Chapter 245: The princess of Osakabe

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With a child added to the group, the seductiveness of the bath is blown away.

It seems like a child has far more destructive power than mixed bathing.

Thanks to it, I didn’t end up getting dizzy, and was able to safely finish bathing.

…Just that, even if I was only able to maintain a bit more composure, because of it, I ended up seeing a lot more things.

As I thought, they do float.

Yeah, the two are incredible.

I simply thought that it was pretty impressive, but that’s not the reason why I am lying down this late at night without being able to sleep.

Normally, this would be a time when I would be sleeping already, and yet, I still have my eyes open. There’s two reasons for this, but in essence, there’s only one.

First, because of the identity of Iroha-chan that Tomoe told us after Iroha-chan had gone to sleep.

And the second, the follow-up of her bodyguards.

“That girl is the princess of the influential military family, Osakabe from Kannaoi.” (Tomoe)

I did expect it, but it was exactly as I thought.

The aged man, his name was Shougetsu, right?

He also said something about Kannaoi, and I got cold sweat just thinking about how we may have done something incorregible the very first day we entered Mizuha.

“But she isn’t a princess with that much power. The Osakabe is a big household, so it seems like there’s a lot of princesses and princes.” (Tomoe)

But it seems like we are somewhat safe in that part.

If there’s a lot of them and it isn’t as if she has much power, there’s still plenty room to redeem it.

And so, for the sake of that, we will have to keep Iroha-chan’s mood from being harmed, and we also have to properly talk with her bodyguards.

It looks like she is attached to Tomoe, so the former one seems to be okay, that’s why, what’s next is to have a talk with Shougetsu-san and the others.

The promissory note of Sairitz-san can serve as proof for our identities.

Leaving aside the relationship between families, I think I can expect some effectivity.

It is fine as long as it serves as the impetus for a conversation.

Also, it seems like Iroha-chan herself doesn’t know, but Sairitz-san has probably told the influential families about the Kuzunoha company and about Raidou as well.

Based on her personality, she wouldn’t let me inside the country without doing at least this much.

I am sorry for Tomoe, but it would be a bit hard for me to play as Koumon-sama while carrying a bomb.

Maybe we should quickly find those guys and finish the talk with them.

“…As expected, you will be going?” (Tomoe)

“You were awake huh.” (Makoto)

“I am paying attention to the surroundings. If they attack this place, I was thinking about playing around with them.” (Tomoe)

“There’s some in our vicinity huh.” (Makoto)

“She is their princess after all. They most likely investigated desperately. Hm?” (Tomoe)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

Seems like Tomoe noticed something, her gaze turns to the side.

Geh, are they attacking?

We were one step too late huh.

“Waka, that.” (Tomoe)

“…The katana of Iroha-chan? For a sword that a child has in her possession, it even has magic power clad in it though.” (Makoto)

It is glowing.

Well even if I say so, it is only a bit that’s leaking out from the scabbard.

That hue was gentle, it reminded me of the light of fireflies.

When she was swinging it around, it was also glowing, but for what purpose?

“It doesn’t seem like it is doing anything bad, but want to try unsheathing it?” (Tomoe)

“Don’t wake up Mio and Iroha-chan, okay?” (Makoto)

“I know.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe unsheathes the katana without any restraint.  

It seems like it is not the type that can’t be unsheathed unless it is the owner.


The edge part is letting out a faint light from here and there as it coils around it.

It doesn’t seem like the katana itself is glowing.

It is as if a lot of small grains of light were overlapping together…?!!!

“What could this be? The magic power it is letting off is so feeble that I just can’t grasp it… I can understand that this is not a katana that’s oriented for battle, but…it is well-made for an artistic good.” (Tomoe)

“Tomoe, about the place where the light is strong…” (Makoto)


“Isn’t the edge chipped?” (Makoto)

“Edge chipped? Oh, now that you mention it, there’s a small chip.” (Tomoe)

I think it is different from what I am thinking.

Someone who knew about the original one, made a replica of it.

That’s definitely the case.

