Chapter 240: Raidou and Izumo

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And so…with spiralling eyes as if in a trance, Izumo talks infinitely about his homeland, himself, among other things.

He was clearly afflicted by the status ailment ‘Confusion’. There was no way he would be able to logically explain things to me in such a state. He was providing me a chaotic situation here.

Putting it bluntly…I have stopped listening since a while ago.

In the middle of his talk about a muddy blind love that was comparable to dramas, he talked about the folklore of Lorel and about the history of the city as an interval, but even if he returned to the drama from before, anyone would have a headache already.

But there have been a few moments when he said some important things as if nothing.

No matter how much of a headache this induces and how much saliva he is spitting out, I wouldn’t have grown at all if I were to let the important information slip away.

Now then, I will just listen on the surface and nod at given moments, and at times, I brought tea as I wait for him to finish his talk.

Just saying but, I actually have a rough understanding of what he is talking about.

Well, it is that. The discord between Tokyo and Kyoto, and that discord heading into a disastrous direction is something that happens even in parallel worlds, probably.

It seems like Naoi and Kannaoi have a bad relationship similar to that.

Next, about the problem with the family of Izumo: the Osakabe household, whose homeland is in Kannaoi, had divided quite a long way in the past, and as a result, the Ikusabe household was born.

Ikusabe works as the sword and shield of Naoi, and as a branch family, they have been serving under another household somewhere and steadily increasing their influence.

And so, in the present day, the influence of both households has become equal, and when the topic of having a relationship of equal standing was brought out, it didn’t go well and became a muddy start.

The branch family that was cut off had gained power in order to be recognized by the main family, but they laughed at their efforts. Well, it is probably something like that.

I am not the type that watches dramas all the time, and honestly, I don’t find these kind of things interesting.

…In Japan, there’s the classic called Tale of the Genji, so it is probably popular for the general populace though.

In my days in middle school, I got interested in it and read it till the end, but well, I didn’t understand what was so good about it.

The most I found enjoyable was how I could understand the atmosphere of the lifestyle the nobles had at those times.

I had read The Pillow Book around that time as well, and I remember that I got engrossed in studying things like the solar calendar, the lunar calendar, and the Tenpo calendar.

Well, I learned things like: until when Japan used the Tenpo calendar <1872>, and that the old lunisolar calendar of Japan is called the Gregorian calendar.

Even if I knew that, it didn’t affect my test scores much.

I was simply satisfied learning it and I don’t have a single regret about it.

My time is finite, and if I find something that interests me, I think it isn’t bad to try and understand it without hesitating.

Whether those things are information about a certain delineated time in Japan, the bow, games and manga at times, and games where beautiful girls appear…

Rather than hesitating without doing anything, this is definitely not a waste.

Since coming to this world, there have been points that have been useful, and looking at Lorel which is the place where the Japanese culture has sprouted, there might be some use to it as well.

Ah, Izumo’s breathing is rough.

His face has finally returned to normal. Maybe it is over?

Well well, I have gone and reminisced my past while I waited.


“You have talked a lot. Drink some tea and calm down.” (Makoto)

“Thank you…very much.” (Izumo)

“Seriously, it really makes me feel pathetic to have a student of mine worrying about me.” (Makoto)

No matter what he spoke of, I responded with a safe follow-up.

“That’s not it!” (Izumo)

“It is. The fact that you are worrying about me means that the labyrinth looks a lot bigger than I am, right?” (Makoto)

“…No, I didn’t say anything like that, and I don’t think that way either.” (Izumo)

“And about your family as well. If you wish for my help and ask for it, I don’t mind lending a hand. But I…don’t have any intentions of interfering in problems that you yourself are trying to resolve.” (Makoto)

“Yeah.” (Izumo)

“I don’t plan on changing that stance of mine, and I also think of it as my own way of keeping a line as teacher and student. But…it seems like that ended up cornering you even more. Sorry.” (Makoto)

“No! I didn’t intend to cause any trouble to Sensei, and even when you didn’t ask me to, I went and threw it all onto you like this… It is embarrassing. I heard rumors that Sensei and Sairitz-sama had met at the Academy festival, and since then, it has been piling up bit by bit.” (Izumo)

“It is true that I got acquainted with her at that time. Right after, that unfortunate event occurred and made our relationship closer though. Regarding that, it doesn’t really have anything to do with you or your family.” (Makoto)

There’s no need to lie.

