Chapter 239: And then, opening up…

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“Eh?! You are going to Lorel Union?!”

“Yeah, I have a little business there.” (Makoto)


How many times does it make it now?

Just in case, I thought about telling my acquaintances in Academy town that I will be heading to Lorel Union, beginning with representative Zara, but…

As I reported to each one of them, I also told them that this won’t be affecting my other works. But for some reason, the other people that I haven’t met yet are coming to my place only knowing that ‘I will be going to Lorel Union(going faraway)’.

I somehow finished my planned round of greetings and returned to my store at Rotsgard, and in there, a dizzying amount of people were intruding in the store.

…Among those, the office personnel of the academy was the worse.

When he noticed me, he pushed his way through to where I am with a ghastly expression.

And then, he suddenly fell to his knees and crawls up to my leg rather than Shiki who is at my side. He clings onto it and wailed: ‘You liar!’.

In this academy town where the reconstruction is continuing and a good amount of people have returned, a happening like this occurred at broad daylight. Moreover, it is not a woman, but a man.

It is a situation that only spells trouble.

For a second, I thought that I went too far and a student somewhere had complained about it, but well, using the word ‘liar’ was bothering me.

After calming him down, I try asking him. He said that he received information from a certain source and a third party stating that: ‘I will be going to Lorel, so I will be absent from the academy for several months’.

…This is just my opinion but… information from a certain source and a third party combined isn’t really trustworthy.

It is on the level of reading jargon from the sports section of the newspaper and jumping to your own conclusions.

Also, he hasn’t received any notification to cancel class from me or Shiki. In the first place, even if they received such a notification, they wouldn’t have accepted it anyways, and as his stress reached astronomic levels, he felt that this would be lots of trouble so he rushed here with an expression of impending doom.

Just as he said, I haven’t given any notification to cancel my class, and there’s no error in that either.

It is true that I am going to Lorel, but that’s a business that has nothing to do with the academy, so I don’t plan on cancelling classes.

After I explained to him that ‘no matter what method of transportation we use, I intend to continue classes as scheduled’, I had him leave.

I have done the same explanation over and over again, and after I thought I finally finished with everyone, this time it was Jin.

Aren’t you here to work part-time?

No well, I don’t have experience in part-time jobs, but you know, since you are working under me, our standings should change a bit, right? I am your boss, you know?

Isn’t that how it works?

“Eh, uhm…what about the class—?!” (Jin)

A light *slap* sound resounded and the head of Jin lowered.

“Jin! You are in the middle of work!” (Amelia)

The paper fan of Amelia hit the back of Jin’s head directly and cut off his words.

When I look at the paper fan she is holding, the word ‘pain’ is written on it.

Ah, it is the one that hurts.

I remember I was told that they made three types of paper fans: one that simply makes a loud sound but doesn’t hurt; one that doesn’t match the sound it makes and increases the pain; and the soundless one that hurts the most.

Of course, they are joke goods.

…The first one, that is.

Doing tsukkomis in the middle of work is questionable as well, but this is the backyard of the store anyways.

The two of them are arranging the inventory here.

That’s why it is barely acceptable.

“!!! Ame…lia! You…that…hurt.” (Jin)

Jin was holding his head with both hands.

He is so pained that his words are not coming out properly.

In the words of Eris, the one that has sound and pain is still ‘too soft’.

…It is because she said something like that that instead of only two, a third one was created.

That girl is actually pretty smart though…

It seems like the soundless and painful one: ‘didn’t produce blood, tears, or pain’, and with those words in mind, it was created.

In the first place, this was created as a punishment tool for Eris.

So there’s no point if it’s ‘too soft’.

By the way, the last version doesn’t have ‘pain’ written on it, it has a skull mark.

