Chapter 7: The dream that the dragon shows me

This was a hella long chapter and also a complicated one to translate.

I ended up translating until 5:00 am. Yeah, when I begin translating, I normally can’t stop.

Anyways, this shows a bit of backstory on our MC, i think? It may even be foreshadowing characters to come.

Enjoy ^^


“Hm? This is…the club’s archery dojo?” (Makoto)

The inside of my mind is not clear. Why…am I here?

All of a sudden…? No way, right?

If I am inside the dojo, it should be club activities. The strange uneasiness disappears as I reorder my thoughts.

I am still wearing my dogi (TLN: uniform for training used in japan).

I had my bow in my hands .

It’s the place I was supposed to be, huh. Certainly, after sending everyone off, I trained alone in the bow.

This is no good. My mind went out somewhere in the short time that I can remain here.

“I feel that the captain will get mad at me again.” (Makoto)

To change my mood, I sit down and decide to go with ‘hit in the middle’.

Fire. Hit.

There is no opponent.

Continuing, another arrow. Hit.

The target in front of me is hit by my arrow. I take out the bamboo arrow and the arrow head is remaining.

“Yup, my condition is good.” (Makoto)

Now that I think about it, the time to change positions is going to be soon, huh.

“The captain will most likely be Azuma. I wonder who will become the vice-captain.” (Makoto)

Muh. Again. My heart is noisy.

For my ‘hit in the middle’ to go far off is not something that happens often.

Why is it?

I place my bow aside for now and sit in seiza.

“Vice-captain. The vice-captain…was me?” (Makoto)

I find the reason for my uneasiness.

What an incoherent thing.

I don’t remember wanting to be one though. Was I unexpectedly an ambitious person?

Then, I should have aimed for captain at the very least. I am so small.

The change of positions has most likely not occurred ‘yet’.

The senpais’ every year, before bon festival vacation, will announce the next captain and vice-captain. They have probably decided this a long time ago inside the group though.

That is supposed to be the tradition.

I look around the dojo.

I saw a shadow that seemed to have slightly moved. But, when I try to look again, there was no one. An optical illusion?

Well, if no one has heard about it, then it’s fine though.

“Fuuuh…” (Makoto)

My feelings calm down.

The third shot was right in the middle. It pierced the arrow before it. Somehow, though.

Let’s finish this for today.

Unexpectedly deciding to finish ahead of time, I left with slight regret.  I would have continued if my condition was good.

I see my tools receptacle in my field of vision .

I find it there; a personal bow that I am used to seeing.

That’s right, before finishing, I would always use that one at least once. Why is it that I almost forgot to even do that?

An anxiety that drove uneasiness on me.

Holding the bow, I pull the string. Compared to the one before, this one offers more resistance. However, that for me is more comfortable.

“Fuuh!!” (Makoto)

I unintentionally let out a voice from this sensation I haven’t felt for a long time. I have done this every day, and yet, why do I feel like this?

The arrow I shot in a place considerably far from the target…pierces it.

Damn. Even though I was always trying to miss it.

“No choice. Though taking it out is quite troublesome.” (Makoto)

Breathing a sigh, I head to recover the arrow. Then, after ending the troublesome job, I put everything in order and finish changing.

Changing into my uniform again, I finish inspecting and head for the exit.

A single girl was standing there.

“Senpai, thanks for the hard work.”

The one who said this set phrase was my kohai.

I recall that she is the girl who joined our club late. She is a really zealous person and has already reached the level of the new recruits. Rather, she has surpassed them.

After all, there aren’t many who have experience in archery before middle school. The one with experience says so.

“Ah, Hasegawa, huh. What’s wrong? Did you stay here until now?” (Makoto)

“Ah, yes. Before vacations, there was something I must… you know…” (Hasegawa)

“Hm? If it’s to hit the target, you have already done it, right?” (Makoto)

If I’m not mistaken, she told me she had such a goal.

But if I remember right, she has already achieved her goal in July, when she hit the target.

In my eyes, it was a fluke shot. And it wasn’t in the middle but just a hit.

Though, even if it was a fluke, it meant that she had reached the level where she could accomplish that. Her improvement was fast. At least she is a lot faster than me.

