WG – Chapter 180: Darkness Magic and Golden Mage

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“I will cooperate. It depends on the conditions, but I don’t mind doing it.” (Sazan)

Having gotten the bracelet back, Sazan looked at me and said this in a bad mood.

His face is hidden with the mask, but it is clear that he doesn’t find it pleasing that I am going back.

“But why do you need an offensive spell in order to return to your original world? If you need my help, I will have you explain properly.” (Sazan)

He tilted his body a bit and looked down at me as usual.

By the way, the arms he has been crossing the whole time are down probably because of how tense he is right now.

My gaze concentrated there somehow.

The sense of distance is messed up because it is inside the warm water, so I can’t see properly, but there isn’t really a weird part about it.

He was crossing his arms weirdly, so I suspected he might have a secret on the level of the Horned Paon, but it seems that was just me being distrusting.

Or more like, my gaze gravitates down to the Horned Paon, and I can’t concentrate.

“You bastard, looking elsewhere when we are having a serious talk he—hiyaaaaaaaaa!” (Sazan)

“Dowah!” (Souma)

Sazan noticed my gaze was down, and he turned his body at surprising speed as if hiding his body from me.

“…D-Did you see?” (Sazan)

And then, he looked back with his slender back still facing here and asked this, but that’s way too late.

“See, you ask? Are you referring to that uhm…Horned Paon?” (Souma)

“Wa?!!” (Sazan)

It might have been an unexpected response, Sazan made a dumbfounded voice that didn’t lose to the one just now.

I doubt he didn’t notice that his Horned Paon was at full throttle, but we are talking about Sazan here, so who knows.

“Guwuuh…” (Sazan)

I don’t know what’s so displeasing about this, but Sazan was looking at me with an incredible glare while grinding his teeth…

“R-Right, about that Horned Paon…” (Souma)

After a while, I said this with an attitude as if desperately trying to swallow something.

I don’t really get it, but maybe he actually didn’t want to show his Horned Paon.

…Well, of course he wouldn’t want to.

“How to say it…you must have it rough in a lot of meanings.” (Souma)

When I said this with a hint of sympathy, he for some reason snapped and went ‘shut up!’.

Youngsters these days get angry easily, it is troubling.

“More importantly, what about the answer for the question before?! Don’t divert the conversation and answer already!! How are you going to return to your world after obtaining an offensive spell?!” (Sazan)

Sazan began making a ruckus while I had a baffled face.

I think you are the one who diverted the topic here, but it would be a waste of time to point that out.

I tightened my expression and answered briefly.

“…In order to return to my world, I will be using the Fused Forbidden Spell, Death Flash.

I need the strongest spell of this world, Stardust Flare, to achieve that.” (Souma)

Because of its destructive power, Stardust Flare is also called the annihilation spell, and it is a spell that doesn’t bring shame to that exaggerated name.

It has fearsome traits like: Max Area of Effect, multi-hit attack, random impact, and ignore magic resistance. It has been arbitrarily given fame as the strongest anti-personnel spell.

Moreover, its power is not the only thing that is incredible about the Stardust Flare.

This outrageously flashy spell that makes a ton of stars rain from the sky and have them explode one after the other has terrifying visual effects, so it has also taken the throne as the number one of the Four Devas of Visual Overload.

If you cast that together with the spell that you obtain from Leila’s event, Bubble Chain, a massive overload will happen, triggering the safety mechanism of the VR machine, and it will cause a forced Log-Out.

This is the Fused Forbidden Spell, Death Flash.

“…I kind of get it now.” (Sazan)

Sazan listened to my explanation while sitting on his knees with his legs opened up a bit and nodded lightly.

I don’t really care, but because his legs are open, his Horned Paon is on full power as always.

I think it is because it would hit the Horned Paon if he were to close his legs, but I really want to question whether he wants to hide the Horned Paon or not.

But Sazan asked me purely seriously while my attention was taken by the Horned Paon.

“Is that going to go well though?” (Sazan)

I get serious too at the rare serious attitude of Sazan.

But I couldn’t give a clear answer to that question.

“Honestly speaking, I don’t know. However, I think there’s a chance here.” (Souma)

The reason why I can’t use the menu screen anymore is probably because that’s way too game-like, and this world is a ‘separated world’ so it would get in the way.

