Chapter 80: Curse Nightmare Party

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Chapter 80: 1st Nightmare Battle – 7


“Those are terrible evaluations…”

I finished my battle against I_am_Bear  and returned to the preparation space. I used the little time I had left to investigate my next opponent, Sukuna, within the realm of what I can.

The result of investigating this was…

“Well, they are valid opinions though.”

“This is ridiculous-de chu ne.”

Yeah, it is not like I don’t see any hope for winning, but it is almost impossible.

It is about whether I can land a Poison Demonic Eye – 1  Taruwiveno on him at zero distance and fatally injure him with it.

Well, it is just that there’s a path to win contrary to the presumed curse hiding in the Damavand Underground.

I can put a fight here after all.

“A grass plain, huh… The ideal would be a wetland or a river where there’s bad footing though.”

“Don’t know about this one-de chu ne.”

We have been warped to the battle stage.

The stage is a grass plain. There may be differences in how tall the grass is, but there’s plants with thin leafs growing all over the place. There’s no spots like rocks or trees where you can hide yourself in or locations where you can get an advantage in height.

It is hard to say whether this is an advantage for me or him, but I would say not having any hiding spots is a bit more advantageous for me?

“You are Taru, huh.”

“And you must be Sukuna.”

There was a man in plain attire standing 5 meters ahead of me.

His name is Sukuna.

I would say he is a regular merchant in the CNP world if I were to only look at his clothes.

But he has 4 arms as proof that he is not a normal person. The 2 of his right arms are holding 1 long spear and the 2 left arms are holding katanas respectively.

Also, the tightness of his muscles, or like, the overflowing power he has feels like it is more than what it shows.

He should not only have a face on the front but also on the back if it is just as the information states.

“I shall go at full power from the beginning. That’s the etiquette of battle after all.”

“Is that so…”

The evaluation of Sukuna in this event is outstanding.

He managed to get into the tournament at the fastest speed, and the number of players he has defeated have reached the 3 digits.

He has settled the 3 battles until now in this tournament within 30 seconds.

And from what you can tell with such short battles, he basically has put everything in his fighting style to attack… In that case, I can still deal with it somehow, but from what I have seen in the videos, there was no need to block or avoid, so I can only see it as him making it so that didn’t happen.

Yeah, there’s a chance, but if I were to lower my guard for an instant, I feel like I would be sliced down in an instant without knowing what happened.


The countdown begins.

I ready my flail and make it so that I can move at any moment.

Sukuna is staying in a natural stance in contrast, but it is not like he is looking down on me with that. It must be because that’s the appropriate stance.


<<Semi-Finals of the Main Tournament: Sukuna VS Taru. Begin.>>



The moment the countdown hit zero, I kicked the ground with everything I had and jumped diagonally to the front.

The moment I did this, the spear on Sukuna’s right arms were thrusted right at the place where I was. The blades of grass that were in his trajectory were split apart.

It was so fast that I couldn’t see his movements until the end of his motion despite having 13 eyes. It was a clean thrust with no wasted movements.

It goes without saying what would have happened if I had escaped backwards.

“You didn’t retreat. Good.”


And Sukuna had recognized that I avoided the attack and was already going for the next one… Two blades came at me from the left side as if drawing a cross.

I on the other hand blocked both blades by placing my flail diagonally, kicked the ground, and make my body float.



I used the momentum kicking the ground to knee the face of Sukuna.

What assailed my knee at that time was an impact that felt as if the bone of my knee might break… A precise butthead from Sukuna.

“It is easy to kill the ones that retreat after all.”

The spear was pulled as the blades began to dig into the handle of the flail.

These events happened in the span of 3 seconds.

I need 7 seconds at least to shoot the Poison Demonic Eye – 1.

“Is that so—guh?!”

I let go of the handle of the flail, place my right leg on the handle of Sukuna’s spear to hinder his movements, and used the strength of my wings to move to the back of Sukuna as if sliding my way there.

But one of the right arms of Sukuna had let go of the spear’s handle at some point in time.

Sukuna’s punch landed right on my stomach, hindering my actions, and bringing me into the range of the blades on the left side.

“Don’t underestimate meeee!”


I grabbed the right shoulder of Sukuna to draw my body in.

The blade of Sukuna got to my leg at that same time, severing it, and the information coming from the eye at my foot was gone.

But sacrificing a leg as someone who can fly in the sky is better than getting a direct hit from the blades and dying instantly.

“Nice resolve.”

The eyes at the back of Sukuna’s head made contact with mine.

6 seconds elapsed.

I have to survive for 4 more seconds.

Attacks from the back are difficult for me because of how my body is structured.

That should be the same for Sukuna who has 4 arms.

In that case, I should be able to survive for just 4 seconds. Just when I thought this far…

“Then, I shall answer in kind.”


My body flew in the sky along with Sukuna’s.

Looks like he plans on crushing me with the weight of his body.

And if I try to escape unskillfully from this, I will end up being torn up by the blades in his hand.



My body is being crushed.

But it doesn’t hurt that much thanks to Floating.

I am not letting go of Sukuna’s body either.


That’s right. There’s no way I can do such a wasteful act like ending an opportunity to witness such polished martial arts.

Even if my HP is decreasing because of the bleeding, even if my brain is on the verge of shutting off because of the pain, even if the movements of Sukuna are faster than mine, it doesn’t matter.

I will simply do my best -for the sake of obtaining the ecstasy of winning against an opponent of this caliber!

“Guh! This is… You…”

I continue clinging onto Sukuna who is thrashing about.

Even if the eyes from both of my hands have been pierced, even if my head has been clutched together with Zarichu, I still held on with a smile on my face.

“Poison Demonic Eye – 1: [Taruwiveno]!”

And so, my Poison Demonic Eye – 1 was activated at point-blank range.

I poisoned Sukuna.

“Looks like I have no choice.”

The blade of Sukuna was swung at the same time as this happened.

It pierced the right shoulder of Sukuna as if attempting to pierce me, who was hiding behind it, along with it.



The poison I dealt on Sukuna was…99.

It is one step to fatal.

The blade of Sukuna pierced my heart.

My HP was blown up in an instant.

<<You’ve lost.>>

“That was a great display, Taru.”

I died, lost, and my body disappeared from the map.

Author: the chances of Taru winning would have increased greatly if the distance between them wasn’t 5 meters but 10-20 meters (because she can escape for longer).

More than that? A battle of projectiles would have begun.

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