Chapter 195: End of century Academy

There’s liveliness.

Or more like, blood lust?

The Academy I have been long absent for, has a strange atmosphere.

The stone paved path that goes from the main gate to the first school building gives an atmosphere of rich people attending this Academy.

The outdoor facilities that are used for practical skill classes and the field are basically at the far side where the dorms are located, so this part is in essence, not that rough.

And yet, right now I can slightly feel a fighting atmosphere, and I could hear shouts with fighting spirit, even if it was low from here.

Is it the effects of the variant incident?

I made the lectures of Jin and the others be mainly about the reconstruction of the outside district, so I haven’t really come to the Academy often, and I don’t know the current situation.

I had Shiki come to the Academy a few times, but there were no reports regarding this atmosphere.

Well, it may have gotten slightly noisier, but if the motivation has increased in the students, there should be no problem.

I will quickly contact the office department and do the procedures for my class. After that, I will just check on Jin and the others, and then, I don’t have any other plans for the day.

No, since tomorrow I have class, even if I don’t meet them when I look around, there’s no problem.

Going to the office department should be enough.

The longer I stay, the more chances there will be for the Academy Principal to call me.

“Thank you for your hard work~”


The first school building is the place where the guests, guardians, and the contractors normally come to.

The students themself don’t go there often, but the school building is always neat, and the maintenance on it is fast.

In the case of this Academy, the school building that the students frequent, is also quite high grade, like one step higher.

This first building can be considered the reception room of the Rotsgard Academy.

I have been here frequently, so I went straight to the office department, and spoke out.

In an instant, the people at the reception room look at me all at once.

W-What’s going on?

“Uhm, I am the temporary teacher Raidou. I have come here to present the contents of my class and to change a part of it, so I want to finish the formalities…” (Makoto)

“You finally, finally came, Raidou-sensei!”


“I contacted your assistant Shiki-san several times to have Raidou-sensei come, but at those times, I was always rejected, telling me that you were doing business in others towns. Seriously, I was troubled!”

Aside from the person that immediately came to speak with me in the reception room, several others came to the room as well and approached me.

Glaring, smiles that had been relieved from tension, and there were even some that were sobbing; there were way too many reactions.

Just that, I could nod at the words of that person who said that everyone was troubled.

“I am sorry for being absent all this time. I was called by the Gritonia Empire, and when I left, there was a matter that felt like it might serve as a new business you see. Uhm…I judged it was best if it was as fast as possible, so I left again. I did leave a notice of my temporal leave, didn’t I?” (Makoto)

I did ask Shiki to do it after all.

“It is true that we did receive it. Anyways, this…”

What was given to me was a brown envelope.

It is quite big and thick.

When it was given to me, I caught sight of the contents for a bit, and it seems like it is all documents though.

But if they are giving it to me in this way all piled up, I don’t think it is something urgent.

It is fine to just confirm the contents of it slowly.

“Let me tell you this, everything in there are documents that have to be urgently confirmed.”


…All of this?


Soon after, I was given another brown envelope that had the same thickness, filled almost to its limit.

One after the other.

I have six now.

“Next, there’s documents related to the Academy’s internal affairs, and they have been put together at the neighboring room of the temporary teacher’s office. We were told that those documents can’t be checked unless Raidou-sensei sees them first, so I requested Shiki-san about it.”

“…Why in the neighboring room? It is always left at the desk of the office, right?” (Makoto)

“…About that…”

“Yes?” (Makoto)

“Because it couldn’t fit all.”

“Hah?” (Makoto)

“The office is used by other teachers as well, so at the current state, it would fill up around one third of the room in documents. There are also claims because of the lack of answer, so it is not like everything is related to different matters, but classifying them all from our side would be difficult. It took our all just to sort them by date.”

‘I also have other work, you know?’, are the kind of eyes I was making.

“There’s a nonstop flood of enquiries and thought transmissions, not only from the Academy’s foreign affairs, there’s also from the town, and from other countries. A percent of office work is responsibility of Raidou-sensei, in the current office department.”

You are kidding, right?


I have no words.

I only gulped down.

“The temporary work regarding the reconstruction is also a lot, and we are like this. You must have understood after seeing this, but this is a grave situation for the office department. But you finally came. The arrangement of the documents and the processing of it, from today on, please work on them as you steadily bring them back home.”

