DCFM – Chapter 209: Ferdinand ②

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Author: 2nd chapter of Ferdinand’s POV. The next chapter will return to the POV of Hikaru.

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Rumors of a second batch of Chosen happened at a pretty early stage. 

The Chosen were dying at quite the rapid pace, so it is natural to think they will ‘replenish’ the numbers. 

I connected my wish to that. 

I thought of countless patterns to get close to Hikaru Kurose and kill him. 

I have investigated everything I could. 

I will definitely kill Hikaru Kurose. 

The reality is that, no matter how many skills a Chosen were to get, it is not like they will stray too far from the limits of a living being. 

You die if you get stabbed with a knife, and you can also die from being shot by a gun. 

That is more so the case for Hikaru Kurose who hasn’t put any Points in strengthening his body. 

The only bottleneck is ‘time’.

My advantage decreases the more time passes after the transfer, and after around more than 1 year, it will most likely be almost impossible to achieve. 

My biggest chance is now that the message feature is frozen. 

I should make my transfer location as close as possible. This is the most important thing, and if it is possible to use Points to decide what settlement to end up in, I plan on choosing that even if it costs all of my Points.

If I end up transferring to a far location, I would need several years to reach Hikaru Kurose. I don’t even know if I would be able to survive the travel.

On the other hand, if I could clear that one big hurdle, I can manage the rest somehow. 

In my perspective, Hikaru Kurose seems to be slowly recovering mentally. 

It is most likely in part because his relationship with Jeanne Collet is doing well. 

But that’s all there is. 

No matter how strong he is in his fights against monsters, actually killing that man shouldn’t be that difficult of an endeavor. 

No matter how sturdy his body becomes, a human will die by the rules of nature if they get hit by a bullet in a vital point of their body. 

And that’s the path to free Celica Kurose. 

Because she can see her brother at all times, she is trying to offer her life to him. 

I am the only one who can free her from those chains. 


Since that day, I have prayed to God every day. 

As someone who has attended a catholic college, prayers were an everyday thing, but there’s nothing I have longed for more than this. 

Until now, I thought that your life was something you had to grasp for yourself. 

But being chosen to transfer to a parallel world…that alone was something I couldn’t do anything about with my own power. 

I don’t know what’s the identity of that God. Is it the God that we believe in? Or is it really the Devil as the priests say? 

I don’t care whichever it is. 

I want to get a hold of that privilege even if I have to take the hand of the Devil.

And then, the fateful day…

Did God hear my wish? 

God said: ‘I have chosen the ones who wish to go to the parallel world the most’.

My everyday prayers must have reached. 

I was moved. 

I normally don’t show my emotions on the outside, and yet, I began dancing to the point that my roommate was shocked speechless.

My time for preparation was short, but I have already made the plans. There’s no issues at all. 

I thought I would have issues with the preparation of a gun, but I managed to get one directly from a gunsmith. 

One high firepower gun. 

I also practiced my marksmanship, and managed to obtain enough experience to not miss if it is at close range. 

The instructors probably can’t even imagine in their wildest dreams that it is in order to shoot one of the 1st group Chosen.


The day of the transfer. 

I sent an anonymous letter to Twin/Sis.

{Celica, I will definitely free you.} 

That’s all I wrote, but she is an intelligent one. 

I am sure she understood it. 


That time came and I moved to the white room. 

I operated the PC and allocated my Points. 

There’s only one issue here. Whether I can choose the transfer point. 

But God didn’t betray me even here. 

Darts transfer. 

It was a choice as if made just for me who won in the junior darts tournament. 

In the first place, there’s barely any oriental people who do darts, right? 

Anyways, this is my chance. 

I know where Kurose Hikaru is. 

I allocated my points to basic skills like Physical Strength Up, took the Basic Item Assortment, and ended it after choosing the darts transfer. 

I left 10 Points. It is important to leave Points I can use anywhere in emergencies. 

