Not a Chapter: A New Story…Again?! Searching for a new story…still?!

Hey guys, Reigokai here! 

This may have come out of the blue, but I have decided to pick up a new story! 

You might be wondering why at this timing when I am translating so many stories at once already.

To be honest here, I am standing in a sweet spot where we are pretty much caught up to ZAP and DCFM is almost the same (only 1 more chapter). As for Tsuki, it has been on a hiatus. The author said he is going to resume posting next year (no specific time).

And so, I have decided to take a new novel at this moment! It will take the 2 slots of ZAP and ZAP will be moved to Tsuki’s slot. 

As for the new story, it is…


I have been reincarnated in the lowest strata of the Dungeon Academy, but I for some reason have a Strategy Guide.

Synopsis: Having reincarnated into the weakest villain that only served to go against the protagonist and be expelled from the academy, my level, stats, and social standing are the lowest of the lowest in this world. 

Because of how low my abilities were, my classmates made fun of me and kept their distance. 

Moreover, the only future awaiting me if the scenario progresses like this is a dog’s death. 

However, for some reason, I have a strategy guide book in my hand. It is still too soon to give up.

Link to the raw is here:

As some may already know, I am a sucker for game systems and this one fills that hole pretty nicely (and other guilty pleasures I have which I will keep to myself to not spoil, lol).

This story is pretty much in its infancy, but the author updates frequently and I like the potential of it…is what I want to say, but by the time I picked it up and translated several chapters of it, the author hasn’t updated. How lucky 🙁


As such, you can use this post to recommend other stories, maybe ones that have been abandoned too. I pretty much only scour the raw japanese ones that haven’t been taken already since that’s where most won’t be able to check. 

So if you guys have any recommendations, I will check them out too. 

Guidelines are as always: 

-It has to be a web novel. I don’t take light novels because of the legal issues that might come with it. 

-If the story already has a translation, the translation must have had at least a 3 month hiatus.

-Preferably more than 100 chapters.

-If possible, tell me the reason you recommend that story.

I also check whether the story has been on hiatus (if so, I won’t take it), but if it is not a hiatus but the story being completed, I don’t have issues with it (World is Game is an example of this). But I will do that on my side, so just recommend away without bothering about it. 

Also checking each story takes a lot of time, so I am asking for recommendations now to give me time to check them. It will be a while before I actually decide on one. 


Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all readers, patreons, and commenters. It may sound repetitive at this point (with this being around 6 years now) but I am truly grateful to every one of you guys. 

Seeing familiar faces and sharing opinions on the same stories is what has been keeping this passion of mine alive for such a long time. Crazy how a niche hobby like web novels can still find itself with a group of like-minded people, yet I have zero irl friends who do, lol.

Thank you all, it really means the world to me. 

Feel free to hop onto the train leading to many more isekais and give this new world a try! 

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