Chapter 52-53: Battle Ensemble

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“[Water Blessing]!”

Celestis makes her divine relic, Miki Moses, flutter and bestows some sort of divine power effect on Karen-san and Mirack. <Lol, Mickey Mouse.>

“Now, with this, you two can walk on the water surface! You can walk up to that octopus-looking sea monster and directly punch it!” (Celestis)

“A blessing skill of the water divine power. I wanted to experience it at least once with this body of mine, but to think the day would actually come.” (Mirack)

“Celestis-san, octopuses have 8 legs, but that sea monster has 8 heads, you know.” (Karen)

“Your retort is way too nitpicky!!” (Celestis)

Like this, the three kick the water surface as they draw nearer to the Great Sea Dragon.

On the other hand, the Great Sea Dragon -Hydra Serpent- had already received the order of its master and woken up from its slumber, and was showing its ferociousness that’s most likely its real nature without any restraints.

A high-pitched roar, that was not fitting of its outer appearance, travels on the waves and reverberates through all directions.

“Mirack-chan, could this be!!” (Karen)

“Yeah, if it’s only based on size, it would be on the level of the fire cow Phalaris. Its strength is most likely on that level as well!!” (Mirack)

The more they approach it, the more overwhelmed they were by its size. Can’t be helped.

The Great Sea Dragon’s 8 heads turn towards the 3 little preys. Even if they turn 2 heads to each of them, there would still be heads remaining.

“Uhyoooo! This might be my first time fighting against something this big!” (Celestis)

“That shows your lack of experience, Celestis. We have experience, you know, quite recently!” (Mirack)

On the other side, the venue was noisy with this unexpected event. The officials were suggesting them to take refuge, but there was not a single person who heard them out and stood from their seats.

Everyone believes. In this crisis, their heroes will definitely break through it. By some twist of fate, there were 2 other heroes here as well.

Is there any threat that 3 heroes cannot overcome?

As expected, heroes are the very definition of hope for the people in this world.

“The despair of having their hopes crushed. The expression of the people that have been dyed in that color of despair, don’t you think that’s also quite the fun and enjoyable moment?”


This guy that is currently mimicking the form of a human had stood on the stage, that already had no performance going on because the leads had jumped out of it, and was watching the battle that was about to begin at the faraway distance in this big sea.

There was no problem in going up the stage. The live is essentially suspended, so the audience’s attention was directed at a different direction.

There were a number of staff members on the stage as well that were watching over the battle that was about to begin while gulping down.

“This tension, feeling it with my body directly, I am now sure of something. This will be the best show. No, maybe it is better to call it an execution show? The execution of the light hero and fire hero, that is.” (Coacervate)


“Haine-san, I am repeating myself here but, don’t move, okay? If you go, it would all go down the drain after all. Along with Hydra Ville.” (Coacervate)

“Yeah, I know. I won’t move.” (Haine)

I won’t, that is.

At the sea, it was in a stalemate where they were glaring at each other. But this was only the calm before the storm, with just one sign of a ‘start’, the raging waves of battle will begin to move.

“…Mirack-chan, are you okay? The opponent is water element no matter where you look at it…” (Karen)

“It is the worst affinity against my fire element huh. No problem. I will concentrate on one spot and make it into roasted fish!” (Mirack)

“Don’t just try to solve things with fighting spirit, okay? Anyways, we will have the all-purpose light element Karen-chan as our trump card, and I will act as the defense and support. The useless Mirack can run around and attract the attention of a few of those heads, concentrate in being the bait. That’s all!” (Celestis)

“You are giving quite the detailed instructions, are you serious?!” (Mirack)

“Why are you snapping when I am getting serious?!” (Celestis)

But those girls probably understand in the bottom of their hearts.

‘Even if the three of us perfectly utilize our strengths, it won’t be easy to defeat that Great Sea Dragon’.

Unless a miracle occurs or they sacrifice their own lives.

Those girls are probably already hardening their resolve.

I watched over that figure of theirs from the stage. I could only watch over them.

If I participate, the Water God Coacervate will immediately show his true character and slaughter any human on sight.

“I won’t move!” (Haine)

That’s right, I won’t.

Please move in my stead.

“Guardian of Darkness!” (Haine)


That sound became the signal to begin the battle.

It was the sound of something punching the Great Sea Dragon. Moreover, it was a vehement and giant punch. Receiving that, one of the eight heads sunk into the water.

“Eh?!” “Wa?!” “Hah?!”

That punch was not unleashed by Karen-san, Mirack, or Celestis; it was something that had a body several times bigger than them.

A giant shadow that was towering at the back of the Great Sea Dragon.

“What? What is that black giant?!” (Mirack)

“Is that a monster as well?!” (Celestis)

That’s right, a black giant.

With a body that doesn’t fall short to that of the Great Sea Dragon, it looked down on the sea monster along with Karen-san and the others.

And its body was black; black in its entirety.

That giant, that is being covered wholly in darkness, is what I used a whole night to create. This world’s first…

Dark element monster.

  • 53: Dark Guardian

“W-W-What is that?!”

The sudden intrusion of another monster. The one who was shocked the most was Coacervate.

Well, that’s a given. Things have been going perfectly as he planned until now, but suddenly, an irregularity occurs. Moreover, it is on the level of being able to destroy everything.

“Haine-san! Is this your doing?!” (Coacervate)

“I am not moving~. I am not participating~.” (Haine)

“Nonsense! I can tell by using my God part. That black giant is a mass of dark divine power. In other words, a dark element monster. The only one who can create that is you, the Dark God, isn’t that right?!” (Coacervate)

“You’re being loud. The people around will hear you.” (Haine)

But the people at our surroundings had their attention taken by the heroes, the Great Sea Dragon, and the mysterious black giant at the sea, so the talk of the others was not entering their ears at all.

