Chapter 194: Arrival at Academy Town where his students await

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From the other side of the door, a voice saying: ‘Come in’, sounded.

The woman that guided me here confirmed this, and after bowing, she leaves.

Compared to before, she is a bit dry.

That Root is down on bed, so it should be easier to work though.

Now that I think about it, Rembrandt-san and Morris-san would open the door just like that and invite me in, and then, they would enter themselves as well, but it seems here is different.

“I was told that he would be in his office, so I thought that it wouldn’t be that impressive, but as always, you go one step above my expectations.” (Makoto)

In the past there was no bed in the office, and yet, there’s one now.

The position of the sofa has changed as well.

He probably intended to have the people that visit him use that.

…Well, if it’s this excessively spacious office, using it as a sickroom is not impossible.

The security seems to be decent, so one would be able to relax.

After a moment of being lost for words, I called out the owner of this room, in other words, Root.

At Root who is at the bed that’s temporarily there, and who is already in a costume like that of a wounded person.

“Thanks for visiting, Raidou-dono. As the Head of the Adventurer Guild, I am sorry for showing you this pathetic shape of mine.” (Root)

What kind of laudable things are you saying this late in the game?

In the first place, what’s this about being wounded?

Root’s whole body is covered in bandages. And his left foot is plastered like how they classically do when one has a bone fracture; lifted up and hanged.

It is true that he looks like a picturesque wounded person.

It even looks grave.

But from what I have heard, the reason why he is down is because of the after-effects of using blaze, in other words, exhaustion.

“Doing something stupid in a divine form, and when you return, you do a cosplay of an injured person? You must be betting your life in this joke.” (Makoto)

“How rude to call it cosplay. These are all real wounds, Raidou-dono.” (Root)

“I heard that it was exhaustion and that it will take one week for full recovery though.” (Makoto)

“…Raidou-dono, that information is old. A while ago it would have been true though. From what I see now, it will take around 1 month to recover.” (Root)

…What’s that about ‘from what I see’?

Have a doctor look at it.

Now that I think about it, in this world, there’s no big hospital.

There are small places for medical examination, but I don’t see a place that has a good amount of beds and medical staff.

It will mostly be done with magic, and it is true that there are many medicines that show their effects in a really fast manner, but…a doctor huh.

Treating dragons would be a special case, so excluding that point, yeah…a veterinarian, or a demi-human doctor, it might be good to try raising one.

Well, even if I say that, the one who will do the actual raising will not be me, and the one who will be thinking about the curriculum and producing it will not be me either.

I will just be telling and leaving everything to others, so I can’t just carefreely tell them to try it and it is also unknown if it will actually give form.

Well, it would be good if it serves as some sort of impetus.

“Did you make a diagnosis by yourself?” (Makoto)

“Of course, Raidou-dono. Even if I look like this, I am confident that my medical skills are better than those of the doctors and priests around.” (Root)

For a while now he has been going ‘Raidou-dono, Raidou-dono’.

What he is saying is also normal, so maybe today he is scheming something.

It is a saving grace that I don’t have to hear the thoughts of a pervert, but this is eerie.

He always calls me Makoto-kun.

He calls me Raidou-dono only when he is acting as the Guild Master.

But right now we are inside the office, so there’s no need to do that.

“And? You are quite distant here. What are you scheming today, Ro–?” (Makoto)

“Raidou-dono!” (Root)


How unusual for him to cut off my words.

“It seems like you get along pretty well. There’s a lot of mysteries regarding him, but it seems like it has increased by one more. Well then Falz-dono, please rest properly and have your body recover. About the matter of the representative, I have understood the situation, so it is fine now.”


“I am sorry for not being able to give you much hospitality and has ended up all being talk about work, representative Zara. In the meantime, I will be counting on you.” (Root)

“Between us, visits are a pretext. Don’t mind it. I see, Falz-dono and him, both have a lot of secrets. Maybe that was the motive to how you get along? Then, maybe I should have secrets myself and see how it goes, hahaha.” (Zara)

“Please don’t joke.” (Root)

“The cooperation of you two was a big help in the recovery of Rotsgard. Being in good terms with each other is something to be happy about. I might have been a bit jealous. Now then, see you later.” (Zara)

“Yeah, you as well, take care of yourself.” (Root)

W-Why is Zara-san here?

