DCFM – Chapter 217: Darkness and Water ※3rd Person Perspective

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“If you want to chase after him, you will have to defeat me first.” (Dark)

“Of course, I will do just that.” (Water)

When the Great Water Spirit waved her hand lightly, violent levels of water were created that rushed onto the Great Dark Spirit.

What humans call Spirit Abilities is simply what Great Spirits can use since birth and given a name to, establishing itself in the world.

They don’t need to shout the name of the ability like the human ability users do, and there’s no need for preliminary motions either.

They simply have to will it and the world changes; a technique beyond human, a deed of Gods.

However, that’s the same for the Great Dark Spirit.

A violent torrent of water.

This attack that has as much mass as a tsunami and would easily swallow a human, the Great Dark Spirit created deep darkness that could warp space itself, and took on everything…no, accepted it. 

Normally, there’s no way darkness would be able to go against water.

Water has substance while darkness is a state of being.

It is simply a state where ‘light is not present’.


However, not a single drop reached the Great Dark Spirit. 

It all went inside the darkness.

It was swallowed by the darkness and disappeared completely. 

“That’s a high tier revelation ability, huh… What a troublesome one you are.” (Water)

“As long as I have this, mere water won’t work on me.” (Dark)

“Hoho, even if you are a summoned one, you are doing well for the sake of a human.” (Water)

“I am sure you wouldn’t understand, ever!” (Dark)

For the summoned Great Dark Spirit, her summoner Hikaru is her own child, and her own father, too.

It is unknown who was the first one to use the term ‘Loved One’, but to ‘end up loving them’ is the Great Spirits’…no, the Spirits’ instinct. As for the very same that summoned it, they wouldn’t even hesitate to throw their lives away for them.

Even the Great Water Spirit she is confronting right in front of her probably has a similar feeling towards Loved Ones as long as she is a Spirit.

She most likely doesn’t think of injuring Hikaru.

She just loves him so much and wants to obtain him…

It is just that she ‘ends up hurting him as a result’.

That’s how special a Loved One is for Spirits. It is the result of the Spirits forming them -which are technically cells- desiring the Loved Ones strongly. 

If it is a stable Great Spirit that has lived long, it won’t get so emotionally affected by Loved Ones, but the Great Spirits in dungeon cities are held in place by humans, and have their power continuously expended, so it can’t be called stable.

The Great Water Spirit of this city is enshrined at a half natural and half artificial church, so she is more stable than the other 3, but it doesn’t change the fact that her power is still being continuously absorbed by the dungeon.

That’s why she is inferior in power compared to a stable Great Spirit.

That’s how it should be, but…

— (Even with that, she has this much power, moreover, in a water domain. I might have been able to do better if it was at least at night.) (Dark)

The Great Dark Spirit was dealing with the overwhelming torrent of water the Great Water Spirit was creating while grinding her teeth.

Calling them both Great Spirits sounds nice, but in the end, she is basically like a newborn child.

She maintains the form of a Great Spirit, but that’s all. There’s as much of a difference as say an animal and a monster.

The reality is that it is taking her all just to keep her at bay and has no leeway to move on the offensive.

She can nullify the water itself with the trait of darkness, but that’s all.

Even if not, there’s barely any attack means for the Dark Spirits. If the enemy had been wind instead of water, she would have been scattered about in an instant.

— (Well, I am good at holding others back. I wonder if My Lord has managed to run away.) (Dark)

She hid inside the darkness to evade the super high pressure water blades of the Great Water Spirit or would have the darkness swallow them.

The gathered people have already scattered about and there’s no one around anymore.

The Great Dark Spirit felt that the summoner, who is connected with a Spirit Energy string, passed the dungeon and had escaped to the Great Wind Spirit’s domain at the east. 

“My Lord has already escaped to the domain of the Great Wind Spirit. You wouldn’t destroy the city for the sake of your own appetite, right?” (Dark)

The Great Spirit itself that has become a part of the dungeon city has a limit to their movement range without destroying the city. 

However, the city won’t collapse from just leaving your domain for 1 day.

The problem is when they step into the domain of a different Great Spirit. 

It is exactly because a beautiful spiral is being drawn that the dungeon is maintaining balance, and can keep its same shape. Therefore, if the power is tilted to one side, the balance will break quickly. 

