Chapter 2: The rise of the TS medic

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Chapter 2


“How long are you planning on sleeping, you maggots!” 

4th day since I was stationed in the western frontlines.

“Our unit is about to invade enemy territory at this very instance! Do your preparations swiftly!” 

“Yes sir.” 

I was woken up by the shouting of Captain Gaback tomorrow morning, at a time when the sun hasn’t even risen. 

My brain isn’t working cause I just woke up, but it seems like we are sortieing right now. 

Uuh…my whole body hurts because I was sleeping on the ground. I miss the bed in the orphanage. 

“Captain Gaback… Eh, right now-ssu ka?!” 

“You idiot! Don’t talk back to an order!” (Gaback)

I immediately began to change and inspect my equipment, but my colleague private…if I remember correctly, it is Sarsa-kun. He asked unnecessarily and got a knuckle sandwich. 

Aah, why did you go out of your way to step on a landmine?

“But if you were to tell us with time instead of right before…” (Sarsa)

“You…could it be that you are a spy?! Why is there any reason to explain to you the important military affairs?!” (Gaback)

“I-I am sorry! It hurts, so please don’t punch me!” (Sarsa)

That’s right. 

There’s no way we low rank soldiers would be told when we will be deployed. 

We are told all of a sudden to sortie in this fashion. 

“Maryu foot-soldier squad, 3 people, preparations completed.” 

“Allen scout unit, 2 people, preparations completed.” 

“Touri medic private, preparations completed.” 

“Private S-Sarsa, preparations completed!” 


The platoon of Gaback is a platoon composed of 10 people under the command of sergeant Gaback. 

The reason why there’s not even 10 people as of present is because 3 people died 4 days ago in battle. 

Private Sarsa replenished the numbers as per the request of the captain, leading to us being 8 people. 

By the way, Sarsa-kun is a rookie who arrived in this frontline just 4 days ago. Basically, the same time as me. 

“The Maryu squad at the front, and the Allen unit stay by my side. Touri and Sarsa, follow right behind me.” 

“Understood, Captain.” 

The soldiers respond to Captain Gaback with fearless faces. 

Actually, I have been taught by the Medical Division Chief Gale for these 3 days, so I still haven’t even greeted them. 

I am basically going to be coordinating suddenly with people I have not spoken to that much. 

I am worried. 

But it might be good that I don’t need to force myself to get along with them. 

The chances of everyone here welcoming the night alive are low after all. 


“Ooh, as expected of the sorcery division. We barely have any work left.” 

The attack of today began with a long range bombardment from the sorcery division. 

They have taken several hours to slowly burn down the enemy encampment and the traps. 

This is the common strategy of this world.

They kill the enemy soldiers with a bombardment of offensive magic before attacking with foot-soldiers. 

That’s apparently how you secure territory with the least casualties. 

“That’s impressive.” (Touri)

“It is vexing, but the main leads of this war are them. We rush into the enemies with desperation and cut down their heads, but those guys who are stealthily shooting magic from far away can create far more harm to the enemy than us.” (Gaback)

“Then why don’t we bombard them every day?” (Touri)

“That’s because they eat up a large amount of magic crystals in order to activate big spells. We would run out of funds no matter how bottomless if we were to shoot them every day.” (Gaback)

‘Also’ -the captain continued…

“If the enemy were to read our attack and empty the encampment that we were planning on bombarding, we would suffer a great loss. We can’t do this unless we are absolutely certain they are in their camp.” (Gaback)

“I see. This has been illuminating.” (Touri)

“Good. Then, we will charge 5 minutes later, as soon as the bombardment ends. The current strategy of the platoon is to advance to the river bank, and secure the river in coordination with the other units if possible.” (Gaback)

The captain showed a ferocious smile as he declared this and unsheathed the bayonet on his waist. 

“Now, it is the beginning of the slaughter. Let’s change the rotten invaders into stray dog excrement.” (Gaback)

We of the Gaback Platoon charged onto the enemy grounds with those words. 


The result was disastrous.

“Captain! Fire is spewing out from everywhere and—” 

“Damn it!” 

To our surprise, there was no one at the place we were charging towards. 

There wasn’t a single corpse of a garlandian at the place we ran to -just a burned enemy camp. 

The captain made a dubious face after seeing this, and after hearing the eventual screams of the surroundings, he hurriedly gave the order to retreat.

