Chapter 246: Now that I think about it, that did happen

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The things I know of Lorel Union, are actually not that much.

I only know that even when it is a continent, it is slightly isolated by mountain ranges, and that they adore Japanese Wise, and because of it, the country possesses a peculiar culture.

I only roughly know the structure of it.

Also, the fact that they are actually using kanji as Wise writing, which tells me that the influence of Japanese people is relatively big.

But this is the world of the Goddess.

The people I know from Lorel are my student Izumo, and the distinguished Sairitz-san. The features of those two are pretty different from those of Japanese.

If we to put together all the people, it is true that they look a bit more yellowish than white and black people, but they look more like they have a variety of features mixed from Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Japanese.

There’s a lot of people with strong Japanese factors in them, which have an outward appearance that are pretty much to my liking, making the number of times I look at them again increase.

Since coming to this world, I have seen so many beautiful people, and yet, I feel like the time when I first arrived at Zenno and Tsige.

“And so, there’s those kind of circumstances involved. It was a time that had a tense atmosphere going around, even within us.” (Shougetsu)

But, from the outside, you can’t tell how much they have taken reference of Japan.

This country Lorel, is in a strange situation where the Edo period -that Tomoe loves- and the modern era have been fused.

It can’t be called the latter periods of Edo, but even so, it is not in their initial stages either. It felt as if an outside culture in the Meiji era<1868-1912> has begun to receive the Japanese culture in massive amounts.

What I can say for sure is that, in the past, it was a country that had Japanese factors by a lot.

It seems like Hibiki-senpai had come to Lorel recently, and she probably had a time when she felt nostalgic as well.

The city of Mizuha, the cityscape, the food; it has a feel as if a foreigner had gone to Japan once, and tried making a theme park out of that experience.

I think Mizuha is interesting.

I am looking forward to Kannaoi and the other places too.

And yet, the old man in front of me was speaking of something that was withering my motivation.

“Raidou-dono? The Raidou-dono that is working as the teacher of Izumo-sama. The fiance of Iroha-sama, Izumo-sama.” (Shougetsu)

“I can hear you. I am listening.” (Makoto)

The talk of Shougetsu-san not only had the faint smell of trouble, it smelled completely like trouble.

To the point that just listening to it made my ears hurt.

Putting it shortly, it is a conflict between households.

Literally a strife of heirs.

The favorite dish of Tomoe.

That’s most likely why she poked her head into it in an instant.

The destination is Kannaoi, the type that had Yaso-Katsui involved, which is like the specialty product of that land. The kind of problem that has whatever-its-name magistrates, and the whatever-that-name-was big shots involved in it.

The local feudal lord in this case, would be the current head of the Osakabe family, maybe?

From what the Shougetsu-san said, it doesn’t seem like the current feudal lord is suffering from any illness or weakened, so that should be the case.

Factions that wants to make the princess or prince of the family into their leader, and the princes and princesses that were not allowed to enter one, or have been judged as as an hindrance, are targeted.

The special 10% of the group.

‘You have understood their standing, and you are already involved in it’, is what the eyes of Shougetsu-san were saying.

There’s still the ‘escape’ command, but in this case, Tomoe will be coming from behind anyways.

She will be making infinite petitions to me.

In essence, I have no choice but to get involved.

I don’t know if our visit to Kannaoi in the middle of a household strife was a coincidence or the plan of someone, but if I wait till it ends, by the time that happens, the revolution in Tsige would be over too.

“Iroha-sama has the role of inviting the blood of the Ikusabe household into ours, and deepening our relationship.” (Shougetsu)

…Isn’t it more accurate to call it ‘shouldering’?

She is just being one-sidedly made to shoulder this burden, by deciding the person they are going to be marrying before being born.

Using marriage as a political tool is something that happens not only in Japan but in every country. Thinking about it rationally, it isn’t something to condemn.

In history, there’s most likely a lot of situations where that happened, and it most likely happens in the modern era as well.

This kind of things probably still continue.

Becoming a family should be a simple act where the two trust each other, and are joined into the same house, but it does hold a strong significance.

Thinking about it in a plebeian mindset would be a mistake.

‘A mutual-love marriage is best’, this thought is in a part of my head, so I just can’t help but feel weird about it.

“She is the fiancee of Izumo after all. Moreover, it is not the wife entering the family, but the husband.” (Makoto)

When you hear about the fiance of a princess, you also think that it is the wife that is the one entering the family. But of course, there’s also the possibility of the contrary.

“In other words, it is one of the methods to peacefully settle the long dispute between households. It is literally the sentiments of the people that wish for peace.” (Shougetsu)

“Calming down a dispute with marriage. Rather than bringing harmony between families, it is more like, assimilating a family huh.” (Makoto)

How long-winded.

In the first place, the Ikusabe are in Naoi, and the Osakabe are in Kannaoi, and both of them hold territories in their respective lands, so I don’t think a single marriage will change anything drastically.

“Aside from Iroha-sama, he also has a lot of other fiancees promised to him, and yet, the moment their backing fell, there were a number of people that didn’t think favorably of this betrothal and stepped in to interfere.” (Shougetsu)

“That’s why Iroha-sama’s life is being targeted.” (Makoto)

Are they really going as far as aiming for her life?

Mizuha is pretty far away from Kannaoi.

If she has become the target of assassination, I think it would be quite careless to walk all the way to a place like this.

“In reality, the actions of the princess-sama this time has made us hold our heads in pain. Even though the seventh princess has already fallen into the hands of a ruffian, she decided to do something like land survey at this kind of time.” (Shougetsu)


Right now, Shougetsu-san absent-mindedly said something incredible.

She went through the trouble of escaping from her room and running away from home, to secretly go and do land survey.

That princess is really quite decisive.

She is a girl that swims in an open air bath so, in other words, she is a little different from the princesses and high-class girls out there.

“But maybe this is a fortune within the misfortune. We have coincidentally had the chance to meet Raidou-dono who is heading to Kannaoi. This must be the guidance of the Spirit-samas and Wise-samas.” (Shougetsu)

Shougetsu-san is the only one who is denoting us as allies while looking joyful.

The eyes of Akashi-san and Yuduki-san are telling me that they don’t trust me yet.

The servants aren’t showing much emotions and just staying at the back. Doesn’t seem like they will be taking part in the conversation either.

“I don’t really have much of a problem in having you accompany us on the way to Kannaoi, but…we are heading to the labyrinth with a business in our hands, so I don’t think we will be able to cooperate as much as you wish us to.” (Makoto)

Let’s properly delineate a line.

If it is in an extent that can coexist with my job, I don’t mind a certain degree of trouble, but I can’t prioritize this and put the labyrinth for later.

