now.

I stop the thrust by holding it in between the palms of the Silver Arms.

And then, crush…and shoot at him!!

“Stretch!!” (Aznoval)


The sword stretches.

The blade stretched in an explosive manner.

…And my back is close to a rock wall.

Hahaha, I have already grown tired of being surprised.

This must be what they call ‘no words for it’.

It is going to reach me.

But the Silver Arms are also doing their best.

The edge of the blade is slowly being destroyed, and the blade itself is thinning.

It doesn’t matter who wins; that won’t decide the match.

As long as I have the time…..I can shoot!!

“Cold resolute eyes. So you have finally gotten serious?!” (Aznoval)

The speed of Aznoval-san himself increases and the size of the blade also increases without stopping.

If I lower my guard, I will be swept instantly.

Ah, that has always been the case.

I just don’t have to lower my guard.

No matter if he is immortal, if I pierce his head, it should show some effectiveness.

If he was a human, that’s for certain.


The sword and the arms struggle with each other.

And in that gap, I shoot my arrow.

The arrow flies to the target with conviction and without pause.

I watch over it.

Aznoval-san tries to move his head slightly away from it, but as if reading that…the arrow moves as if being absorbed by his forehead.

Right in target.

At the same time, his force, his blade, and his energy weakened radically, and then, stopped.

The sword that had increased in size by who-knows-how-much was destroyed, and returned to its previous Masamune form.

My back hit the wall.

Aznoval-san silently fell onto his knees.

I unconsciously gulp the saliva accumulated in my mouth.

Silence came back to the place.

After being pressured for so long, relief was slightly born inside of me.

“Didn’t you hear from Rokuya and the others that I am immortal, Raidou-kun?!” (Aznoval)


With an arrow still in his forehead, the hung down head of Aznoval-san was lifted up with force, and made an upward slash with his sword.

A-Are you a zombie?!

Immortal as in, seriously immortal?!

Even I don’t know what I am saying anymore!

“[Sword Spirit, Over…” (Aznoval)

I was totally caught off-guard.

It is a development I wasn’t expecting much.

“Rampaging Drive]!!” (Aznoval)

The blade of the kitchen knife Masamune that was…being driven into my red coat…exploded with the yell of Aznoval-san.

The intense ‘pain’ I haven’t felt for a long time…attacked my body.

Ah…this person…

This person is…dangerous.

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  1. Am i the only one who thinks that this beast knight is total idiot??? He is saying to Makoto that he wants to be a knight, but arent knights someone who always fights fair and wont use underhanded things to will win the fight just with his own skill and protect weaker (this is how knights look to me, especially in the games), and here we have him saying he is doing his best to be knight and the very next moment we have the conversation of his comrades saying that even when that beast knight wanted fair 1v1 fight they still buffed his stats and they even weaken Makoto….. even if Makoto is out of place monster that has magic power of gods this doesnt seem fair to me, because its not like that power was given to him, all that magic power is his doing and not something he got from some kind of blessing like that adventures of origin have (well yeah Makoto have sakai but still)…. for someone who lived for hundreds or even thousand of years he still doing bad job in being knight. (And that he still cant beat him even after Makoto isnt in his full power + his own stats are being buffed + advantage of being immortall so his technigue must be perfected and Makoto is how to say “total beginner in fighting” , if it was me i wouldnt even feel proud about winning in situation like this, well this whole situation is like if some kind of well-known athlete came to elementary school to duel some talented kid and have him take multiple restriction, but the athlete can play horewer he wants)

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        Although I agree that in really that it is a “plot device” created for the story, I don’t agree with you when you use the term in a comparison between Makoto and Aznoval’s abilities. It takes away its entire worth.

        I really don’t like it when people use a writer’s perspective when we discuss something from the story’s perspective (or reader’s perspective). If we do use a writer’s perspective to view things in-story, the majority of the characters and concepts can be put into terms that would diminish their worth in the story. That’s why I like to only view things from that world’s perspective and follow the story as reader. Save the writer’s analysis for reviews or if it comes up in the discussions.

        It was already explained how Makoto achieved that state and how he got to that point that he can increase his mana. It was through hard work that he can increase his mana pool and not a “miracle”. He went through training that was harder on him than it was for a normal human.

        It was something he learned and perfected over the years. Miracles are something that happens without an explanation, while Makoto trained to achieve that. That’s why I can’t agree with you when you call it a miracle.

        Now that I think about it, that might also be the reason why his constitution became better and how his body got stronger as he grew up, since your body normally don’t do something like that. He died and was reborn again each time he did his ritual before shooting his bow.

