Chapter 77: Lake of Stars

— In the time Makoto is sleeping —-

An unfitting young kid was dragging one of his feet in the battlefield as he welcomes the companion that was returning from the sky.

“So is it over?” (Lancer)

“Probably. I went to the highest foothold you prepared after all. This was my first experience overlooking from the top of clouds. Don’t you know how to hold back?” (Sofia)

The woman that landed didn’t mind about the scolding tone of the kid and just answers.

“To think my sword would break that way. It was as if I was in a nightmare. I admit I was a bit panicked” (Lancer)

“I was literally the one who experienced it, so I was even more startled. The weapon a pervert holds is also in the pervert level huh. It was an unshapely dagger I have never seen before though” (Sofia)

“I don’t remember seeing such a dagger either. If possible, I wanted to collect it and duplicate it in our base but…” (Lancer)

The kid-shaped supreme dragon looks at the sword that’s on his hands. Only a bit of the base is left from the blade.

“So you retrieved it. Thanks. I totally thought you were frozen in ice and died from the shock. It seems that wasn’t the case, nice going” (Sofia)

“It is a part of me, so it is obvious I would do so. However, the moment it was broken, I felt a pain as if my whole body was being torn apart. Even though I was inside an annoying case of ice, the pain resuscitated me and I felt like dying” (Lancer)

“Well, sorry to hear that. Now, let’s give the advance signal to the demons and take it easy. As expected, I am unable to fight for some time” (Sofia)

“… Your sword was broken and your armor destroyed. You are even more tattered than when you fought against me. That your fighting spirit hasn’t weakened is commendable, or more like shocking” (Lancer)

Lancer’s words smelled like sarcasm. And at the same time, he was also praising the ability of his partner Sofia.

“In your case, you killed my companions, right? Well, they were reckless people that were gathered to kill a dragon anyways” (Sofia)

“Fumu, this time no one died huh” (Lancer)

“Yeah, almost all of my equipment is a goner and my body is all rattled. Even so this is probably better. We were able to take care of that pervert called Raidou or something like that. In a country without a hero, we will be able to provide enough damage to cease the functioning of Limia” (Sofia)

One could feel the amazement in Sofia’s words. Even for the girl named the Dragon Killer that has passed numerous battles, the self-called merchant Raidou was an existence she couldn’t comprehend.

An anti-magic sword that was filled with a supreme dragon’s power against a barrier. In that attack that she gave her all, she was only able to offset the barrier. An incredibly strong barrier. And despite all that he took his time to reform his own barrier.

Using an amount of time that could be called way too long in a battlefield to confirm the situation, and on top of that, his indecisive part which only though about escaping from the very beginning. After that, using a homing magic that Sofia hasn’t seen before. Thinking about the cost and performance of homing functions, it is an inefficient act no one would perform.

His sword skills were like a newbie who was growing his pubes. For his skills with the dagger to be like that, it was awful. It was to the point one would think he was making fun of the battlefield. At least, that’s how Sofia felt.

(But that last attack… For some reason, at that one time, Raidou stepped forward. Even though he was taken aback and was showing signs of retreating. Because of that, he was able to properly clash swords with me, moreover, he broke my sword) (Sofia)

In those movements, she felt like it wasn’t his own will but an instinctive action that kicked in. A movement that went against the predictions of the Dragon Killer.

The thoughts of stepping forward against an upcoming weapon is an action that is practically impossible for a magician. Even if he is a so called merchant. However, Raidou did it. It made Sofia wonder if Raidou actually has experience in swordsmanship.

(Are you telling me in that situation his body was able to remember those movements and connected his actions? He didn’t give me the impression that he trained so much to be able to do something like that though. That means…) (Sofia)

“Oi, something is…” (Lancer)

Lancer’s whisper-like words returned Sofia’s consciousness to reality. She soon understood why he was looking at the sky with a distorted expression.

From the sky, several dozens of blue lines came raining down from the sky. Breaking through the clouds, they all came down without distinction.

Each one was thin and were piercing the ground like a buckshot. If the barrier of Lancer wasn’t there, the bullets would have hit where the two of them were. The power of the bullets were on a level Lancer’s defense was able to defend against, but it was an attack that didn’t weaken. Thinking about the numbers, it was in a level that would rain for 10 minutes or so in the battlefield.

The demon army that had resumed their march, seeing the blue lights falling, one could tell that they were falling into chaos. Luckily, it didn’t seem like there would be a second round falling, but it was a situation where they can’t relax.

