WG – Chapter 227: Strength of the Heart

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The thing I was the most wary of in this battle was for the Evil God to ignore me and attack the people gathered. 

No matter how much I want to fight one vs one, there’s no assurance that will be the case for the other side. 

Even more so the case if it were to notice that the people behind were giving me power.

I won’t be hit with long range attacks thanks to the special ability of Ultihate, but if it were to shoot a Kill Beam to the people behind me, I would have no means to block it. 

If possible, I would like to draw the attention of the Evil God, or create an environment where the Evil God would hesitate to shoot its Kill Beam. 

It is hard to say whether I understand the Evil God well enough, but I have seen from the recording that it likes to do things that you would hate. 

If it were to show interest in the citizens, I would wave the Wakizashi on my left hand, and have Leila move.

If Leila jumped out at that timing, I believed the Evil God, whose nature is ‘to do things you would hate’, would definitely do something to Leila in order to get on my nerves. 

And then, as long as we know the target, Mitsuki should be able to manage somehow with the Mirror Gauntlet that reflects light element attacks. 

I didn’t expect Mitsuki to be able to reflect the beam onto the face of the Evil God with pinpoint accuracy at that distance, but that’s Mitsuki for you.

We have managed to eliminate the one other worry that was the Genocide Wave, so I can’t complain.

The one other happy miscalculation was that it seems its ‘mind’ also evolves together with its ‘growth’.

In the past, its nature was evil to the core and I could tell it liked to make people suffer, but I feel like it is more human-like than before. 

It looks like it is especially more sensitive towards pain and provocations than before. 

With this, I doubt it will be shooting the Kill Beam again for a while. 

Compared to the monotone voice that only moved with innocent evil, having learned anger and arrogance actually makes it easier to fight. 

This might be a case where evolution may not always serve positively to the related party. 


“I won’t…let you…get away…for this!” 

It seems like it already only has eyes for me. 

Tentacles wriggle all around its body with killing intent spewing out, and they spread outside as if to intimidate me. 

—That’s troublesome. 

If we are talking about a bad miscalculation, it would be those tentacles.

The arms, core, and head are simply bigger compared to the Evil God in the past, but even when the thickness alone of the tentacles isn’t that different, the length and numbers have greatly increased. 

Its range has increased more than I anticipated, and you could say it has become far more difficult to deal with them.


What was shot at me with those words filled with resentment was a wave of tentacles.

A number of tentacles that easily surpassed the dozens were coming at me as if surrounding me. 

A barrage of tentacles that each have enough power to kill me in one hit. You could even say it is excessive firepower. 

Their speed is also not losing at all, so because they are coming at me in a semicircle, it is not even easy to evade.


“Don’t underestimate me so much!” (Souma)

I have been practicing this one combo zealously for the sake of this day. 

The timing of the True Instant Samidare Slash that wasn’t certain before…it is now close to 100% certain that I can activate it. 


“[True Instant Samidare Slash]!!” (Souma)

No matter how gigantic the Evil God may be, I doubt my attack power falls behind this guy! 

“How’s that?!” (Souma)

I instantly blow up the wave of tentacles approaching me with the invisible slashes as if proving this. 

I looked at the Evil God with a satisfied smile, but…

“I won’t…underestimate you…anymore…” 

I frowned at the sight in front of me.

“Oi oi, are you kidding me?” (Souma)

It was an ocean of tentacles.

It is not even close to just 10 or 20.

A tsunami so big I don’t even know where it was hiding them. 

This ocean of tentacles moved at the same time and directed their tips at me. 

A copious amount of tentacles swept over my way. 

No, it is not just numbers. 

This is…

—It is shifting the timing!!

It has most likely seen through the range of my attack with the exchanges until now. 

It is not attacking me all at the same time, but purposely shifting the speed of the tentacles to make it so I can’t destroy all the tentacles in one hit. 

…Basically multiple volleys of tentacles.