I don’t care what happens after, as long as I kill Hikaru Kurose, but raising the chances of killing him by doing this is important. 

I don’t care about the means to kill him. 

Killing Hikaru Kurose is my one and only objective in heading to the parallel world. 


I missed by a bit in the darts, but I managed to transfer to the neighboring city of Meltia. 

I had only one shot. Luck must have played a part in it. 

And there was one other lucky thing. 

When I met up with a Chosen that was nearby, it was actually Ozawa Yuichi who had killed Nanami Souma once. 

I know him to a certain degree from my previous research. 

He seems like he has half of a brain, but that in itself can be taken advantage of. 

I told Ozawa ‘all the Chosen know that you are a criminal’ and that I am a lawyer, making him believe that I am his ally.

I suggested him to say that he chose the Memory Loss at the time of transfer, hide his face with a mask, and made him call himself Phantom. 

Ozawa unexpectedly followed my orders obediently. 

He may be an idiot, but he is an obedient idiot. It is great that he is easy to use. 

That said, I at present can’t allow the viewers to learn that I am planning on killing Hikaru Kurose. 

In the case things don’t go as planned, there’s the risk of the viewers warning them with the message system. 

Even if Hikaru Kurose doesn’t open the messages, it would be the same if it enters the ears of Jeanne Collet.

I acted as if I entered the brothel together with Ozawa, used the ‘stop broadcast’, and told him the general idea of the plan within that time. 

You can stop the broadcast for 10 minutes with 1 Crystal. 

It was for all the duration we were inside the brothel, so I used 6 Crystals in total, but it seems Ozawa also holds a grudge against Hikaru Kurose, so he agreed to the plan. 

Showing him the gun really must have been effective.

Ozawa is the optimistic type and is stupid, but you could say he is perfect as a diversion. 

His grudge towards Hikaru Kurose plays a big part in it. 

From what I heard about it, it is completely him just putting the blame on Hikaru Kurose, but I didn’t mention it and acted as if I sympathized with him. 

I don’t care if it is Ozawa instead of me who puts an end to him.

Hikaru Kurose dies; as long as that result is reached, I don’t care about anything else.

Ozawa and I moved to Meltia and began acting.

We took the High Efficiency Map of the Surroundings, and got a grasp of all the Chosen in the city. 

I already knew the location of Hikaru Kurose’s house, so it was easy to find it. 

Preparations proceeded smoothly. 

I met with the other Chosen and notified them that Hikaru Kurose doesn’t wish to get along with the other Chosen. 

It seems there were Chosen who actually spoke to them and were ignored, so this spread pretty quickly. 

Hikaru Kurose and Jeanne Collet have the policy of not getting involved with other Chosen, but it is not the case with the other Chosen.

It was recommended on Earth to cooperate between Chosen, and not all people are strong enough to survive alone. Especially in a parallel world like this one. 

That’s why, in our chatting, I strengthened the impression that Hikaru Kurose and Jeanne Collet are different from us. They are ‘strong humans’.

For us the weak, Chosen who won’t become our comrades are the best targets. 

Everyone somewhere in their heart must have wished that Hikaru Kurose and Jeanne Collet, who came to this world first and have a lot of resources, would help them out. 

—If they guided us, we could have lived without worries in this city. 

—You are so strong and have so much money, so isn’t it fine? 

—Even though we are the few handful of Chosen and fellow Earthlings. 

Those selfish wishes had become the consensus of the Chosen that came to Meltia. 

I discreetly reared it into that direction, but I didn’t really do much. I simply became the center of the conversations. 

I feared the 2nd group Chosen would tell Hikaru Kurose the ‘truth’, but it is great that I managed to crush that possibility easily. 

Hikaru Kurose and Jeanne Collet themselves actively trying to push the 2nd group away served as a tailwind. 

Only Worigami from the 1st group was close to Hikaru Kurose, so I made contact with him, and managed to get an indirect connection with Hikaru Kurose. 