And in reality, not even the I of Izumo is involved in my relationship with the Lorel Empress.

“Thinking about it normally, that would be the case, but…when I am alone, I end up thinking about a lot of bad directions it might take… I know that’s not a good habit though.” (Izumo)

So Izumo had a habit of being delusional.

In my high school days, I was also the type that would keep my problems to myself and pile them up, so I can’t say much about others.

It is definitely better to consult with someone else, and yet, for some reason, I ended up trying to resolve it myself with my narrow perspective.

Moreover, you get stubborn about that one decision of yours.

I wonder why that happens?

Even when I look back at it, I don’t understand it well.

“From now on, confide with your friends. After one consultation about it, you actually feel more at ease. This time, you managed to do it with me, so it is not something you can’t do.” (Makoto)

“Hahaha, right.” (Izumo)

“I think they will be reliable, you know. Jin, Daena, Misura, Amelia; if it’s related to money: Sif and Yuno are the solution…well, the latter one is probably not a good idea to rely on though.” (Makoto)

“Yeah.” (Izumo)

It looks like Izumo has relaxed. He directed a smile at me and drunk his tea.

His eyes that were going round and round have returned to normal as well.

He probably felt relieved now that he spilled what he had to.

“And so, if a student of mine relies on me, even if it is troublesome, I don’t intend to refuse. I don’t have any intentions of encouraging it either, but if you are troubled and need my help, don’t hesitate and come to me. So that it doesn’t bother you, I will ask for a fitting remuneration and accept it as a job.” (Makoto)

“…The work payment for Sensei…would be on the level of a small country’s budget, right? I won’t be able to pay it.” (Izumo)

“Of course, as long as you have the intentions of paying, I am willing to make it free of interest and no time limit. This is a privilege of my students.” (Makoto)

“First time I have heard of this.” (Izumo)

“Must be. I have created it just now for you.” (Makoto)


“And so, Izumo, what do you want to do?” (Makoto)


“I have understood that your family has a lot of issues and that your position is delicate. And that you are worried about me regarding the matter with the labyrinth.” (Makoto)

Or more like, that’s all I could understand.

Because you know, Izumo’s talk was jumping around like a conversation between high school girls.


“If you want to, I can bring you with me and have you guide me in the labyrinth? Or do you want me to stand at your back as you talk with the Ikusabe household or the Osakabe household?” (Makoto)

“Ah, that’s…” (Izumo)

Izumo’s expression changes into a mix of surprise and agitation.


I thought I brought out the plan that can resolve things the quickest though.

“My only business there is with the mercenary group, and I have also heard about the dungeon from Sairitz-sama. Knowing that, I judged that there would be no problems. So if even with that you are still uneasy, I don’t mind bringing you with me. I did hear all you had to say after all.” (Makoto)

“…No. If it’s Raidou-sensei, it is probably -no, it will definitely be alright. About my family…if Sensei were at my side, I feel like I would be able to settle as much as I wanted by speaking.” (Izumo)

“I see…” (Makoto)

Hm? Did he change his mind?

I somewhat felt that.

Looking at his state, he most likely won’t be holding it to himself, so it should be fine.

“But I will be doing it myself. One day…at a near future. Definitely.” (Izumo)

“I see. I don’t know how long I will be able to teach you, but you still have plenty time left in the academy. Being troubled can become a step for growth. Be troubled as much as you want, together with your friends.” (Makoto)

“…As I thought, Sensei is really amazing. Even though you look like you are the same age or younger, you really do make me realize the difference of our time.” (Izumo)

“Just so you know, my age is exactly how it looks, okay? If you want to tell someone that you feel that person has lived for several hundred years, you can tell that to Shiki.” (Makoto)

Because that’s exactly the case.

“There you go again. Please don’t deceive me with your jokes. What I meant with ‘difference of our time’ was not the length of it, but the depth. One year, one month, one week, one day, one second; the depthness of that time was most likely different through its very roots. At present, I am trying to do my best to make that time as dense as possible though.” (Izumo)


I feel like I am being quite overestimated once again.

