Chapter 181: Devised Decision, the Desert’s Dream

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“Next time, I am looking forward to the discussion on setting up a stall.”

“I will think about it. I do consider Lily-sama as an important customer after all. Today I don’t see the hero-sama though. Well with this, I will be taking my leave. Thank you for inviting me.”

“I will believe in those words.” (Lily)

I return the greetings of Princess Lily who went through the trouble of seeing me off at the teleport formation, and announce my departure.

From what I have seen, I don’t feel like putting a store in the Empire, but I didn’t voice out my rejection.

After giving the egg of Lancer to Grount who was rampaging and had to calm down, I returned to the capital when evening had come.

I didn’t expect a superior dragon to get angry when touching the topic of age. Because you know, they are dragons that have been living for hundreds to thousands of years, and reincarnating. In essence, they live forever, so I thought they had lost the concept of age already.

Its blaze, roar, tail, and the magic that utilized the advantageous desert terrain; she rampaged quite a lot.

After I incapacitated her, I was finally able to speak with her.

I apologized to Grount-san once again, and when I spoke with her, I learned that she is actually a dragon with an age comparable to that of an adult woman.

When living for long, their personality stops changing at some point in time depending on the person, probably.

If things like Oba-san, or Oba-chan which are related to age are not mentioned, she is actually quite the gentle one.

Regarding my studying of the dragon society Root mentioned, I thought he was referring to the Sand Sea.

Its appearance was a mystifying white desert, and that sand must have drunk quite the amount of blood from people as well, so it is some kind of stage where the history of hyumans and dragons has developed.

The other superior dragons have kindreds or people that serve them, so Root probably intended to show me those kind of things.

I wasn’t the only one who thought that his actions were of bad taste; Grount was also angry at Root.

It is great that nothing serious happened.

By the time I returned to Ruinas it was already dark, but Tomoe and Shiki had finished packing and were waiting for me. And so, we were now returning just as planned.

Tomoe and Shiki who were mimicking me by lowering their heads, lift them up the moment I lift it as well.

Now then, let’s head back.

“When you have any business, please contact Rotsgard. If there’s something our side can prepare for you, we will happily do so.” (Makoto)

“Please do give us a call. Well then, take care in your journey.” (Lily)

I couldn’t see any expectation from Princess Lily’s face.

I think she had some sort of reason when she had me meet the hero, but…Tomoki is not here right now. I just can’t read the actions of Gritonia.

They probably have some sort of complicated objective that isn’t related to defeating the demon race in the war.

When that time comes, it will be made clear.

At the very least, I slightly understand how the Empire views us, so the standing I will be taking has been decided.

In that point, I think it is a high plus for me in coming to the Empire.

Enveloped by the teleportation light, the scenery changes.

Let’s quickly move and leave Robin. If we do that, we can return to Asora without worries.

When we return to Rotsgard, next will be the place of the Demon Lord-sama huh.

I will be going to Kaleneon for a bit and meet with Rona, was it.

Tomoe knows the meeting point.

Talk about Kaleneon will definitely come, so it seems I will have to put that into order as well.

For me, that’s a desirable outcome.

Anyways, it was a tiring visit to the Empire.

I want to quickly go back and sleep.


“I see. In that case, you don’t know what business Raidou had in going to the Sand Sea, right?”

“Sorry. He traversed through the desert at a baffling speed, so I was unable to follow him…” (Ginebia)

“I don’t think Grount will do anything, but the connections of Falz are really a mystery. To think that he is acquainted with a superior dragon. He told me that he had some business in the Sand Sea, so let Raidou do as he wishes, but for him to take such actions was outside my expectations. I have been one-upped.”

Receiving a report that the Kuzunoha Company had begun their teleportation, Lily called Ginebia to her room and asked about the details of the situation.

Even so, she only added a bit of information on top of what she had already reported when she returned. So the gist of it didn’t change much.

She lost Raidou at the desert and doesn’t know what he did after.

At the long distance, a loud sound rang out but it soon calmed down, and Raidou returned after a few hours.

Just in case, they are already trying to make contact with Grount and confirming her safety.

It was an abnormal situation.

