A message to all complainers

Okay, I had some free time and wanted to check some comments from various places and I noticed one thing.

I am being bashed because of my grammar and translation…

Seriously, I have said it in the “About me” I am a beginner in translation and I don’t have a perfect english and much less a perfect japanese. I really hope that instead of writing those things where I can’t see them, you would write them straight in this website and then at least add the places where you saw the errors so I can learn about them and at the same time help the others have a better reading experience.

In my view I can understand all of the chapters that I have here, but hey I am a person that is reading the raw while translating the work. Maybe I didn’t translate it properly and the meaning didn’t get through properly.

When you guys only write ‘There are grammar errors’ and those kind of stuff add some more info please don’t only say that and leave it like that.

I may not have translated it perfectly but from the comments I can tell that people are still able to follow the story. Heck there are some that have a better understanding than me. So at least that makes me have a bit more confidence.

Well, that is all I had to say. There are some negative comments about the story but there is nothing I can do about those. They exist everywhere after all, but it gets to me that they have complains about me and its about something I can improve. I will be taking some japanese lessons and hopefully I will also get better at english so bear with me as I am still human V_V.

On a side note: I got new editors! 😀 Some of you may have noticed that the prologue chapters were missing, that is because the ED was tinkering with them (almost gave me a heart attack). I will be doing an official announcement at a later time.

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0 thoughts on “A message to all complainers

  1. Come on guys, you have read many post about bashing yet still do it.
    I wonder why don’t people like you just translate it yourselves rather than just bitching it out

  2. Hey leeches are tenacious my friend. If you have a problem with Rei’s work you just have to start doing a better job. Thank you very much ! The guy just translate for us with graciousness and you dare stab him in the back. Lol, only pussies act like this, well… when you hide behind a screen and act like this you don’t deserve a better designation. Hey, Rei you should just continue you work with your team of editors. At least some people see you are doing your best.

    1. What I don’t like are the ones that make a big deal about errors, make their own translations long enough for the original translator to drop the series, and then disappear.

      1. I didn’t know those type of rejects existed… sometimes they just want to steal your thunder or doing that for the recognition. That is dumb reason if you want my opinion, they need to get a life haha

  3. Don’t give a single fuck about ungrateful leechers, if they have to say they found mistakes, unless they also show you the fixed version, assume they are the internet’s lowest kind of people.

    Also, what you do in 10 to 100 times better than trying to read the BS known as machine translations

  4. ah this one again eh, well this isnt new but still annoying indeed just hope you didnt plan to drop the project and many people out who still waiting your translation like me. well if you choose to not translated again it’s your choice thought but i fell grateful if you not

  5. Don’t feed the trolls they never help in any way but will complain to no end, it not like they can do what you do. Just ignore the non helpful ones, their not worth your time

  6. Dude the fact u put in the effort to translate this awesome an your really diligent. All those haters need to listen up get off your sorry asses an prove you can even do what he s doing. And let us read an not not bash you for a fucking typo

  7. Dont mind the ungrateful leechers.

    Just know that theres a lot more people that appreciates your effort than the one stupid enough to complain.

    The purpose of communication (speaking/writng) is to convey “ideas” to another party. In other words, if the other party UNDERSTANDS what you are conveying, thats all that matters. Typos and grammars are only for those unnecessary perfectionists and just a minor problem.

  8. Just so you all know, it’s not about being a leecher (since I’m also one 🙂 ), it’s about being polite and considerate of the work done and time spent graciously for all of us. Translating is like missionary work, it never ends and there’s always some ungrateful bastards complaining.
    Like they say in my House, “if you want a better result, just do it yourself”.
    So all of you impolite and ungrateful idiots, just SHUT UP AND DON’T BOTHER THE GOOD PEOPLE.
    Sorry about this, but every time I read about idiots complaining on translation quality, it just makes my blood rush. Talk about rightful indignation.

  9. I don’t post comments usually but I will say thanks for translating this its a good read and I enjoy it. Why not just take all the good comments and ignore the rest.