As a teacher, that’s not really so bad.

It is not good to be seen as someone that can conveniently help them out, so I let them know beforehand that I will be receiving a recompense for it, but well, they probably won’t be relying on me that often.

I am a teacher, not a convenient tool.

“I am truly sorry for today. Well then, I will be taking my leave!!” (Izumo)

Izumo bows his head firmly, and without waiting for me to see him off, he ran off by himself.

“He let it all out and resolved a variety of things with that, huh. This is a lot better than having him return dejected. And so, Shiki, in the end, just what was that boy talking about?” (Makoto)

I call Shiki who was close.

He laughed as he came out.

“I didn’t expect him to be so cornered. That was a slight miscalculation of mine. Being that troubled about something so stupid might be a privilege of the young.” (Shiki)

“Stupid, you say. You really don’t show mercy.” (Makoto)

“And in truth, he did fall into his own delusions regarding the labyrinth and Waka-sama’s power, and I don’t think there’s any worth in asking about the background of the labyrinth from the people of Lorel who worship this labyrinth like a divinity.” (Shiki)

“They see it as divine and worship it huh. I haven’t heard that in this world but, it brings back memories.” (Makoto)

“Worshipping something that’s not the Goddess or the Spirits?” (Shiki)

“Yeah. In Japan, there are times when people deified and worshipped things that bring harm in order to appease them. I have heard that it is mostly things like curse Gods or Gods that don’t have good compatibility with people. A custom to appease them. Now that I am in a world where magic exists, I wonder how it works? There probably would have been different viewpoints.” (Makoto)

I stopped using the word ‘wicked God’.

That’s probably the influence of coming to this world.

Because I have begun thinking that just because it is an existence that brings harm to people, it doesn’t mean that they are evil Gods.

“Worship and appease them huh. What a peculiar faith.” (Shiki)

“I don’t know if that’s considered faith. Well, leaving that aside, I now understand the divinity of the labyrinth.” (Makoto)

If even the names of God Naobi and Yaso-Magatsuhi are involved, I can tell that the people of Lorel had this kind of thinking since quite a long time ago.

It seems like they have hot springs as well, and I certainly can understand why Tomoe wants to go.

I feel like the folklore and culture of Japan has sprouted in a strange way, but if even their way of thinking is different, it would be interesting.

“About the matter with Izumo’s household, it isn’t such a dead-end as he thinks it is. In the midst of the main and branch family, it certainly might be stuck in place, but problems regarding households are actually seen weakly from the outside. When you were looking at it from an outside perspective, it was filled with holes and places to retort, right?” (Shiki)

“Was it?” (Makoto)

I only thought that it was pretty muddy~.

Leaving aside the common sense of Lorel, from my point of view, it felt so far away that it surpassed my understanding.

It seems like in the households of the Edo period, this kind of things happened a lot, but in the common sense of present Japan, this is just…

“The old family of Kannaoi, Osakabe, expelled the Ikusabe family several hundred years in the past, and ended up serving a governing family in Naoi. This is history that is pretty well known in Lorel.” (Shiki)

“That means the Ikusabe household and Izumo-kun are famous people huh.” (Makoto)

“It is true that the Ikusabe have increased in family members, so it isn’t for certain, but at that rate, there would probably be the need for deep blood connection in order to get involved in it. The Ikusabe household works at both the outside and inside as a military family. To explain it in a more understandable way for Waka-sama, it would be like working as samurais and ninjas.” (Shiki)

“Hmph~ Oniwaban huh. They have a front and a back side, but there certainly were people that held the blood of a samurai, like Koga and Iga. Devoting themselves to the country as samurais and ninjas huh.” (Makoto)

That sounds kind of cool.

“Ah, Waka-sama, it is not the country they devote themselves to but an employer’s household. This is something I was surprised as well, but it seems like the Ikusabe household is serving the Kahara household. He didn’t say it directly, but from what he said, I think there’s no doubt.” (Shiki)

“Kahara. Kahara… You know, I have an acquaintance by the name Kahara-san. Moreover, it is someone that’s in the politics world.” (Makoto)

And so, that’s why Izumo had reacted that much.