“…Y-Yes.” (Makoto)

“And about the formalities for the class, I will hear the concrete contents of it.”

“Increase in students, and…” (Makoto)


What a big reaction.

“The limit of classes I have—” (Makoto)

“Can’t do.”

“Eh? Uhm, you should be able to reduce the amount of classes, right?” (Makoto)

“Can’t do.”

“I just have to request for an increase in students and take out the request applications, right? By cancelling the temporary stop of it.” (Makoto)

“Yes, that’s possible. Actually, I have already received a special exception to increase the students participating in your class, so I would like you to please increase it to the present limit of 80 students.”


Are you crazy?

Even in Japan, a class was less than half that number.

I don’t even have a teaching qualification, so there’s no way I would be able to teach that amount of people.

It is a class where there’s the risk of injury since they are practical lessons. The major premise is that it has to be limited to a number that Shiki and I can manage.

“…Please don’t say the unreasonable. Even if I say increase, it would be around double of the current state. I was thinking of increasing it to around 4-5 students.” (Makoto)

Things like: ‘Impossible.’, ‘Too few.’, ‘Blood will be raining, you know.’, ‘How irresponsible.’, were what they were saying.

“That kind of number is like throwing a pebble in the water, Sensei.”

“Even if you say that, it is my limit after all. I don’t want to be a teacher that lets his students die after all. More importantly, why can’t you decrease the number of classes?” (Makoto)

Shiki did say that even if they die, we can somehow manage.

…’Even if they die, we can somehow manage’?, what kind of somehow?

“If I had to put it in one word, it is the consensus of the Academy.”

“Consensus?” (Makoto)

“Students, teachers, and the factions that are related to management, have stated that it is acceptable for Raidou-sensei to increase the percentage of work in this Academy, but they don’t want you to reduce it. Even though it is a situation where there is a fight for authority, this one point has been approved by them all. We can tell from the large amount of documents, that the students have taken an interest in the teacher after all. And that’s why, it will be incredibly troublesome to have you do the opposite of that.”

“Even if you say it is troublesome…” (Makoto)

I don’t care about those circumstances.

In the first place, I have no intentions of getting involved as a teacher for more than once a week.

Actually, I came here to make it twice a month.

“If you want to reduce the number of classes no matter what because of personal circumstances…”

“Yeah?” (Makoto)

“Please ask that when I am not in charge.”

“…Ehm…” (Makoto)

“The employee that approves that right now, would definitely get fired. Finding employment is hard, you know?”

T-That’s truly none of my business.

“Are you telling me to have someone, who’s prepared to be fired, do it?” (Makoto)

I don’t mind though.

“We do understand that Raidou-sensei is not doing this because you want to. That’s why…can you at least maintain the current status quo, please?”

The eyes of the person in charge glitter.

Don’t cry!

“Maintain it huh.” (Makoto)

“It will be delightful to increase the number of students, but there’s also unreasonable requests we are unable to take, you see. If possible, can I ask you to please stay as a temporary teacher for once a week?”

“I…will return to the company once and think about it. Then, please resume the acceptance of applications for the class. Ah, right. Do you know where my students Jin, Amelia, and the others are?” (Makoto)

I try asking without much expectations

I do have prospects of where they could be, like the self-study outdoor fields.

“They are at the cafeteria.”

“I see. I will go around randomly and… Cafeteria?” (Makoto)

An unexpected answer came.

Why does this person know?

“Yes. Lately, at this time, there’s a variety of things happening in the cafeteria.”

“Variety of things?” (Makoto)

“A variety of things.”

“…For now, I will go check. Thank you.” (Makoto)

Cafeteria huh.

So the lunchtime has been shifted.

I have placed the documents in a big suitcase, so it is hard to walk.

Well, I know where they are already, so I will just head straight to the cafeteria.

The gazes of the students that are frequently turned at me had strange liveliness as always.

The scent of food from the cafeteria grew stronger, and yet, the gazes didn’t change.

“Now that I think about it, even when it is already pass lunchtime, there’s still a set meal that’s still available. It might be good to eat that before leaving.” (Makoto)

While having a carefree thought, I enter the cafeteria.

