Chapter 201: Makoto, Shiki, and the silver tea

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“Haaah!! I can’t anymore, I can’t move, I won’t move.”
With rough breathing, I fall onto the meadows.
A nostalgic exhaustion that envelops my whole body.
This sensation that I always tasted in my time at Japan.
This is it.
As I thought, I can’t live without this.
“Waka, is it okay already?”
“…Thanks, Tomoe.” (Makoto)
“Then…Fuh~~” (Tomoe)
Tomoe changes her posture of being cross-legged to falling face forward onto the ground.
At the same time, I felt like the burden in my body disappeared, and my body turned light.
…I know I am asking for something unreasonable, but I just can’t go without this.
It is a pain to even speak. Tomoe and I spend a while silent within this dusk.
My previous world, Japan; reproducing that environment.
In the past, the reproduction time was short and it wasn’t fit to be used as training, but with the expertise of Tomoe, the time has been steadily increasing, and I am now able to maintain it for around 6 hours.
Since then, I have been having her accompany me in my bow training at the times when she is able to, and so, that brings us to our current state.
By the way, today was around 10 hours.
The reason why it was longer than the limit time of Tomoe was because I did the transference of magic power that I did at the demon race country with Mio and Shiki, on Tomoe.
Now that I think about it, when I tried transferring more than that time, Tomoe showed a change in her outward appearance like with the two.
Specifically speaking, her hair color changed to silver.
When I tried doing it, she was happy that she would finally be able to have black hair like how Mio and Shiki told, but…when she looked at her own face with the mirror she had prepared, her expression was kinda…worth watching.
Well you see, she was grieving grandly, asking why she was the only one that was getting further away from being Japanese.
At that night, it was the first time I saw the bad alcoholic Tomoe.
“As I thought, this is it. It is hard to breathe, and my body can’t move, as if it isn’t mine anymore. My whole body is numb in pain and going crazy.” (Makoto)
The peak of exhaustion had passed and I was now able to manage some surplus.
As the environment returned, my recovery seems to fasten as well.
I wanted to taste it for a bit more though.
I really like training until the limit of my body, and falling to the side in my tired state.
Since coming to this parallel world, no matter how much time I trained, I couldn’t taste this sensation.
Inside of me, I was incredibly uneasy.
I was thinking that maybe my body and techniques were slowly declining.
For someone that had grown used to bullying my body, I felt like I was slowly doing steps back every day, and was scared beyond belief.
I am normally not able to act in this way though.
Looking at Jin’s group who usually end up that way in their lectures, I was actually jealous.
“My body is incredibly heavy in a different meaning though. I intended to leave this type of job to Shiki, seriously…” (Tomoe)
Tomoe who had used quite the amount of magic power, turned her face towards me without wiping her sweat and muttered.
For Tomoe, it is just extremely tiring, and she isn’t accompanying me because she likes it.
I held back and said that at least once a week, and yet, she was taken aback by the amount.
At the numerous amount.
Even though I would like it to be daily.
In the end, we reached a compromise and had it changed to once every ten days.
Other times it would depend on the convenience of Tomoe.
“I can only ask Tomoe of this. I am counting on you from now on as well.” (Makoto)
“This training…for how long are you planning on continuing it?” (Tomoe)
“For how long?” (Makoto)
I don’t understand what Tomoe meant with that and ask back.
“I will repeat what I said. Increasing physical strength, repeating concentration, and shooting the bow earnestly. What technique are you aiming to obtain, and at what time do you estimate that you will be getting it? I was seriously thinking of this.” (Tomoe)
“I don’t have something like that, you know?” (Makoto)
Training my muscles, repetitions of my posture, shooting at the target; it is something I do to be more in tune with my bow anyways, so there’s no end to it.
I will continue it for the rest of my life.
“…There’s none?” (Tomoe)
“None.” (Makoto)
“Then, you are telling me that what you are doing to the point of exhaustion is simply a repetition?” (Tomoe)
“It is not simple repetition you know. I am slowly moving forward. Probably.” (Makoto)
“Probably?!” (Tomoe)
“Yup.” (Makoto)
Tomoe’s face stiffens.
