Chapter 200: A Makoto-like Asora diplomacy

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At a place not that far away from the land of Asora, an extensive forest spreads.

I ordered them not to claim the territory.

And I also ordered them that they shouldn’t enter it recklessly.

This is not the only forest.

If you want to receive the grace of a forest, it is fine to just step into a different forest. There wasn’t any objection to that and was accepted.

Why did I do that?

It is because of the animals that use that forest as their territory.


Animals that are said to already be extinct in Japan.

The way they are viewed is different depending on the country, but in Japan, wolves are seen as prideful and intelligent animals, and were treated as the guardians of the forest.

Or at least that’s how I think.

For me, the Japanese wolves were animals that made me feel holiness in them.

And to think that I would be able to see them in a parallel world, or more like a parallel world of that parallel world. I was happy.

That’s why, by complete whim, I accepted their existence.

I didn’t want to take a measure like hunting them down just because they are an hindrance.

And, I am currently in that forest.

In both of my hands I have things like fruits, grains, and all sorts of big plates.

“I am here.” (Makoto)

After a while of walking through a path that would be fitting to call the path of the beast, a simple altar made of stones was in sight.

Leaving the big plates at the altar, I sit at a side of it and look up.

“So thick. The green is thick. The salty wind is not bad, but this calms me down more.” (Makoto)

Breathing deeply was really comfortable.

“It is rare for you to come on your own.”

“It is fine from time to time.” (Makoto)

A breathing reached my ears, and yet, his words were clearly relayed to me.

I have already gotten used to it, but it is an interesting sensation.

“Friendship huh. Well, that’s fine, Misumi. I have smelled an unusual scent from afar. Do you know something about that?”

“A God acquaintance did something a bit unreasonable you see. So a sea was made.” (Makoto)


It seems like it was the first time the wolf heard of that word, he tilted his head.

I can feel the presence of several wolves in the area.

Looks like they are distancing themselves from the boss, and are at a set distance without getting closer than that.

“It is like a salt water lake that’s a lot bigger than this forest.” (Makoto)

“…Fumu. It is hard to believe, but if Misumi says so, that must be the case. Is it okay to think that it won’t affect our living?”

“Yeah. It is quite far after all. Actually, just what kind of nose you have there? Being able to smell it from here.” (Makoto)

“I was able to smell it from the plates and fruits that you are carrying there as well, you know? People are truly unhandy living beings huh.”

“Ahahaha, for a wolf, that might be the case. And so, about that proof of friendship, there’s a slightly different meaning to it as well.” (Makoto)

“…Are you talking about those weird flying insects?”

“…Right. Sorry, it seems like they caused you trouble.” (Makoto)

I don’t know what kind of fight the wolves had with the Al-Elemera, but there’s no doubt that they suddenly came barging in.

20% was to apologize, and the other 80% was because I wanted to meet the wolves after a while, and that’s why I came with cuts of fruits.

“No need to apologize. If it’s something of that level, we don’t mind. It is like having wasps getting slightly stronger.”

When hearing about wasps, I instinctively feel fear.

Its name is a representation of fear.

When looking at the Al-Elemera like that, they feel scarier.

“Is there anyone that got hurt?” (Makoto)

“None. But it is true that a slight problem has occurred.”

“I’m listening.” (Makoto)

“Before that, let me confirm this. Those guys won’t be coming here anymore?”

“They won’t. They have faced quite the scary experience, so they are completely scared of this forest.” (Makoto)

To the point that they are truly pitiful.

“I see. Actually…”

“Yeah?” (Makoto)

“Those guys, taste good.”



“Like concentrated honey. A dense sweetness. It is quite…a delicacy.”


“In the past, we said that we won’t cause any harm to Misumi’s people. If those flying insects are the same as well, it is regrettable. That’s the problem.”

“They taste good?” (Makoto)

“Yeah. It is a lot more appealing than attacking a beehive.”

The wolf says this with a straight face.

I don’t think he is being serious, but the saliva that’s dripping from his mouth is real.

“Sorry, I want you to endure.” (Makoto)

“Can’t be helped. Misumi should be able to slaughter us all, and yet, asked to coexist. That debt is big. We will obey.”

“Thanks. I will be bringing the same that’s on the plate there, so eat it with everyone. I hope there’s something you like there.” (Makoto)

“We have plenty of grace from the forest. There’s no reason for Misumi to treat us well. I said this in the beginning but, there’s no need for you to give us anything, you know?”

“…Isn’t it fine? Let’s just leave it as coexisting by mingling from time to time like this.” (Makoto)

I am happy by the simple fact that they are here, is something I can’t say.

I feel like they would treat me like a weirdo.

…Maybe I am already being treated that way.

“What a strange man. Well, it is not as big as a thanks, but our side will tell the bears not to eat the flying insects.”

“…Bears. It is certainly true that they have the image of liking sweet things more than you guys.” (Makoto)

Or more like, it is their total favorite.

Honey Bear-san.

The combination is scarily fitting.

“They haven’t eaten the flying insects, so there shouldn’t be any problem. But if it’s after eating them, they probably would have gone on a rampage. But Misumi, we are living without involving ourselves with the people in the sky. That part of the talk, you will have to say it yourself.”

“Ah~, yeah, I understand. Thanks.” (Makoto)

I see.

There’s the chance that the Al-Elemeras might be eaten by bird of prey huh.

I feel like it won’t work if I just tell them not to go to the mountains.

It won’t be such a pain if I just teleport there, so let’s finish it now.

Even if I say that I will be going to talk with them, we are in Asora, so it should be fine to take it easy.


A precipitous mountain.

At the ridges that are rising perpendicularly, there’s gorges that have green spreading.