Jin and the others are…here.

At a long table of the cafeteria, they were having their lunch as they face each other.

…While having a gallery at their surroundings.

Why is there a gallery when eating?

Envy and bloodthirsty gazes were being poured at them.

Maybe because of that, there aren’t many gazes turned my way.

I am slightly grateful.

“You are open, Jin!!”

“I am not.” (Jin)


Without even looking back, Jin did a backhand fist towards the face of the hoodlum that suddenly attacked him from behind. The fist caved into his face and the hoodlum is send flying back into the crowd of people.

“I’ve got you!”

“What did you get? How bothersome.” (Amelia)

Amelia evades the flashing dagger that was aimed at her, and thrusts the hand that held a fork.

Suddenly, a scream resounds.

What’s with this end of century spectacle?

“Sif-senpai, please go out with m—”


Even if it was small, a clear sound of an explosion resounded. A love confession that would soften this atmosphere has been shot down.

The one confessing has gotten an afro in an instant and falls speechless.

In a lot of meanings, he was a brave one.


Sif said nothing.

H-How cruel.

Nevertheless, what a hard to approach atmosphere.

There’s most likely a bounty placed on Jin and the others.

If it’s in this Academy, the unreasonable demands of the powerful nobles and merchants are normally approved, so it is possible.

And in reality, I had previous experience of suffering at the Academy Festival.

With that much interference, transgressions, moreover, harassment towards me; even if the person in question is dead, the punishment they were given was way too light.

This place is really scary.

The big nobles and merchants are also good at feigning innocence, and on top of that, they are underhanded, which makes it the worst.

When I go to Limia, I might have to meet with people related to that Ilumgand, and that makes me depressed.

It is the country that’s taking care of Hibiki-senpai, but for me, it is a target I would want to avoid.



As I get closer to check the situation, Jin’s side called me out.

In response, the surroundings get noisy in an instant.

“I have been away for a while, and the Academy has turned dangerous, Jin.” (Makoto)

“You saw that just now?” (Jin)

“Yeah. Did someone place a bounty on you guys or something?” (Makoto)

When speaking to students, I speak the same way as I did with written communication, by talking indifferently.

Because there were harsh impressions like majestic, and weird, when I began speaking.

When I used written communication, the impressions it gave were indifference, composed, and unperturbed, so I am performing in my own way.

“No way. More importantly, it seems like you have resumed the applications for students.” (Jin)

Why do you know that already?

Are the rumors in school going at lightspeed?

While I was greeting the other students, Jin speaks about what I did at the office department a few moments ago.

“…You learned of it way too fast. Was it Shiki?” (Makoto)

“No, it seems to be information from a reliable source of the office department. Because of that, it has become like this after all.” (Jin)

“By ‘like this’, you mean the strange liveliness that’s surrounding the Academy?” (Makoto)

But I feel like the order of events is weird.

“It has been like this since that incident. The students that have begun to crave for power have become more active in practical lessons and real combat has been implemented. There was also an increase in temporary teachers and a reformation of the self-study system. The atmosphere of Rotsgard has changed quite a lot.” (Jin)

“Heh~” (Makoto)


Be dignified, dignified.

With a stern expression.

“Because of this, there’s the hunted side. Just like this, there has been past occasions where they have surrounded us in this way, but…” (Jin)

Saying this, Jin looks at the gallery.

I’m surprised you can eat like this.

If it were me, I would prefer to endure going without one meal, rather than eating in this atmosphere.

“These guys seem to have learned about the increase in Raidou-sensei’s number of students. Just that, the most it will be taking is around five. And so, to show their own strength and to increase the slots available, it has instantly turned lunch into a thrilling event.” (Jin)

They even know the numbers.

How scary is the speed of rumors in Rotsgard Academy.

Walls have ears, and doors have eyes.

No, it is more like everything is made of glass.

“As a teacher, being evaluated so highly is something to be happy about, but…being too dangerous is troublesome. There’s other ways to show your strength.” (Makoto)

“Seriously!!” (Amelia)

From within my students that were silent, Amelia shouts loudly.

“Amelia?” (Makoto)

Slightly surprised, I call her name, and she hit the table hard.

