Chapter 70: Heroes Reunite

The chapter you have all feared has arrived! A POV of Tomoki!

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While flying through the sky throwing shining lights out of his godly spear at the demon race and burning them off, the empire’s hero, Iwahashi Tomoki, was in a state of confusion.

Literally the moment when the gate opened and were in the phase where they would assault the fortress and take the head of the general…

The people in the surroundings disappeared.

When looking below, there was a crazy big black hole. People, weapons, a part of the demons as well. Having a dispersed look as if seeing a CG, people were being sucked up by that hades.

The hostility that was being directed to him. From the opened gate, Tomoki noticed the magic shot and he used a destruction light from his godly spear to disperse them all. At the same time, he remembers something important.

About his comrades.

Ginebia, Mora, Yukinatsu.

The comrades that fought alongside him and protected him.

Tomoki activates a necklace-shaped sorcerer tool and searches the surroundings. He soon finds a reaction of the three.

Because of the silver boots the Goddess provided him he was able to float in the air without using magic power, so he was able to invalidate that crazy trap, but his comrades were standing in the ground normally.

Because of that he was the first target of the attacks, but with all the overwhelming equipment that was clad in his body, it was nothing.

“Did you fall you three?!” (Tomoki)

Saying that, Tomoki pursues the reaction. The reaction of the three was a bit below. Thankfully, it was practically on the same place they were.

When he reaches them, they were all gathered up in one place and floating. But that spell may have been incomplete, they seem to be slowly lowering.

“You are slow Tomoki! The replica of the silver boots is not complete so if there is something heavy we will fall!”

“Oi Yukinatsu, are you referring to me? I can’t just let that slip by”

Ginebia, who is wearing a plate mail and is clearly the heaviest of them all, lifts an eyebrow and reproaches her comrade’s words.

“Don’t fight. The two of you are heavier than me after all!”

““Of course we are!””

A third voice rings into the conversation that seemed like it would transform into a dispute and the two answer with the same words. Compared to the chibi girl Mora, the difference in height was clear.

Thanks to the creation of Yukinatsu, who came from an alchemist linage, the three somehow were able to save themselves. Tomoki also strokes his chest in relief.

The exchange between the three also helped as an ingredient to calm down.

“I am glad that you guys are fine” (Tomoki)

“Tomoki… I am your shield. I won’t die without protecting you” (Ginebia)

“Don’t frankly make that kind of face, so embarrassing” (Yukinatsu)

“We are totally fine!” (Mora)

Because of the heartfelt words of worry from him, the three appeal their wellbeing with blushed faces.

“What a grand way they got us with, how cocky for a mid-boss. Mora, call Nagi please. For now we will retreat. Without confirming the situation we can’t decide to continue the battle” (Tomoki)

“… You are right. Just how many soldiers did we lose here?”

“What an absurd trap. The one who made it is crazy in the head”

“Understood, I will call Nagi” (Mora)

“Yeah, I am counting on you. There will probably be quite the amount of attacks coming from above anytime soon. Ginebia and I will block every single one of them, you can do it right?” (Tomoki)

“Of course. I won’t let you nor Nagi receive a single wound. Don’t underestimate a royal guard” (Ginebia)

“Thanks, Ginebia” (Tomoki)

Mora continues chanting an aria at her jewel, and while in the middle of giving his thanks to Ginebia, below the party that was slowly falling, a dragon was summoned. A type of flying dragon that possesses giant wings. It’s Nagi, who Mora controls.

Its emerald green scales are beautiful, a medium class dragon. It is also one of the individuals that are the closest to Mora.

“Nagi, go up! When we reach on top of the hole, we are going to retreat to the back. Please!” (Mora)

“GYAU” (Nagi :v)

On top of the dragon, while deflecting the attacks that rain, Tomoki reaches in front of the gate.