The number one reason for coming to Lorel was because we were doing this for Tsige.

I can’t forget that part.

“No problem. It is fine with having Raidou-dono bring along Iroha-sama to Kannaoi. We will bring the double of Iroha-sama and serve as decoys. In that time, become the cover of Iroha-sama without making her stand out and—” (Shougetsu)

“Who’s there?!” (Yuduki)

Yuduki-san shouts and takes her stance.

There’s no windows here.

There’s also no presence of an exit and entrance.

Then…above huh.

At the other side of the ceiling.

Three people.

The moment I thought about doing something, a part of the ceiling had crumbled, and instead of escaping the instant they were exposed, they rushed in to attack.

How bold.

The rope has already been untied, so I am a free person.

I check the opponents.

Because of the crumbled ceiling, dust is fluttering about, and armed shadows were keenly moving within it.

Each of the three attacked Shougetsu-san’s group.

Instead of black clothing to slip into the night, they are armed huh.

It seems like this group was aiming for a bloodshed from the very beginning.

“Akashi!!” (Yuduki)

“I know, I leave the old man and the women to you!!” (Akashi)

The two bodyguards here also begin their movements well.

It seems like Akashi-san is carrying two while Yuduki-san is tasked to protect Shougetsu-san and the others.

A small confined space. Even if they have already noticed their presence, there’s no agitation even when it was a surprise attack.

I couldn’t tell at the time with Tomoe, but it seems like these two are good in their coordination.


This might end without the need for me to help.

These people aren’t using thought transmission.

If thought transmission was used, I would be able to intercept it, so I can say this for certainty.

If it’s intercepting thought transmissions, leave it to me.

I can take care of all the thought transmissions within a 3km radius.

…I definitely won’t tell that to anyone though.

Being seen as a walking wiretap would be troublesome in a lot of meanings.


If they aren’t using thought transmission, in this situation, it should be a moment they would want to escape no matter what, right?

Then, why did they go for an attack rather than escaping?

If their aim is Iroha-chan, information about there being a decoy should be pretty important to have their companions know about.

“Oraa! If you have trained arms, come to me! If you don’t come, I will be the one…wait, what?!” (Yuduki)

“Low-lives that aim for people that don’t have weapons are going to face my wrath…what?” (Akashi)

Right after their thoughts had taken in the situation, they noticed another possibility.

The movements as if aiming Shougetsu-san and the others was a faint!

The three, who I was following with my eyes while sitting, were heading towards my direction.


No matter how you think about it, I am still an outsider.

Shouldn’t I be the last one you aim for?

The three come to me from three different directions. With no hesitation, and with advanced coordination, they took an attack stance at the same time.

Pretty high level.

Even so, I haven’t heard about the spies of Lorel’s being high level.

That description applies to Aion Kingdom.

Even I who have fought against the spies of Aion, was surprised by the proficient movements of these three.

These are not movements of a spy…they are the moves of an assassin.

“Sharp Step.”

“Enhance – Death’s touch.”

“Largo Tempo.”

The three activated their skills at the same time.

Speed up, increase in attack power plus added effect for chance of instant death, pain numbing.

All of them had effect in the whole party.

This is one of the higher jobs of Shadow Thieves, the skills of the Shadowless.

I have an acquaintance in Tsige that was a Shadow Thief, so I could tell the effects of the skills.

Thief, assassin; whichever it is, the three that have the same advanced-class jobs are coming towards me with the intent to kill me.

Pain numbing will be troublesome when trying to make them spill the beans, so I will dispel that one first.

Just by having a bit of buffs placed on themselves won’t make them pass through my Magic Armor.

It is said that even a master will have difficulties dealing with attacks from three different directions at the same time, but this is a fantasy world with magic.

None of the daggers reach me and were stopped by the Magic Armor.

“You went through the trouble of buffing yourselves, but I will have to cancel th—” (Makoto)

Ah, there’s no need to make them talk.

The eyes of this girl…so that’s what this is.

“W-What?!” (Akashi)

Akashi-san was surprised that the assassins’ attacks were redirected at me, and that the attacks didn’t manage to work and had stopped; she made a shout with both of those emotions.

Ah, as I thought, from within the people here, she might be the one I like the most.

“How pitiful, a puppet.” (Makoto)

I mutter these words.

The three assassins, young girls.

Those eyes of theirs were muddy with thick magic power.

There’s no need to check thoroughly. Their whole bodies are being invaded by it.

I know of this. This is the ability of ‘that person’.

“…For the sake of the hero.”

“You are the enemy of Tomoki-sama.”

“Raidou, definitely kill.”

Just how much of it was actually the order of Tomoki, and just how much was it the rampaging of these girls? I can’t tell that.

At this point, that doesn’t matter.

If they wanted to, they would be able to show suitable strength, and yet, they were like machines. An accurate, coldhearted, and distasteful attack.

That Tomoki, it seems like he hasn’t changed.

“Can’t be helped huh.” (Makoto)


Yuduki-san probably noticed the change in my emotions, or maybe she reacted to something that was unexpected, she made a voice that reflected those kind of feelings from her.

Judging from her timing, it might be because she saw my actions. It is harder to distinct exactly because she is a person that seems to be pretty perceptive.

At the same time as I muttered this, I change gears and grab the neck of the assassin at the right with the hand of the Magic Armor, and…break it.

I did the same with the one at the left, grab her head and crush it onto the wall.

Luckily, there’s no one close to the one at the front, so I continuously shot Brids at her chest and pierced through three points of her.

From the three holes that formed a triangle, the one at the top was the biggest. You could clearly see the other side through those holes.

It is nice that there was no annoying screaming.

If that guy is doing something bad in Lorel, it might not be such a bad idea to moderately crush what he is doing.

Having a conversation with him…at this point, no way.

If he comes to make a stupid negotiation with me again, even if I am to make the Empire my enemy, I wouldn’t mind.

I thought that Izumo got me involved with Iroha-chan, but now there’s the possibility that this was a plot from Tomoki.

Seriously, good grief.


Shougetsu-san and the others were stiffened.

Crap, was it bad for me to clean this up?

“Ah, sorry. Was it bad for me to clean it up? It seemed like they were assassins though.” (Makoto)

Just in case, I don’t mention that this is related to Tomoki and the Empire.

I want some positive proof of how much relation he has.

It is fine to just bring this information back and have Tomoe make a different team to leak the information.

“They seemed like…quite the proficient fighters though…”

“Ah, well, to a certain extent, yeah. But we have also gone through our share of struggles, so something of this level, no matter how many there are, it won’t be a problem. I’m on active duty after all.” (Makoto)

I crushed the head of one of them, but since I have the chance, let’s try checking the faces of  the remaining two.

