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Hey guys, Reigokai here! 

We have reached the end of DCFM! Man, I didn’t expect DCFM to end sooner than WG. Though I gotta admit it didn’t feel like an end. Good thing we’ve got the author telling us that this is just the first half cause there’s just way too much to expand in this story it would be a crime to end it there.

Even so, it is still the end for now. As such, I would like to share my own thoughts regarding the story. 

Man, was it a journey. When I happened upon it, the story was pretty much in its infancy, but the premise was so interesting I just had to give it a go. 

The scene that hooked me to this story was definitely the moment when he got out of the forest. The raw emotions I felt there when Hikaru opened the messages hoping for a little bit of solace, seeking praise for enduring such a treacherous journey, but what he got was soul-crushing disdain for killing her childhood friend of all things. 

This really set the mood, but that also was the onset for the understandable gloomy chapters that followed which most people couldn’t take. In fact, I think what drove away most people from this story was in fact Hikaru himself xDD. 

It is incredible how Hikaru is such a polarizing character. You either like him or hate him. I myself am obviously on the ‘like’ side. There were times when it was indeed a bit rough to bear, but he is in basis a broken character and that’s what made him so interesting for me. Different from stories where such issues would be resolved pretty quickly or even disappear completely, replacing the personality of the MC as if it were a completely different person, this one really laid it out heavily. It was a slow journey of recovery where many people came in to help out and every single one of them was indispensable for him to come as far as he is now.

This is where the most needed light in this story came in, in the form of Rifreya. This is probably up there in my favorite interactions between a protagonist and love interest. Rifreya stayed true to her element and lightened the mood of the story while also saving Hikaru from the depths of the abyss. 

The author really portrayed well that, if it were not for Rifreya, Hikaru would have been long dead whether it be from self-destructive behavior or otherwise. Also, she gave me my most favorite scene of the story. The kiss scene with Rifreya. It was so bitter-sweet and that “See? No one is watching -only the moon” really got me good. 

Thankfully, that bitter-sweetness turned into just sweetness with the instant BB chapter that came afterwards. “I am…We are the moon!”, lol. We also discover just how much of a bro Alex was in that scene. Hope you get more screentime in the future!

BB chapters were also a polarizing element in this story. Some hated them, some loved them. Personally, I always looked forward to those chapters. It may just be me and my love for comments, but these chapters were actually really good at setting world building, foreshadowing and, this may sound crazy, but it also lightened the mood of the story. 

The author did really well mimicking the internet without making them unbearable monkeys. It is a lot harder than it sounds, so I appreciate whenever I see myself in those comments. It gets a giggle out of me. 

As for Jeanne, I did like how she was being built up throughout the story until her actual introduction. She gave a purpose to Hikaru in a moment of need. Her personality was nice, but I feel like we haven’t completely explored her yet.

The one that might have surprised me a bit is Nanami. Yeah, there’s barely much about her in the story, but I found it really interesting how accepting she was of the other girls. I at first thought she would be a seed of conflict that would tear the group apart. But now that I think about it, a possessive person like that wouldn’t be plotting to escape to an island with Hikaru and his sisters. She already had a harem alliance way before the isekai, lol. 

There’s also the progression of power from Hikaru and his battles. I really love how the powers were handled here. Hikaru was in a great sweet spot of being super strong but at the same time knowing he can’t just steamroll everything. Hikaru’s fight against the Demon Lord Marchosias and the Great Water Spirit’s summon were my favorite fights. Really had to sweat to get those wins and one wrong step would mean instant death -I love those.

Really, the mix between the isekai with the real world gave a unique spice to this story that I enjoyed a lot. 

I think I speak for everyone when I say the story felt like it ended prematurely. With so much potential out there, mysteries about the world, the objective of the God bringing the Chosen to that world still being hazy, and even Milliestas not being explored despite so much talk about it, it would be a crime to not have a continuation to this story. 

Good thing the author said there might be a second part, which would make sense then. The first half was a journey of recovery for Hikaru, settling his past and looking to the future. I hope the second half will be of exploration and discovery, meetings and a new Hikaru. 

Let’s pray for the miraculous second half. 

Also, the author apparently will be beginning a new story. I won’t make any promises, but I am definitely gonna check it out and decide whether I pick that one up or not. 

That is all. There’s still a lot more I want to say, but it would turn into more of a rambling about everything instead of the things that stood out the most for me, so I will finish that here. 

The ride for DCFM has reached its destination. Only God knows if there will be a second ride, and may that God not be from DCFM.

So, I have spoken my share. What about you guys? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions as we have now reached the ending point. 

Let’s make the last BB chapter our own!


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