Chapter 189: Mad festival temple

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“This is most likely a racket from the Spirits.”

“It feels like they are in a drunken state.”

“How annoying-desu.”

Those were our impressions.

After entering the distorted space, the inside didn’t seem to have any sort of mamono, or signs of demons trembling.

But in place of that, there’s Fire and Earth Spirits making a racket in madness.

It would be one thing if it were people with no power doing a racket, but when Spirits that are practically a mass of element, are doing this, it isn’t safe.

Stone, metal, and solid objects were dancing boisterously in the sky, and as if enveloping all of it, there’s a multicolored flame rampaging flashily as if creating a piece of art.

There were faint shapes of red and yellow lights shaped as hyumans; low Spirits that had no will appeared and disappeared.

There’s also a large sized lizard with fire clad on its body and moving rapidly.

A small one that looks like a kid, carrying a hammer in one hand and smashing it here and there.

I think those ones are Medium Spirits.

It seems they possess a will and sometimes they don’t.

…All the ones here don’t look sane, so it might be hard to classify them though.

“Why are you so carefree?!” (Lucia)

“There’s clearly an abnormality occurring in the temple. We have to hurry inside, to the grand altar.” (Sari)

Lucia-san and Sari were quite serious when dealing with the Spirits.

While wiping away the attacks that come from all directions, we proceed at walking speed.

We are following behind those girls and advancing along with them.

…Well, they did say they would protect us after all.

In truth, the attacks that come from the back and attacks that obstruct our advance were being rendered useless by Shiki and Mio, but even I can tell that it is not necessary to tell them this.

“Uhm, at this pace, not only are we not going to make it inside the temple, but I feel like we would end up passing the night at the stairs though.” (Makoto)

Just in case, I try asking about the current pace.

The closer we get, the movements of the Spirits grow more vigorous.

At the very least, this is what I can guess from what I have seen with [Sakai] and looking at how the situation has progressed.

Seems like Lucia-san doesn’t have the cheat-like regeneration of Io, and can’t ignore the damage.

Sari has magic that can adapt to the situation and her magic power is also abundant, but she has way too many counterattacks that she is losing the initiative.

I am beginning to think that it really would have been better to return once.

If they call the Demon Generals, or properly group up the army, they might be able to deal with this.

“With these nonstop attacks, it can’t be helped! I have a few plans in mind, wait for a bit!” (Lucia)

Lucia-san doesn’t have any breathing room.

I was shouted.

If I remember correctly, Reft was a master at counterattacking, wasn’t he?

She succeeded the ability of Io to find out the weak points of its opponent, and she probably learned the techniques for what to do after finding them out from Reft.

I think it is a type with good balance.

If she were to succeed Io’s fighting style at its whole, it would be necessary to have that defensive power and regeneration after all.

That’s a cheat.

It cannot be completely copied, but it can be damped down. I should note down that there are those type of people as well.

“Ane-sama, this is difficult. I did try thinking of ways as well, but I ended up with the conclusion that retreating would be best.” (Sari)

Sari is pretty composed.

Well, even when she used a big attack once, the wave would resume its movements, so not only is it exhausting, it is also disadvantageous.

If we don’t increase our speed more than this, it will become gradually worse.

Even I can tell that.

“Then let’s retreat. The situation is worse than expected. Now that we have things to report, don’t you think you have accomplished your part plenty enough?”

“…Just that, there’s no breathing room to create an exit for retreat.” (Sari)

Arara, the opening that we used to enter has already closed, and if we return there, we would need Sari to concentrate again which would be pretty difficult.

“Can’t be helped then. We will return to the entrance, and have one of my people open it again, so Lucia-san, Sari-san, don’t push yourself.” (Makoto)

“You are!! saying it!! as if it is easy!!” (Lucia)

It seems they still have stamina, but who knows how much Lucia-san’s spirit will be able to last.

How to say it, she is level-headed, but as expected, she still has a ‘childish’ part. I am relieved.

“Don’t compare us to you chicks. Something like this wouldn’t even serve as warm-up. Stepping back or advancing wouldn’t be of any difficulty.” (Mio)

“…So you say. Then I would definitely want to gaze on that power of yours! But, it will be to advance!” (Lucia)

Advance, she says?

Does she have a strong sense of responsibility? Or is this also a scheme of the Demon Lord?

In the first place, I feel like he is also involved in this abnormal situation.