I take off the cloth from the face of the first and third one.


Could it be…I feel like I have seen their faces before…


The girls that Tomoki was going to exchange with me for Tomoe!

That means, the other one was also one of them.

Hah…to think that these girls were dispatched to Lorel after that.

How pitiful.

Let’s pray for them.

Pray that they don’t get involved with me and Tomoki in their next life.

“You have seen them before?” (Akashi)

Maybe Akashi-san still hasn’t gone out from fighting mode yet, her tone was rough as she asked me who had my hands joined together.

“Nope. Death is something that accompanies battles, but isn’t it fine to pray after it is over?” (Makoto)

It is a bit of a lie.

It is because I somewhat know them that I am now praying for them.

That’s the truth.

“Well, that’s your freedom. Uhm, sorry. I just can’t like merchants. But I have now understood that you are not a simple merchant. That’s why, it might be for a short time but, I-I look forward to working with you.” (Akashi)

“Same here. Look forward to working with you.” (Makoto)

“…Without a single change in temperament, and without a single change in the color of your face, you finished the assassins with polished movements. Whatever your job may be, you have shown me something incredibly terrifying. From now on, I will be careful with my behavior.” (Yuduki)

“It is not that much. I am simply a merchant that is used to a certain extent of trouble.” (Makoto)

It seems like Akashi-san and Yuduki-san have a better evaluation of me.


Leaving aside Akashi-san, Yuduki-san has a pale face. I wonder if that can be considered a better evaluation.

She did say that she will be careful with her behavior, so there’s no need to care about the details. Yeah.

I simply eliminated the enemies that we had no point in conversing with.

Seriously, how exaggerated.

Shougetsu-san has his eyes wide open.

The servant-san had fainted at some point in time.

Well, with this, it seems like the matter with Shougetsu-san and Iroha-chan will be wrapped up.

Then, let’s go for the exchange of information.

If I remember correctly, Beren-san said that he will be visiting his former homes, and after that, headed to the mountains. The rare composition of Arkes and Forest Onis have gone to investigate the valley of Yaso-Katsui and the vicinities of Kannaoi, but…I wonder how they are doing.

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        Yes because once Tomoki’s magic dick is inside people they lose all sense of themselves forever, but being a goddamn tree is a simple thing to get over! Please tell me you aren’t serious.

        As far as ” He freaked out BECAUSE it could harm him and his followers? ” No, he killed these people before he saw their faces. They could easily have been the Rembrandt sisters. Think that’s far fetched? Tomoki’s power is shown to make people act against their race, country, family and self. If Makoto spared any consideration for his followers he would have killed Tomoki instead of smacking around a walking nuke with mind control powers until his revenge boner was good and turgid.


      4. @A Stop Sign while I certainly agree that Makoto should of eliminated the piece of trashmoki, he was still keeping in mind that that the asshole still has the goddess favor and he wants to remain neutral in the war. Removing said trash while would be pleasurable and help in the long run for him in eliminating a potential problem but it also brings unwanted attention from the goddess and possibly the empire for killing the idiot especially considering in the empire’s case there are possibly hundreds of people in there under his influence. You kill him and if they find out Makoto wiped his ass across the floor with him and in no time flat you get Makoto VS Empire with the empire turning into the great desert sea several moments later and a very pissed goddess with Makoto going down the insane badass godlike slaughterer route.

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      5. @ ShadArkos –
        That’s actually a very solid point. Tomoki has hook pretty deep into the country, but that’s also a pretty good argument for why Makoto should invest time or resources into finding a way to reverse the charm effect. Moral quandary aside, he threw away some useful research subjects here.


      6. @A Stop Sign Yea that is probably one of things that annoys me about Makoto is that he is sometimes too passive or too disinterested in solving certain problems or looking into things and just lumps them off as bothersome. To a degree it is his followers(Mio and Tomoe I’m looking at you 2 jokers) fault but largely he constantly avoids a problem like the plague and once confronted he just brute forces it rather than going a bit further and finding other methods to it. The only times he shows greater thinking on a problem concerning other people is how to avoid it mostly rather other methods to solve it if confronted. However in this situation there is a question of whether Makoto truly cares about the empire’s people far enough to intervene and remove the brainwashing but doing so will put him out of neutral state regarding the war probably and put him into instant war mode with the Trashmoki. Either way Trashmoki is about to meet the incinerator.


      7. I don’t think it even occurred to Makoto to dispel it. Had this happened earlier in the story I think he would have. But several characters have pointed out how he’s begun to take life lightly. If he’s attacked then “It can’t be helped” were his words if I remember correctly. That and he’s been shown to have a dislike for hyumans. Had they been demi’s, he might have hesitated for a second. It wasn’t like he was in a kill or be killed situation. They posed zero danger to him. He’s just losing his humanity, and taking life is just not a big deal to him anymore. He knew they were being controlled, that it wasn’t something they chose themselves and they were under the influence of magic. Crushed ones head to the point she couldn’t even be recognized. Murdering the victim isn’t what normal person would do, especially with an “oh well” kind of attitude. Makoto is becoming a bigger POS as time goes on. How long till he stops caring about those close to him?

        But what’s REALLY stupid to me though is that he can slaughter these girls without issue, obliterate fortresses, and fight with dragons and gods. Yet seeing some titties in the bath is an end of the world scenario to be avoided at all costs.


      8. Is it true that he has been growing ruthless while killing, but there hasn’t been any hint of him showing antisocial or whithdraw personality with people that he is close to. So I don’t think he will ever stop caring about those that are close to him, he won’t go expanding that circle but he wont just simple not care.

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      9. @jamblin The reason was stated as he will return good will with good will and fang for fang but other than that he is extremely and at times annoyingly neutral in most cases. While yes the girls were just puppets, the question is really why SHOULD he try to dispel the mind control? Sure he can empathize that it is sad for them to be mere puppets but the case here is that they attacked him and posed a threat either to him or others of his organization. Should the dispel not work or even after the charm effects still infected their minds too badly that they are still to a degree puppets it would be a wasted effort and more so why should Makoto go the extra mile for strangers he does not know? Granted it was an extremely messy and (arguably)unmoral approach to insta kill these poor sods when in my opinion he should of taken them in for testing on how to undo the charm effects to get back at Trashmoki by chipping away at this entire power base but at the end of the day it is a question of whether Makoto wants devote more effort to saving people he doesn’t know and more so the fact he isn’t a hero of the Hyumans and to a degree Makoto is a little biased against them.

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      10. I agree with you, just gonna add that, IMO, the way Makoto killed these girls is actually less immoral than usual way people kill others. Yes it looked brutal TO SPECTATORS, but the girls died instantly, no pain no suffering, just *snap* and they are dead.

