Chapter 110: Summer vacation’s Part 2 ~ last migration interview ~

Asora. The mist town.

The location is not definite. A place that no one knows its details. Even the master, Misumi Makoto, is unable to comprehend it completely.

Currently there’s several races from the wasteland that have moved there and taken residence. They are in the middle of constructing a town apart from their original settlement.

But for the size of Asora, the amount of residents is just way too low. Because even when we count everyone, the numbers won’t reach the thousands. There are several reasons. They must fit Makoto’s conditions, must be accepted by his followers, and the invited race not accepting migration.

Makoto judged that it wouldn’t prove any problems to increase the residents and send out people to invite the races with the wasteland as its focus, but… there were no reports reaching him that there are races wishing to migrate. There were several who were suitable, but till now, there’s not a single one who has migrated.
Recently, Makoto has been busy in his activities at Academy Town, so the highland orc Ema was being considerate of his situation and stopping the reports to a certain extent until she gets a clear answer from the other party in order to prevent any problems. The efficient secretary Ema arranges all sorts of reports before outlining them to Makoto and his followers. She understands that there isn’t sufficient people, so reporting every single case of migration request would just trouble Makoto. That is most likely one of the reasons why it hasn’t come to a conclusion till now. After giving them an apologize, she asks them to do another interview when Makoto gets some time in his hands, is what she thought.

When Makoto got that time in his hands, meaning today when the Academy Town’s activities enter summer vacation (a word Ema is not familiar with), his activities in Asora increased. Moreover, he is doing some sort of training and there are times when he stays there all day. This was the best chance. Ema told Makoto about the races that were requesting migration, and told him the time of the interview. These are all cases that have already gotten through the approval of his followers Tomoe, Mio and Shiki. Next, there’s only the need of Makoto nodding and their migration would be accepted. In total, three cases.

Even though she has been holding back the reports for a long time, three cases are not that much. But it isn’t like migrating to Asora isn’t enticing. Actually, there were a lot of cases that just by telling them, they held an incredible amount of interest, but most of them pulled back in the middle of it.

Asora is bringing in adventurers with an objective in mind. This is something Makoto proposed and Tomoe accepted, but because of this deed, the races that have been living for a while in the entrance of the wasteland retracted their migration candidacy.
Maybe because they have battles with hyumans a lot; the demonic beasts, demi-humans and beast people that live there have extraordinary amounts of hostility towards hyumans. Therefore, just by thinking that adventurers are in Asora – no matter if it’s at an isolated place – they didn’t wish to migrate. They are random races that have strong hostility, so Ema didn’t think much about it. Because it’s better to not plant seeds that might bring problems after all. In the initial stages, invitations were brought to them, but they were all refused.

In the exploration of the inner parts of the wasteland, there’s a need for good amounts of people, so the hostility towards hyumans is normally thinner. The number of hyumans that have gotten that strong are few, and on top of that, the races that live there normally follow the logic of ‘the strong eat the weak’.
And so, the talk about invitation in itself begins mostly from races of these areas. The Forest Onis can be called an incredibly rare case. Well, the current situation is that they are being forced into a Spartan training that would make even Mist Lizards pale, and it isn’t a complete migration either.

From this stage, Makoto’s follower, Tomoe, begins the side by side selection. What’s usually investigated are things like the race’s diet, social nature presence, special abilities, etc. Depending on the followers, the way they carry out the selection is different. Mio is the most whimsical and instinctive; Tomoe is careful and selects well; Shiki emphasizes ability and selects in a safe manner. In short, have Mio agree to a certain extent, get pass over a picky stage, and have ability up to a minimum; is how they pass the selection. It’s incredibly harsh.
After that, we bring the talk about migration to that race.

Even if the three are suitable, there’s the chance of them refusing, so… it was hard to move to the last interview. This is one of the reasons that’s causing Asora to be shorthanded. It isn’t like anyone’s fine, and the people that investigate know that. It must be a race that can be respected, or it would bring difficulties in the future. There’s no guarantee that there won’t problems occurring after the migration.