“?! This is!” (Sofia)

“Damn Raidou, is he telling us he will take us all along to his grave?!” (Lancer)

“I am going! I will go and obstruct him. If this continues, the army will be affected!” (Sofia)

“Sofia, you can’t! With the attack just now, the blades working as foothold were all destroyed. To think he would be able to destroy that amount of blades!” (Lancer)

“Then create more now. The next round might… wait” (Sofia)

The words of Sofia urging Lancer were stopped midway.  Her eyes were looking at the sky again. Looking at the clouds that were blocking the view of the one man that should be there.

“… An attack to destroy the footholds for the sake of not pursuing him. That one just now was for that reason right, Raidou? You are telling us your real attack is coming now” (Sofia)

Lancer’s expression was filled with bitterness. Sofia was staring up as well.

This attack just now was practically thrash for Makoto. Even with that, it was a magic with wide area of effect and with more than average power. And in truth, the demon army that received this attack had their formations disturbed.

Its element was water. Lancer looks at one of his legs. Unable to completely stop his attack, he received the magic and was now frostbitten. He wasn’t sure if he will be able to use it anymore, but at least he was sure that this level of wound will not let him use his leg in this battlefield.

“Just how much will he make me laugh, that guy. This isn’t an amount of magic power a single person should be able to create! And you are telling me he still has something up his sleeves?” (Sofia)

“Water element huh. One can tell he is quite confident in his ability with water” (Lancer)

(But what does this mean? A water spirit hasn’t lend anyone its powers in this place. Not only that, the magic power in the area is practically unused. There is no way he was able to create these spells without utilizing the magic power in the area…) (Lancer)

The supreme dragon Lancer notices a strange point. A big amount of magic power is needed in order to do wide area attack magic. Of course, one would need the help of a spirit and also the magic power in the surroundings. Because it is impossible to do so with your own magic power.

“Water. In that case, with this…” (Sofia)

Hearing Lancer’s whisper, Sofia was enlightened and she holds a necklace in her hands.

This is a product that lets one gain the assistance of a water spirit, and Lancer also knows of this property. However, the usage is only one time. In terms of water, one would probably obtain omnipotence over it. An incredibly high-grade tool. It’s so valuable they didn’t use it against the “arrow” of Raidou. Because Sofia and Lancer were confident they could manage without it. As a result, Lancer received an injury and when thinking about the current situation, it might have been the correct decision to save it.

(Certainly, with that we would be able to erase the influence of a water spirit from his spells. And normally it could even make him misfire. No matter what he tries to shoot, with the water spirit prohibiting his skills, the attacks he will be able to shoot are going to be limited. But… what’s with this bad feeling?) (Lancer)

“Lancer, I am counting on you for foothold. I will go where the effective range is and destroy his magic” (Sofia)

“… That is, you can’t Sofia” (Lancer)

“Why?” (Sofia)

“Because it is not certain. We will use that, however, it will be for defense” (Lancer)

Believing in his instincts as a supreme dragon, he gives instructions to Sofia.

And then he contacts the commander of the demon army. The commander that was trying to calm down the disorder received a contact from the two who took the front and fought against that person who was summoned by that annoying light. He soon reacted to his message.

Even when seeing the golden light that is characteristic of the Goddess, the commander wasn’t controlled by hatred and just concentrated on arranging for the new situation. Since the ones who headed to the light were Sofia and Lancer, controlling the army was easier. Anyways, he is a capable one.

‘Prepare for an incoming attack in the surroundings and create a defense barrier as quick as you can’

One could tell the demon army reacted to the orders promptly. As expected, they are really well trained, is what Lancer thought in admiration as he overlooked the situation. But there wasn’t much time left. A straining magic power is beginning to converge. Like an idiot who only knows of one thing, he predicted that another of those “arrows” was coming.

“Defense, huh. Understood. Certainly, I have a bad feeling about this” (Sofia)

“That’s how it is. You are able to go over there right?” (Lancer)

Lancer points at the demon army. He already deployed his glittering blades in the vicinity.

“Your preparations are fast. Then, I’ll be going” (Sofia)

“I’m counting on you” (Lancer)

Sofia nods at Lancer’s words. While cradling him on her arms, she exchanges positions with a blade.

A great noise pricks the ears of the two. They were in the middle of the troops so it is to be expected. The two of them hurry to the inside of the defense barrier.

“And? Should I use this now?” (Sofia)

Sofia holds the necklace and asks Lancer.

“Let’s see. In this part should be fine. Sofia, use that only to envelop us. Just in case” (Lancer)


“If it is placed on top of the barrier, my heart won’t settle” (Lancer)

“… Even though we have shared a table with them for a few days. How cruel” (Sofia)

“It’s not like we have become companions. You also, I don’t feel guilt in you though?” (Lancer)

“We are in the battlefield after all. In terms of position, we are mercenaries. It is obvious to think about our lives as priority. I will follow the decision of my partner” (Sofia)

Sofia sends magic power to the indigo blue jewel necklace. The jewel glitters and crumbles, enveloping the two of them with the same blue glittering the jewel produced.

