Chapter 147: Last night’s fireworks

The Academy had turned into a slight commotion.

The reason is of course, the sudden appearance of an icy work of art.

Tomoe said she was going to look at Root’s state, so I had Mio and Shiki go as well and had them buy some time.

If we carefreely reunite in the midst of the commotion, I think that’s good enough.

To ask the reason of why Akua and Eris used the spell, I infiltrated into the Student Dormitory.

I can tell that the students are panicking.

But well, it is a spell that doesn’t harm anyone inside.

Even when meeting them it would be bothersome, but I used thought transmission to contact Eris, confirmed their current location, and went to meet them as soon as I knew.

“And, why did you go to such lengths to use this spell to isolate the place?’ (Makoto)

“Waka, that’s cheating…” (Eris)

Even though I first went through the trouble of congratulating them for their hard work, there’s one girl that seems to be done for. Eris had her knees curled up sitting down and rubbing the roof with her index finger.

She didn’t show any signs of answering my question and was looking at me bitterly.

“W-Waka-sama, I have thought about this before but, how in the world did you enter here?” (Akua)

With a deeply exhausted expression, Akua showed even more mental fatigue and surprise.

In contrast to Eris, Akua had a beautiful upright posture as if a ruler was placed at her back.

After going through the camp training, her personality had turned quite diligent, and it may be hard for her to make follow-ups for Eris.

Maybe I should have one more person accompanying them to make it a group of three.

If that person has to group up with these two, it might be pretty hard to select the appropriate person.

The standplay of this combi is pretty intense, so even when they are among Forest Onis, these two stand out.

How troubling.

“The way I entered? In that case, Eris probably already noticed. There’s still some time till she recovers, so can I ask something Akua?” (Makoto)

“Y-Yes, what is it?” (Akua)

“If you used this in the Student Dormitory, why are you both inside?” (Makoto)

“Uh” (Akua)

With a pained expression, Akua moans and stays silent.

It wasn’t purposely, but an accident then?

With Eris here, that’s actually possible.

“Eris huh” (Makoto)

“N-No! I didn’t think about what would happen and…” (Akua)

“So you plunged into the craziness of Eris” (Makoto)

“Aw… yes. Something like that” (Akua)

“Fortunately, aside from the fact that you can’t leave, there’s no other problems. Well, good work. And so, is there anything you need to report?” (Makoto)

That’s right. There’s not much harm from inside.

But this spell is a defensive barrier, and yet, it has a dangerous sounding name like Kokytus.

If I remember correctly, it is the name of the ice hell.

I don’t know if Eris knew about it when naming it, but for a simple babysitting barrier, it is way too unfit.

It is easy to understand the reason for the name when you try to carelessly get close from outside.

Well, the Academy is leading in the research of magic, so there shouldn’t be an idiot who would do something like that but… you would get frozen.

No, I wonder if that can be considered ‘frozen’.

It is more like, a sherbet maybe?

A highland orc that got close to it instantly had half of his arm frozen white.

In an instantaneous response, he severed his own arm with the other, so he got away with only that, but the fallen arm dispersed like diamond dust and crumbled.

A frightening spell.

“No, there’s nothing really worth reporting” (Akua)

“Yeah, there is” (Eris)


Eris suddenly joined the conversation.

So she recovered already huh.

“Eris…” (Akua)

“Fuh, they say that failure is the mother of success. Next time I will try even harder” (Eris)

“Right. So, Eris, you said you had something to report” (Makoto)

If I retort to everything, the conversation won’t progress, so, when I am hurry, I decide to not retort.

With a slightly discontent expression, Eris nods.

“The ones that might be the ringleaders are probably gathering at a luxurious house” (Eris)

“… Heh~” (Makoto)

“The movements of the variants become organized at times, so it picked my curiosity and I laid out a net” (Eris)

“… Eris, I haven’t heard about any of this though?” (Akua)

“Akua was doing my part of the work while I was doing that. Thanks” (Eris)

“Ugu” (Akua)

“Continue” (Makoto)

“Yes. They are probably using some sort of tool that – even when imperfect – it controls the variants. Something like that.” (Eris)

“Control…” (Makoto)

“Looks like the variants are gathering. The rich are in trouble” (Eris)

Eris says: “Over there” and points at the place where a lot of wealthy live at.

It is the section that the Academy is putting most of its forces in.

Tomoe for some reason didn’t put much of our forces at that place.

I think that it would be faster to gather support by having the people living there like us, but I wonder.

It would be better to hear it in detail from the person herself huh.

Commanding the variants is new information.

I should confirm that as well.

