Chapter 246: Now that I think about it, that did happen

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The things I know of Lorel Union, are actually not that much.

I only know that even when it is a continent, it is slightly isolated by mountain ranges, and that they adore Japanese Wise, and because of it, the country possesses a peculiar culture.

I only roughly know the structure of it.

Also, the fact that they are actually using kanji as Wise writing, which tells me that the influence of Japanese people is relatively big.

But this is the world of the Goddess.

The people I know from Lorel are my student Izumo, and the distinguished Sairitz-san. The features of those two are pretty different from those of Japanese.

If we to put together all the people, it is true that they look a bit more yellowish than white and black people, but they look more like they have a variety of features mixed from Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Japanese.

There’s a lot of people with strong Japanese factors in them, which have an outward appearance that are pretty much to my liking, making the number of times I look at them again increase.

Since coming to this world, I have seen so many beautiful people, and yet, I feel like the time when I first arrived at Zenno and Tsige.

“And so, there’s those kind of circumstances involved. It was a time that had a tense atmosphere going around, even within us.” (Shougetsu)

But, from the outside, you can’t tell how much they have taken reference of Japan.

This country Lorel, is in a strange situation where the Edo period -that Tomoe loves- and the modern era have been fused.

It can’t be called the latter periods of Edo, but even so, it is not in their initial stages either. It felt as if an outside culture in the Meiji era<1868-1912> has begun to receive the Japanese culture in massive amounts.

What I can say for sure is that, in the past, it was a country that had Japanese factors by a lot.

It seems like Hibiki-senpai had come to Lorel recently, and she probably had a time when she felt nostalgic as well.

The city of Mizuha, the cityscape, the food; it has a feel as if a foreigner had gone to Japan once, and tried making a theme park out of that experience.

I think Mizuha is interesting.

I am looking forward to Kannaoi and the other places too.

And yet, the old man in front of me was speaking of something that was withering my motivation.

“Raidou-dono? The Raidou-dono that is working as the teacher of Izumo-sama. The fiance of Iroha-sama, Izumo-sama.” (Shougetsu)

“I can hear you. I am listening.” (Makoto)

The talk of Shougetsu-san not only had the faint smell of trouble, it smelled completely like trouble.

To the point that just listening to it made my ears hurt.

Putting it shortly, it is a conflict between households.

Literally a strife of heirs.

The favorite dish of Tomoe.

That’s most likely why she poked her head into it in an instant.

The destination is Kannaoi, the type that had Yaso-Katsui involved, which is like the specialty product of that land. The kind of problem that has whatever-its-name magistrates, and the whatever-that-name-was big shots involved in it.

The local feudal lord in this case, would be the current head of the Osakabe family, maybe?

From what the Shougetsu-san said, it doesn’t seem like the current feudal lord is suffering from any illness or weakened, so that should be the case.

Factions that wants to make the princess or prince of the family into their leader, and the princes and princesses that were not allowed to enter one, or have been judged as as an hindrance, are targeted.

The special 10% of the group.

‘You have understood their standing, and you are already involved in it’, is what the eyes of Shougetsu-san were saying.

There’s still the ‘escape’ command, but in this case, Tomoe will be coming from behind anyways.

She will be making infinite petitions to me.

In essence, I have no choice but to get involved.

I don’t know if our visit to Kannaoi in the middle of a household strife was a coincidence or the plan of someone, but if I wait till it ends, by the time that happens, the revolution in Tsige would be over too.

“Iroha-sama has the role of inviting the blood of the Ikusabe household into ours, and deepening our relationship.” (Shougetsu)

…Isn’t it more accurate to call it ‘shouldering’?

She is just being one-sidedly made to shoulder this burden, by deciding the person they are going to be marrying before being born.

Using marriage as a political tool is something that happens not only in Japan but in every country. Thinking about it rationally, it isn’t something to condemn.

In history, there’s most likely a lot of situations where that happened, and it most likely happens in the modern era as well.

