DCFM – Chapter 227: Send a Love Bouquet to this Darkness ②

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She is not wearing glasses, but that’s without a doubt Nanami. 

She is a bit thinner than the one I know, and looks somewhat wild, but there’s no doubt about it. 

An illusion created by that monster…that possibility crossed my mind for an instant. 

But if that were the case, she should have appeared exactly as I imagine instead.

Then, is that the real Nanami…?

Wasn’t it a lie that she was re-elected for the isekai transfer? 

I was standing still, unable to take a single step forward. 

I couldn’t believe what was happening in front of me. 

Nanami lowered an eyebrow. 

She made a nostalgic face of ‘it can’t be helped’ and walked forward.

One step and then another.

Rifreya and Jeanne were not taking notice of Ozawa who was writhing in pain there, and were simply looking straight forward.

It is as if time has stopped. 

Jeanne and Rifreya probably can’t make head or tails of what’s happening right now, or maybe they are wary about the eye monster, they couldn’t move. 

Her face grew clearer as she approached.

There were tears at the corners of her eyes.

Flushed cheeks.


She called me in a nostalgic way with her red lips trembling. 


Nanami jumped to my chest as if sprung forward. 

I received that while still frozen in place. 

A nostalgic scent wafted and my vision blurred, unable to endure. 

“Hi-chan…it is Hi-chan…!” 

“Nanami…! Is it…really you, Nanami…?” (Hikaru)

“Yeah… Your beloved childhood friend, Nanami-chan.” (Nanami)

The voice I thought I wouldn’t hear again. 

The warmth I thought I wouldn’t be able to feel anymore. 

Nanami has overcome the boundary of parallel worlds and is right in front of my eyes. 

I couldn’t stop sobbing for a while and cried on the chest of Nanami.

Soon after I transferred, I thought Nanami had transferred together with me. 

But that wasn’t fulfilled and I learned that Nanami stayed dead. 

I managed to revive Nanami thanks to the kindness of Jeanne, and yet, I was told that Nanami had been revived with her memories gone as if reset to a baby. 

That Nanami is currently here, healthy. 

“I am sorry for all the trouble I caused you. After I revived, I saw how you lived here, and I…was truly sad and pained… But God has chosen me again, so I decided I would definitely reunite with you. I was a bit late, but did I barely make it in time?” (Nanami)

Nanami said this a bit playfully and glanced at Ozawa. 

She was looking at Ozawa, who had blood spurting out from his arm and a pale face, with shockingly cold eyes. 

“Aah… I was told that you had come back to life but all of your memories were gone… I was on the verge of believing that. But here you are. So that was a lie too.” (Hikaru)

“You believed something like that? Well, you could say that’s just like you. You would be deceived by the lies bordering on conspiracy theories of Karen-chan in the past too.” (Nanami)

“Yeah, that was horrible. Before that, I was told you had transferred to a place called Hell and—” (Hikaru)

“Ah, that one is true. When I transferred with darts, it got a bit deviated.” (Nanami)

“…Eh? I heard that you can’t come back alive once you fall into this Hell though…” (Hikaru)

“I did think it was a bit bad, I guess~. Well, I met Ai-chan, so it worked out fine though.” (Nanami)

“Ai-chan…? I see. You are referring to that one?” (Hikaru)

“Correct. Cute, right?” (Nanami)

“Is it…?” (Hikaru)

I can tell that it has astonishing Spirit Energy inside of it. 

It is a bizarre being that I could tell from instinct was a Demon Lord. 

Its appearance is way too fiendish to call cute. 

That eye monster -Ai-chan- is looking at me with eyes as if licking me all over. 

It is drooling and its tongue is sticking out.

It is…cute? 

You can argue it is cute…but if I had to describe it, I would say it is unsettling…

“It is okay, Ai-chan. Anything aside from the head or the left arm.” (Nanami)

Nanami suddenly muttered this in monotone. 

When she did, Ai, who should have been looking at me, shot a beam again. 

Ozawa was writhing in pain from his right arm having been cut off, but was stopped from operating the status board with his left hand…and got his left leg cut off. 

“Agyaaaah!” (Ozawa)

“You…think you can escape from this one? I am currently having an emotional reunion with him, so do you get in that head of yours that I am waiting for a bit before killing you?” (Nanami)

Nanami said this coldly while hugging me and not letting go. It has been a while since I have heard the ‘Pissed off Nanami’.

Celica and Karen have said in unison ‘Nanami-neesan is seriously scary when pissed’, and well, I myself have experienced it, but I feel like Nanami is more fit to this isekai than me with her being able to clearly state she is going to kill. 