“I’m sorry, representative. I will continue right now.” (Amelia)

“No well, I did answer him as well. Let me tell you then. Jin, there’s no change in the class. That’s why, do your best without worrying.” (Makoto)

“T-Thank-ssu!” (Jin)

“…Don’t get too poisoned by Lime’s style of speaking, okay? If you are going to learn from someone, make that person Akua or someone like that. That would be safer.” (Makoto)

Safety is best.

Safety is important.

This is a truth that people normally don’t realize.

“Yes!” (Jin)

“Waka~, Waka~”

“Especially the small one that’s coming now, don’t learn from her. Or it will be too late.” (Makoto)

Too late is not good, definitely not good.

I notice the owner of the voice that called out: ‘Waka’, and make a bitter smile.

Maybe Jin and Amelia felt the same, they made a slightly troubled expression.

Well, even when she is like that, she is capable and she is also their senpai.

“What’s up, Eris?” (Makoto)

“Ah, Waka~. To think that you are actually looking after the part-time greenhorns yourself, what an admirable representative! A model of merchants!” (Eris)

“It is getting stuffy in here, and I feel like I am being bad mouthed. By the way, aren’t your hobbies slowly getting more similar to Tomoe?” (Makoto)

“At first, it was by force, but…in the end, I got used to it the more it was forced into me~~.” (Eris)

“Hey hey.”

“But lately, she has brought out things like period dramas, PCs, and western stuff. I have now learned about her depth and have opened my eyes~~.” (Eris)


“Well, the screen is still rustic and instead of calling it a PC, it is more like a word-processor though. It is thriving in a good sense which is something I love.” (Eris)

“…I see.” (Makoto)

“That’s right~~, hehe.” (Eris)

“And, what’s your business?” (Makoto)

Did she watch some sort of big play somewhere?

It is Eris we are talking about, so she is probably focusing on weird things like the killer techniques of the actors.

I understand that you are itching to talk about it, but I decided not to touch that topic today.

“Hm, how cold. But that part is what makes you good, is what one of the Gorgons said, you know? Also, you have a guest.” (Eris)

“I didn’t have any appointment though. Who is it?” (Makoto)

Of course, I didn’t retort about the Gorgon.

Jin and Amelia haven’t met the Gorgons yet…probably.

In the future, I plan on having them fight the Gorgons as opponents that can defeat you the instant you encounter them.

“It is a companion of those younglings here. Gizumo…or was it Rizumo?” (Eris)

“Izumo.” (Makoto)

“Fufufu, how was it, Waka? Just by adding one syllable, I was able to change his name into a *scary and cute monster*, and even a *white and beautiful container*.” (Eris) <Definitely references to something>

“Don’t play around with people’s names. Izumo huh, that’s unusual. Well, I will see what he has to say.” (Makoto)

“Then I will guide you~.” (Eris)

“Eris, you don’t need to. Help out the two—” (Makoto)

“Since they were so slow, I already finished half of it. The remaining can be done by those two. With their pace, they should be able to finish in around an hour.” (Eris)

“…Nothing escapes you.” (Makoto)

“Without fail. Banana?” (Eris)

“Okay okay. Well then, Jin and Amelia, I am counting on you for what’s left. Go at your own pace.” (Makoto)

“Yay! Hey, do your best, younglings!” (Eris)

Eris moved ahead in high spirits.

She had both of her hands at the back of her head and was in a good mood.

“No way. She really finished everything on that side…” (Amelia)

“Are you telling me that when you are at the level of Eris-san, you can arrange the inventory by simply speaking? That’s a whole different dimension. How scary is the clone law.” (Jin)

“Was it a law? Wasn’t it a skill name?” (Amelia)

I leave the two that were shuddering at the pleasant work of Eris, and head to the store where Izumo is waiting for me.


“And so, what did you want to talk with me about without the presence of Shiki?” (Makoto)

Izumo had a meek face as he waited.

The words that came out were Lorel Union.

I thought it was going to be that topic again, but with an expression as if brooding over something, he said that he wanted to speak alone with me.