“It’s coming” (Lancer)

Lancer says.

“Really, we are like a bush snake” (Sofia) <ホント、藪蛇だったかしらねえ>

Sofia’s words sound as if she was regretting something, but her expression showed an interest in what was about to occur.

“We got no choice. If we were to look at the situation just as it is, the demons would have all rushed to that golden light and we would be unable to resume their march. That color which represents the Goddess is a symbol of fear and hatred for the demon race. If the troops we finally managed to put in order cause an insurgence, we wouldn’t be able to achieve our objective” (Lancer)

“And then, this is the result. Wouldn’t it have been easier if we just let them rush to that Raidou guy and have him kill about half of them in order to tie them back in fear?” (Sofia)

“If it’s just about the result. Well, objectively speaking, we might have been able to negotiate with him” (Lancer)

“What do you mean?” (Sofia)

“That he might actually be willing to cooperate with our objectives, and for that sake Raidou would be tolerant. Is what I assumed” (Lancer)

“I see. An impossible alternative huh” (Sofia)

“You… you should have noticed that he at least has hostility towards the Goddess right? But its fine to see it as that being all it is” (Lancer)

“It did feel that way. If he is someone that doesn’t care about the methods in order to achieve an objective, this attack would be the rising of the curtains. Ah, it’s coming” (Sofia)

“Umu. You have perception on the level of a demon race. As expected of you. Right on the mark” (Lancer)

It seems normal demon soldiers were beginning to sense the incoming attack. Something similar to screams were heard from here and there.

(What scary magic power. If it comes down just like that, even the hyumans that scattered will be caught in it! Ah, I see. What’s strange was the magic power. There’s no doubt what is coming is that arrow magic. It’s not a wide area magic. That means, he is not using the magic power dispersed in the world nor is he using the support of a spirit. He is using his own magic resource to create magic of this scale. Then don’t tell me the amount of magic power he has in himself is already…?!) (Lancer)

His thoughts were cut off at that moment.

A blue light illuminating his body.


A blue distorted arrow opens a hole in the clouds.

The size isn’t that big. To the point one can’t comprehend how it bore such a big hole in the clouds.

In the beginning, seeing the difference between the size and the magic power they felt, they were as if all their tension was gone.

But the change took only an instant.

No one knows what happened inside the arrow, but a circle shaped ripple was born from inside it. It was as if an object had fallen into a water surface that ripple spread into the sky.

A few noticed the arrow swelled and accelerate.

Drawing a ripple in the sky once, the clear blue arrow repeats the same reaction.

3 times, 4 times. As the ripples increased in the sky, the arrow increased its size and speed.

It had already became a giant spear that released blue light. The spear pierced an area a bit away from the center of the demon army.

The army should have created a defense barrier in the vicinity. However, as if saying there was none, spears began piercing the crown of the troops’ heads.

A final reaction occurs. But this time, it wasn’t in the sky. It was because the spear was already in a state where it is pierced in the center of the army. It blows away the soldiers in its surroundings and when the distortion returns to its origin point, a freezing gale takes its place and rages. The devastating wind instantly converts the demons at a wide scope into frozen sculptures. The spear that had already created a disaster, in place of the ripples, it now accelerates and burrows completely into the ground.

A moment of silence.

From the feet of all the demons, no, in the whole ground itself a light is emitted. In the beginning it illuminated the whole battlefield and extended to the sky like a line, next, innumerable amount of lights of differing thickness followed. In a short amount of time, the landscape and sky were painted by the light.

A magnificent view. This was the only word that described this attack.

The spell caster, Mitsumi Makoto, probably wouldn’t expect such a spectacle of this level would occur.

Makoto? He is most likely thinking this only amounted to pestering the battlefield.

He didn’t notice…

That the brid he fired onto Sofia and Lancer was on a size totally different from when he shot it in the far off skies. A magic that he activated while experiencing the battlefield, moreover, in a state where his mind was totally filled with a danger to his life. A magic he slowly created while concentrating more than the normal. The difference in power is big. There’s no doubt one of the reasons was because he was able to be in a normal state of mind in the far off sky, no, it was because this was the second time he was experiencing that misfortunate occurrence he was able to manage.

Moreover, he is using as a reference the power of the ring explosion that destroyed the clone body of Tomoe and the Arke that was barely saved. And it only caused the chain explosion of 4 rings. Mitsumi Makoto evaluates his own magic power way too low.