That’s right. Last night, after the talk with Coacervate, I entered into action immediately, utilized the small flying machine of Karen-san without permission to return to Apollon City, and shook Yorishiro awake to ask: ‘How do I make monsters?’.

Yorishiro is the reincarnation of the Light Goddess Inflation.

I was sealed for 1,600 years, so I don’t know how to make monsters, and the only one I could ask about it was her.

The fire cow Phalaris who is wasting away at Muspelheim -the Fire God Nova- is also an option, but asking him would be troublesome in a lot of meanings.

And so, it ended up in me asking Yorishiro.

Maybe because of personal reasons, she is the only one who hasn’t created monsters among the five Gods, so there was uneasiness, but well, it somehow worked.

And so, utilizing the production method that I had just heard of, what came out of it in a hurry was that giant.

For my first time, I would say it came out pretty well.

“To think you would get in the way of my scenario in this way!!” (Coacervate)

“If I caught the back of the underhanded God like this, it was a huge success, maybe?” (Haine)

Monsters are not pseudo-life forms that only exist to attack humans.They move depending on the orders of the God that created them.

I ordered that black giant to ‘defeat the Hydra Serpent, don’t attack humans’, and that guy is loyally following that order and is currently fighting against the Hydra Serpent.

Giant monster vs Giant monster.

Even when looking at this fight from afar, it had incredible intensity.

The black giant was taking advantage of its big body and grabbed 2 of the 8 heads of the Hydra Serpent with both of its hands and tried to yank them off with brute force.

That attack must have been effective. The Hydra Serpent was writhing in pain, and with the remaining 6 heads, it wrapped around the body of the black giant and bites into it with their fangs.

Instead of blood, pitch black darkness came gushing out of those wounds.

“…Looks like your monster isn’t that big of a deal. My Hydra Serpent is better.” (Coacervate)

Coacervate said this with a relieved tone.

“Obviously so. Monster production needs a decent amount of time and effort. That simple-minded Nova-san took 10 years in order to create the fire cow Phalaris that would serve as its vessel, and took another year to wait for its growth. My Hydra Serpent is also something that took a decent amount of time to create, you know?” (Coacervate)

I understand what he is trying to say.

The black giant I created was a rushed work created in one night.

“Even so, in this short amount of time, you were able to create something of that level. As expected of one of the two poles that stand above the other four basic elements within the six Gods. But you were a bit hasty, maybe? Looks like that impromptu work of yours was unable to defeat my masterpiece.” (Coacervate)

Just as Coacervate said, the fangs of the sea monster were sinking deeper and deeper, and dark divine power was gushing out.

At this rate, it might be split apart.

“Thanks for the humorous pointless struggle, Haine-san. It was pathetic and worth the watch. Once that impromptu creation of yours is defeated, I will have those girls be—” (Coacervate)

“That guy’s role is not to defeat the Hydra Serpent.” (Haine)

My words made the characteristic tone of Coacervate stop.

I am plenty aware that I wouldn’t be able to defeat that Hydra Serpent with my impromptu monster. But that’s fine. That guy won’t defeat the Hydra Serpent, it shouldn’t defeat it.

The reason why is because that job was already set for someone else.

*   *   *

Linking with the senses of the Black Giant, I was able to hear the conversation taking place at the faraway battle.

“Oi, what should we do?!” (Mirack)

“The monsters are fighting? A breakup?” (Celestis)

Karen-san, Mirack, and Celestis who were prepared to face the monster were dumbfounded by the unexpected situation.

“Seriously, what should we do?! I have never seen or heard about a fight between monsters! How do we deal with this?!” (Mirack)

“Should we attack both at once? No, both are giant monsters. Even against one, who would know if we would be able to defeat it. If we manage this poorly, we might provoke both of them to us. In this situation, we should wait for both to grow exhausted and…” (Celestis)

Everyone was bewildered and were unable to decide on their next action, but…

“[Holy Light Blade]!”

The light sword wave directly hit one of the necks of the Hydra Serpent. It didn’t sever through it at once, but water divine power was flowing out from the cut.

“Please attack the sea monster!!” (Karen)

Karen-san says this with her holy sword Saint-George in hand.

“Karen-chan?!” (Celestis)

“Attack the Great Sea Dragon?! Then what are we going to do about that black giant?! Are we going to leave it for later?!” (Mirack)

“The black one is an ally!” (Karen)


The words of Karen-san were throwing the two around.

“What are you saying Karen?! A monster is an ally?! Did you receive some sort of confusion attack?!” (Mirack)

“Monsters attacking each other is something that has never been seen before, but monsters taking the side of humans is something that will never happen!! Get yourself together, light hero! As expected, in this situation we should retreat for now and—” (Celestis)

“No!!” (Karen)

Karen-san roars.

“I can tell. That black giant is probably is something that doesn’t align with any common sense we know of. Because that one is most likely…a dark element monster!!” (Karen)

“Dark element?!” (Mirack)

“Wa, what’s that?!” (Celestis)

Karen-san who had guessed it correctly received two different reactions.

Mirack who already knew about the hidden God of Creation, the Dark God Entropy, and the one who doesn’t know, Celestis.

“…I see, that’s interesting. In order to investigate it properly, we would have to defeat that wriggling one first.” (Mirack)

“Even Mirack?! What did you two girls understand about this?! But well, it sounds like that plan would have a good reception from the audience, so I will do it too!” (Celestis)

That’s right, defeating monsters is not the job of monsters; defeating monsters…is the job of heroes.

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