In the first place, there’s no way it would exist in this world, and it wouldn’t be the size of a short sword and used as a katana to protect a kid.

It was my misunderstanding.

“I see. Well…put it away.” (Makoto)

“As you will.” (Tomoe)

Seeing my state, Tomoe tilts her head and nods.

“Anyways, I will be going.” (Makoto)

“In my opinion, I would prefer to stay like this until Beren and the others join us though…” (Tomoe)

“Nope. I will be going.” (Makoto)

“If Waka says so, it can’t be helped. Do your best in filling that crack.” (Tomoe)

“We don’t know what might occur from now on, you know. It is best to not increase the trouble pointlessly.” (Makoto)

“Is that so. As you will. Lorel seems to be a country that’s more fun than I thought it would be, so I will step back from this one.” (Tomoe)

“Yeah yeah.” (Makoto)

We still have the labyrinth waiting for us.

Also *Futsu*. <Many suggest that this might be a Futsu-no-Mitama reference, so I will leave it there until identity is clarified(which might never happen)>

In Lorel, there’s quite a lot of people that know about it.

Even though it was a dragon that I didn’t hear at all of in Rotsgard.

I can’t tell at all what kind of existence it is.

I haven’t even heard that name from Root before.

But well, I don’t want to go through the trouble of going back to ask him.

There’s plenty enough time in the moments I have classes at the Academy.

Right now, what’s most important is Shougetsu-san.

From what Tomoe said, they are close to the inn, so everyone should be alright.

If I leave the inn alone, it is almost certain that they will make contact with me.

At this occasion,  it can’t be helped if I end up being attacked.

It is the usual.


For example; if in a fishing game, there’s a bait called ‘Misumi Makoto’, its rarity would be the highest.

They would all bite and the bait would be worn out.

If there was an accessory in RPGs with the name ‘Misumi Makoto’, only the encounter rate of the troublesome enemies would increase massively.

The rarity…would be trash level.

In other words, when I left the inn so that Shougetsu-san and the others would attack me, I received attacks that surpassed the two digits.

Even in a big city, no, it is exactly because it is a big city that walking alone is dangerous though.

On top of that, I staggeringly walked out from Mizuha’s number one inn.

Hahahaha, I understand that this is my just desserts.

Even so! Attack me sooner, you guys!

Is what I thought for a slight instant.

“What household are you from?!”

“Misumi household.” (Makoto)

I tested saying this.

It would be troublesome if I introduce myself and there’s a Misumi family in this country after all.

No matter if Sairitz-san’s influence is strong, she wouldn’t be able to change the name of an entire household just because of me.

“Misumi? Uhm…”

“…I haven’t heard of it.”

“It is not a name I know of.”

The bodyguards, old man, and the servant-looking people shake their heads sideways.

Then there’s no problem in introducing myself normally then.

I was dragged into a building that doesn’t seem to be in use, was tied to a chair, and was left in the middle of the room.

It is a room with no windows.

“Why did you kidnap Iroha-sama?”

The one in charge of my interrogation seems to be a woman named Akashi-san.

Yuduki-san was also right by her side, and Shougetsu-san and the other women were slightly further at the back.

“That’s…one of my companions mistook you all for bad guys that wanted to kidnap a child.” (Makoto)

“That scene had circumstances involved, and we did say that it was a misunderstanding, you know.” (Akashi)

“Yeah, you are right. Ah, are your burns alright?” (Makoto)

“!! It is not something you bastard should be concerned abo—” (Akashi)

“…We are fine. We have finished the treatment.”

Akashi-san seemed to be angered, but Yuduki-san had a calm face all around as she answered me.

They are mostly women, so I was secretly worried.

“That’s great. I was worried it would leave scars.” (Makoto)

“…And so, you are going to return Iroha-sama, right?” (Akashi)

“Of course. We don’t have any intentions of hurting that princess-sama.” (Makoto)


“Now then, I think doing this will make us return to the first question all over again, that question about ‘who are you?’. Ah, Akashi-san, can you please check the left pocket of my coat?” (Makoto)

“…’Check out the place you couldn’t check before’, is that what you are saying?!” (Akashi)

Before being tied, I was thoroughly searched all over my body by Akashi-san and Yuduki-san.