“Raidou-dono, if possible, I would want to witness that power as well. If you have power that won’t make any difference in advance or retreat, I would like to learn from it.” (Sari)

“Even if you say learn, it would go against what you two proposed, won’t it?  If you order us at your own convenience, it would only trouble Waka-sama and us.” (Shiki)

“Shiki-dono, I admit that my foresight was naive. But in this kind of situation, I am even more preoccupied for the safety of the people inside the temple that serve the Spirits. Ane-sama and I want to confirm that they are still alive and protect them, please. Of course, we will be reporting this to his Majesty, and will definitely repay you for it.” (Sari)

Wounded people huh.

Truth is, I have noticed life signs of what seem to be demons.

…And places where there were signs of life.  

“Fumu, you who are one of the next era that will be shouldering the demon race, is going so far to depend on someone else?” (Shiki)


Sari went silent.

At this rate, there’s most likely a more powerful Spirit rampaging inside the temples and it will turn into a bigger chaos, so it would be easier to just return once and have them deal with it.

Ah, no good, this is demon territory, so it would be bad to have them think we are doing whatever we want huh.

That Demon Lord-sama does seem like a person I can’t drop my guard from after all.

“Waka-sama, I think that in this occasion, it would be good to have them owe us one.” (Shiki)

“Isn’t that fine?” (Makoto)

“Waka-sama is being too indulgent towards the demon’s wishes. Shiki, you too-desu yo.” (Mio)

“Don’t say that Mio. You want to return by lunch, right?” (Makoto)

“That’s…true, but…” (Mio)

“Then endure it for a bit. It seems like we will be able to learn the cause if we reach the grand altar of the temple after all.” (Makoto)

“…Fuh~, you two there, step back. Shift-desu.” (Mio)

Mio opens her folding fan and steps forward along with Shiki.

At the front there’s Mio and Shiki; at the very middle there’s me; at the rear there’s Lucia-san and Sari.


I am at the position that’s tasked to protect the demons?!


“Let’s see what you have, Raidou-dono. The power that father has recognized. I will be looking forward to seeing your followers’ as well.” (Lucia)

It seems like Lucia-san completely hates us now.

“I am sorry that this has happened after speaking all big. Raidou-dono, at the very least, we will protect you.” (Sari)

“No, now that it has come to this, don’t mind it. There’s a number of people that are still fine, so it would be better to think about how you will protect them.” (Makoto)

It is fine to just wrap them in the Magic Armor.

If they ask me about it, I will just answer that it is a barrier.

“?! You are able to tell the location of the people that are safe?!”


“Before heading to the temple, let’s go around those places first. There’s 4 places. Mio, Shiki, you know the places, right?” (Makoto)

“Yes, we will be going in order-desu wa. But it is not something that requires Waka-sama to go as well.” (Mio)

“Just like Mio says, please wait at the stairs over there. We will go gather them.” (Shiki)

“I see. Then, I am counting on you. I will be waiting.” (Makoto)

I look at the stairs that are several hundred meters long.

I could tell that Lucia-san and Sari who were behind me, were startled.

Instead of going one by one in order and end up having a few of them die, it would be best to leave it to Mio and Shiki.

“Well then, I will be making this place a bit more silent-desu wa. Shiki, you do the rest.” (Mio)

“Leave it to me.” (Shiki)

Mio spreads out what looked like a spider’s web in a wide range with her as the center.

She didn’t say anything, she had her eyes closed in silence.

That’s a Mio style aria.

She looks like she is not doing anything and then a big move suddenly comes flying.

Shiki looks at Mio’s state, and seems to have begun doing an aria.

Orange lights that looked like grains of sand appeared at the surroundings, and began dispersing.

If you don’t pay attention to it, you would lose sight of it; the domain of Shiki.

“Then, let’s go. I will go at a light running pace, so please follow behind me.” (Makoto)

“No wait, light running you say, Raidou-dono? Just how will you…” (Lucia)

“You will understand soon. Ah, see.” (Makoto)

The still bewildered Lucia-san points at the Fire and Earth Spirits that are still running wildly.

I sensed the action of Mio’s power and answer her.


The special move of Mio made a nice sound at the end.

In a moment, a shaking that resembled that of an earthquake occurred over the whole place.

It only shook heavily once.

Then, it turned silent.

For us, it was only that.

Just that, for the Spirits, it was…

“There were some left huh. They are all weaklings, so they aren’t that tasty, but to the rude ones that go mad in front of Waka-sama without knowing their place, this much is obvious-desu wa ne.” (Mio)


At the place that had turned silent, a sound like that resonates, and fire and mineral begin to fall to the ground one after the other.

Counting the lizard and the kid; they all had a big wound as if a mouth had crunched a piece of their body. They fell down and were continuously corroded by darkness until they disappeared.

There were some Spirits that were still moving on the ground, and some that still had the strength to fly into the sky but…

“Well then, I will take care of the remaining ones.” (Shiki)

Shiki hits the ground with his black staff.