I see. Tomoe is continuously training in the basics, but that’s with the aim of learning techniques and improving herself.
Then she probably won’t understand.
But I think that Tomoe will someday definitely understand it.
If she truly loves the sword.
Just like how I am doing this because of my love for the bow.
“A-Are you saying that you are self-aware that you are moving forward, and yet, you don’t have an objective?” (Tomoe)
“Because you know, even in my predecessors, I think no one has seen that summit. I probably won’t be able to see it myself either. But that’s not a problem.” (Makoto)
“I think I kind of understand how I was blown away by Waka in just a few days after you came to this world. Kinda.” (Tomoe)
“Is that so.” (Makoto)
I move my body that still has exhaustion remaining and stand up.
With only bow and training, it hasn’t changed that this is my core in Japan and here as well.
I really have to be grateful of Tomoe.
“If you are going to return, please go ahead first. I don’t think I will be able to move for a while.” (Tomoe)
Tomoe who had her blue hair back, caught on my movements.
“No, I will wait, so let’s return together. I will be putting the arrows in order and doing maintenance to the tools.” (Makoto)
By the time I finish tidying up, Tomoe had recovered to the point that she could stand up herself.
It seems like the person herself used a magic of some sort though.
I told her that it wouldn’t even amount to trouble in nursing her, but it seems like that part has something to do with Tomoe’s pride.
Well, it is good that she is reliable.
When we return to our house, the meal that Mio did her best to make will be waiting for us.
I am probably quite blessed.
I am blessed with my surroundings, and I am being fulfilled by it after all.
Finishing dinner, I return to the workroom with Shiki.
What’s dangling even from the chairs, are the documents about the students.
Not about the new kids that want to attend the lectures, but about Jin’s group.
“Go ahead.”
“Thanks, Shiki.” (Makoto)
Shiki brought tea.
Hm? This is tea, right?
It is milk tea huh.
Just in case, I lightly stir the spoon and see.
Good, it mixes.
It seems like it is not something like fresh cream blended with black tea.
It gave out quite the sweet smell, so I was a bit wary.
“Don’t mind it. Today I tried making something by imitating Waka-sama’s world.” (Shiki)
“My world? Heh~.” (Makoto)
There’s actual milk tea in this world.
Even if you don’t imitate it, I think that it’s the same.
I am on the side that won’t mind as long as the tea is drinkable, so the most difference I can tell is if it’s mixed with milk, or if the milk is simply placed in the tea.
So I will be able to tell once I drink it huh.
It doesn’t seem to be such an extreme drink, so I am relieved.
This is incredibly sweet.
This sweetness…honey?
…Don’t tell me, it is not the Al-Elemera, right?
Also, this…instead of saying that there’s milk in it, the taste of the milk is way too strong.
Instead of milk tea, it is more like, tea au lait.
Hmm, it is a mysterious drink.
There’s probably gonna be days I am tired like today where it will feel like it tastes good, but it might be a bit too sweet for me.
“It has the right amount of sweetness, so I think it will help you warm up your body.” (Shiki)
“The right amount? By the way Shiki, what’s this? Milk tea?” (Makoto)
“If I remember correctly, it is silver tea. Don’t you know of it?” (Shiki)
“I don’t remember drinking it, and I don’t know the name either. Just when did I learn of something like that?” (Makoto)
It is black tea, so it shouldn’t be from Japan.
In that case…maybe it came from some travelling program that I saw at who knows what day.
If that’s the case, it would be hard to remember.
Silver tea huh.
“Silver tea is a black tea that’s made from  slight amounts of black tea, milk, and honey.” (Shiki)
He said slight amount of black tea.
In terms of classification, this is black tea?
I didn’t think that a day would come when Shiki would teach me of food from my own world.
“I see. I will drink it slowly.” (Makoto)
Actually, will I be able to drink it all?
One cup of tea is looking like a towering mountain.
A Montblanc class one.
“There’s a lot more, so please tell me without any reservation.” (Shiki)
Shiki, who was already in his second serve, smilingly told me this.