        IMO if Makoto, for example, would have torn off their limbs and left them to bleed out, or something like that, it would have been significantly more immoral.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter reigokai-sensei…
    Wow makoto become more scary… Lol
    But dont mind it couse this is makoto determind that he will not forgive if that other party trying something funny he will make them pay what they do… Lol

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  3. First of all: thank you Reigokai! We appreciate the chapter.

    Second: I just realized something quite unique in this small, but lovable community of ours. We all have different opinions, as is necessary of human beings, but give us one good reason to band together, and we stick together better than algae and seaweed to a fishing-hook thrown in as wrongly as is possible.

    Another thing, well, things are somewhat getting interesting. I understand everything that is going on, and apparently, according to some spoilers, some interesting things are about to start happening. However, what I wonder is, when exactly will we start seeing Makoto truly being alive? Currently he seems like rare steak. You can smell it, you know its there, but you just know that, for something, you just have to wait (I like my steak well-done for those of you who like their steak rare, just bear with me).

    If he were to go all apotheosis on our minds, I think he will fall into the category of evil battle god. Think of the Edict of Death’s Sovereign in Coiling Dragon, “Sure, I can bring your family back for you, but first what do you have to offer me? No, you are too boring and mean too little.”. It seems as if all he ever is, is bored. I wonder what it is the Auther wishes for Makoto at the end of it all…

    Thoughts anyone?

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    1. Ill just add my 2 cents. But it seems that Makoto isn’t a “complete” individual. He is currently an amalgamation of borrowed ideas and thoughts. Often he will say something that he himself doesn’t really believe in but is a great idea from another mind. He his “bored” all the time because he doesn’t know what he wants. He hasn’t found what he truly wants to do. There are very few things that Makoto actually cares about. We are currently in the processing of watching Makoto develop a sense a self. He is exposing himself to various ideas and people. Finding something he can with confidence say he believes in.

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      1. Tracing back to side story and past chapter, I can say Makoto has been suppressing his natural persona in japan, instinctively he know it’s not right to use his natural born talent ( which is still mystery but I believe we have narrow it down to some killing talent like koro-sensei ) and act like he is not giving that much thought about the value of someone life. And that leads him to develop his 2nd talent, his love for archery also giving him the push he need to break the unbreakble wall to create new talent from zero.
        That said he now disguise himself in the Makoto we know in early chapter, but slowly this world has shown him that his talent are something good, necessary even to survive in this new world, so he begin to accept it, and trigger after trigger it seems the people in this world are paranoid about excessive power, sofia attack, hibiki scheme, tomoki desire, the noble assassination attempt it keep giving Makoto reason to justify what he did, he believes that his original talent are something good, something he can use to protect something dear to him.
        So in my eyes, I think Makoto is still being Makoto, he only become more open to his inner self, god of war are not some accurate description to me, I prefer to see him as good and powerful warlord.

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  4. My god, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to see a web novel’s chapter animated so much in my life before.
    >Breaks Neck
    >Smashes Head
    >Drills holes with magic
    And take as much time as you desire, you honestly deserve it with all the hard work you put in for us fans. Thank you very much (^0^)/


  5. Some chapters before this, Raidou was clearly spooked with his realization that he’s became an apathetic killer twat after battling the miko, he goes on a journey to accept the “evil” of man and seeks help with Rembrandt for that purpose, now he’s back to his apathetic killer twat ways even when fully knowing that 1: they’re simple victims of Shitmoki, and 2: having the knowledge and means to dispell the charm on the girls and free them, he goes even far to threatening them if they reborn and cross his way again… So much for character development it seems, chapter 227 was pure non cannon filler, this is an MC that makes even the most arrogant Xianxia prick MC from bad written wuxias looks a good guy in comparison.
    Sorry for shitty engrish


    1. He’s slowly getting worse and worse, i just hope this doesn’t get to powerfantasy wetdreams level, and the Author gives him a full redemption or a really bad ending if he gets to “Tate no Yuusha Whore/Church/Trash King/that fucker who killed Atlas” levels of prickness


      1. Point 1: Murder != Evil. When he was talking about evil, the point was that Makoto was too naive. The way he lives life is too simple and straightforwards. He doesn’t fully understand intrigue and politics.
        Point 2: Victims? So what? Why does being a victim mean Makoto has to help them? He doesn’t care. Makoto doesn’t value the concept of life, he never has. This was stated during the chapter where he fought the miko. Makoto won’t become a killer because he doesn’t value life. He doesn’t see the point in senseless killing. However that also means that he won’t go through the trouble to save lives unrelated to him.
        Point 3: Your bias is showing. At no point did he threaten anybody. He prayed for their souls to be able to avoid Tomoki in their next life. AKA avoid suffering the same fate.
        Point 4: You are projecting your own feelings onto the character. The way you typed your comment gives me the “Great power comes with great responsibility” feeling. Sure Makoto is strong. Very very strong. Strong enough to challenge the world’s goddess. Once again, so what? Why does that mean he has to do anything. Thousands of people die every day due to unfortunate circumstances. He could save some of them, but why should he? What does he get out of it. Just like how rage fueled murder machines that love killing aren’t interesting, super pacifist “every life is scared” shonen characters are boring too.

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      2. He’s already killed people before but never going so far for the extra ounce of cruelty that happened on this chapter, crushing cranium until it becomes a fine paste, shotguning people full of holes with brids, breacking necks without even a bother? This mostly was used for beasts or other non inteligent creatures, not for the sapient ones, and that’s why this isn’t Makoto like even for Makoto, even less while knowing that the cause was sewagemoki’s charm when it was showed before that he can heal it, heck he even healed that psycho dragon killer from trashmoki’s charm before killing her, and the girls where offered to him as trade coin for Tomoe, without a way to refuse it cuz radioactivewastemoki’s charm, yet he treated ’em like ants.
        Rage fueled murder machines aren’t interessing, Coward pacifist generic shonen protagonists aren’t either, my favorite novels have very ruthless MCs and they’re well written for their ruthless ways, but the worst of protagonist trops are the edgy overpowered bored ones


      3. the way he killed them was maybe cold but not cruel.
        he killed them the in a quick and relatively painlessly way.
        the head crushing is “dirty” but not painful and very quick, after that a neck snap, and 3 shot is what cops are teach to do (triple tap, I think?)

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    2. I was bothered too by why he killed them.
      some in the coms say he can’t bring them back he they fall too deep, but I am rather skeptical I don’t remember him saying he didn’t have the mean to save them :/
      he admitted not knowing if it was tomoki ordering them as puppet, or if it was their own action,
      he could have taken them and read their memories with tomoe,
      could have tried to heal them and see what really was their own decisions,
      in the worst case use them as study sample to counter tomoki’s brainwashing
      but he just coldly killed them because it was bothersome.