It is quite a standard action he does when activating a spell.

That kind of choice action actually increases the power of the spell, so it can’t be underestimated. And in Shiki’s case, that’s exactly what it is.

By the way, the aria was: ‘Turn earth into dust to the wind, turn fire into ash by water’, so differing from Mio, Shiki must have formed a spell that deals with the Spirits depending on their element.

“Ah.” (Sari)

Sari’s words, no, her dumbfounded voice was like a signal. The remaining Spirits froze and turned into dust, tore up and disappeared.

Nicely done.

“Well then, we will be back soon.”

Mio and Shiki bow once and head to opposing directions.

“Now then, that’s how it is, so let’s hurry as well. They were wiped out, but with how things are going, more are probably going to appear soon.” (Makoto)



Eh, the two of them look weird like the time when we were entering here.

I think a Demon General class would be able to do this much though.

Io would be able to enter the temple without caring about damage after all.


The inside of the temple had turned into a maze as if they were trying to harass us. Damn it.

I hate this kind of things.

And while at it, I honestly don’t like going to damp and humid caves.

My limit is limestone caves that have been made into sightseeing spots.

There’s this side of me that’s attracted to mysterious places, but when thinking about the level of humidity, temperature, water veins; I just don’t feel caves.

This world is orthodox, but it is good that I didn’t end up having to go underground.

In other words, right now it is pretty bitter.

“Can’t we just put a mark on it and go loose?” (Makoto) <this sounds so Mio, I almost mistook it>

“I think we are almost there, so please endure a bit more.” (Shiki)

There’s two High Spirits. I can tell they are there.

I voiced out my desire to just blow everything up and make a straight line directly to them, but Shiki reacted to it.

…I can’t huh.

“Waka-sama, it is okay if we just do it secretly-desu wa. Let’s do it.” (Mio)

“You are totally letting the idea out. Shiki hears it as well. It is not a secret anymore.” (Makoto)

“Shiki is fine-desu. I will make it as if he didn’t hear anything.” (Mio)

“Mio-dono, no matter the case, that’s just way too excessive. Our objective is to investigate the abnormality of the Spirit temple, so please restrain from doing anything forceful.” (Shiki)

It seems like even Shiki has something to say about Mio’s forcefulness this time around.


(Ane-sama, this is real. The Kuzunoha Company has military power at the level of a large country, with only the three people here. Not only that, even when we are in a situation where we might end up in a problem with the High Spirits, they don’t have any sense of danger.) (Sari)

(I understand. But Sari, we still don’t know if Raidou himself is strong.) (Lucia)

(I don’t think two people this strong would decide on a master because of blood or political power. Just like what father warned, Raidou is not an opponent we want facing us. I have reached that conclusion as well.) (Sari)

I thought they were silent, but it seems they were doing thought transmission huh.

I expanded [Sakai] to confirm the location of the High Spirits and coincidentally heard them.

We already finished analyzing the one Rona was using, so something like listening in is possible.

It is good that I have a habit of checking thought transmissions when I spread out [Sakai].

…No well, intercepting is bad huh.

But in the information war, the one who has been peeked is at fault.

Rona thinks that way as well, so that’s why she made a secure thought transmission.

Yeah, let’s leave aside my guilt.

(…In that case, even if this situation was created by an idiot that wants to oppose father, or if this was set up by father himself, or even if this was for a totally different reason; it was an incident that had worth for us huh.) (Lucia)

(I don’t think this is something father set up though. Maybe to gauge the power of Raidou, he went through the trouble of leaving it to us and didn’t act himself.) (Sari)

(By using the High Spirits, and even putting our own lives in danger?) (Lucia)

(Leaving aside the Spirits, he most likely believed that Ane-sama and I would be able to gauge Raidou’s power and tendency even if it’s a bit.) (Sari)

(…Right, no matter what it is, the chances of us being chosen as Demon Lord is low. Even if we have the power, for women…there’s other uses.) (Lucia)

(To support the demon race, we are destined to marry someone of influence or another demi-human to maintain political stability and to create good relationships.) (Sari)

(Yeah. It is not like we didn’t have queens, but there weren’t many. Ani<Brother> is especially good in politics so…Sari, you also think like that as well huh.) (Lucia)

It seems like they are doing quite a heavy thought transmission.

We were able to recover around 10 survivors, but there’s no more survivors.

Everyone has a barrier placed on them and are now safe, and that must have lowered the guard of those two.

They probably think that there’s no way there will be a fight against a High Spirit.

At the very least, these two girls don’t have the power to fight against a Superior Dragon or a High Spirit after all.

