LS – Chapter 81: Breaking through the 1st barrier to start with

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The cave that leads to the village of the black wolfkins that’s in a hidden forest. That’s the place that Counselor-sama and the merchant Ban-san found together. 

The messenger and the investigation team apparently passed through this cave. 

But when I tested detection magic and purification magic, an endless amount of devils popped out from the shadows of the cave. 

They are not that resilient, so it is possible to wipe them out with the application of the barrier magic’s slicing technique, but they are popping out one after the other, and there’s no end to them. 

There’s a lot of cases where the corpses of the devils become mana and disperse, but that mana becomes food for the other devils, and if we go about it in this fashion, there’s the possibility the remaining devils will grow. 

If we were to do mana purifications often as a countermeasure, the mana wouldn’t be used as feed and disperse. 

But the mana consumption of purification magic is more intense than other spells, so I don’t want to use it on anything aside from big ones.

The unit of clerics that Maya-sama brought can attack the devils one-sidedly, but there’s a limit to each one’s stamina and mana.

Maya-sama alone is on a level of her own, but it would be difficult to maintain continuous battles for a long period of time. 

Also, the physical strength of a cleric isn’t that high -aside from Maya-sama.

Leaving the people of the Leano Division to guard the perimeter and having the clerics wipe the enemies out with long distance attacks is most likely the best move we can do as of present. 

Counselor-sama is most likely flirting with the Purple Demon Lord right now. I’m so jealous. 

I would rather be shopping with Counselor-sama, eating delicious food and drinking booze, instead of doing battle here…

Ah, but Ekdoik-san is his bodyguard right now. I can’t deal with that person. 

I feel like it is hard to go against him because of our standings. 

It is somewhat similar to Counselor-sama, but Counselor-sama doesn’t really coerce me to do things, so it is comfortable being with him. 

“I-I am tired~.” (Rakura)

I immediately entered one of the tents and sit on one of the blankets spread out. 

We continued doing this for around 3 hours, but there was still no end in sight. 

At this rate, I feel like I will easily surpass the total number of devils I have defeated until now. 

“Thanks for your hard work. The Leano Division has set a camp over there, so go ahead and rest there.” (Maya)

Maya-sama has been fighting for around the same amount of time as me, and should be exhausted, and yet, she is working industriously. I don’t think I would be able to imitate that. 

I relaxed for a while and Lord Leano entered the tent. 

“Good work out there. We have readied water and food. Replenish yourself if you feel the need to.” (Leano)

“Thank you very much, Lord Leano. That said, this is really rough work… I would like to move to the back too and serve as support instead~.” (Rakura)

“Don’t complain. You are the number one when it comes to plain devil extermination speed, I will have you know.” (Maya)

“Don’t be like that, Maya-dono. Just the fact that we need a lady at the harsh vanguard already makes us feel bad.” (Leano)

Lord Leano is said to be one of the leading knights that hate Ilias-san. According to Counselor-sama, he is simply a straightlaced man who follows Taizu’s old tradition of ‘women should act like women’. 

I actually welcome that treatment, so I like him for that. 

“So, Maya-sama, has there been a response from Counselor-sama?” (Rakura)

“There was. He said ‘prioritize your lives without getting too absorbed into wiping them out, and investigate their actions’. Also that ‘Rakura should have grasped some sort of trend already’.” (Maya)

“A trend… Well, you could say that.” (Rakura)

I shared to the two what I discovered after fighting the devils. I hope this makes things a bit easier on me. 

The condition for devils to attack humans is when you try to interfere with the devils using some sort of means inside the cave or when you try to go back.

The increase of the devils is intense when it comes to the latter, and if progressed in a half-baked manner, it is to the point where you would have no choice but to run to the black wolfkin village.

The next thing would be that there’s no coordination. I couldn’t feel order in the attacks of the devils, most likely because there’s no mid rank or high rank devils. 

It was a blind attack that aimed to crush their target to death with numbers. A situation like that was impossible to begin with in the Mejis Nether. 

If they were just lesser devils, there would be those who would run away when their brethren are killed in one sweep, but I didn’t see a single one escaping this time around. 

This is basically proof that they are being ordered by someone above them. But there’s most likely no one leading them, there’s no coordination between them. 