It is nasty, but it is certainly an effective method. 

“Kuh! [Instant Samidare Slash]!!” (Souma)

Even so, I have no other technique that can follow up against it at this range. 

I have no choice but to deal with this using True Instant Samidare Slash.

It is true that this amount of tentacles are a threat and are troublesome, but if you ask me whether it is possible to deal with them, I would say it is!!

“[Instant Samidare Slash]!!” (Souma)


Deep in the ocean of tentacles, I could feel the Evil God was agitated here. 

I slashed through the ocean of tentacles with my second Instant Samidare Slash and…

“[Instant Samidare Slash]!!” (Souma)

With the 3rd Instant Samidare Slash, I swept the wave of tentacles deeper in.

“[Instant Samidare Slash]!! [Instant Samidare Slash]!! [Instant Samidare Slash]!! [Instant Samidare Slash]!!” (Souma)

The ones deeper in, the ones after that, even the ones further in; anyways, I dealt with all the tentacles heading at me…


Finally, I got through the ocean of tentacles and jumped to the front of the Evil God. 

“What’s the matter? Done already?” (Souma)

I held my sword up and grinned at the Evil God that’s standing there dumbfounded. 

This is the even more completed version of the strongest combo that had taken form within the zealous training I had in those 10 days.

—Instant Samidare Cancel Movement!

What’s making this possible are the special abilities of Soul Eater and the Pegasus Boots.

Each time the attacks hit, it absorbs Stamina; this special ability of Soul Eater isn’t that useful when using it normally, but it works extremely well against multihit attacks. 

Instant Samidare Slash unleashes hundreds of slashes. 

Even against the size of tentacles, it can still deal 100 hits if it enters the range. 

The stamina consumption of Instant Samidare Slash is currently around 50 because I have been spamming it to the very limits. 

Also, because Instant Samidare Slash does the hit calculation in one go, even if it were to die with the first attack, the remaining attacks won’t be missing. 

As long as an enemy exists inside the range, I can absorb more Stamina than I consume, so I can spam Instant Samidare Slash without worrying about the Stamina.

The one other contributor is the Pegasus Boots.

This is something I got to deal with the Evil God to begin with, but because of the fall death and drowning, it didn’t have a moment to shine, but it has the special ability of allowing you to activate skills in midair. 

Also, because of the spaghetti code of Nekomimi Neko, it also has the added effect of ‘if you activate a skill in midair that you couldn’t normally, you can connect skills you normally wouldn’t in combos’. 

What utilizes this to the full extent is the Instant Samidare Cancel Movement.

Canceling Instant Samidare Slash with Step is basically what’s True Instant Samidare Slash, but mixing this creates Instant Samidare Cancel Movement.

It is a greedy technique that combines attack and movement. You would move at a speed comparable to that of Godstep Cancel while sweeping away the enemies, obstructions, and even allies in front of you.

This is actually one of the biggest reasons why I moved my allies away. 

The biggest downside of Instant Samidare Slash is that I have to continuously pull off the already difficult Cancels. Even if there’s no issues with Stamina, it would shave away at my concentration. 

It is a technique that can be used infinitely in theory, but if I were to do something like that, my sanity won’t last. 

This is also the reason why I didn’t continue attacking after getting through the ocean of tentacles.

“Impo…ssible… Im…possible…!!” 

But there’s no way the Evil God would be able to know that. 

I smiled once again as if filled with confidence, and the Evil God swayed and swayed as if flustered, and…


—It turned around and began running!! 

It was so unexpected, my brain couldn’t process it for a moment.

“D-Damn it!” (Souma)

By the time I snapped back, it was only after the Evil God had gone off far away at astonishing speed.

“To think the Evil God would run away!!” (Souma)

An unexpected barrier because it obtained emotions, huh.


The Evil God ran away from me while raising a strange cry. 

An unsightly appearance that betrays the initial dignified look.

But things would turn ugly if I were to let it escape here. 