  10. Umm there are translation errors? “tills head in confusion” hmm its kinda hard form me to notice minor errors cause I read really fast and my comprehension is high so idk what the haters are talking about I think you do good work

  11. i love this series, i have seen some gramatical problems but mostly just some wrong spellings or an the when it should be they, nothing big, you are doing a good job and with new editors, depending on schedule, i am sure they will go back over previous releases and suggest some changes or correct simple mistakes, not like its unreadable like some beginners, keep it up (its driving me nuts waiting to see how the to convenient drama for a first city visit will end)

  12. You’re actually doing great…
    it’s not like I can translate… just take that as a leecher’s opinion.

    No offense to other TLs but I can easily understand your works better than most of them…

    Oh… good luck to the new editors

  13. i agree to what you said. I am not a native english speaker but manage to read so there should not be many problems thoug i have the bad habtit of not noticing mistakes in the things i read and write . it migth help you to read japanese if you just pratice so keep on feeding your gray mater . good luck and sorry for the poor english.

  14. The errors you make are so small that it does not affect the reading of the chapter at all. So there’s no reason to conplain about it. Thx for all your hardwork in translating, and just ignore the bashers. They are just like the majority of us anyway, those that don’t know japanese and so do not have the right to correct you.

  15. Hmm… I’m sorry… I don’t know if I’m one of those of whom you consider as a complainers(this is a weird word) but I will apologize again… I’m sorry for that, well what I noticed is only minor issue of your use of the word “live” instead of life though… But my advice is still the same, try reading your work backwards it will do wonders, it makes it easier to notice minor grammar mistakes that are too easily missed(well I make a lot of mistakes too haha). Your story was really interesting though, hope it continues to be that way if ever you plan to continue with the story. I have no complaints on your translation, your a bit better than a few other translators you know. If I really have to say it your… grammar is average, its not great but its also not bad meaning you still have room for improvement. All in all, I like both your translation and your original. thanks for the hard work haha.

    1. Haha nah you were not one of those. I am sorry if you felt that way. I actually thank you for the support in D.E.H 🙂
      The others were clear bashes, you at least gave advice.

      1. Phew… Haha good to know then hahaha and about your title its a little you know, not that awesome… You might think of a more awesome-er(intentional and not a real word) title in the future though. So keep writing haha.

        1. haha xD yeah. The name ‘Double edge hero’ is not awesome at all… my bane is definitely synopsis and title making >_<. I have actually been trying to think of one with no luck

          1. Maybe you can get the readers to think one for you. How ’bout makin’ a poll where people can suggest names and we can vote for what we like most?

  16. WARNING! The troll-meter of certain individuals may produce false positive signals. If you are a person having such tendencies, skip the next paragraph, please.

    I ask this a bit anxiously, but what makes someone pointing out grammar or spelling mistakes immediately a leecher or hater? While we are at this, why are there grammatic rules in languages at all, if abiding them is either completely optional or a waste of time? Wouldn’t it be enough to translate only the words and leave forming meaningful sentences to the reader? It would surely ease the job of the translator, and lowering the entry threshold into the “translation business” this much would certainly increase the number of translators and translated works. The much worse reading experience would be surely a low price to pay for the larger amount of available reading material.

    On the other hand, hail to Reigokai. You are the hero. Keep up the good work. I love this series.

  17. This might be considered as an attempt of necromance a post, but whatever … Hope i’m contributing something meaningfull for fellow readers.

    IMO the {spelling error watchmen/women/whatever} isn’t a leecher/hater if their post is ‘specific & got solution in it’

    Translator got lot’s of things to take care of, and will make errors.
    If readers like us notice the error, point it to translator, then suggest better words … All of that effort will help Translator to learn(in less frustating manners) and Gradually improving reading experience.

    Writing comment like ‘your TL sucks … My TL way better than yours’ doesn’t helpfull at all, for the Translator and Fellow readers.

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