Chapter 152: Participation of the devil ①

“This is not the time to be saying: ‘Tiring’, right?”

Mio placed her right hand to the front.

Without putting much power in it, she pictured a releasing image and fires it, not from her hand, but from her sleeve.

With her as the center, an invisible magic power expands at high speed.

If someone were able to see it, they would all say that it looked like several spider webs piled one over the other.

After Mio obtained her humanoid body, she learned this spell to cover for her weak point which was her perception ability.

“I am counting on you, Mio” (Tomoe)

“Yeah, look forward to it. Here I go-desu wa” (Mio)


The place where there was a small hyuman country in the past.

Right now, the people that obey Misumi Makoto, no, the representative of Kuzunoha Company, Raidou, were standing at this land.

Tomoe and Mio were at the lead, and the mamonos were lined up.

The Highland Orcs and Mist Lizards that lived in the wasteland.

With a total number that doesn’t even reach the hundreds, they were all completely armed, and when the moonlight shines sometimes, their equipment reflects the light.

As if acting in concert to Mio’s words, they raised their voices with an: “Oooh!!”

“Web radar and joint link huh. Truly a convenient spell-ja. I can grasp the surroundings as if I were touching it” (Tomoe)

Tomoe’s words sounded satisfied.

It was at the moment Mio linked the perception area with the others.

Its range is around 20 km.

Thinking about the area of this time’s plan, this range was plenty enough.

In essence, her perception area is actually wider, but it seems she judged that it was pointless to link all that area.

She linked all the area with Tomoe, but she limited the area the Orcs and Mist Lizards received to the space of the strategy.

Tomoe said it was like a radar, and it is quite the accurate depiction.

Right now in the units that have come here from Asora, every one of them has a radar manifesting inside their heads.

They still haven’t made contact, and yet, they completely knew how many enemies there were in the location, and just how their forces were distributed.

“Well then, this is a night raid. I wonder how much they will struggle” (Mio)

“This time, a declaration of war is unnecessary. Because it has ‘already been done’ after all. In this occasion, Waka’s intentions will be achieved” (Tomoe)

“Yeah, I can’t hold back any longer. I will be heading out, excuse me” (Mio)

“Ah, Mio?! Can’t be helped huh. I totally feel the same way after all. You guys, I don’t know if I will be able to hold back tonight. Mio will be in charge of the Fortress’ inner part. In that case, I will go secure the gate of Asora. Don’t get close to us for a while” (Tomoe)

When Mio did one step forward, her figure disappears.

Tomoe confirms the place she is heading to and makes a smile. Then, she turns towards the units.

To the words and expression filled with fighting spirit that can’t normally be seen in Tomoe, the Orcs and Lizards silently nod.

While showing an unconcealable fire in their eyes.

“Everyone must be feeling the same. Highland Orcs and Mist Lizards, rampage to your heart’s content. It is okay to not pursue the ones escaping. You understand, right? In context, this a war between Kaleneon and the demon race-ja” (Tomoe)

Cutting her words, Tomoe inhales.

Thrusting her unsheathed katana to the sky, she gathers everyone’s will.

“A war dedicated to Waka-ja! Everyone that opposes! Completely! Trample them down!!” (Tomoe)

As soon as she finishes her speech, Tomoe kicks the ground, and in the moment she reaches mid-air, she was enveloped by mist and disappeared.

Immediately following that, a war cry resonated in the whole region.

With excess vigor, a blaze of many colors shine in the sky.

This is the deed of the Mist Lizards.

This was the beginning of the war, no, of the genocide.

With a force that can’t be called a big army at all, they shouted a thunderous roar that made the ground tremble as they march.

Their aim is a part of a town that has been repaired and utilized as a fortress. The stronghold that pertains Kaleneon.

From what Tomoe investigated, there are around two thousand demons stationed in that place.

They are not tempered enough to be in the frontlines, but as an army, they are a force in a level plenty enough to stand in battle.

They were distracted by Mio who had already begun rampaging, but when they noticed the group of mixed mamonos, with a reaction slightly slower than usual, they began preparing.