What can be surmised from this is that the one who gave them the order gave that same order to all the devils. 

And most of all, the devils who only see humans as food hold no killing intent towards us, which is the creepiest part. 

“‘Drive away the ones who interfere’, ‘Don’t reject the ones who enter, but don’t let the ones trying to come out escape no matter what’…something like that, I guess. I don’t feel much killing intent from them after all.” (Rakura)

“…Right, my analysis was close to that too. So, do you have a good idea?” (Maya)

“They have an overwhelming strength in numbers, so there’s nothing we can do. There will be barely any injured with the coordination of the knights, but…that’s only in the time the devils are staying put in the cave. If the orders change in the middle, we might be forced to retreat.” (Rakura)

The devils are currently just on the defensive. They are beasts with no wills that are simply obeying the orders of their master faithfully. 

I doubt the master won’t make a move before those numbers run out. 

The people of the black wolfkin village can self-sustain themselves inside the forest. Even if it were to be prolonged for a bit, I don’t think it will affect the lives of the people there. It still makes me uneasy though. 

They are horrible people who mistreated Wolfe-chan as something they called a Blight Child because of her white hair, so the closing of the entrance might be taken as a sinister omen of sorts.

Counselor-sama is the one who thinks at scenarios like this one, so let’s rely on him.

“There’s no choice but to wait for the orders of Counselor-sama and King Marito. How about we eliminate the devils within range to a degree where it isn’t a burden on us?” (Rakura)

“Fumu. His Majesty and him, huh… That certainly would be for the best.” (Leano)

“So you view Counselor-sama highly, Lord Leano.” (Rakura)

“Of course. He is the man that has been acknowledged by His Majesty. A Knight Captain should be the last person to not view him highly.” (Leano)

If only he directed a bit of that open-heartedness on Ilias-san. But this isn’t the time to be talking about that. 

“There’s one more thing the boy has told me to tell you: Reinforcements will be coming tonight, so cooperate well with them.” (Maya)

“Reinforcements?” (Rakura)

“That’s right, it is me, Rakura Salf!” 

“Hiih! He showed up!!” (Rakura)

The one who popped out from the shadow of someone else was Ekdoik-san. He is bad for the heart. 

I was on the verge of retaliating by reflex… That was close.

“Is there no one else? Like maybe Gradona-san. I think it would be reassuring if he were to come.” (Rakura)

“They apparently don’t want the existence of Gradona to be known. There’s only lesser devils popping out, but high rank devils might appear eventually, is the opinion of Comrade.” (Ekdoik)

I can agree heavily to that. Someone who can prepare this many lesser devils probably can control mid and high devils. 

They are not showing themselves even once, so it can’t be helped that they are on guard for that. 

“Fumu, if I remember correctly…you are the bodyguard of that man, right? If someone appeared, I would be the very first one to be contacted about it though.” (Leano)

“Name’s Ekdoik. Infiltrating when the knights have their attention directed at the devils is simple.” (Ekdoik)

“How about coming in normally?” (Rakura)

I am sure it is because this person thinks such an action is cool. 

Lord Leano seems to be impressed instead though. What’s with this?

“But there’s nothing we can do against that number of devils, you know? They pop out from the places we defeat them in…” (Rakura)

“Do you only know how to defeat them with just one method? Right, that was the case. Then, let me show you…my technique.” (Ekdoik)

He insulted me all casually there, but if he is going to work hard instead of me, I welcome it with open arms. 

Let’s let him do as he pleases. 

And so, we headed to the entrance of the cave once more. The devils are hiding right now and there’s not even their presence.

There’s only faint traces of battle left. 

“They pop out from inside the cave. You either do something to them or move from the other side, and they will show up, right?” (Ekdoik)

“I think that’s the case.” (Rakura)

Ekdoik-san hung his arms down. When he did, a massive amount of chains spilled to the ground. 

Is it not heavy to carry around that many on you on the regular? 

“In other words, we would be able to go to the other side without issues if we don’t touch them.” (Ekdoik)

And then, he controlled the ends of the chains as if they were snakes, and made them advance deeper into the cave. 

It seems like he is increasing the amount of chains as he moved them, so they were stretching without end. 

