Rembrandt Family: [82.5]

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[TLnote: First thing, this is actually not POV, but it is not a side story either, nor is it part of the main story. Thus, since I have no other classification for it and Reigokai said to just treat this as POV, I am doing this chapter.]

Tsuki ga michibiku Isekai Douchuu – POV Rembrandt Family – Chapter 82.5

As Makoto was completing his procedure to become a teacher in Rotsgard and the Kuzunoha company was finally starting to begin its operation, a situation was happening in Tsige.

The city of Tsige had started to develop much faster. Inside the main company in charge of the city, Patrick Rembrandt had a satisfied expression when seeing this from his window. However, today was rather more special than the city to him.  He seemed quite restless and was pacing around the room.

But he was also full of expectations too. He felt like a child before a trip to the park.

He heard knocking on the door.

“Come in.”(Rembrandt)

Rembrandt gave permission to enter without even looking who it was.

“Excuse me, Sir.”(Morris)


Rembrandt was happy to see that it was his butler Morris who had entered the room. He and Morris had a long standing relationship and have been together for quite a while now.

He nodded to him with a full smile indicating everything is fine.

“Yes sir, very soon you will be able to see them.” (Morris)

“Yes, I see. Thank you.”(Rembrandt)

“… Yes, it is all thanks to that person.”(Morris)

“I am truly grateful to him.”(Rembrandt)

Rembrandt nodded completely to Morris’s words. Rembrandt thanked a person who was not in this room with his entire heart. Tsige’s most powerful merchant and also one of the most powerful merchants in the world, Rembrandt was trying to hold back his tears.

But after seeing the three people who were being escorted by the maid coming towards him, he abandoned all those thoughts.

He started running towards them and gave them all a big hug.

“Lisa! Sif! Yuno!”(Rembrandt)

He shouted the names of his beloved wife and two daughters.

Their bodies were well enough to move around the house. Rembrandt ran towards them and gave all three of them a big hug at the same time. While he was doing that, the tears that he had tried to hold back overflowed and completely stained his face along with his runny nose.

If someone saw him right now, they would not believe that this is one of the people who had control over the city and influence the world.

Regardless of that, he continued to cry. His wife even thought that when he called them, other than her name, he could not properly say the names of his two daughters.

The dignity of a merchant was no more and he became just a father at that moment.

Lisa hugged him back, started to rub his head and smiled at him.

His two daughter also hugged him back, but felt slightly embarrassed at the situation.

This was the happiest moment he had in the recent years. He completely and entirely had let go of all of his pent up feelings and showed his ugliest face in front of them.

The maids or servant who were there were either crying with him or smiling at seeing their master finally being happy again. Morris had no expression seeing his longtime friend in this state, but felt great joy to see him finally let go.

Rembrandt started to talk, but he was still crying thus no words he spoke could be understood by his family. His plan of trying to seem calm and composed was gone and thrown out of the window.

“Dear, I think it’s about time to let go…”(Lisa)

The expression that the maids were showing now were bitter smiles and she was starting to feel troubled over how long the hug would be.

Sif and Yuno were also quite weary of the hug as well.

The dresses that he had specially made for them for this day were ruined by the person who had also paid for them with his own snot and tears.

Morris had started to think that maybe he should interfere right now.

Lisa, Sif, and Yuno started to make a strange expression at his last words when he finally split from them. After a while of trying to calm himself, Rembrandt had finally returned to a face of composure and dignity.

“Dear, I may have misheard your last sentence can you repeat it?”(Lisa)

“Yes father, what was thing that you said just now?”(Sif)

“I am pretty sure I did mishear it because that kind of thing is impossible even for father.”(Yuno)

Rembrandt looked at his family with a questionable expression, wondering what were they talking about.

“Oh, we are going have a big party involving the entire city!”(Rembrandt)

“No, before that dear.”(Lisa)

“Before that… Oh, yes. I am going to have portraits of you three while you were recuperating. They will be large and hanged in a special room I am currently building. I have hired the best people for this and have spared no expense, this is so you can feel proud at the fact that you overcame the ordeal and will always remember that nothing can be worse than that.”(Rembrandt)


“Of course, I hired the best craftsmen to do this. I even had Morris survey the people to make sure they were all first class. Isn’t that right, Morris?”(Rembrandt)

“Yes, we will be able to see how we had overcome the greatest obstacle that this family had ever encountered in a twenty-portrait series.”(Morris)

Rembrandt and Morris were very excited for this project and you could hear the servants outside saying things like this will be amazing and as expected of the master while the main characters in this series were quite…

“Dear, you don’t mean that you had painted us with those disgusting figures right?”(Lisa)

“Please mother, father is smarter than that.”(Sif)


Lisa confirmed to make sure what she heard was right.

