Chapter 22: I don’t want such a global language

“No matter how I think about it, you are the role of evil magistrate.” (Makoto)

I let out a deep sigh as I look at the shrunken Tomoe and the black clothed-san that has not regained consciousness.

Mio had gone to ‘clean’ the two people that Tomoe had done in.

Crossing my arms, I look down on Tomoe. At my side there is someone sitting on a stool.

It’s a girl that I picked up while I was on my walk with Mio.

I will be clear, I haven’t brought a prostitute with me, okay?

I am, in a sense, accompanied by women after all.

How to say it, we have perfectly gone the drama route.

This girl probably has the role of ‘villager in trouble’.

‘Let’s hear the details of your circumstances’ is what we said and we brought her all the way to our lodging but…

In there, there was a Tomoe with a face that was proud of herself.

‘I didn’t slaughter everyone-deshi ta zo, Waka!’

Is what she said.

Of course, the villager was scared.

I brought her into the room and tried my best to calm her down.

I listened to the circumstances from Tomoe in detail.

It seems that out of the 6 people, she let 3 get away.

Well, that is fine.

‘So you have captured 3 people’ is what I asked to confirm but…

“I killed 2. I captured 1 that is right there!” (Tomoe)

Is what she responded nonchalantly.

I had told Tomoe to ‘please spare me from slaughtering everyone and, if anyone tries to escape, capture them’.

That’s what I said!

But then Tomoe said: ‘Well, you see, the important part about not killing everyone, I didn’t understand the point completely-ja YO!’

She was blabbering about the first one dying by accident and the other one dying being out of her expectations, but that is just out of question!

Sweeping with the sword or that a kick sent him dancing in the air and was left out of commission; he probably died straight out from the shock or something like that.

Like, ‘I was aiming for the weapon but I ended up cutting his whole body’ that kind of thing.

It’s not that excessive, but going ‘tee-hee’ is wrong with that kind of explanation!

What kind of slaughtering crime scene is that?!

I tried asking Mio if she could do something about it with her hunger -I mean, if she could handle the cleaning up, and she said ‘I can’.

So I had her go right away to the crime scene.

Next, before explaining the situation to the villager that was fiercely gazing at Tomoe, I take the captive that was rendered powerless to the bed.

He had a slender body. I don’t understand the standards of this world anymore, so if anyone told me this is a macho body, I would just lift my hands and give up.

“Hey Tomoe, could it be that you kidnapped a woman?” (Makoto)

“Fukukuku!” (Tomoe)

What? Why are you laughing, Tomoe-san?

“That’s what I thought you would say, Waka!” (Tomoe)

So what are you trying to tell me?!

“And these are your next words! ‘Tomoe, you rea~lly are an evil magistrate’.” (Tomoe)

What is she saying with so much pride? Well, she did say what I wanted to say. To go through the trouble of specifically choosing a woman, that is what an evil magistrate would do.

“That one is a man!” (Tomoe)

Her figure when she said that felt like it came with a sound effect of ‘*BLING!’



If that is the case.

What of it?!

More like, before taking the weapon away, you should have at least done a body check, right?

Well, she must have done that. She is so sure it’s a man after all.

“Haah~ I don’t really care about that, but this guy doesn’t hold any weapons, right? Did you perform a body check?” (Makoto)

Even though I say bed, it’s not like we are putting a blanket over him. We can see his whole body but…

Is this really a man?

It strange~ly looks womanly though -especially in the waist part.

Um… Hey hey.

Tomoe~ please pay more attention.

In the waist holder I can see something that looks like an edged tool.

“So you didn’t do it, huh. Geez. If you are to let him sleep in the room, at least make sure to take care of all of the dangerous objects. How careless.” (Makoto)

I take out the knife from the holder and confiscate it. Is it for throwing purposes? It didn’t seem to be made for the purpose of swinging it. Well, it didn’t give me the impression that it was a weapon you would swing after getting your opponent to lower their guard at the very least.

“I-I didn’t think you would bring a civilian here, so if it’s just Waka and me, I thought it would be interesting and… well…” (Tomoe)

Tomoe goes ‘ahaha’ and has a wry smile. You think of scary attractions.

“N… Ha~”

Woah there. Turning in your sleep, huh. This person is a deep sleeper.



I heard the sound of cloth ripping off.

The chest area of captive-san began to expand.


An excessive silence.

There were no words.

Tomoe-san looked dumbfounded at the captive and me, and then began to shrink slowly and do a seiza.

It’s one of those types that wrap their chest with bands. And this person was doing exactly that. That’s not smooth.

It seems she tightened it pretty well and made it so it didn’t stand out.

If that wasn’t the case it wouldn’t go ‘*buchi’ after all.

“T-This must be some kind of conspiracy-ja zo! That’s right, there is no way such an intricate ploy can exist!” (Tomoe)

Her insistence is pitiful.

“You~ at least care for your master a little bit more. You do know which type is easier to interrogate, right? Right?” (Makoto)

“No, like I said, just ignore the chest. This time it should have definitely been a man though.” (Tomoe)

Ignore the chest? What is that? I don’t understand what you are trying to say.