The movements of the chains stopped after a while. Did it move to the opposite side? 

“This length is a bit taxing, but…well, there should be no issues… Hah!” (Ekdoik)

I could tell a large amount of mana was being poured the moment he shouted. 

The chains trembled and visibly became bigger and thicker. 

The chains that were only as thick as a thin rope increased to a degree where they could fill up the cave. 

He might even be able to tie up a dragon with this. 

But hasn’t he made them way too big? I can hear creaking sounds inside the cave.

The devils are…not popping out. They don’t react to physical interference, so you could say that’s natural. 

“Maya, pour purification magic on these chains.” (Ekdoik)

“I see, that was your intention. Everyone else, help me out here too!” (Maya)

Maya-sama and the other clerics cast purification magic on the chains. When they did, the chains began to visibly shine white. 

That shine entered the cave and the devils began to show up because there was interference, but because of the purification chains filling up the cave completely, the devils were perishing one with just a touch as they screamed in agony. 

Then, incredibly ear-piercing sounds began to echo in the cave where the devils should be popping out one after the other.

“There’s a number of uses for purification magic. One of them is to use it directly on the devils and ghost type monsters. This has a wide range, but if the number of enemies is high, the amount of times you have to use it increases, and the mana cost is also heavy. The other one is to cast purification magic on a tool and grant the weapon with the holy element. In order to manifest the effects of weapons with exceptional mana efficiency, there’s the need to attack with the weapon, making the burden on the body high when there’s a lot of enemies.” (Ekdoik)

“So that’s why you went for this method.” (Rakura)

“There’s a decent degree of burden in casting purification magic on these chains, but it creates the most efficient method to lure the devils and purify them.” (Ekdoik)

It is like the saying of Counselor-sama ‘moths to the flames’.

The devils react to the purification power of the chains, show up, touch the chains that fill up the cave, and get purified.

That chain reaction is happening inside of it. 

“Now then, if we just leave it like this, the lesser devils will be reduced one-sidedly. I leave the recast of purification magic to the clerics. Rakura Salf and the knights, the real deal is going to be coming soon.” (Ekdoik)

“The real deal?” (Rakura)

“If devils perish at this speed, it is only natural for the other side to notice that an effective method has been employed. Basically…that’s what it means.” (Ekdoik)

Ekdoik-san looked up. I was drawn by this and paid attention to the sky, and something fell from the sky with a thunderous sound. 

The knights all take fighting stances. What rained were devils. 

They are a bit bigger than the devils inside the cave, also, I feel like they have somewhat more mana…I think. 

“The devils that were on standby outside the cave. From what I can see, it is full of mid rank devils…no, there’s also a good amount of high ranks too. There aren’t many. We are engaging them!” (Ekdoik)

“Even so, I feel like they are covering the sky though…” (Rakura)

“If it is an open space, it should be your stage, right? I will have you shine, Rakura Salf!” (Ekdoik)

“Uuh, so strict…” (Rakura)


I stare at the ceiling while soaking in the bathtub. There’s mutual contact between my subordinate devils inside my mind. 

The lesser devils that I set in the cave are perishing at an abnormal rate. 

The High Devils that went to check the situation found a group of humans doing some sort of scheme around the cave, and engaged them. 

As expected of the knight nation of the Wise King, Taizu. They managed to cook up a countermeasure this effective in just one day. It is very different from Kuama. 

Compared to that, the shallowness of the lesser devils’ prudence is so baffling it makes me sigh. Trying to do something for them is a pointless gesture to begin with. 

I should just think of this sight as being for the sake of him.

It wasn’t my intention to escalate things to this degree, but I really did cram too many lesser devils inside the cave, huh.

It might have been more efficient to make High Devils into gatekeepers, but it seems like me using the cheap ones first came back to bite me. 

I echo the names of the people that stood out within the reports inside my brain. 

The crimson knight and one of the Knight Captains of this country, Lord Leano.

The two priestesses that have had experience in defeating Great Devils, Maya and Rakura. 

And then, the mysterious chain user… I remember his bodyguard called Ekdo. 

There’s a good possibility of this. That man was always nearby, but erased his presence, and was outside the range of perception.