My coat is a special article that you can’t take off the buttons unless it is me, so it must have made them pass an unpleasant time.

“I am a merchant, so there are some things I wouldn’t want others to see. You two were groping my whole body a while ago, so in that situation…I couldn’t do much, you know.” (Makoto)

“Who would want to touch your body because they want to?!” (Akashi)

“…Akashi, change. Your left pocket, right? This is…a promissory note?” (Yuduki)

“Yes, I think this will serve as proof of my identity.” (Makoto)

“Wait, this is…” (Yuduki)

Yuduki-san lightens her hand with magic, and looks carefully at the promissory note.

Yuduki-san is intellectual and can be reasoned with.

Akashi-san is impulsive, and when hostile, it makes it hard to make a conversation with her.

For this situation, Yuduki-san is the most suited one, but…in my opinion, Akashi-san is the one that gives me the better impression.

She doesn’t look like she is two-faced, so that’s what I think with that one point.

I might be a serious case of two-facedness though.

“Shougetsu-sama.” (Yuduki)

“Umu. What is it? The family crest of Kahara?! Also, this shape…the highest of accommodations?” (Shougetsu)

As I thought, it had extraordinary effect.

This is a promissory note that an influential person of Lorel has given to an outside guest, so I can expect diplomatic-like effects as well.

The feudal lords, nobles, and military families are weak against this kind of things.

Well, rather than weak, it is more like, it can properly deal with them.

“The name at the back is…Sairitz herself. Could it be…” (Shougetsu)


“Akashi, Yuduki, untie the rope.” (Shougetsu)

“W-Why?!” (Akashi)

“That promissory note alone doesn’t warrant untying the rope. They have kidnapped Iroha-sama here!” (Yuduki)

“That person, Raidou-dono…is a Wise.” (Shougetsu)


He asserted it?

Now that I think about it, that soldier also did that, but…is that something that can be asserted by only the outward appearance.

Akashi-san and Yuduki-san have been treating me fairly roughly here though.

In other words, my appearance is terrible, but even so, with only a few similar traits, you can’t just pinpoint a person as a Wise.

The similar points of that soldier and Shougetsu-san…

They saw the promissory note.

But Yuduki-san did as well.

No, if it’s only looking, Tomoe, Mio, and I have done so too.

We three didn’t read or see anything that pointed me as a Wise in that promissory note.

In that case…

“You can guess the person is a Wise by the promissory note, or there’s some inner information that can be used to pinpoint it?” (Makoto)

A part that only people with an official position can understand.

That’s the most probable possibility.

“Just as you have guessed. Also, to think you were the Raidou-dono of Kuzunoha company. It is certainly true that just having the name of that fox woman is not enough but, it looks like I have no choice but to see this as a misunderstanding from both sides.” (Shougetsu)

Shougetsu-san makes a big sigh and shows me a smile.

A gentle smile.

It seems like the first compromise has been reached, maybe.

Damn it, that promissory note.

For what reason was it made to treat me as Wise?

Is this also a setup from Sairitz-san directed at the mercenary group?

Rather than a demi-human looking person, they would treat me better if I am seen as a Wise. It doesn’t have much demerits for me, which makes it even more unpleasant.

“I haven’t consented yet though!” (Akashi)

“Me neither. I understand that Iroha-sama has not gathered enough attention from the world to the point of appointing a Wise-sama as an assassin, but…” (Yuduki)

Akashi-san and Yuduki-san are still heavily on guard.

If I had to place a stance on the servants, I would say they don’t agree either.

It is only Shougetsu-san who understands a variety of things and has given up on doing anything to me.