      I know that the author want to show that makoto doesn’t value lives,but I think that attack was unnecessary. even the timing look out of context
      well, maybe it will become more relevant in the future, like for the resurrection of hopelace that became relevant in the dream

      “Pray that they don’t get involved with me and Tomoki in their next life.”
      I don’t think he is threatening them, but wishing that they won’t become collateral damage in their fight. basically wishing a more peaceful and free life.


      1. Isn’t that fine. Maybe the authors intentions were to present something jarring and make us reread thinking “wait what just happened, why?”. This series isn’t supposed to be a happy go lucky sight seeing journey with a god in the making like desumachi. Things have been peaceful… too peaceful…


      2. a story that “isn’t supposed to be a happy go lucky sight seeing journey with a god in the making” doesn’t mean the mc is forced to be cruel and cold.
        the thing is
        he made asora to help the tribe that struggled to survive in the wastelands
        he cleansed underground organisations that made human’s experiments
        use mio and tomoe to train and help tsige adventurers
        helped demi-humans in rotsgard because no would help them
        keep a VERY low price for his products to help adventurers
        favor low profit secluded village because nobody would help them
        basically treating his business as charity
        He showed strong disgust over curse magic in demon’s capital
        But he isn’t bothered by mind control, and doesn’t care when someone is so deep in mind control that he doesn’t know what their real thought are and become mindless puppet
        that’s the part that I find weird

        And the timing of the Valkyries’ attack is weird in my opinion, but maybe there is part that we still don’t know

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      3. Eh… don’t think too deep…
        I believe Makoto just too lazy to do follow trough if he let them alive.

        Cleaning brainwash
        Another rehabilitation
        Taking care and planning for their future….
        Too troublesome…..
        *snap the neck*

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      4. he cares, but just not enough?
        As far as i remember, Makotot is disgusted by Tomokis ability and what he uses it for. And itßs not really brainwashing he does, it´s charm, he makes people love him and the people will act on this love. And thats the point of him thinking, about the point if tomoki made them act or if they acted on their own.
        He´s disgusted by it, but why would he put in time and effort to save strangers from a race he dislikes and an empire that is willingly watch that “hero” do this shit.
        He acts for his own people and desires. Ever read the phrase “Schemes and Machinations lose power in front of the truly strong”
        he doesn´t need to care about Trashmoki or hibiki or the kingdoms, so why would he put his precious time in usless matters, which don´t affect him?


      5. I really didn’t feel that the attack was o out contest but, yep is clear that the author made that move in order for it to work as a shock, now I don’t know if the shock was meant for the new characters that he is interacting with or to the readers, like a reminder, that we haven’t seen everithing yet.

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      6. I though the valkyries attavking in lorel was weird but
        after thinking, with all his fast travel between rotsgard and tsige (curently very protected because of the civil war), the first time they were able to target him was probably when he traveled at normal pace in lorel.

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    3. I think that the level of dispelment of Tomoki charms that Makoto have is more limited that people believe, those 3 girls where to far gone for him to save them on the spot. And the revelation that he had was just to be more open minded when dealing with things it wasn’t for him to stop been who he is or something like that.


  6. Makoto is just sooo used to it all by now… the by-product if being relentlessly targeted by powerless, corrupt trash that is more arrogant than intelligent or perceptive. It is pretty bad-ass though…

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      1. Rational yes, but the way he did and his train of thought during the killings is what makes him inhuman.
        After putting holes into a human his first thoughts were that one was bigger and you could see through them and that it was nice that there wasn’t any screaming…

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    1. The justice system in this world is based on Feudal law, in other words, it is unreliable and corrupt at most cases and just downright backward and self-serving to the Feudal Lord at the worst case. So there is no point in keeping them alive for prosecution and since they are mind-controlled, interrogation is ineffective other than Tomoe reading them. I would have done the same thing if I was targeted by three assassins coming to kill me using ominous-sounding skills.

      Makoto’s behavior doesn’t surprise me though. Remember when he met Rinon and learned of her circumstances, he contemplated murdering the guy threatening her? The only reason he didn’t was because he fell asleep considering the ways he could kill that guy at a distance from his hotel room. Key phrase there is “fell asleep.” He sees planning murder to be as calming and sleep-inducing as most people would counting sheep. I love Makoto, but he was a high-functioning psychopath back then and he is now.

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      1. Maybe, but early on he always had in the back of his mind the notion that killing is wrong. You could feel it in his actions. But those dreams of his… after he had those dreams, he changed completely.


      2. another point is, in the conversation with hibiki about the weight of killing, he put the emphasis about the first murder: the female adventurer. But he killed people before, he killed the demons close to shen’s gate in an accident trying his magic and never felt any guilt about it since it was an accident, he was more like “oops, too bad”.
        I think him ignoring the demons’ deaths is the first hint that makoto lack empathy


  7. Also just one point I’d like to stress here – Makoto killed these people after he knew they were being controlled but before he knew WHO they were. He could easily have been killing people he knew. None of Makoto’s students would be hard or improbable targets for Tomoki.


  8. Oh, i can feel the anticipation rising xD Will the day finally come, when makoto ones and for all eradicates trashmoki from the face of that world? >:D
    I hope trashmokis life will be plucked like a weed, no epic battle, no trashtalk, just crushing his head the moment he dears to show his dirty mug>:D
    thanks for the chap^^


  9. “Well, that’s your freedom. Uhm, sorry. I just can’t like merchants. But I have now understood that you are not a simple merchant. That’s why, it might be for a short time but, I-I look forward to working with you.” (Akashi) Merchant of Death, Merchant of Apocalyspe,


  10. My guesses:
    1. Makoto feels unaccepted by this world and he simply reciprocates that: he is not considered a hero, there’s no point acting like one.
    2. He watched too much samurai era shows, that he mentality adapts it.
    3. Makoto is a closet psychopath, That’s what the priestess have seen hidden inside him. Also may be the reason he would unintentionally smile in satisfying fights.


  11. Called it, I have been calling this for a while now. Trashmoki has officially declared war against the fledgling Demon God Makoto. I knew that delusional idiot would do something to antagonize Makoto. Now what is Makoto going to do? How is Hibiki going to react when she learns that her co-hero counterpart picked a fight with someone she intended to “seal away” peacefully? When will Tomoki be obliterated from the face of the world? I hope we get to see all of that in the chapters before the Hiatus.


  12. This difference between Tsukiman and Satou is this: Satou would have just casted “dispel” and add the 3 girls to his harem army.