Skills and spells are also game-like, too.

However, those elements are things the residents of the created world of Nekomimi Neko are aware of, and are used by them, so there’s that decisive difference from the menu screen.

Nekomimi Neko puts their efforts in all the pointless areas, so there wasn’t a single person who would say meta stuff and game advice like ‘it is important to save often’ or ‘you have to equip the weapon from the menu screen or it won’t have any effect’.

In the common sense of the Nekomimi Neko world, the menu screen, save, load, and also logout don’t exist.

However, it is not like all the things that the people of the world are not aware of are not allowed to exist.

There’s bug techniques, and also skill activation methods like Order and Focus which are clearly things the people of this world are not aware of, and yet, I could use them properly in this world.

Despite that, the menu screen was sealed most likely because of the degree, or more like, it is the most game thing within those. But if that’s the line of thought here, there’s hope.

The Equip that was one of the functions of the menu screen can be accomplished by directly holding the weapon or putting on the armor.

—In that case…

If there’s a method to use the save, load, and logout without using the menu screen, wouldn’t that succeed?

It may be a way too optimistic theory, but that’s what I think.

“That said, I don’t know what might happen.

Of course, I will gradually experiment. And if Maki is against it, I will think of a different method.” (Souma)

“The reason why you want to return to your world is really for the sake of Maki?” (Sazan)

I found it hard to respond to the unexpectedly sharp words of Sazan.

“…The biggest reason, yeah. But I think I shouldn’t be living in this world.” (Souma)

“In other words, if you can communicate with the people of your world, you would be fine with living here?” (Sazan)

“That’s…” (Souma)

Is this person really Sazan? -that’s how sharp he is being here.

I couldn’t answer immediately.

But it seems like that attitude of mine didn’t rub Sazan the right way.

‘Fumu’ -he muttered and said with energy.

“Got it. Then, I will cooperate with everything I have!” (Sazan)

“Eh? Is that okay?” (Souma)

He said he would help me out from the very beginning, but why is he so into it all of a sudden?

When I showed a surprised expression, Sazan suddenly raised his voice and pointed at me.

“H-However! I don’t mind if it is until you return to your world, but I want you to cooperate with me, too!” (Sazan)

“Cooperate?” (Souma)

“That’s right! There should be a lithograph that only you and Maki can use in the library!

You will watch all of those until the end and tell me the details about it!” (Sazan)

By lithograph, is he talking about the video recording of the Evil God Great War?

That would be easy then.

“Got it.” (Souma)

I answered immediately and Sazan took a daunted attitude for some reason.

“A-Also…!” (Sazan)

He was still pointing at me with his face slightly averted as he continued speaking.

“I will cooperate with you in returning to your world. I will, so…so…think of a way to return to this world again, too.” (Sazan)

“Sazan?” (Souma)

“D-Don’t misunderstand! I just want to use you more!

That’s why, it is not like I would be sad about you leaving or anything like that…” (Sazan)

Sazan was weaving his words all flustered.

…Good grief.

Despite not being honest, he is the most honest out of everyone.

“Thanks, Sazan.” (Souma)

“Wa?!” (Sazan)

When I thanked him, Sazan slapped the surface of the water in a flustered manner.

“I-I don’t get you! M-More importantly, the spell!! You are going to be getting this thing called Stardust Flare, right?! What do you plan on doing?!” (Sazan)

He is obviously trying to divert the topic here, but I ride on that.

“Yeah. We need to perform a certain event, but you are needed for that.” (Souma)

“Me?” (Sazan)

“To be more precise, it is a mage with strong dark element affinity, but there wasn’t anyone aside from you in the whole game.” (Souma)

“Dark element, huh…” (Sazan)

Sazan frowned when he heard that.

He looks so drained it makes me wonder where the energy from before went.

Speaking of which, Sazan speaks all the time about dark powers, and yet, I have not seen him use dark element magic.

He would mostly use fire or water.

Does he have a trauma with dark magic? He clearly looks apprehensive about it.

“Does it really have to be me? If it is dark element…there’s Leila, maybe?” (Sazan)

“No, Leila isn’t really dark element but more like dark personality…wait, that’s not it.