At nigh time the gate was already closed, and they apply a defensive enhance to it. Immediately after, the archer and magician units position themselves at the outer walls and grasp the position of the enemy.

They commence their attack on them.

Their moves were not bad.

If taking into consideration that Mio is rampaging within, it can be considered a reaction speed worthy of praise.


Their enemy was too much.

What they are currently facing are crazy fellows that have been living in the world’s border as if it were only natural, moreover, they have been trained by a Supreme Dragon, the Black Calamity Spider, and also demi-humans. Of course, the defense unit has no way of knowing this.

They in itself are formidable enemies, and yet, right now their morale is at their climax.

It isn’t something they can deal with.

Actually, if they were to teleport with the help of Tomoe or Mio, they would have been able to fight from the inside as well.

But the Orcs and Lizards wished to fight right from the front.

Everything was for the sake of showing their power to this distant land, about the power of their Lord.

For them, Kaleneon is an offering.

The arrows and spells that were fired towards them were all thwarted.

Not even a rock could reach.

–Something is wrong.

By the time the defense unit noticed the strangeness of the situation, it was already too late.

The attackers moved.



A large-builded Orc roars with a giant mace in hand.

Being ordered by the delicate-looking magician female orc, the Giant Orc kicks the ground.

That body radiated a red luminescence, and as if being pushed forward, he soared the sky.

The one who valiantly ordered this, was Ema.

She was currently showing the face of a warrior, something that no one would be able to imagine from the girl that normally does deskwork.

Applying a specially dense enhancing magic to the warrior that plunged in, she again blocks the attacks from the outer walls.

“How is the fortification of the defensive wall?!”

“Sufficient! After placing another layer, we will soon be able to shift to defense”

“Good. First we will begin by crushing those Orcs!”

The charge of an Orc that was in the units.

Understanding the reason why he was trying to plunge onto the gate, the demons immediately react.

“Ooooh!! Like hell they will stop me!!”

Drawing a parabola, the Highland Orc suddenly draws closer to the gate.

Holding the mace that looks giant even when in the hands of the big-builded orc, he brandishes it.

Without showing any signs of breaking his stance, he smashes that one attack onto the gates.

A specially loud sound, as if a lightning fell, resounded in the Fortress at night.

In the smoke that ascends, a big shadow rises.

Smoke was rising from the Orc’s body as well.

The solid gate protecting the fortress was already turned into a miserable wreckage.

They most likely thought that it would be best to attack the Orc while his vision was still not clear. Several shadows commence their attack.

It seems several lights from inside the fortress served as illumination.

The result was a tragedy.

The mace was quickly swung horizontally.

All the shadows were thrown to the opposite direction with good momentum.

“Don’t underestimate the pigs of the wasteland. Don’t lower your guard, do your best. There are plenty behind me that are a lot stronger than me! If you guys are weak, we can’t show our best you know!”

“On my lead!!”

“Don’t let them have their way! To let this no-names do any further than this–!!”

“They are just Orcs and Lizardmen. On top of that, there’s not even a hundred of them!!”

The troops of Asora flood into the fortress.

It doesn’t even reach the hundreds.

That’s exactly right.

Normally, Orcs and Lizardmen are not that much of a high standing among the demon race army.

That’s exactly right.

In the lands that are under the rule of the demon race, no one would imagine that strong troops originating from the wasteland would be attacking them.


Their utmost resistance was being trampled down.

The morale that the people of Asora emit hasn’t shown any signs of weakening.

The two thousand soldiers protecting the fortress were being challenged by an enemy of less than a hundred, moreover, they are dispersed.

Because of Mio’s favour, the Lizardmen that are able to accurately grasp the enemy’s’ position and situation, divided in groups of 3, which is the smallest configuration they have, and were tearing down their foes.

It was nothing other than reckless.

If Makoto were to give an impression of this fight, it would be that this is a battle that disregards strategy.

It’s a difference in number of troops that normally wouldn’t even be able to break down the gate.

But even so…

The fortress’ gate was opened, and the warrior that opened it, taunted the two thousand that were there.