“Tomoe and Shiki; those two followers of his were also lost from sight near the castle. The other party was not Limia or a demon race but a company, and yet, they really played us good.” (Lily)

“… Lily-sama, what do you think of them?” (Ginebia)

“The Kuzunoha Company? Right… they are an unknown factor. A bunch that I can’t tell whether they are allies or enemies. Regarding Raidou, from what Tomoki-sama says, he is a Japanese; in other words, an otherworlder.” (Lily)

“An otherworlder?! T-Then, is that person also a hero like Tomoki-sama?!” (Ginebia)

Ginebia was chanting her disbelief with an expression that didn’t hide her shock.

“It’s not sure. Tomoki-sama and Limia’s hero Hibiki appeared after receiving an oracle from the Goddess. But there have been several number of otherworlders that were not the case as well.” (Lily)

“This is the first I have heard of this. To think that there were people like that.” (Ginebia)

“Lorel has been hiding them from the foreign countries after all. It seems like they have taken in their customs you know? Have you heard about the Wise?” (Lily)

“Wise? If I remember correctly, it is a special rank in Lorel for people that possess special knowledge.” (Ginebia)

“Is how the foreign countries take it. In reality, it is Lorel giving special privileges to the otherworlders. That’s a Wise. Right now there’s not a single one, but there have been descendants from them, and that special knowledge is made as knowledge unique of that country.” (Lily)


“Anyways, Ginebia, good work today. You can leave now. Get a good rest.” (Lily)

“Understood… Excuse—” (Ginebia)

“Ah, you can’t go to Tomoki-sama’s place today either, got it? Please let him be alone for now.” (Lily)

“?!! U-Understood.” (Ginebia)

Seeing off Ginebia, the smile of Lily’s face was erased.

She was able to call Raidou and central people of the company to the Empire, but the objective they were aiming for was practically a blank.

For her, this is not a pleasant result.

Lily didn’t think that with just this conversation she would be able to take in Kuzunoha Company. But even so, she wanted to get information about them, and if possible, she wanted to attract at least one store from Kuzunoha Company into their Empire.

If she could make them place a store, they would be able to analyze the products, and it would make it easier to make contact with them.

To go to Rotsgard every time there’s business is something not that desirable for Lily. Also, currently the chances are low, but if Raidou closes the store in Rotsgard, they would have to go to Tsige which is an outrageously remote region.

They may pick up when contacting them, but it is certain that it will be inconvenient.

(The most that was accomplished was… Tomoki meeting with Raidou huh. In that point, it resulted just as planned, and the part about Raidou being an otherworlder was unexpected, but a favorable result. Otherworlder. Even so, I don’t feel the power of the Goddess from Raidou. It might be related to why he is not a hero.) (Lily)

In this occasion, Lily learned that Raidou was an otherworlder, a Japanese.

That forced deduction of Tomoki that was almost like a false accusation was easily proved right by Raidou himself.

(An unsightly appearance uncharacteristic of hyumans, and he is not a demi-human. Tomoki probably said this haphazardly with this as basis, and yet… I see, that his close aides were not flustered by this, it is possible that this may be a lie. It is certainly true that there’s few plusses in revealing his own background at that moment. Tomoe and Shiki have quite the sharp minds after all. But…is there a merit in lying about being Japanese? If his relationship with Tomoki is just as I predicted, then it is safe to assume that Raidou has no will to be taken into the Empire.) (Lily)


A small breath leaked out from Lily’s mouth.

Walking, she had left her room, and was now heading to the room of Tomoki.

After the talk with Raidou, Tomoki had shut into his room and was alone without even taking his meals.

Because he himself wished to do so, his party members were unable to enter, and Lily also prohibited it.

(First I have to confirm with Tomoki huh. And with that, I will know what Raidou did. I might also be able to tell the depth of his power.) (Lily)

*Knock* *knock*

After a gentle knock, Lily confirmed that there was no reaction.

“… Tomoki-sama, it is Lily. The Kuzunoha Company has left. Please tell me about what happened the other day.” (Lily)

“Lily, right now I can’t meet you. Please let me stay alone for a bit, just a bit more.” (Tomoki)

A weak voice.

“Just what in the world happened? They are guests I invited. If Raidou did something, that is my sin as well. Tomoki-sama, I implore you, please let me into the room.” (Lily)

After that, Lily flattered Tomoki and thoroughly comforted him.