“No, it’s not that, aah~… Don’t you know?!” (Hasegawa)

“About what? I don’t know at all. Aah, did you forget something?” (Makoto)

Hasegawa slightly droops her shoulders after hearing my words.

The girl hung her head down, her black hair that was tinted red by the light was swaying with the wind. Just like when I taught her about posture, her hair was put together in a side ponytail.

A pony tail will forever be one romance of us men, but a side tail also has meaning to it.

Seeing the girl with a different hair style, and helping me out in a new thing, I ended up unconsciously telling her ‘it suits you’.

That she later faithfully always came in that same hairstyle made me remember the name of the girl.

I have short hair, so I have not tried it before, but with that hair of hers, doesn’t it hurt when she puts it up like that?

“Misumi-senpai.” (Hasegawa)

The girl’s voice brings me back from my thoughts.

“Hm? What is it?” (Makoto)

If she has a problem, I have to help her solve it. Of course, it has to be in the range of what I can do. As a senpai, I want to show her my capacity.

“I have admired you for a long time. I like you. Please go out with me.” (Hasegawa)




An incredible silence. Even though there should be miscellaneous sounds, geez. I couldn’t feel or hear any of those.

…Excuse me?

What did this girl just say?




What is she even saying? I am not even that attractive. I would say it would be faster to count backwards in the ranking of good looking people. It is that kind of level.

Studying, well only in the subjects I like, but I am average.

Aside from archery, in physical ed. I am in the mid-top, no, right in the middle.

Moreover, the kohai in front of me is looking up to me, a bit, a bit!

A bit, okay?!

However, in this club, especially this girl shouldn’t have those kinds of feelings for me though?

“Sen…pai?” (Hasegawa)

After the confession, she timidly raised her lowered head. Hasegawa was looking at me fervently.

You have to look a bit more up—Wait, now is not the time for that! 

“Nonono. Wait, wait please.” (Makoto)

I picture the situation. To be able to comprehend the present scenario, I have to ask a number of questions to the girl. First, from the most important point.

“You, what is it you said the first day you registered to the club?” (Makoto)

“What?” (Hasegawa)

“Even though no one asked, you certainly declared that you already had a boyfriend, didn’t you? What was that? Are you telling me you already broke up with him?!” (Makoto)

“About that… Before I entered the club, my friends told me of Ibuki-senpai. I thought I had to have some protection so I unintentionally…” (Hasegawa)

“It was a lie?!” (Makoto)

“Yes.” (Hasegawa)

What encouraging words! I mean, to think her friends would be worried to the point of being cautious when she decided to join, all because of that bad friend of mine, Ibuki (tears).

“But you, when I tried to correct your posture, you tried to hit me with the bow going ‘Hiaaaa!!!’ or something like that. You screamed quite loudly there.” (Makoto)

That’s why, for the sake of her not misunderstanding, I kept in mind to have the slightest amount of skinship with her.

At first I used the method of asking one of the girl members to teach her what I told her, but…it would take the hands of double the people, so I decided it was extremely pointless and stopped it.

To fall in love because of that?! No, that is impossible! If that was it, I would already have a girlfriend by now!

How unpopular am I? Well, it is to the point that I want to seal it in my dark history. That’s how unpopular I know I am.

If I recount them one by one, I would end up standing here all day, so I would like to refrain from it!

“That is…because you touched me so suddenly, so I unintentionally did that. Senpai came from behind me when my heart wasn’t prepared yet, so…” (Hasegawa)

“Aah~ I see. I am sorry. Hey, Hasegawa.” (Makoto)

“Yeah?” (Hasegawa)

“I am sorry, I have no intention of going out with you. This may be old but I want to begin dating when I fall in love. That’s why, even if you suddenly tell me that, I can’t accept it.” (Makoto)

This opportunity may not come twice but, ‘I will like her after I date’, I have some opposition to that kind of thinking. 

If I love someone, I will confess from my side, and then if she accepts, we will date. That’s how I like it.

I do think it’s stupid. Ibuki also tells me that a lot. ‘Then, if there is a girl that likes you and confesses to you, you will wait until you have the same feelings for her to confess and refuse all those girls?’ Is what he said.

‘What is wrong with falling in love while dating?’ Those words he told me, I thought they were correct and I understand them, but my feelings just won’t accept it no matter what. I am a fool.

“I don’t wanna!” (Hasegawa)

“Eeeeh?!” (Makoto)

What is with this turn of events?

