Chapter 111: School festival is soon to come

The sky is so vast.

In the time when I was in Earth, I felt the vastness of the summer sky like the one I am feeling in this world. It is soon going to be 1 year since I came to this world, so maybe the nostalgia is making me feel this way.
Even if my standpoint has changed, the fact that I am in school makes the feeling stronger.

More than a month has passed in the summer vacation of Rotsgard, but that doesn’t mean the latter period of classes will begin immediately. In name, the academy has resumed its activities, so the students have to attend every day, but because of the academy’s foundation festival, the general classes are not open.
After a break of more than 1 month, there’s another period of close to 1 month to prepare, so in essence, it’s like having a break of 2 months. For the students that get busy at the preparation period, they don’t enter in that 2 month break category though. At least for the students in my class, that’s the case. In the summer vacation they took my classes, and yet, they told me they want to continue taking classes even in preparation period. I refused. I also have one or two things I want to do after all.

Having a festival in autumn at the academy, it isn’t like we are celebrating good harvest or anything, is what I was thinking, but if the foundation is in autumn, I can somehow agree with it. But well, compared to the autumn cultural festivals I have experienced in my world, this one seems to be pretty different.
It has a duration of 1 week and there’s quite a decent amount of events. The students in charge of the management are the students that are at the top and the assistants chosen from each department; a portion of students from each year. The ones who are in charge aren’t many, and seems to be quite the honor. There’s several research publications and stage performances in the first half. At the latter half there’s a number of tournaments scheduled to show off practical skills.
Many attend to this festival and even the inns of the surrounding towns are filled. A scary amount of people come here temporarily and lodge in an inn at the outside, just to attend this school festival. No, I might be the strange one for defining it as “just”. And in truth, a good amount of state guests from Limia and Gritonia that are in war at the frontlines are invited. They look for talent and run several diplomatic conferences that go side by side. I should say: ‘As expected of the hyuman’s highest academic center’.
Jin and Amelia seem to be quite motivated. They are not the highest of the academy and are not graduating this year either. They will be attending the academy next year too and it isn’t like this will be their last school festival, but it seems that they are doing their best daily in preparation for the tournament they will be participating. When they heard that that was an important scenario to show their talents and get recruited for the future, they got into an indescribable mood. The highest of the academy must be facing this event with an incredible resolve.

“Raidou-sama, this is the inventory of the merchandise at the school festival”

While I was checking out some company related documents and looking at the scenery, a voice called me out.
Shiki. Slender as always. In this summer we have been to Asora quite a lot, and there was a time when our diet became extravagant. Of course, at that time I was training and even with that, my body still gained weight, and yet, he didn’t change at all. What up with that? If that’s an advantage of being in a pact, it would be nice for me to have it as well. He is easily surpassing the 3,000 calories a meal because of the development of sweet nabe + mayonnaise. No matter how I think about it, he is obviously having a more unreasonable diet than me. How unfair.

“Yo, Makoto-kun. About the school festival, how about walking around with me to a few places. Don’t worry, I won’t be guiding you to any weird places”

Root. A silver haired young man. Or a boy maybe? He looks like the same age as me, but I feel like both of those denotations fit him. Well, young man is fine. His appearance is like that, but just like my follower Tomoe, he is a dragon-sama. Moreover, the most distinguished one. And he is the head of one of the mysteries of this world, the adventurer guild, and also its founder. Anyways, he has a lot of titles. If we were to describe him shortly, it would be: a genius and pervert. After our meeting before summer vacation and the shocking things he said, he has been coming to our company and inviting us to meals. By the way, maybe because I can’t trust him from the bottom of my heart, I haven’t brought him to Asora. Seeing that Tomoe and Shiki haven’t done it either, must mean that it isn’t just me who thinks that way. Because I have told my three followers that it is fine to bring anyone to Asora as long you find that person fitting.
Improvements to the anti-jamming thought transmission and the counter-measure to the forced summon of the Goddess. The things that were urgent have been mostly finished. Also, be it Tomoe or be it Mio, everyone has been steadily getting stronger without slacking off. Personally, I think that Shiki’s growth rate is impressive. That’s why there’s a part of him that seems to be more motivated.
By the way, at the end of the summer vacation, I showed the results of my training to everyone, and all of them had their eyes wide open. I didn’t do anything that weird, so their reaction was pretty exaggerated.