Sif had put a little faith in her father.

Yuno already knew it so she kept silent.

“What are you talking about, of course I did. The main characters are you three! The middle five pieces are almost complete with Raidou looking gallant appearing from the wasteland like the second coming of the savior… What’s wrong? It can’t be that the medicine didn’t work!?”(Rembrandt)

“Yes, no matter what medicine you give, it will not fix this.”(Lisa)

“I believe only death can cure this.”(Sif)

“Idiot.” (Yuno)

Lisa was convinced that her husband was a moron.

Sif was convinced her father was a moron.

Yuno already knew her father was an idiot.

“What, why are you angry?”(Rembrandt)

Rembrandt was confused at their anger.

Lisa and Sif sighed. Yuno just went to side and had just given up on her father.

“Morris, how could you not stop him?”(Lisa)

“We were just cured, I do not want collapse again.”(Sif)

“Morris, please stop father’s rampage from now on.”(Yuno)

“…Is something wrong?”(Morris)

Lisa and Sif looked at Morris with pity and Yuno had just given up on this and tried to contact Uncle Zara to fix the duo.

“Dear, Morris, sit down now.”(Lisa)


“Yes, madam.”(Morris)

“I will only ask this once… Where are the pictures?”(Lisa)

Lisa interrogated her husband and Morris with cold, indifferent eyes.

Rembrandt began to cry his eyes out again from her look and Morris who had saw death behind her gaze quickly informed her of the location.

“Are they still being drawn or are they complete?”(Lisa)


Sif made sure to block anything her father was trying to say.

“The paintings are in the second warehouse and the ones still being drawn are with the artist…where is the address again, Morris?”(Rembrandt)

“The workshop is in Lenny street, the man is named Malta and is in charge of the exchange too, he should have the complete address.”(Morris)

“It was… It was a man… who drew… ah… bride can’t…”(Yuno)

Yuno quickly ordered the maid to get the paintings and meet the man name Malta.

The maid who received the order rolled up her skirt and started to run faster than a  wolf.

“It can’t be… Father, did Mr. Raidou see the paintings as well?”(Sif)

Sif says the name of certain person.

It was the name of the person that saved them.

Only a few people saw the appearance of them when they were in that state.

It would be fine if he had only seen their mother, but it was a critical situation if he saw all of them.

Raidou must not have seen the paintings, she hopes with all her heart.

“No, he had already left to Rotsgard when I had ordered the paintings to be created. I believe right now he should be taking the entrance exam at the academy.”(Rembrandt)

“Huuu.”(All three)

Lisa, Sif and Yuno all nods in relief.

“Since we had the young ladies also painted, we did not want him to see them either.”(Morris)

Morris confirmed his master’s words.

“Umm…excuse me, there is something that came.”(Servant)

“…What is it?”(Rembrandt)

A servant’s voice came from the door.

Rembrandt did not give permission to enter; he had returned to his merchant self and there was also the problem that he was sitting down on the floor.

“We have a message from Tomoe of the Kuzunoha Company.”(Servant)

“From Miss Tomoe? Why did you not let her in? I thought I had announced to everyone that people from the Kuzunoha company are always allowed in the manor.”(Rembrandt)

“Yes, but since it was a celebration day for the family, I informed her that you were slightly busy with the party preparations. She had said there were no problems and wished good luck with the party too, the mess…”(Servant)

“Continue with the message.”(Lisa)

“Yes, she had said she was thankful for the cooperation of the Rembrandt company and that Master Raidou had safely arrived in Rotsgard and has been accepted into the academy as a temporary instructor.”(Servant)

“…….”(Five of them)


The four people in the room fell silent from those words. The reason was simple, the word instructor was in there

“Of course.”(Sif)

Sif managed to break the silence.

“I knew this would happen.”(Yuno)

Yuno and Sif, both came to the same conclusion. Rembrandt and Morris both started to tremble. Lisa looked at the two with the cold, indifferent gaze once more.

“…What is wrong, honey?”(Rembrandt)

“Ok, answer this honestly?”(Lisa)

Lisa, with her eyes. said those words and the both of them became stiff.