Whenever a ring was broken, the brid rapidly increased the range of its power by leaps and bounds. Makoto wouldn’t even dream that it would create ripples in the sky and turn into a giant spear, piercing into the ground.

That everything he saw, the river, stream, forest, woods, the meadows where the demons were in and even the far off dried brown earth as well.

Everything was being enveloped in light. The hyuman army that was retreating was no exception. In the place they were was also in the diameter of the light that spear created.

Everything it touched was frozen and at the same time, being basked by that enormous energy, they break into dust. Turning into dust, they didn’t even leave a shadow behind and just dye the place in blue color. The spear that fell down from the sky had already created a destruction dome in its hemisphere.

In an instant that felt like eternity, the light steadily disperses.

At the site one could see the devastation as if the place was grinded… or not.

A big accumulation of water that was slightly smaller than the dome, but bigger than a pond. A single “lake” was created.

Just how much power is it needed to achieve this? At least not in the scope that a single person would be able to possess. It was fitting to call it a tactical weapon.

In the place where a forest was there and a prairie as well, a single surface of water reflects the sky as if it was always there to begin with. Water flowed into the several rivers that were in the vicinity, and they flow downstream again. It was an attack that changed the map.

On its lake surface, it was sparse, but there was the shadow of something floating in the air.

It practically didn’t move from its place. It wasn’t a soldier that survived miraculously. Most of them had barely any part of their body left and the state of their corpses varied. No, to be able to retain a part of your body in that destruction is enough to call it a miracle.

But that shadow was shaped as a person. Not only did it retain its whole body, while trembling, it put its right hand on its face and moves the wet hair that was blocking its eyes.

It was the Dragon Killer, Sofia Bull.

When looking carefully, close to her, one could also see a kid who lost one of his legs. Lancer.

“… Lancer, are you alive?” (Sofia)


“Hey, that necklace. If used as defense, even if it is only one time, isn’t it supposed to protect the user completely from water element magic?” (Sofia)


“My “substitute” was destroyed, my order-made armor was destroyed and practically everything related to defense was blown away though? Look at me, I am naked, NAKED” (Sofia)

Just as she said, right now she was practically naked. Her shirt was torn apart and only a miserable amount remained, but there is no way one could expect any effects aside from working as cloth.

“… I see. It took one of my legs” (Lancer)

The leg he was dragging was gone. He wasn’t left unscathed.

“Raidou, that bastard is dead right?” (Sofia)

“… Probably. He might be floating just like us though” (Lancer)

Without exchanging looks, the two of them look at the sky while talking. They aren’t even touching the topic about why they are floating. It must be because somewhere in their mind, they understood they miraculously survived. That is what their eyes told as they look into the distant sky.

“… I think we should look for him and kill him before he grows up. If he learns competency and foundation, all hope will be lost” (Sofia)

“He is dead. He fell and died. For now just leave it at that. Anyways, even if we look for him now, there is no assurance that we can kill him. First we have to heal our wounds and prepare our equipment. I wouldn’t be able to handle having a mysterious body, who I don’t even know its origins, destroy our itinerary” (Lancer)

“Maybe he was not going all out?” (Sofia)

Sofia’s expression grew a bit fainthearted. She felt like Raidou was probably not being serious. Of course, he fought against the Dragon Killer. He was most likely serious, or so she wants to believe. It was a slight doubt she had in her heart.

“I don’t understand. I don’t understand anything at all. It’s as if we were blindfolded by the Goddess. I don’t know what happened and I can’t explain it at all. Being like this, I really want to press some questions to that Goddess. Maybe we should have shown him, that way we might have heard it someday. About who was the one that called him” (Lancer)

“Raidou huh. I thought about playing with the heroes for a while, but now I won’t be able to do that” (Sofia)

The same belligerent smile she showed to Raidou once again appeared in her lips. Even though it was a situation where they are practically unable to move, she was already thinking about fighting.

“Leave that for later. Finish my task first before going after Raidou. After putting in order your equipment and restored your strength, you can go have your rematch” (Lancer)

The grieving Lancer proposes a plan.

“… You are right. I understand Mitsurugi. My cards are not enough to hunt that yet” (Sofia)

“First of all, we have to regain our stamina and return to land” (Lancer)

“Yeah, we are splendidly unable to move” (Sofia)

The two laughed on the water surface.

At this day, from the 10 or so that miraculously survived this tragic event, a single rumor was born between the hyumans and demons.

About a person wearing red garments, the third envoy of the Goddess. It is said that he possesses a tall figure and peerless beauty and his age is that of a young one.

The small whispered rumors were proved true by that lake and word slowly spread into the world.

“The Devil”

That he is called like that, Mitsumi Makoto still doesn’t know.

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