This time, the three cases that Ema has, based on her own experience, they are people that they can expect from. There’s also the probability of some problems, but there’s the chance that the three of them migrate. She herself wasn’t involved in the investigations so she only knows the various races from documents, but from the information, that’s how she evaluated them.

If the migration is established, it will turn busy again, but for Ema it is a happy type of busy. Because the comrades will increase. From every race, children are born and there’s some slight changes in Asora, but as expected, it can’t compare to the change that the migration of a new race would bring.

“Excuse my intrusion”

“Ah, Ema. Morning. Today is the interview right? Is it beginning?”

“Good morning. The three races’ representatives have already been invited to come here. If it fits Makoto-sama’s convenience, I am planning on beginning after this” (Ema)

Makoto talks in broken down words and Ema responds with a smile. He talked in a polite manner before, so there was a time when she requested him to conduct himself as a lord. Now he does it, but it is more like he is speaking with a friend, and that’s how he acts towards Ema. It isn’t the goal, but it is something that makes her happy.

“Eh? We are not the ones receiving them huh. Calling them to us, how eminent~” (Makoto)

“Makoto-sama. We were the ones who brought the talk about migration to them, but they also wished for it and that’s why it has advanced to this stage. So it is natural for them to be the ones coming to us” (Ema)

For Ema, Makoto is the messiah that saved her family, the highland orcs. On top of that, he invited them to a prosperous and magnificent world. She considers him as an existence close to God. Even if that’s his speech and conduct, there are times when his low stance attitude is not amusing for Ema. Even if he explained her that that’s how we was brought up and it can’t be helped, she understood it, but couldn’t accept it. She even thinks that it should be fine for him to be a bit haughtier. For Makoto, it might have been quite the difficult request.

“Ema, you were a bit scary just now. I see, they are already here huh. Did Tomoe bring them?” (Makoto)

“No. They came here by Komoe-sama’s gate creation training” (Ema)

“So Komoe-chan can even do that already. Even though Shiki was finally able to do it not too long ago. I feel like he might get depressed again” (Makoto)

“She is like Tomoe-sama’s child after all. Well then, let’s move to another room” (Ema)

“Understood. There were three cases right? Can you please show me the documents?” (Makoto)

“Yes, here. Please look through them while we are moving” (Ema)

Ema gives Makoto the documents that were at her side. Opening the door, she prompts Makoto and begins to walk in front of him to lead him to the room. Ema walks at the left side of Makoto in a fixed interval. It was silent. In the hall, the only noise was the sounds of papers being turned while Makoto is walking. In the place where Makoto’s room is, even if Asora is peaceful, there’s a reasonable amount of security posted in that area. In a day like today where they know beforehand that Makoto will be mobilizing, they hide and don’t show themselves in consideration. Makoto doesn’t really mind it that much, so the most he thinks is ‘there’s few people here~’.

“Heh~. This time there are races with a good amount of numbers. If all of them migrate, we would surpass the thousands, no, as expected, it won’t be that much. For there to be this many when they have been living in the inner parts, that’s pretty impressive” (Makoto)

“Even if we call it inner, it is a part that is prosperous. The third race that will be interviewed is one of those cases. That place is one that will have fights for rich lands no matter what, so it can be said that they have been decreasing in numbers steadily. They are also the ones that are the most active at wishing for migration” (Ema)

“I see. Like an oasis in a desert huh. Then those guys have been protecting their village with their skills” (Makoto)

“That’s how it is. The first ones that you will be meeting are a race that live in a special place because of their ability, and the other race, because of their racial characteristic, foreign enemies don’t try to fight with them. Both of them have high combat power, and in terms of social nature, there’s no problems for now” (Ema)

“… Certainly. And they also acknowledge living in level ground. Fufu, I am beginning to look forward to meeting them” (Makoto)

“This is the room, Makoto-sama. I originally wanted this to be in the audience room, but since this was a request, we prepared a table. Please do take care of what you say” (Ema)

The two of them arrive in front of a room where two Mist Lizards stand in row between both sides of the door. Ema felt that the body of the Mist lizards that was firm had become even firmer with the arrival of Makoto. In this Asora, there aren’t many jobs that let you involve directly with Makoto. These two that were selected as the door guards this time must be pretty nervous. A smile surfaced in her face as she imagined their situation. By the way, for some reason, in Makoto’s mansion (or more like, lately it is beginning to look more like a castle in Makoto’s perspective) there’s a wide space that is prepared for audiences, and when he heard the report from Ema that they will be using that place, Makoto hurriedly asked her to change it to a normal room with a table. ‘I shouldn’t have told him’, is what Ema muttered and Makoto didn’t miss it.