I evaluated him as a great bodyguard that didn’t pour cold water into my time with him, but in hindsight, his skills were praiseworthy. 

In that case, doesn’t he know about this situation too? 

I don’t really want to worry him too much. But if I let the messenger go back, he won’t come meet me anymore. 

I should be prioritizing the latter.

“How about just killing the messenger? Hmm, that would only make a different messenger show up, right?” 

There’s no need to think of a groundbreaking method. I just have to extend this as much as possible with the resources I have.

I have lost some lesser devils, but there’s no issues. I am gathering more in Kuama and Mejis even now. 

“Just High Devils won’t be enough. They may have a bit of intelligence, but they don’t understand the core of anything.” 

It is to a degree where it is comparable to being able to seek benefits from animals. They must have thought it was fine to just fight there, but if they had contacted me at least once, this could have wrapped up with just me changing the orders from the lesser devils. 

Their vision was clouded by the desire for promotion and challenged them, and not only that, they are having difficulties and are pleading for help. That’s just annoying.

“The idiots that showed themselves can just fight as they please and die. The others, stay on standby, okay? I will give a different order to the lesser devils in the cave, got it?” 

High Devils with intelligence can ignore my orders and escape, but I have casted Enticement on all the High Devils. 

If I tell them to die, they will cry and beg for forgiveness while charging into the enemy lines. 

I will be losing around 10 High Devils, but if you ask me whether it will be a huge loss, the answer would be ‘not that much’.

There’s the conflict with the book of Blue, and there’s the resident of Yugura’s planet who can read it, so they must already know that the Demon Lords have resurrected. 

If they learn that there’s an army of monsters consisting mainly of devils, it wouldn’t be too difficult to associate it with me, the Purple Demon Lord. 

—Aah, speaking of which, this country has the resident of Yugura’s planet. 

I completely forgot. Even though I came here with interest in that, I ended up finding someone who drew even more interest in me. 

“Should I search for him too? No, that’s fine right now.” 

I would like to treasure my time with him. I thought about the option of searching together with him, but it might sour his mood if the objective is to find another man. 

He might have massive power like Yugura, but he hasn’t shown up in battle yet. If he is solely a tactician, I don’t even need to count him as a threat. 

Rather than underestimating him, it is more like there’s already the outstanding Wise King, so there should not be that much of a difference. 

They will most likely think up a different countermeasure tomorrow. Even if I can’t obstruct the return of the messenger, as long as I make the presence of devils known, maybe I can keep it in a stalemate where they won’t be giving permission to head to the black wolfkin village?

In that case, I will need decently strong devils. Just mere High Devils would be too weak. 

“How about I move?” 

If I show myself there, release the true form of the devils, and battle, the tides will change in one go… I should be able to hide myself by masking myself as a devil.

But if I do that, the time I have to think back on the time I spent with him will be shaved away.

Even though I set those devils there because I desired more time with him, me heading there and wasting my time would be defeating the purpose of it. 

If I used the Enticement and controlled the strong people of this country, it would be effective. But I don’t want to use my power when with him. 

There’s a part of me that thinks it is fine as long as I don’t use it directly on him, but once I open the lid, it will just leak out afterwards.

He said that it is because I relied on my power that I couldn’t find worth in the things I obtained.

As long as I feel worth in my time with him, I would like to avoid doing something that might make me lose it. 

“In that case, I have no choice but to bring out what other thing I can, right?” 

The power to rule monsters was granted by Yugura to the Demon Lords. This is what makes a Demon Lord a Demon Lord. 

The power to freely control the living creatures that were born in this world. 

The effects that this power brings about are strong, but there’s one downside. It is that the monsters that have high mana can escape from these constraints. 

The ones that match this condition are the ones called Unique. 

The Unique beings in the Mejis Nether are the Great Devils, and a number of fantastical monstrosities, I guess. 

They have sentience and their own will, but it doesn’t change the fact that they were originally loyal slaves. There’s a lot of cases where many Uniques obeyed the Demon Lords.

However, after being defeated by Yugura and because I hid myself in Kuama, the Great Devils in the Mejis Nether were freed from my control and are acting as their own camp, so I don’t think I will be able to move them easily. 