“What in the world, even the road at the back has become a hole. The rear guard is really the only part remaining” (Tomoki)

“Tomoki, let’s try to save as many people as possible by having them ride Nagi” (Ginebia)

Ginebia suggests. If they create a barrier around so the people don’t get blown away, the space Nagi has to carry people is still quite enough. These were words that had taken into consideration this fact.

“Ginebia, that is no good. First we have to return as fast as possible and report this to Lily. That is the highest priority” (Tomoki)

Tomoki rejects Ginebia’s suggestion. For him, it would just be unnecessary luggage and the mobility would decrease. A result he didn’t desire.

“But!!” (Ginebia)

“For a while now I haven’t been able to get in contact with Lily. Also, this is war. Because it is war, it is fine to just fight as much as the amount of people that died in order to repay them” (Tomoki)

“Tomoki… I am sorry. I became emotional” (Ginebia)

Just like how they have done until now, Tomoki’s words enter Ginebia’s heart and body as if permeating her. She was able to accept his words’ logic quite naturally.

“Don’t mind, it is fine if the usual Ginebia has returned. Now then, let’s go back!” (Tomoki)

“Wait Tomoki”

“What is it Yukinatsu?” (Tomoki)

“Is it fine to not look for the hero of Limia and the others?” (Yukinatsu)

Even in a battlefield that has fallen into chaos, is it fine to not confirm the safety of one of the two figureheads? Is what Yukinatsu tries to ask.

Even if she is a hero, in a situation like this, it is not definite that she was able to deal with it calmly. No matter if retreating is the priority, it is not strange to ask about the Limia hero.

“Hibiki huh. She is also a hero. She must have managed something by herself. Me being worried about her may actually turn into being rude to her. It seems she is a “Senior Onee-san” after all” (Tomoki)

Just because the said person isn’t there, Tomoki calls the other hero, who he was calling with –san a few moments back, without any suffix.

“I see. If Tomoki has something planned then it’s fine. Let’s go” (Yukinatsu)

“Yosh, Mora I’m counting on you” (Tomoki)

“Okay! Nagi, do it!” (Mora)

“Nice. But since we went through all the trouble of coming here…” (Tomoki)

Tomoki turns to the opposite direction of Nagi’s orientation, in short, he faces the fortress. What he prepares is his favorite God Spear. The cone-shaped riding spear is enveloped by light and, in time, everything shines.

“This is payback!” (Tomoki)

Determining his aim, Tomoki releases the power of his spear at the gate that was trying to close. The light that straightforwardly travelled enters a gap in the closing gate… and created a thunderous roar.

“Quite the aim there”

“Oh… Sniper!”

“Onii-chan, nice~!”

To the ovations of the three, Tomoki makes a “this much is easy” face. Just in case, he uses the necklace to check the surroundings.

“Otto. It seems the Limia Hero and the others are alright. They are over there” (Tomoki)

“Oh. Heh~ you are right. Maybe I should make a replica of that necklace next. That is pretty convenient” (Yukinatsu)

Yukinatsu, a bit slower, uses something resembling a binocular to confirm Limia’s party. Knowing that Tomoki used the sorcerer tool to search the area, Yukinatsu showed the greed of a researcher. Prove that she was now a bit more composed.

“At a later time okay?” (Tomoki)

Feeling a bit of discomfort in being a guinea pig of Yukinatsu, Tomoki responds in a vague way. To make a replica there is a need to have the sorcerer tool activated and observed for long periods of time. That time is quite a pain for him.

“You are still unable to contact Lily-sama?”

Ginebia asks. It is natural for her to be worried about the wellbeing of her other master.

“Yeah. I may be repeating myself but, does this world have the so called jamming?” (Tomoki)

The latter half Tomoki whispers it as if talking to himself. While they were flying, they catch up with Hibiki and the others. As expected of someone riding a dragon, even though Hibiki and the others were the first ones to escape, Tomoki’s side was faster.

“Great to see you are safe Hibiki-san. Your side’s movements are a bit dull, did something happen?” (Tomoki)

“… Is your detection ability low? It is the long awaited demon general” (Hibiki)

Thinking that Hibiki and the others just didn’t have enough strength to use the transmission, Tomoki points out their dull movements, but his face stiffens at her response.