This is really something unusual.

Because Izumo clearly relies on Shiki more than me.

But the home of Izumo is Lorel Union, and he is a student at the academy we have no hostility towards.

Since he went through the trouble of coming here, I decide to listen to what he has to say.

We couldn’t just have a conversation in the store, so we went to my room.

“You are going to Lorel Union, right?” (Izumo)

“For a negotiation. Let me clear this first, there’s no changes in the class schedule.” (Makoto)

“Ah, yes. So, what part of Lorel are you heading to?” (Izumo)

…It looks like he is quite agitated.

Izumo is the type that would ask a lot of things like: ‘how are you going to continue class as normal if you are heading to Lorel?’ and ‘How are you going to be returning here?’.

“…We are heading to a city named Kannaoi. From there, well, we will be heading to the dungeon.” (Makoto)

“?!!! Could it be…you are heading to the great dungeon Yaso-Katsui?!” (Izumo)

“As expected of a famous place in Lorel. That’s right. In Rotsgard, there was no one who knew this name aside from the adventurers.” (Makoto)

Without nodding or making any sort of reaction to my words, Izumo maintained his mouth shut.

However…looking at this, does Izumo have some sort circumstances with this dungeon?

Now that I think about it, Shiki said something Izumo’s household before.

“…Is that negotiation going to be with…the Ikusabe or the Osakabe?” (Izumo)

“None, it is with a mercenary group called Picnic Rose Garden.” (Makoto)


“…What’s wrong?” (Makoto)

The strained face of Izumo had suddenly turned into an emotionless one.

I can’t even tell if he is surprised.

And he said something that bothered me as well.

Ikusabe? Osakabe?

Those are names I haven’t heard from Sairitz-san either.

Now that I think about it, I am going to be receiving a promissory note that can let me go anywhere, but I haven’t really been told about the details of the country itself.

The most I have heard is that there’s no civil wars and it is mostly peaceful.

When I asked if it is slightly stormy there, she told me: ‘In our territory, only a little’, and laughed.

That ‘territory’ of hers is a real scary one. <Most likely talking about the political territory>

But well, every large country must have their own share of political strife, and if it’s only that, it can be counted as peaceful.

Hm, right.

Ikusabe is the family name of Izumo.


If I remember correctly, Shiki said something about Izumo and the main and branch family at Lorel.

I see.

Are Kannaoi and Yaso-Katsui places that his household possess a strong influence?

That’s why Izumo was bothered by that destination of ours.

Wait, places where his household possess a strong influence?

If that’s really the case…does that mean that Izumo is from quite a distinguished family?

Could it be…he is an actual *Waka-sama*?! <young master>

“Picnic…Rose Garden…” (Izumo)


“The safeguards of Yaso-Katsui dungeon. That mercenary group?” (Izumo)

“That’s right. I’m surprised you know.” (Makoto)


“Uo, what’s wrong, Izumo?” (Makoto)

“Please don’t bother with me…with someone like me!!” (Izumo)

“Hah?” (Makoto)

“It is fine! No matter if Sensei holds the side of Ikusabe or Osakabe, it just doesn’t matter anymore!! I somewhat understand that Sairitz-sama has finally made her move after all!” (Izumo)

Izumo suddenly stood up and poured some intense words at me who is still sitting.

I can’t understand at all.

I am sorry but, I am not really involved in any of what he is saying.

Not that I think about it, I feel like I am now pretty used to matching my tone when speaking, like in the times when I speak with the other teachers. It might be imprudent of me to be thinking this at this moment though.

“Calm down. I will say this clearly, I don’t understand anything of what you are saying. It is true that Sairitz-sama has spoken to me, but it is a negotiation with the mentioned mercenary group. I have not heard about the Ikusabe or the Osakabe at all.” (Makoto)

Moreover, she didn’t tell me to keep this a secret.