(Raidou, if he has that much power, all his conduct up til now has been fake. It would be plausible to assume that he has carefully laid out a plan before making contact with us.) (Lucia)

Lucia-san is really cautious of me.

…It is true that I was faking, but it is probably a different fake from what Lucia-san is thinking about.

It is shameful though.

(Now then, I don’t know about that, but we might need to prepare ourselves.) (Sari)

(The reason why we were tasked to be his guides today was most likely because of what Raidou answered to father’s question of marriage, right Sari?) (Lucia)



(I am still on hold, and Ane-sama has completely rejected it, right?) (Sari)

On hold…


Means that she can’t decide yet.

Not a rejection.

Not a rejection?!

Are you serious?

But as expected, it is impossible with a little girl.

Ethically impossible.

Even in 2d games, those were routes I normally avoided. <He is talking about Eroges. No need to explain.>

And in truth, even if I try to imagine it…yeah, it is impossible.

(If you don’t have the intention of becoming a bride, then at least take the job of gathering information. If anything happens, become the shield of Raidou and die; better the impression he has of the demon race. Is what he is trying to tell us huh.) (Lucia)

(Or it might that he is telling us to witness his power and reconsider our decision.) (Sari)

(Fuh…true. Honestly speaking, he is outside the boundaries of common sense. I could tell that I wouldn’t be able to win even if he is handstanding. No, I knew it already. Without even making a single stance, he disappeared without leaving a shadow behind. But his attitude of making light of his own power is just…) (Lucia)

(I feel like it is a bit different from making light of his own power. He felt like a normal person that has obtained a large power.) (Sari)

(In that case, he is even more dangerous. If a person exerts this much power with a notion as if it’s his everyday life, it would be a disaster.) (Lucia)

(Yeah, that’s why it is necessary; an existence that makes sure Raidou doesn’t point that power at the demon race.) (Sari)

(…So you are saying that’s you or me? But…thinking of age and looks, unless Raidou has quite a peculiar sexual preference, it would end up being me.) (Lucia)

I don’t have such sexual preference!!

…Hm, eh, could this reaction be…

(Ane-sama, you are the person that will be shouldering the army’s next era. If possible, helping me out would make things work better.) (Sari)

(Sari also has diplomacy and information administration for the future. You must shine bright at the side of Rona or it would be troubling. Compared to that, Io and Reft -my mentors- have no distress with their army. If I were to be used as a political tool with my title as princess for decoration, it wouldn’t be so bad for that engagement to be with a person that has a power comparable to that of an Overlord.) (Lucia)

It’s coming!

I turn my concentration to the response that was coming at high speed.

“Mio, Shiki! It seems they are the ones coming to receive us.” (Makoto)

“Ara, it saved the trouble of having Shiki shut up.” (Mio)

“Oh…but the grand altar should be a bigger place, so it would make things easier if it were there though.” (Shiki)

I see.

In that case…

“Then, I know the way there, so let’s push it back. I will do it.” (Makoto)

I kind of know the path that it has taken.

This one is the temple of the Earth Spirit, so I think the one coming is the Earth High Spirit.

Well, it doesn’t matter whoever it is.

“I can do that though.” (Mio)

“It seems like it is quite big, so I leave Lucia-san and Sari-san in your care.” (Makoto)

It is pretty big.

It might be twice as big as Mio in the time when she was a spider.

Like the size of one of the biggest trucks. <Is it truck-sama?! Truck-sama is being used as measurement.>

I haven’t seen its appearance, but with this size, there should be no mistake.

“It will be breaking the wall around there. Wait, a cow?!” (Makoto)


No, I was expecting it but, a cow?!

Confirming our figures, it began to kick its rear legs.

Even its movements are cow-like.

But…there’s several places that differ.

The closest resemblance is that of a cow, but it has a mane, and instead of hooves, it has terrifying nails; it even has long fangs like those of a Saber Tiger.

Its whole skin is black, lustrous, and looks like it is hard; what looks like a cow is its thick and sharp horns.

Its eyes shine fiercely, and I can’t feel like it is sane.

Even a High Spirit is in this state.

Every single one that has come out has been people I can’t speak to!

Its eyes shone brighter.


“Mio, erase it!” (Makoto)

“Yes!” (Mio)

I didn’t need to confirm if she can do it or not.

Well, Shiki also moved in creating more layers of barriers.

I am happy to be blessed with reliable subordinates.

The floor and walls changed to black and sharp stalagmites grew out of it.

When Mio closed her folding fan and touched one of the many, everything scattered.

Barely made it in time!

As expected of Mio. <Mio nullified a spell of the cow>

“Shiki, be the rearguard and protect those two. Mio, if it tries to do anything after, erase it before activation!” (Makoto)

“As you wish.” (Shiki)

“Please leave it to me, Waka-sama.” (Mio)

My orders narrowly make it in time.