Inside the room there’s a table and seats. As usual, it is made from excellent craftsmanship. The work of the eldwas. The windows are open, letting in the outside air, and there isn’t that characteristic smell an unused room has. Makoto, seeing that there were two seats prepared, estimated that there will be two people for each race representative he will be meeting today.

“Please sit down and wait here. I will be bringing the guests here” (Ema)

Ema urges Makoto to take a seat and after confirming that he has sat down, she leaves the room. She tells the two lizards that she will going to get the related party and advances to the neighboring room.

On the other hand, Makoto is sitting and waiting for her to bring the representatives while reading the documents of the first race he will be meeting. Of course, he is using [Sakai] to grasp his surroundings. He knows what room Ema headed to, and understood that there were two guests in there. When they move to where he is, he plans on hiding the documents and receive them standing. Ema wanted to avoid exactly that and that’s why she asked him to stay sit in the room waiting, but he didn’t understand that at all.

(The first ones I will be meeting are… a race called winged people huh. Well, they obviously fly. In that case, were they living in high ground? Do they have bird wings, or maybe bug type wings? Ah, it is written. At their back they have bird wings or bat wings huh. Both of them are the same race. Even if they don’t mix, they can be born with either. This people are a social position society. N~ it is probably gonna be alright. If they talk about social position here, it would be troublesome. Here we basically don’t have higher or lower in races after all) (Makoto)

Looking at a part of the documents, Makoto felt uneasy. But it could be said that this was a reading discrepancy. The winged people are born with bird wings or bat wings. The distinction is simply because of the difference in power. And based on that, they divide their work to fit their strength, and as a race in the wasteland, they are quite numerous. They have a community of about three hundred. Of course, the strong ones get important jobs and big authority, but it comes with its dangers. It was a bit different from the social position society that Makoto is imagining. What he was imagining is a bad image where the society is divided in commoners and slaves.

(Anyways, if I don’t meet them and see for myself, nothing will begin. If they are way too awful, I will excuse myself) (Makoto)

Makoto senses that the three of them are heading where he is and stops his imagination. He stands up and waits for the door to open.

Before long, the door opened. In Makoto’s eyes appear two people with the height of a normal person and folded wings at their back, and Ema who looks at Makoto’s appearance and does a small sigh. The two of the winged people have a darkish skin, and it reminded Makoto of the Forest Onis.

“Nice to meet you and welcome to Asora. My name is Makoto. I am in a position similar to that of a feudal lord in this place” (Makoto)

In front of the three that approach the table, Makoto introduces himself first. Ema sighs once again. In her perspective, she probably wished Makoto to at least say something like ‘Great to see you have arrived to our world’. The winged people seem to be confused at Makoto’s behavior too. They have already received the interview with Shiki beforehand. Because they sensed that thick overpowering aura of him, they couldn’t understand the behavior of the male in front of them that should be standing above that personage.

“… Eh? Ah, go ahead, sit down first” (Makoto)

Before he sits, he urges the stiffened party to sit.

(Both of them have white bat wings huh. The highest standing people have come) (Makoto)

Makoto observes the winged people with a slightly mistaken understanding. Aside from the difference in bird wings and bat wings, there’s also the difference in the color of the wings. White and black. In other words, there are 4 types of wings. The one at the highest is the white bat wings, the next are the white bird wings, then the black bat wings and bird wings.