  13. not sure why everyone is so upset about Makoto killing the assassins. the demons dispelled Tomoki’s god-given charm on his comrades, but they were still in love with him and that was when they still had a sense of self. the assassins don’t have any sense of self and would truly be brain dead if not for their fanatical worship of Tomoki. his charm has not ever been described as mind control, but as replacing their minds with his own which is why alternate Makoto called it masturbation since Tomoki is basically committing self-cest.

    in fact, didn’t princess Lily specifically plan to destroy the world by having Tomoki die which might cause the death of every single puppet under his control.

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    1. Wait, was that how Lily was planning to destroy the world? I thought that was our speculation on the aftermath of Tomoki’s ability.

      I thought her plan was mostly to aggravate tensions until it basically turned into consecutive world wars.


    2. @IcyClaw
      You’ve misunderstood. He’s not “replacing their minds with his own”. That would just produce more uncontrollable self obsessed narcissist arse hats like Tomoki. Makoto called it masturbation because the charm is an artificial condition. It’s not people loving him for who he is or what he does, but because they’ve been drugged into thinking he’s some sort of golden god that farts rainbows.

      I think you’re projecting. Makoto’s killed women before and no one cared. Remember the incident with the ring exploding in Asora? In that incident he at least knew who he was killing, and he murdered them far more brutally. People didn’t care that Makoto killed her because her actions were entirely her own.


      1. i didn’t mean a complete copy of Tomoki’s mind. i meant it as their minds being eroded into an empty shell and then filled with Tomoki’s power. the result is that they can’t think for themselves and need Tomoki to tell them to do anything. that’s why i said he is replacing their minds as Tomoki’s power is running everything upstairs. their entire thought process is just Tomoki this, Tomoki that, does Tomoki want me to do this, etc. i don’t even consider that to be a person anymore.

        this is no longer in the realm of being drugged as all they can think about is Tomoki. Hibiki’s charisma is more of a drug than Tomoki’s charm as her targets can still think for themselves even if they are being misled.


    3. Okay, why do you assume their original selves are being eroded? It’s certainly something where magic power overwhelms someone’s original sense of self, but how is that fundamentally different from the Gorgon’s curse that turns people into stone?


      1. “This is not charm, you are charming them. To plant your own will into others. Putting it in another way, you are just mass producing people that follow your own image. Forcefully instilling deep affection into the minds of others, you make them your slaves. Someone narcissistic like you probably doesn’t pay it any mind, but from my point of view, this is not mutual understanding but masturbation.” (Makotwo)

        “Y-You!!” (Tomoki)

        “I won’t say that Hibiki-senpai’s charisma is any different from your charm. If I had to talk about personal relationships, the two are practically the same after all. But you grew too dependant of it. As a result, in the Empire there’s only you and your puppets. It became a country of zombies.” (Makotwo)

        the difference is that someone turned to stone can potentially be saved if their soul is still in their body and the curse is removed. charm, however, forcefully alters their mind permanently. even if the charm is removed, it won’t undo all the changes to their mind. physical changes are easy to deal with, but you would literally have to remake their minds to fix them and that’s if there is anything left in their head.

        it’s not directly stated that their minds are being eroded, but that’s what it sounds like when Tomoki’s dolls are constantly described as being only capable of doing things that Tomoki agrees with. granted, the author never put much focus on how his charm really works beyond the fact that even dispelling it doesn’t remove the mental damage caused by his charm.

        a woman could be a vegetarian that loves rabbits. if Tomoki tells her to eat rabbits and like the sound of rabbits dying, then the charm will make it happen. whoever or whatever they were prior to being charmed ceases to exist or at least that’s how it sounds to me.

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      2. @ IcyClaw –

        That’s a lot of assumptions necessary to reach that conclusion. We don’t know if the charm is actively reworking people’s minds or acting like a superimposed personality or perception filter. Ultimately we can’t know how it works mechanically because Makoto’s only ever tried dispelling it from Sophia. . . when she went off on a tangent and started praising Tomoki’s treatment of his ‘comrades’. . . . Which is some pretty ironic, logic defying stuff if you think about it.

        Of course the human mind isn’t immutable and whenever you go into mental manipulation shenanigans there’s bound to be repercussions, but we don’t know if we’re dealing with a corrupt operating system or just a magic daemon* that hates rabbits when Tomoki tells it to. And we should know, because Makoto should have found out. But he didn’t.

        * Daemon – A user independent background process or program.


  14. Hey guys anyone knows why the extra chapter is still not updating? or is it that there busy?
    Anywho, Ive been wondering about makotos original talent and heres two things that I always read:

    Charm that attracts people genuinely not like hibiki.
    and killing something or carnage or something like that.

    But like what it say in the extra makoto turns away from his original talent. Now arent charm and killing whatever it is supposed to be passive? I mean how can you deny something thats already there? or is it that makoto can activate it whenever he wants. Also from the gods expression it says that it was a normal talent that it was in their expectation now arent charm and whatever the second I said is not normal? Really I hope it shows what his original talent is before the raw runs out.

    (Sorry for the bad english)

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    1. Reigokai said there’s no extra since he is too busy this week, hang in there my friend !
      I think they mean Makoto realised that his talent are not suitable for peaceful japan, heck even shiva make difficult face when he know Makoto talent, in japan that talent only will spell trouble. I think the talent was always there, lay in dormant waiting for it turns to shine, and in this chaotic world the talent finally start to blooming, just like flower seed that finally begin to sport, it starting to show it’s full popential now.
      I think owning the talent doesn’t meant you instantly become good at something, it just you can archive something far faster than someone who got no talent for the specific things. It will need time to actually utilise the talent, and it needs time to grow.


    1. yup the level of corruption was beyond his ability like what makoto said they have become puppets and if you cut the strings theyll maybe go down or have a mental blankness or they will still think that what they is right or something like that haha


  15. Thanks for the Hard Work~

    Death is Mercy, Trash do not deserve Mercy.

    Therefore I YomiEl Sentences Tomoki to:
    “The Machine of Unspeakable Doom”
    which swaps the victims conscious and unconscious minds, rendering their fantasies pointless while everything they know becomes impossible to grasp”. It is also noteworthy that “every 10 seconds it stabs your balls.”


    1. Tomoki=Pirithous = Idiot of the Millennia.

      Tomoe(?) = Persephone = a goddess who fell in love with the man who kidnapped her(some stories suggest that).

      Makoto= Hades = Chill dude just doing his job.Don’t mess with him.

      Moral of the Story: The curbstomp happens even before dinner.


  16. Thanks for the chapter Reigokai San.
    The comment section is like a war zone.
    There is a lot of bad comments on Makoto being the worst,
    But I still thinks he is still better than a lot of char in the story including the 2 heros.
    Just think if tomoki have Makoto’ s power, how many ppl or country would be gone by now.
    Killing 3 girls, how many he had saved for destroying the purple cloud.