The High Spirit lowered its head slightly like the gesture before a bullfight, its sharp horn undulated like a living being, and it stretches to my direction as it distorts.

Uoh, cool.

Is that a conversion spell? Wait, it is rushing!

But if it’s a contest of strength, there’s no problem.

Let’s dosukoi our way to the grand altar then!

“Wa, do you intend to take on that?!” (Lucia)

“Reckless…” (Sari)

Ignoring the voice of the two girls, I answer the incoming cow(temporary) with my own rush.

I activate Magic Armor and stop a bit before crashing with that fellow.

And then, the tip of the sharp horns that were charging at me…I grab them with both of its arms!  

The giant cow that had charged at me while accelerating, trembled at my front and stopped.

“No way, it is that big, you know? That’s impossible.” (Lucia)

“Without forming a single spell, he stopped its movements…” (Sari)

“Now then, High Spirit-dono, I will have you return to your room!” (Makoto)

I try advancing.

Tch, as expected of four feet.

It is giving a fight.

But this is the same as tug of war.

If the balance is broken, what comes next is to go all out.

“It stopped moving. No, it is bit by bit, but he is pushing it back.” (Lucia)

“Ah, could it be the magic power materialization that Rona had reported about? A body made of solidified magic power. Even when it is in an invisible state, it still has that much power?” (Sari)

Maybe it doesn’t like having its horns grabbed, the giant cow shakes its head in dislike.

But I won’t let go.

I push without caring.

It is beginning to crumble.

In that case, what comes next is just to change gears.

I still have a lot of leeway left.


“Mio, Shiki, Lucia-san, Sari-san; I will be pushing all in one go. Please follow me till the grand altar.” (Makoto)

I gather strength in my legs.

No matter how much it tries to move its head, no matter how much it kicks the ground and puts momentum, it is already a corpse that is being steadily pushed back.

The moment that kind of agitation appeared in its eyes, I release the strength I gathered and push it back to where it came.

Slowly and steadily accelerating.

At the end, it was at a speed equal to that of its charge.

I have done a *Yorikiri* to the grand altar. <A sumo technique of pushing the opponent straight out of the ring.>

A sense of accomplishment envelops my body.

“YORIKIRI! Just kidding. If Tomoe were here, she might have been delighted by it.” (Makoto)

“True. It was truly splendid.” (Shiki)

“Even if you say wide, it isn’t that wide-desu wa ne. It might be a bit small to end this.” (Mio)

In contrast to us who are celebrating, the two demons have reached zero in their word count.

They might be talking in thought transmission, but right now we are in the middle of a fight, so I won’t peek.

The giant cow gets up, and as usual, glares at me and tries to do something.

But Mio has been nullifying them, so nothing activates.

“Okay. Shiki, investigate. I will be protecting Lucia-san and the others, so Mio, go calm down that High Spirit for a bit. It seems to be riled up after all.” (Makoto)

“Understood.” (Shiki)

“Understood. But Waka-sama, it should be okay to kill it, right?” (Mio)

“No, definitely not. Leave it only to restraining.” (Makoto)

“…I wanted you to say: ‘I don’t mind’, at that part-desu.” (Mio)

Like hell I would say that!

It is a Spirit, you know?

It is a High Spirit, so it is probably incredible, you know?

I can tell that it would be bad to decide before properly hearing what it has to say.

It would be troublesome if it was ordered by the Goddess, after all.

Not that I think about it, she has been really quiet lately.

What kind of scolding and limitation did Susanoo-sama and his group give her?

…Just thinking about it scares me.

Even Athena-sama who looked like the weakest of the group, moved that gallantly and was so strong.

In the end, that lady battered me to the point of being unable to move; in a suit.

Gods are seriously scary.

Except the bug.

“Wa-Waka-sama!” (Shiki)

“Shiki, what’s up?” (Makoto)

“There’s also one coming from the side!” (Shiki)


“Even the Fire High Spirit?!” (Lucia)

Ah, Lucia-san spoke.

“Not only Behemoth, but even Phoenix…at this rate, the capital might turn into ashes. At the very least, I thought that the High Spirits had not gone mad and it was only a distortion, so I thought that we would be able to deal with it ourselves.” (Sari)

Sari also spoke.

Ah, this is Behemoth huh.

Calling you a giant cow; I am very sorry.

But I see, Phoenix huh.

Not having to do one other dungeon like this, is…lucky.

I only got an explanation that they were High Spirits but there were no details, so now that I know their names, I feel better.