I should have activated Sakai.

In the first place, Root should tell me with thought transmission.

Ah, in this room you can’t use thought transmission.

It seems to be the prided technology(self-proclaimed) of Root.

(Raidou, when you finish the visit, lend me your time. I will be waiting, not at the merchant guild, but at my store.) (Zara)

As he passes beside me, he whispers.

Without hearing the answer, Zara-san leaves.

Ah, my next plan has been decided.

My plans were to eat, check my store, and then go to the Academy though.

It is bitter that all of those plans are postponable.

It is hard to refuse a person that has been taking care of me in this town.

“Root, aren’t you cruel?” (Makoto)

“I thought I was doing a good enough follow-up for you to notice though.” (Root)

After Zara-san left, I immediately voice out my complains.

“In the first place, if you have a visitor already, it is alright to just have me wait. From what I see, the conversation was over already after all.” (Makoto)

“Makoto-kun too; I thought that since you are standing in this stage, you maybe would be able to manage, and wanted to try it out.” (Root)

“Do tests in tests. Don’t suddenly go for it in crucial moments.” (Makoto)

“If I remember correctly, in the olden days, Zara got very good at erasing his presence. But it isn’t something that can’t be sounded out. Wouldn’t it be good for Makoto-kun to be able to do something a high ranked adventurer can? It seems like you have magic that specializes in searching, but do that without relying on it.” (Root)

“Guh.” (Makoto)

“Also, just like what I said before, I am currently gravely wounded.” (Root)

“I did hear. It will take 1 month to recover, right? Weren’t you only tired because of using blaze?” (Makoto)

“…While I was down on bed, I had visitors you see. Two women with fiendish smiles.” (Root)

“Women huh.” (Makoto)

There’s still brave people out there that can do this much to Root huh.

“Those women entered this room I was resting in, and in an instant, they flipped me out of bed, and while laughing malevolently, they assaulted me with punches and kicks.” (Root)


We are talking about this pervert, so there’s no doubt he has bought the grudge of many.

But to invade when he is weakened and assault him while laughing…

Your daily actions are important.

Lately I haven’t taken care of my students, so maybe there’s a need to be slightly gentler with them.


“Karma, what a deep word, isn’t it?” (Makoto)

“…Words that have no trace of sympathy towards me. Even though one of them was the samurai otaku of your place though.” (Root)


“Even though I was so exhausted that I couldn’t make a single move, that samurai otaku and that middle-aged desert lizard woman brought blunt weapons and came to beat me up!” (Root)

Tomoe, just when I was wondering that she was strangely kind when speaking of Root, it wasn’t because she was bribed, but because she had already been refreshed.

I remember the words of Tomoe a few days ago: ‘Even if he is like that, it is true that he has been taking care of us, so how about going to visit him at least once, Waka?’  

When I look at this terrible spectacle and look back at what she said, the meaning changes into having a loyal dog showing its hunting results to its master.

Leaving aside if she is actually a loyal dog type.

In that case, the other one is Sand Wave, Grount-san?

Regarding her, I was told that she doesn’t leave the White Desert so I had to bring the egg to her.

If she can come to Rotsgard to beat up Root, shouldn’t she be able to come get the egg?

…Or could it be that this pervert is that much troublesome even within the superior dragons?