“We are falling back! This place will be under concentrated bombardment soon! The freakin’ plan has been predicted. What are the tacticians doing?!” (Gaback)

“H-Help me! I am dying! I am burning to death!” (Sarsa)

“Sarsa, burn to death! You slowpoke!” (Gaback)

Private Sarsa is rolling around after being bathed by the fire that suddenly welled up from empty ground. 

It is most likely a trap called an implanted magic circle. 

You get burned to a crisp if you step on it. 

It is like a crafty landmine. 

They set this trap beforehand, so the offensive today must really have been exposed by the enemy. 

“Please roll around the ground aggressively as you are doing! I will extinguish it with dirt!” (Touri)

“H-Hot! Quick, quick!” (Sarsa)

“Heave-ho!” (Touri)

I couldn’t abandon a colleague, so I threw dirt at him to help out in extinguishing the fire. 

And then, I run together with the captain and the others who have already begun retreating. 

“M-My leg!!” (Sarsa)

“…Got it. Please wait for a bit.” (Touri)

But Sarsa couldn’t run properly and collapsed in place. 

Now that I look closely, his legs were covered in blisters and weren’t in a state where he can walk. 

“…[Heal]…[Heal]…” (Touri)

“Ah, haaah…” (Sarsa)

“I have overlapped the casts. It should have gotten a bit better even with my lacking magic, right?” (Touri)

My healing magic is only as effective as a charm. 

The leg of Sarsa was less swollen now that I healed him repeatedly. 

He is still severely injured, but I can’t use spells more than 2 times consecutively. 

“I am sorry if you can’t run even with that. I will have to abandon you, Sarsa.” (Touri)

“Ugh!” (Sarsa)

“I don’t have the physical strength to run while shouldering you.” (Touri)

“Got it. I will run. I will, so please don’t abandon me!” (Sarsa)

He stood on the ground with the leg that is most likely hurting intensely and began running again. 

I confirm this and resume retreating at full speed. 

Looks like the magic bombardment of the enemy has begun, and I could hear explosive sounds and screams from here and there. 

“Haah, haah, haah! I am seriously…going to die…from this…!” (Sarsa)

“Yeah, we have to pray to the heavens. Let’s pray that the bombardment won’t come our way.” (Touri)

We ran.

We chased after our seniors who had already ran far ahead of us, and ran with reckless abandon as we feared the explosive sounds. 

Sounds of explosions from all directions that are most likely from the attacks of enemies as well as powerful fire roaring. 

There wouldn’t be a piece of us left if we were to get hit directly by that. 


I wasn’t someone with stamina to begin with. 

I was a feeble gaming addict in my previous life, and in this life I was a bookworm that was cooped inside the library of the orphanage. 

I can run thanks to the abnormal amount of adrenaline being pumped into me due to the threat I feel to my life, but this is physical exertion to a degree where I would have lost consciousness a long time ago. 

“I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die! I haven’t paid back my momma at all!” (Sarsa)

“Please run if you have the energy to shout.” (Touri)

Sarsa was beyond energetic. 

His legs were hurting to an unbearable degree, but it seems like he has the leeway to run while shouting. 

I only taste blood for a while now every time I breathe though. 



After running for 100 meters by the side of the endlessly noisy Sarsa…we were extremely lucky that we both were not directly hit by the magic and managed to retreat to our own camp. 

The bombardment of the enemy should not reach us here. 


“Hm? O-Oi, Touri?!” (Sarsa)

I don’t remember anything of what happened right after reaching the goal. 

I apparently lost consciousness.

I heard that I was carried to the medical facility by Sarsa-kun. 


“You massive idiot!!” 

Once I woke up, I was summoned by the captain and what was awaiting me was his iron fist. 

“Why did you use healing magic without my permission? Why did you ignore my order to retreat and go to save Sarsa?!” (Gaback)

“Sorry.” (Touri)

Looks like me helping Sarsa and getting late in retreating was against orders. 

That wasn’t my intention, but it would be better for me not to say anything unnecessary. 

“Did you get attached since you joined at the same time? How much trouble do you think you caused the surroundings because of you?!” (Gaback)

“…I don’t know.” (Touri)

“I see. Let me tell you then. By chance. Purely by chance you and I managed to return without being hit by the enemy attacks. Extremely lucky, eh?” (Gaback)

“Yes, extremely lucky.” (Touri)

I felt a dull impact on my stomach the moment I answered with that. 

Looks like the captain punched my stomach. 


“This is just a hypothetical. Let’s say we unfortunately got hit by a bombardment and you were to pass by late.” (Gaback)

“Ye…s…” (Touri)

“Would you have had mana to aid me?” (Gaback)

He then slapped me over and over. 