Even the first time Nanami was going to transfer, Celica and Karen made a carefree comment like ‘Nanami-neesan would be okay’ after all…

But having his arm and leg cut off must have been fatal, Ozawa lost the power to scream, and ended up lying down on the ground. 

I thought for a second he would be dying in this way, but the whole body of Ozawa began shining, and the Scapegoat Ring on his left hand dropped. 

Blood returned to the face of Ozawa, and his lost arm and leg reformed in an instant. 

“Summon: [Dark Knight]!” (Hikaru)

I summon a Dark Knight and once again restrain Ozawa.

He won’t be running away with Random Transfer now at least. 

“Souma Nanami…! Why are you here?! The only point that should have been approaching this place in the map is the Chosen from Hell!” (Ozawa)

This guy wasn’t listening to what Nanami said before. 

He was wailing because his arm got cut off after all. 

“As I said~, I am that Hell Chosen.” (Nanami)

“Huh? Are you saying that you went through the trouble of getting past a danger zone just to reunite with your childhood friend?” (Ozawa)

“Yeah~, it was in part to reunite with Hi-chan. But the highest priority was elsewhere. Well, I didn’t expect my objective to be fulfilled this fast though. You know, I have been super lucky since a long time ago. Thanks…for coming here to be killed by me.” (Nanami)

Nanami stopped hugging me and stood in front of Ozawa. 

“What should I do? Want me to kill you in pain? Or do you want to die in one go?” (Nanami)

“Tch, acting all tough. Can you kill someo—” (Ozawa)

Before he could finish saying that, Nanami unsheathed the shortsword on her waist and stabbed the leg of Ozawa. 

“Are you an idiot? I told you I am killing you. You killed both me and my parents, you know? I am leaving you a choice here on how to die because I have managed to reunite with him as a result, so I am simply showing some consideration to you as a contributor.” (Nanami)

“Ah, guaaaaaaaaah!” (Ozawa)

Nanami twisted the sword over and over. 

Jeanne and Rifreya are understandably a bit taken aback by this. 

“You know, I didn’t really get along that well with my parents. Even so, that was my mom and dad. I can be happy on my own, but I was at least thinking about having my parents live a happy future. You know…having my things and my plans being made a mess of by a random guy due to their own unrelated circumstances…pisses me off so much.” (Nanami)

Nanami now stabs the left leg. 

This is the revenge of Nanami in the truest sense of the word.

This guy killed both her and her parents after all. 

There’s no room for me to intrude. 

Just as Nanami herself said, her being chosen again to come to the isekai is her only opportunity to kill the culprit that escaped to the isekai. 

“Do you know what this place is? It is called the Dusk Hades Street. If you die here, you apparently continue reviving endlessly as an undead in this place. Die, come back to life, and die again; eternally, as long as this dungeon exists.” (Nanami)

“Aaaaah, that’s a lie!” (Ozawa)

“Isn’t that a good ending for a murderer? Suffer for all of eternity.” (Nanami)

Saying this, Nanami stabbed the chest of Ozawa.

“Agh—gah!” (Ozawa)

Ozawa changed into a Spirit Stone so easily to a baffling degree, without even leaving any last words.

Nanami picked that up, and after giving it a disinterested glance, she threw it towards Ai. 

Ai catches it with its mouth. 

“If you eat something like that, you might end up souring your stomach, just kidding… Why is everyone looking at me with those eyes?” (Nanami)

Jeanne has only known Nanami on the surface, so she is frozen in shock. 

As for Rifreya, she is frozen because I wailed on the chest of a girl that suddenly appeared…probably. 

As for me, I am being licked by Ai who approached me slowly with an intoxicated face.

It is certainly beginning to look cute. When I tried to pet it a bit, the feel of it was strangely good. Nanami is definitely brushing it or something. 

“It has been a while, Jeanne-san. Thanks for reviving me. I have heard the details from Celica-chan. I am truly…grateful.” (Nanami)

“No, that was just the development. Also, I have been rewarded a whole ton already. Anyways…this is surprising. That goes for the monster there as well, but…to think the Chosen from Hell was you, Nanami.” (Jeanne)

“I myself was also a bit surprised, but the hints of God were exemplary. They really saved me.” (Nanami)

“Hint? Speaking of which, I have barely used it.” (Jeanne)

“You did say that you are the type that doesn’t look at walkthroughs when playing a game, Jeanne-san.” (Nanami)

The two of them have met before, so their conversation was cheerful. 

There’s also the fact that they are both Chosen. 