All the troops of Asora understood the situation of the battle.

They knew that Mio had already arrived at a place that has a big reaction, and Tomoe is heading to her target location at an incredible speed.

Every single one of them led the way and placed strength in their fists.

For the demon race, this nightmare-like fight had just begun.


“Ara, I am sorry for Tomoe-san but, it seems I drew a winner-desu wa” (Mio)

“… If I asked who are you, woman, would you answer?”

“Of course. My name is Mio. And you?” (Mio)

“… I am one of the soldiers under the rule of Demon Lord-sama. Is there any need to know more?”

“If I don’t know your name, I won’t be able to report who I did what to. It would be troublesome” (Mio)

Mio pleasantly laughs while responding the man.

In the inside of the fortress, at a space where it was most likely used as a big meeting room.

At this place, she met what the bunch at this place would call: ‘the strongest amongst them’.

His upper half is close to that of a hyuman, but his lower half is that of a serpent.

He had presence, and power can he sensed from him as well.

Wanting to defeat the biggest game to report to her master Makoto, in Mio’s eyes he was the most suitable game.

“This one’s name is Reft. A variant dragon, Mildi Dragon Reft”

“Ara, a mutation of the dragon race. How rare. I thought you were a snake” (Mio)

“You said your name was Mio, right? Without even a declaration of war, just what in the world are you bastards? A force that commands Orcs and Lizards. I can’t think of it as a hyuman army”

“Ufufufu” (Mio)

Mio was truly in a good mood.

So happy, so happy, so ever happy.

Even when she understands that she is in the battlefield, she can’t stop her face from smiling widely.

“So you don’t even intend to answer huh. Sorry but, that I was here was unlucky of you guys. I will have to crush you—”

“No, I will offer you the answer-desu wa” (Mio)


“We have already finished declaring war. No, you guys were the ones who declared war upon us, you know?” (Mio)

“… What?”

“We are Kaleneon. The ones that should leave this country are you demon race-desu wa” (Mio)

“Kale-neon, you say? The hyuman country that was here before? Are you saying you guys are an army from a ruined country?”

“No. Kaleneon has not fallen. It has always been here” (Mio)

“… Are you crazy?”

Reft made a dubious face at Mio’s entranced way of talking.

From his point of view it was natural, since Mio was acting as if she were under the effects of a drug.

“Fufufu. ‘That’ will become the truth, from now on. By our hands” (Mio)

Mio continued without changing her behavior and way of speaking.

Even if it wasn’t Reft, anyone would have felt madness from it.

“All the land until Stella Fort, is land under our control. This Kaleneon is also one of the lands the demon race possesses! I am not free enough to accompany you in your nonsense!”

“… That’s why it is convenient-desu yo. Hyumans won’t believe much of what you guys say after all. Even if one obscure country wasn’t destroyed… no one would be able to deny it. If the country in itself was truly there, that is” (Mio)


“–Is what she said. Honestly, I don’t understand well myself. I actually don’t care about those kind of matters. I will deal with you, and offer this land to Waka-sama. That is the only most important thing. No matter if this place was Kaleneon, or a place that continued being Kaleneon; I don’t care whichever one it is-desu wa” (Mio)

“You… you guys, just what are you…”

‘Let’s begin’, is what Mio says as she holds her folding fan and points it at Reft.

“It seems like I can’t simply kill you. Because I still have things I have to ask you”

Reft turns his giant spear at Mio.

His half-hyuman, half-snake body twists.

“If you are able to win against me, do as you wish. Ufufu, the gate has been broken huh. It seems like they are also doing their best to offer victory to Waka-sama. Of course, today, in this very day, there’s not a single one in our forces that are unable to do that though” (Mio)

“This pressure is… not something a simple lunatic group is able to exude. To think that I would have to do this kind of battle before meeting the hero”

The variant dragon, Reft.

One of the demon generals that was at this fortress by chance.

An upper echelon of the demon race.

While receiving the blood thirst with her body, Mio narrowed her eyes and laughed.