It seems there’s no mistake.

“Yeah, that person is currently the top of the Kahara household. Sairitz Kahara. The world is a small place. When I heard this saying from Tomoe-dono, it didn’t click that much, but moments like this, this kind of words are truly adequate.” (Shiki)

“Right.” (Makoto)

“At any rate…the way you interacted with Izumo was splendid. You were able to loosen his distress even without me. Truly well done.” (Shiki)

“I-I see… I actually didn’t listen to half of what he said, you know?” (Makoto)

“Fufufu, don’t be so humble. I will arrange the details of Izumo’s information and submit them at a later time. When you have spare time…maybe when you are advancing in the labyrinth, you can check them out.” (Shiki)

“Thanks, I will do that.” (Makoto)

The household that Izumo’s family is serving is the one of Sairitz-san huh.

I feel like it has become kind of complicated.

Sairitz-san herself hasn’t said anything about Izumo or his family, so…for now, that’s a saving though.

No, is it truly a saving?

Won’t it turn into something even more troublesome?

Actually, this time I am bringing Tomoe and Mio, so I am quite optimistic since we would be able to deal with most problems.

I honestly want the problem to be within the range we can cope with.

“Also, what I was bothered about was the lovely and strongest fairy that protects the labyrinth, Mariko-san, and the existence of the darkness dragon or was it shadow dragon? The Superior Dragon of Lorel should be ‘Shadow Clad’, Doma. But…from what Izumo said, the one who created the Yaso-Katsui labyrinth is the Shadow Dragon, Futz. It is a name I haven’t heard before.” (Shiki)

“Now that you mention it…Sairitz-san also said Shadow Dragon, Futz… If I remember correctly, that place should be where the Superior Dragon, Doma, lives. Root also said that.” (Makoto)

Even if it’s that pervert, he wouldn’t go lying about the Superior Dragons.

I have Tomoe after all.

Futz, huh.

It is a name that has deeper connection to the legends of Japan compared to Doma. <Can’t find anything.>

That’s how it is, but…in terms of troublesomeness, I feel like Futz is more dangerous. <Not sure if he considered Futz or Doma as more dangerous. Japanese lacks subject and I am lacking context in Futz and Doma…>

But Doma should be currently in Root’s place as an egg.

There’s the chance that it has already been born, and someone has already returned him to his original place.

…Right, let’s meet with Root once.

Let’s hear about Doma and this guy called Futz.

Izumo didn’t say anything about it after all.

“Anyways, Mariko-san huh. That’s a person’s name.” (Makoto)

“If it is a fairy from a dungeon, I wonder what kind of fairy it will be. Maybe a relative of dwarfs?” (Shiki)

“Mariko-san the dwarf huh. I can only feel bad vibes from it.” (Makoto)

“It would be good if the Eldwas know about it. It hasn’t been mentioned before in a conversation, so the expectations are low.” (Shiki)

Futz and Mariko-san huh.

I have gathered a bit more information.


Back from the Kuzunoha company, Izumo had arrived at the park which might be quite the detour for a place to drop by.

This is the biggest and newest park in this town, with two big trees as its symbol.

In order to not forget about the variant incident, an inscripted stone monument has been made and has become the grave-marker for the many lives that were lost, and it is also a place that’s treated as a location to comfort the spirits of the dead. It is a location that doesn’t lack in people.

A water fountain, a forest, and a lawned plaza.

This place is a favorite of Izumo.

“It is different from the gardens in Lorel, but this place is special.”

Sitting down on the bench, he talks to himself.

His expression was calm, and there’s already none of that ghastly expression from before.

“After all…this bench, lawn, water fountain, arrangement of stones…are things that I myself made.” (Izumo)

As a part of the reconstruction workforce, the students of Raidou had participated actively in the work.

This was a part of it as well.

For Izumo who used up all his magic power and mental strength, and was dried from physical strength as well, this place that serves as an achievement of his had become a special place for him.

He himself isn’t self-aware, but for him, this town has already become a special place.

When he notices it in a near future, it will most likely become an important step.

“Sensei had seen completely through someone like me who he doesn’t speak with much. Without using his employees at the store, he himself brought tea. I must have looked pathetic.”