“… Nice to meet you. For this offer of migrating to such a splendid land, we thank you very much. I am the winged people’s elder, name is Kakun. This one here is my counselor, Shona” (Kakun)

“Nice to meet you Makoto-sama. Pleasure to make your acquaintance” (Shona)

After their words, the winged people take sit facing Makoto. Male and female. The one who claimed to be the elder is a male, and the one who greeted without her naming herself is the female.

With a slightly rough expression, Ema sits beside Makoto last.

“I have received the report that you wish to migrate to Asora. Taking that as a preamble, I have a number of questions I want to do. Is that okay?” (Makoto)

“Of course”

“Great. I will be hearing the questions from your side later. Well then, first of all…”

Makoto begins the interview with the winged people. Without noticing at all that Ema had resolved herself to warn him about his behavior later.


“It seems that he understood us well, but is that person really the lord of this land? He was acting pretty lenient though…”

“Yeah, but don’t you feel like the conversation went way too smoothly? I heard from Ema that at a later time they will be checking our combat ability, so until then, we must make sure to not get careless. I suggest that we inspect this place”

“I already understand that Shona. But when I think that they approached our race with our power as their goal, it feels like what is being evaluated is our attitude as a race and I can’t help but be confused. After Makoto-sama said that we were approved and Ema-dono added that there will be an ability test, Makoto-sama told her that that wasn’t necessary. Even though we are given the permission to live in such a rich land, the conditions just don’t balance. If in the end there’s actually no hidden objective behind all this, I would have spun the gears in my brain for nothing” (Kakun)

“They are actually abnormal after all. To be able to live in this kind of place without fighting each other. From what I have seen, Makoto-sama didn’t have any evil intent when he stretched this offer, but I think that to doubt that is an important job of yours. Now then, let’s go out and have them show us around” (Shona)

Leaving the room, the orc that Ema told them will be working as their guide was waiting for the winged people’s elder and counsellor who were giving out their impressions of the interview with Makoto.

The result of the interview is pass. And it was so easy that it was anticlimactic.

‘How many conditions will they bring out and what will they want from us?’ even when they tried to throw the questions they had, all the answers betrayed their expectations in a good way. What they were the most surprised about was that they accepted independency really readily. The winged people were expecting a lot of conditions for this favorable migration. For example, something like payment to the previous residents, offer 80% of their people for manual labor (excluding all the old and children, almost everyone), moreover, distribution of manual labor that everyone would want to avoid. They came with the intention of being treated one step before slavery. All of their life necessities are satisfied, and on top of that, they are able to obtain several articles that they have never been able to get their hands on by equivalent trade. Moreover, the ones who wish to, are given the chance to study, and have also promised high level training for their warriors.
When Ema told them the outline of the offer, they doubted that even 1% of it would actually be true, but Makoto completely affirmed them all. It can’t be helped that Kakun and Shona unconsciously widened their eyes and opened their mouths agape.

Will a future like that really come for them? The two of them still half-doubted as they moved through Asora and continued their surprises.

Winged people, over three hundred denizens. Pass. Migration after 5 days.


“Well then, can you please take off that blindfold?”

The two women that were sitting in front of Makoto trembled greatly at his words.

Matching that, Ema also trembled a bit, but when Makoto exchanged glances with her, she was soon able to calm down again. She faces down as if she was embarrassed of being agitated.

“But, just as we explained, there’s a problem with our eyes”

“Even if we don’t have any intentions of injuring Makoto-sama, the effects will still take place”

The two women have a cloth with complex patterns drawn covering both of their eyes. The winged people that Makoto met before gave the impression of being slender, but these women have more meat in a good sense, a sensual figure. They have a cloth wrapped around their body resembling that of nymphs that appear in Greek mythology, and have an attire that exposes quite a lot. It’s not small clothes but cloth, is what Makoto muttered as he blushed.

Gorgon. For Makoto, calling them Medusa would be easier to understand, but it is a race that resembles her. The people that look at their eyes are turned into stone, is the special racial characteristic of them. They are a race that even with that ability they didn’t perish and have lived peacefully till now in the wasteland.