I probably won’t be taking seconds.
“Hm, and so, about the abilities of Jin’s group…” (Makoto)
“After seeing them, what did you think?” (Shiki)
“…They were impressive. How to say it, they grew up too much. I feel like they have exceeded the growth we anticipated by way too much.” (Makoto)
“They do. If they grow one step higher, even if it is impossible one vs one, if they were to fight all at once, they would be able to pull a good fight against Lime.” (Shiki)
“That’s way too much.” (Makoto)
“Seriously. I have underestimated the talent and eliteness of those kids. I want to properly convince them and have them maintain their roles of teaching.” (Makoto)
“…Waka-sama, about that, how about we have them join Kuzunoha Company?” (Shiki)
Shiki returned my words with a proposal.
Is he talking about hiring them?
Even now, Jin and Amelia are doing part-time jobs, and their work is not that bad, so it shouldn’t be impossible.
We say that we don’t discriminate towards demi-humans, and yet, we haven’t hired any hyumans, which feels like discrimination to hyumans.
“You mean hiring them, right?” (Makoto)
“Yes.” (Shiki)
“Before the lecture, you were in favor of taking distance from them little by little though. Why now?” (Makoto)
“It is also in those documents; their growth and abilities. Honestly speaking, they are incredibly appealing test subjects. It might be hard to have them in Asora, but I have begun thinking that I want to have them work in the company and observe their growth from a close distance.” (Shiki)
So his interest as a researcher has appeared.
Instead of awakening as a teacher, this is more Lich-like.
Fuh~this huh.
I once again look at the documents.
The abilities of Jin’s group is written here.
It is certainly impressive.
There’s no doubt that they are showing an irregular growth.
First of all, Yuno. Without needing to say it, it is that suit.
She properly confessed that she received it from Mio.
It seems like she has gotten accustomed to it so much, that she insisted strongly in having her use it.
I do think that it suits the fighting style of Yuno.
If she doesn’t know the meaning of the name she has to shout, there’s no real embarrassment in it, and after having her show us its specs, it was quite different from the one I used and its power was also lowered.
It is a troubling issue.
For some reason, there’s also the signature and petition of Rembrandt-san in the corner of the documents.
Seriously, what an aggressive one.
The next one is Sif and Amelia.
They are not fusing several spells by themselves; they have learned to utilize it with other people and reduce the burden in it.
In the future, no matter what country they go to, this technique will be able to increase the magic of the country.
Those two are accurately heading to a direction in magic, and growing.
But in terms of the bow of Amelia, it hasn’t changed much.
It seems like she hasn’t showed any result aside from increasing her own physical strength.
And so, the boys.
Izumo was arranging the arias.
Let’s call it an irregular reutilization.
He was originally able to divide several arias and combine them to activate it, but at the lecture, he was able to use the arias that were already utilized and were supposed to have disappeared, into the aria of the next spell, something that I find hard to understand.
Shiki said that it is a personal talent of his.
There’s no doubt that he has an interest in it.
Daena had an ultimate technique-like trump card of increasing his physical strength explosively from the very beginning.
He called it Second Stage.
The effective time is not that long, but it is also incredibly useful for short battles.
His growth was an enhancement that goes beyond it.
In the middle of the Second Stage, he is able to push it to one stage further.
The origin of that idea seems to be the instant enhancement of Jin.
It seems like it burdens the body quite a lot, but from what I see of his body build, he probably knew that from the very beginning. I could tell that he is properly training his body.
The main dish is those two.
The first is Misura.
Before the Academy festival, he had a trump card of numbing his own sense of pain to aim for a simultaneous strike.
Thinking about his own safety, I obviously had it sealed away though.
While he was being played by Tomoe, Misura had pleasantly evolved that power of his.
Shiki named it ‘Damage Delay’.
Just like its name states, it delays the damage.
It seems that as long as it is not instant death, he is able to utilize it.
I say ‘it seems’, because since learning this skill, he hasn’t received an attack that would bring instant death yet.
Well, that’s obvious huh.
