WG – Chapter 185: G-Speed King

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Sazan threw the feed at me for a while after losing his marbles once I showed the medal to him, but…

“Souma, sorry for interrupting, but this one wants to get mine reward quickly…”

When G-Speed King spoke, Sazan froze in place.

“A-A horse spoke?!” (Sazan)

Even in this crazy world of Nekomimi Neko, it seems like speaking horses are still rare.

No, of course they are.

“W-What’s that, Souma?! Just what in the world is this…” (Sazan)

“Aaah, yeah yeah, I will introduce you now.” (Souma)

I stood in front of G-Speed King as if to cover him from the confused Sazan, and introduced my former partner.

“Sazan, this guy is the Sacred Horse: G-Speed King. My old acquaintance.” (Souma)

G-Speed King is the horse that was in the neighboring horse shed from the one Ringo and I were in when we just arrived at Rihitel.

When I first met this horse, everyone from the city was talking about the Hisame Dojo because of the Hisame Household Visit event, so this guy neighed ‘Nenene-Hisame’s house lies to the west of the capital!’ and annoyed me.

I didn’t find it strange at that time because a lot of things were going on, but I did think it was a bit strange that it suffered the effects of the Hisame event.

In the game, the ones who were affected by the Hisame event were at most babies; in other words, characters who have the human AI.

Even if it is Nekomimi Neko, a normal monster or animal won’t just come and tell you about the location of the Hisame Dojo.

I thought about the possibility that maybe it works differently now that it is real, but if it is a different reason from that…basically, if that horse could speak to begin with

The result was a big jackpot.

I went to that horse shed and tried talking to him, and it is true that this is the only talking horse in the whole world; a Sacred Horse rank.

“…In other words, the reason why the feed I bought is useless now and why you are showing me that medal there with a smug face is all because of this guy?” (Sazan)

Sazan heard the explanation and glared bitterly at G-Speed King.

No, why do you end up looking like that?

Could it be that the combination of chuuni and chuuni is really a bad one?

I was baffled by this, and at my side, there’s G-Speed King snorting at the glaring Sazan.

“Hmph! Why should I be called ‘this guy’ by you peasant?

Listen here, I am the horse of Gods, G-Speed King!

I possess godly speed that leaves everything and everyone eating my dust. A chosen—”

“What’s that God Speed? What a lame name.” (Sazan)


G-Speed King was at a loss for words at the complete denial of his chuuni name.

By the way, the player can freely choose the name of the horse they get.

Basically, as long as it is not a race horse, it wouldn’t have a name, so this guy’s official name has become the same as the entry, G-Speed King.

G-Speed King’s anger was tremendous, having most likely what will be his lifetime name be made fun of.

The horse neighed as if growling, and it was hitting its front legs on the ground as if it would charge onto Sazan at this very moment.

“F-Foolish human! This one can tell that you don’t know of mine god speed.

Bear witness to mine…god speed!!”

“Ah, wait, oi!” (Souma)

I don’t know what came over him, but G-Speed King suddenly began dashing at full power in the middle of the city.

He lacks way too much resistance towards provocation!

As expected from a guy that has been cooped up in a horse shed his whole life.

“Oi, wait, G-Speed King! G-Speed King!

Stop, G-Speed—Argh, stop, G-King!” (Souma)

I shouted, but this G-King doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

It dashed at full speed with abnormal speed as if pushing through the screams of people.

I also ran and chased after it, but I couldn’t catch up to it at all.

“Damn it! Can’t be helped!” (Souma)

I didn’t want to swing a sword in the middle of the city, but I can’t just go saying that here.

I quickly took out my sword and chased after G-King with Godstep Cancel.

“You…!” (Souma)

It is dangerous if I were to mess up the Side Slash, so I moved with short bursts of Slash and Step.

The path is fortunately open thanks to G-King.

I catch up to G-King in a few seconds and move to his front.


I was thinking about stopping G-King if need be, but there was no need. He stopped in front of me, grinding to a halt.

And then, he looked at me as if looking at an unbelievable thing.

“Eh, peasant…no, mister…”

“What?” (Souma)

“W-What was that just now? That movement just now…and that speed…”

“Hm? Aah, you are talking about the Godstep Cancel?” (Souma)

We are talking about this horse that is a stickler when it comes running faster than anyone. He must have gotten interested in my peculiar way of running.

I was troubled in how to explain it for a moment there, but I decided to speak honestly about it.

“That just now was a movement method that the people of my homeland created.” (Souma)

“Your…homeland…” (G-King)

“Yeah, the warriors of that place can all pretty much use it.” (Souma)

“I-I see. That’s…an impressive place.” (G-King)

I tell him the truth with a bit of embellishment.

I don’t know what the Sacred Horse imagined, but it is trembling.

“Now, don’t do such foolish things and let’s go back.” (Souma)

“R-Right. Umu, let’s do that.” (G-King)

Looks like he has cooled down from the exchange just now.

He was meek to a point where it is hard to believe he was rampaging just now, and nodded to what I said.