This kind of things probably still continue.

Becoming a family should be a simple act where the two trust each other, and are joined into the same house, but it does hold a strong significance.

Thinking about it in a plebeian mindset would be a mistake.

‘A mutual-love marriage is best’, this thought is in a part of my head, so I just can’t help but feel weird about it.

“She is the fiancee of Izumo after all. Moreover, it is not the wife entering the family, but the husband.” (Makoto)

When you hear about the fiance of a princess, you also think that it is the wife that is the one entering the family. But of course, there’s also the possibility of the contrary.

“In other words, it is one of the methods to peacefully settle the long dispute between households. It is literally the sentiments of the people that wish for peace.” (Shougetsu)

“Calming down a dispute with marriage. Rather than bringing harmony between families, it is more like, assimilating a family huh.” (Makoto)

How long-winded.

In the first place, the Ikusabe are in Naoi, and the Osakabe are in Kannaoi, and both of them hold territories in their respective lands, so I don’t think a single marriage will change anything drastically.

“Aside from Iroha-sama, he also has a lot of other fiancees promised to him, and yet, the moment their backing fell, there were a number of people that didn’t think favorably of this betrothal and stepped in to interfere.” (Shougetsu)

“That’s why Iroha-sama’s life is being targeted.” (Makoto)

Are they really going as far as aiming for her life?

Mizuha is pretty far away from Kannaoi.

If she has become the target of assassination, I think it would be quite careless to walk all the way to a place like this.

“In reality, the actions of the princess-sama this time has made us hold our heads in pain. Even though the seventh princess has already fallen into the hands of a ruffian, she decided to do something like land survey at this kind of time.” (Shougetsu)


Right now, Shougetsu-san absent-mindedly said something incredible.

She went through the trouble of escaping from her room and running away from home, to secretly go and do land survey.

That princess is really quite decisive.

She is a girl that swims in an open air bath so, in other words, she is a little different from the princesses and high-class girls out there.

“But maybe this is a fortune within the misfortune. We have coincidentally had the chance to meet Raidou-dono who is heading to Kannaoi. This must be the guidance of the Spirit-samas and Wise-samas.” (Shougetsu)

Shougetsu-san is the only one who is denoting us as allies while looking joyful.

The eyes of Akashi-san and Yuduki-san are telling me that they don’t trust me yet.

The servants aren’t showing much emotions and just staying at the back. Doesn’t seem like they will be taking part in the conversation either.

“I don’t really have much of a problem in having you accompany us on the way to Kannaoi, but…we are heading to the labyrinth with a business in our hands, so I don’t think we will be able to cooperate as much as you wish us to.” (Makoto)

Let’s properly delineate a line.

If it is in an extent that can coexist with my job, I don’t mind a certain degree of trouble, but I can’t prioritize this and put the labyrinth for later.

The number one reason for coming to Lorel was because we were doing this for Tsige.

I can’t forget that part.

“No problem. It is fine with having Raidou-dono bring along Iroha-sama to Kannaoi. We will bring the double of Iroha-sama and serve as decoys. In that time, become the cover of Iroha-sama without making her stand out and—” (Shougetsu)

“Who’s there?!” (Yuduki)

Yuduki-san shouts and takes her stance.

There’s no windows here.

There’s also no presence of an exit and entrance.

Then…above huh.

At the other side of the ceiling.

Three people.

The moment I thought about doing something, a part of the ceiling had crumbled, and instead of escaping the instant they were exposed, they rushed in to attack.

How bold.

The rope has already been untied, so I am a free person.

I check the opponents.

Because of the crumbled ceiling, dust is fluttering about, and armed shadows were keenly moving within it.

Each of the three attacked Shougetsu-san’s group.

Instead of black clothing to slip into the night, they are armed huh.

It seems like this group was aiming for a bloodshed from the very beginning.