But Eris’ information gathering is quite high.

On top of that, I feel like she is getting even better at it.

“Thanks Eris. That helped a lot” (Makoto)

“Those words are wasted on me. This spell as well, it isn’t even a pain to use it as an emergency measure in order to protect Waka’s precious students from falling in the hands of the Academy Principal. And that’s how it is. I want you to please forgive Akua’s spontaneous discharge of the barrier” (Eris)

… As soon as I say thanks, she comes out with this.

Eris is truly a mystery.

“It’s not like I am angry about it. If you want to, I can even bring you out of here. I will lead the way” (Makoto)

“R-Right now it’s fine. I am worried about the students, so I think I will stay here until it melts” (Eris)

Because outside there’s Mondo huh.

But if they go outside, Tomoe will probably be giving out rewards for the Forest Onis, so there is also a good part.

… Well, okay.

I am also slightly tired, so if Eris says she wants to stay here, I will just let her.

“I see. Then that’s fine. Well, I will be returning outside” (Makoto)

“Thanks for your hard work, Waka. If possible, please give my regards to Shishou” (Eris)

“I refuse” (Makoto)

“S-So cruel” (Eris)

I leave Akua and Eris, and leave the barrier.

Reunite with Tomoe and the others, meet with the Academy Principal, and after that… what should I do?

“Raidou-dono, are you returning now?”


In a place slightly far from the barrier, I was called from the courtyard of a shelter.

Oh, an unexpected person.

[Sairitz-sama. This may be my imagination, but you look a bit tired. Are you okay?]

“… How embarrassing. Even though you should be several times more tired than me” (Sairitz)

[The Academy Principal and us are doing our best to resolve the issue. Please endure for a bit longer]

“Of course. So shameful. For me to be so tense just because communication has been severed” (Sairitz)

[I think that’s a natural mood]

I am dealing with this without problems, I think.

And yet, the eyes of Sairitz-san suddenly turn sharp.

Eyes that feel as if they could see through. An unpleasant sensation.

“Raidou-dono, no, Raidou-sama, I understand that this incident is being led to resolution by another power that is not the Academy. There’s someone pulling its hand from the shadows. Even I can tell something like that, and most likely, Princess Lily has noticed this as well. The Limia King also doesn’t have eyes for decoration. The exceptions are the eyes of Aion. And it seems Rembrandt Company has already given up on taking you in” (Sairitz)

As expected, the high-ups can see that we are moving from the shadows huh.

Should I ask her to please not interfere?

But if I handle this poorly, I feel like it will increase the problems.

“The power of Kuzunoha Company – even if it’s only a part of it – I have understood it. Even if Raidou-sama is a Wise-sama, I can’t imagine how you were able to gather so many strong people and created an organization. Could it be that you have awakened what you personages sometimes possess, the superhuman mental processing, or it could be that you have that rare business ability and charisma?” (Sairitz)

[You are overestimating me. I am not a Wise-sama, and I have no other way but to call this as a position I have been blessed to be born in]

“… Right now, you are clearly not intending to use it. After this, by the suggestion of the Guild Master Falz-dono, a meeting will be made to discuss several things about the Kuzunoha Company, but Lorel Union is thinking about positively accepting Raidou-sama, Kuzunoha Company” (Sairitz)

[Thank you very much]

Oh, what a welcoming proposal.

It would be great if that was all she had to say, but her eyes are still scary, so I can tell that it isn’t over yet.

“Raidou-sama, please listen to this and consider it the will of Limia, Gritonia and Lorel” (Sairitz)

Sairitz-san draws one step closer, and mentions the names of the major powers.

I-It sounds like a threat.

“The role that the Kuzunoha Company is shouldering to resolve this incident is incredibly big. And I do think that it is not proper to ask this of you considering that” (Sairitz)

[Please continue]

“I want to ask you to fix the thought transmission urgently. If you are able to do it, I will reward you. Of course, I won’t bring out the name of Kuzunoha Company regarding this matter” (Sairitz)

The restoration of the thought transmission huh.

I see.

If I tried to, I would be able to, but it would be bad if I don’t confirm with Tomoe. Cause it might disrupt her plans.

‘If I am able to, I will try to’, should be the safe option.

[I can’t promise, but I will do my best to recover it]

“I see. It’s fine, thanks Raidou-sama. I will let them know of what you have said. I am sorry to have kept you for so long” (Sairitz)

Sairitz-san lowers her head deeply.

Following lead, I also lower my head.

She returned to the place where her escorts were waiting at the far distance.

So she kept the place secluded when meeting me.