It is a place that would be impossible to reach without having wings.

Or a body power like that of a serow.

Well, if I teleport there, it isn’t that much of a pain.

Different from walking in the forest, it would be tiresome to suddenly climb mountains.

“Ah, there he is.” (Makoto)

At a part of the hill, he was there.

A blue mass that one would have to look up like the Buddha-sama statue in Nara.

He looks like that even when he has his wings folded.

Crazy big would be exactly this.

As I get closer, I can tell that that lump is actually a bird with its wings folded.

He is the King of the birds in Asora.

It is not a falcon or an eagle.

It seems like it is a bird called Roc. <>

He is rarer than wolves, or more like, I feel like it is a mythical beast though. Its existence has such a sense of unrealism that it makes me feel like the wolves are amazing.

Because you know, at this point, it is already a mamono.

“The King huh, it’s been a while.”

“Long time no see. I am not used to that way of calling me though.” (Makoto)

He calls me King.

But I just don’t feel it.

I feel like calling me landlord-san or something like that fits more.

“I am surprised you have come here from such a long distance. It seems like you are doing well with the winged-kins but, is it a different business?”

He cleanly ignores it.

“Kinda. I have a request regarding the new race living here.” (Makoto)

“Ah, the one about a lot of races making a racket in the lake of crazy size, is it about that?”

“No, that’s another matter. About the sea, if there’s birds that can live there, it is fine to let them.” (Makoto)

“Hoh~, that lake is called sea huh. It is truly big. I could feel a diverse amount of lives as well.”

“You must have. Right now the people that want to live there are in the middle of a test. They will be living at the beach or in the sea, so I don’t think they will clash with the living beings in the sky.” (Makoto)

It seems like the Roc bird has gone to see the sea as well.

I am surprised that he and the wolves are able to sense the happenings of something so far away.

“I will tell the others about it.”

“And so, today’s request is about a fairy race called Al-Elemera.” (Makoto)

“…It is a name I don’t know of. If it’s people that live in the sky, I will look after them though.”

“No, I think they are closer to insects that live in the mountains or the rivers. I am not that well informed in that aspect either though.” (Makoto)

“…Is it fine to just tell them not to eat those guys?”

“You get it fast. They have wings and fly in the sky, but their looks are like that of small people, so it would be a big help not to eat them.” (Makoto)

“Understood. If it’s people of the King, I will have them be careful of not hunting them.”

“I am sorry for bothering you while you were resting. Then, later.” (Makoto)

“If you have any errand, you can tell us. I don’t mind if you call me.”

“Yeah, I won’t hesitate in coming here.” (Makoto)

“Say my regards to the new people of the King.”

With this, the matter of the Al-Elemera should be okay.

Now then, after looking at the situation at the sea, I will show my face at the store.


Heh~ the Lorelei are building the port town and living at the seashore huh.

It did say in the documents that they originally lived at the reefs, but maybe Sari suggested it, or it might be because they wanted a better environment and are building the town.

The beach is wide, and from what I have seen, the waves are calm.

It is like the sea in a resort.

I think it is a good place.


Ah, it is Sari.

“It looks like you are doing your best in the job.” (Makoto)

“It is the first job Waka-sama has given me after all.” (Sari)

“Right now you are working as the advisor of the Lorelei?” (Makoto)

“Yes. But even if I say this, I feel like there won’t be any problems occurring and the test time will end just like this though.” (Sari)

“Isn’t that good? And so, after the Lorelei tried living here, did they think about staying?” (Makoto)

This is a part that I am interested in.

“Of course. It seems like a relationship with the other races is beginning to form, so it looks good.” (Sari)

“With the other races? That’s pretty progressive. Can you tell me the details?” (Makoto)

I heard a *dadada* sound of something running at fast speed.

I reflexively look at the direction of the sound.

Tunaman was running.

At a full sprint reminiscent of athletes.

It looked like it had a really thin box, but its contents are unknown.

“The interaction with the Neptune Sea Lord is prosperous.” (Sari)

“Ah, I see.” (Makoto)

I heard that tunas are incredibly fast in the sea, but it seems like they are fast in land too.

They are not using their fins, but their two strong pair of feet that I don’t know where they grew from though.

Ah, it jumped into the sea just like that.

What a terrific ability in both land and water.

“They are a race that doesn’t lose to that exaggerated name. The hikyaku tuna-san that was running just now is counted as well, but it seems like the herculean strength Red King Crab-san -of the same race- is able to break giant rocks and adjust the currents, you know? I also didn’t know of that race. The world is really wide.” (Sari)

A hikyaku tuna-san, and a herculean strength Red King Crab-san?

A courier of ancient japan huh.

I can understand that couriers are powerful.

Like hell that’s the case.

First of all, it is strange that a tuna that feels like it would be able to participate in the triathlon and a Red King Crab that probably looks like a crab, are of the same race.

It is strange, right?

Isn’t it strange?

“I feel like putting it as ‘the world is wide’ isn’t enough of an explanation.” (Makoto)

“It seems like they are mingling with other races aside from the Lorelei. I think they will become the key race of the sea.” (Sari)

Sari was evaluating them with feelings of respect.

I don’t know if she is just pure or deviated.

In my case, how to say it…I am interested in the Neptunes in a different sense.

That they are social is pleasant, or how to say it, mysterious.

Even if I didn’t have plans on meeting her, I was able to see the state of Sari.

I would be happy if she were to find a way of life here in Asora.

Whether it is the forest, mountains, or the sea.

In the end, this was a tour through the Asora nature, but this way of passing time is not bad.

I returned to my house, and while preparing for my trip to Rotsgard, I felt somewhat refreshed.

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