Chapter 61: Curse Nightmare Party

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Chapter 61: 1st Nightmare Heat – 1


“Are you heating up, you monsters!” 

“Ueeeeei! Wait, eh?” 


Around 30 minutes in game time until the preliminary matches begin. 

We returned to our private room.

What showed up in the TV was the logo of the Top Hunt company and a blue deformed jellyfish creature. 

The word Admin was shown on screen, and the voice that could be heard was that of a woman. 

Ah, ignoring Brablack.

“I am an admin of the CNP, ThousandTwists. I am in charge of the event and PR.” (ThousandTwists)

I thought at first that it was a plushie or something, but it seems like she is using an avatar just like the ones we are, and the more than hundred jellyfish legs were moving independently. 

As expected of the admins. The way they use the fantastical avatars is on a whole different level from ours.

“Eh? You ask why I am not using a humanoid avatar? You don’t get it. This is an event of Curse Nightmare Party, you know? Gotta look the part. And so, I have invited guests from outside, but we will be upholding our path. I would like you guys to be excited and long for it.” (ThousandTwists)

ThousandTwists twisted its legs 170° as if showing off its jellyfish body, tied up several of its tentacles into what looked like a hand and pointed here. 

Yeah, that’s some incredible avatar prowess.

I would like to use my body better, too.

“Now then, time is gold, so let’s proceed with talking about the event.” (ThousandTwists)

ThousandTwists begins explaining about the preliminary matches.

That said, she is most likely assuming the participants have already read the details of the event themselves, so the explanation was pretty simplified. 

“Now then, that about does it for the outline, but there have been some minor changes here and there. There are some pretty important ones, too, so participants, make sure you don’t miss out on what I am going to say.” (ThousandTwists)

“A change, huh.” 


We all tense up at this. 

The admin has gone out of her way to point out that this is important, so it would be foolish not to hear her out. 

“First of all, the participants of this event are a shocking 36,212 people. This is a number that far exceeds what the administration expected. Man, this is wonderful!” (ThousandTwists)

“It is impressive how many gathered. I thought there would be less.” 

“Well, the details of the first event were announced before the service of the game began after all. The people that liked it must have gathered.” 

ThousandTwists raised a placard with the word Thanks and tap danced. 

That sight of her tap dancing without tangling up her more than hundred legs was truly splendid. 

“But if we are going to divide them into 16 groups for the preliminary contest, each group will have too many people. We will make a change there.” 


“To be more precise, we will change the numbers of the groups. We will make an increase from 16 to 32. Because of this, the tournament will have more battles, so the schedule will be moved a bit. Please confirm the details about it at your own convenience. We won’t be making any unreasonable adjustments, so please don’t worry.” (ThousandTwists)

“I see…” 

“And so, lastly, I will announce the number of players participating in one group. The numbers are…” (ThousandTwists)

A drumroll began. 

The rhythm increased little by little, and…

“1,132 or 1,131. And…only one will be advancing to the main event!” (ThousandTwists)

She announced.

“I did hear it was over a thousand, but…it really is a lot.” 

“I feel like the beginning will turn into a horrible melee.” 

“I wonder about that. We don’t use small arms but mostly close combat weapons. Considering that, it might mainly be a battle where you search for your enemy.” 


“It doesn’t change what we are going to do.” 

“Right, it doesn’t. We win if we are the last ones remaining.” 


More than a thousand fantastical creatures will be having a deathmatch.

Yeah, I feel like it will become a real nightmare. 

I feel like there will be worth in participating just for being able to see that in person. 

“Now then, there will be a bit of time before the beginning of the preliminary matches, but the participants that have finished their preparations, please push the enter button on your screen. It would be great if you were to prepare before the match begins.” (ThousandTwists)

A button showed on the semi-transparent window. 

After exchanging glances with each other, we pushed our respective buttons and teleported to the waiting room.

“Hello, Tar-sama.” 


And then, at the Safe Area where I was moved to, C7-096 was there for some reason. 

“What’s your business?” (Taru)

“I wanted to get a number of agreements with you before the preliminary matches, Taru-sama. Ah, I don’t mind if you leave it for later. There’s no real issue even if we don’t get your agreement.” (C7)

“Agreement?” (Taru)

I checked again whether I am lacking in my own preparations, confirmed the rules of the preliminary matches, and did some warmup exercises just in case with the avatar I normally use. 

After I finished all that, I grabbed the documents that C7-096 gave me. 

“Hmm…” (Taru)

The details of the documents were for confirmation on how much information it is okay to disclose about the Demonic Eye Art: Poison Demonic Eye – 1 Taruwiveno. 

The reason for this being that if I were to do sorcery, there might be questions regarding that. 

This is information that I obtained with my own effort, so how much to disclose depends on me. 

And no matter what I decide, administration will be fully supporting me on that decision.

“I don’t mind you disclosing the existence of sorcery. It would be super obvious, but please don’t use words like Demonic Eye or Magic Eye. Also…since I have the chance here, how about copying only the taste of the sake cup’s contents from the Poison Demonic Eye – 1. I think most people will shut up if they drink that.” (Taru)

“Chua?! Chuchua, chuchu Taru chuchuaaa!!” 

“Ooh, that’s a splendid suggestion, Taru-sama. I will relay this to administration and discuss it with them. They have no right to complain about Taru-sama if they can’t even drink that completely after all.” (C7)

I respond with a smile. 

C7-096 also lifted the corner of his mouth and agreed with me. 

Zarichu is wailing intensely there, but C7-096 ignores it.

“Now then, Taru-sama, excuse me for taking your time, but I will be managing it from here on. Therefore, please enjoy the battles without any worries.” (C7)

“Yes, I will be enjoying them aplenty.” (Taru)

C7-096 disappears.

I ready myself after finishing my preparations.

There’s a timer shown in front of me. 

It is also showing Block 13 of the Preliminary Matches, so that must be my block.

“Countdown! 10…9…8…7…” 

“Suuh…haaah… The first step.” (Taru)


“Let’s go, Zarichu.” (Taru)



The timer goes down together with the voice of ThousandTwists echoing somewhere. 

“0! Preliminary matches start!” 

And at the same time as it hit 0, the scenery around me made a complete change. 

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