Chapter 40: Truly hating the curse disease

Without receiving a single treatment for my head (not like I am holding a grudge for it though), the Butler-san is leading us, as if dragging us with him, to the room where Rembrandt-shi is waiting.

In the middle of the way, I smelled an incredibly sweet scent, after crossing the corridor, the place we arrived was the reception room that we were before. What is it? It’s an incredibly strange scent that resembles that of cosmetics and shops that handle miscellaneous things.

In there, there was a person that was stained with blood and being treated on his left arm.

Me and the proper young man gulp a breath and heard a voice.

Was he attacked by a mamono? They look like wounds made by fangs or claws. It seems to have been something that wasn’t that big.

The problem is, what was it? The bigger mystery is how it got into the residence with the guards inside town.

Seeing the blood filled man be treated must mean that the matter must have been settled.

“Oh, Raidou-dono. And Hazaru-dono as well. Has the medicine been made?”

The weak unpleasant voice of Rembrandt-san.

[Here it is]

I was already scared of having someone like Hazaru carry the medicine, so I am the one carrying it.

“This, what in the world is going on?!” (Hazaru)

The young man said distressed.

But Rembrandt just shook his head horizontally. It wasn’t like he couldn’t say it, but more like, he didn’t know from where to begin.

So I stopped the young man that was trying to ask more questions, and wait for him to calm down.

A while of silence.

There was only the sound of Rembrandt-san’s hand being treated.

And that sound also stops.

“I am sorry. With the time given, I was able to calm down for a bit” (Rembrandt)

His facial expression was still not back to its regular self. His mind must not have calmed down yet.

Something big must have happened.

Big, huh. Just from the arm of Rembradt-san that was bleeding profusely, the situation should have already been grave.

And yet, the balance of my emotions has stayed stable. Is it because I have become ‘accustomed’ to this world?

Tto. Right now I have to concentrate on the current situation.

One possibility I can think about, is that the 3 ill people were kidnapped.

If they are not dead then, it being only an emergency situation is actually a blessing.

Without noticing, I began growing fond of him.

To the point that words like ‘I won’t save them’ or ‘I won’t cooperate’ were not a choice.

The Butler-san apologizes for the bewildering situation with his eyes. However, this is not something you can blame them for. I just cleared it up with a silent nod.

“It was when the butler, Morris, brought the elixir with him” (Rembrandt)

‘I was waiting silently for the other two medicines while praying’, is what he said.

The place was in that corridor we just passed by which had this sweet scent. I see, that place is where the ill people were.

“A sound came from the bedroom of my wife” (Rembrandt)

[A sound you say?]

“Yeah, I thought the blankets were being thrown away” (Rembrandt)

Quite the ill people. I was certain that their consciousness was faint and were lying down on the sickbed.

He was making a puzzled face. And he must have felt something in the atmosphere, but a smile that carried no will appeared on his face.

This is not good. He is in despair.

“Fits. There were times when they would rampage with incredible strength. Of course, lately, they couldn’t even do that, it went to a level where they could only groan. That’s why I didn’t mind it that much” (Rembrandt)

… Groans? A sick person was?

“I see, I didn’t tell you about the symptoms right? At the first symptoms I thought that it was just a fever. But…” (Rembrandt)

It seems like he noticed that their behavior was strange. Fearing both water and light, there were times when they lost their sanity and destroyed their room. It sounded like the case of a dog under rabies.

After that, their once beautiful hair began to fall down and their eyes began to be tinged in a fiery red light.

‘… Their appearance was no longer what they used to be’, is what he said.

‘What kind of devil would do that?’, is what I thought.

I felt like my anger was turning to blood thirst.

After they returned to sanity and saw the own scene of their disaster, the people themselves cried and despaired, and then turned to the man, father and husband, to apologize.

After that, they began fighting the disease, but their self was slowly wearing out. Lately, it seems that they have even been wishing for death.

It would probably be impossible for me.