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        a bit off topic, but since some time I thinks that maybe this sudden grow in power is due to asora, and would be linked to tsukoyomi’s blessing that was consumed through the pact with tomoe.
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      3. You have the events of that meditation completely wrong, on top of everything else.
        Step 1: prepare the scene (visualize the area)
        Step 2: clear your mind (Makoto does this by shutting his off)
        Step 3: focus (this is where the mana doubles)
        (optional) Step 4: fire the arrow

        If you follow the reasoning behind his growth, then back on Earth he would scatter his soul like this, and the tiny amount of mana he gathered would be spread out (like casting a net), collecting some more as he reformed his soul in a slightly stronger state (a net barely collects any dew). So only his ‘vessel’ was getting stronger, now between finding himself in a magical world, and Tsuki giving him a power boost, that vessel has been filled. That’s where he gets his massive power well.


      4. No, it’s because you don’t understand what it is, that’s why you can’t accept it or think of it as BS.

        What he does is technically meditating. He has reached the peak in concentration and can instantly access that state. Did you know that by performing an action over and over, when it becomes habitual, like washing dishes, you can enter a state of meditation?

        What he does is spreading his awareness into his surroundings, which means his “self” isn’t fixed into his body anymore, which is technically dying and then he returns it to his body becoming more focused. It’s pretty easy to understand.

        Well, their entitled to their opinion, but I still believe that it’s because of his “ritual” that he can double his mana capacity since he literally becomes part of his surroundings and then focuses it into his body, meaning that he gathers the surrounding mana and absorbs it into his body. You can say that Asora also helps his power growth, since the mana is really thick in that world, but his ritual is the reason why he can do it.

        This can easily be explained with why he suddenly grew in strength after he had a weak and frail body since birth. This happened right after he took up the bow, afterall.


      5. I understand, but I don’t buy it.

        why would he be able to grow so much by meditating? (double his mana each time is absurd IMO)
        why is he the only one who can do it? not like he has the monopoly of meditation.
        why is it so ‘limitless’?
        he only did it in asora, asora is part of his power and double of volume each ‘ritual’. that mean in his ritual he absorb a very small part of asora (let’s say less than 1% since people doesn’t notice the difference) and then asora’s volume double. How?

        I think it can be explained if it’s linked with tsukuyomi’s blessing that was used for asora. but I have absolutely no proof of anything, just a random guess.

        He was supposed to grow stronger while aging as his body would adapt more to ‘earth’ (past the 5 year old mark when he was supposed to die).
        I don’t think it’s linked to his ritual because it would mean he already had that power when he started archery and didn’t develop it by years of training.

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      6. You really can’t give any credit to Makoto can you?

        Meditation in itself is “reaching the peak of concentration” and Makoto has mastered it to a degree where he can instantly go into that state, that’s why he never misses with his bow.

        The reason why only he can do it is because only he can instantly access that state and he achieved it through his training. Do you know how long it takes to perfect meditation? It can take someone his entire lifetime to perfectly reach that point. It’s simply talent.

        Why is it limitless? How should I know? We never got an explanation about where mana comes from and why it exists now did we? …and are you trying to imply that the mana is supplied by Tsukyomi through his blessing? That would be absurd since Tsukyomi is currently out of mana, which means he can’t supply anymore and that’s why it is illogical to assume that the increase in mana in Asora is due to Tsukyomi’s power.

        Who is to say that Tsukyomi has anything to do with Asora? It could be a manifestation of Tomoe’s power through her link with Makoto, that’s why it grows whenever his mana pool increases and Asora was originally Tomoe’s ability. So far we can’t just assume anything until it’s explained, though.

        Tsukyomi already said that he only gave Makoto power. Sakai manifested by itself from that power, but as we have seen that it only becomes active if Makoto gives it a “command”.

        Seriously, it’s not a “power”, it’s a skill he obtained through training and yes, it’s when he started his archery training when he started to become physically stronger. It was mentioned in his sister’s pov.

        If you think that’s the case, then why isn’t his sisters the same? His older sister does Judo, a way more physical sport than archery. If we go with that logic, then his sister should be stronger than him, but she already mentioned that Makoto became physically stronger than her in her POV. That just doesn’t make sense.


      7. Actually, Tsukuyomi mentioned that his power was unwittingly sucked out by Makoto when he bestowed his blessing.

        Now that you mention it, could it simply be that Makoto is just expanding himself as a vessel with the “nothingness” of his meditation, and the overflowing power from Moon-bro fills that gap in every time?