They have pointlessly evolved into more slier beings, and are more selfish like humans now. It will most likely be difficult to control them without using Enticement. 

Even if I were to ask them to come here, it is a place where more than 2 Great Devils have perished. They are most likely all cowards who wouldn’t want to share their fate.

“…That said, it is not like my things can go against me though?” 

I sent my first order to the beings who are above High Rank since the time I was killed by Yugura and resurrected.

“Now, I will just call you 3 times. Come to this land to become my pawns, okay?” 


“—This feeling…could it possibly be…?!” 

One of the Great Devils residing in the Mejis Nether, Gugugeguderstaf. 

One of the High Devils that survived at the time when Hero Yugura defeated the Purple Demon Lord. One of the devils with the most seniority. 

An order of his creator which hasn’t come once in centuries. It wasn’t his imagination.

The Demon Lord is calling him.

He had noticed that the devils under his ruling were showing strange movements, but it all made sense now. 

Gugugeguderstaf falls into thought. He felt strong binding power from this order, but he could oppose it as he is now. 

He has continued eating humans and other devils, increased his power, and he finds pride in the idea that he might have surpassed the power of the Purple Demon Lord already. 

The order was to ‘gather under her and become her pawns’. Is there a need to listen to an order like that at this point in time?

There may be those who would be happy at the return of the Demon Lord and run to her side, but…Gugugeguderstaf is satisfied with his current position. 

It is not on the degree of Beglagud, but he rules a vast territory, and his subordinates are increasing to a satisfying degree. 

This place is his kingdom, and yet, he is being told to become the pawn of a Demon Lord that resurrected at this late point in time. 

“Don’t joke around. Serving under a foolish woman who got outdone by a mere hero is just impossible.” 

The same order rang in his mind 1 hour later. 

Most likely almost no Great Devil responded. It is the obvious choice. 

An annoying being that is ordering a king like himself. She was telling him twice to gather under her.

“Hmph, she must be pretty desperate here. How pathetic.” 

1 more hour after that, the words ‘3rd time, gather under me and become my pawns’.

Her tone didn’t change. It was a disinterested one. 

If she had a bit of a desperate tone, it could have entertained him, but this was souring his mood.

“So persistent! Using such an annoying power! Looks like I really have to show her her place!” 

Not only once but thrice. Gugugeguderstaf can easily go against the orders of the Demon Lord, but being ordered itself was unbearably displeasing. 

As someone who has not been ordered around for centuries and has only continued ruling, this was an unbearable insult. 

He dug out his past memories and remembered the Purple Demon Lord. The Purple Demon Lord that only gave orders and didn’t fight herself. 

She relied on devils to protect herself and he didn’t feel almost any power from her. 

Everyone felt how bewitching she was, but what about her strength? She was easily defeated by a human. 

He didn’t feel like he would lose as he is now. He even felt the desire to behead the other Demon Lords to raise his fame. 

Now that he had decided this, that made things easier. He waited for the next order to declare war and aim for her head boldly. 

He could imagine the flustered expression of the Purple Demon Lord. Just how much confusion will that emotionless Demon Lord show? 

1 hour after that, an order didn’t come.

“What, did she give up already?” 

But Gugugeguderstaf noticed what was off soon after.

Gugugeguderstaf had detected that someone had entered his territory. 

There’s no way it would be the person herself. Did she send a servant of hers? 

In that case, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to present her the corpse of that servant.

She might even show more respect to him and serve him, is what Gugugeguderstaf thought as he laughed.

The intruder brazenly moved onward. He sent an order to his subordinates to not put a hand on them and let them reach the throne. 

The one that showed up was a single devil. Judging from their appearance, it must be a High Devil. 

Its defining feature is that it is wearing a creepy expressionless mask on its face. Something given by the Purple Demon Lord as a subordinate of hers? 

“This place is my territory -the territory of Gugugeguderstaf. You must have invaded while fully aware of this. State your business.” (Gugugeguderstaf)

“Gugugeguderstaf…Master…calls…bring you…” 

“…Fu…fuhahahaha…hahahahahaha! Are you telling me you have come to drag me there?! Just who does the Purple Demon Lord think I am?!” (Gugugeguderstaf)

Considering that she has brought a devil that can speak in order to plead, Gugugeguderstaf didn’t expect she would use that single devil to force him with power and fell into a fit of laughter.