“If you really wanted to stealthily have Raidou-sensei evaluate you guys, you should help out on the reconstruction work we are made to do everyday!!! And yet, you didn’t do that at all, and simply went to assault us… Just how much…You don’t know just how harsh it is, you bunch of idiots!!” (Amelia)

I did say that if you had free time from classes, you guys should help out with the reconstruction but, she was doing it everyday?

How diligent, Amelia.


Again, the sound of hitting the table.

This time was, Izumo?

He hit the table with a fist.

He is trembling. It must have hurt a lot.

“Exactly! Even though I am a magician, everyone says this: ‘How convenient’, ‘What a great help’. Dragging me around like a work-horse, and using my magic close to the very limit, they tell me that it was a reward and I, who didn’t have the strength left to oppose, was poured down alcohol and greasy food with no taste down my throat!! It was so harsh that I wanted to shout what kind of torture is this!! And yet, the important reconstruction is still not complete and there’s still a mountain of things left to do! To be envied by a bunch of bastards that just comfortably attend classes without helping at all, don’t joke around!!” (Izumo)

“A magician still has it better. When your magic power runs out, it is over, right? But me, I have to cast stamina and physical strength recovery magic, and they use me for heavy labour till the very limits of my physical and magical power! I have already learned how to make a simple house!!” (Misura)

After Izumo, Misura’s voice trembles.

As a defensive wall-type warrior, it is a given that he has high physical strength, and even if it’s unskilled, he can also use healing magic.

I have heard that in constructions, especially in the construction of buildings, they play an active role.

It seems like they have piled up a lot in them but, you two, if it was so rough, you should have just reduced the number to two or three times a week.

It wasn’t forced after all.

Counting Amelia as well, how diligent.

“If you are talking about physical and magical limit, I as well.” (Daeno)

…Daena too?

I have heard from Zara-san that he has been helping as a messenger and delivery of goods.

“But it is still nice for you Misura, you are still single, right? But me, once I return to my room, my wife tells me this: ‘Why do you always return so late?’, ‘Helping out in the reconstruction is not the work a student should be doing, so treasure your family a bit more’. Being super tired and returning in tears, I get those words. It gets to my heart…” (Daena)

If it’s so harsh, the same thing I said applies to you as well, Daena.

You are married, so treasure that.

Isn’t what your wife said correct?

I haven’t met her, but I sympathized with his wife.

“But once classes are over, we have to help with the reconstruction. That’s why we do our best everyday. These pestering bunch should know of our actions to a certain degree, and yet, they don’t even touch that topic. Like that, there’s no way we would want to recommend or serve as intermediaries for anyone, right, Raidou-sensei?” (Jin)

Jin puts it all together.

I feel like I now slightly understand the strange liveliness and the over excessive actions of Jin and the others.


“No well, Jin, I have somewhat understood what you want to say and the situation. But, I don’t remember telling you to help in the reconstruction everyday though?” (Makoto)


Starting with Jin, everyone looked at me intently.

The only ones that were normal were the Rembrandt sisters. The only ones who I didn’t tell them anything about helping with the reconstruction. The two only smiled at me.

I planned on having them help out as well, but Rembrandt-san had played the first move with Zara-san.

It seems like they sometimes help in the reconstruction, but it was mostly from behind-the-scenes. In the first place, they mostly help out in the work of the Merchant Guild.

His wife did say to treat them the same as the other students, and Rembrandt-san supposedly agreed to it though.

As expected of a shrewd merchant.

“Yusuri-san, she…” (Jin)

“Hm?” (Makoto)   

I ask for a repetition of the words Jin muttered.

“After being thoroughly pummeled by Yusuri-san…” (Jin)

“Completely defeated by Zwei-san in close combat.”

“Being unable to even get close to Blue Lizard-san, and be completely wiped out…”

“After that, we were forcefully healed, and in a team fight with everyone, they broke our weapons and heart.”

My students have a pain-filled face as they speak of the situation as if recounting a nightmare.

Around that time when I told them about helping in the reconstruction, I feel like it is true that something like that happened.

“Raidou-sensei told us this when we were totally unable to move: ‘I am counting on you in the help with the reconstruction’. Shiki-san didn’t heal us. Instead, he created a barrier so that the surrounding mamonos won’t get close, and then, he chased after Sensei.”