“I see”

Outskirts of the imperial capital.

The woman that had obtained several amounts of data, crumpled that paper into a ball and threw it onto the table.

Blue skin and no horn.

Wearing a tight suit, she has an exaggerated coat on her shoulders.

One of the demon generals, Rona.

Even if she is in the outskirts, she is still inside the imperial capital.

The exaggerated coat is something that is only provided to demons in the upper echelons.

To wear that in the capital of hyumans is pretty dangerous.

Even so, Rona paid it no mind, and with no impatience, she stayed sitting in the room.

“Good work. I have no right to say this but you know, Rona, you are pretty daring”

“Sofia. I don’t mind you rampaging as you wish you know? With your power, you should be able to stir trouble even without encountering the hero after all. Also, you easily slaughtered the so called treasured corps of the Empire, right? Keep going that way” (Rona)

Rona glances at Sofia and the boy that entered the room along with her, and then turns her eyes towards her documents again.

“They showed no resistance. I came to hear Rona’s: ‘I see’. I was interested in the reason for this weird dispersed attack which I don’t know if you even have the intention to attack or not” (Sofia)

“Isn’t there plenty enough casualties appearing from the Empire’s army? We have sufficient intent to attack. Don’t worry about it. Also, Sofia, and Lancer as well. Isn’t it bad to show yourselves in the imperial capital? The unit here is being pushed back, so I would be grateful if you provided backing though” (Rona)

“At the beginning that’s how we did it. Using a unit that seemed to be close to wipe out as bait, we get them in a pincer attack and crush them. I thought this was that kind of strategy. But that’s not it, right? Rona has thrown away quite the amount of units before. We are not subordinates but collaborators, so I would like you to share information you know~” (Sofia)

“… Fuh~ The strategy huh. Well, for the time being, you two are under my care. If you are collaborators, cooperate in making the strategy proceed smoothly” (Rona)

“So she says, Mitsurugi” (Sofia)

“Words that chip away my motivation. To hear those kind of words from the person in charge itself makes it even more so” (Lancer)

The faces of Sofia and Lancer were showing clear dissatisfaction as they look at Rona.

The female gestures and that playful behavior Rona used when she was confronting Makoto, were nowhere to be found.

With cold eyes and a strict expression, she organized the information that came up and was looking at the situation of the war, but she temporarily stopped reading the documents.

Maintaining her face as a commander, she looks at the two collaborators.

“The Empire’s hero has a two-sided nature. At times he will become aggressive, and at others he will show caution. And those two sides are switching no matter what type of plan we use. I thought that it would be best to understand the reason of this, since I felt that this would prove beneficial later on. So I have been concentrating the investigation mainly on this point. Other than that, I wanted to know the strength of the cherished force the Empire was raising. In that point, you two easily brought them out and, even if it was only one corp, you wiped them out. You were a great help. Thanks to you both, I think I will be able to make some countermeasures. How is that, is this enough? Let me tell you this, you owe me one with this, okay?” (Rona)

“I see~. Open as many drawers from the Empire as possible, is what you are trying to say. Hmph, well well. That corp wasn’t a big deal anyways. Even if it wasn’t me, things would have managed somehow. They were unbalanced and left a lot of openings after all” (Sofia)

“I was worried that the adventurer system would interfere, but there were no problems. Now that I fish out and see, this is indeed one of the special traits of a hero. It may have been troublesome if this were to reach the ears of the Kingdom, but fortunately, they hold no proof. At that side Io is going at it seriously, so they are done for anyways” (Rona)

“It seems that girl’s party has broken free of the level restrain. It was eerie to see high leveled soldiers being mass produced, but even if their levels are high~” (Sofia)

“Rona, if you say we owe you, you should talk about that two-sided nature of the hero you speak of, right? Don’t worry, I have a proper collateral prepared already” (Lancer)

“… How unpleasant” (Rona)

Rona looks at the boy with heartfelt unpleasantness.

Both of them don’t even differentiate the things that can and can’t be said.

It’s not that they pursue without knowing. They pursue while knowing.

An extraordinarily bad personality there.