On the other hand, Rifreya must have felt something from Nanami, her usual pushiness was taking a backseat, and was simply standing there as if not knowing what to do. 

After exchanging words with Jeanne, Nanami turned to Rifreya this time around. 

Mysterious tension covered the place. 

“Hmm~, so you are Rifreya-san… I have seen you in videos, but…I see…” (Nanami)

Nanami observed Rifreya as if licking her all over. 

Rifreya knows about Nanami, but she should have a lot of questions like why she is here. 

But why is she just observing without saying anything? 

“You like Hi-chan, right?” (Nanami)

“Y-Yes!” (Rifreya)

“Really? How much?” (Nanami)

“I could die for his sake!” (Rifreya)

What’s this? 

It is like a shotgun interview. I am completely lost now. 

Nanami is looking straight at the eyes of Rifreya. 

Rifreya is also looking straight at Nanami as if to not lose to her. 

Jeanne and I were watching this in suspense. 

“…Well, Celica-chan has told me to look after you. I am his most beloved childhood friend, Souma Nanami. I look forward to working with you, Rifreya-san.” (Nanami)

“Y-Yes, looking forward to it!” (Rifreya)

She for some reason emphasized the ‘most beloved’ and extended her hand for a handshake. 

There was strange tension, but I am glad to see they will be able to get along. 

With Nanami here, there’s no choice other than acting together after all. 

“Hey, Nanami, I would like to hear the details. Ah, speaking of which, that Ferdinand guy said that he is Celica’s boyfriend. Was that true?” (Hikaru)

“Hah? Boyfriend?” (Nanami)

But my harmless words touched upon the wrath of Nanami.

“Hi-chan, I know a lot happened because I saw it before I transferred, but…can you grit your teeth for a bit?” (Nanami)

She slapped me before she even finished saying that. 

“You awake now? Hi-chan, you should believe in your little sister more. Celica-chan and Karen-chan are working really hard for your sake, you know?” (Nanami)

“I-I see… Thanks. I have woken up.” (Hikaru)

The slap of Nanami I haven’t gotten in a while tasted like iron. 

That really is the case… I have been doubting too much. I have been led astray by way too blatant lies. 

“Right… There’s no way Celica would try to kill me…” (Hikaru)

“You believed something like that? Are you an idiot? There’s no way Celica-chan would go out of her way to tell you something like that. She would try to fake it as an accident when killing. Are you looking down on your little sisters?” (Nanami)

“That’s true…” (Hikaru)

What Nanami was saying strangely made sense. 

I heard about what happened afterwards. 

I opened the messages I still haven’t opened, and there I learned about how much Celica, Karen, and the viewers were supporting me. 

“…And so, why is this guy licking me?” (Hikaru)

The one-eyed monster was still licking my hand.

“It says you taste like happiness. It might try to eat you if it gets hungry, so be careful, Hi-chan.” (Nanami)

“That’s a wild beast then… Ah, right. I was taking care of it, so I will return it.” (Hikaru)

“Eh?” (Nanami)

I bring out the thing that has been deep inside the Shadow Storage for the longest of items and didn’t bring out once before, and give it to Nanami.

“That’s my album. Right, you had it, Hi-chan.” (Nanami)

“Yeah, this one brought me to tears.” (Hikaru)

“But I don’t think I need it anymore. I have you here, Hi-chan.” (Nanami)

“I see. Then I will keep it safe for you.” (Hikaru)

I flipped it around for a bit and there were a number of nostalgic photos. 

I suddenly caught a glance of the last page. 

At the back of the cover, there’s something written in the handwriting of Nanami. 

“What’s this? ‘I will survive and return to his side. I am definitely going to tell him I like him next time!’…?” (Hikaru)

“A-Aaah! Waah! What are you reading?!” (Nanami)

Nanami snatched the album away from me. 

“I completely forgot I wrote something like that. That’s so embarrassing.” (Nanami)

“Who is ‘him’?” (Hikaru)

“Huh?! You idiot! You are a dense idiot, Hi-chan!” (Nanami)

What a nostalgic exchange. 

I feel as if I am back on Earth. 

Me being thought of as a murderer was my own misunderstanding, Nanami has come back to life and is by my side, even so, it is not like every single thing is back to how it was.

This is an isekai, we have new comrades in Jeanne and Rifreya, and the fact doesn’t change that we are being watched by viewers. 

There are things that changed and things that probably didn’t. 

But I feel like this is the first time I am properly looking forward since coming to this world. 

I feel like I am now able to do something as natural as living in this world as Kurose Hikaru. 

That’s why, from here on…

From here on, let’s walk my new life one step at a time -together with everyone.


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