Is that so?

I don’t remember well though.

I most likely told Shiki that I would leave him to handle the rest, so I don’t know the details of what he did.

Then Shiki didn’t heal them.

“I won’t be able to forget the starry sky and coldness of that day. I felt like it was engraved in my very bones that I should help out with the reconstruction without missing a day.” (Jin)

I didn’t have that intention at all.

It seems like I have made them misunderstand.

But in exchange, it looks like their basic foundation has increased quite a lot, so if the results are good, it is fine. Yeah.

“In the first place, I didn’t have those intentions. From what I see, you have become relatively stronger, so do be satisfied with that. Also, I have gotten permission to use the field for the class tomorrow, so if you are going to attend, don’t go to the reconstruction of the town. Since I am here already, I will directly contact them that you won’t be going. Well then, do your best in the afternoon as well.” (Makoto)

“…You will properly give us classes, right?!” (Jin)

“I will have to go to Limia in a near future, so I feel that it would be bad not to do classes a few times before that, as a temporary teacher of the Academy.” (Makoto)

I return a positive response towards the words filled with expectations of Jin.

Even if I say classes, it will be just confirming their current state and pointing out their next task though.

Their good part is that I know they will definitely tackle the task to their very best.

As expected of promising students.


When I was about to leave, an unfamiliar voice stops me.

I turn to where it came from, and as expected, an unfamiliar face.

A person from the gallery huh.

In that case, a person that wants to participate in my class?

“What?” (Makoto)

Acting as a tired teacher, I ask.

It is my job, so it can’t be helped.

Maybe it will be easier if I switch back to written communication?

“You will be increasing your students in a near future, right?”

“Yeah, I am planning to, that is.” (Makoto)

“When? The information said it was only a few, but is that true? What’s the criteria of the selection?”

“…I am going to Limia Empire, so it will be after that. The information that it will be only a few is true. About the selection, I will first choose by documents. If you want to apply, leave your application before I head to Limia. Does that satisfy your questions?” (Makoto)

“So that means the deadline will be until Sensei has left to Limia, right? Then what part of the document will you be taking into account? I want to take it as a reference, so please tell me.”

What a briskly girl.    

It does seem like she is trying to hide it, but I understand what this girl is trying to ask, so I should answer it straight and direct.

I want to return quickly after all.

“Aside from grades and fortes, I won’t look at anything else. And if there’s other documents aside from the application form added to it, I won’t take a single look at it. After that, Shiki and I will be watching your performance in person and decide then. That’s all.” (Makoto)

“!! Thank you very much!”

I tell her that connections are of no importance.

It seems like she understood what I was trying to say.

But it really makes me waver.

It makes my shoulders stiff, but I should continue with this character.

Maybe I should just return to written communication.

Or maybe go with the disinterested attitude, or with my natural self.

…The third option is a no go.

They are not my friends or anything, and I have no plans in doing that.

This is a job, so I think that there’s the need of a clear line to demarc this.

Ah, should I go to the library…No need for that, right.

The librarian Eva is already not there anymore.

The image of a praiseworthy librarian that will be losing nights of sleep appears in my head.

Feeling the change in the association with this Academy after all this time, my mouth changes into a smile.

Without returning to my office, I peek at the neighboring room, and it was certainly true that it had become a room of documents.

…Later, I will come together with Shiki to get them.

With this, my things to do are over.

Let’s return to the sea-I mean, to Asora.


There’s liveliness.

Or more like, bloodthirst?

When I returned to Asora, I was going to go to Ema’s place to confirm the people that can be moved before going to the sea, and at that moment, I felt a deja vu.

Ema was making a dangerous face that’s normally not seen in her.

I thought that she would be together with Tomoe or Shiki, but the situation and expression is different from my expectations.

At the place where she is -the training grounds outside the town-, aside from Ema, there’s several Orcs, Lizards, and one Arke.

Also, small fairies; I think there are about tens to hundreds, but they were confronting Ema as they swarm and float.

Ah, those…if I  remember correctly, Antonio-No wait, Al…Al-Efemera!!

Right, right.

But Asora really moves fast.

So they have already brought them.

…Could it be that the sea races are already waiting for the interview?

No way.

