WG – Epilogue: ~Earth Arc~

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Stars flew inside my head after a loud *plonk* sound.

At the same time as that happened, the ‘candy’ rolled out from my mouth and on top of the tatami. 


“What about Maki?!” (Souma)

I raised my head at the nostalgic scent and…

“Uuh, I hit my head.” 

The familiar voice of my cousin rang at my side. 

…That means…

“W-We are back, Souma! This is your room, Souma!!” (Maki)

Looks like we both returned to our original world. 

“So we really managed to come back…” (Souma)

The sound of the train running from afar and the talking of the neighbors. 

The sound of the bells on bicycles and the sound of the motor from the refrigerator. 

Those sounds I barely noticed before going to that world were somehow ringing pretty vividly in my ears. 

That said, I can’t just stay submerged in my thoughts. 

I must first confirm my own state. 

—For now, it is fine to assume that the first barrier has been overcome, right? 

The worst thing I imagined could happen was that we would die once we returned to our original world from seeing the Death Flash.

Logging out from life wouldn’t be funny. 

The next thing I was worried about was losing my memories once I returned.

My brain is a part of my body, so when we log out to Japan and our whole body returns to what it was, I thought such a possibility might happen.

However, I am here with all limbs and I still retain the memories of my world.

You could say we have escaped from the worst situation.

What’s next would be how much of the other world I have brought with me…

First, my attire.

The attire of me and Maki is similar to the one we had in the other world but not the same -the modern type. 

Or more like, we are pretty much wearing the same clothes we had just before heading to that world.

But this much is within the realm of expectation.

When we first went to that world, our normal clothes changed to those of the initial equipment, so you could say this is natural.

The issue comes from here on.

I took a deep breath, brought my hand out, and shouted.

“Light!” (Souma)

I at the same time Order the Light elementary spell in my head, but nothing happened.

“So magic really isn’t working.” (Souma)

If we had magic, we would be able to come and go to that world, but it seems like such a convenient development won’t be happening. 

Well, with how Nekomimi Neko’s magic is, this is for the best really. 

This much wouldn’t be enough to discourage me. 

Next is…

“Souma, Souma! More importantly, we have to test this out!” (Maki)

Saying this, what Maki brought out slightly embarrassed from her mouth was the ‘candy’ I pushed into her mouth just before we returned.

By the way, the one I had came out of my mouth from the shock when we got back, but it is still on top of the tatami.

The identity of this ‘candy’ Maki showed me is an item to move through Save Points I have been to until now: Teleport Stone.

Gear and items most likely can’t be brought to our world if you go about it normally.

However, I thought we might be able to if it is inside our mouths, which was pretty much a plan left to destiny, but to think it would actually work.

I pondered this, but the wild train Maki was not considerate to my inner feelings. 

“Then, I will be using it at once, okay?” (Maki)

“Eh? No, w-wait a mo—!” (Souma)

Maki didn’t even give a time to breathe here and raised the Teleport Stone…

“Here I go~! To Lamurick!!” (Maki)


“—Looks like it didn’t work.” (Souma)

It is a shame, but it has been proven that Teleport Stones can’t be used in this world.

“U-Uuuh…” (Maki)

I couldn’t say anything to Maki who was flustered and having trouble speaking while still holding the Teleport Stone up.

My chest felt heavy as if a weight had been placed into my lungs. 

Maki saw my state and showed a tearful face. 

“I-I am sorry. It is because I tested it out without your input. You must have been disappointed.” (Maki)

“…It is okay. It is something we had to test out one day. I am not discouraged.” (Souma)

That’s right. 

I wasn’t thinking it would work so conveniently anyways.

The Teleport stone is the same as magic.

The setting of it is that you can only use it in places with mana, so I didn’t seriously believe we would be able to use it in Japan.

That’s why it is okay.

It is okay.

“Really?” (Maki)

I wanted to respond with ‘obviously’, but it for some reason was stuck in my throat and didn’t come out. 

Seeing this, Maki smacked her chest with what looked like a desperate attitude.

“I-I will check out our storehouse when things calm down! You know, the place where the tanzaku and the pikopiko hammer was in! If it is there, there might be something…” (Maki)

Just how much strength was put in those words of hers. 

The moment the weakness in my heart was going to rule over me…


—The pinky finger I used to do the pinky promise with Ringo throbbed.

“Souma?” (Maki)

“…Right.” (Souma)

Contrary to Maki who was making a worried face, I could tell my own face was showing a smile. 