“Who arranged the documents?”(Lisa)

Morris raised his hand.

“Who compiled the documents?”(Lisa)

Morris raised his hand again.

“Who checked the papers?”(Lisa)

Rembrandt raised his hand, slowly.

The three people looked at him with eyes of pity.

“I never thought I would see Morris make a mistake or leave a job undone and let it be done by someone else, but both of those things happened today.”(Sif)

“To the benefactor who saved our entire family…’(Lisa)

“Why is he a teacher and not a student?”(Yuno)

“Are you both ready? It is punishment time.”(Lisa)

The mother dealt with the fools and the room was filled with the scent of absolute fear…

“Wait, wait. This is not our fault! Even if we did make mistakes in the documents and they had taken them, they had clearly checked those documents beforehand. I saw them do it in front of me, many servants can confirm this. If they had noticed a problem then they would have contacted me immediately.”(Rembrandt)

“Yes, it is as the master says; they had clearly seen the documents and went to the register and then finished the procedure. This is something even I would not mistake, Madam.”(Morris)

“When completing the procedure you would notice that the process is different and the receptionist would confirm with you if you want this job or another one. I have even sent a letter of recommendation too.”(Rembrandt)

Rembrandt and Morris tried to make various excuses and reasons but they fell on deaf ears.

Yuno noticed that the servant had yet to leave and when she opened the door, he handed her a letter which she read and then spoke.

“It says that his follower lined up and completed the procedure without any problems. They did not suspect anything wrong with the evaluation of temporary instructor and thus Mr. Raidou had completed the test and became an instructor.”(Yuno)

The letter also talked about the test Raidou had done and, from the expression that Rembrandt and Morris had, it seemed that the test was quite difficult to complete.

“…Father, there is no mention that the letter of recommendation had any effect?”(Yuno)

“No, I definitely handed the letter of recommendation; it should have allowed them to complete everything very smoothly.”(Rembrandt)

“…Sir, I believe it is also the recruitment period for temporary instructors as well.”(Morris)

“Hmmm… yes, I did say a temporary admission, but no mention of lecturer or teacher in the letter. I did not endorse that.”(Rembrandt)

“From what I see, Mr. Raidou got the highest difficulty test and not only that; he had to wait in line for the procedure to begin. Also, it seems that they had given him some problems. Father this is not repayment, but incredibly terrible harassment.”(Yuno)

It was exactly that. The other lecturers had easy exams while Raidou had gotten the toughest one. From what they see, Rembrandt had only caused Raidou problems.

“I am not pleased in the least, Dear; that man not only saved us three, but also helped you in your dire time and you only caused him problems….What did you say in the letter?”(Lisa)

His family all gave him tundra type eyes and completely froze in place figuratively. Rembrandt, seeing this, started to shake his head hard.

“I did not write anything that would lead to any problems like this. I am fully supporting him and his business. I also gave him a store that I own in that city to allow him to conduct his business. Also, Yuno, please do not open letter assigned to me; that is not a good habit to develop.”(Rembrandt)

“Why did it become like this?”(Morris)

Morris realized that Rembrandt was looking to the right while talking, the master’s old habit of lying, he had given up hope.

Lisa had them reflect deeply.

They were not invited to the party.


Makoto’s Letter to Rembrandt

Mr. Rembrandt, how are you doing?

Thank you for recommending me to the academy.

I was able to start my business and get a stable foothold in this place.

I did not notice that you had recommended me as lecturer and had forgot to tell my subordinate about this… oh well.

I had taken the practical examination since it fit me the most. I have established a lecturer schedule of once a week.

I have gotten another important subordinate after I had left Tsige, his is name Shiki, I will introduce him to you when we meet again.

I have also encountered this fine restaurant where they make these things called nabe, it is quite delicious. I will treat you to some in the future.

I have left my other two subordinates, Mio and Tomoe, in Tsige. I hope they do not cause you any inconvenience.

Since we cannot interact at long distance, I have told them to make as much contact with your employees as possible and help them out in any ways. I hope this will allow me to pay you back.

I hope that you will please listen to their story if those two ever come to consult about something

Thank you very much.


How is your family doing?

I hope they have turned for the better and are up and about.

I would like to ask you about something in regard to business and merchant details when meet again.

Thus, Rembrandt, please take good care of yourself and please ask Tomoe and Mio for help if you are in trouble ever.

From Rotsgard, Kuzunoha company President Raidou Misumi

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