I at the very least know that I am the only one in this country that can defeat that guy. 

If it were to attack people somewhere where my eyes can’t reach, or if it were to power up by some sort of ability, I can only imagine the worst. 

The Evil God was using the tentacles in its whole body and its two arms to get through the marshland with speed unfitting its giant body. 

Even so, my Godstep Cancel was faster than the running speed of the Evil God.

The distance was slowly but surely shrinking and…


The Evil God unleashed its tentacles at me in desperation.

“You…!” (Souma)

It is a sporadic attack that didn’t contain the same density as the wavelike attack of just before, but who knows what would happen if even one of them were to hit. 

I had no choice but to bring out my trump card.

“[Instant Samidare Cancel Movement]!!” (Souma)

I shift the normal Godstep Cancel to Instant Samidare Slash.

Of course, this requires concentration, so this can’t last long though. 

“Got you!” (Souma)

The Evil God was the first one to mess up. 

Because it attacked me with its tentacles, its numbers decreased, and its movement speed lowered.

The Evil God can regenerate its tentacles, but even with that, it is not like they will return instantly. 

“Just a bit more!!” (Souma)

I slice to pieces the last tentacles the Evil God unleashed in desperation with the Instant Samidare Cancel Movement.

“Eh? Stopped…?” (Souma)

I focused on the Evil God standing in place completely naked after losing all of its tentacles and…

…That’s when I noticed something strange.


Strength left my body.

“Why…?” (Souma)

It is not that my Stamina ran out. 

But it felt as if something that had been pushing my body on until now had fallen off just now…


The air grated. 

The laugh of the Evil God made the earth scream. 

That’s not all.

“Mist…” (Souma)

Something bad is happening. 

Noticing this, I readied myself with a stance that can react to anything that might come, placing strength in both legs…

“Ah…” (Souma)

That’s when I finally realized I am in a place where I can place strength in my legs. 

What’s under my feet is already not the marshland…

The Evil God didn’t let that momentary confusion escape. 

The last remaining big and thick arm. 

It was approaching me while raising a fearsome howling of wind.

It happened so suddenly, I couldn’t counter it in time. 

I reflexively chose to use Step to avoid it, and…

“Crap! [Ste—eh?” (Souma)

I was sent flying just like that by that big palm.

“Guah!” (Souma)

The scathing impact pierced through the very core of my body, and I rolled on the ground countless times.

“Damn it! Why…?” (Souma)

I somehow manage to regain my posture and search for the Wakizashi on my left hand, but…

“…Are you searching…for…this…?” 

It was on the ground, at the back of the Evil God that’s looking down at me with leisure. 

—This is the worst. 

I hid my internal agitation and glare at the Evil God, but the Evil God contrasted this by shaking its giant body as if finding this unbelievably amusing from the bottom of its heart. 

“…Hey. Did you think…you were above me…? Your insignificant…existence…?” 

The Evil God spoke in a slimy and unsettling voice filled with joy. 

“It was…humiliating. Showing my back…to an insignificant being…an inferior being…like you…

But that’s…over now… Disappear.” 

What the arm was pointing at was a field faintly covered in mist. 

The mist curtain was surrounding me just right to a degree where it blocks me from the marshland. 

“That was…careless… Also…too bad…

But…the playing is…over now…

Your allies…your techniques…your weapons…I have sealed them all.” 

I was desperately trying to understand this current situation while listening to the Evil God.

I certainly have seen this mist before. 

—Shutter Mist. 

The ability that prohibits the entering and exiting of a field that the fragment used in the capital. 

The Evil God pulled me to a field away from the citizens and nullified my buff.

I understand that much.

But why did I fail the Step just now?

This mist had no such effect like nullifying skills when it was used in the capital…

After thinking that far, I realized it.

“…It evolved?!” (Souma)

Looks like I underestimated just how nasty the Nekomimi Neko developers could be. 

The factor I missed. 