“How lucky, right? Then, Shiki will take care of Phoenix—” (Makoto)

“Shiki, you take care of that cow. I will go for the bird.” (Mio)

“Mio.” (Makoto)

Mio’s sudden intervention.

What about dealing with the cow-I mean, Behemoth?

Ah, some sort of black web disappeared.

It only made it more angry.

It would only trouble Shiki to receive a baton pass at this moment.

“Ah, no. I actually think that it would be easier if Waka-sama and Mio-dono deal with it.” (Shiki)

Ah, now that I think about it, Shiki did say that it was quite hard to fight against Lancer.

I do want him investigate this event, so maybe I should just deal with both of them.

“I am more in the mood of bird than cow-desu. Okay, let’s change~” (Mio)

“It’s fine, Shiki. I will be dealing with bo–” (Makoto)

“Shiki, isn’t this a good chance to do our best? Or are you…trying to push all the trouble to Waka-sama? How about losing one layer of skin?” (Mio)

“?!!” (Shiki)

“No, I want Shiki to investigate the reason—” (Makoto)

“Waka-sama, can you please leave it to me? An Earth High Spirit; not a bad opponent to have! Please let me!” (Shiki)

I can’t speak till the end!

If you want to do it, well, I can leave it though.

I can just help out if anything happens anyways.

Well then, just as planned, I will be protecting Lucia-san and the others.

“That’s how it should be-desu. Quickly get on our level. Well then Waka-sama, I will be eating the bird that is cooking itself-I mean, calm it down. Anyways, I will be back.” (Mio)

I am uneasy.


Immediately after the fight began, I -Sari-, was simply looking at the way Raidou and Kuzunoha Company fought.

I soon discovered that things like Demon General, or father; those kind of measurements weren’t enough to gauge these people.

In the first place, people that can take on the Fire and Earth High Spirits alone, is something that’s already out of my comprehension.

Power that I can imagine in my mind, and power that I can tell in real life is simply different.

This is exactly what’s happening.

A while back, we had an adventurer called Sofia that was together with the demon race.

She was also someone that was hard to grasp its power.

It seems she fought against Superior Dragons with few people and was able to win, but in my eyes, she would be around the level of Io using his trump card.

I am mostly in the information department, but Lucia-anesama, is more experienced in seeing through the strength of other people, and even she doesn’t know of Raidou’s strength, so I thought that maybe he was dragged by his own strength.

“Hey hey, your movements are dull-desu yo, bird!” (Mio)

The black haired girl, Mio, moves around in mid-air as if sliding, and rampages in the sky with Phoenix as her opponent.

The other one, Shiki, was dealing with Behemoth on the ground as if it were easy.

Phoenix’s alias is ‘immortal’. Leaving aside if it’s actually true or not, it seems it has regenerative ability that surpasses that of Demon General Io.

And in truth, it has received the full special move of Mio and has had its wings broken several times, and yet, it is instantly regenerating them. But observing the situation, it is just as Mio pointed out; its movements were growing dull.

If that means it is getting weaker, it would mean that Mio is overwhelming a High Spirit.

Phoenix who father told me has a peaceful attitude, is acting in a violent way that totally differs from what I have been told, but it is without doubt a High Spirit.

No matter what living being it is, it is not something an individual should be able to fight against.

“So this doesn’t work either! To think that just by being earth element it makes this so much more difficult to deal with!” (Shiki)

Shiki’s words were given out the moment his magic was dispersed at the vicinity of Behemoth.

In a sense, this side surprises me more than Mio.

Behemoth is an Earth High Spirit.

Just like Shiki says, it is the peak of all that’s related to the Earth element.

From Rona’s report, the origins of Shiki is that of the Lich, Larva, she knew of. A Lich is the highest point of an undead, but an undead is an Earth element existence. In other words, there’s no undead that should be able to go against Behemoth.

Even if he were to make an army, it would all change into mud with a single roar, so even if it’s a sword or magic, there’s no way he would be able to harm its body.

And yet, even if its power is being mitigated by a lot, a few of the spells are reaching, and wounding it.

It can be said that this is a battle that completely overthrows my common sense.

As someone that studies magic, his fight is unbelievable.

“13th steps! From 1st to 4th steps, release. ‘Wand’,’Sword’,’Cup’,’Coin’.” (Shiki)


Shiki’s power swelled up.

And it was as if his very existence had been strengthened, a really thick power activation.

There were four words.

In other words, he did four types of enhancements at once?

That kind of strong spell with such a short aria…

Not only Shiki; all three from the Kuzunoha Company have an abnormal speed in their aria.

Even if only a part of that technique is in the hands of the demon race, we would be able to widen and create more tactics in battle, I am sure of it.

They are doing all of this as if it were natural.