He was wary of the other Chosen to the point that there was no need to worry, but it is not like it is impossible. I feel like I could get openings at any moment if I take my time. 

I spoke to Hikaru Kurose for a bit, but it seems like he doesn’t know that Nanami Souma has been chosen again to be transferred.

His suspicion of other people which can be peeked at from deep within his eyes was proof of his still unstable mind. 

Despite throwing Celica Kurose around, he isn’t saying a single word of appreciation for her, and is looking like a victim the whole time. I was on the verge of taking out my gun looking at this man. 

But if you miss your first shot inside the dungeon, not only will he get away, but he most likely has the Scapegoat Ring, so the chances of succeeding are low. I couldn’t take that risk. 

I don’t have that many chances. I somehow managed to endure it. 

—Kill him.

—Kill him no matter what. 

I have thought of several plans to kill Hikaru Kurose. 

The problem is that there’s not much time left before the message system comes back, but I will most likely be able to finish by then. 

I was planning on getting closer to him acting as if my meetings with him in the dungeon were a coincidence, but he suddenly stopped showing up in the dungeon. 

According to the map, he has been going to the outskirts every day with Jeanne Collet. 

I stealthily followed them, and they were heading to the outskirts while renting horses together with Rifreya Ashbird. 

Looks like they are practicing horse riding. 

(Could it be that…they plan on leaving the city…?!) 

I had excluded that possibility. 

That’s because Jeanne Collet’s objective was to clear the dungeon. 

If they are putting a stop to that and leaving, I would have to change my plans. 

I changed a part of my plan, made direct contact with them, and decided to tell them information about Nanami Souma. 

It is a bit different from planned, but it can’t be helped. 


Seeing the blue dots of Jeanne Collet and Hikaru Kurose separating from each other, I met Ozawa…Phantom. 

“Change of plans. We are going with plan C.” (Ferdinand)

I say this briefly. 

“What was…plan C? Kill him with the gun?” (Ozawa)

“You really are an idiot.” (Ferdinand)

Phantom’s memory is really bad. 

Could it be that he can’t remember 3 things at a time? 

“Fine. This is your role.” (Ferdinand)

“This. Is that okay?” (Ozawa)

“It is not about being okay or not. I am simply lending it to you. It would just be troubling if something were to happen while I have it. I will retrieve it later. Don’t be getting impatient here, okay?” (Ferdinand)

The reason I am entrusting him with the gun is because there’s uncertain factors in my actions from now on. 

I was planning on leaving the actual killing to Phantom to begin with. Hikaru Kurose still doesn’t know about his identity, and he most likely can’t even imagine that someone would direct such misplaced hatred towards him. 

Also, no matter how on guard he seems, he certainly does have moment where he is lax.

Even if you can imagine the possibility of being shot, it is human to think you won’t actually be shot. Especially if you come from a peaceful Japan. 

I once again explained the plan to Phantom. 

There’s a lot of uncertain factors with plan C, and if possible, I wanted to implement more certain measures by taking my time, but it can’t be helped. 

—Also, I myself am already on the limits of my patience. 

It is probably the same for Ozawa.

Now that I have told him the plans for the assassination, we must make a decision before the message system comes back, or it will be impossible to kill him. The dice has been rolled. 

Celica Kurose. 

I am sure you will be saddened and hate me. 

But you are intelligent. 

I am sure you will understand me.


TLN: Most of what’s written by the author is the same as before, so I will just translate the part that’s new. 

Author: The light novel is finally in the 3rd volume. 

I have written extra content since the 1st volume, so it is made in a way that even the web readers can enjoy it.

The 1st volume’s extra content is about Hikaru and Rifreya’s meeting all the way until their reunion: Rifreya’s First Love. 

The 2nd volume is about the events of Jeanne before she met Hikaru: The Strongest Level 1 Chosen.

The 3rd volume is about the rumor: Nanami cutting off a classmate on Valentine’s Day.

The 3rd volume’s extra content really shows how dangerous Nanami is and I recommend everyone to read it…

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