That state of self-depreciation from Tomoki is a state that Lily is familiar in dealing with.

After a while passed, the door that silently opened was proof of her expertise.

“… Please enter, Lily.” (Tomoki)

“Tomoki-sama… just what in the world happened? Being this depressed!” (Lily)

Changing her Noh mask expression into one on the verge of crying, Lily shows Tomoki worry with her whole body.

Entering the room, Lily sits beside Tomoki who is sitting at the bed. She kindly listened to the story between Raidou and Tomoki while giving signs of comprehension.

Being attacked by surprise, he tried to fight back, but being unable to, he received his threats and violence, is what Tomoki said. That he was unable to obtain Tomoe.

(Tomoki says this. In that case, not only did the valkyries not pose any threat, Tomoki himself was completely defeated by Raidou. The attack that made Sofia retreat can’t be used indoors, and his combat equipment was at its minimum at that moment, so it can be one of the reasons. Just that, Raidou himself didn’t seem to have anything resembling a weapon. Maybe he is a magician, or it might be that he has trained as a warrior. From what I hear of Tomoki, it might be reasonable to consider that it can be both of them. A magician with a trained body huh. A troublesome type. Also, even if he wasn’t at his best, to be able to overwhelm Tomoki, he is a more troublesome existence than I originally thought.) (Lily)

Lily analyzes Raidou from the story of Tomoki while chipping off the dramatized parts.

Contrary to her action of holding Tomoki’s hand gently, her mind was cold and composed.

(Adding to that, he has Tomoe, Shiki and Mio. His three close aides have out-of-boundaries strength. If only they had the thought of slaughtering the demon race, it is at a level that I would want to abandon this thing and change it for him. Is it because my patronage is weak? No, that’s not it. I don’t think that Hibiki will move according to my plans at all, and looking at Raidou’s behavior towards demi-humans, my hopes of pulling him in are thin. Doing war is actually the best situation. Because we can go around killing without any hesitation after all.) (Lily)

Lily was thinking about pulling in Hibiki or Raidou, but she soon erased that thought from her mind.

Even if it’s possible, it would still be an hindrance in her own plans.

“Tomoki-sama, Raidou is the owner of frightening power, right? What should we do? Should we try pulling him into being our comrade? If Tomoki-sama so wishes, I…” (Lily)

“That guy Makoto… are you telling me to lower my head to him?” (Tomoki)

“… It is only for your sake, Tomoki-sama. If he turns into an enemy, it might turn everything into a mess. If it is okay, Ginebia, Yukinatsu, Mora, and I can endure a bit of the burden.” (Lily)

She doesn’t know if Raidou wishes for women.

No, since he directly spoke with Tomoki, she understood that the chances of that are low.

If she were to think about it calmly.

“Lily…” (Tomoki)

“Also, if we bring Kuzunoha Company to our side, as a result, Tomoe will be brought to our side as well. It will also grant your wish.” (Lily)

“Tomoe!” (Tomoki)

“Yes. Then, I will quickly send a subordinate to—” (Lily)

“You can’t!!” (Tomoki)

Tomoki shouts at Lily who was about to stand up.

“Tomoki-sama?” (Lily)

(Right. There’s no way you would be able to stomach something like that. As a hero, you wouldn’t be able to stomach the existence of Raidou. If it’s Hibiki, it would be possible to do it with a smile though.) (Lily)

Lily laughs from within.

Tomoki who can’t stomach having someone above him, would never be able to allow Raidou to ‘come’ to the Empire.

Then, what should she do?

That’s Lily’s objective.

Using Raidou, she will lead Tomoki into reaching a decision he once hesitated to take.

For the current Tomoki, this will probably look like the web of a spider suspending in hell, is what Lily imagines.

And that image was not that far from the truth.

“I don’t need someone like that. I am a hero. I will bring down the demons and the Demon Lord; an existence that reigns over the world. It doesn’t matter if he is Japanese as well. Like hell I will rely on that guy.” (Tomoki)

The hero’s duty-or at least that’s the title the Goddess has given to them-was to defeat the demon race, that’s all.

The last part about reigning was something that Lily had taken her time to imprint in Tomoki’s mind.

“… But he is strong. At this rate, he might become an obstacle.” (Lily)

After this, she only needs to slowly lead him into it.