Their appearance is extremely close to that of hyumans but, maybe it reacts based on their emotions, their hair moves. The hair of those girls have quite the transformation capability and are legitimate weapons.

The girls have no control over their power, and it is always in an ON state. It is a power that doesn’t activate on people of the same race, but if it’s others, it will activate without mercy. It is an ability that can already be considered a curse. With a special blindfold they are somehow able to restrict the activation of their power to others.

This is the reason why they live in the wasteland and also the reason they secluded themselves. And they steadily move into the inner parts and change locations, so that they don’t unnecessarily spread the petrification. There may be other circumstances, but at least that’s how Makoto thought of it and felt that they are a kind race.

This time they got interested in the migration because of their hope that they may be able to use their power more naturally, and because of a problem the race carries.

They were defined as those girls, but actually, the Gorgons are a race that only has women. Meaning that they need a male from a different source. In exchange for being able to share their seed with most of the races, the babies they breed are all Gorgon. A mysterious race.
To be able to maintain their existence as a race, they must be in an environment with males. ‘I am surprised they didn’t perish’ is the insensitive thought Makoto was thinking.

“It is fine with me. It didn’t work for Tomoe right? In that case, it is fine. I will also be protecting Ema so, go ahead” (Makoto)

“But, from Makoto-sama we uhm… don’t feel that much magic power though”

“I don’t think you will end up safe at all”

Makoto is currently doing a certain training. Because of the effects of that training, he is using [Sakai] most of the time to suppress his magic power. Right now he is not using his power to look around the surroundings, in this time where he is receiving guests, but using it to suppress his magic power. The uneasiness that the two Gorgons are feeling is plausible.

“The two of you, if an ability didn’t work on Tomoe-sama, it is impossible for it to show any effects on Makoto-sama. I am also okay, so please take them off. That is Makoto-sama’s wish after all” (Ema)

Being urged by Ema, the two Gorgons place their hands on their blindfolds. Their hair undulates slightly, but Makoto didn’t seem to mind and looks at the two of them. Ema said that it was fine, but maybe she is nervous, her body is stiffened.

“Well then…”


The two of them take off their blindfolds. In front of them there is a man that called himself a hyuman and a female orc. The two of them didn’t turn into stone and just continued looking.

“Fumu, it certainly does seem to be eyes that hold a strong effect. Is it a type of demonic eye? But to have your eyes covered must be inconvenient right?” (Makoto)

Makoto talks to both of them like normal. Ema sighs in relief. Her reaction is actually the most normal one. No, the fact that they are okay is probably pretty strange. And in reality, the Gorgons had their eyes wide open and were looking at the other party that’s moving.

“Ah, ehm, yes. The food would also turn into stone so. Well, we can also eat petrified food. It won’t taste good, however, we can absorb the nutrients. But even if we have to put on a blindfold to do it, it is more delicious to eat like that. Also, we talked about this at the previous interview; it is inconvenient when taking the seed of males of other races and… having our vision taken away affects our whole daily life”

“Yeah, it certainly does sound inconvenient. I have heard that some hyumans have that kind of hobby though…” (Ema)

The Gorgon that returned to her senses first, talks about the inconveniences. Ema agrees to that, and for some reason, looks at Makoto. Makoto felt like her eyes were a bit cold. It felt as if there was some sort of allusion to the latter half. <Shit, Makoto, your bdsm collection has been compromised!>

“Ema, don’t look at me when you say that. Even if you don’t retort to that, I clearly understand that it’s inconvenient. But, Gorgon-san. I can’t go as far as getting you a partner to make kids, so at that part it is more of a mutual concession, you don’t mind right?” (Makoto)

“Yeah, in that case it is fine. With that blindfold, even in our current situation it should be fine, is what you told us right, Ema?”

“Yes. No problems” (Ema)

“In that case, there won’t be any problems to just change that blindfold into something similar like glasses or contacts that hold the same effect. And so, it can probably be solved. You have already accepted all the conditions including: sharing of knowledge, participation in battle training and cooperation in the construction of the land; so the only part of concern is probably the talk about baby making. If you act properly in that part, it should be fine. We will be confirming how much effect those eyes can take in Asora. But regarding the migration, I welcome you with open arms” (Makoto)


The two Gorgons get up from their seat and look at Makoto as if shooting right through him. The two of them who were thinking all the time that they will definitely be rejected in the end, these answer was unbelievable.