This is not in my dictionary.

“Then it’s fine if it’s just a testing period! After that, please fall in love with me! Is that no good, senpai? Ma…Makoto-san!” (Hasegawa) (TLN: to say your first name is a really intimate thing in Japan)


What is with this god-like development? Game? What kind of love game is this?

Even with opportunism, this is too much! This is way too convenient for the boy. What was even taken into account for things to become like this?!

I panic slightly.

“H-Hey, Hasegawa! You…is that fine with you?!” (Makoto)

“Please call me Nukumi! Or is it that you… you actually already have another girl in your heart?!” (Hasegawa)

“No, there is no such thing, but…” (Makoto)

A pushy tone. This is what being pressured is like, huh.

Furthermore, when I tried to think for a bit and lower my head, a body that was developing well, which I could tell even with her uniform on, entered my sight. I couldn’t just rudely look at it.

My sight was shifting to her breasts!

In the end, I had to talk with her while staring directly at her face.

“It’s okay, right?! A test period. If after that you still reject me, I won’t cry!” (Hasegawa)

That’s a lie! You will definitely cry with the current flow.


I can’t reject her.

“Well, if you are really fine with it. But I want to hear one thing first. Why me? It’s sad for me to say it but…what did you fall for?” (Makoto)

“The appearance of senpai using the bow just like now.” (Hasegawa)

“You were watching?!” (Makoto)


“After the first time I saw it, every time you stayed last, I would always watch you.” (Hasegawa)

“…And?” (Makoto)

“I thought it was incredibly beautiful. After that moment, I practiced with the bow every day, not only in the club and without having interest in anything else. I tried my very best to join this place, so when I passed, my objective suddenly vanished.” (Hasegawa)

“…” (Makoto)

“Then, seeing senpai’s figure a number of times, I…” (Hasegawa)

“You were watching me a number of times?!” (Makoto)

I didn’t even notice. What a blunder.

“I began thinking that I wanted to know more about this person. That’s why I joined the archery club.” (Hasegawa)

So it was from the very beginning. To think my private enjoyment after training had been seen, moreover, by someone who wasn’t even a member. From now on, I should refrain from— I can’t do it. Let’s just be more alert of my surroundings from now on.

“To tell you after I joined was… no good anymore, so…” (Hasegawa)

“I, I see. Thanks, Hasegawa. I’m a little happy.” (Makoto)

I stopped the girl who tried to continue with some words of gratitude. She felt something for me after watching me use the bow. This is the first time I have heard that from a girl from my own generation after all.

“It is Nu.Ku.Mi!” (Hasegawa)

“I’m sorry. This isn’t something that can be fixed with effort. For now, please forgive me. And just go back home for today. It’s late and dark already after all. The station is close so you should be fine, right?” (Makoto)

It should be fine for me to say that I will accompany her there but, as expected, I couldn’t say it.

“Ah, yes! I somehow feel refreshed, after saying it. Senpai, in the summer vacations, let’s play a whole lot, okay?” (Hasegawa)

“Yeah, I am looking forward to it.” (Makoto)

I wave at her. Suddenly, I feel a creaking and uncomfortable feeling. I felt as if something inside me cried out loud.

I have been confessed to for the ‘first time’ in my life, an incredibly important event. To feel a bit odd in the middle of seeing her off is not strange.

Well, I myself have not confessed ever before -yet.

“Wa~ I was surprised. To think this would ever happen to me.” (Makoto)

Putting on my shoes, I decided to finally leave the dojo.

“You are leaving pretty late, Misumi.”

At that place.

“Yukari.” (Makoto)

The classmate that I think will most likely become the captain.

With her back leant to the outer wall she looked at me with a pretty awkward expression.


“It is a bit surprising. Misumi has begun walking as well” (Azuma)

“Y, yeah” (Makoto)

Me and Azuma Yukari. From the gate of the school I accompanied Azuma on the way home.

There’s no doubt she saw the life changing event that happened just now.

I feel that Azuma is unusually nervous, no doubt about it.

At these kinds of moments, what should I talk about? I seriously don’t know.

“I didn’t think I would happen to witness such a scene. When I am watching the guys from the club, it is not something impossible, but…” (Azuma)

Spilling a bitter smile, Azuma looks at me. Her eye height should be the same as mine, yet I felt like it was a bit higher right now. I am still in my teens, so I still have room for growth, right?!