    1. I’ve seen literally no one make the argument that Makoto is worse than Tomoki so I don’t know who you think you’re defending Makoto from, but I will say this – Makoto is a barely self restrained annihilation event. Sure he’s done some good, but he’s still far too casually, thoughtlessly destructive.


  17. To me killing the three was the best choice because he said they looked like puppets and killing them was the right choice because they where basically already dead by being brainwashed. Also he did cure them and understand that they were was trash boy’s toys and meant nothing to him they most likely would most likely killed themselves.


    1. So if it were you or your family you still want to be put down like a horse with a broken leg? You wouldn’t want anyone even trying to help?

      ” Also he did cure them ” When did he do anything of the sort? When was a firm threshold of ” This person’s had too much Tomoki exposure to be saved ” established?

      But man, there are a lot of people trying to rationalize or excuse Makoto’s actions here. All the ” they’re not even human anymore ” and ” they’re as good as dead already ” arguments trying to excuse him come off as weirdly victim blaming. It’s pretty clear he just killed them out of expedience.


      1. I meant to say “if he did cure them”. Yes i would put a horse down with a broken leg because that would cost a lot of money to fix and then use the meat to eat or sell to it did not go to waste. Everyone is just trying to put out their own idea why the writer had him killed them. But the only one to decide what kind of person Makoto becomes is the writer and no one else.


  18. Forgot to add as soon as they attacked him they were enemies and he said before if they are enemies he will kill them and that is what he did. Almost everyone thinks he is uncaring about killing but has he ever said that it does not bother him. Also when he does kill someone it is when the other party attacks him or his people, so he may seem cold but he is just doing the old eye for an eye slogan.


    1. ” he said before if they are enemies he will kill them and that is what he did ”
      1 – All that means is that Tomoki doesn’t care about sending people to their deaths.
      2 – He killed them before removing their masks. What he said to them before is irrelevant.
      3 – There’s no eye for an eye here. Makoto suffered no material harm.


      1. There is, Tomoki’s people attacked him. So Makoto is going to attack back. So there is your eye for an eye. There does not have to be harm to someone for an eye for an eye. The attack is enough for it.


    2. ” There does not have to be harm to someone for an eye for an eye. ”
      What. Equivalent harm is literally what eye for an eye means. It’s not “I was annoyed by a kid crying so I shouted so loud their head exploded. ” That’s just giving primacy to the powerful.


      1. An eye for an eye has always been in favor of the powerful. That’s why most laws don’t follow that exact principle anymore.

        Malice for malice is exactly what happened here. And besides, his ruthlessness about it aside, in what way is it sensible or otherwise morally superior to allow three brain-raped puppets that are trying to murder you in fanaticism to go free?

        Whether or not Makoto is crossing a line killing these three ladies who don’t know better is another issue, but you can’t argue that this doesn’t follow his previously stated rationale of returning hostility and favor with the same.Would anyone forgive someone for trying to shoot them in extreme prejudice just because they knew the gun didn’t have any bullets in them?


      2. If you did that you look like a fool.
        Here is one meaning for the saying.
        Metaphorical sense: meaning one aggressive or harmful action committed against a person is morally equal to that person committing an aggressive or harmful action towards against his or her aggressor.
        Yes it does say “harmful action” but I am using the “aggressive action part committed”.
        They tried to kill him so he killed them instead. Yes he knew that he would be fine but they did not know that.


    3. @Psychronia –
      I’d argue that malice for malice is not eye for an eye because it allows for escalation, but it’s not important that we disagree on that definition. Also I never said ‘go free’ or ‘forgive’. Those terms aren’t even relevant because these people aren’t leveling the gun, they are the ‘blanks’. They have no more volition than someone on the street who was picked up and thrown bodily at Makoto. They are a danger to themselves and others true, but that’s Tomoki’s fault. The rational response would be to disable them. Have them turned to stone if you don’t want to deal with them immediately. Later, perhaps after Tomoki is a smoking hole in the ground, see if they can be cured. If not, deal with them then.


      1. Fair enough. Although Makoto didn’t seem to have noticed the charm’s effects until after he killed his would-be assassins anyway, he didn’t really care either way.

        Actually, I think someone should go back and get some official confirmation. I’ve been under the impression that Tomoki’s Charm power can’t be cured, at least not with that much prolonged exposure. We know that Rona can’t cure it, but what about Makoto? Has there been anything specifically said on that?


      2. the only think i remember is with long exposure, it rewritten the target Moral and way of think/act in which they prioritize trashmoki above everything kinda like victim of Stockholm Syndrome that even defend their Kidnapper


    1. Sofia was only slightly affected. Makoto even said that if he met her several more times he would be able to completely charm her. So you can’t really compare slight charm to being bathed in it.


  19. Well that was brutal, R.I.P. poor mind controlled girls who have lost their entire will. 😇

    P.S. Hope Tomoki gets a surprise homing arrow in the butt by Makoto.😈


  20. Hey everyone,

    I have two interesting ideas for y’all to think about: The first would be if Tomoe and/or Mio were to find his memories on all the porn/hentai he was very interested in and try to get him in bed through those interests. The second would what if the Mio and Tomoe figure out to fuse, the dbz way, and decided to do it. How does everyone think that would turn out: name, personality, abilities, etc?

    Also, thanks for the translation.


  21. So from reading some of these comments I’m getting the feeling that a few of you are confusing the fact that since he’s the MC of this story means he’s the “hero”. In all my reading of this I’ve never seen that to be the case he’s only ever acted out of his on self interest. So because he has great power he must wield it to help those unrelated to him, why? (You can say he sells medicine cheaply but even that is just him wanting to help those who he feels need it) I don’t see the point what he would gain spies? I’m pretty sure forest oni trained by Tomoe are far better. Those girls could offer him nothing so why bother.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nah… it just some of us just can’t stand to see him walking the path of Mako-two
      For me personally I think the existence of Mio and Shiki are basically his safety belt from going to Mako-two form, so I’m not worried ! I believe in Mio-sama !(there I said it, please remove the fan from my neck Mio-sama…)

      And most of interesting MC of LN are basically anti-hero, rarely I find some character that really use the claasic hero line of thinking.


      1. Traitor !! how dare you submit so easily for just that, you have to stand firm to believe that everyone in Asora is his safety belt and not just Mio-sam– ! *killed by Mio*


  22. “It is nice that there was no annoying screaming.”
    Yes, it’s good when you can kill the assassins without them making sounds that might dampen the mood of the surroundings, Makoto.
    Thx for the chapter


  23. Now Makoto knows Trashcanmoki is out there to kill him, so in order not to be a bother if he sees it that way (killing assassins every time) he could remove the charm power from Tomoki directly. Of course I assume Makoto can do that. It might not “dispel” the ones currently under the charm power but it would prevent such future assassins that are being controlled by the charm power.