“Then, all the Gorgons are fine with the migration right?” (Ema)

“Well that’s, we are really happy for that but…”

“Is it really, rea~lly all right? Because you know, we are a race that even if we are able to turn people into stone, we are unable to turn them back”

“Ah, I see. About the petrification, it can probably be cured so there’s no problem” (Makoto)


Makoto looks like he remembered something and places a hand on the table. It’s the table that was turned instantly into stone after the Gorgons took off their blindfold. Makoto pours magic power.

“Uhm, like this… and then, by doing this…” (Makoto)

The table that was turned into a cold ashen color quickly returned into the colorful light brown one. But it soon turned into stone again. Obviously. It’s being exposed to the eyes of the Gorgons after all. It is in a state where it is continually transformed into stone, so the girls themself have already given up on thinking of a way to solve it.

“Ah! Damn it! So it won’t work if I don’t give it resistance to the petrification itself huh. Then how about this?!” (Makoto)

After meditating, Makoto once again puts his hand on the table and pours magic power.

The two Gorgons watch attentively. Even if it was only for an instant, they lost their words after seeing the table turned back from its petrified state. On the other hand, Ema didn’t show much agitation and is looking at Makoto. The girl that got surprised every time by Makoto is already gone.

This time, matching the words of Makoto, the table that returned to its wooden state didn’t turn back to stone.

Even after a while, it didn’t turn into stone again.


“I thought we would have to wear this blindfold for the rest of our life…”

“In the past, I challenged a problematic abnormal status you see. As a byproduct of that, I have become able to deal with a good variety of abnormalities” (Makoto)

Makoto takes the eyes of admiration from the two of them with a bashful laugh. Shiki, Makoto and the others have challenged a status abnormality. The Tree Punishment was a status abnormality that surpassed the power of the Gorgon’s petrification by leaps and bounds. Because of that, Makoto was able to calmly counter the petrification power of theirs. The Tree Punishment interferes with their existence itself and brings about scary changes. Even with the most intelligent people of Asora, it still took several months before they could find a solution to the curse.

“Makoto-sama. Please shelter us in this world”

“We will follow any orders”

“Shelter you say. After talking to you, I didn’t see any problems in your social nature. Try not to fall into immoral relationships, triangle relationships or muddy relationships, and it will be fine. It seems that you are not familiar to welcoming the father, so in the worst case scenario, if the lost hyumans meet the purpose, feel free to do so. Uhm, it may be a bad way of calling it but… something like a one-night stand” (Makoto)

After that, the interview with the Gorgons and Makoto continued in a smooth manner, and the migration of the girls was clearly decided.


“That was impressive. I was surprised with Tomoe-sama as well, but to think that Makoto-sama and everyone else was still fine after looking at us”

“And he even said that he would lend us a hand so that our power doesn’t inconvenience us. I feel as if I am in a dream”

“Things that could be worn in our body, at most, it was to wrap a cloth around our hair, but maybe we will be able to wear normal clothes now. Incredible. I am so excited”

Makoto apologized by the fact that they have to put on their blindfolds again, and the two blindfolded Gorgons returned to the standby room that was readied for them and are having a pleasant talk. Even if it’s called a standby room, the furniture is well prepared, and for receiving guests, this room was more than enough.

“Even if our field of vision is shut, our hair helped us grasp our surroundings so we were somehow able to live by, but if it is okay to look, that’s not bad at all. If possible, we want to try enjoying dressing up”

“The battle training also sounds fun. I want to migrate fast~”

“Right. I really want to bring everyone here fast”

The two Gorgons are talking with wide smiles in their faces and having flowers blooming around them <Like in shoujo mangas>. The girls themselves and Makoto haven’t noticed yet but, the migration of those girls will have a small expected problem.