Fumu, if I restore the thought transmission, we would be able to know the location of the reinforcements of every country.

That would be convenient, and if the communication is restored, the people taking shelter will suffer less stress.

I want to do it, but let’s try talking with Tomoe about this.

A conversation that was tiring in a different meaning compared to when talking with Eris.

Eat, do archery, get tired, drop down, sleep, and repeat; that is my ideal, but in this world, it just doesn’t work that way.

With loans, debts, and all the troublesome haggling that is probably happening here and there, it just makes my head hurt.


I am truly glad that I have Tomoe and Shiki.


<Warning: Conversation ahead is slightly difficult to follow because of fragmented information>

“That’s an outrageous barrier. Those demi-human girls did this huh. I honestly don’t want to fight you guys”

“Well well, to surprise even Myriad Color-dono, how truly pleasant-ja na. Fufufu” (Tomoe)

“This is my first time seeing such a firm and aggressive barrier. If it’s through force, one day. If I am to analyze it, I want at least 3 days. Seriously, when I am close to him, I don’t get bored” (Root)

“What, you intend to break it?” (Tomoe)

“By no means. I am just interested. But if it doesn’t last for several days, I won’t be able to analyze it. And if I want to destroy it, I would have to return to my original form. If I transform into a dragon over something as petty as this and rampage, I would only be stacking up more panic on top of the variant uproar. And most importantly, Makoto-kun’s impression of me would lower. I won’t do it. Don’t want to interfere with Makoto-kun” (Root)

“… Fuh, we don’t mind holding the title of Dragon Slayer though. In terms of not being able to do anything, your side is more into that-ja shi” (Tomoe)

“Please pardon me from that. And? Is it over by tomorrow?” (Root)

Tomoe and Root were talking.

Maybe there’s no worries of anyone hearing, they are not using aliases, and they show no signs of hiding their plans.

“That’s how it is estimated-ja. A bit after the reinforcements arrive, we can just do the troublesome clean up and that’s it-ja” (Tomoe)

“Troublesome huh. And Makoto-kun?” (Root)

“If the current Waka learns of this, he might turn into a bad direction. What should I do… It may be safer. I decided to clean up without telling him” (Tomoe)

“I see” (Root)

“It’s something troublesome-ja yo. If the ones stealthily doing things weren’t the demon race, it would be easier. Demon General Rona huh. She probably wanted some results no matter how it rolled. Waka has to be a bit more experienced, or those kind of people will only serve as poison for him” (Tomoe)

“If I remember correctly, Makoto-kun told her to withdraw her troops right?” (Root)

“Umu. I didn’t enquire in detail if he said demon race or troops, but he did say it. She probably didn’t listen to exactly what Waka asked, so there’s not much point even if I ask in detail. Rona won’t abide to it that much” (Tomoe)

“In that sense, Makoto-kun is similar to Mio. Can be called good-natured, or careless” (Root)

Root thinks of Makoto as if having fun.

He isn’t using complicated words with deep meaning.

Makoto is the type that once someone listens to his request, he will honestly consider them as allies.

It is a type of person that is easy to treat, but also dangerous.

Because they easily hurry.

Just that, even when Root understands all this, he still considers Makoto as interesting.

He sees him as an existence that can “stir up” more than he has seen before.

“Earnestly training his body, shooting the bow; he is a person that lived his life with those activities as his core after all. He is thickheaded to the evil of the wide society-ja” (Tomoe)

“That’s why you are leaving the wealthy and the people that might be bad influence for Makoto-kun, for later?” (Root)

“No. That’s simply because of my inclination. If the people there reduce in numbers, the reconstruction will be slightly smoother, right? Also, if you are displeased to the point that you want to take advantage of the situation and rampage, it would be better to let out your feelings, or it will haunt you later” (Tomoe)

“And so, I should ignore the action of those demi-humans?” (Root)

“There’s a collaborator in the demon race aside from the blue-skinned. It’s just that I thought it would be a bit too fast to show Waka. Mio will deal with it tonight” (Tomoe)

“Oh, scary. So you won’t vindicate her or shelter her?” (Root)

“She is someone that hates hyumans unnecessarily much. I don’t think she would be of much use. It’s not like I am a protector of demi-humans or anything like that. Waka as well” (Tomoe)

Tomoe indifferently talks about circumstances Makoto doesn’t know about.

The strange movements of the variants that the Forest Oni Eris noticed, Tomoe also noticed it.

She also knows of the one that is controlling them.

And she marked that person as someone that is in collaboration with the demon race.

Just as Root said ‘her’, they also know the gender of that person.