“Akashi!!” (Yuduki)

“I know, I leave the old man and the women to you!!” (Akashi)

The two bodyguards here also begin their movements well.

It seems like Akashi-san is carrying two while Yuduki-san is tasked to protect Shougetsu-san and the others.

A small confined space. Even if they have already noticed their presence, there’s no agitation even when it was a surprise attack.

I couldn’t tell at the time with Tomoe, but it seems like these two are good in their coordination.


This might end without the need for me to help.

These people aren’t using thought transmission.

If thought transmission was used, I would be able to intercept it, so I can say this for certainty.

If it’s intercepting thought transmissions, leave it to me.

I can take care of all the thought transmissions within a 3km radius.

…I definitely won’t tell that to anyone though.

Being seen as a walking wiretap would be troublesome in a lot of meanings.


If they aren’t using thought transmission, in this situation, it should be a moment they would want to escape no matter what, right?

Then, why did they go for an attack rather than escaping?

If their aim is Iroha-chan, information about there being a decoy should be pretty important to have their companions know about.

“Oraa! If you have trained arms, come to me! If you don’t come, I will be the one…wait, what?!” (Yuduki)

“Low-lives that aim for people that don’t have weapons are going to face my wrath…what?” (Akashi)

Right after their thoughts had taken in the situation, they noticed another possibility.

The movements as if aiming Shougetsu-san and the others was a faint!

The three, who I was following with my eyes while sitting, were heading towards my direction.


No matter how you think about it, I am still an outsider.

Shouldn’t I be the last one you aim for?

The three come to me from three different directions. With no hesitation, and with advanced coordination, they took an attack stance at the same time.

Pretty high level.

Even so, I haven’t heard about the spies of Lorel’s being high level.

That description applies to Aion Kingdom.

Even I who have fought against the spies of Aion, was surprised by the proficient movements of these three.

These are not movements of a spy…they are the moves of an assassin.

“Sharp Step.”

“Enhance – Death’s touch.”

“Largo Tempo.”

The three activated their skills at the same time.

Speed up, increase in attack power plus added effect for chance of instant death, pain numbing.

All of them had effect in the whole party.

This is one of the higher jobs of Shadow Thieves, the skills of the Shadowless.

I have an acquaintance in Tsige that was a Shadow Thief, so I could tell the effects of the skills.

Thief, assassin; whichever it is, the three that have the same advanced-class jobs are coming towards me with the intent to kill me.

Pain numbing will be troublesome when trying to make them spill the beans, so I will dispel that one first.

Just by having a bit of buffs placed on themselves won’t make them pass through my Magic Armor.

It is said that even a master will have difficulties dealing with attacks from three different directions at the same time, but this is a fantasy world with magic.

None of the daggers reach me and were stopped by the Magic Armor.

“You went through the trouble of buffing yourselves, but I will have to cancel th—” (Makoto)

Ah, there’s no need to make them talk.

The eyes of this girl…so that’s what this is.

“W-What?!” (Akashi)

Akashi-san was surprised that the assassins’ attacks were redirected at me, and that the attacks didn’t manage to work and had stopped; she made a shout with both of those emotions.

Ah, as I thought, from within the people here, she might be the one I like the most.

“How pitiful, a puppet.” (Makoto)

I mutter these words.

The three assassins, young girls.

Those eyes of theirs were muddy with thick magic power.

There’s no need to check thoroughly. Their whole bodies are being invaded by it.

I know of this. This is the ability of ‘that person’.

“…For the sake of the hero.”

“You are the enemy of Tomoki-sama.”

“Raidou, definitely kill.”

Just how much of it was actually the order of Tomoki, and just how much was it the rampaging of these girls? I can’t tell that.

At this point, that doesn’t matter.

If they wanted to, they would be able to show suitable strength, and yet, they were like machines. An accurate, coldhearted, and distasteful attack.

That Tomoki, it seems like he hasn’t changed.