Until now, those girls that were unable to choose the opposite gender by their outward appearance will be migrating to Asora. The girls that didn’t care if they were of other races as long as it is male.

The magnificent favor that Makoto brought upon their whole race, just how will they repay him? Free love, mutual concession; the vague things that Makoto told them, as long as it is not misinterpreted, there won’t be any problems. There won’t be but… if something were to happen, well, Makoto will just be getting his just desserts. It is the fault of Makoto for forgetting that he is also included in the males of Asora.

Gorgon, over two hundred denizens. Pass. Migration after 10 days.


“Our specialty is gathering nectar!”

“Also, we are able to contact everyone!”

At one side there’s Makoto and Ema, and at their front it looked like no one is sitting there.

And in reality, there’s two small cushions on top of the table, and there, two small guests are sitting. Accurately speaking, they were: sitting, standing, flying; moving around restlessly.

(Just like how I imagined those kids, no, people. The more I look at them, the more they give me an impression of fairies) (Makoto)

The last interviewees are small fairies. The image that Makoto has of fairies is: simple-minded, vigorous, and likes pranks. The small crown that is resting on his head looks like the tools used by moms and it is charming. ‘It is proof that he is the king so I have to show respect’, is what Makoto continues to think, but he can’t stop the thoughts of the books he has read before.

“I see. And so, the forest that the fairies were living in has been discovered by a foreign enemy, so you are asking for shelter, is that right?” (Makoto)

“We are not fairies! We are Al-ermera! We are more distinguished than those small insects!”

They say they are al-ermera. Or so to speak, an existence more eminent than that of fairies. But in Makoto’s eyes, these guys have exactly the same characteristics as fairies. Because their name is hard to remember, he unintentionally called them fairies.

And in truth, if the fairies they call insects were to line up with them, it is doubtful if Makoto would be able to properly tell the difference.

“We are the interim between fairies and spirits you know! If it’s a low grade spirit, we are able to interfere and utilize them!”

Flying all around, diving into the cushion, flying right in front of Makoto while talking; he didn’t show a single trace of calming down. Ema seems to be enduring their wild behavior quite a lot. She is trembling bit by bit.

“… Why… did Mio-sama pass this kind of things? In front Makoto-sama, they are…” (Ema)

Ema grumbles. If this were not an audience but a daily conversation, she probably wouldn’t get so angry.

“N~ Well, they are numerous but small, so I don’t see any problems. And if they are able to get in contact with everyone, that means if something happens, they will be able to tell us immediately. You will be helping out in the explorations right?” (Makoto)

“Leave it to us! We are al-ermeras with courage!”

“Then, prepare, and after the migra-“ (Makoto)

“I’m against it Makoto-sama!” (Ema)



The courageous al-ermeras hid down the table because of the sudden shout. Makoto was also surprised by the sudden shout at his side, but he didn’t really do much and is still sitting in place.

“Such a restless race, this bunch that are practically children, if they were to enter Asora, it would be a disaster! Maybe it’s better to just let all their forest get conquered! That way they might reflect!” (Ema)

“E-Ema” (Makoto)

“This is an interview you know?! Moreover, with the race’s future at stake! And yet, this… is this how the king of a race should act?!” (Ema)

It seems that Ema’s anger reached its peak. Makoto faces up. Certainly. If he were to compare the previous two races, the attitude of the al-elmeras has many problems. Makoto thought of them as kids and was thinking softly of them, but even if their appearance is small or cute, they are an adult organism, and the one that is asking for the interview is the king. Because Ema was looking at them as a matured race, she showed her anger at the amount of rudeness. And if the king of their race is like this, she thought that the other people of the race would be even worse, so even if she had to oppose Makoto, she still voiced out.
For them who stay in their child-like nature even when they reach maturity, this may be a harsh demand, but Ema couldn’t accept it no matter what.