It is also because Rona doesn’t trust them at all.

Even if she has to admit their skills, she can’t trust her back to them.

As long as she can’t be sure that their interests match, she didn’t want to make them participate in important strategies, is how she truly felt.

That’s why, instead of having them participate in the Limia capital plan, she had both of them act at the Empire where Rona herself can keep a check in their actions.

“The Empire’s hero, Iwahashi Tomoki, is a hero that is equipped with anti-army equipment. Maneuverability of a flying dragon, defensive power of a royal guard, a golem-user alchemist; the type that uses diversions and boosts in several aspects to avoid the opponent from drawing closer. It may look like force-pushing, but he actually thinks relatively well” (Rona)

“I don’t care about such a regular assessment though” (Lancer)

“… Got it. What we understood from this time’s strategy was the peculiarity of this switch of his. He is probably changing his fighting style depending if it’s day or night, in a more specific way, the lunar phase. Probably the time of the moon. Just in the nights, he gains some sort of strong healing power, is what I think” (Rona)

“A healing power that only activates at night?” (Lancer)

“Yeah, I have heard of no such thing though. I don’t think there’s a mistake there. That’s why, if we are going to corner him, it would be best if it were at noon. I think it would be best to continue the strategy by avoiding the nights or letting them pass” (Rona)

“… In other words, he is stronger at night, right?” (Sofia)

“That’s the conclusion, yeah. It is clear that he is using high powered skills and making bolder moves mostly at night. Lancer, what is the collateral?” (Rona)

“Oh, right. Princess Lily is returning. Accurately speaking, she has already begun giving orders from several towns away of the town of Robin she was in” (Lancer)

“?!! Are you speaking the truth?!” (Rona)

“Of course. This is certain” (Lancer)

“… Tch, so she is already moving. It depends on what happened to Rotsgard though. If that woman has returned, it is unnecessary to stay here for long. We have already achieved our objective anyways. After this, it would be enough to just go from the back huh. A step faster towards Stella” (Rona)

Nervousness appeared in Rona’s face.

It was information that changed the situation of the war greatly.

It was definitely information that she couldn’t speak of even if negotiated.

‘As I thought, I can’t trust these two’, is what Rona reaffirmed.

Just like what the saying says ‘Can’t see the forest for the trees’, Rona was giving orders inside the capital itself.

She swiftly burned the documents and headed to the entrance of the room.

“… What are both of you doing? We are returning” (Rona)

“Fufu, I have received good information. With this, the return is just not enough right, Mitsurugi?” (Sofia)

“Sofia, people like you are just…” (Lancer)

Rona tilts her head at both Sofia and Lancer who she thought would be accompanying her, but were not showing signs of moving.

“Rona, I will give you a bit of service. You should cross the river and go to the safe sphere. I will… go play with the hero for a bit” (Sofia)

“?! Lady, were you listening to what I said?! At nights we don’t know his strength accurately, you know?! Even if we seal his powers with the ring, he is currently only using weapons that are suited for him, so it doesn’t have much effect. In the past we would have been able to crush him with just this much, but in the current state…” (Rona)

“I will leave the thought transmission open, so shut up. If you go as far as saying all this, I won’t be able to stop anymore. I wonder if every person that has connections with the Goddess ends up like ‘that person’. I am looking forward to it” (Sofia)

Sofia was emitting a blood thirst from her whole body which she wasn’t even trying to hide.

In the latter half, she muttered as if talking to herself and felt like it wasn’t for anyone to hear.

Just who is ‘that person’?

There’s only one other person that knows this.

After Lancer makes a small sigh, he disappears along with Sofia.

“Hey, wait— Just how difficult they are to deal with! But if Princess Lily is returning, staying here would be dangerous. No choice but to return huh. If she were to just die off, the variables would decrease” (Rona)

Without chasing after the two, Rona leaves the building.

She is not disguising herself. She was in her natural demon form.

She must have judged that it was unnecessary to do so.

Without turning back, she blows up the building that was there and activates the previously set-up teleportal, escaping to the outsides of the capital.

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