Lily was calmly leading him into a decision.

“Then I just have to get stronger. Right, there’s no need to hesitate huh. That’s all there’s to it.” (Tomoki)

“No way. Tomoki-sama is even using that power that chips away your very life to fight against the demon race. Just what other kind of power are you aiming to have in that body of yours?” (Lily)

The new power that Tomoki obtained.

Lily heard that this is a powerful magic that can defeat in one hit the person considered the peak of this world, the Dragon Slayer.

It has quite a large range, and without any decay in strength, it activates at its highest output; a shining flame. Moreover, if by chance the target survives, it will inflict a special poison. In a war, it is a power that is scarily effective.

It has the price of chipping off Tomoki’s life, so it is something that can’t be abused, but Lily is sure that he would be able to use it without hesitating when in need.

For Lily, this new power of Tomoki gave her incredible joy. But because of this reason, she was troubled by the possibility of Tomoki obtaining a new power. No, accurately speaking, she was scared of the risk that comes from the acquisition of a new power.

He has obtained a spell that shaves off his own life, so she is most likely scared of the possibility of gaining another power that might affect his life.

“Lily, about what you said before leaving to Rotsgard, you can still prepare it, right?” (Tomoki)

“… Tomoki-sama, that’s poisonous to the body. It is something involved with the Empire’s research team that does body modification to go against the demon race. I think that there’s no need for Tomoki-sama now that you have obtained such a splendid power.” (Lily)

“No. In the end, even my charm was useless with Tomoe. But… if it’s not enough, I just need to increase it. She is a dragon. Then if I get a dragon element in me like Mora and make it one with my power, I will be able to obtain a charm power that even she can’t go against! Also, if I obtain the aptitude for more powers, it will also affect my attack power. Any elements that will make me stronger, place them all in me!” (Tomoki)

“Tomoki-sama, you can’t! Even if you defeat the demon race, what would be the point if you don’t have life remaining by the time you will reign? Please take care of your life.” (Lily)

“… I will win. At the war and everything else. If it doesn’t end in my complete win, there’s no point. I don’t want to live by lying to myself anymore. I…will do whatever I wish and live without any regrets! I will crush Raidou and the demon race. I will make Tomoe mine. Like hell I will give up!! Lily, if you are not going to cooperate, I will do that method even if it’s without you. I will definitely reach it!!” (Tomoki)

The eyes of Tomoki were filled with a dangerous light.

“For you to be…this cornered…” (Lily)

Lily faces away and trembles as if overcome with emotion.

“Please. I know it is conceited of me after rejecting it once already, BUT please lend me your strength! I wish for power. This is the first time I have tried so hard. I don’t want to give up!!” (Tomoki)


“Lily!” (Tomoki)

“Under…stood. Please rest for today. I will do the preparations.” (Lily)

“Thanks! Thanks, Lily!” (Tomoki)

“If you feel anything out of order in your body, definitely tell me please. Okay?” (Lily)

“Got it. I will show you that I can definitely bring victory to the Empire!!” (Tomoki)

“I will be waiting for that day with my whole heart. Well then, please rest Tomoki-sama.” (Lily)

Receiving the words of Tomoki with her back, the princess that had an expression as if resolving herself to a heavy decision, turned around and lowered her head.

A while after she left his room, Lily returns to her own room with her grave expression still plastered on her face as she walks the corridor.

The state of the princess that showed it was not a trivial matter had spread through the castle, and it created several speculations.

And then, when she returned to her own room which she had security increased around, and threw herself to her canopy bed facing up.

Covering her eyes with her right arm, her mouth crooked into a smile.

“Kufufufu… ahahaha!! Just how gullible can he be?! Even if we win the war, Tomoki has already lost his peace and his time for enjoyment. Good job cutting his last remnant of hesitation. Raidou, thank you. If I just bring out your name, the Tomoki from now on will thoroughly desire power. You have done at least this much, ufufu.” (Lily)

The monologue of the laughing princess continued.

More power to Tomoki.

More pain to the demon race.

A big fire will fall upon this time of war.

As if charmed by Tomoki- no- charmed by war, the princess repeats her crazed laughter.