      1. I prefer to think of it as you are any and all maous, the very idea of a maou, whilst he is only one named Maou.


  24. Ok, after reading all those comments, I was slightly inspired by the many different POV’s, and as I have a little time on my hand, I decided to throw in my two cents, even though I’m quite late.

    1. I will first have to admit, that I felt slightly uncomfortable with the way Makoto killed those assasins (it may simply be because the moment a certain someones Power was mentionned I immediatly expected Makoto to crush his influence and save the poor controlled souls (even though I have to admit that regardless of an official statement, I expected it to be impossible to save anyone who was exposed to that Power for too long) only to have my expectation heartlessly crushed a few lines later…). Still, I want to raise some points for consideration (mind you: Consideration, in no way will I declare Makoto’s action to be justified or even ‘good’):
    1.a: He was attacked, thus they are enemies. He, himself clearly stated that he will not consider the reasons behind action (regardless of wether those reasons include Brain washing, charming, Rational thinking, lack of information and so on) when dealing with enemies. Had he saved them he would clearly be going against this statement he gave to Sari (I may have forgotten some parts of the exact statement so this point may become invalid if there were any additional points which could influence his decision in this case). Of course, going against his own principles would be typical for this kind of anti-hero protagonist so this point is insufficient to ‘rationalize’ his actions.
    1.b: About him not knowing the identities of the assasisins: Honestly, I am quite sure he did not even consider the possibility of them being people close to him. Even I only thought about that possibility when he mentionned checking their Identity, so honestly, I think him overlooking this possibility is quit normal
    1.c: Chiaki saw something in him which is (after her ‘hunch’) not a ‘living being’. Additionally, when it looked at her, she saw several visions of death. We can speculate all day long about what exactly it is she saw there (his inner self, his sealed talent, his true nature… whatever), but no matter what, it is definitely there. I honestly think, that this ‘thing’ is responsible for his absolutely heartless actions and I do think there will come a time where he has to confront it (I don’t know if anyone here reads Magic Academy of Dragomir, but I think the concept may be similar to his ‘darkness’). Before judging him as a character with no developement (to which I can only disagree with all my soul, because honestly, of all the Novels I read, and I read lots of them, his development is one of the most clearly and beautifully documented one (Mushoku Tensei may be similar in character development, and I’d have a hard time deciding which one is better)) we should wait for him to confront that ‘thing’.
    1.d: He certainly mentionned that he is scared of himself becoming to inhuman and seeing live to lightly, thus he was resolved to make a change. Him not acting on this, honestly, I think that it is in fact far more beautiful this way, because this is absolutely typical for human beings. While I do not know if he can still be considered a human, in the end his roots are definitely human (or hyuman, which were modeled after the humans). So it is quite normal for him to ‘look at and himself, and off he goes and immediately forgets what kind of man he is’ (I do know that this was written with a different context in mind…). So yeah, this way of acting is actually quit more natural, event though it is obviously irrational (he’s just as irrational as all thos people out there (myself inculded) being uneasy about global warming but still using cars…)

    Thus my first point: Yeah, his actions were harsch and thoghtless, it was not what one expects of people with his level of power, but it is neither a reason to critisize either the story itself or the character development. We do not yet know exactly what kind of development the author has planned, thus we should wait and see, and perhabs all of this will be cleared later on. If the story concludes without explanations, then and only then do I think that critic is justified.

    2:… Oh wait, I already stated all I wanted to say… (I was sure I had something more but somehow, after writing the above, I completely forgot the other issue I was thinking about….)

    Then for the end let me just once more emphasize that I DO NOT WANT to defend Makotos action. I want you to waitn with judgment concerning the story itself. Judgment concerning Makoto and saying he was wrong and is currently developing in a very bad direction are definitely sound and from my point of view, even correct.

    (And lastly, let me apologize for any language mistakes. As I’m a native german (swiss actually) my english may not be the cream of the crop….)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I have to say you got a really interesting interpretation of the character and his evolution, one thing that I noticed in the bad reviews in NU is that they complained that Makoto isn’t having any character development and could be considered as a block. Well at least we see how that isn’t true and more so in chapters like this. Now I think I understood wrong the hole situation after his 4th follower contract but for me the running away from “malice” that he mentioned feels more like the malice of the world and his interactions with it ,that some malice of him within. I though that his stance in social matters of not tacking a side or aspiring in gaining any kind of renown in sociaty was his way of not confronting the negative aspects of day to day live. Like how we can enjoy a Superpowered beigns mega clash in the center of a city but never consider the hazzle of the residents with all the property damage and all.


  25. That change withing Makoto the author did.. It was never there before. The ‘no care for life’ unless it is family. He made it that for a lot of people it might be imperceptible. But I think almost everyone that reads novels is capable of noticing it.

    Anyway.. This is one of the recent few chapter in which it shows. The killing of these 3 girls.

    Either way, it could be seen as pity and redemption. Because even if he did break their charm, they would return to Tomoki that would charm them again.


  26. As far as I’ve been able to discern, the charm only makes people think favorable thoughts about Tomoki and things he says, slowly sliding towards obsessive love. Getting rid of the source of the thoughts wouldn’t cause the thoughts and emotions to vanish from their mind completely. If you dispel early on (like with Sofia) you’ll probably end up with an “Holy shit, what was I even thinking?!?” moment, but a yandere assassin charmed on the level where they’re probably willing to have unprotected sex on demand isn’t going to stop being that way with the charm gone, they’re already in love. At best it just doesn’t get any worse.

    And well Makoto’s too apathetic to find time to nab three unstable love slaves and take years trying to play psychiatrist for unwilling patients. There’s dozens more charmed girls where that came from, there’d be no end in sight. Might as well get potential spies out of Lorel while he’s at it, he would rather international conflict not escalate after all. The utter lack of hesitation or guilt is worrying, but instant death is probably the most practical option when you’ve got fanatics before you. That or lock them up forever but . . . that’s almost worse really.


  27. I have been enjoying all this time we had without tomoki. Worst part of the story imo is his very existence. I would even prefer timetravel to him (and that always screws up a story)


  28. Wow, I didn’t expected that the girls of trash were to die, at least not in this stage and in this form, with this trash has lost his party so in a sense now will be weaker but at the same time stronger.


  29. They were brainwashed, so he basically killed innocent people when he had the option of just dispelling the charm magic.

    But hey! The evil one is Tamaki, or so he says…


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