        Nobody else could detect that power because Tsukuyomi’s power was vague even among gods to begin with, but it takes the form of magic power inside the mortal Makoto.

        If we go the route where Makoto chooses to stay mortal, it would be cool if he simply passes all his accumulated divine power over to Tsukuyomi, who suddenly inherits the ability for Creation because of that. Not to mention, since he seems to be a god that’s skilled at maintaining the relationships of nature, so he could feasibly come in to take over for a dethroned Bug.


      8. @Psychronia.

        Well, whatever the reason, I can’t just agree with it being just a “plot device” or a “miracle”. The way @redconolel puts things it sounds like Makoto’s strength only comes from his strong “magical power” and blessings he received from Tsukyomi. I bet he doesn’t see any strong points about Makoto. Can you list some @redcolonel?

        He has already shown us with his first encounter with Sofia and Lancer, that “just having power” doesn’t make you strong, you have to be able to use it. That’s why he trained and developed the magical armour.


      9. why I call it absurd is because of how out of proportion it is (double each time, that easily)
        I can understand that will training hard you become the best at farting, but it sound like a miracle if you become able to fly with your farts.
        that’s pretty much how I see it.

        I understand that because of his hard work, he became stronger than a other human,
        and even without talent (apart from the mystery talent he doesn’t seem to use) he was the strongest of the 3 summoned. zef said he was probably stronger than himself the day he fall in the wastelands IIRC

        asora was created by using tsukuyomi’s divin power. it was said by Athena, Susanoo and Shiva. it’s said to be triggered by the contract with tomoe, and was a result brough by an interaction between gods and people.
        it’s said to be linked to makoto.
        and remember that mokoto sucked enough of tsukuyomi’s power while receiving the blessing that it knocked him out for a century.

        my point was how when taking less than 1% of asora, he transform it in 100%? I can’t find a logical explanation apart that it’s somehow linked to the blessing that was consumed to make asora.

        “power” and “skill”, you’re are nitpicking.

        “it’s when he started his archery training when he started to become physically stronger. It was mentioned in his sister’s pov.”
        it’s subject to interpretation though
        he could be better because:
        -he passed the dangerous mark for his adaptation
        -he stopped doing close combat training that hurt him. and did sport without physical contact with others.
        -he started something that passion him, it played a role on his complexion
        -he started to train harde than before, making him adapt better
        maybe other reason, but if we take your explanation, that mean while showing result from when he started, he would have already gained that skill before starting. but I think it was said he gained this skill through harsh training for archery, that would mean when he started archery, he already had the skill he gained through archery.
        well that’s just how I see it.

        many plausible reasons for makoto being physically stronger
        -his sisters aren’t as dedicated as him to their training, since it’s not their vocation, but does it because their parents made them to. makoto was said to be very hard working about archery.
        -they didn’t had that big of an advantage to begin with, his big sister said she was weakest than average will being a kid.
        -makoto is a BOY, his sister are GIRLS. *triggered internally*

        I don’t think his strength come only from his magical power, it’s just in the eye of DiscoManiak, that ultra power-up should be seen as unfair.

        want some strong point from makoto?
        he is strong, king and hardworking.

        but I admit I am biased against him

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      10. ……Oooh…

        Something’s just occurred to me. Do we have confirmation that Makoto’s mana pool doubles every time he uses that meditation?

        What if it’s more of a flat quantity and it only seemed like it doubled that one specific time because that’s how strong Makoto was relative to the increase? Or what if it stopped doubling and started increasing at a smaller and smaller proportion?


      11. @Redcolonel it was stated by the author that Makoto is pretty mutch out of the norm the reason he does things that aren’t supposed to happen is because of his origin, a normal Hyuman wouldn’t have been able to survive on earth without a strong blessing like his parents recieved or inhereting adaptation from his parents, that only happened with his little sister. In his older sister point of view it shows how weak she was compared to other children but it also mentions that Makoto was in an even worse state that her, so one can understand how harsh that was for him. The fact that he survived that and managed to completely adapt to that enviroment is as miraculous as he doubling his mana. So if you acept his surviving in earth as his own effort then the double mana when training should be considered the same. Also Tsuki bro didn’t passed out only because he gave Makoto a blessing, it was the strain it put on him making the connection to the world of the Goddes, mantaining the connection far longuer that schaduled, and forcing his incarnation in that world to apologize to Makoto for the Goddes behaviour and the blessing, even more when he himself is not that strong of a diety so he wasn’t supposed to taxing himself that mutch. Now it doesn’t mean that the stregnh of the adventures of Origin is only plot deviece, they have also had time to properly train their skill to that level and have had a lot of life expierence as well.


