Chapter 6: Uncertainty, the first fight is a boss

Fangs that would easily crush a human being were approaching me right in front of my eyes.

I have a superhuman body, so I can stop it. Come ahead and try.

Like hell I would say that! There is nothing in this world more unreliable than me!!

This is a set thing, no, a reality would not be an exaggeration!

I jumped behind it in panic.

The dragon, without minding that its bite had missed, began to draw near me again. Another bite attack!

Now that I think about it, it is really hard to predict the movements of a snake flying in midair?!

“What?!” (Shen)

Turning my body, I jump to the side.

Safe! I am still alive.

I don’t let the dragon out of my sight. By seeing the size of the giant mouth that can easily crunch me down, I am able to somehow determine the size of its head.

I try to figure out how big its whole body is.

What, so it’s many times bigger than a bullet train, huh. I am not sure of its length though.

I’m going to die!!

What a stupid turn of events, supervisor!! Hey, Bug! Come out, Bug!!

You should certainly have a legendary weapon or legendary armor lying over there, right?!

The mist has finally come all the way down here.

I can’t see my surroundings clearly nor my own hands.

I can’t even see where I am standing.

There is such a big dragon so close to me, yet I can’t even see its figure.

Moreover, if the dragon moves, the mist should also undulate with it. But the mist stays calm, right in place.

The one creating that mist is certainly that dragon Shen, huh. No fair.

To top it off, its presence.

To not even be able to feel that is just too weird. This mist is not a normal mist after all.

Disadvantageous; this is an incredibly disadvantageous situation.

Chills run down the back of my neck.

I run at that moment and then turn my head to look behind.

A giant mouth was there.

“Is it fair that I can’t feel its presence this much?!” (Makoto)

I don’t have space to return blows.

When you are fighting an opponent with a giant body, the first thing one must think is the opening in its attacks and the time to get a blow in. It’s established that you must evade and defend every single blow that your opponent does -probably.

Anyways, the conclusion I have reached from all my action games and fighting games is that, in these moments, I should just calm down. In this kind of situation, I can’t defend carelessly.

But I can’t see its body and it’s able to suddenly appear behind me and chomp. In that case, I can’t even counter! What a shitty game system!

Like fighting the last boss in a new fighting game you got.

Moreover, after that snake-like body, comes the head.

If I evade its attack, that head would come right in front of me to chomp me. That’s why I can’t take that moment to get one hit to its body. And I don’t even know if there are claws added to the mix as well.

What should I do?! What should I do?!

3 blue cards began to float inside of my head. Well, aren’t we pretty composed here? Let’s see…

  1. You should just evade it with guts and then get a hit in!
  2. Then just clear away the mist, now go ahead and blow some wind!
  3. The one who hits first wins! Attack randomly!

The first one seems impossible. My sixth sense is telling me that I can’t attack in that situation.

Second one. Call Zhuge Liang.

Third one. Lowering my attack strength and relying on speed to hit all over the place. Anyways, I could throw fireballs all over the place and locate the enemy. And in the location I confirm, I will shoot a fire arrow.

Yes, that’s it. The third one sounds doable.

More like, this is the limit of what I can think up with my brain.

I just have to do it. In this close to zero distance, I don’t think I will be able to last long. If I fall into a panic, I will be hunted down.

~Shen POV~

Enveloping him in the mist, I will make my opponent conscious of my attacks, and then drag him into ‘Asora’ and kill him.

I am, in the dragons’ ranks, one of the most superior ones. I am called ‘invincible’.

But the reason for my being invincible is because of my power, ‘Asora’.

Using my mist as an intermediary, I am able to drag anything that my mist has seized into a world that I have created.

In that world, I can limit magic, and I can bend the laws of physics.

For me to lose at that place is impossible. The me inside Asora is not my real body after all.

My body is in some way detached, so even if I lose there, my real body will not be there anymore.

The moment I dragged him there, I could just withdraw after all. I can attack him onesidedly.

In the past, there have been no events where I haven’t been able to eliminate my enemy in Asora.

And I plan to do just that to the fool that destroyed my gate.

Before the mist arrived I bit two times; the moment it arrived, I just needed to use it as an intermediary and take him away to Asora. With that it should have been the end.


I couldn’t drag him away.

No matter how many times I tried, it felt like forcefully trying to put something big inside a small hole. (TLN: hehe~)

Was the door I made too small?

Then, I will just have to hunt him down inside this mist.

I tried attacking him from behind.

But he somehow was able to detect me and evade it.

What an incredibly troublesome hyuman. I can’t kill him with this.

I have to check why I can’t drag him to Asora.

How can he evade me in this mist that is supposed to wane all senses. Is that just a coincidence?

If this continues, my invincible title will begin to sway.

If the one who instigated him to do this is another superior dragon, then I have to certainly settle this score.

I have only been sleeping in this extremity of the world, so I don’t know of any negativity I have instilled though.

If it’s just because it envies my title of invincible, then I won’t forgive it. No matter what enemy it is, I will bring it down.

I inspect the state of the hyuman. On my side, I can see him clearly.

Is that a fireball? He is throwing them here and there.

Too bad for him, I have resistance to elements. At that level, I will be able to easily bear it.