“… Really, an ideal hero. We were really destined to meet each other, Tomoki. It is not Raidou or Hibiki but you who will be the hero that grants my wish. That’s how it is… that’s how it is, right Goddess?” (Lily)

Just once, she whispered coldly with blank eyes as she gazes at the distance.

After that, she continued her loud laughter for a while, and in time, she had gone to sleep.

◇◆◇◆ Makoto’s Dream ◇◆◇◆

<Two Makotos will be showing up. But you are already acquainted with this anyways.>


A desert huh.

I certainly did go to a desert today.

Returning to Asora with Tomoe and Shiki, I received a report about the Empire’s hyuman body experimentation and its use in war, information about the Valkyries, and also about the research of guns.  

I did ask them to investigate the atmosphere of the city, but the two of them really did get quite the deep information there.

There was one point that was in my mind.

The guns.

Princess Lily who had heard about this concept from Tomoki was zeal in recreating them.

Just that she was unable to solve the problem of spontaneous discharges and its size. In the end, the result was that they were able to recreate a handgun and rifle that Tomoki knows of,  which requires a high amount of magic power. It couldn’t properly shoot a metallic bullet.

If we take it from a different perspective, a somewhat skillful magician would be able to utilize this weapon for self-protection.

The cost doesn’t match its performance and its usage in real scenarios is still low. Or more like, it just turned in a rare weapon.

Tomoe said that there’s practically nothing to expect from its combat performance in the future.

From the victims of the spontaneous discharges, she set her sight on gunpowder and has changed her plan into utilizing them as bombs and its utilization.

In this world they can use magic power to increase its power, but it is a tool that can be used even by normal soldiers and civilians. At the current state, it is actually taking form.

She is truly tenacious.

Explosives and hyumans.

I don’t think that’s a good combination.

If you ask me which one I think is more dangerous between guns and explosives, it’s something I can’t judge yet.

But well, this is just my impression from the report I received about the Empire.


Right now, I am looking at a desert.

It is not the white sand sea.

I was sleeping at Asora after all.

I see.

In other words, this is a dream huh.

This time it is a quarter-view huh. How complex.

“Even in this world, the moon of the desert is beautiful. What do you think?”

A voice.

Low and masculine.

It sounded like the voice of a man at the prime of his life.

“Hah… is that something you should say at this moment, Makoto?”


Does that mean, it is me?



When I follow the voice and look, there were two shadows at the desert’s night.

“Is it because it doesn’t compare to the one of the White Desert? It is sad to say but, I haven’t gone to the deserts of Earth. It is certainly true that someone like me shouldn’t be saying this huh.” (Manly Makoto(lol))

… A beard.

My wording of ‘boku’ has turned into ‘ore’, and I have a beard.

This… just who is this Raidou-san?

“Are you an idiot? This is a desert you created yourself. That’s why I am telling you what in the world you are saying.”

“No matter who has created it, a desert is a desert, right? Tomoki.” (Makotwo)


Ah, certainly.

It is Tomoki.

There’s plenty resemblance.


“You go talking about people being crazy, but you know, you are the one that is the craziest. Would you normally go changing a country into a desert? And with only one hit of a magic spell.” (Tomoki)

“Tomoki, didn’t you also use a spell that copies nuclear bombs? I think that’s also inhumane you know. It is plenty into the madness territory.” (Makotwo)

“Don’t put me in your same level. Mine has a demerit of shaving my own life, and I use it with the objective of instilling fear in my opponents. If they surrender with that one attack, it is possible to avoid needless deaths in the war.” (Tomoki)

“…That’s your way of putting it. That power of yours was unnecessarily accelerated by the madness of Lily. And that…has made it impossible to return everything to how it originally was.” (Makotwo)

Things about nukes and creating deserts, what a dangerous conversation.

It was like that at the last dream where senpai appeared, but these dreams are way too violent.

I…do I have a dangerous ideology?

Maybe I just haven’t noticed it yet. Am I tired?