It seems like the mercenary group is quite the big shot in Lorel, so it is not strange for him to know about them. So leaving that aside, she didn’t say a single word about Izumo.


“I was told that if it is me, I would be able to pull it off. I will bring along some companions and negotiate for a bit with the mercenary group. That’s all.” (Makoto)

“Uhm, Sensei, you said ‘for a bit’ but…do you really know where those people are?” (Izumo)

Izumo was in the middle of a roller coaster of emotions, but it seems like he has entered a lull state and asks me with a serious expression.

“Of course. Inside Yaso-Katsui labyrinth, right?” (Makoto)

“…Is that all?” (Izumo)

“I was told that they are based 20 floors underground.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, that’s correct.” (Izumo)

“I honestly feel it is a complete pain to do this, but we are the ones that want to negotiate with them, so it can’t be helped.” (Makoto)

“…Sensei, how many do you see here?” (Izumo)

He lifts two fingers in front of me.

“Two.” (Makoto)

“Then, this?” (Izumo)

“Five.” (Makoto)

“Then, what about this?” (Izumo)

“Ten. By the way, what are you trying to achieve with this, Izumo-kun? Even I know that the double of that is twenty.” (Makoto)

“The 20th floor underground of that labyrinth!! Is not a place that you can simply go for a bit to have a negotiation, you know?!!” (Izumo)

“I understand. It is dark, confined, and honestly, I don’t feel like doing it.” (Makoto)

“Dark, confined?!!” (Izumo)

“It might take two days; if I count the negotiation, it will probably take around three days.” (Makoto)

“Impossible Impossible Impossible Impossible Impossible!!” (Izumo)

What’s with that shower of words as if using a rush attack?! <Muda muda muda muda!!>

His tongue said that really smoothly.

He can become a sales announcer.

“I will say this again and again, calm down.” (Makoto)

“Impossible!! I refuse to! There’s no way I can calm down! Eastern part of Lorel, former capital: Kannaoi! And what has existed since ancient times and brought up Kannaoi, the Yaso-Katsui valley and its labyrinth that extends underground!” (Izumo)

“Oh~.” (Makoto)

“And then, there’s the legendary mercenary group that’s said to have been created by the Wise to protect our ancestors, Picnic Rose Garden!” (Izumo)

That name…really doesn’t fit.

That’s why I am sure there’s no doubt a Wise(japanese person) was involved in the creation of that mercenary group.

Not as legends, but people that actually existed.

“…It seems like Sensei really didn’t know this. Okay then, I will teach you. Ignorance is a sin at times, but there are times when it is easy to atone for those sins. It is okay to just know about it at the time you need to know.” (Izumo)

“No well, I have already received information to a certain extent…” (Makoto)

Actually, I even think that there’s no need to know more aside from the fact that we will be negotiating.

No matter how much you tell me about the place being confined, gloomy, and dark, I will not be happy at all anyways.

I can make the inside bright unlike games, I don’t need to mind about mapping the place, and I can just single mindedly go down without caring about treasures.

First of all, this guy should stop those eyes of his.

Please stop those crazed eyes.

I would like more energetic eyes.

Kugh, did I step in some kind of landmine? I can’t pinpoint it.

Was it about his family? Or was it the Picnic mercenary group? Maybe it is because of the 20th floor underground?

Or more like, aren’t those mercenaries being really loved?

Is it really okay to bring them to Tsige?

From the way Sairitz-san spoke, they felt like problematic people…

“Please don’t be so reserved. Sensei has really taken care of me, so it is only at this kind of moments where I can repay you. Information about Kannaoi, Yaso-Katsui, the labyrinth, Ikusabe and Osakabe household, and about the Wise and the legendary mercenary group. I will have you listen to everything thoroughly, okay?!” (Izumo)


Rather than calling this a repayment, this is more like hearing him complain.

I have been thinking about listening to my students if they open up to me themselves, but…this kind of beginning is not to my taste!

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