Chapter 39: The almighty elixir is a type of cocktail

The nectar of the flower ambrosia and the frozen cocktail for medical purposes.

The manufacturing process of the Ambrosia can be summarized in this way.

Put various alcoholic beverages and the nectar of the Ambrosia into the container without mistaking the amount, and then smash the ice made from special water, which has a lower temperature than regular ice (somewhere around -20 degrees Celsius), in small pieces as if making shaved ice and put them in at a fixed amount in intermittent times.

Just that. You make corrections to the temperature and quantity, also the air and environment where it is made is being regulated by magic.

From what I see, it is not that difficult of a process. Well, the proper young man, Hazaru-kun, also said ‘is this all?’, so it should be as I view it.

However, the efficiency of this incantation is way too bad.

It was to the point that I wanted to shout ‘what the hell?!’ The made up of that aria was half-assed and inefficient. Let’s put it this way, for a magic that you only need 1 point, you are using 10 points.

Even if this is a low ranked ancient language, this is way too awful. I even want to ask if it’s okay with such a magic. U~mu, this must be the normal usage of magic in this world. In my journey at the wasteland, the attack magic and the support magic were just like this but, isn’t it a waste?

They could trace the words that are the essence of the magic and reproduce the low-rank ancient dialect to make it more efficient. The magic that Ema-san taught me was pretty easy to use, it may be valuable knowledge.

Well, I already understood the core of this manufacturing process. It’s how well you supply the nectar of the Ambrosia.

That you need a great amount of nectar from a flower that is almost extinct, is the greatest bottleneck of producing this elixir.

What solves this problem is the rare material, the Rubbe-eye’s eye. Doing a special process to it, it is able to extract the nectar of the flower from it. This is probably the secret formula of this process.

I was looking at it but, as expected, it won’t work as a reference.

To think that the Rubee-eye was not a name to designate a type of mutation from the Redbee, but the name for a Redbee that collects the Ambrosia nectar.

Meaning that in that place, there was a land where ambrosias bloomed. I don’t know the scope of their mobilization area, so I am not sure if it’s close or not, but there is no doubt that it exists.

It’s on the brink of extinction, but it isn’t extinct yet. I have obtained some nice information.

Moreover. In this world, the alchemy magic has a role in creating chemical reactions and stimulating them, but now I get that the user can correct the environment and temperature, and can also be used to clean and sterilize the room.

Maybe the alchemists have other uses aside from drug manufacturing. For now, it’s a special genre that I don’t plan on taking.

After placing all the ice debris into the substance, it became completely red and it hardened to a point that I even though that it had crystalized.

When I thought that a crack appeared on it, I saw that a pink substance that was a lot more transparent than I originally thought, was flowing at the lower part of the container.

And the upper part that was crystalized grew an even deeper red. The inside is beautiful.

The young man silently closes the container.

He checked the contents of the container for a while and when he was sure that there were no abnormalities in it, he let out a sigh.

That means…

“… It’s completed. The elixir Ambrosia”

I let out a simple ‘oooh’. Even if the process was simple despite the effects of it, the price to make it is pretty high.

It could even make a house where you can live in comfortably. There were a lot of other ingredients that were expensive after all.

Maybe it was because he was released from that pressure, the young man had a relieved face.

… There is still two more to go. Will he be alright?

If there is an error when making it all at once, it will all be for naught. That’s why it is being made one by one.

I still have enough Rubee-eye’s eyes for one more, but I will keep silent about that for now.

If there is no need for them, I will think about another way to use them.

Because it is true that in the several weeks that we traveled, we encountered them only once after all. I have no doubts that this is a precious item.

I should ask the mist lizards to search for those ambrosias. If there is a chance to cultivate them, it might even become another way for business~ ♪

The value of the eyes may lower, but there is only benefits for me. And if I am able to reduce the weight of getting the eyes ,that already has many uses, by a bit, it may even be a good deed. No problems at all.

That’s right, let’s have Mio go as well. It seems that she is good at making medicines after all. It’s a done deal already.


“T-Then, I will go to where Danna-sama is to give him the elixir! Hazaru-sama, please continue what you are doing!”

The Butler-san that had the impression of never being agitated, makes a rare lively voice and takes the medicine’s bottle with both hands as if it were the most precious thing in this world.

It was a lower quantity than I thought it would originally be. It was in a bottle that was smaller than energy drinks, moreover, the liquid only filled 2/3rds of it.

It is probably a medication you have to drink. For something that came out from so many ingredients, the completed product is really small.

Fumu, no matter how many times I look at it, there are no signs of changes but… I should just stay silent and observe the production of the elixir.

Rembrandt-shi and the Butler-san are probably going to be wailing again later. Honestly, it’s hard for me to watch two grown-up men crying out loudly.

“It seems that it was a success” (Makoto)

I talk to Hazaru-kun in low-ranked ancient language.

Several people that were there were unable to comprehend my words and had faces as if saying ‘what did he say?’