      12. I didn’t mentioned it, but actually yes I consider makoto surviving a ‘miracle’.
        He was fated to die after his sister’s birth, but was healed by a healer, it bend fate, and it’s said was worth the luck of 5 lifetimes.
        probably the reason why he has an unconventional bad luck now.

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  2. One of Makoto’s main weaknesses in a fight, and the reason he’s so heavily invested in defense, is his poor ability to heal damage. He’s sort of the polar opposite of Mio in combat. In a fight of attrition where Makoto’s raw volume of manifest magic doesn’t block out all damage and the enemy can’t be put down directly he’ll need to work to disable. The silver arms would be the easy way to restrain Aznoval. They could probably kill him as well.

    A serious weakness of Makoto’s defense this fight exposed is his lack of mid-air maneuverability. If I was building a defense using Makoto’s armor as a base I’d go with reactive armor spells and MKV-L maneuvering.

    Hm, was Makoto even able to retain any of the Tomoe’s aptitude for healing from when she and Emma were healing him after the fight with Mio? I don’t recall.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Makoto does seem to have a problem where his body resists healing magic for some reason.
      I’m hoping he’ll eventually just tap into Mio’s regeneration power after a while.

      Regarding the air maneuverability, though…didn’t he have ability to turn mana into platforms he could jump off of?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Maybe, but it’s Super Metroid vs. Descent II control. If you can’t accelerate freely in any direction then inertia will ruin your day.
        Then again, enough inertia applied correctly will still ruin your day regardless.

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      2. I’m not quite sure I understand.

        With Makoto’s natural strength combined with the ability to essentially kick off the air, doesn’t he essentially have a fairly omnidirectional air dash? I guess turning might be a bit difficult, but that can probably be resolved with some clever angling.

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      3. “doesn’t he essentially have a fairly omnidirectional air dash?”

        You nailed the problem in your description. It’s a dash which however fast a dash relies on Makoto’s awareness and reflexes. He also has to build a platform out of magic, reorient himself in space and then use his primitive ape legs to propel himself forward along a determined ballistic trajectory.

        Or to put it another way –

        Also, someone who already has to concentrate a lot for their offensive benefits considerably from having automagic damage avoidance. Give the armor reactive thrust vectoring to move Makoto out of the path of powerful direct attacks and he won’t get stabbed like he was here, or caught out and carried by the momentum of an attack like the moonlight slash. Also also, being able to move omnidirectionally without changing your facing makes you generally harder to predict and hit.

        Hm. You know, I bet if Tomoe or Mio convinced Makoto that sleeping with them would empower them somehow he’d do it. He bit pretty hard on the naming-gives-power thing. But then Shiki might have to take one for the team.

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  3. Reigokai: I felt this chapter was needed to be together with the previous one!
    Me: come ooooon! the last chapter didn’t make me want to read this one! But this one made me want to read the next one!! Take responsability!!!

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  4. Read Wuxia, Xianxia and such other Chinese novel to understand their usage of Meditation. Other than this, Makoto showing his other side should of affect all those who saw him. It’s just like the time Mio saw Makoto expression and Tomoe seeing Makoto expression. His change in expression doesn’t give much impact than those other situations he shows his expression.

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  5. Anyone want to check out the novel I’m writing, it only has 2 chapters at the moment but I’d like some feedback. It’s a reincarnated into a different world story 😛 So please if you could read it that would be awesome thanks. 🙂


  6. Awesome website you have here but I was curious
    if you knew of any forums that cover the same topics talked about in this article?
    I’d really love to be a part of community where I can get
    opinions from other experienced people that share the same interest.
    If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Bless you!


  7. thanks for the chapter!

    seriously…? you know that he’s immortal and still think that an arrow in the head would stop him and go “AHH I didn’t expect it!” like a retarded, Makoto very much deserves it, maybe this attack would awake him from his retardedness

    Aznoval is way more annoying though and that haughty attitude of his, I hope he dies a miserable death but alas, the situation is hopeless with this author


  8. “That means…Raidou-kun is still in his weakened state?” (Hitsuna)”

    Huh? Weird. On the previous chapter it was clearly stated that the debuffing was cut and he could fight at 100% his power. Did the author forgot about that?
    Also, seeing how strong these Origin dudes were, i thought “as expected from 1000yo humans”, but if this is their level after having their power doubled and that of their rivals reduced… What a let down.


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