“It is only on a limited amount of people, but the notification has reached me as well. There will be a company that will be going to the Yaso-Katsui labyrinth, so if that group has the Kahara household’s promissory note, we should cooperate.” (Shougetsu)

“That’s exactly who we are.” (Makoto)

“Right. Akashi, Yuduki!” (Shougetsu)

“Understood!” (Akashi)

“…Understood.” (Yuduki)

Because of the strict tone of Shougetsu-san, I was finally freed.

But the dissatisfaction of the two is strong.

They don’t seem to like it at all.

For now, they have returned me my promissory note.

Well, it is that huh. It is okay to be treated as a Wise in the time I am in this country.

It would be a pain to try and negate it—ah!

Could it be that this is all within Sairitz-san’s plan?

No, let’s stop it.

If I end up overthinking it, I will only be digging deeper.

“We are in a season that’s troublesome in a lot of meanings, you see. Please forgive us for our excessive behaviour.” (Shougetsu)

“Same here. Iroha-sama is resting at ease, so don’t worry.” (Makoto)

“Then tomorrow…fumu, no…” (Shougetsu)

Okay, the problem has been resolved.

This is how it should be.

Nothing good comes from carrying the problem until it becomes bigger.

It must be severed while it is still budding.

This is what you call growing.

“Yeah, in the morning, I will tell Iroha-sama as well that there was a misunderstanding—” (Makoto)

“Raidou-dono.” (Shougetsu)

“Yes?” (Makoto)

What is it?

“There’s something I want to talk to you about. Since you left at such late hours, it must mean that you were intending on providing us your time, is that right?” (Shougetsu)

“Well, of course. Uhm, I thought our talk was wrapped up a few moments ago though.” (Makoto)

“To tell you the truth, there’s some circumstances involving why Iroha-sama is currently in Mizuha.” (Shougetsu)


The old man talks, and the other four look at him with expressions of surprise.

I remember the cursed words of Tomoe.

No, I won’t remember them.

I don’t want to.

My growth, my growth is…!

“Don’t worry, it is not like Raidou-dono and Iroha-sama are completely unrelated to it. Izumo-sama is your student, right?” (Shougetsu)



So we are pulling this now huh.

It would be a different story if this were to spare me from diving into the labyrinth!! But this just one-sidedly increase my job!!

T-This is not funny.

At this rate, my other students might bring me more trouble too. Jin…I currently can’t find anything; Amelia, well, if it is related to Shiki, I won’t need to do anything; Misura’s problem has to do with the church, the number one place I don’t like; in Daena’s case, married problems, I ask that they don’t trouble me with those; the matter with the Rembrandt sisters has already been resolved.

Even so, I feel like Jin and Amelia might still be holding some kind of bomb.

Even Izumo who didn’t cause trouble until now is like this, you know.

I see.

Iroha-chan is his…

They really don’t think at all about the difference in age huh.

It feels like the scenario where two old men were drinking tea while deciding if to marry each other’s next born child.

Okay, I will listen to what you have to say.

It is related with me.

Because it is not assured that…it will be resolved smoothly after all!!

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        I’d like to tell you guys that Makoto is actually… out of normal (in both his battle and sexual tendency) and that ‘might’ be the main cause why he is acting like this.
        He don’t want woman to make romantic advances on him not because he is a coward or overly polite ‘Japanese’ (he’s not even a human), it’s because of the quirkyness in his sexual (?) way that tends to make vanilla-romantic settings fall flat on his live radar. Most woman would act weak in front of their love interest. Most men fall for that… except few men… like Makoto.

        You know… he like people who are tough, brash and outspoken (but honest).

        Also, he seems to like those who he deems stronge. Those who can fight him fair and square and make him reeeeally go out until he … collapse and cannot move (he likes that feeling).

        If he’s a normal guy, that criteria is not hard to meet (like a certain someone who found his dream girl in a dungeon who saved him from minotaur). But Makoto’s current self is too OP and impossible for normal fags to beat. So right now … ain’t nobody can do THAT to him. Is there even anyone who can possibly do that ?

        Right now, his tastes are impossible to meet, but who knows, with Makoto’s trash level LUCK stat, he might find one like that.

        In the future.

        Or he’ll lower his aim and accept the harem that you all want.

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