And at the end, the captain kicked me with full force. 

“That’s what you did. You exposed my life to danger for the sake of saving a rookie that’s below a maggot.” (Gaback)

“My deepest apologies.” (Touri)

“The permission of your superior officer is absolutely necessary in order to use healing magic! Using magic without my permission is out of the question!” (Gaback)

“I am sorry.” (Touri)

“Think as if your healing magic won’t be used for anyone but me! Why did you think I requested the replenishment of a medic?! It is so that I can get even deeper into the enemy lines and finish the war!” (Gaback)

The assault of the captain was intense. 

My uniform was torn because of how intense it was, and my sides that were peeking from it were swollen red. 

The pain was so bad that it was even a chore to speak. 

“As punishment, you won’t be getting supper today. And, you will be standing at attention in front of my tent until the sun goes down.” (Gaback)

“…Yes.” (Touri)

That was the punishment given to me. 


By the time noon went by and the sky was beginning to turn red…

Sarsa spoke to me who was made to stand there with bruises all over my face. 

“Sorry. I am so sorry.” (Sarsa)

“This was my own mistake. There’s no need for you to worry.” (Touri)

I honestly think the corporal punishment of Gaback is insane. 

It is on the level where it would affect battles from tomorrow onwards. I can only think hitting a subordinate is inefficient. 

But you could say it makes sense that I would need the permission of a superior in order to use healing magic. 

There’s no doubt it was my mistake since I didn’t confirm this and just went ahead arbitrarily. 

“But if you hadn’t saved me, I would have…” (Sarsa)

“Died, yeah. You were abandoned by the captain after all. There’s no need to worry about my own punishment, but please do feel indebted for having saved your life.” (Touri)

“O-Of course!” (Sarsa)

Sarsa was looking at me as if looking at a goddess. 

This is not good.

“If you are feeling indebted, can you share a bit of your dinner since I am hungry?” (Touri)

“…O-Okay.” (Sarsa)

“Let’s call it even with this.” (Touri)

“The debt of my life is so cheap…” (Sarsa)

I honestly have no intention of getting too along with him. 

He is someone that will almost certainly die after all. 

I have not acted together with him that much, but he is pretty careless and can’t read the atmosphere. 

He doesn’t look like an outstanding soldier that would survive till the end of the war. 

Also, I am the type that would be dealt a lot of damage if someone I get along with were to die. 

It is better to not get along with anyone to begin with if I am going to be hurt by it anyways. 

There’s no need for affection.

“Fine. Of course you would be hungry if you were to skip lunch.” (Sarsa)

“Thanks. Well then, I have to stay on attention until the sun sinks so…” (Touri)

“Alright. I was called by the Captain-dono as well, so I will be taking my leave here.” (Sarsa)

Sarsa said this, saluted, and entered the tent of the captain. 

This degree of distance is fine for a comrade in arms. 

Not getting along too much, but not being hostile. 

We can get teamwork going in battle, but don’t have much conversations in private. 

I think I will be able to do well with Sarsa-kun even if for a short period of time. 


“You stupid idiot, trash! Die!! If you want to throw away the life you barely managed to scrape, then I will personally end it for you!!!” 

“I am sorry, I am sorry, I am so—” 


A few minutes later.

He was made to stand in front of the tent with wounds worse than mine. 



Sarsa’s face was swollen and bleeding here and there. 

There’s pitch black liquid flowing endlessly from his nose, and his right arm…seems to be broken. 

This really has gone beyond the realm of punishment. 

Sarsa most likely won’t be able to endure battle unless I take care of him with healing magic for several days. 

This is inefficient no matter how I think about it. 

“Damn it. It hurts…” (Sarsa)

“Uhm, what did you do, Private Sarsa?” (Touri)

“I forgot the briefing at noon…” (Sarsa)

“Haah…” (Touri)

But this man is something else too. 

Is this the captain judging that he won’t be corrected unless punched this hard? 

“Uhm, this hurts a whole ton. Touri…can you secretly use healing magic…?” (Sarsa)

“I was scolded because I used magic without permission. I would be strangled to death by the captain if I were to use magic at the time when I am being made to stand here because of that very same reason.” (Touri)

“…Figures.” (Sarsa)

Has this man really reflected? 

Does he plan on throwing me into a storm of corporal punishment again? 

In the first place, even if it is fine to use it, I would use it on myself first. 

I am seriously injured too. 

“Also, I am sorry, Touri. I was told I won’t be having dinner…” (Touri)


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