At some point in time, Shiki was now wearing four rings.


So that means, it must be the result of his spell.

“7th step, ‘Hell’, release, and activation! ‘Mist Temple Nivlheim’, devour that fellow entirely—?!!” (Shiki)

The moment a massive amount of power gathered to Shiki and was about to be released, Behemoth changed the form of its horns, and from 2 it was put together to make 1.

Its eyes shine.

The ring from Shiki’s pinky finger produced light, but it broke as it shone and disappeared.

It was probably the spell failing.

Or maybe a misfire caused by intervention.

“Arara, looking at how it broke, you will not be able to use it for a while. Even though it is moving by instinct, that Spirit could tell that it was dangerous.” (Raidou)

It’s Raidou.

I see Shiki as quite dangerous, but as always, I can’t sense any sort of danger from Raidou.

Since the moment we entered the maddened Spirit domain, the only moment he showed a displeased face was when he saw that the temple had turned into a maze.

“For a meat bullet, the things you do are unexpectedly complex! You are able to properly destroy spells in its entirety after all!!” (Shiki)

While saying this, Shiki lunges towards Behemoth.

Shiki who is clearly a magician, was going to enter a close combat battle. No matter how I see it, that’s reckless.

Raidou’s spell is a special case.

There should be no other magician in this world that can do something like him.

I can say for sure.

“Ascalon!” (Shiki)

The short aria of Shiki seems to have completed without being eliminated; the cane in his hands changed into a greatsword.

Holding the sword in an untrained fashion, he hits the horn of Behemoth.

The black sword makes a shrilling noise.

But Shiki was laughing.

“6th Step, ‘Fray’, release. ‘Sword Emperor Spirit Possession’” (Shiki)

Shiki’s moves changed in an instant.

It became the movements of a wild, violent, and instinctive natural-born fighter.

…This is crazy.

What was the first attack then?

But the Shiki from then on showed an overwhelming swordsmanship that made Lucia-anesama who was beside me lose all words.

With this switch, Shiki’s attacks were steadily wounding Behemoth.

Even so, it is not on the level of Phoenix, but it also has regenerative power.

The regeneration acts faster, and at this rate, Shiki will only be losing stamina.

…Shiki doesn’t seem to be the type that fights with instinct, so yhe probably has some plan in mind.

His fighting style comes from tactics.

It is in essence the same as me, so I can somewhat tell.

That sword technique is an instinctive style, so there’s the chance that Shiki has become desperate and has betted on his best style.

At times I can see calmness in those eyes, so I don’t think he has become desperate though.

“I can’t use rings with spell formations, but how about this!” (Shiki)

Legs, fangs, horn, and also around its body; all of them did attacks that would bring instant death.

And it did it practically arialess.

Shiki somehow evaded it and continued his attacks.

This is strange.

The number of rings Shiki has are different from the number he has announced.

Even though one should have been destroyed, the numbers are…


Shiki’s black sword was inserted into the horn of Behemoth.

It was in a shape as if entangling it.

This is bad!

I look at Raidou.

He doesn’t intend to move?!

The hard and sharp horn moves like a tentacle. <Obligatory ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)>

How troublesome!

Behemoth opens its mouth big, and fangs that didn’t lose in sharpness devour Shiki.

“8th Step, [Ragnarok], release” (Shiki)

By the time Shiki muttered that, a part of his body had already been minced.


Why…Why is Raidou so calm in front of the peril of his comrade!

From my judgment, you would never act this way towards people that you consider your relatives.

“It is over huh. But it was dangerous. If he hadn’t used [Gemini] first, there was the chance of a simultaneous defeat.” (Makoto)


“First Chain, Raging.” (Shiki)

That voice was heard from the side of Behemoth.

“Well, it was groundwork for the limitation of the ring that desires the heart’s blood, so steady training is truly what saves you in your everyday life. Good work, Shiki.” (Makoto)

Ah, Shiki is there.

But, the one that was eaten just now…

When I return my gaze, there was a clay doll.

And Shiki who chanted First Chain, as if responding to those words, chains wrapped around the body of Behemoth.

A spell that seals movement?

Just how many prohibited, cursed, and powerful spells does Shiki know of?

From what I have heard of Rona, he is supposed to be Larva, but even from my eyes, I can feel that Shiki is several steps higher than Rona.

The Larva that Rona knows of is already in the past.

It might not serve of much reference.

“Shiki, you can’t slacken! You will be crushed!”

“Tch!! Second Chain, [Mud Sea]! Third Chain [Gleipnir]!” (Shiki)

Behemoth had chains wrapped on all its body.

Those chains were coming out from midair, and its end can’t be seen.