“I see.” (Makoto)

“In the first place, isn’t the original reason for it because you brought out that possibility from the sacred treasure? Just what kind of luck you have, Makoto-kun?! And yet, that Tomoe said: ‘You went all the way to a demon race city to stalk Waka? It seems like Waka has collapsed, what will you do about it?’! And Grount was Grount, the only thing she said was: ‘Hohohoho!’! That’s scary!” (Root)

“?!! That’s wrong isn’t it?! You are the main culprit for setting up a stupid attack that would make you drop for 1 week! In the first place, I wasn’t the one who activated it, it was the demon race people! Do you know how much trouble I had to go through to stop that genocidal weapon by the name of blaze?!” (Makoto)

“For some reason, I am absolutely sure that it wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t there! It troubled me as well you know?! I was in the middle of seducing my new secretary in a restaurant with good atmosphere, when I was forcefully summoned! Thanks to that, she thought I suddenly ran away from her, and because I have been bedridden, it is incredibly difficult to do a follow-up!!” (Root)

“Like hell I care! Here I nullified all of those buckshots and the thick one that came after, and collapsed from that! Even so, one of the attacks fell to the far mountains, and things turned hectic. I later received a report that there were no casualties, so I was a bit relieved though! There were several tens of deaths at the city, so don’t turn defiant!” (Makoto)

“I set it up with power enough to cause a hole on the level of a country after a—,wait, several tens?” (Root)

There were probably more, but as far as I know!

“That’s right! Because of the roar that came before the blaze, severals tens of deaths appeared, mainly within the children and old ones of the demon race! If we were to count the other injured ones, the digits would increase by two you know?! Reflect on what you have done, reflect on it!” (Makoto)

“Eh, isn’t that place in cinders, or more like, didn’t it end up with a deep hole? I heard the place of Crimson Red was safe, but the demon race settlements that were around the area were wiped out, right?” (Root)

“No way. I received it all and nullified it. The price was that I collapsed though. You made me feel the stifling sensation of having my magic power deplete, something that I would have prefered not tasting it ever. Why did I have to collapse from taking care of your own blunders? Remembering it, even now I…yeah, Tomoe did good! That’s how I feel!” (Makoto)

“…Makoto-kun.” (Root)

“What’s up, suddenly going quiet.” (Makoto)

“How did you make it disappear?” (Root)

“I had Mio gather it, and then, I received it and extinguished it.” (Makoto)

“With magic?” (Root)

The atmosphere of Root changed.

How to say it, it was as if a mass of curiosity was reflected in those eyes.

His eyes being blank was also kinda scary.

“By changing my Magic Armor, or something like that. I had Shiki provide support, so I actually don’t know the details well.” (Makoto)

I felt like it would be better to not mention Creation, so I decide to play the fool.

I explain by mixing in some truth and make it hard to discover.

“A change to Materia Prima…That…can you do it now?” (Root)

“You really don’t listen to what others say. Didn’t I tell you that I had Shiki provide support? I can’t.” (Makoto)

“…I see. You were able to, in essence, stop it by yourself without having casualties in the surroundings…I see…” (Root)

It seems like he has begun muttering by himself.

That’s new.

Just that, in Root’s case, the new facets I see of him are all disappointing.

“Heey, are you alive? While I was in this visit, I was thinking about receiving the candidates list of the adventurers that can go to Kaleneon; you can do it, right? Hellooo~” (Makoto)

“…Makoto-kun, I am hurt.” (Root)

“If you are saying that, use the word wounded, or maybe, ‘I have been wounded’, would be more accurate? No wait, listen to what I am saying.” (Makoto)

“That’s not it. Those two wounded my body, but Makoto-kun has left my heart in shambles. That’s why saying: ‘I am hurt’, is correct.” (Root)

“…You know, I am sorry to say this but, that goes for both of us.” (Makoto)

“That’s why, please leave for today. If it’s about the list, I have left it with the girl that guided you here, so you can just take it. I may be in this state, but I haven’t cut corners, so don’t worry.” (Root)

“Ah, I see.” (Makoto)

“That’s right. A few moments ago, Zara called for you, right? Go there already.” (Root)

How cold.

That helps me a lot.

“Understood. Take care of yourself.” (Makoto)

“I am waiting for you to creep in my bed at night.” (Root)

“Yeah, I will tell Tomoe and Grount-san that message.” (Makoto)


“Well then.” (Makoto)

I have already gotten used to his sexual harassment.