“Raidou-dono?! Are you able to use ancient language in daily conversations?!”

Hazaru-kun seems to be surprised. However, this is used as substitute for simple codes, or that’s what I heard from Tomoe, so it shouldn’t be that strange of a thing.

Well, we are talking about Tomoe here so. It may be old information.

“Yeah, aside from common language, I am able to speak in various others as well. I thought I couldn’t use any of them to communicate my thoughts so I didn’t use them” (Makoto)

“Ah, so that’s why. Is it true that you are unable to use common language? I can only think of it as a harassment of bad taste” (Hazaru)

You are totally right!

“The other people seem to not understand this though. Well, I don’t mind it anyways. Let’s make the other two as soon as we can. I want to heal them as soon as possible after all” (Makoto)

This young man is probably talented. Just by talking with him in low-rank ancient language he was able to distinguish that it was indeed ancient language and he could even understand the contents of it.

The range of languages that I can speak in is pretty cheat-like in itself. If this were the modern world, I could even use it to be an almighty translator. <TN: and I would envy you for it>

“… Yeah. It seems that we don’t have as much time as we thought” (Hazaru)

“I don’t have that much knowledge about curse diseases, but I really feel anger at the person that asked to do this” (Makoto)

“Raidou-dono is a kind person. The moment you came to me when you understood that I would be enough, I thought you were thinking such imprudent things like ‘I will make a big debt here’, or something like that but…” (Hazaru)

Damn Hazaru-kun, just because other people can’t understand you, you are saying a lot of blunt things.

For him, curse diseases are something that are closely related to him so. If he is able to produce medicines, he must also be able to produce poisons as well.

Or maybe he wants to live a nomad life as an adventurer, he may have that kind of stubborn determination in him.

It’s no good if I let my emotions take the better of me every time, he might have said that with no ill intentions in mind.

“… You will be receiving a good reward, right? Now, hurry” (Makoto)

I press him on with short words. He must have seen the displeasure in me, he hurriedly went back to producing the elixir.

Now, how is it going with Rembrandt-san?

I was planning on activating the search, but I desist from it.


I decided not to do that indoors didn’t I?

No good, it’s so convenient that I unintentionally rely on it.

While I was gazing, the second elixir was completed.

It’s just an ‘if’, but…

In the case that the crystal has a crack in it, and the condensed substance takes longer to flow out, and if it takes longer for the substance to reach the required state in the environment that has been regulated by magic… <あの結晶にヒビが入り、凝縮された液体が流れ出るまでの時間が長く、そこに至るまでに環境を魔法によって一定に保つ時間が長時間に及んだりするケースなら。>

The purification of the magic elixir will increase in difficulty and there would be a need for more people to do it.

At that case the medication would increase in value even more.

If establishing the special environment is the role of the alchemist, then the role of an alchemist in compounding medicines is big. Doing this, they must be able to make various medicines.

In that sense, the worth of the ingredients doesn’t fit the production of this medicine, for Rembrandt-shi this must be a blessing.

If the medicine production were something that had an incredibly low percentage of success, the hope he would have to cling onto would be way too fragile.

From what I see, it’s like you get a tuna but instead of putting it in the freezer, you throw it at a random place. This method is so wasteful that it doesn’t fit the importance of the medicine.

In short, if I were to remodel it…

Umu, today I truly got a lot of seeds for new businesses. The worry that Mio created in my head just the night before was relieved a bit with this.

“… Fu~~~~. With this it’s over. The manufacturing is over” (Hazaru)

Hazaru-kun had the two remaining medicine bottles in hand, and with the other hand he was wiping his sweat while walking towards me.

How easy-going. Learn from the Butler-san that carried it with both hands!


“Raidou-sama! Hazaru-sama!”



The clichéd intrusion was from the Butler!

And the 2 bottles that were on Hazaru-kun’s hand were thrown from the shock!

The bottles danced in the air.

After confirming that it was the Butler-san, I return my gaze to the young man.

I confirm the two bottles that were dancing in the air.

Just in this moment, I was grateful for my super-human body!

Because even when I am dumbfounded, I am able to move my body.

But this is bad! The target bottles are drawing a parabola in opposite directions. Hazaru, I will be hitting you later for this!

Leaping from my position, in movements that were to be noted, I do a head sliding onto the bottle that is falling to the right and stretched out my right hand to ensure the grab. Gently so I don’t break it of course!

But the target on the opposite site was impossible for my other hand to reach.

Damn iiit, even if that is the case!

Hitting the floor with my left hand, I strike it with an extremely weak magic power.

My body was blown off onto the direction of the bottle, but I already used both of my hands.

I beg of you, please fall on my back!!

I prayed for that, and it seems someone heard it.

There was a light sensation of something on my back and a second later, I felt a dull pain in my head.

Damn it. I must have hit a desk or something. The outcome was okay though.

“R-Raidou-dono, as-as expected of you!” (Hazaru)

You bastard Hazaru. I will definitely hit you twice!

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