A summoned Great Dark Spirit that doesn’t have that much power won’t have much effect, but the risk is big if it is a Great Spirit protecting their spot. 

“…Why do you think this one will give up on that?” (Water)

“Because I am a Spirit, too. I can at least tell…that you can’t put the lives of thousands of people…no, your own life, on a scale. 

The Great Spirit that has become a part of the dungeon city will disappear together with the fall of the dungeon.

This phenomenon is called the Great Fall which is caused by the spiral power going into a rampage, and it cannot be maintained anymore because it is ruled by Chaos.

A Great Spirit is a being formed solely of single element Spirits.

They have bad compatibility with Chaos, and their bodies can’t be maintained if they get hit by the encroachment of Chaos. 

That’s why, when a Demon Lord comes out from the dungeon, they immediately head to subjugate it, but the result is that a Great Fall is caused most of the time, and only a few cases end safely. 

Even if so, a Demon Lord is a threat for Great Spirits, and also a threat for the humans that they protect. 

There’s no choice of letting it be. 

— (Looks like I have somehow managed to fulfill my duty.) (Dark)

The Great Dark Spirit was certain of her victory. 

There’s still some time left in her summon. 

Hikaru has already escaped to the Great Wind Spirit.

It would be impossible for the Great Water Spirit to move all the way there.

But the Great Water Spirit still maintained a calm face.

No, she is frowning faintly, but even if so, it still bothered her that she has a composed attitude.

This prideful Great Spirit has been had by a human even if it was a Loved One. Would she be able to stay this calm?

“This is so vexing, so vexing.” (Water)

“You don’t seem too affected by it despite that though.” (Dark)

“Hoho, I am simply mortified by the fact that I didn’t get to catch him myself… However, this one is not so kind as to let him escape.” (Water)

“I see. Does that mean you have a way?” (Dark)

“I do. It is a shame that this one can’t taste him first, but…well, but it is still basically like this one.” (Water)

The Great Water Spirit said this —as she placed her hands together and began to concentrate her water Spirit Energy in one spot. 

“Could it be…?!” (Dark)

“An ability that that brat can use…there’s no way that this one can’t, right? It is probably impossible for you as a summoned being though.” (Water)

Water called water, and the compressed water got bigger on her palm. 

Even the Great Dark Spirit could tell that the water Spirit Energy was struggling to get out without anywhere to go.

She knows what this is.

Because she had been born just now from this.

And just like the Great Water Spirit herself said, if a human can do it, there’s no reason for a Great Spirit to not be able to do it. 

The name of that ability is…

“[Summon: Elemental].” 

What came out from the mouth of the  Great Water Spirit was a chant to give life to a mass of Spirit Energy. 


The water Spirit Energy that has been compressed to a fearsome extent shook as if it were hatching and eventually turned into a humanoid form.

It may be smaller than the summoner herself, it is still bigger than the human-sized Great Dark Spirit. A water offshoot that has far more denser Spirit Energy than a human. 

The Great Spirit summoning of a Great Water Spirit.

“Now, mine child, go catch that Loved One. This one will allow you to sample a bit.” (Water)

“I won’t let you go!” (Dark)

“Fuhahahaha. Pointless, pointless.” (Water)

The Great Water Spirit created hundreds of water blades, moreover, dozens of water walls were created in one go. 

It is impossible for the Great Dark Spirit to keep two of them in place at the same time. 

Also, if it is a summoned Great Spirit, even if it were to step into the domain of a different Great Spirit, it doesn’t have enough influence to destroy the dungeon city. 

This has been proved by the Great Dark Spirit that has been summoned as well. 

— (My Lord…!) (Dark)

Now that it has come to this, she couldn’t do anything anymore. 

The Great Dark Spirit went for an all-out-attack disregarding her own life. If she manages to kill the Great Water Spirit in the off-chance, the Great Spirit she summoned will disappear too, but that’s a double-edged sword that will destroy the balance of the dungeon city.

No, whichever the case, it is impossible for the Great Dark Spirit to kill the Great Water Spirit.

She lacks power to an overwhelming degree.

Even so, she still managed to buy a decent amount of time. 

There should be a limit to how far a summoned Great Spirit can be away from their summoner.

— (My Lord…please escape somehow.) (Dark)

The only thing the Great Dark Spirit can do now is to pray. 

The time limit of the summon eventually came and the Great Dark Spirit returned to being small Spirits again. 


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