He would suffer the damage later, so at a glance, it looks like there’s no point in it.
But the incredible part of this skill is yet to come.
For around 30 minutes, the damage can come, but at that time, he is able to receive healing magic.
He is able to heal the stacked damage with magic.
If the healing makes it in time, obviously, nothing will happen after the 30 minutes.
It is an abnormal power.
In terms of talent, that’s all.
Without a doubt, it is a skill that not even ten thousand of people would be able to replicate.
Shiki had a similar opinion to mine.
Of course, Shiki was quite interested in Misura’s ability as well.
And so, the last one is Jin.
It seems like that guy has noticed a part of my [Sakai].
And he has reproduced it.
Of course, there’s no way he would be able to replicate a power that he doesn’t even know properly, so it was truly an imitation, but it had a different power.
What he used in the mock battle with Ema was exactly that.
He is able to affect his surroundings and create several effects.
He has to properly understand the effects himself, and it seems like there’s several limitations to it, but it is a spell that is incredibly similar to [Sakai].
Moreover, the deployment itself doesn’t utilize much magic power.
At the time of adding effects, there’s a fitting price for it though.
…What a scary boy.
He said that currently he is only able to increase the range of it and adjust the gravity.
It seems like he is able to increase or decrease the gravity of himself.
I wanted to ask why in the hell he is able to do something like that when he is only at the basics.
“I think they will grow into a stronger fighting force.” (Makoto)
“I feel the same.” (Shiki)
“As they continue to grow, they will gather more attention. If we employ them, aren’t the other countries going to come lure them away without any cares?” (Makoto)
“No doubt that will happen.” (Shiki)
“The two heroes are able to charm them or pull them in, they have that kind of power. Maybe there’s going to be a situation like that.” (Makoto)
“The chances of it are not low, and there’s also the chance other powers will come as well.” (Shiki)
“Even so, you want to keep an eye on them?” (Makoto)
“…Yes. If something were to happen, I will deal with it. So if I can get your permission…” (Shiki)
“Fuh~. Jin and the others have their own right to decide their future. They went through the trouble of coming to the Academy and aim for that much power, so they probably have some objective as they climb up. Kuzunoha Company is not the place that will be able to answer those desires, you know?” (Makoto)
“Aren’t you belittling Jin and the others a bit too much, Waka-sama? Within them, there’s already people that wish to be employed in Kuzunoha Company, you know?” (Shiki)
“Is that true?” (Makoto)
I will provide them stability, but promotions and aims for higher heights, I don’t think I will be able to provide it.
And currently, more than half of our business constitutes of trades with other races aside from the hyumans.
“It seems like when Sif and Yuno graduate, they plan on entering Rembrandt Company and transferring to our side.” (Shiki)
When they come via Rembrandt-san, it is kinda…hard to refuse.
“If we employ Jin and Amelia, it seems like they don’t mind leaving the Academy.” (Shiki)
That’s heavy.
“About Izumo, Misura, and Daena; they haven’t made clear their will to be employed, but it seems like they ‘definitely don’t want to be enemies of Kuzunoha Company’.” (Shiki)
…What an incredibly realistic opinion.
Employment of hyumans huh.
It is certainly true that if there’s a chance, it would be good to employ some since there’s also the eyes of the public.
Even if I won’t have them touch much of our secrets, if they were to do something…
For now, let’s just think about it positively.
“…About the employment, I will think about it. Shiki wants to employ them, right?” (Makoto)
“Yes. Even if it’s to make them grow, if we are hiring them, I will set it up so that we can erase them whenever needed. Please don’t worry about that part.” (Shiki)
I don’t know if he actually has emotions for his students or not.
I spoke with Shiki about work for a while, and we spoke about things regarding Limia as well as we pass the time.
After a pause, I bring the cup to my mouth.
It has gotten cold.
I didn’t know that when it gets cold, the sweetness does a grade-up.
The exam at the sea is close to over.
The interview is also close huh.
Even when I try to deviate my thoughts, as I thought, it was no good.
It will probably be impossible to share drinks with Shiki who is able to empty a pot of it.

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