The ability evolution through the growth of the Evil God! 

Now that I think about it, it makes sense. 

If this is a boss designed by them, it wouldn’t be something as soft as just ‘growing as much as it is defeated’. 

It is plenty possible that it gets new abilities regardless of how you defeated it! 

“You get it…now?” 

And then, the Evil God approached me.

“That there’s…no chance for you…to win…” 

Having lost its head and its tentacles, it raised its still present sturdy arm and…

“—Good…bye. You were…a pretty decent…toy…” 

The giant hand of the Evil God fell down on top of me who has his skills sealed and…


The arm of the Evil God was cut clean off from me swinging Shiranui.


A voice of surprise was raised, but who cares. 

“Hyah!” (Souma)

I quickly approach the Evil God swiftly cutting off its one other arm.


It seems like it really can feel pain now. The Evil God screamed in pain after losing 2 arms and fell on the ground.

“Why?! I should have…sealed all of your…strength! 

Even if you…have the power…of the Divine Sword…there’s no way…you would be able to…pull this off with…no assistance…” 

The voice of the Evil God was filled with surprise rather than anger. 

That’s where I tell the Evil God…

“……Divine Sword? What are you saying?” (Souma)

I learned for the first time that you really can’t speak when you are way too surprised. 

“What…? Even if you…try to trick me…again…” 

Even if you ask me what, that’s what I should be saying.

“When you speak of Divine Sword, you are talking of Ultihate, right? If that’s the case…don’t you see? It is on the floor behind you.” (Souma)

Being told this, the Evil God actually looked behind innocently. 

What was there was the Wakizashi End with the Appearance of the Wakizashi and the Performance and Special of Ultihate. 

“In the first place, I brought Ultihate just to block your long range attacks. 

The only reason why I got the buff was because of the Vitality increase and the HP healing bug—” (Souma)

It is rare to see this in Nekomimi Neko, but the buffs that increase max HP and MP have the humane system of recovering the same amount increased. 

And so, if you exploit—I mean, use that effectively, you can recover your HP and MP by equipping and unequipping. 

The buffs that increase HP and MP normally last long and don’t increase much, so it can’t be called practical, but it is a different story when it comes to the outrageous increase with Ultihate. 

That’s why I had the people of the city come just in case.

“In the first place, there’s no way I would use such a weak weapon with only 999 attack power.” (Souma)

Hearing this, the Evil God shouted in agitation.

“I don’t get it! I don’t get it!! What…are you…saying?!” 

“Even if you ask me what… I am just speaking the truth.” (Souma)

It seems like it didn’t make sense for the Evil God that doesn’t have game knowledge, but after seeing the faint light of the blade from the Wakizashi End, the Evil God must have noticed its misunderstanding. 

I could tell the Evil God Fragment trembled there.

“Impossible… Impossible… Impossible…!

T-Then…what in the…world…is that…?

My body that could…easily survive…even an attack from the Divine Sword…

There’s no way…something like that…could exist…” 

The Evil God was retreating with its body still lying on the ground. 

I chuckled at that attitude as if meeting a monster it couldn’t fathom.

“…Didn’t I tell you already? 

The passion and sorrow inside this weapon can’t be comprehended by someone like you who doesn’t have a human heart. 

That’s why, no matter how many hundreds or thousands of times you were to be reborn, it is pointless.” (Souma)

And then, I slowly…

“Get away! Get away!!” 

I approach the creature that had lost its head, tentacles, arms, and even its own pride as the Evil God.

“Have a taste of it! This is the miracle born from the human heart that you made so much fun of. 

This is True Shiranui’s—no…” (Souma)

I swung the strongest and weakest katana on my right hand towards the Evil God’s core and…

“—The power of a chuunibyou (the Fingerless Gloves)!!” (Souma)

That blade with a presumed attack power of over 20,000 broke the Evil God’s core. 


Author: I didn’t expect this foreshadowing to take me 4 years and a half to realize…

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