If they investigated, they would be able to learn more details, or maybe, they already know all the details.

But for that person to move there, it seems Tomoe and Root didn’t expect that.

Thinking about the current Makoto’s way of thinking and position, Tomoe decided to finish it without telling her master.

Tomoe was secretly grateful that Makoto left the management of this turmoil to her.

“Also… wait for a bit” (Root)

Tomoe was going to ask Root: “What’s up?”, but she shut her mouth herself.

Thought transmission.

Root probably noticed. Without interfering, he silently observes Tomoe’s expression.

Her face frowns for an instant.

The content was probably not good. Root’s interest was piqued.

But after that, she returned to her normal face and continued the thought transmission. After several minutes, she silently exhales.

Looks like her thought transmission finished.

“From who?” (Root)

“Waka-ja” (Tomoe)

“Makoto-kun! Heh~ what did he say? Did something happen inside the barrier?” (Root)

“You really don’t show self-restraint. It wasn’t anything big. It’s just that, Waka was about to catch tail about that demi-human-ja” (Tomoe)

“Hmph~, so he also noticed” (Root)

“No. It seems Eris said something. Seriously, that girl really does unnecessary things-ja na” (Tomoe)

“I am slightly interested though. In the one who produced that demi-human” (Root)

“Also, he asked me if it was okay to restore the thought transmission” (Tomoe)

“He asked? He is the master, so it should be fine if he just restores thought transmission if he wants to. Maybe he is showing restrain since he left you in charge?” (Root)

“Might be. There’s already no problems with that, so I told him I don’t mind” (Tomoe)

“Eh?” (Root)

Root makes a strained expression and blurts out a question at the nonchalant words of Tomoe.

“What? Do you have any problems with the restoration of the thought transmission? You will probably be able to see beautiful fireworks in person. Waka’s handmade-ja” (Tomoe)

“Ah, no… I see, right now huh” (Root)

“You had me talk the whole time. Root, you are hiding something right?” (Tomoe)

“It’s not so big enough to call it hiding. It’s just that you didn’t ask. Fumu…” (Root)

“Aren’t you troubled? But you also made a strained expression. And right now you look like you are having fun-ja. Root, what are you hiding?” (Tomoe)

“You will probably notice as soon as the thought transmission is restored. Even so, Tomoe” (Root)

“Hm?” (Tomoe)

“Fate probably does exist. How truly mysterious” (Root)

With a meek countenance, Root mutters.

Nodding several times, he consented while maintaining his silence.

Tomoe, who is next to Root, sighs at him who has entered his own world.

And then, she turns her eyes at the place where Makoto is currently at.

She slowly turns her gaze upwards and waits for the moment.

“Root, it’s Waka-ja” (Tomoe)

“Hm?” (Root)

With Tomoe’s words and her finger pointing at the sky, Root looks up and sees a subdued yellow ball of light, that resembles the moon, being shot up.

That light stops for a while in the sky as if illuminating the town.

And then, it exploded.

Turning into absurd amounts of strings, it didn’t limit itself to the town, it rained on the whole zone.

Some made acute angles, bending several times, and there are some that just go straight.

Without a chance to defend against it, it pierces through the body of Root and Tomoe.


“One shot huh. Waka is truly the type that polishes one talent-ja” (Tomoe)

Root who had his arms crossed, unlinked those arms.

“That just now… could it be, it was aimed at what the demon race prepared?” (Root)

“Umu. There’s no real need to destroy them after all. As long as they stop working, that’s fine. There’s a method to do so, even without placing power in the attack. Waka did so in that way-ja na” (Tomoe)

“… All of them?” (Root)

“I wonder. There doesn’t seem to be a second shot, so he probably got all of them” (Tomoe)

“The demon race took several months to prepare them though” (Root)

“How hardworking-ja na” (Tomoe)

The two stayed looking at the sky for a while.


“Eris. How did Waka enter here?” (Akua)

“Used” (Eris)

“Used?” (Akua)

“He did a foul play by using an Earth Dragon” (Eris)

“He summoned a dragon?!” (Akua)

“Something even worse. An existence that’s proved to be the best at digging holes, the mole~” (Eris)

“… Eris, d-didn’t you say that this was a perfectly isolated place?” (Akua)

“I didn’t imagine that one. It seems  it dug quite deep, that mole~” (Eris)

“… I will never help you again. This spell has died as of today” (Akua)

“I’m going to cry” (Eris)

The spell Makoto created to deal with the thought transmission jamming, that firework-looking spell, was blocked by the barrier, and those two were unable to see it.

Akua and Eris were devastated.

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