I wouldn’t be able to talk about it. Without doubt, I would have thought about killing the requester and even its family.

I am confident that I would go mad.

“That, that hell was supposed to end today!! And yet, and yet my wife is…!” (Rembrandt)

Rembrandt-shi was sitting at the chair that was in front of his wife’s room while holding dearly one of the medicines.


The worst occurred at that time.

A bit after he ignored that sound.

He stretched out his vigorless arm onto the wooden door.

“The door was destroyed in a second you see, and then my wife, my wife attacked my arm” (Rembrandt)

He tried his best to protect the hope that he had finally obtained.

But the wife that he was supposed to save, stole the medicine that was supposed to save her… and destroyed it.

The surroundings were enveloped by a sweet scent, and the maddened wife became even more ruthless and attacked.

The guards that were hired and the butler noticed the abnormality and were able to hold down the wife by a hair’s breadth. The woman that was screaming and showing her fangs, had stopped her fits and with no strength left, she fell asleep.

And, we arrive at the current situation.

Yeah, I understand. For a fit to have occurred. Is it possible?

“… That was no fit” (Hazaru)

The young man confirmed what I was thinking. His tone of voice was heavy.

“Probably, when being close to the elixir, ‘it is made’ so that event occurs. For the sake of stopping them from curing” (Hazaru)

The user himself, used one last curse in order to obstruct.

He says that he hasn’t heard of any precedents, but from what he knows, it is not impossible for a level 8. It seems that a level 8 curse disease is quite a high level one.

From the bottom of my heart, I thought that it was quite a waste for the user to be dead already. If it were me, I wouldn’t have killed him. I would have him suffer, have him drown in pain more, without letting him go crazy… thoroughly!

“My guards have also been injured you see. They are receiving treatment in a different place” (Rembrandt)

Right now they can’t move huh. The bitter faced young man that was beside me is not of the physical type so, it would be impossible for him to hold her down.

“Putting together what they said, just to hold her down you have to be of pretty high level and have to do join shock attacks or it will be impossible. Moreover, because my wife doesn’t mind her own body, if it becomes like this a number of times more, it is possible for her to die” (Rembrandt)

A body that shouldn’t be able to move, to have her body move against her will and force numerous adults to hold her down at the same time. It is obvious it will happen.

That is what I thought silently inside my mind.

It seems that I am not the type that would lose himself because of anger, is what I thought ‘somewhere’ inside of me. Hatred, hostility, I still have them but I am able to calmly dispose of them.

Before arriving here, I had noticed that I didn’t feel any resistance in taking the life of my opponents. But, at this rate, I feel like it will be the same when it is against a human being.

And then, without feeling like I have grasped this truth completely, I accepted it.

A high level and joint shock attacks. I have a few people in mind.

I already knew that this should be the part where I call Toa-san and the others. That I should call Tomoe and Mio to be on the safe side.

And despite that, I decided to do it myself.

Maybe it is because the emotion that should have been disposed, had a little of it left and this was the result of it. Seeing how I am able to calmly think like this, I felt a bit annoyed at myself.

Seeing Rembrandt-shi and the butler, Morris-san, I said this.

[I will hold her down. Now, let’s go]

I shut up Rembrandt-shi and the others who shouted, saying that it was impossible, with my bloodthirst. Bloodthirst, no, it was wrath. I didn’t understand it myself.

I grab the collar of Hazaru and bring him close to me. And asked him to please manage to make 1 more elixir with the remaining ingredients.

For some reason he didn’t object and ran to the basement. If he is unable to, I can give him the remaining eyes and have him make it. I have a lot of the other ingredients as well.

When I asked him at a later time, he said “I thought you would kill me if I objected” with a broken smile.

I give the medicine to Rembrandt.

I see, that sweet scent was the aroma of the elixir.

The environment of the basement was being controlled, so I didn’t notice.

For something that breaks you and brings you onto the brink of despair to have such a sweet scent. What a joke.

Okay, let’s go end this stupid curse.

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