“Ema, these guys are the Al-Efemera, right? There’s a strange atmosphere though.” (Makoto)

Should I call it a critical situation?

Ema had gotten into a fight with them in the past, so I have a bad feeling about this.

“Oh, Waka-sama! It is not to the point of calling it a strange atmosphere. These people were acting as usual, so we were just in the middle of scolding them.” (Ema)

“As usual… It feels like the atmosphere has changed quite a lot though?” (Makoto)

“They were just getting conceited by saying things like they dealt with the Riz, and after that, they made several other threats retreat.” (Ema)

Because of that?

Leaving aside the King’s attitude, the bunch at his back are radiating bloodthirst.

It is not like it was directed at anyone in specific, it was the type that was scattered to the surroundings.

It resembled the type of bloodthirst that a part of the people, who have taken the bootcamp of Tomoe for the first time, release.

It was like an improvised army.

“Asora’s king! Our name is Al-Elemera! Is the Asora King the kind of person that would forget the name of a race that he has had an interview with?!”

“Eh? Al-Elemera? Ah, I see. I am sorry for my rudeness.” (Makoto)

To think that even Shiki couldn’t remember them properly.

Even though they are a feisty bunch, they are not a really memorable race.

“Waka-sama, there’s no need to apologize. For these people, it is enough to call them flying ants. Calling them in an exaggerated name is just a waste.” (Ema)

Ema is sharp towards them.

Maybe she doesn’t like their wild behavior.

“It is not a waste! We are the kings of Fairies! When your subordinates are rude, your King becomes rude as well, Orc woman! Just like promised, we dealt with the Liz, and yet, why didn’t you contact us?! If you had maintained your promise, we wouldn’t have lost so many comrades!”

It looks like there are a lot flying around, but it seems like the numbers have reduced a lot.

How many of them were there?

I don’t remember.

“Ara ara, you call yourselves the Kings of Fairies, and yet, how childish. Did you forget what I said already? I said that: ‘Once you deal with the Liz, come here again’, you know? If you defeated the Liz, why didn’t you come back here? I thought that you were all eaten and had already gone extinct.” (Ema)

“Like I would know how to come here! That’s unfair, Orc woman!”

“In that case, before flying away driven by your anger, you should have told me that: ‘After we defeat the Liz, contact us again’, right? If we had three hundred of you noisy bunch in Asora, it would be an annoyance. You have been reduced in numbers nicely, ufufufufu.” (Ema)


There’s a dark Ema here.

To come to Asora on their own is unreasonable.

They are not Gods.

I don’t know what they were crying about at that time, but this is kinda…cruel.

Let’s try not to make Ema angry.

When I look, the other races had a bitter smile.

A part of the Orcs had blue faces.

Could it be that Ema still has more to bring out?

If there’s still more changes to her, I don’t want to see them.

Even so, Ema seems to know these guys well, so she most likely knew that I had gotten their name wrong, moreover, she even knew how many they were.

If they had three hundred, their numbers decreased by around ⅓.

That’s quite the damage.

“Why didn’t you tell us this, King of Asora.”

“Eh? Even if you ask me that…” (Makoto)

“You were the one who let us go! Ehm…ehm…King of Asora!”

Ah, could it be, they also forgot my name?

If memory serves right, they haven’t called Ema by her name either.

What, so it goes both ways.

“Of all things, to snap at Waka-sama again… I’m already…ufu, ufufufu… Just like last time, I let off this guys because they were brought by Mio-sama, but it seems like there’s no need for that now. Even though we were slightly pitying you and reconsidered the migration of you guys…” (Ema)

“We passed the ordeal! The abundant forest we lived in has been engulfed by an abominable purple cloud and it is already a poisonous swamp. We don’t have a place to live! We will live here!”

Oh, his haughty attitude is unbreakable.

Personally, I prefer to watch this liberal type of people from a far away distance.

If it were in TV, I would like to watch it.

Asora is big, so if we just find a random dwelling for them to live in, I don’t think it would pose much trouble.

With the addition of a sea, the scale of Asora is big enough to even make it a pain to calculate.

“…I see. Then live here. You said you liked forests, right? Live in whatever forest you want.” (Ema)

Is what I thought, and Ema says just what I was thinking.

Based on her attitude until now, this is unexpected though.