Now then, let’s go to Zara-san’s store.

If I remember correctly, the brothel…I mean, the real estate store.

When he is speaking about ‘my store’, he means that place.

Publicly, Zara-san doesn’t touch brothels.

I give a backward glance at Root, and head outside to receive the tube that has the list inside from the reception lady.


“Have you been doing outside work lately? Since that incident, your popularity has increased, and beginning with the major powers, the other countries are also calling for you, is how things are going?”

“…Just as you have surmised.” (Makoto)

Arriving at the store of Zara-san, I was acquainted enough with the reception and the employees to exchange greetings and be welcomed, and was allowed inside the room of the representative.

It seems like there’s pretty few merchants brought into the room of Zara-san instead of his office, and the first time I was allowed to the room, there were eyes of surprise and doubt directed at me.

And so, Zara-san is in the middle of seeing through the outside work I have been doing recently.

“It seems like you have done a bad management in your visits to the places…is what I want to say, but there’s no way you would be able to refuse Gritonia and Limia, so well, there are times when people have to taste busier times than others. This can’t be helped.” (Zara)


I thought he would get angry at me, but he is being kind of nice.

Because of his looks, I feel around 50% more kindness.

“You are always absent in the Guild meetings, but the representative is properly coming out, so there should be no problem. I was surprised that the representative was not Shiki-san but a demi-human. After the incident, this town has lessened its discrimination towards demi-humans. There have been many survivors that were saved by demi-humans after all. I don’t know how long this will last, but it seems like it still isn’t that time.” (Zara)

“That’s a good inclination.” (Makoto)

“The Church doesn’t seem to like this much, but the tops of this town’s church are good willed. The current head at that place may not look like it, but she is a good listener.” (Zara)

The only thing I remember about her is that she has a nice voice, but it seems she is somewhat exemplar.

For people that are dispatched to other towns, it is a necessary ability.

“Your representatives are also doing their part, you know? Those girls…Akua and Eris, was it? Those girls have given a number of sharp opinions and interesting proposals. There are people that say it with a joking tone but with serious eyes that they would prefer to have them attend more instead of you.” (Zara)

“…I would prefer if you were to just mention the joking part.” (Makoto)

“Idiot, learn of the atmosphere. Every time, there’s someone that proposes those two to start a business, but they always immediately reject it. I don’t know why, but you were blessed with good subordinates. Treasure them, and make them useful for your own growth.” (Zara)

“Yes, I will do my best.” (Makoto)

“Since the time Rembrandt told me of you, I have been watching you, but it seems like it is not that you are messing around, just that you haven’t caught up, that’s all. Despite this, your surrounding environment and the goods you have are so extraordinary, that you are steadily increasing your position. That’s close to terrifying.” (Zara)

Totally true.

…Like seriously true.

I didn’t expect that Zara-san would be the one telling me this though.

“I am still inexperienced, and I’m lacking a lot.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, really. If we are to seriously raise you as a merchant, I think it would be best to cut you off your surroundings and have you work at a branch store of some random town. If it were me, I would do that. But in your case, you are a ‘fighting merchant’ after all, no, an ‘army merchant’ would be more fitting, maybe? It kinda feels lukewarm. ‘Annihilation Merchant’, ‘Landmine Merchant’…it somehow isn’t coming out well, but it is around those types. There’s no precedents.” (Zara)

W-What cruel comparisons.

Moreover, the word merchant totally feels like an extra.

“Uhm, and so, what business did you have?” (Makoto)

Being teased more than this will make me sad, so I decide to hear what he has to say.

My stomach doesn’t hurt from just meeting him anymore, but after this, I want to go to the Academy.

I want to finish the irregular business as soon as possible.

“Hm, yeah, I have two. The first one is regarding the cooperation for the future reconstruction. The other is about Ester.” (Zara)

Leaving aside the reconstruction, the place of Ester-san?

Something to do with the brothel?

In that case, it must be about ‘those girls’.

I haven’t been told about any problems.