“Can’t return? Hyumans had to destroy the demon race. Because Hibiki died an early death, the weight of it all came onto Gritonia. If you are wailing about the acceleration of the war, go blaming that incompetent Hibiki.” (Tomoki)

“Senpai huh. That person too, if you or I were to go help her, there was a chance she would have been saved. We could have avoided her dying helplessly against Io.” (Makotwo)

“Stop the ‘if’ talk. At that time, we had to increase the defense of our own country. This was Lily’s decision as well. Also, don’t go assuming things. If I hadn’t picked your dying self from the border of the world, you wouldn’t even be existing right now, you know?” (Tomoki)

“You really bring out quite the old talk. About that case, I am actually grateful you know. Travelling through that desert for more than one week, I who was prepared for death, was given shelter by you guys. Looking back, I might have been happier if I just died at that time though.” (Makotwo)

“Keh. And yet, you did quite the big thing. What’s with this? Is this how you repay your benefactors?!” (Tomoki)

“It’s not like I went against your orders, right? This was Lily’s will. That’s why I haven’t gone against you until now. That’s if you didn’t give me any orders that would bring me harm, that is.” (Makotwo)

“… ‘Obtain Lorel’, is what I told you though?” (Tomoki)

“That’s why, I accomplished such an order that makes one question the sanity of it, and obtained it, right? This is Lorel. Do whatever you want with it. The people, history, knowledge; everything into dust. No, I turned it into sand, but this is without doubt Lorel Union.” (Makotwo)

“What happened to the Valkyries that were with you?” (Tomoki)

“Sadly, they became sacrifices.” (Makotwo)

“So you killed them?” (Tomoki)

“What a bad accusation. They were just dragged into the plan and died, that’s all.” (Makotwo)


From their conversation just now, this desert is all Lorel Union?

And this is something I did with some sort of magic spell?

That me in the other dream clearly used Sakai in a different way than me. No, even if I say that the person there was me, it still feels incredibly weird.

“What about Yukinatsu who infiltrated first?” (Tomoki)

“Who knows. If she escaped, she should be somewhere; if she couldn’t escape, she died. In wars, people die. Enemies and allies alike.” (Makotwo)

“Even so, there’s no war where it is fine for allies to shoot the back of allies.” (Tomoki)

“Hoh… These are not the words I expected to hear from the man that killed all the emperor candidates and the parties that supported them, and turned into the next emperor.” (Makotwo)

“The emperor candidates and the ones following them were the minority though!” (Tomoki)

“You had already charmed almost all the other people after all. The people that remained were the loyal retainers that weren’t bewildered by it. That charm of yours won’t make what you did right.” (Makotwo)

“… The citizens, bureaucrats, and the army as well; they were wishing for my enthronement.” (Tomoki)

“That’s also the charm. I don’t know why you made me increase the power of that charm and why you depended on it.” (Makotwo)

“… What did you say?” (Tomoki)


What this me just said… I actually think the same way.

Why is this guy so stuck into charm?

This may be a dream, but the Tomoki that I met at the Empire was also dependant on it and seemed to be using it frequently.

“Instilling others to have a good opinion of you. That means you are dyeing others into your own colors.” (Makotwo)

“And what about it? What’s wrong with it? Using one’s own charm as weapon is not really something strange.” (Tomoki)

“This is not charm, you are charming them. To plant your own will into others. Putting it in another way, you are just mass producing people that follow your own image. Forcefully instilling deep affection into the minds of others, you make them your slaves. Someone narcissistic like you probably doesn’t pay it any mind, but from my point of view, this is not mutual understanding but masturbation.” (Makotwo)

“Y-You!!” (Tomoki)

“I won’t say that Hibiki-senpai’s charisma is any different from your charm. If I had to talk about personal relationships, the two are practically the same after all. But you grew too dependant of it. As a result, in the Empire there’s only you and your puppets. It became a country of zombies.” (Makotwo)

“Shut up…If I didn’t do that, people like you and Hibiki would be sprouting everywhere!!” (Tomoki)

“So you don’t need people that go against your will huh. I see. My olden question has been answered.” (Makotwo)

“… Talking all high-and-mighty. Then what about you? Lily, she was also one of my slaves. The first woman I turned into a slave. And you who were attached to her and turned a country into sand, what about you? Try saying something!” (Tomoki)

I-Is this a flow where I am in love with Princess Lily?

No, this me?

What a fantasy-filled development.