“Anyways, I am telling you to peel them off if you are to bring them here. If you take off their clothes, then you will be able to dispose of their weapons and other tools at the same time.” (Makoto)

“Wellm you see, won’t you treat me as a pervert if I take off her clothes? So the anxiety…” (Tomoe)

“Priorities first! This isn’t a drama, so ethics can go die in a ditch! Between an idiot and a pervert, I think a pervert would have a better chance to be salvaged!” (Makoto)

That’s my own opinion though.

“Yeah.” (Tomoe)

Don’t agree!

“More like, Tomoe…” (Makoto)



What is it? This low voice’s whereabouts that feel like it would disappear. This is a voice that Mio and Tomoe would definitely not have. There was someone else in the room?


Villager A! Beautiful girl A.

Now that I look carefully, there is certainly a girl with an uneasy face.

Words she shouldn’t be able to understand and strangers she barely knows.

Fumu, this certainly would create uneasiness. Especially because I am supposed to be unable to speak, or so that’s how I had explained to her already. There is no helping that she thinks of me as suspicious.

“Well, I forgive you. Next time, be more careful.” (Makoto)

“Oh~ I thank you, unknown girl!” (Tomoe)

In that part, you should be thanking me first, right?! You go thank the other party right away?!

Moreover, in that part, she properly used the common language.

Just how confident are you?

I really want that fast way of thinking to be used for my sake! I will cry, you know?

“Onii-san, I heard that you couldn’t speak though?”

“I can speak.” (Makoto)

I try to speak friendlily with common language. I felt like maybe it would work.


When she tilted her head, I understood the answer. I look at Tomoe. She nods and looks at the girl. Really, how mindful you are.

“Right now, Waka said: ‘I can speak in common language’. You didn’t understand, right?” (Tomoe)

“Eh?! I heard him say ‘Eat is mu ni mu ni~’?!”

N-No way, this might be too big of a shock.

“Well, that is a part of the curse, you see. From the start, Waka has been able to utilize various languages, and he is using one of those to communicate with us.” (Tomoe)

“E-Eh? It’s not an illness?”

“Yeah, that’s right. It was actually a curse-ja. But it’s not like he will infect anyone, and there will be people who will discriminate against him. We don’t want discrimination after all.” (Tomoe)

Oh~ she managed to mix the illness and curse at the same time in a playful manner.

The girl was also smoothly convinced. Yup yup, from now on, use that ability to speak for my benefit.

“That he is able to use many languages and have the common language sealed; that’s definitely the work of the demon race! How cruel!”

Wait, why the demons?

Are curses monopolized by the demon race? If that’s so, then I will have to change the excuse.

For a simple excuse to make other people hate a certain race is no good.

“That’s right, such a troublesome race-ja no~. And then, girl, why did you come with Waka here?” (Tomoe)

[Hey wait.] (Makoto)

This time I use writing before I tap the shoulder of Tomoe.

Why~ is it that you can accept that conversation just now so normally? There is something you haven’t told me right?!

“Oh~ Waka, what is it?” (Tomoe)

Ah, I am sure now. There IS something.

[Why is it certain that my curse was done by a demon?] (Makoto)

I ask the girl. It’s truly good that she can read.

Of course, I noticed that this was plain luck. That’s because the literacy rate in this world is not that high.

“Because the common language is a blessing given by the goddess a little before you are born and is something that everyone in the world can speak!”


“Ah, but demons and demi-humans are unable to. Those people are not accepted by the goddess, so they have to study to be able to speak it.”


“But there are people that have this thing called ‘tamer’ and they can speak with the monsters that can’t speak the common language, and there are some that can enslave them.”

She talks about ‘tamer’ like she hates the word.

The word ‘everyone’ that the girl says, I could understand that she only meant hyumans, and it makes me a bit sad. But more than that…

Categorization: monster, huh. I am one of those.

Also, blessing. From what I heard, if you visit the shrine of the goddess-sama every year you can slowly understand words, and then you will be able to speak.

There are some individual differences, but they will normally be able to understand words at 3 years old. The girl tells me that she was able to at 4 years old.

With that, I won’t be able to talk. More like, the demons and demi-humans that studied from zero and learned it, honestly, I respect them.

Because, weren’t they successful? They repeated the ‘A u e’ and then it became words.

This is what everyone uses: the common language! ‘Now, everyone that is not hyuman! Decode this groaning and begin studying!’ is what you are telling me?

Hm~ Hmph~.

I see, so that’s how it works.


Friiiking Buugggg!!!

So your wish is complete resistance huh!

That’s fine with me. If it’s like this, then let’s go all out!

Looking for the traces of my parents takes precedence though. However!

After that, I will DEFINITELY hit that goddess in the face at least once. Even if she is a woman, I won’t hold back! This is! The first time in my life! That I vow to violence against a woman!

Make sure to look forward to our reunion you goddess piece of… (The other parts are too hard for the ears and they will be too long so we have taken them out. Do pardon us – by Tsukuyomi)

“I see. It may be a curse by the demons. Thank you for worrying. Please continue.”* (TN: not sure if Makoto ‘said’ it. It’s not encased in [] in the original)

And then.

The girl began explaining the events to Tomoe.

Anyways, that so-called blessing.

I am truly questioning that she is giving them directly, isn’t she just making those nymphs do it for her?

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