This was a mistake.

I began to circle my prey while being cautious of it. Of course, I was reading the trajectory of the brids and evading them but…

One of them got me.

It hit my body.

It didn’t hurt one bit, but the mist surrounding me cleared slightly. My scaled body was now in clear sight.

It was a speed that could be said only took an instant.

The hyuman, concentrating his magic power, created immediately an abnormally condensed brid…and accurately pointed it at my body.

I tried to bend my body up to evade it but…I couldn’t make it. 

In just an instant, it came sharply to me as if it was an arrow and ‘pierced’ my body.

My body that is resistant to fire; the same brid that I shouldn’t feel the heat from; a hyuman’s brid.


It pierced me with unbelievable speed and exploded.

Tremendous heat and pain.

“Agyaaaaaa!!!!” (Shen)

Without noticing that the blast had cleared away most of the mist around.

I, for the first time in my life, had done the thing called scream.

My body, what has become of my body?!

Not noticing my own situation, the me at that time hurriedly checked the place that had received the attack.

The part that had received that atrocious attack had been half burned and gouged out.

The inside of my head that had gone blank with amazement was soon filled with rage.

With bloodshot eyes, I search for that hyuman!

This is not a prey anymore. He is not a prey that I should hunt, he is a sworn enemy I must destroy!

But at this moment, I shouldn’t have grown anxious about my wound.

I shouldn’t have lost sight of him.

Searching for him, I had finally found him in my field of vision!

He was in a close blind spot of mine.

What is this, what is this, what is this thing!!

“Desperation Hand Thrust!” (Makoto)

Saying something I couldn’t understand well, he drives his fist into my cheek.

Feeling like a hammer had hit me, the insides of my head felt like stars were whirling. This is not the physical strength of a hyuman! It’s like an Ogre or a Giant, or maybe even stronger than that?!

“If that isn’t enough then! Backhand Fist!” (Makoto)

Moreover, he attacks me in the same place!!

It was not in the same proportion as the last one!

It’s an outrageous power. Not only my face, all of my body is sent in the opposite direction.

But a reward has come after all the damage!

With this, I will be able to once again slip into my mist.

I correct myself. This hyuman is dangerous, he is clearly not normal. There is no doubt that he is under the divine protection of someone.

As expected, it’s one of the superior dragons? He is a hyuman, this kind of strengthening is just unbelievable.

Then, that means… a God?!

That ever changing Goddess?!

If it’s that, then it wouldn’t be that impossible. But this hyuman has the appearance of a normal person.

He doesn’t look like a person who would be able to gain the affection of that Goddess.

Then, who in the world… I will not back down from the pain, this is my first time getting hit in the face. The burned part in my body still hurts.

Just what—!


“Why…in the place I am in…?” (Shen)

Now, on my right side…he is…he is there.

No way. It should be impossible inside this mist. It’s true that it has become thinner, but for him to be able to…

“Now that it has come to this, I will use my certain-kill skill…” (Makoto)

His hand began to grow red. He said a really dangerous word. W-What is he…trying to do?

“Frog Jump UPPER!!” (Makoto)

He drives his fist onto my chin.


“Become a STAAAARR!!!” (Makoto)

Half of my body was sent flying by his fist. And just like that, my body crumbled in the opposite direction.

I could barely sustain my consciousness…

Even if I hadn’t perished yet, this was an overwhelmingly dangerous dilemma.

What a humiliation.

I will not care about the methods I utilize. 

In my collapsed state, I pretend that I have lost consciousness and begin searching for his location inside the mist.

I silently breathe a mist that is used for mirages.

Even without Asora, my powers are not that simple.

My true nature is mirage. I can peek into the memories of my target, and after that, I can  reproduce illusions that my enemy wants or doesn’t want.

If I make a barrier of deep mist and pour in my power. I can make the illusion even more real to the point that it’s no different from reality.

For some reason, I can’t drag this guy to Asora.

Then, taking this sudden situation into account, I will just trap him inside this mist and ‘keep him’ until he dies.

It’s no good if it’s an illusion he doesn’t want. There might be problems if he struggles.

Showing him an illusion he wants, inside that happiness, he will die of starvation. Hyuman, no matter how strengthened you are, you should definitely die within 10 days.

If 10 days is not enough, 1 month —I can even go on for 1 year.

With my new resolution, I search for the hyuman.

To think I would have to play dead and that I had to choose a way of killing that was like trying to curry favor.

The man breathes with his back straightened.

But this is just him pretending. The mist around him is telling me that that man has not lowered his guard. What a thorough attitude.

Slowly edging, he checks his surroundings. And without a single bit of negligence, he went ‘out of the mist’.

This time surely, his guard will slacken. It’s something normal. There is no doubt that ‘he went out of the mist’…or so he thinks!

He didn’t chant an aria!

Now. The place he is in is a scenery of ‘out of the mist’ that I projected, but it’s still ‘inside the mist’.

I can do it!

I open my eyes! 

The hyuman jumps out in a single breath. As expected. To think he can move to that extent.

But you are too late.

“This is the end” (Shen)

With flooding emotions, I create a square space wrapped up by a barrier of mist.


Images taken from Tsuki ga Michibiku manga that is translated by /AK/ scans

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