“Lily was not caught in your charm at all. Even in her dying breath.” (Makotwo)

“… What?” (Tomoki)

“She was only using your power. In the time of the Goddess’ silence, Lily had lost her mother. Unable to eliminate that sadness, unable to accept that reality, she had lived in the political world just like that. Those warped feelings must have made her view the existence of a hero as amusing. The Goddess that goes silent or saves hyumans at a whim, the Goddess that didn’t save her parents. A hero that was given so late. That’s you, Tomoki. Lily was wringing you, using you to slaughter the demon race, and then was trying to turn a mess of the Empire that let her parents die. No, in essence, it was fulfilled huh.” (Makotwo)

“Wring me out? Lily was? You… Makoto, what in the hell are you saying?” (Tomoki)

“If I had met Lily, if I had met her earlier than you, it might not have led her into such a road of madness and sadness. A stupid decision from indecisiveness that led to her death. I can’t lament it enough.” (Makotwo)

“So you go venting on me huh. In the end, you are just getting chained by the past, and completely ignoring the present and the future it will bring!! If you had such power, you would have been able to finish the war a lot more simply. Something like Lily, if you didn’t mind used goods, I wouldn’t have minded giving her to you if you just grovelled.” (Tomoki)

“… Can’t be helped. The moment I noticed my power was when I killed the Demon Lord after all.” (Makotwo)

“…Ah?” (Tomoki)


Killed the Demon Lord?!

I don’t think this way.

I don’t hold any affection for the princess, and I don’t have any intentions of killing the Demon Lord.

I am not thinking about any of these at all!!

Princess Lily is indeed an older and beautiful girl, and is slightly to my taste but!

“At that moment, I craved power for the first time. While you were pathetically lying down on the floor. The awakening that resulted from this, was neither a grateful thing nor a good timing at all. Because it was already all too late. Just like what you said, I am venting on you, and while at it, picking a fight on that trash Goddess. That’s the only thing I could think of.” (Makotwo)

“The Demon Lord…was killed by me with that spell…” (Tomoki)

“You only made the Demon Lord get serious. While you were comfortably sleeping, I killed them. The Demon Lord, and the demon race as well. And, I will be killing you now.” (Makotwo)

“What are you saying…” (Tomoki)

“If I do that, the Goddess will also come out. If she doesn’t, I will just have to create one or two more deserts. It is like increasing the size of the World’s Border. I wonder how long will that Goddess stay silent for. Looking forward to seeing that.” (Makotwo)

“This world finally finished its battle you know?! Isn’t it natural to create peace from now on?! You, did you go completely insane?!” (Tomoki)

“Having peace after a war, who decided that? Once war is over, another war will occur. Those kind of cases happen too.” (Makotwo)

“…Seriously, I shouldn’t have saved you at that time. Understood, I will be bringing you to hell here. Let me tell you, your spell won’t work on me. It will be one sided, but don’t complain.” (Tomoki)

“While it is night, right? Your immortality is also a power that the Goddess gave you. I don’t care. I will be killing you until morning. Go to the netherworld as the sun rises.” (Makotwo)

Hey hey hey, is it turning into a fight?

But how will this me be fighting? I have a slight interest in it.

Because he has an attack that can create a desert.

Also, I am interested in the sword he has in his hand.

I don’t have any knowledge in swords. But does this me have? If he does, just what kind of sword style will he swing with?

I want to see.

I want to overwatch this.

The previous dream had ended in the middle but this time…



My vision is fading.

The two fighting are growing distant.

A change of vision as if being lifted up.

The desert steadily shows a full picture. Ah…

“… Damn it, as expected, a dream. It is a dream I don’t see at the Empire or at Rotsgard though.” (Makoto)

I silently open my eyes in my sleeping face-up position.

“But I had turned into quite the stern-looking old man. He was even saying ‘ore’. As usual, Tomoe and the others were nowhere in sight.” (Makoto)

Also, I was in the wastelands for more than one week, was it?

If I were to totter that much, I certainly could die.

That time I was thrown into the borders, depending on where I stepped into, I might have ended up that way as well.

My back feels chilly just thinking about it.

“Since making archery a habit in Asora, this happened. I know that this is not a precognitive dream, but it leaves a bad aftertaste.” (Makoto)

I can’t go back to sleep, so while thinking that using the bow might not be a bad idea, I was somehow able to get up but couldn’t get in the mood.

I forcefully wrap myself in my blanket and closed my eyes to the dream funnel.

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