Also, it is unexpected that she would decide this kind of things by herself.

Even though she normally comes to us for permission.

“!! Those words, I certainly heard them!!”

“Just that, we won’t relate to you in any way. But if you want to no matter what, you can grovel on the ground and beg, and I will think about it.” (Ema)

“Listen, everyone! We have obtained a new home! Okay, we are going to that forest there! Hurry and create our houses! Gather food!!”



The Al-Elemera fly all at once.

It is like honeybees moving.

While looking at them fly away, I glance at Ema who is beside me.

She has an incredibly good smile.

It makes my back shiver though.

I instinctively turned my eyes away, but it was a wide smile.

“Now then everyone, let’s return to our jobs. Even something called a sea has appeared, so we will have to think about the logistics of Asora.” (Ema)


Me and everyone else nods.

“Waka-sama, regarding the races that live in the sea, and the races that can possibly live in it; there’s a list about them now. I think the list will get bigger but, can you give it a check?” (Ema)

“Yeah, got it.” (Makoto)

“Shiki-sama was saying that we should open that part of the beach and create a port. For now, we have moved a few Eldwas over there. The craftsmen that are at the port city outside, said that they will return to Asora if there’s a need for boats.” (Ema)


Without resting for a day, they have immediately moved.

For me who leaves tomorrow’s things for tomorrow, this is an unbelievable speed.

Ema was giving accurate instructions to the races that were with us.

It was such a change that it felt like the conflict just now didn’t happen.

“Uhm, Ema, about the Al-Elemera…” (Makoto)

“Yes, what is it?” (Ema)

Even so, it was bothering me, so I tried asking.

“Why did you easily let them migrate? Even though you were quite angered.” (Makoto)

It wasn’t a flow where she would be letting them at all, and there was no apology from them, and yet, why?

“I have gone too far in front of Waka-sama. I am very sorry.” (Ema)

She first apologized to me.

“No, don’t mind it. Just, why?” (Makoto)

“…Waka-sama, do you know what happened to the mamonos that Tomoe-sama threw here?” (Ema)

“Mamonos like the Liz?” (Makoto)

“Yeah.” (Ema)

“If I remember correctly, I heard they were exterminated by things like wolves, bears, oxen, and wild boars.” (Makoto)

“That’s right. They have been practically wiped out.” (Ema)



“Uhm you see, even if you tell me ‘that’s right’…” (Makoto)

“Waka-sama is not giving them their protection. In other words, those guys that are deemed as a differing force, are not much different from mamonos.” (Ema)

No different from mamonos, she says.


“A poor excuse of fairies that consider something like a Liz as a threat, and have been reduced by almost half in numbers in this short amount of time, moreover, with that level of intelligence; they will definitely ignore the warnings of the wolves-dono. I don’t do pointless lies, so if they end up fewer than half their numbers and grovel on the ground… Fufu, I will think about it.” (Ema)


Dark Ema has evolved into Abyssal Ema.

“Asora is certainly a paradise. There’s no strife between races like in the wasteland, and there’s an extensive land, so there’s no need to fight for it. However, there’s rules in Asora as well. Outlaws that don’t follow this and just live by their own rules, will be exterminated by nature.” (Ema)

“Rules in Asora huh.” (Makoto)

Nothing comes to mind.

“Strength or protection; if they don’t have any of these two, this place cannot be considered a complete paradise. The beasts that originally live in this place are powerful after all.” (Ema)

Once again, Ema laughs violently.

An Asora that’s not a paradise huh.

Surrounded by games and internet in my original world, I was filled with entertainment, so there’s a part of me that finds this place slightly boring, but the other residents voice out with truest sincerity that this is paradise itself.

That’s why I also thought that this place was plentiful and easy to live in.

From what Ema said, when your position and allies change, this place will not always be a paradise.

I didn’t think about it.

I really am no good with ‘looking at it in the perspective of others’.

I shift my sight from the scary smile to the list that was given to me.

Half-fish race, mermaids, sea anemones, and joke-looking people that have the body of a fish and hyuman limbs.

It was truly a list of water races.

There will most likely be candidates from Tomoe and the others, so I will take those into account when I think about it.

The sea is vast.

If they want to, I don’t mind having all of them living there.

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