“Can’t be helped huh.” (Makoto)


Yuduki-san probably noticed the change in my emotions, or maybe she reacted to something that was unexpected, she made a voice that reflected those kind of feelings from her.

Judging from her timing, it might be because she saw my actions. It is harder to distinct exactly because she is a person that seems to be pretty perceptive.

At the same time as I muttered this, I change gears and grab the neck of the assassin at the right with the hand of the Magic Armor, and…break it.

I did the same with the one at the left, grab her head and crush it onto the wall.

Luckily, there’s no one close to the one at the front, so I continuously shot Brids at her chest and pierced through three points of her.

From the three holes that formed a triangle, the one at the top was the biggest. You could clearly see the other side through those holes.

It is nice that there was no annoying screaming.

If that guy is doing something bad in Lorel, it might not be such a bad idea to moderately crush what he is doing.

Having a conversation with him…at this point, no way.

If he comes to make a stupid negotiation with me again, even if I am to make the Empire my enemy, I wouldn’t mind.

I thought that Izumo got me involved with Iroha-chan, but now there’s the possibility that this was a plot from Tomoki.

Seriously, good grief.


Shougetsu-san and the others were stiffened.

Crap, was it bad for me to clean this up?

“Ah, sorry. Was it bad for me to clean it up? It seemed like they were assassins though.” (Makoto)

Just in case, I don’t mention that this is related to Tomoki and the Empire.

I want some positive proof of how much relation he has.

It is fine to just bring this information back and have Tomoe make a different team to leak the information.

“They seemed like…quite the proficient fighters though…”

“Ah, well, to a certain extent, yeah. But we have also gone through our share of struggles, so something of this level, no matter how many there are, it won’t be a problem. I’m on active duty after all.” (Makoto)

I crushed the head of one of them, but since I have the chance, let’s try checking the faces of  the remaining two.

I take off the cloth from the face of the first and third one.


Could it be…I feel like I have seen their faces before…


The girls that Tomoki was going to exchange with me for Tomoe!

That means, the other one was also one of them.

Hah…to think that these girls were dispatched to Lorel after that.

How pitiful.

Let’s pray for them.

Pray that they don’t get involved with me and Tomoki in their next life.

“You have seen them before?” (Akashi)

Maybe Akashi-san still hasn’t gone out from fighting mode yet, her tone was rough as she asked me who had my hands joined together.

“Nope. Death is something that accompanies battles, but isn’t it fine to pray after it is over?” (Makoto)

It is a bit of a lie.

It is because I somewhat know them that I am now praying for them.

That’s the truth.

“Well, that’s your freedom. Uhm, sorry. I just can’t like merchants. But I have now understood that you are not a simple merchant. That’s why, it might be for a short time but, I-I look forward to working with you.” (Akashi)

“Same here. Look forward to working with you.” (Makoto)

“…Without a single change in temperament, and without a single change in the color of your face, you finished the assassins with polished movements. Whatever your job may be, you have shown me something incredibly terrifying. From now on, I will be careful with my behavior.” (Yuduki)

“It is not that much. I am simply a merchant that is used to a certain extent of trouble.” (Makoto)

It seems like Akashi-san and Yuduki-san have a better evaluation of me.


Leaving aside Akashi-san, Yuduki-san has a pale face. I wonder if that can be considered a better evaluation.

She did say that she will be careful with her behavior, so there’s no need to care about the details. Yeah.

I simply eliminated the enemies that we had no point in conversing with.

Seriously, how exaggerated.

Shougetsu-san has his eyes wide open.

The servant-san had fainted at some point in time.

Well, with this, it seems like the matter with Shougetsu-san and Iroha-chan will be wrapped up.

Then, let’s go for the exchange of information.

If I remember correctly, Beren-san said that he will be visiting his former homes, and after that, headed to the mountains. The rare composition of Arkes and Forest Onis have gone to investigate the valley of Yaso-Katsui and the vicinities of Kannaoi, but…I wonder how they are doing.

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