You were the only one who could do it in the game, so it is impossible for anyone aside from you in this world, too.” (Souma)

I said this, but Sazan still continued to complain.

“I-In the first place, this is weird! It is called Stardust and Flare, and yet, it is dark element?!” (Sazan)

“Even if you tell me that…” (Souma)

I am not the one who set the element.

“Or more like, why do you dislike the dark element? Could it be that you actually can’t use dark magic?” (Souma)

Even though I know that’s not the case, I asked this, and Sazan must have been hit in his pride, he answered with a loud voice.

“T-That’s not true! It is just that, uhm…m-mine dark powers are way too big for this world.” (Sazan)

“…Hah?” (Souma)

I let out a displeased voice when he suddenly pulled out the crazy talk, and Sazan quivered before adding in a low voice.

“T-That’s why, uhm…when I used dark magic a long time ago, there was a time when I blanked out and burned down a forest…” (Sazan)

He must have remembered that time, Sazan brushed his right hand uncomfortably while sitting on his knees.

Seeing this, something clicked in my head.

(…Could it be…) (Souma)

Maybe it is the source of Sazan’s chuunibyou. The dark magic affinity he has might have to do with the dark-something that’s sealed in him.

Sazan tends to lose control often by himself, but if his dark magic affinity is even higher than that, the damage it could cause is unmeasurable.

Because he used dark magic that he can’t control and went wild, he was isolated, and considering his rebellious personality, I can understand how he ended up becoming a chuunibyou.

Also, considering the effect of the dark magic, it could also explain the clearly abnormal Horned Paon on his crotch…

No, that would be stretching it a bit.

Anyways, it seems like the hate of Sazan towards dark magic is the real deal.

However, I can’t withdraw here.

“I now get that you can’t use dark magic. In that case, I will be the one using it. You can just undo the seal.” (Souma)

The player can learn the Stardust Flare spell by just being present.

I thought this would be fine, but…

“Hmm, but even if you say that…” (Sazan)

Even with that, the response of Sazan wasn’t favorable.

He probably is apprehensive about dark magic that surpasses logic.

I have no choice but to push here.

“Anyways, you are the only one I can rely on.

I can only ask this of a mage with outstanding ability like you.” (Souma)

“O-Only me… O-Outstanding mage…” (Sazan)

The sullen attitude of Sazan softened in one go at what I said.

“Actually, this Morrigan Sprite person that hid the Stardust Flare spell is apparently an incredible person that’s called stuff like the Golden Mage or the Strongest Alchemist in the World.” (Souma)

“Golden…Strongest…” (Sazan)

Sazan has become a robot that repeats words, but he has bitten on.

I go all in.

“When he sealed the Stardust Flare at a certain place, he created 3 medals to undo the seal.

Only the chosen ones that have outstanding dark magic affinity, a strong body, and overcome several trials to obtain 3 medals will be able to earn that spell.” (Souma)

“Hmm…medal…trial…chosen…one!!” (Sazan)

I could feel the eyes of Sazan heating up below the mask. This has sparked his chuunibyou.

This is already my win.

“A-Alright, got it! In that case, I -the great dark mage Sazan-sama- will obtain that spell!!” (Sazan)

“Thanks! I believed you would say that!!” (Souma)

—This guy really is easy!!

I didn’t let even a single bit of that thought out as I threw gratitude towards Sazan.

That must have rubbed him the right way, Sazan averted his chest while still sitting on his knees.

“Fufufu, for someone as great as me, the feeble trials created by mortals are the same as a sand castle!

The day when my name echoes around the world as the strongest mage is close!” (Sazan)


Sazan exaggerated it like that, but he still doesn’t know…that there’s a fearsome trial awaiting him that he can’t even imagine.

I think back on the trials.

—The Trial of the Heart: Odds and Evens.

—The Trial of Technique: Poker.

—The Trial of Body: Horse Racing.

All of them are extremely difficult, and they all have absolutely nothing to do with magic.

…By the way, the man who hid the Stardust Flare spell in a certain location and created the trials to obtain it, Morrigan Sprite.

His nicknames as the Golden Mage and the Strongest Alchemist of the World…are because he is the Casino King.


Author: The germination of comp gacha in an isekai!

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