“Tonight, the list of company merchandise that can be supplemented will be arriving, so it is fine to continue then. Please line up the current merchandise so that there’s more space in the shelves. Root, if there’s no problem in walking side by side with a famous person, then I can tag along. That’s why, please don’t come every day. Just as you see, I am busy” (Makoto)

“Understood. About the newcomers’ education, is it okay to discuss it with Beren to increase the efficiency? The numbers are a bit too much and I can’t narrow them all by the arranged time” (Shiki)

Root seems to have agreed. He nods with a smile and begins to read some book at the sofa. I think I did tell him to leave though. Even when I ask him about my parents and Kaleneon, he answers me with excuses like ‘I am preparing the bath’. When I pursued the subject, he told me that he does know, but he explained me that he only knows a bit of information about those two after they left the country. Their relation with the Goddess came at that point in time it seems. Well, it is certainly true that he doesn’t know everything about that’s happening in the world, so it isn’t strange to not know the details of what others do. In the end, he told me that if he remembers anything more, he would talk about it in bed. At that moment I asked him to leave. That he still hasn’t given up is truly scary. He came once in the appearance of a woman and it was crazy beautiful. Her appearance was that of a person in her twenties, but she had a strange charm. I began to doubt if my tastes were older women. Is the appearance of Tomoe and Mio based of that desire of mine? I thought I didn’t mind about age that much though.

“Ah, I see. That’s fine. I leave it to you. Do you think a number of them can come before it gets busy here?” (Makoto)

“Let’s see. I think a number of them will be able to come. They are demi-humans, so unless they learn common language, we won’t be able to move on. That’s why I can’t state a definite number of people” (Shiki)

Common language huh. In the end, I gave up at pronunciation. If I have a chance to be face to face with the Goddess, maybe I should try negotiations. As I thought, I do want to talk normally.

“Eh? There are going to be more people huh. Are you going to employ demi-humans again? Makoto-kun is really kind to them. No, maybe it’s just that you hate hyumans?” (Root)

“… Root. We have Lime too. It’s not like I intent to like and dislike depending on the race. I will say this clearly. L-E-A-V-E” (Makoto)

Just go back obediently to your guild and work. The guild people are probably troubled that the master is missing.
I look at the back of the guild master that I somehow managed to make him leave. I am in one way or another doing my best as a merchant, so the genius should do his job properly too. Lately I have gotten slightly used to being a merchant, but I still can’t compare to Shiki. Well, I will leave it as a task to better from now on. About the inventory knowledge, I will be giving part of the task to the forest oni combi.

“… That person, no matter how many times we tell him, he still calls Raidou-sama as Makoto-sama” (Shiki)

“Even if we tell him that’s there’s a purpose behind it, he still doesn’t listen. And he is like that, but he does call me Raidou-dono when other people are around. If we give him a reaction, it will only please him” (Makoto)

“I have learned that. If possible, I want him to teach me his knowledge, but he doesn’t act in a friendly manner with anyone but Raidou-sama” (Shiki)

Maybe Shiki is showing respect to Root’s extensive knowledge. From my followers, Shiki is the one who has the most favorable opinion of Root. That he intrudes in this time when we are busy with the preparations of the school festival and Shiki doesn’t get angry must be because of that reason.

“Now then. Even if we try to anticipate the result from now, it will depend on the people that are making temporary camps at the outside. So, how about going to Gotetsu Shiki?” (Makoto)

“Temporary camps, ah, you are talking about the lodging establishments at the outskirts huh. The earth element specialists have made quite the number of buildings in this month. Truly a time for profit” (Shiki)

It’s because it’s this world that is possible. Making inns at the outskirt with magic when they see fit. When it has already served its purpose, they carry out the furniture and necessary items, and just return the building back to earth. Truly convenient. It is necessary to gather a fair amount of skilled earth element magicians, but in this town that’s no problem.

