Chapter 74: Curse Nightmare Party

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Chapter 74: 1st Nightmare Battle – 2


“Now then…” 

After I won against Egiaz 1, I wasn’t sent to the community map, but a map for the sake of getting ready for the next battle. 

The reason is simple. It is because if I were to get sent to the community map, it would get so hectic you wouldn’t be able to get ready for the next battle. 

“An appraisal first.” 

“I don’t think there’s any issues-de chu yo.” 

“Just in case.” 

I confirm whether there’s any issues with the items I have at hand. 

I appraised even the bola, making sure everything was right. 


Flesh Flower Fern Bola

Level: 5

Durability: 82/100

Effectiveness: 100

Erosion Rate: 100/100

Monstrosity Degree: 5

A bola made out of Flesh Flower Fern and rubble. 

It has the trait of increasing its sturdiness and destructive power depending on the Curse Density of the surroundings. 


“Yup, no issues.” 

I made this bola in preparation for this event. 

I can use it as a simple projectile weapon, but if I twine it around an enemy’s legs like I did in the preliminaries, I can keep them at bay. 

Also, it wouldn’t be impossible to use it as a close range blunt weapon. 

After using it until now, my opinion is that it can be used normally even in regular combat. 

I am also not troubled by the collection of Flesh Flower Ferns which is the main ingredient.


“What’s the matter-de chu?” 

“I was just wondering how strong Zaria is.” 

Now then, I have finished confirming my items. 

No issues at all.

By the way, about the pseudo ghillie suit that I made from the hide of rats and Flesh Flower Fern, actually, I have made countermeasures so that it can’t be appraised by purposely not getting it cursed. 

Well, if I used even higher grade materials, even if it were to be cursed, the item name wouldn’t become that of the clothes, and it should be fine even if they were to direct the Appraisal Loupe. 

“I think it is fine to just investigate the bulletin board-de chu yo.” 

“Well, that would be the best option.” 

I check the bulletin board. 

Let’s see. Information about Zaria… There’s a decent amount. 

Ah, there’s also information that she won the 1st round of the tournament. 

“Cactus-chan, huh…” 

It seems like Zaria is being called Cactus-chan aside from her name. 

She is most likely called that way because of her plant hair and the needles on her shoulders. 

Her weapons are a sword and shield; armor is a combination of leather and metal; a tool pouch at her waist; as for projectiles…in the preliminaries, she used what resembled needles or darts at times. 

In terms of aggregate power, according to the bulletin board, she is in between the top players or one step below them, but I can’t trust this. 

“Hmm, wonder how far she has thought of countermeasures against me?” 

A countermeasure against me…I doubt she will form one that’s better than that of Egiaz 1.

No, it is more like she can’t. 

The game has only begun 2 weeks ago. There’s way too much difference between a pro player and a normal college student. 

Well, I am pretty much in the same state though. The best preparation I can do is gather information.

“Is running away immediately and shaving her down little by little not going to work-de chu?” 

“That would be good if it can be achieved. It seems like Zaria will be coming at me with everything she’s got, but if she is coming at me without even making the bare minimum countermeasures, there’s no worth in facing her. That’s why I must think properly for the time when it won’t work. If I don’t, I will be the one not worth facing Zaria.” 

Footage of the preliminaries and the 1st battle… Found it. 

The preliminaries, I will watch the highlights version in fast forward… No, in 4 split screens with 4 eyes. 

As for the 1st battle, I will use 3 eyes to watch it. 

The remaining eyes will check the bulletin board.

There’s not enough time. 


The movements of Zaria in the footage are really good. 

Zaria doesn’t have a curse that increases the amount of limbs she can move.

In other words, Zaria’s movements can’t go out from within the realms of human boundaries. 

However…no, exactly because that’s the case, the decisions of Zaria are fast and without hesitation. 

It is because she has a limited number of cards that she has no hesitation.


“Are you going to go in high-strung from the very beginning-de chu ka?” 

“Right. I think I should make it so that I can jump in any direction from the very beginning.” 

She isn’t lacking as an opponent.

Now it comes to what map will be chosen though…


“What’s the matter-de chu?” 

“I just have a bad feeling, or like…aah, it is nothing. This is not a feeling, but within the logical realm.” 


This is where I notice. 

I have said it countless times already, but this is the nightmare of the Holy Maiden. 

And I am hated by the Holy Maiden.

In other words…

“There’s the chance the map will be made in a way that’s disadvantageous for me.” 

“Chu? No, no, I don’t think that will be happening-de chu yo.” 

Shouldn’t there be developments that are convenient for the Holy Maiden to a certain degree? 

Well, it is a nightmare and a game where admins exist, so as long as I am an invited one, they shouldn’t be that obvious. But I feel like it should be okay to consider the possibility of a map being slightly tilted against me to be chosen. 

More like, now that I think about it, the footing of Egiaz 1 was steadfast, and there were places for him to hide in; a well maintained forest map. 

It is not impossible for the map to be fair for both sides, but there’s a pretty decent chance that there’s no map with advantageous factors for me. 

“Well, it is purely speculation… It might be a good idea to keep it in mind though.” 

“Taru is such a worrywart-de chu ne.” 

Time is approaching. 

A disadvantageous map for me would be… I have thought up a number of them, so I will most likely be able to deal with them. 

Zarichu called me a worrywart, but it is not impossible even if we exclude the Holy Maiden. 

That’s why I think it is good that I thought of it beforehand.

“Now then, let’s go, Zarichu.” 


The time for the 2nd round came, and we were moved to the place where I will be fighting Zaria.

The map is…a rocky desert zone with strong sun pouring down. 

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