The smiles of the children that survived the incident, their parents that were with them, and the elderly couples, healed the heart of Izumo.

Their joyful figure, for some reason, made Izumo proud.

The place that they themselves had created was being utilized by other people as they smile.

Without caring if they are hyuman or demi-human, he was happy to see them like that.

“I…was troubled by myself, went to Sensei’s place as if venting, and spilled out everything. I was thinking about something incredibly despicable. Thinking that by doing this, Sensei might do something about all of it. That if it’s him, he would be able to achieve all of this in a cinch. Thinking that if that’s the case, he should quickly resolve it for me. I was thinking about something as stupid as that. I definitely thought about this somewhere inside my heart. At that class of his, people from the main and branch family were popping out like undead, so it made my unjustified resentment for Sensei even stronger. And I was told by Sensei in such a direct manner. But I have now noticed the dirty parts of myself.” (Izumo)

In the illusion that Izumo was shown at Raidou’s class, he saw people that he knew of wearing Lorel’s traditional armor and helmet.

They were voicing out their own desires as resignation and death approached Izumo.

The reason why he woke up a lot slower than his true capabilities are, was because he was shown something that he didn’t want to see and was distracted.

But Izumo didn’t consult with Jin and the others, and matched the talk of the others about seeing black muddy mamonos like everyone else.

“If it’s Sensei, he can easily conquer something like a dungeon, and it is most likely easy for him to meet Picnic Rose Garden. Even my household, if Sairitz-sama were to cooperate, it would fall tranquil in an instant. What I wish, what I want to do; everything I want can be easily done by that person. But then, it wouldn’t bring a closure for myself. That’s no good.” (Izumo)

On top of that, Raidou told Izumo that he would accept this as a job with no feelings of constraint.

For Raidou -Makoto-, that was a joke.

Because he thought that it was something that didn’t require much effort, he probably would have accepted this request of Izumo with a payment comparable to that of a lunch.

Even the suggestion of his.

He simply said this because he really thought it was the most simple and easiest way to resolve it.

“Also, that joke of mine about a budget comparable to a small country…Sensei didn’t deny it. If it’s split payment, I would be able to pay that amount of money. ‘I will use that much amount of power’, is what Sensei was thinking huh.”

Greatly wrong.

An incredible misunderstanding.

For someone like Makoto, this was a rare fine-play of his.

“Then, the engagement with the princess of Osakabe, place of employment, and the matter of inheriting Ikusabe…I have to show him that I myself can resolve this and make it head in the direction I wish. I have reliable companions, and just as Sensei said, my academy life is still far from over!”

Standing up from the bench, he looks at the sight of the town from between the visible spaces of the trees.

The corners of his mouth silently lift.

Until now, he has only thought about increasing his strength as he lived his life in the academy.

He thought that in time, he would work at Lorel as one of the Ikusabe, and serve under the Kahara household.

In time, he would receive marriage proposals from around 4-5 brides, train his children, and retire.

He didn’t doubt or felt dissatisfied by the rails that were set for him.

But everything began to change when he met Raidou and his class.

It wasn’t only the class.

His encounter with Jin and the others, who remained in the class, also played a big role for Izumo.

A person that has a clear desire; a person that has a family of his own and changed his desires; People that were on top of settled rails, and yet, confronted it in a completely different way from him; a person that was unbelievably devoted to her own path for someone.

And then, there’s a person that was troubled like him.

Moreover, the Kuzunoha company that uses kanji in their store name, and the goods and employees.

The amount of fresh powerful medicine had changed Izumo in good and bad ways.


To the point that…he finally discovered a future different from that of his role in the Ikusabe household.

“Jin said that he was going to treat the kouhai candidates in Gotetsu, right? Let’s join them.”

Remembering his kouhai that were in a wiped out state, Izumo laughs.

But at the same time, he thought of them as cute.

Just like how Raidou had saved him in a way or another, they would also be able to obtain something from continuing the class of Raidou.

This is a thought that his past self would never think since this would mean his rivals would increase though.

For some reason, Izumo has grown able to think in this way.

Once again, the path of one of Raidou’s students is beginning to build.

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