“Alright!” (Souma)

There’s no hesitation in my heart anymore.

I tightened my fist and declared.

“It is okay! I won’t give up so easily. I have promised to everyone!” (Souma)

“Right?! Yeah, I knew you would say that, Souma!” (Maki)

When I said this with half fake energy, Maki finally smiled in relief.

But Maki didn’t end with just that.

 “…But if…just if…you didn’t find a way to go to that world even with that, what would you do?” (Maki)

“Let’s see. At that time…” (Souma)

I thought about it for a bit, and was a bit surprised that the answer was already set inside of me.

“…I might try my hand at making games.” (Souma)

“Making…games…?” (Maki)

I declare to Maki while laughing at her shocked state.

“This is just a vague idea for now, but I can enter a game company, do something, and if I get to a position where I can plan a game myself…” (Souma)


This is still a really vague idea, but…but maybe…

“I might be able to create a continuation of Nekomimi Neko…an adventure for them with my own hands.” (Souma)

When I said this while feeling embarrassed, Maki…

“…I see.” (Maki)

She smiled slightly happy and slightly sad. 

“Then, I—” (Maki)

—At that moment, a weird *bibibibibi* sound rang in the room.

“Ah!! I forgot!” (Maki)

I was wondering what it was and Maki jumped to the corner of the room.

It seems like Maki had plugged her cellphone on my room to charge it. 

That sound just now was most likely the message function. 

Or more like, the electricity is still alive, huh.

Ah, I had the fees be paid automatically, right. 

Wait, that’s not it. 

“Y-You are using the house of someone else as if it were—” (Souma)

I was about to reprimand her, but Maki went ‘Gyaaaah! I have a whole ton of messages!’ and wasn’t listening at all.

She really moves at her own tune. 

“Haah, you really are as always.” (Souma)

Even though we went to an isekai and had an unbelievable experience, Maki doesn’t change.

‘Well, that might be the same for me’ -is what I thought, when…

“—But Souma, you have…changed quite a lot.” 

Maki had at some point in time stopped checking her messages and was shockingly close to me. 

“Really?” (Souma)

When I asked back, Maki looked up at me and nodded. 

I was flustered by this and averted my gaze as I tried my best to say this with feigned indifference.

“B-But well, after experiencing something like that, it would be weird to not change a bit.” (Souma)

“Y-Yeah, but it is not just internal. You see…if people were to see you as you are now, they probably…wouldn’t be able to let you be…” (Maki)

After saying that much, Maki shook her head to the sides as if she couldn’t say any further with her own mouth, and pointed straight at me. 

“A-Anyways, look at a mirror later!!” (Maki)

“O-Okay?” (Souma)

“A whole lot of c-calls came, so I will be leaving! Souma, uhm…live strong!” (Maki)

Something must have bothered her.

Maki ran hurriedly to the doorway, and left with a ‘See you later!’.

“She is really one busy girl.” (Souma)

I say this as I scratch my cheek.

“…I don’t think anything has changed though.” (Souma)

Could it be that the effects of leveling up over there have shown up here? 

I was half in disbelief here as I headed to the washroom and faced the mirror. 

“Hmmm?” (Souma)

A face that’s not terribly ugly but can’t be called handsome, and somewhat sleepy eyes.

Ears that showed up as if pushing their way through my unruly hair. 

Even when I tried to raise the corners of my mouth, there wasn’t much charisma from it. 

“It is the usual, right?” (Souma)

It is the same male face from yesterday, the day before that, and the days even further back which I have gotten used to seeing.

If I had to search for a changed point, it would be that my eyes look a bit stronger, most likely from the many brushes with death on the other side…maybe?

“Maki is just overthinking it, right?” (Souma)

She always says nonsense the whole time. 

It would be stupid to be thrown about at every utterance of hers.

“Right, this is not the time  to be doing something like this. I have promised that I will definitely return to that world.” (Souma)

Everyone saw me off with smiles to the very end.

I can’t betray those feelings.

It is a shame that we can’t use the Teleport Stones, but it is not like I have lost my means.

No matter how many years or decades I take, I will definitely go to that world…the place where everyone is! 

The moment I renewed my resolve and was about to leave, my own face in the mirror came into sight.

That face of mine seemed a bit more mature than usual.

“Just kidding. Now, first…” (Souma)

I shook my head to shake off those idle thoughts, scratched the cat ears poking out from my head as usual, and returned to my room.

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