“Calm down Ema. Stoppu!” (Makoto)

“No, I can’t Makoto-sama! Makoto-sama is way too soft on this guys! What al-elmeras, what interim between fairies and spirits! In that case, go repel the herd of Riz that are approaching your forest! That’s right, it is fine to just come back here again after you are able to do that!” (Ema)

Seeing Ema snap for the first time, Makoto tried to calm her someway by desperately talking to her, and then he called the lizards and ordered them to return the al-elmera representatives to their room. Ema was swinging her arms madly at the fairies that were flying to run away. Truly an unusual scene.

The lizards were also taken aback by the maddened Ema. Even so, they followed the orders of their lord and leave with the small guests that should escape.

“I will stick them into a birdcage and throw them into the forest! Where did you run away you insects?!” (Ema)

“Ema, I understand. They are the ones to blame so, for now, just calm down!!!” (Makoto)


“What was with that orc?! She doesn’t understand just how strong we are!”

“We are not scared of mere Riz, but if we fight, our comrades will get injured, so we thought that we might as well accept their migration offer!”

“Now that it has come to this, we will drive those Riz back and have that woman apologize!”

“Amazing! King, so intelligent! But what about the migration?”

“This place’s flowers give tasty nectar, so I want to live here more than in that forest! I am the king, so I have to share this nectar with everyone!”

“Then we have to return and prepare for war!”

“Right! We will show Makoto-sama our power!”

Al-elmera, approximately three hundred. On hold.


That night, Makoto and his followers were sitting together after the meal. While reporting the results of that day’s interviews, they pass the time relaxing.

“Then we will be increasing the number of races by two huh. Regarding the Gorgons, I will discuss with the dwarfs and have them make both glasses and contacts to test” (Shiki)

“So Shiki will be dealing with the Gorgons huh. Then I will be handling the winged people. I should think about a training menu as well. I also have interest in the 4 types of wings and the difference in aptitudes. The thought transmission case has already been solved with the aria that Waka gave us and analyzed after all” (Tomoe)

“I am counting on you two” (Makoto)

“At any rate, Mio, don’t go passing a strange race. Are you listening Mio?!” (Tomoe)

Tomoe and Shiki decide on their own movements as they hear the talk of Makoto. Regarding Mio who is getting scolded by Tomoe, she is approaching Makoto with a small bowl in hand with vegetable sticks of varied colors in it.


“Waka-sama, Waka-sama. Try this out please” (Mio)

“Vegetable stick? Eh, could this be, mayonnaise?! Mio, did you make it yourself?!” (Makoto)

“Yes! I did my best!” (Mio)

“Heh~! Then, I will be trying it out. Yeah, so nostalgic!! And the vegetables here are a lot tastier. This is the best Mio!” (Makoto)

“Ufufufu” (Mio)

Mio was completely delighted, so she didn’t listen to Tomoe, no, the words of Tomoe probably didn’t even enter her ears.

“Hoh~ this is mayonnaise huh. Mio-dono, is it okay for me to taste it too?” (Shiki)

“Waka-sama has already been pleased so, it is okay. Shiki, eat and taste it thoroughly” (Mio)

“Well then. This is… sour, thick, delicious. What a complex taste. It goes well with the vegetables too. Fumu, is there a way to put it in nabe as well…” (Shiki)

Shiki seems to have been captivated by the mayonnaise. The result was quite the high praise.

While continuing to eat the various types, he thinks about a way to utilize it in nabe.

“Hmph, it is certainly delicious, but it can’t be compared to the Miso that will be completed in a near future!” (Tomoe)

“It is because you can’t make Miso that I am here recreating many other things am I not? Please create miso soup fast, Tomoe-san! Soy sauce as well got it?!” (Mio)

“It will be soon-ja, very soon-ja!” Mu, that it is unexpectedly good is so vexing!” (Tomoe)

While saying that, Tomoe is nibbling the carrots and cucumbers. Her favorite seems to be the cucumbers. ‘She would definitely like Japanese cucumber as well’ is what Makoto thought.

“Tomoe, mayonnaise has strong devotees, so don’t go saying careless things” (Makoto) <Number 1 mayonnaise devotee>


While nibbling on celery, Makoto laughs as he watches over Tomoe and Mio’s interaction.

Obtaining new residents, Asora approaches its second year.

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