“Right. Rembrandt-san and Sif should use this chance to gain some pocket money” (Makoto)

If it’s Sif who has the blessing of an earth spirit, she would be able to efficiently make inns. She would definitely be able to make money. Even if she has returned home in the latter half of the summer vacation, at the first half she gained quite a lot of power, so she should be able to do something of that level. Earth and fire, at the beginning, she was obviously specialized 100% in attack, but now she is now able to use support to a certain level. Her deplorable healing magic has also begun to take shape. And yet, she comes every day with Jin and the others, asking me to teach them. Even though temporary teachers don’t do classes until the school festival is over. It may look like it is an extension of vacation, but in my case, the store gets busier and it is an important time where I have to prepare for the festival. I am refusing them every time.

“… Ah, I see. It is certainly the time when Jin and the others normally come. You are using the lunch as a chance to take refuge in Gotetsu huh. I will accompany you” (Shiki)

“Thanks for understanding. Let’s tell Eris not to get cocky before we leave” (Makoto)

In the middle of vacation when Jin and the others went excessive in their training, Eris, who I left as an insurance, played an active role. Later, Jin and the others realized her identity, and she is now considered an incredible person and a target of respect. Even when told that she is a demi-human, their behavior didn’t change that much. That’s why, even when Akua tells her to be more modest, she still gets carried away quite a lot. Last week I had her returned to Asora for about a week and has now become a lot more tame, but you know, it is still Eris. It is better to put a collar around her. She told Jin that to be hired by Kuzunoha Company you need to have at least this amount of level, or things similar to that. Seriously, nothing good comes out of that mouth. No matter if you are level 1 or 100, the salary won’t change. Ah, about the salary, I think it should be better to think about it properly. I have already begun understanding the other companies, so let’s think about it when the festival is over. Since this is a busy time, let’s give them a bonus.

Regarding Gotetsu, it seems that lately, Eva-san has been showing her face frequently there after she finishes her work at the academy. We have been encountering her quite a bit. Before we began going there, there were already customers, but since the time Shiki and I recommended a few things to them, the number of customers has been increasing more and more. It may not be my business, but it still makes me happy. Well, I just recommended a few condiments and ingredients that I use in my homeland so that the store doesn’t smell so much of sweets though. Shiki also enthusiastically made recommendations for the nabe. The boiled tofu made of kelp and fish wasn’t that well received and I am the only one who orders it, a failed product, and yet, the old man of Gotetsu still leaves it in the menu because I am ordering it. Thank you.

I go down to the first floor and warn Eris who is looking after the store. She jumped like a surprised cat and nods her head several times.

“I will do my best. I really will do my best. Definitely do my best” (Eris)

[No well, I know that you are working well. When the students come, make sure to treat them properly as customers. Well then, I will go out for a bit]

“Have a safe trip” (Eris)

Seeing the appearance of Eris, the other employees make a strained laugh and it overlaps with her voice. Shiki and I nod once and leave the store from the backdoor.

It is still early to call it evening. Even so, looking at the sky, I can tell that that time is coming.

“*Tsurube-otoshi* huh. Today really reminds me of my own world” (Makoto) <釣瓶落とし. Don’t know if there’s an idiom here I am missing>

I do a sarcastic laugh as I leak out those words.

“Raidou-sama?” (Shiki)

“It’s nothing. Let’s go” (Makoto)

I respond with a smile at the worried words of Shiki. Maybe I was making a lonesome face.

Around 1 week before the school festival. It is most likely going to be the time where I will see the most people around since coming to this world. There will be many people coming from different countries, so that’s a matter of course.

I will just continue doing what I want to do. Maybe thanks to the power I have obtained in the middle of vacation, I have been able to feel a bit more confidence in myself. Even when I heard that a large amount of people will be coming to town, I didn’t panic and was able to accept it. In the future I will encounter the heroes in some part of the world, so minding the public gaze is just pointless. And it isn’t like I can just threaten the people that have seen me. Even if I get thrown into the battlefield, I think that my current self can do better than before. The point is, I am now conscious that I have gotten stronger, but my emotions are pretty at ease.

When I arrive at a big street, the town’s noise became louder. It looks like everyone is looking forward to the school festival. With a mix of feelings of expectation and anxiety as if something might happen, I head to Gotetsu.

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