Instead of the cold tone of voice of Hibiki, Tomoki shows shock at the words demon general.

“Demon general you say?! At our back?!” (Tomoki)

“That’s right. Moreover, he politely said he will wait for us to reform. Words you wouldn’t expect from someone who set such a trap. And so we are in the middle of having the rear guard fall back as fast as possible. Understood?” (Hibiki)

As fast as possible. Hibiki returns a begrudging tone at the insensible words of Tomoki.

“No way, just how…” (Tomoki)

“Who knows? They must have used a hand we don’t know yet. By the way, more than the demon general, it is the fact that I can’t get in contact with the troops that are supposed to be at the rear at all. Incredible huh, it seems the demon race is able to obstruct our transmissions. Meaning, there is a chance the demon race can intercept thought transmission. How unpleasant” (Hibiki)

“Jamming and… information leak. Isn’t that fatal?” (Tomoki)

Tomoki seems to have understood the situation. He spews out gloomy words.

“And? What will you guys do?” (Hibiki)

“What, you say… about what?” (Tomoki)

“If we encounter the demon general it will be a joint front, or at least that’s how it’s supposed to go right?” (Hibiki)

Up to this day, this is a first. Or more like, this is the first time Hibiki has smiled at Tomoki from the bottom of her heart .

“The situation is different isn’t it?! This should be the setting where we cut up the enemy encampment as fast as possible and escape right?! If we continue the battle like this, we will head straight to the bad end!” (Tomoki)

“Setting… setting huh. If that’s the case, you guys escape. I will believe that the unit at the rear will do a pincer attack with us and defeat him. Well, if we were able to contact each other we would be able to cooperate in the escape though. In terms of strategy this is totally our loss. To be honest, I have taken an interest in that demon general” (Hibiki)

In these kind of scenario, Hibiki feels a conclusive gap in Tomoki who was talking as if he were in a dream or illusion. Hibiki feels a part of her is looking at him in a cold way.

And in a part she is happily talking as if having fun. Tomoki also shows puzzled eyes as if looking at such a living being for the first time.

“You… are you an idiot?” (Tomoki)

“No way. Also, I didn’t ask you to cooperate right? In any case, you and I have bad compatibility. The selling point of you guys is the mid-range fire power. Most of my party is close quarter. Your side shows best performance when fighting against big numbers, our side when we fight against fewer. Even if we fight the same opponent, I think our steps would be different” (Hibiki)

(Also, the attitude)

Hibiki secretly adds.

“In short, you are saying we can’t form a joint front?” (Tomoki)

“I’m just saying there is no point in doing so in this case. I just don’t see the merit of uniting. I don’t like being shot by my allies” (Hibiki)

“… Then, it is fine right?” (Tomoki)

“Yeah. Just, lead the troops and use that fire power to clean up as many enemies over there. If you do that, it will make it possible for more surviving units to escape. We will take the opened path and attract the big-shot. Role division. Let’s go with that in this case” (Hibiki)

“Understood. If you say that much, make sure to nail the demon general okay?” (Tomoki)

“Of course” (Hibiki)

The conversation with the two heroes finishes.

A slight meeting takes place in both parties.

Numerous times, voices of objections sound.

And those grew lower in time. Both sides show will and determination.

The time the two armies clash once more… is close.

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      So I’d call her reason for fighting an overdeveloped sense of responsibility and a tendency to take on more than she can chew because she just can’t say no.

    1. Damn it! Links are screwy, thought it was a new chapter (Chapter 91), but it was just a link back to chapter 70!

      Sorry for the necro.

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  27. God, as a fellow translator (to spanish though) I can understand and feel your pain, it should be like translate a chapter of when Kokuki was still idiotic or one with Vanessa, I actually think should be even worst but the chapter was short and the moments of stupidity from trash wasn’t that much, in later chapters however could change the amount of suffering.

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