“But, I am sorry! I didn’t expect such a situation to happen to you! It’s not like I came here knowing it would happen, so I’m truly sorry!” (Azuma)

“What’s bothering you is incredibly rude. Though it hurts that I can’t say anything against that!” (Makoto)

Mu~ I groan.

Now that I think about it.

Azuma must have something to talk to me about if she is waiting for me here. She is not the type to peek at the conversations of others after all.

She has a tomboy personality. It’s not only because of that but it makes it easy to talk with her.

It’s an envious type that makes her popular to both men and women.

Even if I say so, her body is not thin but has a healthy looking style and makes me think that she looks femenine. Leaving the precocious-looking Hasegawa aside. I implore you, please share some height with me.

Well, it’s not like being bigger is better.

Her excellent style and her proportions being in the proper place gives her a passing mark, is what I think.

Inside of me, Azuma is viewed as an attractive girl. If there was a ranking of the ideal girlfriends, within the school, she would without doubt be amongst the top.

By the way, there exists a secret onee-sama (TL: older sis) ranking and she placed second. That there were quite a lot of third years participating as well is the terrifying part. (TN: Because she is in second-year)

To make even the seniors yearn for her, hehe -let’s restrain ourselves here.

“Well, it’s okay. So, don’t you also have business with me?” (Makoto)

Hm? Wait a moment. That she also has some business with me…could it be?

It is that feeling again…

“Well, yeah” (Azuma)

The voice of Azuma seemed to have some hesitation. Her tone was also one level lower. Then, is this really what I think it is?!

“Did you also see me while I was committing myself in ‘hitting the middle’?!” (Makoto)

“Hah?! Why bring that out so suddenly? Well I have seen it though.” (Azuma)

“No way… I thought no one had seen it.” (Makoto) 

I was in agony. I was holding my head with both hands.

It was my secret time. It was for that reason that I agreed to clean everything after everyone was gone!!

What a situation!!

Azuma is making a face like ‘what is it after so long’. 

I writhe even more!! I faint in agony!

“Well, occasionally. And it’s not like you closed up the dojo, so there was no secret to begin with.” (Azuma)

“But the archery dojo is at the outskirts of the school, you know? When the club activities finish and everyone goes home, there should be no one remaining!” (Makoto)

“If someone forgot anything, it would be busted in a second though.” (Azuma)

“I properly make sure there is no such thing before I begin, so there is no way.” (Makoto)

“Why are you talking like a spoiled child? Even if there are no such things, there are people that would come anyways thinking so, right? More like, that is how it happened with me.” (Azuma)

“Is your memory serving you, right?!” (Makoto)

“Well I am a human after all.” (Azuma)

Wu wu, I feel like I have been completely defeated.

“I will continue the conversation, okay?” (Azuma)

Azuma-san looks at me as if pitying me.

It’s okay, just continue with what you wanted to say.

Surrendering, I nod. When I return home, I will begin a new game. It would be nice if it heals me.

“Today, you see, before beginning the club activities, the senpais called me and told me if I wanted to be the next captain.” (Azuma)

“And?” (Makoto)

What is she trying to tell me? More like, everyone thinks you are the number one candidate, you know?

“And?! Can’t you have a bit more of a reaction than that?!” (Azuma)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

This time it was the turn of Azuma to get flustered. I wasn’t really trying to mess with her, since I honestly answered her here though. Because I can tell she is speaking seriously here.

I am a black belt at reading the mood, proportional to how ugly my face is. 

“Let me ask you in another way. Aside from you, who else can it be?” (Makoto)

“Eh, ah, well that, umm…you, maybe?” (Azuma)

There, she suddenly shoots at me who is completely out of range.

“You know, I won’t be appearing in tournaments. I won’t be doing outside matches, so what would happen to the top people of our club? Moreover, this club has always been succeeded by women.” (Makoto)

That’s right. Aside from the fact that I won’t participate in matches, in our club, for some reason, the captain has always been a woman.

“You say that but I think you have the ability to overturn that though.” (Azuma)

“Hey hey.” (Makoto)

“Besides, the one that is most respected in the club is probably you.” (Azuma)

“Hey hey hey!” (Makoto)

What is going on here? The Azuma today is unusually negative.