I would be able to understand if Ester-san has opinions she would want to tell Zara-san but, I wonder what it is about?

“Cooperation for the reconstruction, is it.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, currently, you are leaving the reconstruction to your employees and your students. It has been quite helpful. And about that, there’s something I want to confirm but, can we continue the cooperation in this pace?” (Zara)

“Of course. There’s still areas that haven’t been reconstructed, and the places where the last variants rampaged, are still in shambles. I heard that that place will be serviced as a park, so it should be the first to be constructed, right?” (Makoto)

“That’s a great help. Honestly, the cooperation of Kuzunoha Company is so crucial that it is influencing the pace of it. The two big trees that suddenly appeared have enough presence to become the symbol of Academy Town in the future. I can’t increase the priority in construction, but I would want to work in that area.” (Zara)

If the variants are able to provide a restful place for the people of this town in the future, it isn’t a bad place to die.

The park may not be high priority, but if we are able to maintain the speed of reconstruction, it is not a far off future.

“And so, was there some sort of problem in Ester-san’s place? They are girls that are inexperienced with the outside world, but I thought that they didn’t cause any problems though.” (Makoto)

“…No problem has been caused. Raidou, you, where did you kidnap those girls from?” (Zara)

“…Zara-san, that’s not a funny joke. I just purely worked as an intermediary. I just tied the girls with a place to work in.” (Makoto)

There’s no way I would be trafficking hyumans.

Kuzunoha Company won’t do business that I don’t want to do.

I am already in depression because of the matter of that demon, Sari.

It seems like no matter what, trafficking slaves is not fit for me.

“Fuh, it is a joke. But I didn’t think that you would bring women when I gave you that free pass to the brothels. And it seems you haven’t ‘used’ it, not even once, Raidou. Ester was sad that you didn’t come.” (Zara)

“Please spare me from that. I don’t have the time to—” (Makoto)

“Time to embrace a woman is something that can be created even if busy. If you really wanted to embrace one, that is.” (Zara)

“In the first place, Ester-san is not a prostitute but the store manager, isn’t she?” (Makoto)

“Manager and prostitute. If she likes the customer, she will accompany them. She must have proclaimed herself as a prostitute when she spoke with you, right? Well, in truth, the amount of people that she likes can be counted with the fingers of a hand, so you can brag about it, you know.” (Zara)

“Brag about what. Then there’s no real problem with those girls, right?” (Makoto)

“In general, no. If I had to say one, it is that I was asked if I can increase the numbers more.” (Zara)

“Numbers?” (Makoto)

“You presented them as demi-humans, but in reality, we are able to put them out in the store as hyumans to the customers. It is quite popular. There are customers that have become addicted already.” (Zara)

If I called them mamonos, they wouldn’t accept them, so I told them they were demi-humans. And yet, at some point in time, they were beginning to treat them as hyumans huh.

It’s not turning into a problem, so oh well.

“As a hyuman? Well, there are no special traits that can be seen in their outward appearance after all.” (Makoto)

“That’s right. There are no few amount of idiots that only take hyumans within the customers, but if they don’t notice it, it doesn’t matter to us. If they don’t like it, they should notice it. In that case, we show them as hyumans in good faith.” (Zara)

In those parts, I don’t have that way of thinking.

The kind of thinking that it is the customers’ fault for not noticing what the goods taken from the store are and fool them.

By the way, in this world, it is quite normal for customers to request connoisseurs, so people that have a standard of only using genuine articles like me, are in the minority.

“About the popularity, is there no envy from the other girls?” (Makoto)

“In that aspect, Ester is properly holding the reins. And so, the reconstruction is going well, and the customers, the men from town, workers from outside, guardians of the students, and a variety of other people have been increasing. There’s been talk about creating a new community building. And, I was asked if there were other girls from their village that can come here. Ester-san has been pestering me about it.” (Zara)

“I see.” (Makoto)

I think I heard something about the guardians of the students, but I ignore it.