He seems to be feeling bad about it, he even looks like he is taking distance from me.

And then, at that moment…

“…G-Speed King.”

“That movement, if I remember correctly…”

“It is a G. It is without doubt a G…”

The mutterings of the citizens reached my ears.

“Achaa, I have done it now…” (Souma)

I noticed what happened with those voices and placed a hand on my forehead.

Because I shouted G-King repeatedly, it seems like the citizens have now learned of the G-King’s name.

And it is most likely not as a god speed horse just like the name states, but as an awfully fast wild horse.

“Hey hey, mom, G means cockroach <Gokiburi>, right? That person—”

“Sshh! You must not point! That’s rude!”

“As expected of Hero-sama. Unbelievable…”

Also, I feel like the attention from G-King has flown onto me, too.

At this rate, I feel like the day when they will see me as Sinking Prince and the Owner of G-Speed King might come soon.

“S-Sorry. Because of this one, you are being called like that…”

“Haah… Well, just be careful next time.” (Souma)

I waved my hand at the ashamed G-King.

I already have a nonsensical nickname like Sinking Prince.

A rumor of me having a weird horse wouldn’t be anything big at this point.

But I should walk at a distance from him when I am outside -is what I internally thought as we walked, and Sazan came from the other side with his shoulders showing his anger.

Sazan looked at our state and the surroundings, and seemed to have understood the situation.

He snorted at the G-King as if trying to steal away his standing as a horse.

“See? It is because you named yourself something nonsensical like God Speed King.” (Sazan)


G-King grinded his teeth even though he is a horse.

It seems to be mortified that his name was made fun of, but it looks like he can’t argue with that one incident just now.

But that’s not the end for what Sazan had to say.

“That’s why I will give you a new name for this special occasion.

Your true name worthy of your title as a Sacred Horse.” (Sazan)


G-King was confused here, and Sazan spread both arms as he made his black cloak flutter and shouted.

“From here on, you are not God Speed King!

You will be the holy thunder that cuts through darkness and tears apart evil! The Sacred Horse, Sacred Lightning.” (Sazan)

Those passionate words of his made G-King open his mouth in surprise and…

“What’s that? You lack a shred of naming sense.”

…It obviously turned into a big fight.


“In the first place, you are all gloom with your darkness and shadow!

Learn of this one, God Speed King! There’s no name that can describe someone as holy as this one—”

“Fool! As if I can allow such a vulgar name to be considered as good taste! Entrusting your body to darkness and dyeing that flesh of yours in its forbidden powers. That exhilarating feeling…” (Sazan)

This is something I somewhat understood here, but these two are both chuuni, but their spectrum is slightly different.

That’s why they can’t forgive those small differences, and they end up clashing in this way.

Or maybe it is a hate for your own brethren or whatever, but whichever the case, I don’t want anything to do with this.

Walking together with a talking horse and a black robed mage that is seriously having an argument with it? Please spare me from that.

“Hey, let’s go to the next one already.” (Souma)

When I said this after getting bored of watching them, the both of them looked at me in disapproval.

No, I can’t tell what their faces were saying since one is wearing a mask and the other one is a horse, but it was their attitude.

G-King was the first one to step forward and spill out his displeasure.

“Where are you planning on going now? I want to get the promised reward already though.”

“Aah, speaking of which, I did promise to give you carrots.” (Souma)

The price for the cooperation of G-King was a whole ton of carrots.

Of course, I have an idea for the carrots if I am offering them.

If I remember correctly, there’s a whole lot of purple carrots in the refrigerator of the mansion.

Leila doesn’t seem to like carrots much, so she doesn’t use them much in her cooking, so there should still be a whole lot in the refrigerator.

“Then, let’s have G-King go to the mansion first and have Leila give him the carrots—” (Souma)

“This has been bothering me for a while now, but that G-King refers to this one?”

I averted my gaze from the displeased eyes of G-King, and I made eye-contact with Sazan who was right by the opposite side.

Sazan asked me with a strangely calm voice.

“By next, are you referring to obtaining the Stardust Flare spell, right?” (Sazan)

“Y-Yeah. We already have the medals, and it won’t take that long if it is the same as the game. That’s why we can go there quickly and…” (Souma)

I try to say this cheerfully towards the uncharacteristic cold voice of Sazan.

“I don’t want to.” (Sazan)

I froze at those words.

Sazan didn’t seem to feel anything from this and just spoke clearly and bluntly.

“I don’t want to. I won’t go.” (Sazan)

“You won’t go, you say. But if you are not there…” (Souma)

I won’t be able to get the Stardust Flare.

Even when he knows this…

But Sazan continued speaking as if I didn’t say anything.

“Souma, I have cooperated with you until now. It is now your turn to help me out as promised.” (Sazan)

“Sa…zan?” (Souma)

I called the name I am already used to saying and peeked at the eyes lying inside that mask.

Ice cold eyes were looking at me.

“I will go to your room tonight. I will have you fulfill your promise there.” (Sazan)

And those words were without doubt the beginning.

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