“Fine. I can tell that you only have intelligence on the level of a High Devil, too. Let’s bring your head to the Purple Demon Lord as a present.” (Gugugeguderstaf)

Gugugeguderstaf stretched out his left arm. At the same time as he did, that arm expanded, and swiftly lashed at the devil servant. 

His tough claws that are said to be more expensive than jewels were directing their tips at the devil as if stating they are going to pierce its body. 

The victor was decided in less than a second. 


I was reading a book in my bedroom. The book he searched for my sake and said it would suit me. 

I don’t know if this will become a hobby that will suit me, but if he thinks it does, it might not be bad to dyed in that fashion.

This is different from the history book I read at first. The more I read, the happier I felt. 

I felt as if I were fulfilling his wish and was getting more excited.

“My Lord, the one in question has arrived.” 

“—Can you not interrupt someone while they are reading?” 

I was brought back to reality by the voice that rang in the shadows, and it felt displeasing as if my happiness had been crushed.

The owner of the voice was Dyuvuleori. The only Great Devil that showed up at the first call. 

I shall forgive him this time to honor his loyalty. 

“My apologies. It looked like you had finished reading, so I just assumed…” (Dyuvuleori)

“You have to enjoy the aftertaste in all of the entertainment, too, you know? Do you want to make me into an animal that only knows how to enjoy what’s right in front of me?” 

“No… I am honored by your teaching. The other ones are already at that room.” (Dyuvuleori)

I would like to resume reading, but I should finish what I have to do first. 

I slowly stand up and move to a different room. 

There’s no light in the room and only the light of the moon was illuminating it. 

What was awaiting me there were 11 Great Devils including Dyuvuleori kneeling and receiving her.

All Great Devils from the Mejis Nether have gathered with the one loyal to My Lord, Dyuvuleori, at the forefront.” (Dyuvuleori)

“I see. I am impressed, I guess? It is a bit dark, so can you light it up?” 

“As you will.” (Dyuvuleori)

Dyuvuleori lit up the candles in the room with magic.

What showed up were the other 10 Great Devils. There were unsightly cuts in all of them. 

Eyes gouged out, faces torn, arms and legs cut off, claws broken, and others who were barely capable of kneeling. 

There were the same number of High Devils behind those Great Devils, and they were all wearing my masks. 

All of those Great Devils have many High Devils serving them, and have made a name for themselves by displaying their strength. And yet, they have all lost in strength and their lives were barely lit as they kneeled with their knees trembling. 

—How pathetic.

“I am truly impressed. You managed to bring everyone here without killing anyone after all. You are just mere beasts that returned to the wild, but you have made a name for yourselves, you know? However, it seems like you lack the awareness that you are living in my world?” (Purple)

Even I can’t create devils on the Unique level that have evolved to have their own name and will. 

It is not easy to grant will and conscience to a living being after all. 

Thus, it takes my all just to create High Devils who only have meager intelligence. That’s exactly why I called the Uniques. 

The Uniques are exemplar, but there’s no way a mere Unique would be able to surpass the greatness of a Demon Lord.

What the High Devils were wearing was the Pawn Mask that was created from the powers given to me by Yugura to create Nethers, create monsters, and the power to control. 

It is an Artifact that shares my own power to them in order to control even tougher soldiers. 

It requires a large amount of mana and time to make it, so I haven’t prepared enough to grant them to all the High Devils. However, with this, I can expect an increase of around 2 stages in strength from all the monsters that are within my control.

If I equip it to a High Devil, they become one stage higher than that of Great Devils. 

I myself am not a Demon Lord that excels in battle. However, as long as I am prepared, I am confident that I wouldn’t lose to the hero and the other Demon Lords. 

I normally wouldn’t have minded making these 10 into food to thin them out since they didn’t respond after calling them 3 times, but the situation requires swiftness. I have to compromise with just this much.

“Now then, I will have you people become my pawns, okay? If you do well, make great contributions, and manage to survive…I will allow you to continue being kings in your own little garden, got it?” (Purple)

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