“Just like you told me, I have not investigated the backgrounds of those girls. That’s why I am asking you in this way. How about it?” (Zara)

“…If it’s a few, I think there will be some that will want to. In a near future, I will have someone from my company give you the details of my answer.” (Makoto)

Actually, it is limited to the Gorgons that have been able to somewhat control their petrification ability though. I have been sending a few of them to the brothel of Rotsgard.

Regarding this matter, Zara-san is also referring to those girls.

It doesn’t seem like they have been causing any real problems, so it looks like it is going really well.

When I got the free pass, I thought it was a waste of a treasure, but I am happy that it was able to work as a plus for the Gorgons, Zara-san, and me.

But the petrification control is a bottleneck, and it isn’t something that all of them are able to do.

Right now, unless they are quite the strong Gorgons, they are unable to leave Asora.

From within them, half of them have been sent to the brothel, and half have been placed around the company and as clerks.

“I am counting on you.” (Zara)

“Here as well, I am grateful to have them working.” (Makoto)

“…I am truly relieved that it didn’t come to having them die without me noticing and ending up in a dispute with you. They are able to suppress the violent customers as well after all. They are truly priceless treasures. Please tell them from my part that they can come work at my place anytime they want.” (Zara)

“Got it.” (Makoto)

“Also, it seems like those girls are sleeping at your Kuzunoha Company but, are you okay with the rumors? If you want to, I can prepare a place for them to live in. If they have some sort of custom that makes it hard to live together, it doesn’t have to be in the brothel, I can prepare a house for them if necessary.” (Zara)

“You are really rating them highly.” (Makoto)

“I like people that are positive and talented at their own job after all.” (Zara)

…I am positive, but I don’t think I’m talented, so…

Let’s just honestly accept the acknowledgement he has given to the Gorgons.

They are also working diligently in the company as well, so I am grateful.

“I will tell them. If business here is done, I will be taking my leave now.” (Makoto)

“That’s all I had to say. Just, this is something I am curious about, so I will ask. Raidou, do you intend to do something at the sea this time? From here to the sea, it is quite far, but you smell like salt, you know? Even if you are working outside, the sea was unexpected. In winter, the sea gets rough, so it doesn’t serve as good business.” (Zara)

“Ah, this is…” (Makoto)

“If it is related to your business, there’s no need to force yourself to tell me. I don’t think I will hear it. Actually, I want to scold you to keep it to yourself.” (Zara)

“…Thanks for the lecture. It is related to a business that I might have in the future, so I will be keeping it to myself.” (Makoto)

“Good. That sincerity of yours, hide it when doing business here. It is ideal, but the places where that can be used are few.” (Zara)

“Yes, well then, I will be taking my leave.” (Makoto)

“Sorry for having you come all the way here. Be careful…well, it might not be necessary for you, but there’s unnecessary trouble littered anywhere. Tread smartly.” (Zara)

How to say it, every time I meet with him, it always ends with a lecture.

As I thought, I am no good with him.

Ehm, add in my schedule: ‘how many of the Gorgons can currently go outside’.

When I return to Asora, I was planning on having the Winged-kin bring a few people related to the sea.

I was thinking of having the Gorgons tag along with that, but it seems like that won’t do now.

In the first place, I am having those girls do something close to stock-farming in Asora, so it is fine to leave it like that.

It is going well after all.

Now then, there will soon be new residents, so it is not a pressing matter.

It is close to noon, and in this time, the store gets quite busy, so it will be better if I don’t go.

The business I have left now would be, contacting Limia, and the Academy.

The contact from Limia will be sent to the store, so first is the Academy huh.

Right now it is lunch time, so it will be easy to find Jin and the others.

When they are in the middle of classes, I would have to leave messages, and it will increase the trouble.

I will have to do a follow-up since they have been working hard in the reconstruction.

It is proper to tell them that classes will be beginning for real.

About the applications for new students, it will probably go smoother if I first head to the office department.

Just that, it will be troublesome with the Academy Principal and the teacher faction.

While feeling my feet slightly heavy, I head out to the main street that has completely returned to its original state.

Now then, next will be the Academy.          

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