For a girl like her that would cheerfully break a bamboo in two, this is really unusual.

“It’s because those senpai don’t know your true ability. I tried to recommend you but, in the end, they said that they want me to do it.” (Azuma)

What kind of dangerous recommendation are you making? That sort of discussion was not brought up to the other girls, so I was sure that would not happen though.

To think it was a paper thin chance. Live lazily, lazily.

Is it my imagination? I could hear my cold sweat running down.

The two of us that were walking together are now in the middle of a long downhill. When we finished crossing this, we arrived at the market area. There were lots of people passing by, but we were the only ones who were returning from school at this time.

“Hey.” (Azuma)

Azuma, saying that, turns her face to me.

When I turn to respond to her, she tightly holds both of my arms around the elbow with her two hands and turns my body to face her.

Of course, we face each other.

I felt that the strength of the two hands that held me had weakened a bit.

“Misumi, would you please be the captain?” (Azuma)

“Azuma, I can’t do that. Just like I thought, everyone in the club also thinks that you should be the captain. We think you can manage to.” (Makoto)

“That…if Misumi just shows a round in front of everyone, it should be fine! If you show them how you can pierce the previous arrow with another one, they would all turn obedient!” (Azuma)

“Azuma!” (Makoto)

I was puzzled about what I should do but I shook off the hands of the girl that held me and, instead, I took hold of both of her shoulders.

Her body was shaking slightly. The moment I held her, she trembled heavily, and then stopped. Her eyes seemed to grow slightly cloudy.

Sadly, I can’t choose the words that she wants to hear. That Azuma has the capacity to be the captain is clear after all. That’s why I have to give her self-confidence.

“This may sound mediocre, but I know that you can do it. The people around you will surely cooperate as well. No, I will make them do it! Anyhow, you, try doing it, okay?” (Makoto)

“Really?” (Azuma)

Is she scared? I haven’t yelled at Azuma even once. More like, she was so impeccable that there was no need to. A person that is fun to be beside with.

That’s right, this girl has never shown me her weak side. That’s why seeing the Azuma in front of me is a bit hard for me.

“Yeah, I assure you. Of course, I will be helping as well.” (Makoto)

“Then, will you be the vice-captain?” (Azuma)

“Yeah, of course I wi— Huh?!” (Makoto)

“You will do it, right?” (Azuma)

Was I set up?

Was I…used?

No, we are talking about Azuma. This must be how she really felt.

I feel that I can’t refuse at all. To refuse her here is like trying to refuse the king’s request and getting caught in an infinite loop. It is that level of impossible!

“That’s cheap. Yes yes, I will do it. I will be vice-captain. In these long years to come, please take care of me, future leader.” (Makoto)

“Heeeh~ then is it okay if I ask one more thing?” (Azuma)

With her still cloudy eyes, she shows me a smile.

A creak. Again, something is…

An alarm is ringing. And it’s even stronger than before. What is this?

“Hey, go out with me.” (Azuma)

“Ah~ yes yes. Wait, waaaa?!” (Makoto)

“Aha! It’s good to try. Please take care of me, boyfriend~♫” (Azuma)

“Wa wa wa wa” (Makoto)

“What~ is it~?” (Azuma)

“Don’t ‘what is it?’ me! You were watching, right?!” (Makoto)

The event where I was confessed to.

The answer of the uncool me and the ‘result’ of it.

“Yeah.” (Azuma)

She gave me a really dull answer.

I don’t know this. This kind of Azuma, I have never seen it before. This kind of ‘girly’ Azuma.

“But you are in a testing period with Hasegawa, right? I don’t mind it, you know?” (Azuma)

“Wa?!” (Makoto)

It’s like telling me I can two-time.

That Azuma is? To the kohai that also confessed to me and is in the same club?

*Creak, creak*

I felt a pain that was as if something was screwing inside my mind, and the alarms continued as if accompanying it.

This is wrong. This is not Azuma.

“This kind of thing never happened in reality!” (Makoto)

Again. The same feeling of being watched that I felt in the dojo. But there is something different!

“Don’t think that deeply about it. Me and that girl are okay with just being tested. You can freely taste us, and then, choose the one you like. If it’s Misumi, I am okay with being second, you know?” (Azuma)

With a refreshing face, Azuma gently walks a step forward – – -towards me. Her hands were placed on top of my chest. Did she bend her knees a little? Her face closed onto my cheek.

*Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak!*

Yeah, it’s wrong!

The smell of Azuma’s hair instills a desire in me. But…!!

This is wrong! It wasn’t ‘like this’!

In reality… 

In the memories inside of me…!

It was something that had left a much much worse aftertaste.


The pain of the alarm weakens. In exchange, the surroundings began to wane. Is this the fault of the tears? No, that’s not it!

It was a heavy memory, but it was still an important one! It-It wasn’t a stupid thing like this!!

Hasegawa and Azuma.

They were stubborn, but they weren’t that resilient about it! The two people that I had hurt!

That’s why…this is…

My head begins to knock. The alarm continues. But it’s weak. That’s right, that alarm is my reality.

“This is not my reality.” (Makoto)

How frail. I am ashamed of the me that was played to this point.

I am ashamed of the me that must have wanted these two to do this kind of foolish play.

The tears that flowed from my regrets, I wiped them off with my sleeves.

The world was warping heavily.

To think this is an illusion.

I, who had already understood the general situation, am now firmly looking at the world around me once again.

There I am, just inside a deep, very deep mist.

“That wasn’t on the level of an illusion. Damn it, damn it!!” (Makoto)

If I am a bit careless, I will surely be swallowed by that illusion again. Next time, with what kind of carnal desire…which other person that I can’t meet anymore will I tarnish?

I don’t want to see that kind of thing again. I will not be able to take it.

But before I think of a clear way to get out of here, I have to hit the walls of this small world at least once or my heart won’t settle.

I have to clear away this regret and pitifulness. No, I can’t go without doing so.

“Shen, I thank you for reminding me of my pitifulness.” (Makoto)

I found the wall without effort. The walls that enclose me in this deep mist.

I am sorry Ibuki. My important bad friend. I have always wanted to tell you something, and because of my diffidence, I wasn’t able to tell you.

But this is another world. In the words of another country, comparing this to a well or the hole of a tree wouldn’t be a problem, right? <TLN: People normally shout their pains in a well to refresh themselves.>

The friend of mine from the previous world. His actions after seeing my shameful sights float inside my mind.

Of course, I was too ashamed to say anything, so I just labelled him as the one who was in the wrong. The face of me that I wanted to hit ‘also’ appeared inside of me.

“Anyways, you…!” (Makoto)

My passion was cooling down, so I whispered the aria of brid multiple times.

“Calling out one girl after the other!!” (Makoto)

A red light revolves and envelops my right hand and forms a spherical shape. It may be my imagination but I felt that the power of this was a lot higher than the last time I used it.

It’s most likely because of the tension!!

I stand firm on the surface with my left leg as if trying to bring it down.

Using the way of shooting a straight I saw in a boxing manga as reference!

In my hand I carried the fire ball!

“I am already tired of your shit Ibukiiii!!!” (Makoto)

To my club friend, to the friend Ibuki that has received who knows how many talents from heaven, I hit the wall with all of my strength along with all of my dissatisfaction!!


Explanation: Yeah, the chapter may not be very clear and it’s trying to be ‘mysterious’ in the past of MC. So what happened in reality we don’t know yet.

But what happened here must have been REALLY, REALLY close to reality. For example: the part he was tricked into becoming a vice-captain or when he was confessed. It may all have been true except for the parts where even after being rejected they still continued attacking.

Now the relationship between Ibuki and MC that everyone is having issues with. Ibuki is a bad friend of MC. He laughed at MC’s misery every time he had the chance. He is also a womanizer and is a very talented person so MC doesn’t like him and I don’t either. The end 🙂

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      Let me get this out first. Higashi and Hasegawa dont have in any way feeling for Ibuki. I would really feel grossed out by them if they used Makoto for that. The two of them most likely have feelings for Makoto. Hasegawa in reality might have even confessed to him but we dont know if that happened in reality yet

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        About fervently sentence, the raw was:
        And should be translated as “Please call me Nukumi!”

        She also emphasized (or forced lol) him to call her by first name in the following dialog
        「そ、そっか。長谷川、ありがとな。ちょっと嬉しい」-> “S, So ? Thank you, Hasegawa. I’m a little happy”
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