Not only physically, it seemed like it was using some sort of special power, as Behemoth didn’t rampage anymore.

“Hah…Hah…” (Shiki)

“Good work. To activate 9th Step [Gemini] and 8th Step at the same time, that’s impressive.” (Makoto)

“…No, it was a struggle. I was unable to use anything with spell formations even if it were the rings.” (Shiki)

“No, it was impressive. When the other opponent is superior in the same element as you, it becomes that much harder huh. I thought about lending a hand if it turned dangerous, but it is great that it ended without needing it.” (Makoto)

There were no signs of him trying to help.

Raidou knew that Shiki would be able to suppress Behemoth.

Also, after the battle, Raidou was somewhat different from how he has been until.

The sense of stability from being beside him.

Just like how Lucia-anesama says, could this be Raidou’s true self?

“The activation of ten onwards is still unstable, so I will be devoting myself with my all.” (Shiki)

“Right now you should rest. It seems Mio’s side will be finishing soon, so when things get calm, I am counting on you for the investigation.” (Makoto)


Right. Because it was more silent there, I wasn’t watching it much.

“As expected of Mio-dono.” (Shiki)

“It will be decided with this. That Phoenix, I was watching, and it seems it can use attacks with its wings. It scatters by flapping its fire wings you see. And then, see, it rains down at one location in high speed. Mio has been guarding it all until now with her network barrier, but this time…” (Makoto)

Just as Raidou commented, the flapping of Phoenix dispersed several thousand feathers, and they stopped in midair and increased in brightness.

Is she…guarding this the whole time with her barrier?

I can surely tell that I would only be able to stop one of those by giving it my all.

And to escape unscathed after, I can’t say for sure.

An intense light was emitted.

A terrifying amount of attacks rained down on Mio and us!!

“Slant them.”

“All of them towards herself huh. I have a few bad memories from that.”

Bad memories he says.

Just how miserable of a memory was that.

As Raidou and Shiki said, all the attacks that rained down changed directions and were headed to where Mio is, and then, all the thousand attacks hit Mio.

And yet, Mio’s figure was maintained.

Even though it was an attack that should burn you and leave nothing behind.

“I will give it a taste and return it.” (Mio)

Mio’s words.

And then, Phoenix’s cry.

Its wings, no, its whole body was being burned with a black fire.

…A type of counter-magic?

Demon General Reft also does something similar, but he wouldn’t do something like having all attacks concentrated at him.

Mio returned from above ground as if sliding, and Phoenix followed right after by dropping while squirming. It was still wrapped in the black fire.

Glancing at Phoenix who had almost nothing remaining, Mio makes a bow to Raidou.

Mio was in front of us after returning.

I unconsciously gulped down.

There were remains of several attacks she had received.

As I thought, all the attacks had hit Mio.

Aside from those, there’s also several other attacks.

The cloth clothing she has doesn’t look that tough, but there are parts that are slightly loose, and yet, there’s nothing ripped that stands out.

Maybe she has an overwhelming defensive power, or it might be she is combat oriented.

She is completely opposite of Reft who trained his counter because he knew of his self’s low defensive power.

“Good work, Mio. Shiki also did his best so, about the investigation, can you help Shiki out as his assistant?” (Makoto)

“If you go with me to eat bird later.” (Mio)

“Yeah, that’s fine. I am being showed around, so let’s go together.” (Makoto)

“I am looking forward to it-desu! Now then Shiki! Don’t look from afar and let’s finish this fast. We will be going to have a light meal with Waka-sama after all!” (Mio)


This degree is maybe on an everyday standard for them.

That’s why they are not flustered.

They don’t even hold any sense of danger.

It is hard to believe, and I probably won’t be able to believe it right now, but even if the demon race fights wholly against Raidou, he probably would make a slightly more troubled face than now as he does preparations.  

And the demons are…the worst existence.

The Goddess and the powers that follow her are wandering all over the world.

It should be safe to assume this.

I feel like I have now understood a bit of why father is showing such hospitality to Raidou.

He wants to cooperate with him, obtain benefits.

It is simply a matter of steps.

The most important reason is that we don’t want them turning hostile on us.

If we have him as an enemy, the demon race won’t be able to make a single plan or strategy, and won’t be able to deal with it.

Even if we have to kill our hatred and deepest wishes, we currently have to shake hands with him no matter what.

I clearly understood this.

And also, the path that I should take.

Not that of being a Demon Lord or being a Queen; I now see a path that only I can choose.

There’s no complains in this life of being treated as the child of the Demon Lord, and treated well by everyone.

My heart and body don’t belong to me.

By the time the Spirit Temple returned to normal, I engrave the sight of the capital that I might not be able to see anymore as we go back.

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